Jennifer White
13 hours ago

A black and white photo of a large oak tree beside a cornfield in Ozark Missouri during sunset. Color is also available.
#blackandwhitephotography #farmer #countryside #buyintoart #largeart #officeart

A black and white photo of a large oak tree beside a cornfield in Ozark Missouri during sunset. Color is also available.
The European Network
14 hours ago

Farming subsidies trigger a row over the future of the British countryside as the government’s post-Brexit subsidy regime has left some farmers with less money than before.

Helen Drinkall, a livestock farmer from Chorley, Lancashire, told the Financial Times that she was now paid 50% less than before the UK government starting phasing out CAP payments in 2021.

#UK #Farming #Agriculture #Nature #CountrySide #Brexit #Subsidies

Helen Drinkall, a livestock farmer from Chorley, Lancashire, in front of a tractor.
Stef Robinson
20 hours ago

Mortimer Forest trails climbing up towards High Vinnalls 🌳 #Ludlow #Shropshire #Landscape #Countryside #RobinsonRoams

A trail path between green bracken and undergrowth on each side with large mature trees each side of the undergrowth. Mixed white clouds and bright blue skies above
David Allan
1 day ago

No sign of autumnal mists and mellow fruitfulness just yet, but early colours of the season accentuated by the afternoon sunlight backlighting these leaves on Sunderland's Wear riverside in North East England.

#England ##Sunderland #autumn #fall #countryside

Autumnal colours accentuated by a late afternoon sun backlighting these leaves along Sunderland's riverside in North East England.
Stef Robinson
2 days ago

Views from Whitcliffe Common over Ludlow in Shropshire at the weekend. #Ludlow #Shropshire #Landscape #Countryside #RobinsonRoams

Views from up a hill looking over the rooftops of the town of Ludlow. A large church spire is high above the rooftops in the centre of town with several old buildings and houses across the town with grey and brown roofs. Large mature trees in the foreground and left of the picture with rolling hills in the distance across the Shropshire countryside.
bm :calckey:
3 days ago

#Montag #Abend #ZDFneo #Inspector #Barnaby
#England #Landleben #Serie #Countryside #imho Gepflegter #englischer #Krimi (Humor) mit Frau, Kind i. allg. ohne #Katze aber mit #Mord

20:15 5. Ein böses Ende (Death In Disguise)
Staffel 1, Folge 4 (100 Min.)
21:45 6. Der Schatten des Todes (Death’s Shadow)
Staffel 2, Folge 1 (101 Min.)
#InspectorBarnaby und #Sergeant #Troy

Stef Robinson
4 days ago
A sandy coloured old castle turrets surrounded by large mature trees and shrubs overlooking the market town of Ludlow. An English flag flies on the top of the Talley’s turret and the landscape is surrounded by several green hills and countryside.
Vivienne Dunstan
5 days ago
Looking towards a leafy green tree full of birds. At the top are two starlings with bright black and light colouring. Below are ten sparrows.
A female sparrow preening herself in a green tree, looking back to the left with her head resting on her very fluffy back. She has a very fluffy tummy to the right, and brown (dark and light) wings and tail.
A rather reddish grey squirrel perched on a branch running diagonally up right in the picture. Its grey tail is curved against its back as it faces right. It has red patches on its body and head.
A dipper bird perched on a rock looking to the left over a swirling river. Its body is grey and dark brown, as is its head. Its chest and tummy are white. It has a very pointed beak.
David Allan
6 days ago

Sad to say goodbye to summer 2023, although compared to recent years, it didn't quite live up to its name in my part of the world. Noticed the UK Met Office announcing today as the official start of autumn, the same Met Office that makes a point of describing 'meteorological autumn' arriving on 1 September – it's just confusing.
Looking forward to the new palette of colour as the season matures.

