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Here is where the £33 billion spent during Covid disappeared to.
#Covid #Corruption

Ac graphical explanation of where almost £33 billion went during covid. MOst of it unrecoverable.
EU Home Affairs
15 hours ago

This year the 2023 edition of the @EU_Justice scoreboard includes data in NEW areas, such as: #AntiCorruption

Recently, we proposed stronger EU actions to prevent and detect #corruption in the EU and worldwide.

More details about our proposal:
RT @EU_Justice: Today we are publishing the 2023 edition of the EU Justice Scoreboard

It provides comparative data on the efficiency, quality & independenc…


Miro Collas
23 hours ago

Army of fake social media accounts defend UAE presidency of climate summit | Cop28 | The Guardian

#COP28 #UAE #Corruption

Kailee ♾️
23 hours ago

"If you assume that additional majority-minority districts in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, & 1–2 other states would’ve been safe Democratic seats, then today’s #SCOTUS ruling strongly suggests that the Court’s 2022 shadow docket stays wrongly gave Republicans control of the House."

-Steve Vladick

The #Shadow SCOTUS continues to serve their Oligarchy instead of the American people.

The 2022 Damage is done & the Roberts SCOTUS continues to influence our Democracy in ways that will affect Americans for generations.

#corrupt #SCOTUS #corruption #SCOTUScorruption #SCOTUSBribes #darkmoney #court

WIST Quotations
1 day ago

A quotation from O'Malley, Austin:

Those who believe it permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #corruption #dishonesty #lying

Sydenham News & Views
1 day ago

#sydenham #se26 #danielmorgan #metpolice

“The significance of these documents would not have been immediately apparent when they were discovered in January."

WTF coming only months after the damning report on police incompetence, #corruption and Commissioner Cressida Dick.obstructing access to vital evidence.

36 years since the Golden Lion axe murser and it comes back to bite the Met yet again.

Frankie ✅
1 day ago

George Santos may be headed to jail

Tomorrow's headline:

George Santos says starting new job, as warden of Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York.

#News #politics #GOP #Corruption #CorruptGOP #Santos #George Santos

Prainbow (she/her)
1 day ago

Foreign adoptions by US and European families have been deeply problematic. “…most of the applicants claim their adoptions were based on falsified records that laundered their status or origin to ensure their adoptability and expedite custody transfers across borders.”
#ForeignAdoption #Adoption #Corruption #Racism #CulturalImperialism

1 day ago

Ursula Vonderleyen doit présenter aujourd'hui son #bidule pour répondre à la crise du #Qatargate Car aussi dingue que ça semble, il n'y a aucune structure en 2023 chargée de contrôler l'intégrité du parlement.

Il s'agira de "ausculter les différentes institutions de l'UE, leur trouver des règles communes et harmoniser leurs différences en matière de normes anti-corruption"
La future entité n'aura aucun pouvoir coercitif.
Son rôle sera uniquement de proposer, conseiller et accompagner.
Au mieux froncer les sourcils et faire des rapports à présidente du parlement.

Car Ursula Von der Leyen est l'unique personne au parlement européen qui soit chargée de veiller à l'intégrité...du parlement.
Plus transparent et plus démocratique, tu meurs.

#UE #Corruption #TransparencyInternational #ParlementEuropeen #VonDerLeyen

brad m
1 day ago

#SaudiArabia is actually pretty upfront about what it is after: It wants to build a cultural and economic engine that’s not reliant on #oil production, and the PIF will buy anything that can help the country do that”
"The term #sportswashing is thrown around so often its meaning sometimes gets blurred, but you could hardly find a better illustration of the idea than the way the #LIV saga played out” #PGA #golf #soccer #football #worldcup #corruption #greed #MBS #TFG

Richard Ważny
1 day ago

As more and more of the nation’s income and wealth is siphoned off to the top, an increasing number of people are kissing the derrieres of the wealthy in order to raise money for worthy causes.
🤔 😩
#uspol #greed #corruption

Miro Collas
1 day ago

UN climate talks might avoid fossil fuel phase-out, says Cop28 official | Cop28 | The Guardian

And also

‘Absolute scandal’: UAE state oil firm able to read Cop28 climate summit emails


#ClimateCrisis #UAE #Corruption #COP28

Miro Collas
1 day ago

UK government under fire for investing overseas aid in fossil fuel firms | Global development | The Guardian

"MPs questioned the investments at a two-hour session in parliament on Tuesday, and excoriated Andrew Mitchell, minister for development, for making overseas aid available to a company owned by Africa’s richest man that is suspected of causing serious environmental damage."

#Corruption #TorySleaze

Supreme Court justices, minus Thomas, and Alito, file financial disclosure reports

7 U.S. Supreme Court justices released their 2022 financial disclosure reports per the Ethics in Government Act , but Clarence Thomas & Samuel Alito asked for / were granted extensions.

No Fail Fudge Recipe

#SCOTUS #ClarenceThomas #HarlanCrow #JudicialMisconduct #corruption #DefundBillionaires #JudicialCorruption #FudgeForClarence #SamuelAlito #persagen

Hmmm...are the travails of Woking Council a metaphor for the #Tory rule of the UK?

Read the details & make up your own mind, but you can bet some of the people who benefitted for the credit-driven #investment made by Tory councillors before the whole house of cards collapsed was directed towards their chums... council-led property development has been the site of #corruption for decades & it'll be no different here.

[I have resisted a joke about all being 'woke' now]

1 day ago
Poetry News
2 days ago

Liang and Li had ambitions grand
To win snooker's high event
But they sought to fix the match
To win with much less effort

#snooker #matchfixing #corruption #ban #poetry

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 days ago

@carodjah "Republicans": Guns ✔

Also "Republicans": Forced birth of kids, as targets for guns ✔

#SaveLives #GunReduction #BanTheGOP #Corruption #NRARatings #GunEpidemic

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 days ago

@VeryBadLlama No big deal for the parliamentary lobbyists of the fossil fuels industry — who can afford to not get burned, suffocated, blown away by hurricanes & frozen by climate-change-induced extreme weather.

#ActNow #BanFossilFuels #Corruption #Lobbyism #CriminallyNegligentManslaughter #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #ExtremeWeather #Wildfires #Flooding #ExtremeCold #Storms #Hurricanes #Tornadoes #SaveThePlanet #SaveLives #RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters

Leaked audio messages from a key aide to the Colombian president have raised concerns of irregular campaign financing.
Wiretapping scandal thrusts Colombian government into crisis
2 days ago

Allez lire ce petit fil, même si c'est sur Touitteur 🐦 🔗

C'est sur la destruction de monuments par les talibans... euh, non c'est juste chez nous en fait.

Comme toujours, dur de mettre le curseur au bon endroit entre la stupidité, l'avidité et la corruption

#Carnac #menhir #Bretagne #BZH #patrimoine #UNESCO #France #Saccage (le vrai) #Corruption

Captyure d'écran du twitte de @mazal_Bof
🇫🇷 : « non mais on va garder ici ces œuvres pillées aux quatre coins du monde, parce que vous êtes pas capables d’en prendre soin » 

Also 🇫🇷 : « ptdr et si on rasait les monuments pluri-millénaires qu’on essaye d’inscrire à l’Unesco, pour construire un Mr. Bricolage ?? 🤪 »
2 days ago

Carnac holds the envelope to his head says, "The answer is,
The President, Twitter and golf."
Ed McMahon repeats it.
"The President, Twitter and golf"
Carnac rips open the envelope and reads the question:
Name three things the Saudis have bought.

#Golf #PGA #SaudiArabia #Saudis #Twitter #ElonMusk #Musk #JaredKushner #Corruption
#JohnnyCarson #Carnac

Johnny Carson as Carnac
Jared, Musk and Saudis
2 days ago

#ClarenceThomas’s 2022 filing was highly anticipated after ProPublica reported on the justice’s financial dealings w/his close friend & benefactor, the Texas businessman #HarlanCrow. Instead, Thomas will have up to 90 additional days to submit his filing, which could include any amendments or updates related to his #finances from past years.

#SCOTUS #Corruption #DarkMoney
#JudicialEthics #Law

JuneSim63 💚
2 days ago

"The United Arab Emirates’ state oil company has been able to read emails to and from the Cop28 climate summit office and was consulted on how to respond to a media inquiry.

The UAE is hosting the UN climate summit in November and the president of Cop28 is Sultan Al Jaber, who is also chief executive of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc). The revelations have been called “explosive” and a “scandal” by lawmakers"

Surely they're not THAT naive?
#COP28 #Corruption

2 days ago

#ClarenceThomas delays #disclosures

#SupremeCourt Justice Clarence Thomas has asked for more time to file annual #FinancialDisclosures following criticism that he failed to report luxury travel & real estate deals w/ #HarlanCrowe, aTexas billionaire & #Republican donor.

