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Liz Cheney doing promo for her new book, “Oath & Honor”, explaining why it was so significant that Trump fired his Defense Secretary (and other senior Defense officials) during the transition period. It was a very real part of the plan to steal the election and launch a coup. #TheBigLie #Coup

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Dear #journalists,

Can you please stop calling what happened on January 6th a "riot"? It was an attempted coup. A #putsch, if you prefer. Or coup d'état if you're high-falutin'.

A riot is #chaos, usually #spontaneous, with no particular end-goal except "show them we're #angry".

The January 6 attempted #coup was organized, from the top down, with the express aim of preventing the #lawful transfer of #power.

It wasn't a goddam #riot.

@dangillmor so they choose #Bootlicking the #Facists in advance in hope they don't get culled in the #Coup...

Categorical Imperative
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#menschenrechte #politik #henrykissinger #usa #vietnam #krieg #humanrights #politics #war #warcrimes #military #coup #easttimor #us #foreignpolicy #usa #crimes against #humanity #vietnamwar

#kissinger verkehrte zwar weiterhin auf hochkarätigen Partys, aber „ #kambodscha , die neutrale Nation, die er heimlich und illegal bombardiert, überfallen, unterminiert und dann den Hunden vorgeworfen hat, versucht immer noch, sich auf sein einziges verbliebenes Bein zu stellen.“

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Quando fomos abduzidos para #sc brusque, os nossos algozes, talvez os mesmos covardes, fdp lá fora agora, pressionaram um membro da #family para nos pressionar a comprar um terreno, no nosso NÃO!

Os algozes mandaram, obrigaram ou fizeram o familiar sentir ou fingir dor de cabeça, pressão alta e até febre.

Quando decidimos pela compra do terreno, todas as doenças passaram, ou talvez pararam de o pressionar, a nos pressionar na comprar o terreno.

Eis que no cartório, observei que o valor acertado foi alterado para mais, disse-lhes: "não foi esse o valor que acertamos."

Os ADVENTISTAS da sétima ganância falaram-nos: "não podemos vender pelo valor que ontem acertamos!?"

Então disse-lhes: "muito obrigado pelo seu tempo", e nos retiramos, na rua a esposa falou-me da rapidez com que disse-lhes: "Adeus!"

Voltando para o bairro do Maluche de Brusque, eu e ela, lembramos e mui, muito falamos da sofrência e das maldades que fomos vítimas quando a diretoria do IPAC era ADVENTISTA, assim aquela atipicidade era normal, mas não era normal, EU NÃO!

Em casa, a desgraça da dor de cabeça e a pressão alta voltaram com força, mas 3 dias depois, numa manhã os ADVENTISTAS nos ligaram e falaram que venderiam o terreno pelo valor que havia sido acertado.

Lá nós fomos ao fórum de Brusque, mas os ADVENTISTAS queriam que pagasse o valor acertado, com um valor muito mais maior no documento, EU NÃO!

Para completar, no Bradesco, um caixa e o gerente exigiu-nos saber o objetivo fim do valor!?

Por fim, no verso do recibo, o fdp do caixa do Bradesco, escreveu de caneta vermelha "Kleber/IPAC"

Este era o nome de um dos ADVENTISTAS da diretoria do ipac.

#Brasil #brazil #law #crime #stj #stf #g1 #cops #nazis #sc #police #fbi #twitter #ia #court #eu #uk #mastodon #humanrights #ai #ia #onu #racism #religion #café #ai #legal #politics #conspiracy #coup #texas #leaks #ethics #unesco #lawyer #justica

NEW: Documents obtained by #lawfare raise questions about the previously unknown involvement of Robert Cheeley—a lawyer who is of Trump’s co-#defendants in the #Fulton County racketeering case—in the Coffee County #Georgia #voting system breach. The GBI failed to seek interviews w/ key witnesses & omitted relevant details in its report.

We have to wonder how many law enforcement agencies throughout the country are compromised by #maga pro-coup wanting to install a dictatorship.

#coup #election #crimes

Paranoid Factoid
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From the advocacy group #ProtectDemocracy, here's Amanda Carter on #MSNBC speaking about three new classes of abusive Henchman #Pardons #Trump engaged with his #PresidentialPardon power.

1. Self-Protective
2. As rewards
3. License political violence

A written report is also available:

#DonaldTrump #GOP #Republicans #insurrection #coup #jan6 #pardon #USA #Politics #USPol

Guatemalan conservative elites continue trying to prevent the inauguration of President-elect Arevalo in January 2024#Guatemala #Right-wingviolence #Coup #Lawfare #Democracy #BernardoArevalo
Guatemalan Congress Withdraws Immunity From 4 Electoral Judges

Trump, on 'Truth' Social, has reposted a call for Capitol Police officers defending the lower west terrace tunnel — where the most intense violence occurred on Jan. 6 — to face charges for using batons to beat back the onslaught.

-Reported by Kyle Cheney
November 30, 2023

#TheBigLie #Coup #insurrection

Could Perry related indictment have been handed up. DC Cir unsealed then re-sealed judge Howell's redacted opinion. Rule 6(e) secrecy often ends with the indictment. Free article. Details of Scott Perry’s role in Trump efforts to stay in power unsealed.

The investigation might connect Perry and Clark could link the Koch funding machine to the attempted coup.

The day after Perry’s told Jeffrey Clark would be installed at DoJ , Trump proposed making Clark the acting attorney general as part of an attempt to steal the 2020 election by telling officials in states that went for President Biden that they could instead send fraudulent electors for Trump to Washington. That plan was thwarted because of pushback from top Justice Department officials, who warned of mass resignations if Clark — previously an obscure environmental attorney — was put in charge.

🧵 2/

Important Read 🎁 🔗

#TheBigLie #coup #insurrection

The Chuck Grassley Plot Thickens: An ABC News Bombshell Report Sheds New Light on the One Coup Plot Trump Believed Could Actually WorkThis was the one—the coup plot Trump seems to have thought was the simplest, the most elegant, and the easiest to accomplish. And we now have all the evidence we need to confirm that he was right. This report builds on the Grassley Plot. Until you understand this plot, you don’t understand January 6.

Mike Pence told special counsel Jack Smith’s team that he tried to get someone else to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election because he did not want to upset Donald Trump, according to ABC News.

Pence, who may be called to testify at Trump’s D.C. election crimes trial scheduled to begin in March, told prosecutors that Trump surrounded himself with “crank” lawyers after his election LOSS that espoused “un-American” legal theories & nearly pushed the country into a “constitutional crisis,” via ABC News.

#Coup #insurrection #steal #election

Autonomie und Solidarität
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There's a party goin' on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your good times, and your laughter too

We gonna celebrate 'Henry's Finally Dead' party with you

#Kissinger #WarCrimes #neoliberalism #authoritarian #Henry #warmonger #Militarism #coup #usa #party #restinpiss

Could there be #consequences? Maybe just a little as a treat?

"Arizona voting officials charged for refusing to certify 2022 election results.
Republican county supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd initially refused to certify their county’s election results." #democracy #AZpol #qanon #coup

Kevin Russell
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In the words of Taylor Swift, I will never, ever ever ever shop or buy anything at Home Depot for the remainder of my life. Ever ever ever.


BREAKING Via Laffy & CREW, Citizens for Ethics:
"HomeDepot donates 1 million to Election Deniers"

"Home Depot’s Billionaire Founder Says He’ll Fund Trump... Even If He’s Convicted"

Cancel Home Depot Into Bankruptcy. Gone.

#cancel #dems #democracy #coup #tyrant #introduction #climate #swift

Another Pennsylvania Jan 6 case with lots of missing docket items and charged in the Art 3 court by information. Because I think Perry is likely to be charged with serious crimes these Pennsylvania cases are particularly interesting. The July criminal complaint remains sealed.

#January6 #coup

Coup plotters phone & social media records sought after the Capitol attack and scheme to stop the certification of our election.
General Strike Now
1 week ago

'Time for a general strike!' It only backfires! Related Stories. Chun Doo Hwan's grandson discharged from hospital after livestreaming drug usage.

Excited by a newly released movie about Chun Doo Hwan’s coup and his declaration of the martial law, an opposition lawmaker raised the possibility of President Yoon Suk Yeol doing the same if his party wins the upcoming parliamentary elections.#KimYong-min #ChunDooHwan #coup #YoonSukYeol #election
Beware of martial law!

We all watched, in horror, live as the attack happened. They continuously tell us not to believe things we saw. I wonder where I've heard that before.

"Republicans like Turner, who betrayed their oath of office and committed sedition, must defend the Jan 6 insurrectionists because they know that they will eventually be implicated because of their complicity. Therefore, the only way that they can be “innocent” is if the Jan 6 insurrectionists are innocent."

The real outrage here is the corporate media giving republicans a platform to gaslight the American public about the insurrection and #Jan6th attack.

#coup #violent #crimes

1 week ago

Buy bikes this holiday shopping season! Not only are they fun and good exercise, but bicycles may be a critical from of transportation as we resist the next attack from the far-right (perhaps triggered by Trump's conviction or election loss in 2024). Our fuel infrastructure is vulnerable to attack -- whether cyberattacks (like the Colonial pipeline in 2021) or physical attacks. This could be especially bad if the far-right gains control of any territory in the US (they already have control of many large companies, and may decide to cut off supplies to some areas). Bicycles and e-bikes would be incredibly valuable to maintain some mobility within our cities. They have even proven to be useful in military operations outside of cities.
#shopping #sales #bikes #politics #usa #coup #antifa

Ecologia Digital
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"At least #Zuckerberg’s anti-democratic measures are expressed as the decrees of a benevolent dictator. #Musk exercises no such restraint. In response to the accusation that the US organised a #coup against Evo Morales in order for Tesla to secure lithium in #Bolivia, Musk tweeted: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” @Rushkoff

Proud Boys seditious conspiracy defendant Zachary Rehl is now serving his prison sentence at federal correctional facility in Petersburg, Virginia

Through February 2034

Zachary will spend the rest of his 30s, all of his 40s and part of his 50s in prison in the service of Donald Trump’s lies. Used and discarded by Trump. Who is the loser now?

#seditiousConspiracy #coup #trumpIsGuilty

❗ UPDATE: House Speaker meets with 5 times indicted criminal defendant Trump, who is currently out on bail bond for 91 felonies.

Nothing to see here, folks.

❗ Confirmed: #MagaMIke, Mike Johnson met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago tonight, per a source familiar with the meeting.

It was during a private fundraiser for #FL GOP Congressman Gus Bilirakis. ❗ The first time the two have met in person since Johnson became speaker.

#TheBigLie #election #fraud #coup

Not A Bird
2 weeks ago

@Free_Press Planning for the next certification. #coup #uspolitics

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Contemporaneously with #Jan6 insurrection in #US, #Myanmar declared ITS Nov 2020 elections invalid in a #coup d'état with military #junta grabbing power.

That junta is now under attack by #insurgent groups, & allied pro-#democracy fighters

The junta handed over 31,000 people to #China as "telecom fraud suspects," including "financiers" and ring-leaders of crime syndicates

Ringleader "Suicide" ➡️

China calls for "Peace" ➡️

2 weeks ago

In their closing, his #lawyers stuck to #arguments which were effective in MN & MI where #courts declined to #remove Tr*mp from the #ballot.
Great details about lead-up to Jan 6. Former Campaign Mngr Parscale, in a message to #campaign adviser Pierson, *night B4* #Jan6: "This is a sitting #President asking for #CivilWar. This week, I feel guilty helping him #win." #Prosecution: "It wasn’t until it was obvious" that his #coup had failed "that he told people to go home.”

Former Campaign Manager to Tr*mp, Brad Parscale's texts are pictured. They were written to current campaign adviser Kathleen Pierson, on the eve of January 6: "This... is a sitting president asking for civil war. This week, I feel guilty for helping him win."

This Colorado decision putting Trump on the ballot despite finding he #incited an #insurrection is a big ol mess, but even in the midst of hard times we can laugh at Kashyap Patel.

#TheBigLie #coup #election #crimes


After the 2024 elections, regardless whether Trump wins or loses, there's gonna be a civil war in America. My bones can already feel it.

...whether he wins or loses...

#Trump #Insurrection
#coup #CivilWar

Additionally, the U.S. intelligence community released a report on Russian interference in the 2020 United States elections. According to the declassified DNI report released on March 16, 2021, there was evidence of broad efforts by Russia to shape the election’s outcome.

The report detailed a massive disinformation push that successfully targeted, and was openly embraced, by Trump’s allies. The Russian government meddled in the 2020 election with an influence campaign “denigrating” President Joe Biden and “supporting” Donald Trump.

The chief U.S. intelligence office concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw sweeping efforts aimed at “denigrating” President Joe Biden’s candidacy ahead of the 2020 election.

The report also mentioned that Russian proxies met with and provided materials to Trump-administration-linked U.S. figures.

#coup #election #crimes #russian #PsyOp #propaganda #warfare

3 weeks ago

New #documentary on #CBC #FifthEstate channel -

Why the #Killer of #Bangladelsh's First President is Free in #Canada

A man convicted in absentia for his role in the #coup & #assassination of most of the first family in Bangladesh, lives in #Toronto now.

#Criminal #Geopolitics #Justice #Legal #CDNpoli #CanPoli #ForeignAffairs #GTA #OnPoli #Crime #DeportThisCriminal #AsianMastodon #TootSEA #Ontario

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago

From Dan Froomkin

"None of our newsroom leaders could possibly have imagined 10 yrs ago that #fascist appeals to #violence & racial hatred would be so common & effective, that the political discourse would be so awash in #misinformation & #disinformation, that #homophobia & #misogyny would make such a dramatic comeback, or that a con man who engineered a failed #coup could be a front-runner for the presidency, posing a dire threat to the country’s future as a democracy."

Text from article:
None of our newsroom leaders could possibly have imagined 10 years ago that fascist appeals to violence and racial hatred would be so common and effective, that the political discourse would be so awash in misinformation and disinformation, that homophobia and misogyny would make such a dramatic comeback, or that a con man who engineered a failed coup could be a front-runner for the presidency, posing a dire threat to the country’s future as a democracy.

But even as the nation faces another potentially cataclysmic election in 2024 — arguably the most perilous in American history — the mainstream news industry continues to engage in the same business-as-usual that got us here in the first place.

Maybe it’s time to change things up?
3 weeks ago

It is astonishing how little people there are that know of the military coup of 2021 in Myanmar.

#myanmar #burma #tootSEA #coup

3 weeks ago

"#SouthSudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit has dismissed the country’s Inspector-General of Police Gen. Majak Akec Balok following rumours of a #coup attempt. The president in his decree read out on the state-owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) on Tuesday did not state any official reason for the decision. However, it comes just days after reports of unrest within the presidential guards..."


Boom. Jen Psaki just nailed it on the head on MSNBC, saying, "We need to spend less time talking about the no-name, now ex-Congressman from New York who never had any real power to begin with. The real scandal is about the man who is currently second in line for the presidency." #MagaMike

Listen to maga insurrectionist rantings and election lies.

This is the House speaker, #magaMike has to go. This type of extremism has no place in public office.

