Matt Sicker
6 hours ago

Who in the fuck is McMommy? #cosplay

Corinna 🦕
6 hours ago

Sometimes paleontologists like to dress to impress too. #StarWars #comics #cosplay

A woman dressed as Princesse L
7 hours ago

Here to suck your soul out of your body 😈🔥💦 I am not sure when I will be back online so tonight is the night make some hell 💥 live on and also on #deepthroat #squirt #kinky #bigtits #cosplay


#cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #costumeplay #コスプレ

14 hours ago

Welcome Lawrence Neals for his first time appearance at #treklongisland! I can't believe how lucky we are to have him perform!
#startrek #Longisland #LLAP #cosplay
Get you tickets to the dinner and show at :

ガンダムやミニオンのコスプレで滑走 「六甲山スノーパーク」でゲレンデの営業開始(2023年12月2日)

#cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #costumeplay #MBS #MBSNEWS #コスプレ #スキー場 #ニュース #六甲山スノーパーク #毎日放送 #神戸市

ガンダムやミニオンのコスプレで滑走 「六甲山スノーパーク」でゲレンデの営業開始(2023年12月2日)

由列表老伙计参演的 #銀河英雄伝説 #cosplay 舞台剧 《星辰》(非商业纪念公演)第二场观看结束,错过今日后悔十年(草)
我截直播图比较糊,有之前的摄影版本 可以看下!

没赶上直播的可以看以前的参赛视频,之前在china joy的参赛视频请搜索:伊谢尔伦夕阳红 星辰

Carbon Costume
21 hours ago

Kronen Zeitung | Mit Brasilien-Ableger – Spielemesse Gamescom expandiert nach Südamerika

#Gamescom #Cosplay

23 hours ago

Estoy haciendo como un Cosplay advent calendar en insta, ¿os gustaría que lo subiera por aquí?
#cosplay #cosplayer

@board @worldboard 我来继续进行一个自来水的当 :blobcatrainbow:
由列表老伙计参演的 #銀河英雄伝説 #cosplay 舞台剧 《星辰》(非商业纪念公演)
走过路过不要错过,错过这次后悔十年 :yf_yycat2:

之前在china joy的参赛视频请搜索:伊谢尔伦夕阳红 星辰

@board @worldboard
#银河英雄传说 #cosplay 舞台剧 《星辰》(非商业纪念公演)
走过路过不要错过,错过这次后悔十年 ԅ(¯ㅂ¯ԅ)
之前的参赛视频请搜索:伊谢尔伦夕阳红 星辰

2 days ago

Did someone say, cosplay?

#cosplay #cosplayer #katception #tiktok #video

Laura Luna 🦋
2 days ago

"Yennefer of Vengerberg, black-haired, dressed in black and white composition, brought to mind December morning."
📷: Nuska Destroyer
👗: Kokus Pocus & Regina Vermilion
💄: Mimimiaka

#TheWitcher #yennefer #Thewitcher3 #cosplay #videogames

Laura cosplayed as Yennefer. She a is black-haired girl with a black jacket with puffy white sleeves and black leggings. She is sitting on a rock.
Laura cosplayed as Yennefer. She a is black-haired girl with a black jacket with puffy white sleeves and black leggings. She is casting some rays from her fingers.
Laura cosplayed as Yennefer. She a is black-haired girl with a black jacket with puffy white sleeves and black leggings. She leans on a tree.
2 days ago

LeChuck's hat was the first costume piece that I started working on, but it only got finished months later during my pre-Amiga38 con crunch. I made it out of 5mm EVA foam and painted it to look like leather. This was my first time making a hat for cosplay, not to mention creating a fake dead bird from scratch!
#retrogames #monkeyisland2 #cosplay

2 days ago
Judge Shoulder Armour inspired by Dredd 2012
Judge Shoulder Armour inspired by Dredd 2012
Judge Shoulder Armour inspired by Dredd 2012
Judge Shoulder Armour inspired by Dredd 2012
Reboot Robotnik
2 days ago

Well, I was going to wear the #Stormtrooper gear this weekend but my handler had to cancel - my TIE pilot costume is still unfinished so guess who's going to #GalaxyCon this weekend?

It's gonna be fun on a bun #cosplay #Robotnik

Yours truly as the dashing film version of Dr Robotnik
3 days ago
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 days ago

@hacks4pancakes @gizmomathboy You get free hand sanitizer at a secret zombie lab, too!

