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Thank you for posting this. I love it.

I've always thought that the people who can deal with reality are the outliers, who are used to not fitting in and "hear a different drummer". It means we have learned strategies to cope without surrendering our integrity and purpose.

A beautiful and thoughtful piece.

This is my favourite, so eloquent part:

"The people who are shouting “Fire!” are the damaged ones, the castoffs and the rejects, the traumatized ones, the weird ones, and the folks who are too dumb to know that you’re only supposed to be smart enough to get invited to the right schools and the right cocktail parties, but not any smarter than that.

The ones who won’t go along to get along.


Incandescent rage and experiencing constant moral injury has an upside- it can provide the fuel for us to keep going and strengthen our conviction, as it has in the past.

#covid #sarscov2 #zerocovid #covidcautious

Radical Communal Care
2 days ago

An open call for submissions!
We are compiling a zine/collection of works of art.
Working title: "Testimonials of the collectively abandoned"
Our main theme is the isolation that comes from being #CovidAware and #CovidCautious in a world that has decided to abandon anyone who does not consent to infection.
We need our voices heard. We want to hear your voices and experiences.
The impact of neoliberal, hyper-individualistic thinking when "designing" "public health" policies is not abstract. It has very real impact on our lives, and we believe it needs to be documented.

We invite you to share your short stories/anecdotes soundscapes, paintings etc about the topic.
Anonymous or pseudonymous contributions are welcome. you can add a link/information on how to support your work, as well as how you want your work to be credited/attributed, or if you want it to be CC0 for example.
Send submissions to:
lettertoourcomrades [at] proton [.] me

Our values: #AntiFascist #AntiAbleist #AntiEugenic #Intersectional #anticapitalist

I can not convey clearly just how hard it is for those of us who are truly hardcore #CovidCautious to coexist on this planet with people we care about.

Instead of arguing, bringing up the non safe things they are all excited about doing, just swallowing it and nodding. And that takes a hit on #MentalHealth and #Flareups /#Crashing w/ #LongCovid for the next day or two, curled up in a ball because you don't want to be that screaming wet blanket.

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUP #Covid

Eric's Risk Assessment
5 days ago

@GeorgiaOnMyMind It was my real time musings about risk management while being #COVIDcautious

Glad it was helpful.

It got way more attention that I expected, even without @lisamelton boosting it!

Jonathan Kamens
2 weeks ago

A relative mocks me at Thanksgiving about being #CovidCautious: "I actually did the math. You're 100,000 times more likely to be injured riding a #motorcycle than to get #LongCOVID."
In fact, <1% of riders are injured each year, including the majority of accidents which involve drunk driving or unsafe speeds, neither of which I do.
In contrast, >6% (at least) and growing of the US population has Long #COVID.
But sure, she "did the math." #smdh

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Any time my work sends out an all staff email announcing that someone at the height of their career is abruptly quitting to "spend time on other pursuits" or some other vague future plans, I can't help but wonder if that person has #LongCovid. Of course, I fully support people making career changes, pursuing passion projects, or seeking work that involves a slower pace of life. But it's also very odd that it's happening now, when inflation is so punishing that these kinds of career shifts feel so risky, and it's weird that it's something so many people seem to be doing in such a short amount of time.

What I'm saying is, #CovidIsNotOver. It's still disabling and killing people, and the best way to protect yourself and those around you is to #MaskUp with at least a KF94, KN95, or N95, whichever fits you the best.

#covid #covid19 #pandemic #WearAMask #CovidCautious

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 weeks ago

I know the #holidays can be difficult for #CovidCautious folks, whether we're declining invitations to unmasked parties, showing up at events as the only person bothering to #MaskUp, hearing about how everyone's lives have gone back to normal and seem to be moving forward while ours are still stalled, getting holiday newsletters detailing our relatives' and friends' accomplishments while we feel inadequate.

I want to remind you all that you are the #FinalGirl. You survived this year, and that's enough. That's more than enough, that's awesome! You're holding on to the truth that #covid is still a #pandemic when the world has bought into the delusion that a deadly and disabling virus is no longer a problem. You're protecting yourself and those who are vulnerable. You're creating a new, kinder, more compassionate world.

You're more badass than all of those fuckers!

