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It's taken a frustrating 8 months to receive a "final offer" despite us tabling our claim early in March. Our employer's disappointing first offer wasn't made until June and our pay year starts on 1 August. Such delays hit staff hard, especially during a #CostOfLivingCrisis"

22 hours ago

Shameful and absolutely unacceptable. We need more and better taxation of multinational corporations. And to break them up.

Greedflation: corporate profiteering ‘significantly’ boosted global prices, study shows. Multinationals in particular hiked prices far above rise in costs to deliver an outsize impact on cost of living crisis, report concludes

#greed #Inflation #europe #eu #USA #corporations #CostOfLiving #Costoflivingcrisis #costofGREEDcrisis

Stock photo of person picking a product from a high supermarket shelf.

Despite #banks best attempts to get us to all use cards (so they can skim off their fees), the #costoflivingcrisis continues to drive people back to #cash as a way fo controlling budgets.

In the last years the decline in the use of coins & notes has reversed (albeit not massively), with more shoppers buying goods with ready cash.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in relation to Labour's policy of an expansion of #bankinghubs to deal with banking deserts' cash availability issue.

Inner Visioner
2 days ago

Just had the annual quote from Aviva for our home insurance renewal. It’s exactly £100 more than last year, even though we have never claimed and have plenty of NCB years. #CostOfLivingCrisis #ripoff

Dr Joe Pajak
3 days ago

'The @TrussellTrust reported record numbers using food banks for 2023 amid #CostOfLivingCrisis.'
'Almost 750,000 people turned to food banks in the past 12 months, with nearly 3 million parcels distributed in 2022-2023.' @EveningStandard

For many retailers the last three months of the year & especially the run up to #Christmas are when they make much of their money & lurch into #profit for the year.... so news that consumer spending is down (both in value adjusted for #inflation & volume) suggests not only has #BlackFriday failed to spur consumption, but the #costoflivingcrisis will shape buying this Christmas (unsurprisingly).

Early 2024 may see a spate of retail failures & closures; another symptom of a coming #recession

Ian Brown
3 days ago


#Brexits #SunlitUplands

'UK households ’10 per cent poorer than in France.’

'Average British household was more than £8,000 worse off than those in countries like France and Germany.'

'Helia Ebrahimi, Economics Correspondent.'
P Gurgel-Segrillo
5 days ago

Britain has amongst the highest inflation in Europe with many barely having enough to keep up with rising rents, energy bills and food prices. A focus on ordinary Brits struggling to make ends meet. #CostOfLivingCrisis #ToryBritan #EnergyPoverty #FoodPoverty #TaxTheRich

Ben Todd
5 days ago

#today I have just finished watching the film Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, 1943. The attached picture shows the ending scene dialogue between Holmes and Watson. What an inspiring speech and how disappointing to be here 80 years after its utterance to experience an even bigger poverty gap between the poor and the billionaires. To know that the 1% at the top have got even greedier whilst even more are hungry and homeless.

I hope I'll live to see that day.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #NoBillionaires

Quote of the dialogue from the last scene in Sherlock Holmes Faces Death: -

Sherlock Holmes: There's a new spirit abroad in the land. The old days of grab and greed are on their way out. We're beginning to think of what we *owe* the other fellow, not just what we're compelled to give him. The time is coming, Watson, when we shan't be able to fill our bellies in comfort while other folk go hungry, or sleep in warm beds while others shiver in the cold. And we shan't be able to kneel and thank God for blessing us before our shining altars while men anywhere are kneeling in either physical or spiritual subjection.

Dr. John H. Watson: You may be right, Holmes... I hope you are.

Sherlock Holmes: And, God willing, we'll live to see that day, Watson.
6 days ago

Is not being able to #afford #gas maintenance leading to #distasters from one end of the #UK to the other?

#Explosions woke neighbours on the #IsleofWight (cause not yet determined, #homeowner #airlifted with #burns)

#Blast kills a man in #Edinburgh (gas could be smelt)
We haven't put our #boiler on for about 4 years. The #CostOfLivingCrisis doesn't touch the people who are deciding everything in this country. #poverty #heat #fuel #cost #fire

6 days ago

Many older people are worried about the cost of heating their homes. If you know an older person who is worried about their bills, please encourage them to:
Phone the Age UK Advice Line  ➜  0800 678 1602
Check the Age UK  website  ➜

 #CostOfLivingCrisis #UK

Peter Private
6 days ago

In the context of discussing "where's the UK government now?", Al Gore says,
"The government of the UK now is seemingly ... in the pocket of the fossil fuel companies."
and speaking more generally,
"The fossil fuel companies are way better at capturing politicians than they are at capturing emissions"
Al Gore is such a class act!