#ResidentEvil #Biohazard #cosplay #DragonCon

my cosplay as an Umbrella Corporation scientist from the Resident Evil franchise
Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Not how I thought my co-working break would go (we're on a 25-5 pomodoro):
My sister just tried on her Jedi cosplay :ablobcatattention:

She's a social worker and will take 3 kids to ComicCon on Saturday. And I am sitting here, questioning my career choices!

#StarWars #Cosplay #ComicCon #Jedi #Nerd #Nerds #CareerChoice #CoWorking #Pomodoro #fun

4 days ago

My small panties can't keep my big pp

#nsfw #trans #transgender #cosplay #femboy #hardcock

A trailer of my video
Japan Pop Videos
4 days ago


#cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #costumeplay #コスプレ


Took a picture with @solisthewolf from #MFF2019!

I'll be at #MFF2023 again from Thursday - Sunday as a big hyena yeen that time, Eli!

#fursuit #cosplay #costume
#furry #fursona #anthro #furryfandom

Carbon Costume
4 days ago
Dave Olsen
4 days ago

When you’re loving a game so much that you’ve got to get the merchandise. Can’t do anything with it but boy it looks cool. #gaming #Starfield #cosplay #merchandise #bethesda

A hand holding a metal replica credstik from the game Starfield
4 days ago

Made a prototype for Lightning's gloves from rubber gloves for cleaning, old cardboard and drinking straws and it worked surprisingly well. The rubber gloves have the perfect length, all normal gloves are way too short. Need to find something to make them comfortable for a longer time... #cosplay #FFXIII

4 days ago

Badass girls go to Valhalla 🔥🫦⚔️ live on and also on #deepthroat #cosplay #bigtits #kinky

@nullagent I didn’t think it was possible for someone to look stupider in a ballistic vest that Jared Kushner did, but #SpaceKaren managed it. #GIjoe #Cosplay

Took a picture with CharmHusky from #MFF2019!

I'll be at #MFF2023 again from Thursday - Sunday as a big hyena yeen that time, Eli!

📸: @binaryfox

#fursuit #cosplay #costume
#furry #fursona #anthro #furryfandom

5 days ago

LeChuck's face is a two-part mask, sculpted out of foam clay on a thermoplastic base. It has a hidden hinge mechanism that allows the lower jaw to move when I talk. The mask only has about 1/3 of LeChuck's beard; the rest is sewn onto a black balaclava that I wear under the mask to hide my mouth. A lot of the process had to be improvised, but I'm happy to say it worked out well in the end.

#retrogames #monkeyisland #cosplay

Nev :3 :nev_owo:
5 days ago

I want to sleep in, unfortunately that’s not in the cards today w/ an extra early start :angypancake: :angypancake: :angypancake:

✂️ -

#fursuit #fursuiter #fursuiting #mascot #furry #furries #furryfandom #fursuitphotography #foxfursuit #costume #cosplay #lupesuits

Nev is angy sleeping on the couch and showing y’all his butt bc work emergencies are ass.
5 days ago

Would you like to try some fresh boymilk?

#nsfw #trans #transgender #cosplay #hardcock

A photo of me holding my hard girlcock. I'm wearing cow cosplay outfit.

Took a picture with renegade_roo at #MFF2019 as Saber!

I'll be at #MFF2023 again as a big hyena yeen that time, Eli!

#fursuit #cosplay #costume
#furry #fursona #anthro #furryfandom

Suicide Girls Lewds
6 days ago

Monokichan from the Suicide Girls photo set "Autumn Sun"

More from this model here (please note that this link may lead directly to or provide additional links to NSFW content):

#lewd #SuicideGirls #SG #model #altmodel #photoshoot #babe #sexy #beautiful #cosplay #elf #MonokichanSuicide



Character : alice
Series : Alice madness returns
artist : konakonacosplay

Nev :3 :nev_owo:
6 days ago

Guess who’s going to @FurCon ?!?! Meeeee! I haven’t been to this con or even the west coast since 2019! Here’s a shot from my first trip there back in 2018 w/ Nev 2.0 and @mokiemutt

Speaking of Mokie, next weekend is his first con east of the Mississippi w/ MFF! If you see him say hi :)

#fursuit #fursuiter #fursuiting #mascot #furry #furries #furryfandom #fursuitphotography #foxfursuit #costume #cosplay #furcon #furcon24

Nev, a blue fox fursuiter and mokie, a doggo fursuiter pose for a photo together
Suicide Girls Lewds
1 week ago

Valy from the Suicide Girls photo set "Bunny Girl Senpai"

More from this model here (please note that this link may lead directly to or provide additional links to NSFW content):

#lewd #SuicideGirls #SG #model #altmodel #photoshoot #babe #sexy #beautiful #cosplay #bunnygirl #ValySuicide

Alt model Valy posing for the Suicide Girls photo set "Bunny Girl Senpai"

Took a picture with @eligecos from #MFF2019 as Saber!