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Similarly, today who are still #CovidCautious are often framed as weak. We're told we're "living in fear," we have " #covid anxiety," or that we're "missing out on life" when we #MaskUp and avoid gatherings and crowds. We're dismissed as unnecessarily fearful. But here's the thing: we're the #survivors. We're the #FinalGirl. We're the ones who see the threat for what it is and are acting appropriately while everyone else is still to distracted by the party to notice the lurking monsters. We're the ones who will be left standing, not because we're bigger or stronger but because we notice things that others don't. We will get through this because the values we're cultivating—kindness, compassion, collectivism, anti-consumerism—are counter to everything that got our world into its current mess.

We're the fucking badasses.

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I've recently become enthralled by Maximus Graves's #webcomic #WhatHappensNext Will Shock You: .

To me, it feels like an example of #art indirectly grappling with the #covid19 #pandemic. The main character's isolation and stagnation resonate with my experience of still being #CovidCautious. I don't know the artist's stance on #covid, but the first comic was posted in 2021 when some people still took it seriously.

The #comic also deals with #RestorativeJustice, #PunativeJustice, #transphobia, #incarceration and more themes in the story of a young trans man recently released from a psych ward after being convicted as a murder accomplice in his teens. Denied a meaningful way to re-enter society and trapped by #trauma, he becomes aimless and depressed. It's dark, but it's also punchy, unabashedly #queer, emotionally honest, and deeply compassionate.

I don't know that I've ever read a story quite like this and wanted to share it!

grateful wolf
3 weeks ago

What leads people to take action on disease prevention? (longitudinal study) - Medical Xpress #CovidCautious #covid #FaceMasks #HandSanitation

grateful wolf
3 weeks ago

@Anneheathen @Barros_heritage this just in… longitudinal study : “What leads people to take action on disease prevention?” - Medical Xpress #CovidCautious

Jeff Forcier
3 weeks ago

Wondering how next year's job hunt is going to go, considering being #CovidCautious often gets you looked at like you've got two heads 😞

3 weeks ago

@elana Where I live people are and have been constanly hearing it is just a cold for most. Washing hands is enough.
Media, government officials, doctors keep telling that, so neighbours, friends, family, keep repeating that.

People tend to believe the authorities. They think that someone with authority would tell them if there would be any serious risks. And they look around, what are others doing.
So the rare informed individual that is #COVIDcautious - like me - is being seen as a nut.

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
4 weeks ago

Now, in #covid, I'm left trying to piece together some sort of new self but I don't know who that is or if I want it when I'm still so attached to that former aspirational self.

There's comfort in that at least I'm not as nihilistic as the people pretending it's 2019. I've heard #CovidCautious people say there's hope when we #MaskUp to protect each other. I like to think that by mitigating #covid19, maybe I kept someone else from getting sick. Maybe by my masking, someone's grandfather didn't get covid and die or maybe someone's kid didn't get covid and avoided #LongCovid, even if I'll never know and never meet those people. That matters.

But who are we going to be after this limbo finally breaks and the consequences of unchecked spread catch up to us in disease and death? What kind of world will we live in? Will I ever get to be the self that I want? What kind of hollowed out, traumatized person will I be? What kind of hope, if any, is there in that?

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
4 weeks ago

Something I've noticed when I think back on pre-pandemic socializing is that so much of it for me wasn't necessarily about who I was and who I was with but if I felt like who I was with and what I was doing could turn me into the sort of person I wanted to be. There was something aspirational about it. There was no direct satisfaction in it, more like the promise of a future satisfaction that I was stepping toward. I never quite reached it.

One of the losses of the on-going #pandemic has been not having that feeling of possibility, that sense of becoming the kind of person that I dreamed I could be. I feel like I have no future—that I'm perpetually stuck in a present in which I've forgotten how to dream because it hurts too much. I'm not just #mourning who I was before #covid but who I could have been and who I wanted to be.

#covid19 #yearning #longing #grief #self #ego #aspirations #CovidCautious #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #WearAMask #DisenfranchisedGrief #Loss #MentalHealth

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
4 weeks ago

Happy Friday all! Any good parties this wkend?

I plan to be dancing - but as you can see, my bare N99s aren’t serving quite the right vibe. So I’ve been investigating mask bling options…

If - like me (& Taylor Lorenz!) - you’d like to be covid-safe AND sparkly, these might be up your alley too 👇

(to be worn over an N95, obv) ❤️😷✨


@novid #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne #N95 #CovidCautious #MaskUp #Pandemic #Coronavirus #Party #Dancing #Christmas #Festive #Glitter #Sparkle #FridayFeeling

A woman wearing a strappy dress, faux pearl necklace and N99 mask under purple UV style light
A selection of ~sequined~ face masks in various colours
A glamorous model with long blonde hair wearing a ~diamanté~ white mesh mask
Jonathan Kamens
1 month ago

Hello #Philadelphia natives! I am attending a work meeting in #Philly next week, and I've been tasked with finding a mid-range, quirky venue for a team dinner (~12 people). Requirements:
* Outdoor space with heaters (we have #CovidCautious people we want to accommodate)
* Both food and (alcoholic) drink
* Options for vegetarians
* Near the Liberty Bell (our meeting site is near there) if possible
Any recommendations?
Please boost! Thanks. :boostRequest:

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 month ago

I've been thinking about this since hearing about an acquaintance from a #CovidCautious friend. This acquaintance was someone I met during the #pandemic and then lost touch with, in part because this person took a #VaxxAndRelax approach to #covid19 while I stayed cautious. When I met this person, they seemed very radical and disillusioned with the current state of #USpolitics. However, from what I've heard from my covid cautious friend, this person is now more of a mainstream #neoliberal and thinks the current system is mostly fine and just needs some small tweaks around the edges. The recognition of the need for real, systemic, fundamental change is gone. The #solidarity is gone. It's gone because for people pretending the #pandemic is over, they can also pretend that the rest of our economic, social, and political systems are mostly okay. Denying #covid means denying other injustices, like the need for #DisabilityJustice and #WorkersRights.

1 month ago

Just noting that I've been reading a conversation here between two #COVIDCautious folks I follow, who aren't completely seeing eye to eye. But they're remaining respectful and friendly, there's no sign of a war about to break out, and, yeah, I love this place. :)

TraceyThekla 🎨
1 month ago

#Artshow! My work and the work of many of the Ice House resident artists will be displayed in this upcoming show! The opening is this Friday, November 3rd, 5-8pm, with show open until November 24th. 138 artists, 100% of sales go to artists.

I will be masked and just outside front door (glass front building), so if you are #Covidcautious you are welcome also. I will go inside a bit with my elastomeric respirator, and other masked people can do so too.

#art #Petaluma #sonomacountyart #marincountyart #rolandelli #northbayart

You are invited to the first (hopefully not last) ICEHOUSE OPEN! November 3rd-24th. Opening Friday November 3rd 5-8pm. 138 works by 138 artists exhibited! Artists keep 100%of sales. Be there or be square! Digital Grange/Icehouse Gallery 405 East D street, studio B, Petaluma, California. (707)-778-2238
View of inside of art gallery, many colorful pieces of art hung on walls in Victorian layered style. White walls, stone floor.
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 month ago

One of the gifts of the #pandemic is a chance to reflect on my friendship patterns. The trouble is, the reflection doesn't seem to lead to actually breaking patterns, at least not for me. So I find myself yet again in a situation where I feel stuck giving to someone who (through no fault of their own) isn't in a place to give back, at least not in the ways that I need. And I'm tired of replaying this pattern with people. But I still haven't learned how to set boundaries with people in a way that respects my own needs, acknowledges their needs, and also preserves the sort of larger social relations in which we both exist.

This feels especially tricky to do while being #CovidCautious, since we're such a small community, so it feels like any offense could have huge repercussions. It's hard not to have a scarcity mindset when scarcity is the reality.

#Friendships #Friendship #MentalHealth #Boundaries #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver

Ed Suominen
1 month ago

5/ …which leads me to connect some dots we’ve all been seeing over here in the #CovidCautious camp of loners and weirdos. Those dots are ugly red pustules of neglect and gaslighting and denial and a President who went from looking down at his shoes in front of a bunch of little white flags to gleefully walking around maskless and turning the #CDC into a propaganda arm of the donor class.

The dots are ugly but the stick figure monster I’m about to draw you by connecting them is even uglier…

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 month ago

If you're a leader or a prominent member of an #LGBTQ group, even if it's just a social group, instead of telling me I'm "valid," tell me what you're doing to make sure that people like me--people who didn't come out until they were older, people who don't have many relationship and dating experiences that are considered #queer, people who are #questioning their sexuality--feel welcome and included in your spaces. How are you addressing #biphobia in your spaces? How are you addressing the continuing #covid19 #pandemic in your spaces, especially considering that #bisexuals are one of the demographics at a higher risk of #LongCovid?

#bisexual #bisexuality #Covid #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask #MaskUp #CovidCautious

Chelle (she/her)
2 months ago

Question for people who enjoy travel.

Between food allergies, a dog, and covid... Airbnbs were kind of an answer to my deep wishes for travel.

That whole industry is like... awful, and I know this. BUT, what other options exist? I like to get away, taking a road trip to some little house to book for a few weeks has become my lifeline. How can I do that and avoid AirBnB?

Long term hotels don't seem to offer ovens, and it's a hotel, I like renting a house.

#Travel #CovidCautious #Airbnb

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 months ago

An update: I got #Novavax this time, in part because I've heard it has fewer side effects compared to the mRNA #vaccines. I've had both #Pfizer and #Moderna, and both made me very fatigued with muscle aches and pains. It's certainly better than dying of #covid19, but I wondered how I'd do with Novavax. So far, no muscle aches and pains! But I'm still very fatigued. Or maybe I'm just tired anyway, and I'm only noticing it now and giving myself time to rest because I have the #vaccine as an excuse?

In any case, I thought I'd share my experience in case it helps someone. Reminder to get your #covid vaccine, whether #mRNA or Novavax, if you haven't and continue to #MaskUp because #CovidIsNotOver! The vaccine can help save your life and keep you out of the hospital, but unfortunately the vaccines we have now don't prevent transmission or long covid.

Any anti-vaxxers responding to this post will be blocked.

#pandemic #WearAMask #CovidCautious

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 months ago

Just got the latest #covid #vaccine! I was the only one masked at the grocery store, with the exception of a woman wearing an elastomeric with a giant skull sticker on it, and I think I'm in love with her now. Also, she will very much need it because everyone there was coughing. (I'm hoping my well-fitting N95, Stoggles, and iota carageenan nasal spray will be enough to keep me safe.)

#MaskUp #Covid19 #CovidCautious #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask #Novavax

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

We could also discuss the suffering of immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable extroverts who are still shielding due to govt & public failure to adopt v basic #PublicHealth measures.

But no, let's just keep on framing lukewarm libertarianism as leftism & rebutting alleged calls for lockdown that literally no-one is making. Yeesh

@novid #Covid #CovidConscious #CovidCautious #Flu #Novid #Pandemic #MaskUp #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Some v online ppl on the other app (not Xitter) are accusing covid conscious people of all just being 'introverts' 🙄

I can think of few things more tedious than introvert/extrovert discourse, but ftr:

This is an extrovert. On her way to socialise. ✌️

@novid #Covid #CovidConscious #CovidCautious #Flu #Novid #PublicHealth #MaskUp #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne

Person riding a train, wearing baseball cap, CAN99 mask, blue denim overshirt and grey VOKRA t-shirt.

#CovidCautious folks, I understand that using CO2 monitors to assess environment safety is a thing. I also remember that there are some "gold standard" monitors people like to use, but I don't know where to look to find that out. Can y'all help? (If there are also good "budget option" ones too that'd be cool to know too)

2 months ago

Got me some Pfizer in my arm this morning. Really hoping my body responds in its historically boring sore-arm+a-little-tired way & that's that. #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne Now back to helping organize small memorial for friend who died a couple of days ago. Doing my best to steer it into #CovidCautious - will be 20 people & many are high risk, including his widow. But has to be indoors at home bec weather. Will be proposing Much Swiss Cheese; wish me luck in the (outdoor) planning meeting!

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 months ago

Since several people liked my post above #AskingForAdvice about the #Novavax versus #mRNA #covid19 #vaccines, I thought I'd share this article from Science magazine that I found on the subject:

It sounds like overall more research is needed, like so many other things related to #covid. But I appreciate folks weighing in with their knowledge of the #vaccine options and #ImmuneResponse!

And ultimately, we're still in a #pandemic. #CovidIsNotOver, and the best thing we can all do to protect each other and ourselves is to #MaskUp and get the latest vaccine, whether it's Novavax, #Pfizer or #Moderna.