#SCOTUS #Corruption #DarkMoney
#JudicialEthics #Law

brad m
2 days ago

For #SaudiArabia, rush of star #football signings could be its most effective tool
“a plan to use the #sport to sanitise the country’s reputation”
“The #Saudi #football authorities are working to a blueprint that started long before the various #BallondOr winners were on the transfer radar, funded by the kingdom’s Public Investment Fund”
“also targeted #boxing and #FormulaOne as tools for reputational gain” #sports #sportswashing #corruption #humanrights #soccer #F1

Miro Collas
2 days ago

Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Alito delay 2022 financial disclosures - The Washington Post

#CleanceThomas #SCOTUS #Corruption

2 days ago


SO MANY powerful, compelling, informed ATL commenters!

> “It’s not surprising to me that the corporate-funded APF would push for more police in attempt to protect their property interests... Rather than putting money into solving the causes of criminal behavior, most of which clearly revolve around the growing income inequality in our country, and poverty.”

Lorraine Fontana, public comment speaker

#StopCopCity #Corruption #Fascism #WeekOfAction #DirectAction

Marco Ivaldi
3 days ago

Stepping Insyde System Management Mode SMM

“One of the most essential #security requirements for preventing runtime #exploitation of #SMM is that the integrity of SMRAM must be upheld. In other words: Simply don’t do #memory #corruption. But as we know, this is a tall order, especially because SMM firmware is written in #C, where undefined behavior runs rampant and upholding memory safety is akin to the delicate circus act of balancing several spinning plates.”

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 days ago

@JosephMenn Why accessories to crimes shouldn't be given prosecutorial power & powers of public office in general.

Exhibit A: Today's insurrectionary, fake "GOP".

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityNow #JusticeMatters #InvestigateJimJordan #BanTheGOP #ObstructionOfJustice #Insurrection #DefraudingAmerica #AbuseOfOffice #AbuseOfPower #Corruption #Bribery

Sunny 🟦
3 days ago

The elephant in the room:

CNN Headline - "Say bye-bye to any federal charges against Trump if he's elected in 2024"

That's the game he's playing for.

The best possible thing Biden could do in the remainder of his term, would be to convince DoJ to change their arbitrary rule about not prosecuting a sitting president.

Forever more... if a President is suspected of criminal behavior, they will be investigated just like anybody else, and if that President is indicted, then their term ENDS RIGHT THERE and the Vice-President takes the reins.

Its stupid to trash our justice system and equal treatment under the law, when we have a built in solution in the form of a Vice President.

Ever since Jan. 6th we have been watching the consequences of FAILING TO APPLY JUSTICE EQUALLY BY FAILING TO PROSECUTE A SITTING PRESIDENT.

Lock him up.

#Politics #Justice #Corruption

Off-duty York cop sentenced after failing to remain at collision #YRP #Corruption #Police #AutoCollision #YorkRegion #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

3 days ago

"When the Guardian reported concerns raised by an anonymous former EHRC employee about its stance on race, their name was leaked to the Guido Fawkes website. Under questioning from a parliamentary committee, the EHRC wrongly suggested the Guardian was the source of the leak to the rightwing blog."

Is this why the Guardian has been taking an obvious step back from their usual transphobic reporting? It's gone from full-on to peep.

#EHRC #Trans #Corruption

The money-laundering case is the latest involving Kirchner, a former president, to be dismissed before reaching trial.
Argentinian judge dismisses corruption case against VP Kirchner
Kent Parkstreet, Laird Doofus
4 days ago

All of you who called out the Morrison government for corruption, repeatedly, with no response from our media and little support from opposition politicians, you are all being vindicated now, again and again.

National audit office releases scathing report of Morrison-government health funding program - ABC News


'Big four' audit firm is embroiled in controversy after former partner leaked information about changes to tax law.
PwC Australia names staff involved in government tax plan leak
6 days ago

#Mastodon #security

Evidently, there is a security flaw in Mastodon (see screenshot). It's not prudent to trust unknown admins with our #data.