I'll be at #MFF2023 again as a big hyena yeen that time, Eli!

#fursuit #cosplay #costume
#furry #fursona #anthro #furryfandom

Suicide Girls Lewds
1 week ago

Miacherry from the Suicide Girls photo set "You Got the Poke Flute"

More from this model here (please note that this link may lead directly to or provide additional links to NSFW content):

#lewd #SuicideGirls #SG #model #altmodel #photoshoot #babe #sexy #beautiful #cosplay #Pokemon #Snorlax #MiacherrySuicide

Alt model Miacherry posing for the Suicide Girls photo set "You Got the Poke Flute"
Suicide Girls Lewds
1 week ago

Silene from the Suicide Girls photo set "Misty! I Choose You"

More from this model here (please note that this link may lead directly to or provide additional links to NSFW content):

#lewd #SuicideGirls #SG #model #altmodel #photoshoot #babe #sexy #beautiful #cosplay #Pokemon #Misty #SileneSuicide

Alt model Silene posing for the Suicide Girls photo set "Misty! I Choose You"


I'm Yuki, a
#petite #short #lesbian girl. I'm going to #private #girls #boarding #school

I'm on the girls
#gymnyastics and #swim teams. I'm also #modelling for several girl friends in the arts and fashion clubs.

I like
#reading, #writing, binge watching #TV, #movies, #comics, #anime & #manga, #cosplay, #hentai, #yuri, #shojouai, #girls, trips to the #dayspa.

I have
#diabetes, #celiac disease, #lactoseintolerance, and suffer from chronic #migraines due to multiple #concussions.

Reboot Robotnik
1 week ago

Today was not a good day for the Empire.

I tried ironing on the Imperial cogs onto the shoulders of my TIE flight suit, and by the time they finally held the glue seeped out and created a shiny ring around the logo which looked terrible...when I tried removing the glue I ended up shredding the cloth around the patch

So guess who's ordering yet another $120 flight suit next week? 501st better appreciate the flaming hoops I'm jumping through for this costume is all I'm sayin' #StarWars #cosplay


Character : princess mononoke
Series : princess mononoke
Artist : pufacosplay

:drake_dislike: cosplayers
:drake_like: sinplayers

2 weeks ago

Remember when many of us were bored at home due to the first #covid lockdown in march 2020?

#Dog and I did a colab reenacting "The Unicorn Rests in a Garden (from the Unicorn Tapestries)". Just found it again and still have troubles making out the original.

Edit: fyi. Original on the left, #cosplay on the right.

The Unicorn Rests in a Garden (from the Unicorn Tapestries). Dog reenactment.

Daily Tsukishiro Himari 246

Maid looking from above.

Image Source: Tsukishiro Himari

#月城ひまり #TsukishiroHimari #Isiliel #地下アイドル #アイドル #Idol #Cosplay

Hand at chin, Hima is dressed as a pink maid.
Thinker Pose. HIma dressed as a pink maid.
2 weeks ago

Emerald City Comic Con is months away, but it’s never too early to start planning your #cosplay, amirite? Starting to get the bits together for #TankGirl! #ECCC (Media marked sensitive for direct eye contact.)

A white person with dyed red hair (me!) in a WWII army helmet with biker goggles on it looking into the camera with their tongue sticking out. The person is indoors in a room with books and masks on the wall. They are wearing a zip up sweatshirt.
3 weeks ago

⚓ My wife and I made a zine about sailor tattoos from the 1800s that indicated interest in fellow men: (Note that some of the tattoos are raunchy, of course.)

Should be fun if you enjoy #queerhistory (it's fully cited!), or if you're into historical #cosplay. We're hoping people who like #OFMD enjoy it, because that was part of the inspiration for our research. 🏴‍☠️

Cover: "Gay Sailor Tattoos" in a Blackletter-style typeface with a small woodcut-style image of a jumping rabbit
Sample of first page of zine:

During the Age of Sail (1500-1900), life at sea was difficult and dangerous: as one saying ran, “Those who would go to sea for pleasure would go to hell for pastime” (Rediker 1987: 13). It was often forced upon men, either by the press gang or economic hardship (Rediker 1987: 13). However, queer historian William Benemann (2019: 259) argues that, “for the minority of men who were primarily attracted to other men, choosing to be a sailor could be an exhilarating act of liberation.”