If other folks who are #CovidCautious or #ZeroCovid or know about #Immunology or #epidemiology want to weigh in, please do! I've boosted several responses from folks giving more info, some in favor of mRNA vaccines and some in favor Novavax.

Antivaxxers and covid deniers will still be blocked.

#WearAMask #CovidCareful

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 months ago

#CovidCautious folks, a question about the new #covid19 #vaccines came up in my local group and I was hoping folks here could weigh in. Is it better to get the #Novavax or #mRNA vaccine for #covid, especially in terms of preventing infection and transmission?

For a long time in #StillCoviding circles, I was hearing that Novavax seemed to give broader immunity to a wider range of variants. But more recently, I've heard that Novavax doesn't illicit as strong a T-cell response as the mRNA vaccines. This claim seems counter to what I'd heard previously, and I'm hoping those who know more than I do can weigh in.

Regardless, I realize that getting any #vaccine is better than not getting vaccinated. And I know that #CovidIsNotOver and will #WearAMask because that's the only reliable way we can prevent infection and transmission.

Antivaxxers and covid deniers/minimizers who respond will be blocked.

#pandemic #ImmuneResponse #AskingForAdvice #Pfizer #Moderna #MaskUp #Immunology

2 months ago

Anyone in #LittleRock interested in #CovidCautious socializing and making new friends?

Jeff Forcier
2 months ago

If you work at a company which has fully-remote employees, just how "full" is the "fully remote”?

I.e., are folks still required to show up in person for interviews and/or periodic onsite/offsite gatherings? [poll] #CovidCautious #COVID #COVID19

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
2 months ago The outcomes for aging adults have kept me quite #CovidCautious. Sorry that you were hit hard.
Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Getting vaxed is an act of care for everyone around us, and should not be restricted to certain groups. Vaxing a fraction of the population makes no sense from a #PublicHealth perspective - only an electoral one.

Reminder: there is no shortage of #covid #vaccines here. The govt just does not want to spend the £10pp it costs to vax all of us.

tl;dr: Go get that vax! 💉

@novid #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #CovidCautious #CovidVaccine #PublicHealth #Vaccine #Vaccinated #VaccinesSaveLives

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
2 months ago

Hopefully, this will put to rest some of the discourse of internalized #sanism / #madphobia among those in the #LongCovid & #CovidCautious communities:

U.S. spike in accidental deaths, between 2019 and 2020, at least, was largely due to a one third increase in deaths by poisonings and exposure to noxious substances.

The sort of thing one might expect for a population that has suddenly lost their ability to smell—thus accurately taste—environmental & food-borne hazards.

Jeff Forcier
2 months ago

In the proud tradition of dropping bad news on Friday, I reckon it's time to stop pussyfooting around and come clean:

Yup, I'm unemployed now. 😵

To my former employer's credit, I got a very generous severance deal & won't need to immediately seek re-employment 😮‍💨

I'll still be keeping my nose in the air (so, SO many questions about how this works as a #CovidCautious person tho…😵‍💫) but medium term will be trying to decompress & reorient myself 🤞

Will also be keeping the OSS lights on ✨

World Wide Mask Map
3 months ago

USian followers: Mark your calendars for Sept 25, and make sure to get your tests!

Sign Up (also on our Linktree):

We know 4 tests per household is a shamefully low allotment, but everyone should still get theirs. It proves we still care that covid remains a concern and a threat and that we demand more and better official support and protection to survive it.

Even if you can afford to purchase tests yourself, you can share them to larger families and households, as well as give them to free pantries or directly to your unhoused neighbors.

And remember to check ALL rapid tests you acquire against the FDA extended shelf life list! Don't risk throwing away unexpired kits!

And remember to check ALL rapid tests you acquire against the FDA extended shelf life list! (Also on our Linktree for easy locating.)

Don't risk throwing away unexpired kits!

Check yours here:

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
#CovidCautious #CovidConscious
#MutualAid #HarmReduction
#WeKeepUsSafe #BringBackMasks
#MappingMasking #CovidTests

Screenshot from linked site. Text reads: COVID-19 Tests. Beginning September 25, every U.S. household can again place an order to receive four more free COVID-19 rapid tests delivered directly to their home. Before You Throw Out "Expired" Tests: Check to see if your COVID-19 tests' expiration dates have been extended. [Link]
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 months ago

Is anyone else who's #CovidCautious noticing the quality of #Lucira #covid19 tests seems to be...lacking? I assume their results still very accurate, but anytime I take one, it almost always gives the "inconclusive" result, so I have to take another one, and I end up having to wait over an hour to figure out if it's safe for me to see high risk friends or not while also more quickly using up my dwindling supply.