Andrew Thompson
1 week ago

Eight major German and Austrian supermarkets say consumer choice, #organic must be protected from new #gmo s

"#EU regulations must guarantee full traceability and labelling of #NGT’s (new genomic techniques) throughout the supply chain"

#GeneticEngineering #geneEditing
#crispr #crisprcas9 #EUChooseSafeFood #patents #costofliving #CostOfLivingCrisis

Jude Jackson
1 week ago

The number of homeless #refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan and #Iraq in particular has skyrocketed.

Drastically rising rents fuel growing #homelessness in Germany - World Socialist Web Site

#HousingCrisis #CostOfLivingCrisis

The continuing #costoflivingcrisis, high #interestrates, #inflation & other social crises across the UK are taking their toll on #business start-ups.

If (and for some of your this may be a big 'if') the willingness to start a new business is a key indicator of the private sector's judgement on the future economic environment, then the switch to more #businesses failing than being started in 2022, marks a further decline in the UK's economic prospects!

Chart: More business were closed than created in the UK last year. Chart shows that since 'births' past 'deaths' in 2010, the births have risen to a peak in 2016 & then fallen back, while deaths have been slowly (if unevenly rising for most of the last 13 years.

The rise of the multi-generational household is a key response to the #housingcrisis, the #costoflivingcrisis and in some cases the #carecrisis.

Its nothing new and indeed across the world is often a preferred model of #household management, but sometimes the costs & difficulties of such arrangements are not as well appreciated as they might be.

Here, Prabash Edirisingha `(NorthumbriaU) set out the shape of the issues for @TheConversationUK

Ian Brown
1 week ago


'Equality Trust’s cost of inequality report.'

“Inequality has made UK more unhealthy, unhappy and unsafe than our more equal peers.”

“It is also causing huge damage to our economy: we have shorter healthy working lives, poorer education systems, more crime and less happy societies.”

“Inequality is more than just economics: it is the culture that divides and makes social mobility impossible.”

“In Britain, child poverty has doubled in 40 years.”

Photo of The Robin Hood statue in Nottingham.
'The UK subsidises the cost of structural inequality in favour of the rich, according to the Equality Trust.'
Photograph: Tracey Whitefoot/Alamy.
Pauline von Hellermann
2 weeks ago

I also saw this yesterday, btw: research on the potentials for food riots breaking out in the UK in the next few decades. I haven't read it yet and don't yet quite know what to make of it, but sharing now already in case anyone else here is interested. #ClimateCrisis #Polycrisis #Food #FoodRiots #FoodSecurity #CostOfLivingCrisis #FutureScenarios

2 weeks ago

2/2 “Not all households are affected in the same way at all,” said Antunes, noting that for the lowest-earning quarter of the population, 91 per cent of household income goes to shelter, food, transportation and utilities. For the highest-earning quarter of the population, just 30 per cent of their income goes to those four necessities. #Cdnecon #economics #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostofLiving

2 weeks ago

Without the rise in shelter prices, noted CIBC, inflation would have been at 1.9 per cent. “That makes shelter the main source of inflation,” CIBC economist Katherine Judge wrote in a research note after the data was released. Mortgage interest costs rose 30.5 per cent from a year ago, while rent rose 8.2 per cent, up from 7.3 per cent in September. 1/2 #Cdnecon #economics #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostofLiving

2 weeks ago

If your business model can't pay a living wage, it sucks and is a drain on society.

If your profits are going up during a #CostOfLivingCrisis , you're overcharging and you're a drain on society.

Ian Brown
2 weeks ago

#Costoflivingcrisis Feudalism?

'Assets of thousands of people in north-west England used to upgrade king’s property empire via archaic custom.'

'Over the last 10 years, it has collected more than £60m in the funds.'

'Only a small percentage of these revenues is being given to charity. Internal duchy documents seen by the Guardian reveal how funds are secretly being used to finance the renovation of properties that are owned by the king and rented out for profit.'

Photo of King Charles.

'The diversion of bona vacantia funds has proven a financial boon to the king’s estate. Composite: Guardian Design/Francis Dias/Newspix International.'
Transition Together
2 weeks ago

"Solutions that were easy and accessible for everyone."

Halima from Think & Do Camden (partner project of Transition Kentish Town) shares how estate residents in Camden transformed energy use & bills during the energy crisis. The Shakti Savers project received seed funding from
The National Lottery Community Fund and Transition Together earlier this year.

📽️ Watch here:

And if you feel inspired to unlock community-led change where you are... our current seed funding programme is open for applications until 7 January.