The development of our modern concept of homosexuality barely overlaps with the Age of Sail (Blank 2012), but whatever we label them, men who were attracted to other men left their mark on the historical record. While surviving letters and journals are rare, there is another way for the average sailor to speak: with his bodily decoration (Newman 1996: 18-9). Already by the early 1700s, sailors were recognizable by their unique ways of dressing, talking, and moving—and by their tattoos (Rediker 1987: 10-2).
Sample from zine with two drawings of clasped hands and foliage

Three of my Monica Rambeau costumes to celebrate #TheMarvels !
1. Captain Marvel (debut costume)
2. Photon (Nextwave version)
3. Spectrum (as seen in Mighty Avengers)
More costumes to come soon! 🧵🛠
#MonicaRambeau #CaptainMarvel #cosplay

3 image collage of a dark skinned Black woman dressed in different Monica Rambeau costumes. image 1: Captain Marvel, a white leotard with black leggings and white knee high boots, with long white flight panels under both arms, hair in an afro, white gloves and a black starburst symbol on the chest. image 2: Photon, as seen in Nextwave, a white unitard with a subtle white chest logo of undetermined shape, a brown thigh strap, brown knee high boots, a white headband over short braided hair and a long tan trench coat. image 3: Spectrum, as seen in Mighty Avengers, a black and white leotard with a white chest emblem (like a diamond with additional points at the base), a white headband over short braided hair, black leggings and black ankle boots under a black trench coat. Text on image reads "Jay Justice"
Ferdinando Simonetti
3 weeks ago

[ Sauron’s Full-Body Armor & Mace Forged From Real Steel In Next-Level LOTR Cosplay Video ] #Sauron #Armor #Cosplay

3 weeks ago

Soy Jaenne Kendy 🌸. Amante del manga, anime y el cosplay, me encanta ir a eventos anime, manga como Japan Weekend Madrid. 🎌👾 Suelo leer mangas y algún que otro libro 📚, también dibujo cualquier cosa que vea en Internet🎨 e incluso tambien me gusta mucho jugar cualquier tipo de videojuegos🎮. Estoy con mis Oposiciones para poder trabajar de ello. Espero conectar con las personas con mismos (o casi) gustos a los mios💫
#Manga #Anime #Cosplay #Oposiciones #Eventos #Dibujar

HowToPhil (Phillip R)
3 weeks ago

@Ten @croyle

Sometimes, I find it useful to scatter in some related tags to draw attention. Since you're looking for #Cosplay makers... maybe: #anime #animeConvention #portland #portlandOR #costumeMaker #manga #otaku

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of any local cosplay costume makers in the Portland, OR area? #pdx

I would prefer buying locally.


#portland #NieRAutomata #2B #cosplay

Reboot Robotnik
3 weeks ago

So I have 3 different Imperial cog patches that could eventually go on my TIE Pilot flightsuit but my OCD is in the way of choosing one. They're all iron-on and the right size but each has its own idiosyncracies

A - white on black
Pro - thinnest patch, no stitching
Con - logo design looks "off" compared to other two

B - silver on black
Pro - tight radial stitch
Con - thickest patch

C - silver on black
Pro - thinner than B
Con - loose, dithered stitch

What do you think? #StarWars #Cosplay

Three Imperial cog patches arranged vertically, each slightly different than the others
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
3 weeks ago


We continue our #Celeste-bration (of 1K #Twitch followers) with attempting the most difficult Steam achievement for Celeste: collecting the #moonbery! Let's see how far we get 🌝

Still #cosplay-ing as Madeline, of course!


#twitchStreamer #twitch #indieGames #videoGames #gamer #gaming

Photo of Fierce wearing a long red wig and a blue sweater, as they're cosplaying Madeline from the videogame Celeste. In the background, you can see the plushies of Madeline, Badeline, and the Twitch logo.