I'm also noticing that many boxes seem to have pieces missing, usually the nasal swabs, so I end up using a swab from some rapid antigen tests that are about to expire, and I'm not sure if that impacts the quality of the result or not.

Is this happening because the only Lucira tests left are close to their expiration dates? Is it because they're likely from when Lucira was going bankrupt? Has anyone else noticed this? And does anyone know if Pfizer has any plans to make these tests available again in the future?

#covid #pandemic #CovidIsNotOver #CovidTests

#COVIDcautious in #yeg … I’m afraid I can’t share an update, because the data in the wastewater tracker is now 11 days out of date. Who knows what’s been happening, but since we’ve returned to school with *no* precautions in place, I’m sure it’s not good.

The same wastewater chart for Edmonton, I’ve been posting for a week and a half, general upswing mid Aug, last data point Sep 5, crickets since.
Ed Suominen
3 months ago

Fellow #CovidCautious who have known from the beginning that #Covid is not something you want to get if you can help it: Did you have a last moment of normalcy that you remember, when you looked around and thought, “It’s not going to be the same here soon, and these people don’t realize it?”

For me, it was when I was pushing two loaded grocery carts through the checkout in March 2020. Cases hadn’t yet shown up in my area. Haven’t breathed unfiltered indoor air in any public space since then.

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 months ago

#ImNotSayingImOldBut I casually mentioned $6 happy hour specials to someone I know who's Gen Z (and like me is #CovidCautious), and they looked shocked.

"You remember, before the pandemic," I said.

They shook their head and said, "I turned 21 after the pandemic started. I've never been to a happy hour."

After a bit of an awkward pause, they asked, "Was it nice, being able to go out for drinks for cheap without worrying about covid?"

I replied, "Yeah, it was nice. Things weren't perfect and a lot of the problems we have now were festering, but in the moment, it was nice."


Enia Titova
3 months ago

Mine are (all #COVIDcautious ):

1. Little Original Joe's: for pizza and salad, or roast chicken and the spicy rigatoni. New Yorker approved (sidewalk tables but no service).

2. Dumpling Specialist: in a neighborhood stuffed with dumpling spots, this one is the best. also their lunch special plates are awesome (McCoppin Square across the street has plenty of tables and benches).

3. Calibur: burger spot with really excellent smash burgers and fries. In-N-Out who? (parklet and sidewalk tables).

Coffee: not a lot of great coffee spots here, so we usually go to Andytown. (the one at 40th and Taraval has comfy benches outside.)

Bar: this is cheating since we also often eat there, but Underdogs Too at the beach is awesome. They have a huge parklet and big picnic tables, dogs are welcome, and they even have TVs outside if you want to watch sportsball. both their brunch and regular menus are awesome.

#sfba #theavenues #outersunset #parkside #westportal #sfneighborhoodguide

@phpledge @josh

Every time I look up some conferences and events, there's a very high possibility that that conference doesn't even have a rigorous #mask policy.

Which isn't very inclusive. You exclude the #immunocompromised, folks who are #CovidCautious, #carers and #LongCovid sufferers.

So when I see some of the leaders of our organisations attending these conferences I feel a rising sense of disappointment.

3 months ago

@thomasfuchs This week, the ~1% of us who say we are #CovidCautious, and wear N95 type masks, saw notices to submit comments for upcoming CDC meetings on vaccine eligibility, and wastewater monitoring. Quite a few did comment. There is a loosely organized community here. An Arthur Ashe quote goes - start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
I wonder if we could use active listening to learn what the 99% are actually thinking.
I do wonder. That data could help. text limit.

The Honest Hermit
3 months ago

Any other Covid-Conscious people out there getting REALLY TIRED of feeling like the only one working on this particular group project?!?

#CovidIsNotOver #COVID #LongCovid #COVID19 #COVIDcautious #wakemeupwhenseptemberends

Ed Suominen
3 months ago

#NoToBrainInfections tag is an attempt to get some people thinking about a critically important and yet criminally neglected and ignored public health catastrophe with whatever undamaged neurons they’ve got left. You can read about it in academic papers that never get discussed fairly or fully outside a very narrow group of #CovidCautious people. And you can learn about it, tragically, from hundreds of stories by people with #LongCovid if you care to listen.

I have.

Geoff Berner
3 months ago

You should shop at Massey Books in Vancouver. They're Indigenous-owned, and COVID SAFE!!! Masks required! Great ventilation! Let's reward these folks for being ethical. Also, the selection is incredible. #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #WearAMask #COVIDcautious #vancouver #books #bookstodon

I'll update my original toot in a moment with this sale too but: Northern safety has Kimberly/Jackson Safety duckbill n95s on sale for 5 cents each (in bags of 50)!

Should note the nature of their straps makes them more of a one time use than Blox or Gerson duckbills (which I personally can reuse a few times but ymmv) but still a good deal!

#covid #covid19 #COVIDcautious #covidconscious #covidaware #stillCOVIDing #zerocovid #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #maskup #MasksWork #WearAMask

I'm seeing a huge amount of apathy, frustration, giving up, etc etc from #CovidCautious out there.

I get it. I really do. I have moments.

But right now...

We're having a surge! (Big surprise, huh?) but they're actually talking about wearing @Masks on MSM. Some employers are mandating them. (I know, about time)

BUT consider this...

There are people scared of #Covid / #LongCovid AND scared of Masking.

Offer your help without doing *Kermit flailing arms gif*.


Jonathan Kamens
4 months ago

@dave @AvengingFemme As pissed off as I am about how our society and governments have responded to COVID (which will be entirely obvious if you glance at my timeline), I don't wish illness on even the shitty people perpetrating all that, and I think it's in rather bad taste to do so.
I hope that those of us being #CovidCautious are doing it not only to protect ourselves, but also because we care about protecting others. Wishing illness on people is obviously inconsistent with that.

Jonathan Kamens
4 months ago

I'm in a group of COVID-cautious #Boston area folks who organize COVID-safe outings to private theater showings. Everyone who attends is fully vaccinated and symptom-free, takes a rapid test beforehand, and wears a good mask for the entire movie. If you're interested, go to and click "Join group". We're currently organizing a Barbie outing; if you'd like to participate, see "COVID-safe Barbie showing" once you've joined the group.
@universalhub #CovidCautious #movies

This is such a neat set of resources for newbie Mastodon users like myself, and for #COVIDcautious #covidconscious #covidaware users migrating from the social network formerly known as Twitter, thanks @zeroes!

Ed Suominen
4 months ago

Dr. Bob Wachter was infamous on Twitter for his elaborate calculations of risk, and then after he rolled the dice too many times, he got #Covid. When there’s twice as much virus out there, the opportunities to avoid it get cut in half. You get another round in the chamber of your #LongCovid Russian-roulette revolver. One trip to the drugstore gives you the same risk as two trips last month.

And this time around, we the #CovidCautious are doing this alone while the world sickens itself again. //

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
5 months ago

I'm thinking about how the #UPS #Teamsters #union contract ends on August 1, and if the company continues to refuse to fairly pay its workers, there may be a strike.

I'm pre-emptively stocking up on #covid19 mitigation measures that I order online, like #N95 masks, #ElastomericRespirator filters, and #RapidTests. A lot of the companies I order from ship via UPS, and I want to try to be prepared both to protect myself from #covid and to support the strike in case future orders are delayed. (Plus the US is at the uptick of a new covid wave, so I'm going to need more masks!)

If you're #CovidCautious and are able to afford stocking up on extra mitigations now, I'd suggest you do the same. And email UPS and tell them to bargain fairly and pay their workers!

The #pandemic and #WorkersRights are both issues of #solidarity. Whether the issue is covid, #EconomicJustice, or #ClimateChange, the only solution is for us to come together collectively to support each other.

Jennifer Moore 😷
5 months ago

It doesn't matter if you're in my geographical area, because people know people. If it takes the orchestra being slightly famous worldwide in order to eventually reach the person just down the road, I'll go with that :-)

(Maybe knowing about it might even inspire other music-organisers around the world to start similar things! I'm up for talking with anyone who has similar ideas.)

#CovidIsntOver #CovidCautious #CovidIsAirborne #LongCovid #ChronicIllness #Masks4All #disability #music

Covid-careful music plans - Please spread the word :-)

Plus the silhouette of a violin.