Join our team on Monday 27 Nov at 7.30pm to ask questions about applying, and find out more here:

#transitiontown #transition #communityaction #climateaction #climate #energy #costoflivingcrisis #Camden #London

Local residents Halima and Tuli from Think and Do, pictured with Tanuja from PUNL worked together to deliver this project, who collaborated to switch all residents' lightbulbs in the block of flats behind them to LED, cutting energy use and saving on energy bills.
2 weeks ago

Energy Price Cap rises again from £1,834 to £1,928

How can the scoundrels at Ofgem allow this to happen?

A 5% rise !

Previously, the Ukraine war was the excuse. Today, the Israel/Hamas war.

I don't recall Israel being a rich, oli-bearing country.

@FloydyStu has corrected me on this last point. You may wish to read his replies to my ignorance.


I missed this from @openDemocracy last week, but it may shape how the next #election plays out.

The number of #Tory held seats where a 5th or more of #voters are in rented homes has nearly doubled from 22% in the 2011 census to 40% in 2021.

Renters, as we know, are at th sharp end of the #costoflivingcrisis, but also often lag in registering to vote...

So Q. is: will the #Tories appalling record on renters' issues bite them or are the gambling on them not voting?

Rhymer Rigby (FT) offers some advice to the #wealthy (the 1%) who find themselves having to cut back now that elements of the #costoflivingcrisis has reached them:

'it’s probably a good idea generally not to do the “poor little rich person” act on social media, because you’ll always reach someone who makes your predicament look like a joke'!

If only they would take that advice... or perhaps we might wish they don't so they can be exposed to the ridicule they so richly deserve?

Another day, another report on how the #costoflivingcrisis has driven the poor & low paid into the hands of exploitative #landlords, who have no interest in providing decent #housing, but rather treat tenants as animals that are bingo farmed for rent...

Just one more but of evidence that the housing crisis is essentially a crisis of a lack of social housing, which will not be solved by subsidising first-time buyers Mr Hunt!

@BeingOfErrth Totally agree with all of that. Minimal to zero interaction here. Sometimes I just leave my TV on for a heat. #costoflivingcrisis

3 weeks ago

Just imagining the Sophie's Choice dilemma faced by #JeremyHunt

Do I help the 4% of the public who pay Inheritance Tax, who are my donors and personal friends


Or, do I keep £2B coming to the Treasury, or maybe use that to expand benefits during a #CostOfLivingCrisis

Oh dear, what #ToryDifficultDecisions 🤣🤣🤣

Never forget, they're the #ToryNastyParty

The problem of rising prices but declining volumes in #retail sales continues... no-pne should be surprised that as the #costoflivingcrisis continues & #inflation continues to shift prices upwards that sales volumes will decline - people only have limited savings through which to subsides their everyday spending.

What this suggests is that the UK is far from out of the (economic) woods yet....

Chart: British retail sales volumes fell 0.3% in October 2023. Volume & value index, Great Britain, Feb 2020 = 100

Chart shows volume & value closely tracking each other until mid 2021 when a divergence started and has grown to around 20 points now - value of sales is at around 116, while volume is around 96...
AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
3 weeks ago
Jonathan Schofield
3 weeks ago

It’s the King’s Birthday and Portsmouth is firing guns in his honour – a man who sits on an enormous pile of wealth and reads out speeches even he doesn’t believe in to enable a government of venal shits presiding over a #costoflivingcrisis

The impoverishment of Britain continues with the #costoflivingcrisis causing families to take drastic measures to try to balance their budget;

if you're thinking this is an unfortunate accident, you may be missing the key underlying strategy of the #Tories: to maintain a low-pay #workforce, #workers need to be forced into desperate straights to take any work on offer.

This isn't what a lot of #business wants but the #Tories are viscous ideologues not economic planners!

Peter Private
1 month ago

This is the incredible story of six Greenpeace activists who boarded and occupied a Shell oil platform. The protest continued for 13 days and almost 4,000km. These activists are absolute heroes!


We get the Q3 GDP figures on Friday, which will tell us whether or not we're heading for recession.

But honestly, I'm not sure it matters either way.

GDP has always been an imperfect measure of the health of the economy, but with the #CostOfLivingCrisis and rampant inequality we have now, it seems spectacularly imperfect.

I would like to propose we focus on a new, more meaningful, measure of economic health.

How about an index based on the demand for food banks?

#UKEconomy #GDP

Qualified good news on #groceries #inflation... although to be fair the drop is only down to a level that two years ago would have looked astronomical...