#TheBigLie #insurrection #coup #HillbillyJihad #AmericanTaliban

Fascism is associated with violence because it views violence as a means to achieve its goals. Violence is seen as a primary characteristic of fascism, and every fascist movement in history has lifted itself to power on the scaffold of violence. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is negative. The republican-fascist aka #maga party is very dangerous.


#coup #violence

“Chesebro also disclosed for the first time that he played a role transporting documents signed by Wisconsin Trump electors to Capitol Hill as part of a Trump campaign plan to present Vice President Mike Pence with competing slates of electors.”

NYT obtains a "missing link in the public record": Trump-tied lawyer Ken Chesebro's December 6 memorandum.

Indictment described 12/6 Memo as having "marked a sharp departure" in larger conspiracy.

In the article it describes 'creating a fake controversy' essentially to hurt Biden.
Isn't that exactly the same thing Comer and other Repubs in the House are doing right now with the Hunter Biden 'controversy' as they plan to 'impeach Biden' with no evidence?

Kenneth Chesebro is no cooperator.

Washington Post now has more details of his proffer with Georgia prosecutors.

Lots in here that appears deceitful and not owning responsibility for what he and others did.

#Chesebro #coup #fraudulent #electors #fakeelectors

edgeoforever 🍎
3 weeks ago

A ripped-up note could give Jack Smith what he needs to prove Trump's Jan. 6 intent - Raw Story #uspol #tfg #J6 #coup

EXCLUSIVE: ABC News has obtained video from Georgia prosecutors' interview with ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, in which Ellis tells them she was personally informed by a top Trump adviser that Trump was "not going to leave" the White House — despite losing the 2020 election.

Note that this conversation allegedly occurred on Dec. 19 — after the safe harbor deadline to resolve intrastate election disputes and certify their results (Dec. 8) and the date that electors had met to cast their votes (Dec. 14). They knew it was over, they just didn’t care.

#coup #SeditiousConspiracy #fascism

@makkhorn All of a sudden, #Tubervilles Garlanding of #DOD appointments makes sense. Keep the positions open for #trump loyalists. They know the only reason their last #coup failed was because they couldn’t control the military.

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 weeks ago

Even by Trump’s extreme standards, the former president is now mining darker territory — with overtones of some of the ugliest episodes in recent world history. #TrumpFascist #TrumpHitler #TrumpTraitor #donaldtrump #TrumpRapist #TrumpLies #Russia #TrumpRacist #TrumpLoser #Fascism #BunkerBoy #terrorism #Coup #ArrestTrumpNow #RussianAsset

How Trump’s rhetoric compares to Hitler’s GIFT LINK 13-NOV-2024

Chris Merle
3 weeks ago

The second coup attempt is underway.

Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab

#Axios #HerrDrumpf #IDidNaziThatComing #Coup #Trump #Jan6

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 weeks ago

Can likely be readily applied to DeSantis or Haley if need be. If they don't succeed in 2024 there's zero reason why they won't keep trying until they do.

"Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab"

"Hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents."

#GOP #Trump #coup #Oracle #AI

Philip Cardella
3 weeks ago

There was this thing in the #dungeonsanddragons movie that allowed you to ask dead people a few questions.

I want to ask John Armor Bingham, author of the Fourteenth Amendment and prosecutor of the Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson, if he thought a former president who tried to #coup his way back into office should be allowed to RUN for office again.

Or if someone who literally invaded the US Capitol should be allowed to run for office.

#USPol #Politics #Trump

4 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 10, 1898: White supremacists launched a coup d’etat in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 is the only instance of a municipal government being overthrown in U.S. history. The local white press declared it a race riot, caused by blacks, but it was actually a coup by members of the state's Democratic party, who conspired and led a mob of 2,000 white men to overthrow the legitimately elected biracial government. They deported opposition black and white political leaders from the city and may have killed over 300 people. They destroyed black property and businesses, including the only black newspaper in the city. And they got away with it, too. Charles Aycock, one of the main organizers, went on to become governor of North Carolina. Rebecca Felton, a feminist who supported equal pay for women and the lynching of black residents, went on to become the nation’s first female senator. Numerous other coup leaders and supporters went on to hold state and federal offices.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #WhiteSupremacy #racism #insurrection #racism #massacre #NorthCarolina #coup #journalism #FreeSpeech #BlackMastadon #blm

Mob posing by the ruins of The Daily Record. By Unknownderivative work: MagentaGreen - This file was derived from: Wilmington vigilantes.tif:, Public Domain,

So, Trump knew he lost the election.

NY AG shows a document the trump restored himself as a trustee.

#TheBigLie #coup #conspiracy

Pence will have the last laugh (figuratively speaking) when he is called as a prosecution witness to testify against Trump at his DC trial, about Trump's illegal pressure campaign attempting to get Pence to go along with his (Trump's) criminal scheme.

Defendant Donald Trump was indicted in connection with the January 6, 2021 attack. Charges include:
- Conspiracy to defraud the United States
- Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding
- Obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding
- Conspiracy against rights

These charges are part of a total of 91 charges across four criminal cases, including 44 federal charges and 47 state charges, all of them felonies. The most severe federal counts are those related to obstruction, which is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment.

#coup #conspiracy #defraud

Janice Selbie
1 month ago

ATTN: #USA Trump's Niece Says Her Uncle Is 'Actively Engineering A #coup Through Johnson As #housespeaker 'Everything Will Have Been Rigged In Advance' - Benzinga


Meadows granted immunity by special counsel to testify in the federal election subversion probe. He has met with federal prosecutors multiple times in the investigation of the efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Registering to Vote in Different States: There were allegations of Meadows registering to vote in different states at the same time.

Congressional Subpoena and Contempt of Congress: Meadows faced a congressional subpoena to testify about Jan 6th and was held in contempt of congress for refusing to do so.

Violation of Federal Laws: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis contended that Meadows repeatedly violated federal laws prohibiting political activity by federal government officials when he convened meetings, arranged calls, and participated in efforts to STEAL the Georgia 2020 presidential election.

He is a witness or coconspirator to many crimes!

The funniest part of Meadows flipping on Trump is him admitting his book was garbage.


1 month ago

#Ellis agreed to be sentenced to 5yrs #probation, pay $5k in #restitution & perform 100hrs of #CommunityService. She has already written an #apology letter to the #citizens of GA, & she agreed to cooperate fully w/ prosecutors as the case progresses.

#Trump #Georgia #law #criminal #RICO #conspiracy #coup

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

The EU has adopted a framework to impose sanctions on the leaders of the military #coup in #Niger. The EU's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said the move sent a clear message that there were consequences for those who carried out coups. The European Union has already suspended security cooperation and financial support for Niger since the military takeover in July. The ousted president, Mohamed Bazoum, and his family are being held under house arrest.

Corrupt Bill Barr reached out to get Powell iot get her onto Flynn's case, and solicited that letter as a mechanism to give him cover to wade in and sabotage the plea/cooperation agreement..

The letter may be asked as part of the federal/D.C. case, since the reason Flynn’s charges were dropped and he was pardoned likely has to do with his post-election activities.

#flynn #fraud #lied #seditiousConspiracy #insurrection #coup

Mike Flynn, former National Security Advisor and self-admitted liar, resigned after 24 days on the job. The pardon? Barr’s daily busy work

“DOJ has (quietly) used the reality of Sullivan’s carefully crafted opinion to dismiss Barr’s corrupt attempt to reverse the prosecution and Flynn’s fantasies of innocence.

It’s a rare DOJ rebuke of DOJ.”

Where’s the long-lost DOJ OPR report on all this?

"To win this case, Flynn has to show that an FBI agent did mean things to him. But the FBI agent on the case when he was charged was Barnett, not Strzok."

#coup #insurrection #seditiousConspiracy #sedition #TheBigLie

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

"Brazil congressional probe calls for Bolsonaro to face criminal charges"

"A Brazil congressional probe into the Jan. 8 insurrection by thousands of Jair Bolsonaro's supporters on Wednesday recommended that the far-right former president and some of his closest allies be charged with an attempted coup d'état and other crimes."

#Brazil #Bolsonaro #coup

Brazil's Bolsonaro

Jim Jordan is an insurrectionist, election denier, extremist.

Jim Jordan betrayed America with his actions surrounding Jan. 6. Now he wants to be House Speaker

#coup #insurrection #betrayal #molestation #sexabuse

2 months ago

1973: #Chile

"When Chile elected #socialist #SalvadorAllende as president in 1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon originally wanted to block him from taking office, or else mount a #coup soon after Allende became president. On Nixon’s orders, the #CIA began supporting different Chilean groups plotting to overthrow the new socialist president. In 1973, military leader #AugustoPinochet staged a coup that ousted Allende. Pinochet assumed his #dictatorship the following year, ruling as Chile’s president until 1990.

"Whether the CIA was directly involved in #Pinochet’s coup is still contested. However, the agency’s support of earlier coup plots contributed to political instability that Pinochet took advantage of to seize power. In a transcribed phone conversation between #Nixon and National Security Advisor #HenryKissinger about Pinochet’s coup, Kissinger complained that the U.S. media wasn’t celebrating the coup, complaining that 'in the Eisenhower period, we would be heroes.'

"'Well, we didn't—as you know—our hand doesn't show on this one,' Nixon responded. Kissinger clarified, 'I mean we helped them…created the conditions as great as possible.'"

#HumanRights#Covert #SouthAmerica #RedScare#Corporatism#Corporatocracy#Corruption#Capitalism#Colonialism

2 months ago

1963: #SouthVietnam

"The #PentagonPapers, chock full of damning revelations about America’s war in #Vietnam, caused a sensation when The New York Times published them in 1971. One revelation was that the CIA had funded and encouraged the 1963 #coup against, and #assassination of, the president of South Vietnam, #NgoDinhDiem.

"By 1963, the United States had sent thousands of U.S. soldiers to Vietnam to fight the northern communist government led by President #HoChiMinh. The U.S. initially supported Diem because he was fighting the north. However, Diem’s persecution of Buddhists made him an unpopular ruler, leading the Kennedy administration to doubt Diem’s ability to win the war. The coup and Diem’s assassination took place in early November 1963, just a few weeks before Kennedy’s assassination."

#Asia #HumanRights#Covert#Colonialism #RedScare

2 months ago

1954: #Guatemala

"In 1954, the #CIA orchestrated another coup of a democratically elected leader: Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz. The CIA #coup, code-named Operation PBSuccess, replaced the president with military dictator Carlos Castillo Armas in the name of stopping the spread of communism. However, the CIA’s main motivation for ousting Árbenz was the fear that his land reforms would threaten the interests of the American-owned #UnitedFruitCompany, which owned 42 percent of the nation’s land and paid no taxes.
High-ranking officials in the Eisenhower administration had close ties to the company: Secretary of State John Foster Dulles had worked for United Fruit’s U.S. law firm, and his brother, CIA director Allen Dulles, sat on its board. The CIA continued toppling Latin American governments; in the first year of the Kennedy administration, it backed an assassination in the Dominican Republic and, under Lyndon B. Johnson, it executed a 1964 coup in Brazil."


2 months ago

Well, well, well... It's about time the truth was revealed! Yes, the situation in Iran was indeed because of US interference. Not the first time (and probably won't be the last). Somewhere there's a list of all the dirty deeds [allegedly] done by the US and CIA. I'll have to dig that up...

#CIA publicly acknowledges 1953 #coup it backed in #Iran was undemocratic as it revisits ‘Argo’ rescue

Updated 6:06 AM EDT, October 12, 2023

"DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — While revealing new details about one of the most famed CIA operations of all times — the spiriting out of six American diplomats who escaped the 1979 U.S. Embassy seizure in Iran — the intelligence agency for the first time has acknowledged something else as well.

"The CIA now officially describes the 1953 coup it backed in Iran that overthrew its prime minister and cemented the rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as #undemocratic.

"Other American officials have made similar remarks in the past, but the CIA’s acknowledgment in a podcast about the agency’s history comes as much of its official history of the coup remains classified 70 years after the putsch. That complicates the public’s understanding of an event that still resonates, as tensions remain high between #Tehran and Washington over the Islamic Republic’s rapidly advancing nuclear program, its aiding of militia groups across the #Mideast and as it cracks down on dissent."

Full article:

#HumanRights #MiddleEast #US #Iran

John Refior
2 months ago

"While revealing new details about one of the most famed CIA operations of all times—the spiriting out of six American diplomats who escaped the 1979 US Embassy seizure in Iran—the CIA for the first time has acknowledged something else as well.

"The CIA now officially describes the 1953 coup it backed in Iran that overthrew its prime minister and cemented the rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as undemocratic."

#Iran #coup #ushistory


The #J6 #Coup continues...

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#BBCNews - #Niger #coup : #Macron says #France to withdraw troops and ambassador

For a reminder of how it started and what is at stake, check out #TheGlobalJigsaw Niger special:
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Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

The #Congo-Brazzaville government has denied reports of a #coup attempt against President Denis #Nguesso , who has been in power for 39 years.
It follows unconfirmed social media reports that the military was trying to oust the 79-year old leader, who is currently in New York for the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

Legal Update: Taken together, the filings are an extraordinary assessment by prosecutors that a former US president poses a unique danger to the justice system, spreading "knowing lies" in ways that stoke threats and actual violence — but continuing to do so anyway

Report: Prosecutors secretly warned a federal judge in April 2023 that if Donald learned of the search warrant for his Twitter account, his public disclosure could "precipitate violence."

"The former President presents a significant risk of tampering with evidence."

Jack Smith argued in April that Donald's "obstructive efforts continue unabated" related to the investigation of his efforts to subvert the 2020 election.

Jack Smith's warning that Donald presents an ongoing threat to obstruct and tamper with witnesses was a key reason Judge Beryl Howell rejected Twitter's bid to disclose the warrant to the criminal defendant and ultimately held Twitter in contempt for dragging it's feet.

#coup republicans do fraud.

3. A very large portion of my party,” he told me one day, “really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.” We were a few months removed from an attempted #coup instigated by Republican leaders.

A life long republican admits what we see with our eye, what we lived through... a coup directed by the criminal defendant.

Romney is informed of a conversation with a high-ranking Pentagon official. Law enforcement has been tracking online chatter among right-wing extremists who appear to be planning something bad on the day of Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Washington, D.C. donald has been telling them the election was stolen; now they’re coming to steal it back. There’s talk of gun smuggling, of bombs and arson, of targeting the traitors in Congress who are responsible for this travesty.

Republicans tried to overthrow the government, ambushed the Capitol Police, members of Congress and staff and launched the violent attack.

Presenting the fascist republicans.

They are fully revealed.

Tucker Teague
3 months ago

The forgotten 9/11? Many still remember, but most Americans have probably never heard of it.

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Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - #Gabon #coup will not end rule by #Bongo clan - presidential source

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - #Gabon #coup : Military chief says suspension of democracy only 'temporary'

Vittoria Pirone 🇪🇺
3 months ago

A profile of General Brice Oligui Nguema, the man named to lead #Gabon after #coup

Nguema was known to be extremely close to the elder Bongo, serving him from 2005 until his death in a Barcelona hospital.

But Nguema was sidelined in 2009 after #AliBongo was elected to succeed his father, beginning a 10-year stint as a military attaché at Gabon's embassies in Morocco and Senegal.