Does anyone know any cosplay instances or follow any cool cosplayers you can recommend to me on here. It's one of the things I'm missing since leaving Twitter. 🥲​

#cosplay #cosplayer

Happy #N7Day friends! I'd like y'all to keep in your hearts & minds all of the developers & actors who work hard to create these games we love so much. Give them your support & compassion as they fight for fair treatment & fair compensation in their industries. Truly, it is the LEAST we can do. ❤

#MassEffect #gamedev #cosplay #N7 #BioWare

a dark-skinned Black woman wearing desert camo colored armor with an N7 on the top chest corner, holding a blue energy blast in one hand, with a prop gun in the other hand, the watermark Jay Justice on the bottom left and  watermark Future Photography by M3 on the top right
a dark-skinned Black woman wearing desert camo colored armor with an N7 on the top chest corner, standing in front of cement stairs with a prop gun in her hands.
4 weeks ago

Hello everyone, Asahi Lina here!

#AsahiLinArt #cosplay #コスプレ

A picture of me dressed in cosplay as Asahi Lina
A picture of me dressed in cosplay as Asahi Lina
A picture of me dressed in cosplay as Asahi Lina
1 month ago

Drew the rest of the owl again - Added the green resin, sanded them down, fixed them in a necklace tray, and added some finishing clear resin to the White Mage and Astrologian class coins (also a broom I was making too for halloween)

#maker #metalworking #cosplay #handmade #art #finalfantsy #FF14 #resin #jewellery #necklace #halloween

Three finished necklaces made of brass and resin - a white mage and Astrologian class with green backs from FF14 and a witches broom with a sparkly blue backing

Happy Fursuit Friday after Halloween! Here are a couple unedited shots from my Alex Chen photoshoot that didn't make the final cut, but I still like for reasons.

Though I bought the glasses just for this costume, the round red frames are kinda growing on me. I might start wearing them outside of cosplay. What do you think?

#FursuitFriday #fursuit #cosplay #Shetani

Profile shot of Shetani the king cheetah in fursuit, wearing her Alex Chen cosplay jacket and accessories, arms folded, looking upwards pensively
Shetani looking straight at the viewer, one paw up under her chin, smiling cutely

Myself and @Troglit had a heck of a lot of fun terrorising the mean streets of Manchester this Halloween

#FursuitFriday by Federwyrm
#Fursuit #Cosplay #Furry #Pokémon #arcanine

Team Rocket member brandishes a Pokéball over a crouched Arcanine fursuiter
1 month ago

This is LeChuck's belt together with the sash as well as a few coin purses and an improvised holder for the voodoo needles. The belt buckle on the box art seemed too plain for my dandy LeChuck, so I deviated from the reference and designed a more detailed buckle instead. It was inspired by the rhombus pattern in LeChuck's cabin in the first game. The buckle was made out out of EVA foam and 3D glue and painted with acrylics and gold waxes.

#monkeyisland2 #lechuck #cosplay #retrogames

1 month ago

Ridiculous instrument! It's like 100 PDP-8s rebuilt by an operator on acid.

#Music #Scary #ElectronicMusic #PDP8 #Wurlitzer #cosplay

1 month ago

So I’m back from con and I managed to finish Mehrak in time. Here she is in all her semi-finished glory. First cartonnage project for me and I learned a lot, would totally do it again if I found another reason to. It was very trust the process, but satisfying.

I’m really proud of her and she was much loved at con which made me happy💕

(If you want to see the breakdown of how I did it, my other socials for video formats are in my bio links)
Tags 🏷️: #genshinimpact #kaveh #cosplay #wip #sewing

A cosplayer dressed as Kaveh from the game Genshin Impact. They are posing with a gold embelished briefcase which is the character called Mehrak. The briefcase was made out of fabric covered card panels and goldwork embroidery.
The briefcase at an earlier stage. There is a hand holding it ajar to show its a functioning briefcase. On top there are goldwork appliqués attached to the front face and on the side is a hand painted pattern.
An even earlier stage, this is the deconstructed briefcase. The front face has the goldwork embellishments, but they are held on using a series of clips temporarily. The other box panels lie underneath it
Calico covered fabric panels arranged in a pattern. On one side is a stencil template attached using clips
merlin / alex glow
1 month ago

Saga cosplay!!! Alana is a longtime fave. :3
Happy Halloween~~ (and thx to T for instagram-boyfriending)

// #saga #cosplay #halloween #costume #GraphicNovel #comics

Alex is dressed as Alana from the graphic novel series Saga, with green/blue wings and a tan jacket. She's comedically licking a silver prop  "Heartbreaker" gun, outside at the Golden Hour.
Same setup, but a more serious pose in profile, with the gun raised.
Same setup, but looking downward with her blue/green gradiented hair sweeping in a cool arc.
Same setup, but in a sick-ass pose pointing the prop gun at the viewer. Get outta my space face!! hehe
Reboot Robotnik
1 month ago