Therefore, how do we make the #Fediverse admins more accountable? Or, should the fediverse be developed to be more user-friendly - so that we can connect directly to the network without having to depend on servers? (that is do-able. e.g., p2p networks)

#software #SocialMedia #data #hack #admin #justice #activism #equity
Say no to #BigBrother #network #surveillance or unjust #admin #employers #corporations #corruption

A screenshot. As readers can see by this screenshot - on the server there were 250 "followers" on my account. As I recall, there were also hundreds of "follows". But, after suspension, the list now only shows 12 follows.

So, what's happened? Has the admin sabotaged the data? Effectively, now the account has been suspended (data deleted! without warning or any written reason provided). Therefore, I can't transfer the 250 followers to another server. 

Evidently, a security flaw in Mastodon. It's not prudent to trust unknown admins with our data.
maeve harris
6 days ago

#Thailand: Move Forward Party's frontrunning candidate for Finance minister looks forward to a substantial increase in minimum wage, increase in welfare spending, while opening up the economy by attacking #monopoly and #corruption

The European Network
6 days ago

France’s most feared ethics body should inspire an EU parallel, says François Hollande.

The HATVP is one of the most powerful and scrutinised institutions in France, as it played a key role in the fall of ex-prime minister François Fillon.

The regulatory agency was created following Hollande’s budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac’s resignation over allegations that he had €600,000 in a secret off-shore bank account.

#France #EU #Ethics #Politics #Corruption #QatarGate

Peter Nimmo
6 days ago

I really recommend you follow
@ChrisO_wiki. He highlights very human stories from #Russia on the results of #Putin's war against #Ukraine. It's sobering to learn how the #ineptitude, #corruption and, often, downright #sadism of Russia's #military leaders causes such cruelty to their own #soldiers

Kailee ♾️
1 week ago

With Glacier, eight justices sabotaged the most powerful weapon unions have: the strike.

The Teamsters got whacked by the Supreme Court and now the right to strike is on life support. And only Ketanji Brown Jackson stood up to say that what the Court is doing is wrong. The latest in #thenation

#labor #strike #workers #Corrupt #SCOTUS #corruption #darkmoney #harlancrow #lenardLeo #Fascist

Erika Sumner
1 week ago

#CourtesyCards for friends/family of #LawEnforcement (aka #GetOutOfJailFree cards) are an #AbuseOfPower by those sworn to protect. That they’re unofficially sanctioned by departments across the US makes them universally corrosive to the trust #police & other officers say they deserve from the communities they serve. #Corruption

The sanction is the latest in a string of actions the US has taken to confront corruption in the Caribbean country.
US bars former Haitian prime minister from entering the country
KBSez ✅
1 week ago


Local cops not happy with his anti-trump signs in his front yard and try to intimidate him.

Too bad he's got the 1st Amendment on his side. Of course they aren't bugging the people with the 'f-biden' signs.

#GQP #Corruption #Arizona

1 week ago

Todos los llantos y crujir de dientes de los impulsores de empresas de inteligencia artificial no se deben a su preocupación por el resto de seres humanos, no. Esta gente lo que quiere es lo de siempre: quedarse con los beneficios y que sea el Estado quien asuma las pérdidas y los problemas que causará una tecnología que no han desarrollado de forma segura esta banda de aprendices de brujo.

#IA #Corruption

Adrian Fry
1 week ago

I find it truly astonishing that the #Tory #government believe that they should be the arbiter of what evidence is relevant to #CovidInquiry. Our #democracy is under threat and most citizens are so worn down and desensitised to the relentless #lies and #corruption that they just don't care. It's tragic.

Nonya Bidniss
1 week ago

How corrupt is the United States Supreme Court?

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says ‘dark money’ is bending the country’s major institutions to the rich and powerful.

(Video interview)
#SCOTUS #corruption #USPolitics

1 week ago

Marcos' Maharlika Investment Fund will mean more taxes and more loans. "A sovereign wealth fund will be good if we have surplus funds. The problem is we don't have any," a former central bank official said.

#Philippines #Scam #Corruption #Economy #Finance #Filipinos #Asia #TootSea #Investing

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 week ago

@charlotteclymer People wouldn't be starving for artificially fueled outrage without the individuals intentionally working to weaponize people's outrage for their own corrupt & treasonous goals.

#DefendAmerica #DefendDemocracy #DefensiveDemocracy #Democracy #YourVoiceMatters #Incitement #Insurrection #Corruption #DarkMoney #SeparationOfPowers #SeparationOfChurchAndState

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Correspondent Nancy Goldstein returns to take on Ken Paxton's #impeachment. Has accountability finally come to #Texas?

#KenPaxton #corruption #politics #news #USpol

Commenting on Ken Paxton's impeachment, Heather Cox Richardson says,:

"Some leaders are likely eager to cut loose some big fish to reassure voters that they are not, in fact, the party of corruption. But in states that are currently dominated by Republicans so thoroughly that they are essentially one-party states, there are indeed systemic corruption problems because there is not the oversight that a healthy opposition party brings."

#KenPaxton #Texas #corruption

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

“In situations like this, where public funds are stolen … the question becomes, what would benefit the public the most?”

The Justice Department’s plans to return money stolen from the state of Coahuila raise questions about whom should get the money. Correspondent Jason Buch continues his important reporting into the seizure of bank accounts and real estate belonging to former Mexican officials:

#news #politics #Mexico #corruption #Texas #border #international

Greg Wilson
2 weeks ago
Adam the Sak
2 weeks ago

I'm sure it's a total coincidence that

1) DeSantis' announcement is happening on Elon Musk's social network and

2) This Florida bill that gives Musk's SpaceX immunity for the injury or deaths of space crew has been passed by Florida's House and Senate and is ready to be signed by Gov. DeSantis

#twitter #musk #desantis #spacex #corruption

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 weeks ago

@w7voa Instead of retracting truth about Twitter spreading mis- & disinformation @ap should retreat from Musk's falsehoods dumpster & focus on expanding/ enlarging its own Mastodon instance, where Free Speech isn't just empty words from the mouth of a petulant, histrionic spoiled billionaire brat.

#Mastodon #FreeSpeech #Freedom #Democracy #SocialMedia #LeaveTwitter #AntisocialMedia #MuskSucks #Corruption #RuleOfLies #Fascism #Extremism #Terrorism

2 weeks ago

At #PMQs Sharon Hodgson, uses parliamentary privilege to say the MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Simon Clarke and Michael Gove MP, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, are both receiving 'donations' from Ian Waller a man who is backing and will gain from TeeSide #FreePort

(Waller is a director and shareholder of Northern Land Management, a company that has a 25% stake in Teesworks Ltd.)


more details here ...

2 weeks ago

#Crime, especially violent crime, is always bad for the victims, but unless it's rampant and ubiquitous (which it isn't in Western Europe), it's no danger for the very fabric of society.

On the other hand, #corruption and white collar crime is, even in small amounts, highly destructive for our democracy and the working of the economy.

Yet, the former gets headlines, whilst for the latter only a handful of people truly care.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago


"In sum, Pack's 7.5 month stint running the agency exemplified Trump's contempt for the press and for the professional federal workforce that prides itself on nonpartisanship. (Pack echoed Trump's designation of that workforce as the "Deep State.")

Yet the people with whom #NPR spoke also, independently, noted this account of Pack's tenure may not represent only a past era...

should Trump or another Republican win the White House in 2024."

#Trump #Corruption

Text from article:
NPR spoke to seven current and former staffers at USAGM and outlets and outfits it funds. Each said the report reflected a climate of crisis, fear and reprisal.

In sum, Pack's seven-and-a-half month stint running the agency exemplified Trump's contempt for the press and for the professional federal workforce that prides itself on nonpartisanship. (Pack echoed Trump's designation of that workforce as the "Deep State.")

Yet the people with whom NPR spoke also, independently, noted this account of Pack's tenure may not represent only a past era.

On May 10, Congressman Andy Ogles, a Republican from Tennessee, introduced legislation to prohibit any federal funding for the Open Technology Fund, as Pack had sought to do. Trump announced his support for Ogles' 2024 re-election bid on the next day.

And the conservative Heritage Foundation has drawn up proposals for whom should be hired at federal agencies, should Trump or another Republican win the White House in 2024.

Among the project's leaders is John McEntee, the former personnel chief in the Trump White House who helped set up the cadre of partisans that formed Pack's inner circle at USAGM.
Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

@QasimRashid Current/ former Federalist Society members seated on SCOTUS bench:

- Brett Kavanaugh,
- Neil Gorsuch,
- Clarence Thomas,
- John Roberts,
- Samuel Alito,
- Amy Coney Barrett.

Corruptly misinterpreting the Constitution, corrupt devaluation of civil & human rights, abuse of public office, dishonoring the legal profession, sabotaging the separation of church & state, failure to correctly disclose financial transactions & revenues...

#RuleOfLaw #CleanSCOTUS #InvestigateTheSix #InvestigateFederalistSociety #InvestigateLeonardLeo #TaxEvasion #Corruption #Bribery #ImpeachTheSix #DefraudingAmerica #LootingAmerica #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters

@QasimRashid the disinformation is coming from the corrupt Supreme Court, as well.


Nils Wilcke
3 weeks ago

Sarkozy se prend une fessée du premier président de la cour d’appel de Paris après avoir attaqué la juge qui l’a condamné: « la critique d’une décision de justice ne doit pas s’exprimer par la mise en cause personnelle du magistrat auteur de la décision », écrit Jacques Boulard dans un communiqué. Une prise de parole rarissime du plus haut magistrat de France. C'est dire... #Politique #Justice #Sarkozy #Compol #Corruption

"the will of the people becomes secondary to the will of a radical Catholic weirdo from Central Jersey with a passion for enjoying fine wine and stripping away the rights of women and the LGBTQ community. As Burleigh puts it—and this is not hyperbole—'Medieval popes had less power.'”

Greg Olear ends by encouraging readers to read Nina Burleigh's article — link below.

#LeonardLeo #BarreSeid #DarkMoney #FederalistSociety #SupremeCourt #corruption #democracy

"Most Americans don’t share Leonard Leo’s creepy, fascistic predilections. And all the money in the world won’t make his extreme anti-abortion, anti-woman, virulently homophobic policies popular. But if you essentially buy the entire judicial branch of the federal government, and you use your considerable influence in the statehouses to gerrymander the fuck out of the districts to tilt the vote your way," (continued)

#LeonardLeo #DarkMoney #FederalistSociety #SupremeCourt #corruption

"The horror of the 91-year-old reclusive billionaire Barre Seid—his name rhymes with 'parricide'—bequeathing $1.6 billion of his vast fortune to radical Catholic forced birth activist and Supreme Court fixer Leonard Leo did not hit home for me until this week, when I read Nina Burleigh’s article in the New Republic."

~ Greg Olear

#LeonardLeo #BarreSeid #DarkMoney #FederalistSociety #SupremeCourt #corruption #abortion #democracy


Joanne Freeman
3 weeks ago

Tomorrow on my live webcast, "History Matters"

Corruption as Politics

According to Jefferson, Hamilton once praised corruption in politics as practical.

Is it?
How does it shape our politics?
What can we do about it?

Join us for more!

Friday 10AM (ET)

#politics #history #histodons #corruption #democracy

Bob Jamieson
3 weeks ago

EU clamps down on free ports over crime and terrorism links

This article is more than 3 years old

Moves comes as Britain launches consultation on creation of up to 10 of the zones

#FreePorts #crime #corruption #ToryCorruption #Toryfailure #ToryFascism #politics #economy

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

BBC News - Nicolas #Sarkozy to wear #tag after losing #corruption appeal

In the unsurprising news category:

Yet another survey finds that public confidence in the US Supreme Court is at the lowest point in 50 years, after the Supremes' legislation-from-the-bench abortion ruling with Dobbs.

The General Social Survey finds only 18% of Americans saying they have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court.

#SupremeCourt #corruption #ethics #democracy #Republicans

3 weeks ago

Après la condamnation en appel de Nicolas #Sarkozy pour #corruption, les mondes politique et médiatique français vont-ils prendre à bras-le-corps la question de la lutte contre la délinquance en col blanc comme un enjeu politique transpartisan majeur ? #mediapart

Nils Wilcke
3 weeks ago

Sarkozy échappe (encore) à la prison: Sarko, alias Paul Bismuth, a été condamné à trois ans de prison dont deux avec sursis pour corruption et trafic d'influence dans l'affaire éponyme. La peine de l'ex-président, proche de Macron qu’il a représenté à l’étranger, sera aménagé sous forme de bracelet électronique #Politique #Justice #Sarkozy #Prison #Corruption #Macron

Mael Duin
3 weeks ago

When people like Simon Jenkins talk about the 'ineffectiveness' of sanctions, they don't understand that waging economic war with #Russia is as much about protecting ourselves as damaging Russia.

The last 20 years of doing business with Russia has allowed Russian #kleptocracy to infect our own cities and politics.

The only way that #Putin wins is if this is allowed to continue and our democracies are taken down from within.