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Have you ever seen a headless Cormorant?

I pulled in my driveway (surrounded by ocean) and saw this headless bird... so I went to check it out.

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At the edge of the shoreline, a bird appears to be standing, headless!
It's a common sea bird, a Cormorant. 

After slamming the car door, I took a walk over and discovered it was just sleeping, and I am so close, I could just pick it up, but I woke it, and it dashed and splashed off into the ocean. Like a good Canadian, I said "Sorry" LOL
2 weeks ago

Moin, it was a little rough today at western #BalticSea near #Kiel ;-)
Eurasian #wigeon surfing the #waves, #Cormorant's got some extra showers while drying off their feathers and #Sanderling's were running up and down the shoreline, #gulls hoovering in the wind.
It was lovely, walking at the #beach with little black dog and #birding.
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Collage of 6 pictures: 
1 - Wigeons flying over in front of a kite-surfer sail
2 - Wigeons (male in front, female behind) surfing the waves. 
3 - A human with a little black dog at the beach
4 and 5: Cormorants sitting on some rocks while, splashing water around
6 - Main focus is on a Sanderling running at the shoreline.

Hello there.

#cormorant looking up


A cormorant swimming and looking up sideways.
Chris Price
3 weeks ago

Free hugs, probably.

#birds #cormorant

A double-crested cormorant is perched on a piling in the Bay with their wings spread for drying. The bird is facing the camera with their body, and their head is turned toward the right of the frame. In the far background, rusty greenish sheet metal meets the water above the bird’s head.
Bjorn Idle
3 weeks ago

A pied cormorant (shag) down by the estuary here in Chch.

The self-criticism is strong with me today, so not sure if I'll actually get around to pressing the Publish button...

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A black bird with white cheeks and neck perches on a seaweed-strewn tangle of tree roots by the water. It looks to the left, showing off its hooked beak

And another set of photos with more birds.

A brown/grey cormorant standing on a pier in the sea and looking like its enjoying itself next to a grumpy looking black cormorant, a group of three black cormorants swimming in the sea, a group of cormorants on the same pier with one of them spreading its wings while two seagulls look very unimpressed, and bit rained-on looking seagull on another pier with a pile of seaweed and other stuff in front of it.

#Cormorant #Seagull #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a brown/grey cormorant with a shiny yellow beak standing on a pier in the sea. It looks like it is enjoying itself.

Next to it is a grumpy looking black cormorant.
A photo of a group of three black cormorants swimming in the sea. The feathers on top of their head are pointing upwards, and their yellow beaks are in great contrast with their dark feathers and the generally grey scenery.
A photo with four cormorants and two seagulls on a pier in the sea. Three black cormorants are sitting on the left side, the fourth is at the bottom and spreading its wings while turning its back towards the camera. In front of it are two seagulls that look entirely unimpressed by the display of its wings.
A photo of a seagull on a pier in front of a pile of seaweed and other stuff. The seagull looks a bit rained-on and is probably in need of a hot tea now.
4 weeks ago

#birding on a grey day at western #BalticSea
Winter guests:
- European #RockPipit (Strandpiper)
- #SnowBunting (Schneeammer)
The water was crystal clear and so I could watch a #Cormorant (Kormoran) hunting - amazing.
My favourite #gull was there too, #GreatBlackBackedGull (Mantelmöwe), sadly not ringed. Beautiful beasts, the largest gull species.
Found one #ColourRing #HerringGull (Silbermöwe), it is a local, but haven't met her yet.
#SchleswigHolstein #BirdsOfMastodon #teamgull

Collage of birds found today at the beach at western baltic sea: 
Cormorant, rock pipit, snow bunting, greater black-backed gull, herring gull.
🎨 By Peter
4 weeks ago

Late afternoon walk in Veale Gardens #Adelaide and the new bridges and expanded waterways are now complete & open 👍

#Parklands #Nature #Roses #Heron #Cormorant #Wildlife #Australia

One of the new stonework bridges in Veale Gardens Adelaide (C)P.Gamble Photography
A nice vibrant yellow and pink rose (C)P.Gamble Photography
A cormorant sunning itself and drying its wings sitting on a rock (C)P.Gamble Photography
A friendly white-faced Heron (C)P.Gamble Photography
1 month ago

If you have stuck your feathers with sweets and need to clean them again:
Still a nice costume!

#Halloween #VogelFlausch #BirdPhotography #cormorant

1 month ago

New on my #blog:
#cricket #CricketMastodon #ODIWorldCup2023 #AUSvNZ #BANvNED #photography #birds #insects #leaves #cormorant #robin
An account of an astonishing day at the world cup, one that was good for both the tournament and the sport as a whole. Also a photo gallery.

1 month ago

I even filmed a little something to make this whole "waking up before dawn" thing worth it.

#dawn #SetoInlandSea #cormorant

1 month ago

You all have a good evening.

(With a bonus cormorant included. The picture could be better, but I rushed because it was about to dive again)

#Japan #SetoInlandSea #evening #sescape #cormorant

The Seto Inland Sea in the evening. With Shodoshima, Oshima and Yashima in the background, as well as two ferries (the one to Shodoshima and the one to Megijima and Ogijima)
A cormorant swimming in the sea.
The Seto Inland Sea in the evening, with Naoshima in the background.

Some more photos from today's walk with @slomo .

A pair of cormorants being lazy in the sun, a little egret, and many many ducks.

#Cormorant #Duck #Ducks #Egret #LittleEgret #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

Two cormorants, each sitting on a pole, looking at each other. The sun in such an angle that only their silhouettes are visible. A church with a marina is in the background.
A pair of cormorants sitting on two poles in the sun, with their shiny black colours clearly visible. In the background there is the centre of the city, with the White Tower, the waterfront with a boat, and the old town (Ano Poli).
A Little Egret standing behind a white Muscovy duck sitting on grass, in front of a small boat on the sea.
Approximately 24-25 ducks of various colours, sitting on grass in the shadow of a tree, in front of a marina. Most ducks are sleeping.

A few photos from today's Sunday walk with @vivia, featuring a few nice birds.

A magpie with its turquoise-shining black feathers sitting on rusty railings, a cormorant sunbathing on a pole in the sea, and a little egret in search of fish in the swallow water and then flying away.

#Cormorant #Magpie #Egret #LittleEgret #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a magpie sitting on rusty railings in the sun. It's looking sideways to the camera and its wing feathers are shining turquoise in the sun.
A photo of a cormorant standing on a pole in the sea, sunbathing.
A photo of a little egret wading through the shallow water in search of fish, walking towards the camera.
A photo of a little egret in flight above water, flying towards the camera.
2 months ago

Cormorant - Metazoa


Some photos from last Sunday's walk in the neighborhood with @vivia.

Featuring: a group of five cormorants swimming in the sea, one of them drying its wings, another cormorant standing one legged on a pole in the sea looking for fish. And two pictures of a hooded crow: on the first it just flew away out of the picture, to land on a bucket of water a little bit further away for drinking, which can be seen on the second picture. Its beak still has some drops of water from drinking.

#Cormorant #Crow #HoodedCrow #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a group of five cormorants swimming in the sea. Four of them are dark colored, one is appearing more grey and looking towards the camera. One of the dark colored ones is drying its wings.
A photo of a cormorant standing one legged on a pole in the sea and looking around. Shortly afterwards it went to the water to look for fishes.
A photo of a hooded crow just flying away out of the picture. It was apparently thirsty and landed shortly afterwards on a bucket of water, which is seen in the next picture.
A photo of a hooded crow sitting on a bucket of water. Its beak still has some drops of water from drinking.
Valerie Norton
6 months ago

More #wildlife on the trail!
What washes up, a couple of birds, and something that looks too much like a rattlesnake on Rattlesnake Ridge.
#octopus #snake #bird #cormorant #killdeer
#hiking #backpacking #LostCoast #KingRangeWilderness #California #nature
Trying to figure out what hashtags are needed is always too much. #DangerNoodle yeah.

Octopus in a tide pool. It washed up and suckers huge and small are visible, warped a little bit the ripples on the top of the water.
Nearly dry cormorant looks back to check out the photographer. It is a black bird with black webbed feet on a black rock. A waves washes this way in the distance.
Killdeer. Brown and white bird with striping on its head looks back between testing out spots in the sand to sit. The bird is currently standing in the dark sand surrounded by lighter rocks and tufts of green.
Something that looks all too much like a rattlesnake even with a skinny tail showing. Gopher snake curled up on Rattlesnake Ridge, slightly hidden by long grass.
Chris Price
6 months ago

Shakin' it out.

#birds #cormorant

A double-crested cormorant shakes water from their head after a quick dive in San Francisco Bay. Sparkling water droplets are suspended in the air in an elliptical glob around their head and neck.

The bird's bill is hook shaped with a mottled/striped pattern of browns. Their face and chin is covered in orange-yellow skin, contrasting with their gem-like blue eyes. Feathers on their head and neck are black. They fade into brown feathers with a black rachis and black edges.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
8 months ago

This male #cormorant was decked out in all of his most beautiful colors of the season. Busy guy was exhausted, sleeping on the rail of a boardwalk over the wetlands in Florida. So tired he could barely open his eyes as I walked by just a couple feet away. But, those eyes, gorgeous!


#Birds #Wildlife #Nature #naturephotography #Photography #Art #MastoArt #buyintoart #PhotographyIsArt #eyes

Beautiful aqua blue eyes of a cormorant. Closeup portrait
Stan Carey
9 months ago

Grey heron and cormorant, two of my favourite seabirds, face off on a boardwalk beside the River Shannon in Limerick

#Limerick #Shannon #river #birds #seabirds #GreyHeron #heron #cormorant #nature #wildlife #NaturePhotography

The River Shannon running through Limerick city, with a row of two- and three-storey red-brick houses clustered along the far bank. In the foreground is a narrow boardwalk alongside the river, with a Grey heron on the left and a cormorant on the right, standing facing each other a few metres apart. They're probably indifferent to each other, but it looks like a Western stand-off.
9 months ago

Encountered a surprising number of #birds on my cold walk at #Ogmore #Castle yesterday. They were dealing with the brief blizzard much better than me. Pictured are #CanadaGeese, #Teal, #Shelduck and #MuteSwan, Also seen were #Mallard, #Cormorant, #Goosander, #LittleGrebe and #GreyWagtail

#DailyPhoto #birdphotography #Cymru #Wales

A variety of birds swimming in a river. nearest to the camera are a few Teal, the Male has a chestnut coloured head with broad green eye-patches, a spotted chest, grey flanks and a black edged yellow tail. The females are mottled brown.  Just behind them are a pair of Shelduck with dark green heads and necks, chestnut belly stripes and red bills.  In the middle distance the river curves sharply to the right and a pebble beach has formed .  Just behind that a single Canada Goose can be seen with a black head and neck and large white throat patch.  There are a few other, unidentifiable, birds also on the water.  White spots of snow can be seen falling
Looking down the River Ewenny. Its undulating left bank is covered in thin patches of snow. Further on is a line of trees before the land rises and is covered in thicker snow. On the river 2 bright white Mute Swans have their beaks buried under their wings. Further on a flock of Canada Geese are swimming down river, their black heads and necks and large white throat patches clearly visible.  A few other, unidentifiable, smaller birds are also on the water.  Snow is falling
Six Canada Geese, with black heads and necks and large white throat patches are feeding in a marshy field lightly covered in snow which is still falling all around them
A Shelduck flies through heavily falling snow, its neck and wings outstretched clearly showing  its dark green neck, red bill, white wings with thick black borders of black primary feathers, a white back with a chestnut coloured band and a white tail
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

...6, 7, 8, COME ON!

Little pied cormorant on a slow takeoff, Brisbane River. iPhone 14 Pro.

#photography #birds #cormorant #BrisbaneRiver #iphoneography #iphone14pro #humour #takeoff

A little pied cormorant is caught in motion at the left of frame,  wings outstretched and one foot trailing in the river water. Behind it is the tell-tale evidence of a running takeoff, a line of three evenly spaced splashes still with water in the air, and further back rings of ever-widening ripples stretching to the right edge of frame, pointing to where it has been furiously striding to gain airspeed.
Debra Martz
10 months ago

It was October 12, 2022 and the numbers of migrating birds continued to climb. More American White Pelicans and now seeing more Double-crested Cormorants. It was 7:40am & sunrise was 7:37am plus the Waning Gibbous Moon at 92% was almost directly overhead lending to beautiful colors on the water.

#BirdWatching #BirdPhotography #birds #photography #PhotographyIsArt #Pelican #Cormorant #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #BirdsOfMastodon #MigratoryBirds

A wide angle photograph of many water fowl on the Lake in Northern Oklahoma. It was October 12th and the numbers of migrating birds continued to climb. There are hundreds of the very large American White Pelicans and now seeing more Double-crested Cormorants in the mix. It was 7:40am and sunrise was 7:37am plus the Waning Gibbous Moon at 92% was almost directly overhead lending to beautiful colors of pink, purple and blue on the water.
Swede’s Photographs
11 months ago

Neotropic Cormorant

This cormorant looks focused. I have a lot of unused photos of these birds, enough to last until I go south again.

"It's never too late. Don't focus on what was taken away. Find something to replace it and acknowledge the blessing you have. " - Drew Barrymore

#photo #photography #photographer #birds #focus #cormorant #NeotropicCormorant

Martin Sutherland
11 months ago

Thanks to the #BirdPhotography hashtag here I’ve learned that this weird-looking duck is actually a #cormorant (#aalscholver in Dutch). Picture taken back in February this year, at the rowing lake in the Amsterdamse Bos.

A cormorant seen from behind, sitting on a pole with its wings outstretched, sunning itself. Its head is turned to the right, so that it’s yellow and orange face catches the light and looks bright and vibrant compared to the shimmering black of its wing feathers.
Swede’s Photographs
1 year ago

Neotropic Cormorant

These birds look a bit different in flight - kind of like a goose. I'm happy about this capture even though it isn't as focused as I would like.

"Cormorant fishing:
How stirring,
How saddening" - Basho Matsuo

#photo #photographer #photography #birds #cormorant

Swede’s Photographs
1 year ago

Neotropic Cormorant.

This is the second bird I photographed at the Sabine Wildlife Refuge a couple days ago. They don't venture much farther North than the Southern coastal areas. In the second photo, a bird spreads it's wings to dry out. Although, I think it looks rather like a maestro getting ready to lead an orchestra.

"You can't teach the old maestro a new tune." - Jack Kerouac

#photo #photography #photographer #bird #birds #cormorant