Got out and around for #Halloween tonight with a friend of mine for the first field test of the #Stormtrooper gear - got a lot of waves from the ladies so clearly the girls love the bad boys. Wore it for about 2 hours, so a few observations:

- Getting in or out of a car without assistance is impossible

- Armor pinches quite a bit

- Upper back strain started about 90 minutes in

- Headache from visegrip helmet foam started about 105 minutes in

Still lots of fun! #StarWars #cosplay

Yours truly in full stormtrooper gear guarding a gas fire pit on a cement balcony - never know when rebel saboteurs might try something
Yours truly in full stormtrooper gear standing next to a Stern Star Wars Pinball machine
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
1 month ago

💙 You're Invited 💙

Besides showing off my #Madeline #cosplay this #Halloween, I'm inviting you all to a #Celeste-bration NEXT WEEK. Thank you, Axolotl Fam, for the big milestone we achieved together. And thanks @exok_games for creating the best #videogame ever!


#CelesteGame #IndieGames #IndieGame #Baking #Pie #Gaming #VideoGames

Postcard with a Canada stamp and with a photo of Fierce cosplaying as Madeline, wearing a blue jacket and with long, red hair. Fierce is cooking a big strawberry in a pot, next to the plushies of Madeline and Badeline. The postcard reads, "To: Axolotl Fam. From: You're invited to a Celeste-bration of 1K followers! Mon Nov 6: baking the strawberry pie IRL. Thu Nov 9: collecting moon berry in-game. @ 6PM EST."

My #Aziraphale #cosplay wearing it to work this morning at my library!!!! #HappyHalloween !!!

(last night sewed the velvet onto this vest for 5 hours straight while watching #GoodOmens season 2 😆


I'm posed in my Aziraphale costume reading Good Omens and holding my white angel mug. A snake (Crowley) is wrapped around my shoulders and my pink velvet waistcoat/vest is visible.
Another image of me in my cosplay, just at a different angle. The book title is far more visible.
Brynk Bunny
1 month ago

My costume this year: Pinhead of Hellraiser. So if anyone wants to be shown some sights, or need your soul ripped apart or anything, I’m your guy.

Happy Halloween!!!

#furry #furryart #mastoart #bunny #halloween #cosplay #hellraiser #pinhead #CliveBarker #lamentconfiguration #happyhalloween

Brynk as Pinhead from Hellraiser.
(Cartoon lop-eared bunny in a leather outfit, hairless with small nails covering his head in a grid.  He’s holding a big hook in his right hand, holding forward the lament configuration (Hellraiser cube) with his left. He looks at the viewer with black eyes and says “We have such sights to show you.”)
BrockW_Media 📷
1 month ago

Decided it was time to share another one of my hobbies with you fine people of mastodon.

As much as I enjoy making 3d models in #blender
I also like making them in real life for #cosplay

This is the Axe from God of War that I made for my younger brother for #halloween

Spent all night painting to get it done in time. This was the first time I made something based on a game as well as my first time using #3dprinting for the base shape. Typically it’s a foam base.

Have a happy Halloween!

Home made cosplay prop of the axe from God of War laying on a paint covered table with tools and brushes laying about on the top right corner of the image.
Reboot Robotnik
1 month ago

Party time, nerds! Time to greet the locals at a north side barcade and receive social media adulation and/or ridicule! #cosplay #Halloween #Robotnik #Eggman #Sonic

Yours truly in an awkwardly appropriate Robotnik costume
1 month ago

Getting much better at saddle stitch. It ticks the same box as needlepoint: the desire to stab something repeatedly to get the outcome you want, even if our of spite. #cosplay #sewing

A partially finished hand-sewn fingerless glove. The back is made from pleather. The design includes holes for knuckles and a strap that closes at the wrist.
gene x
2 months ago

Had fun at #HowWeird yesterday - and I've always wanted to do some #StarTrek #cosplay at random events but with a group so it looks like you beamed into some place and finally saw some folks do it yesterday at How Weird and it was so awesome. Wanted to create a transporter vibe so did a double exposure and it kinda sorta worked 😂** **Anyone else wanna try and do something similar in the future (for any event really!) #believeinfilm #polaroid #I2 #doubleexposure #filmisnotdead

double exposure Polaroid for four Star Trek The Original Series crew at the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco