Houston Public Media
1 month ago

If you’re celebrating the cool weather, enjoy it while it lasts

Houston Chronicle meteorologist Justin Ballard says some heat is coming back late this week, and we might even get back into the 90s.

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A thermometer on a tree next to a squirrel
2 months ago

Good morning and happy Saturday to everyone around the #Fediverse today!

Let's do our usual #MorningMoments and talk about all of our plans for the weekend now that it's here.

For me, it's likely just staying inside, doing work stuff, watching TV, playing video games and relaxing.

The weather is rainy and cool with a high of 62F so it's nice to have the windows open and it'll be nice to lay around on the couch.

#GoodMorning #HappySaturday #CoolWeather #Fall #FirstDayOfFall

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Michael Rowe
2 months ago

always excited for Friday and our recoding of @gamesatwork_biz - today has started out fantastically- been working on the Deck and it's been in the mid 60's all morning so far! #coolweather

4 months ago

Christmas in July? Naw, but I am enjoying this fall-like weather! Last week and the next. Back to the hot weather and less clothes by next weekend. 🥵 😂 Enjoy the rest of your day. 🤗 #sunday #coolweather #leggingweather

My legs in Christmas-ball leggings.
7 months ago

It’s in the 60’s here in Texas, and it is nearing the end of April. I don’t expect this weather will last for long, and will probably be the last of the cooler temperatures in my area for a long while, so I plan to keep the window open as long as I can. #CoolWeather

Sonya (she/her)
1 year ago

“Put on a jacket so you don’t catch cold!” Turns out that there is wisdom to keeping warm during the cold seasons! #Health #BBC #ColdWeather #CoolWeather #StayWarm #KeepWarm #Warm #OldWisdom