Still this may be a sign that inflationary pressures in the #food #supplychain are easing?

If so (and its a big if) we may seem some easing of the #costoflivingcrisis (for those who have managed to secure near-inflation wage rises, at least)

[also looks like the falls have been mainly in staples - milk etc. - not across all foods!]

Chart: UK grocery inflation eased in October - annual % change

shows food inflation rising from 4% in January 2022 and peaking at 17% in March, and now dropped down to just under 10% this month

The continuing #costoflivingcrisis is reflected in a pre-xmas drop in consumer spending & suggest that a winter #recession is more likely;

Politicians should recall #Keynes focus on 'effective demand' in driving economic activity.

Whatever else is wrong about #economic #inequality, if you impoverish the less wealthy (who are much more likely to spend their income/wealth) then you prompt a decline in economic activity.

Of course, this is exactly what the BoE want, whatever the social costs!

Mael Duin
1 month ago

Mortgage on a small house in London
Nursery fees for a 3 year-old
Nursery fees for a 1 year-old
£5000 / month

That's before paying for anything - gas, electric, internet, food, petrol, transport.

Fuck the UK as a place to live.

Fuck any politician who says they care about working families.

We're moving abroad as soon as we can and we're taking our talent with us.


Another #Brexit 'freedom'...

The good news is that #bananas are dropping in price;

the bad news is because we are not outside the EU tariff system that kept duties high on 'dollar bananas' from South America & by doing so favoured the import of bananas from #Africa.

Great for UK consumers who like a bunch of bananas & who remain in a #costoflivingcrisis, but for African banana producers, we're a key market in which they will now be under-cut leaving less opportunities to see their produce!


Probably down to both, but mostly the #CostOfLivingCrisis 😪

Good news (albeit qualified by the continuing #costoflivingcrisis ) for #workers at firms who pay the voluntary #RealLivingWage... which will rise to a level of over £3k more than the #minimumwage set by the Govt.

Also good that the number of firms signed up to the scheme to set a high(er) voluntary floor to wages has risen from 11,000 to 14,000 in a year.

Such actions make a real difference to employees & their families!

Another month another story about how #Pawnbrokers are booming... I'm sure this is true, but how many times can the media repeat (report) this story with just a different pawnbroker used for the anecdotes?

Just to be clear I'm not diminishing the issue, nor the clear links to the #costoflivingcrisis, just wondering if there is more to be made of this than a sequence of adverts for specific pawnbrokers?

Our tool that searches warm space offers in the UK has been updated. It now collates over 7800 offers from 108 different directories: I've gone to great lengths to keep the bandwidth requirements low (compared to existing directories) as many of those looking for warm spaces may also have limited data plans.

I'd really appreciate it if people could link to it from other websites to help boost it in search results.

#WarmSpaces #CostOfLivingCrisis


I was thinking more about how we manage some sort of exit from the #costoflivingcrisis, but I accept in global terms that's a little parochial

#Tories #CONservatives #Tory #Sunak #Brexit #CostOfLivingCrisis #ToryCorruption #ToriesNotFitToGovern #ProgressiveAlliance

We the undersigned demand the UK Government call a #GeneralElectionNOW!

Please, like, boost, sign & share. Thank you. 🙏🏾

Enough is enough! We've had 13 years of these crooks in power, & their incompetence has brought the #UK to its knees.

🌹🇪🇺 ❎ 🗳️

An online petition demand for the UK Government to call a General Election NOW!


It's like there's a collective psychosis sweeping across the globe at the moment.

#Brexit #Trump #Boris #COVID #Pandemic #LockDown #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #Patel #Truss #CostOfLivingCrisis #Sunak #Braverman #Trump AGAIN!

You honestly couldn't make up what's happened to the world since 2016! 😳

Trump & Doris become President & PM, then God sends a C19 plague! There's a war in Europe & off the back of it, the #FarRight rise again!

Mankind is cursed! 🤷🏾‍♂️

2 months ago

#Tesco, a few months ago: "How dare you suggest we're profiteering during the cost of living crisis, no-one is trying harder than us blah blah blah"

Tesco, now: "We've had an exceptional year and we're pleased to raise our full year profit forecast to between 2.6 and 2.7 billion pounds"

They always treat us like idiots and they always get shown up for the liars they are.
#greedflation #CostOfLivingCrisis

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Repost from pb4p on Twitter:
Like Darragh Adelaide says, far right grifters want to direct your anger away from the super rich and their Government pals and onto minorities. Ná lig dóibh.

📣 Join the cost of living and housing demonstration called by Cost Of Living Coalition Ireland.

📍Oct 7, Parnell Square Dublin, 1pm

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfLivingIreland #Clondalkin #HousingForAll #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #IrelandForAll #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh #gaeilge #Gaeilgeoir

There's an epidemic of #stress in the #workplace; I wonder why?


& that's before we get onto the UK's bullying & dysfunctional management style, the general perception that the UK's state institutions are failing, and that the #climatecrisis now seems inevitably damaging to everyday life...

that people are stressed should be no surprise; stress is about seeing a desired end & having no agency to get to it!


Agreed, so is the lack of #ScottishIndependence down to the #UK government not allowing #Scotland a vote?

There's a strong voice for #Independence, but what happened in 2014, & what's changed in the following 10 years that'll swing it this time around?

Austerity? Brexit? #CostOfLivingCrisis?

Yorkshire Bylines
3 months ago

Sunak the quietly incompetent | From school building collapses to the cost-of-living crisis, the NHS decline to Brexit, Sunak has been an enthusiastic advocate for the policies that have created this mess | Andy Brown

#Sunak #CostOfLivingCrisis #RAAC #NHS #BrexitDisaster

Jeremy Jupiter Jones
3 months ago

@pezmico @River If the people of #NewZealand really want the NZ government to tackle the #CostOfLivingCrisis we should first nationalise supermarkets and introduce rent controls. #NZPol #NZVotes2023 #FollowTheMoney #NZTwits

King Mob
3 months ago


After the devastation of World War One, between 1917-1926 the UK government introduced the "excess profits duty" (tax) of 80% of profits above "pre-war standard profits".

Today, when grotesque profits are being made by big business out of the (so-called) "cost of living crisis", surely it's time for a similar period of excess profit tax?

Surely, it's big businesses "duty" to help us all out in this time of crisis?

Or is this only a "crisis" for the poor?

I won't hold my breath.

#WindfallTax #profiteering #capitalism #BigBusiness #tax #ExcessProfitsTax #profiteering #CostOfLivingCrisis #uk #ukPolitics

Emily King
4 months ago

But sure, it's apparently pay rises for the rest of us that are fuelling inflation 🙃

"Fat cat bosses enjoy £500m pay rise as CEO salaries soar during cost of living crisis"

#UKPolitics #CostofLivingCrisis

The impact of #inflation in one chart:

the gap between the rising costs of #retails sales & the falling volume of good purchased is:

the #Costoflivingcrisis...

The current (further) dip is being blamed on the wet weather by analysts but the bigger picture is that the #Tories & their handmaidens at the BoE are disciplining #workers for having the audacity to try an maintaining their standard of living.... at a time when it is seen as important that companies 'maintain' their profitability!

Chart: British retail sales fell sharply in July - Feb 2020 = 100 volume/value

Up until July 2021 volume & value moved roughly in step, but from August 2021 start to divert to the point now where volume is less than 100 (i.e. below level of Feb 2020) while value (i.e. aggregated prices) are around 115.
4 months ago

A percentage offer which means the increase for SMT grades is three times higher than the lowest paid staff is an insult.

An ‘improved’ offer which adds less than £3 per week on top of the one initially tabled to the salaries of our lowest paid members when we’re experiencing an ongoing #CostOfLivingCrisis is out of touch.

Our members deserve more respect.

#UniteTheUnion #UCU

4 months ago

After their revised offer of an additional 0.6% was rejected, UCU SMT have agreed to return with a better proposal than the 4.6% pay increase they tabled today.

This offer was nowhere near “amongst the best on offer in any major union” as staff were promised.

Unite UCU members voted for a flat rate pay claim in order to prioritise the lowest paid. This is something UCU SMT has thus far refused to explore.


#UniteTheUnion #UCU #CostOfLivingCrisis

In one sentence the disconnect between the #financialservices sector & the rest of us:

'“The economy is clearly far too hot for the Monetary Policy Committee to relax,” (Thomas Pugh, quoted in the FT this morning)>

If the #economy is 'too hot' when we are teetering on the edge of a #recession, have a #costoflivingcrisis & a major problem with #inequality, I think we can safely say we're f**ked!

We need to think about our problems differently & ignore the self-serving #bankers!

A new word to add to our #costoflivingcrisis lexicon:

Skimpflation: the process of reducing the quantity of expensive ingredients in products & replacing them with (or increasing) cheaper alterantives.

linked to #greedflation & #inflation obviously!

It's starting to feel a helluva lot like 1789. ✊
#AbolishTheMonarchy #NotMyKing #Independence #UKPolitics #CostOfLivingCrisis #TaxTheRich
King Charles to receive huge pay rise from UK taxpayers