#England #equinox #autumn #landscape #countryside #photography

A countryside track, leading up to a wooden farm gate in a scene of the English countryside cloaked in the colours of autumn.
Stefano Marinelli
6 days ago

Goodnight, sun.
I'll be waiting for you, tomorrow.

#Photography #Photo #Picture #Pic #Sunset #Orange #Countryside

It's sunset and the colours are beautiful. There's orange, red, yellow and everything is dark. 
Everything is calm, like the tree that's staring at this beautiful moment.
Kevin Bowen :xfce:
6 days ago

Over the last several days, I've been reading a breezy (and charming) bit o' #travelogue It's written by Craig Calcaterra, a #baseball writer I've been following for a decade-ish. He's off on a mid-life crisis walk(/s) for 14 days across the English #countryside on something called "Wainwright’s Coast to Coast". #hiking #England

There's some good writing, great pics, & no sports talk. Highly recommend.

6 days ago

Aha! There you go - #hiking the #NationalForest pathway (Part one of...5?ish).

Enjoy the video trek with me.

Caution: Contains alpacas!

#youtube #leicestershire #walking #countryside #forests

David Allan
1 week ago

Croxdale Viaduct spanning the River Wear just south of Durham in North East England.
Autumn will be knocking at the door soon and this is a favourite spot of mine to visit to see the season's golden hues.
The viaduct carries the East Coast Mainline between London's Kings Cross and Edinburgh's Waverley Stations.
The location is also passed by the old Great North Road that also linked the two capitals, albeit at a much slower pace.

#England #Durham #equinox #autumn #countryside #photography

Croxdale railway viaduct spanning the tree-lined River Wear, just south of Durham in North East England. As the summer season winds down the countryside is already adopting the warmer palette of the new season that's almost here.
Stefano Marinelli
1 week ago

"Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells…"

#Photography #Photo #Picture #Pic #Italy #Countryside #Clouds #BellTower #ThrowbackThursday

A captivating image captured in an open field, where a majestic bell tower stands in the distance. The bell tower is silhouetted against some clouds, in the sky and appears to be bathed in warm noon light. In the distance, the bell tower stands tall, with distinct architectural details sharply outlined. The surrounding field is open, with some trees on the right, and some grass. A scene that evokes tranquility and natural beauty.
Jennifer White
1 week ago
An Ozarks farm with a red barn on a hill in Ozark, Missouri during the autumn fall season.
1 week ago

The photos on a mostly dull day do not do justice to this lovely walk from Grimwith reservoir to the pretty village Appletreewick in the #YorkshireDales. Lots of parking at the reservoir and pubs for lunch. For details, see

#walking #hiking #countryside

1 week ago

New walk added to website; the highly recommended Arncliffe to Parson's Pulpit in the #YorkshireDales. This is a route with really pretty views of Littondale as well as long distance views. Details at

#walking #Yorkshire #Landscapes #Countryside

David Allan
1 week ago

Just three more days of official summer left (the autumnal equinox occurs this weekend on Saturday).
I know some areas of the UK have enjoyed a fairly decent summer, but in North East England, where I live, it seems to have been cooler than recent years and much more unsettled.
The first tints of autumn are already evident in our local countryside.

#autumn #equinox #seasons #countryside #England #Northumberland #landscape #photography

Autumnal tints are already evident in the countryside of North East England as the equinox approaches.
Stef Robinson
1 week ago

It’s starting to feel autumnal this week already on the Sheffield and Derbyshire borders 🍂 #Sheffield #Derbyshire #Landscape #Countryside #RobinsonRoams

A narrow path covered in leaves between large mature trees after the recent rain. The leaves are stil green on the trees but are starting to turn and drop ready for the start of autumn.
Neven Falica
2 weeks ago

There's a small pool in the middle of a village near my grandparent's place, there's even a chicken coop mere 20 meters away. The pool is sitting on top of a geothermal source, keeping it at 24°C year round, so it's quite a popular spot. But, it's September already, and apparently, not many are still for a swim. Yesterday I was not one of those, and I was happy to see the place almost devoid of people.

(random person for scale)

#countryside #geothermal #croatia

A small pool filled with a crystal clear, turquoise water. A person is standing on the ledge on the opposite side, in front of a grassy wall. The pool has a small waterfall on the near side, filling a stream in front of it.
David Allan
2 weeks ago

By the end of this new week, the season of autumn will have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Can't say I embrace the shortening days and colder climes with much enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, a photograph I took of Brasside Pond near Durham in North East England, as summer winds down.
It's location is directly behind HMP Frankland, making it a bit of a hidden gem!

#Durham #England #countryside #pond #landscape #nature #photography

Brasside Pond, near Durham in North East England as viewed through some trees, backlit by the afternoon sunshine in the final days of the season of summer.
I AmAnita
2 weeks ago

I suppose @LakesStiles and @ceadela would have said ‘boo’, chased them off, and continued over the stile. Reader, I turned back… #cows #CowsOfMastodon #countryside #stile

Facing a herd of young grey and cream cattle which is on the other side of a wooden fence that has a stile. Scrubby vegetation in the foreground, green fields, some trees and a low rounded hill in the distance. A fine day with pale blue sky and some grey cloud
History of Art
3 weeks ago

The #landscape #painting "A winter day in the woods of Northern Zealand. A man walking his dog." was created in 1874 by the #Danish painter Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841-1923). North Zealand is a region in #Denmark, in the northeastern part of the island of Zealand. Zealand is home to the capital, Copenhagen, and the city of Roskilde. Small towns and villages occupy the north coast, which is a popular holiday area.

#art #arthistory #Zealand #winter #vintage #countryside

The painting depicts a man walking his dog on a winter evening along a countryside road in the north of the island of Zealand.
4 weeks ago

View east from Scafell Pike
#hiking #lakedistrict #walking #countryside #view

Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

This photo is ten years old. I loved this place, at sunset. Only the peace of the countryside, the sounds of the air, the grass, and the birds. That moment of tranquility, of bidding farewell to the sun before it goes to sleep beneath the horizon. Magical places and moments.

#Photography #Photo #Picture #ThrowbackThursday #Countryside #Sunset #Relax #Peace #Italy

Some grass, a tree with a few leaves, cultivated land. The sun, at sunset, peeking through the branches of the tree, some lights, and some shadows. A serene sunset, of peace, far from the troubles of life and the world.
Stef Robinson
1 month ago

Morning views from Cleedownton, just outside Ludlow in Shropshire. #Ludlow #Shropshire #Landscape #Countryside #RobinsonRoams

Early morning views across crop fields and a line of mature trees to a large silhouette of a hill in the distance. Mixed clouds cover the sky with a yellow tint in the distance on the left as the sun rises behind the clouds breaking up the clouds and letting the light through gaps starting to lighten the hill and fields.
Alexander Hay
1 month ago

And in a similar vein, here are some interviews with #Hungarian herders, and the #Ecological knowledge they have picked up on the way. Features some #Cool #Cattle and #Hats.

#Video #YouTube #Documentary #Ecology #Environment #Folklore #Animals #Europe #Farming #Agriculture #Rural #Countryside

1 month ago

New walk added to website. A short easy walk to Herefordshire Beacon, Clutter's Cave and Hangman Hill. Part of the #MalvernHills in #Herefordshire. Fantastic 360 degree views from the summit. Details at

#walking #countryside #landscapes

If you like the #countryside #nature #hiking #biking etc. This is for you.
The European Freedom that's Illegal in the USA

David Allan
1 month ago

If you live in the North East of England, there is a good chance you'll recognise the promient landmark in this photograph.
Rising in the distance to 1,049ft (320m) is Roseberry Topping.
Often thought of as being the highest point on the North York Moors, but in fact nearby Urra Moor is higher still at 1,490 feet (450 m).

#England #Yorkshire #landscape #countryside #photography

An elevated view from Cockshaw Hill, near Great Ayton in North Yorkshire. Purple heather in the foreground contrasts against the greener palette of the fields and woods below. In the distance, is the prominent local landmark of Roseberry Topping.

Gray Barn

The Gray Barn out on Riggsville Road is iconic to me, as is Riggsville Road.
This structure fits into the surrounding area as well as any other farm house or out building.
The growing season is short and the winters are hard. Most of the summer is spent making sure that the crops are planted, and harvested before the long winter days set in. See the full image here: #GrayBarn #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Barn #CountrySide #Agriculture

Gray Barn

This old gray barn sits out on Riggsville Road between Cheboygan and Pelston Michign. 
The barn sits on a large piece of land. The foreground is a green pasture that wraps around the back side of the barn. The barn sits on a stone foundation. On top of the foundation are the old weathered walls of the barn. On top of the barn is a tin roof common for the area. 
To the right of the barn is another farm building with clapboard siding. 
The sky is partially cloudy.
David Allan
1 month ago

A young River Wear flows through a small gorge near the Weardale market town of Stanhope in Co Durham. Around 40 miles downstream from here, the river meets the North Sea at Roker in Sunderland.

#river #Durham #England #countryside

A stone bridge spans a small gorge in Weardale, Near Stanhope in Co Durham. A young peat-stained River Wear flows past as it heads for around another 40 miles to meet the North Sea at Roker in Sunderland.
Jodsclass 🏴‍☠️☕
2 months ago

Good night from our little corner of #cornwall #lostwithiel #sunset #river #countryside #england

Tim Smalley
2 months ago

Wild Camping has been restored on #Dartmoor after a successful court appeal.

Let's use this as an opportunity to sort out the right to roam across England and Wales. We all need access to nature, and the closer we are to nature, the more we care about it.

#wildcamping #nature #righttoroam #countryside

History of Art
2 months ago

Haymaking at Eragny (1901) by Danish-French #Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro (1830-1903).
In 1884 Pissarro and his family moved to Éragny. This would be his principal place of residence until his death in 1903 and an ideal setting for his paintings of #rural labor and the harvest. His careful arrangement of figures into repeated poses creates a balanced rhythm of line and form across the canvas

#arthistory #impressionism #countryside #France

Impressionist painting by Camille Pissarro depicts village women harvesting.

🙃 Going walking in the #countryside!

3 months ago

📷 When I stayed in a cottage on the grounds of Blickling estate. Birthplace of Anne Boleyn #BliackingHall #Countryside #Uk #AnneBoleyn #photos '#outside #Jacobean

Graveyard next to Blickling Hall.
Blickling Hall with grounds and gardens.
Portrait painting an dold gramophone.
Cottage with garden and gate.
David Allan
4 months ago

Walden Beck pictured dropping over a rocky outcrop to form a small but lovely waterfall, near Leyburn, North Yorkshire.
'West Burton Falls' were sketched by the famous artist JMW Turner, who visited the location in 1816 when he was on a 'grand tour' of Yorkshire.
I've never visited the waterfall after heavy rain, but I believe that when the falls are in full force, visitors can walk behind.

#Yorkshire #England #waterfall #countryside #photography

'West Burton Falls', near Leyburn in North Yorkshire – the waterfalls were once sketched by the famous artist JMW Turner while he was on a 'grand tour' of Yorkshire in 1816.
4 months ago

for no reason, tonight i'm once again thinking about the "russian cyberfarm." i've seen this video so many times & i *still* think it's funny. i was born in the former soviet union, and this is about as accurate a representation as you're gonna get 😂

also, i think anyone with a #farm or #homestead or #offgrid will recognize a lot of the situations portrayed... (eng subs in cc)

#solarpunk #cyberpunk #lols #EasternEurope #farming #rural #countryside