17 hours ago

@Geoffberner @MatWright
“Wear masks while you’re sick” isn’t even part of BC health messaging

They expect you to share hospital rooms with covid patients, so why ask sick people to mask in public?


Dennis Fischman`
19 hours ago

RT @wonderartsy: So far three staff are sniffling constantly this morning, and yet I'm still the Lone Masker. I haven't even suffered from allergies since I started wearing N95 masks. Join us in masking again, you'll love fewer illnesses and no allergies! #CovidIsntOver #MaskUp

1 day ago

I feel this sm. I went through a lot with my DSA local trying to make it more COVID safe before finally noping out earlier this year

#stillCOVIDing #CovidIsntOver #covid

tweet from chronicallybeee:
"disabled people: we are still dying, can you please just wear a mask to the grocery store and doctor’s offices so we can live
conservatives: no, die or stay inside all day, no one cares
leftists: no 🏳️‍🌈✨"
zeitverschreib :mastodon:
1 day ago

Ich warte gerade auf die ersten Symptome bzw den zweiten Streifen auf dem Test.

Wahrscheinlich habe ich Glück gehabt und mich nicht bei der Liebsten angesteckt, aber die Ungewissheit ist echt nervig, zumal ich natürlich auch mein Umfeld nicht gefährden will.


1 day ago

This is a collection of my top recommendations regarding #Covid, based on a great deal of reading, research, and testing I've done in order to protect my #Immunocompromised family.

High-performance respirators ranked & sorted by size

More effective rapid test swab procedure

Low-risk, OTC meds to reduce symptoms & Long Covid risk

#Covid19 #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsntOver #WearAMask #WearARespirator

zeitverschreib :mastodon:
1 day ago

So, der Impfstatus der Verehrten Mutter ist wieder up to date. Sie konnte heute direkt genadelt werden.

Eine Sorge weniger.


zeitverschreib :mastodon:
2 days ago

Die Verehrte Mutter gerade am Telefon: sie bräuchte keinen Booster, sie wäre schon 4x geimpft.

Hab sie erstmal aufgeklärt, dass das neue Stöffchen durchaus angebracht wäre.

Meine Liebste ist nämlich gerade zweistrichig, ich rechne in den nächsten Tagen mit Symptomen.


pam lach (she/her)
2 days ago

Today is the first day folks in the U.S. can order free Covid tests from the federal government. If only they aren’t limiting it to 4 tests per household

detached spork
2 days ago

I was at a lovely festival this weekend but being virtually the only person in a mask is always a bit stressful. Not as stressful as becoming more disabled by another infection, but still it's really isolating.
Anyway, check out Octocon's beautiful 2023 Covid Policy
#COVID19 #covidisntover

3 days ago

Reposted from @matrixmarxist on the bird site:

Forced to go to large social functions without COVID-19 mitigations? Would you like to be able to drop a link after to let people anonymously report positive tests for a given event?

If 100 people sign up, I'll build it.

Sign up here:


Denis - The COVID info guy -
4 days ago

By Scott Squires @scott_squires

COVID is airborne. The person you chatted with could have COVID and not know it. You may spread it to others before you know you have it.

#WearAMask #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsIAirborne #StopLongCovid #BringBackMasks #KeepMasksInHealthcare #DoNoHarm

Twitter/X source:

Somersetlass 🇺🇦💙
4 days ago

Well, who'd have thought it? But it's just a cold, isn't it? 🙄

And in today's other breaking news: Scientists reveal that water is wet.

#CovidIsntOver #WearAMask #LongCovid

5 days ago

Oh,and a booster update: The worst symptom I had this time was the killer COVID headache (at least for me, it just feels different from a regular headache), very painful arm and less than 3 hours of sleep but no dangerous fever and stabbing pain like I had with the first one. I was all Pfizer and this latest booster was Moderna.
#covid #CovidIsntOver

6 days ago

Went with the twofer (flu and COVID shots) again this year. #twoferthursday #flushot #covidvaccine #CovidIsntOver

Two red Walgreens bandages on my arm after getting my flu and updated COVID shots.
6 days ago

Good morning,lovely people! I had my COVID booster yesterday and little sleep last night. I will try to go walkies and do laundry in case it gets worse later on.
#today #CovidIsntOver

Kristin ( Admin)
1 week ago

Had to send a difficult email, just now.

I have to back out of the Noe Valley Art Festival, because there is a Covid case in my home. I'm still testing negative, but I can't really take the chance that I could infect anyone else.

I hope that there is another artist who can step in and take my place.

My heart is broken. I was really looking forward to this festival, and have been working on so many new drawings.

Oh well.

#covidisntover #art

Sue Sullivan
1 week ago

@PacificNic DH worked from home for 3 years and 3 months until his company president mandated return to office for all. It took four weeks for him to catch COVID, and 2.5 weeks before he tested negative and four weeks before he had the stamina to commute to the office and work a full day. I wish he felt like he wasn't too old to be employable elsewhere, and I dread how the next infection might go for him. #CovidIsntOver

1 week ago

Thank you so much!

I think I’m good enough today, to sit up my desk and create the @accordionnoir radio show for remote upload and broadcast

#CovidIsntOver edition!

It will be up on by tomorrow if all goes well

A three row button accordion instrument of a flaming heart.  Below it is the URL
1 week ago

Apropos #covidisntover

Gerade erfahren, dass im Bekanntenkreis ein Kleinkind Diabetes hat.

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit für Typ 1 Diabetes ist durch eine C19-Infektion deutlich erhöht.

Ich weiß nicht, ob das hier der Fall ist, aber das Risiko ist allgemein nicht wirklich bekannt.

Und Diabetes wiederum erhöht diverse Krankheitsrisiken von Herz bis Depression.

1 week ago

I'm getting my flu and COVID boosters today.

#covidisntover is the hashtag, and it’s true and false. No #covid isn’t gone, but thanks to vaccines and other treatments, the cases that we’re seeing now aren’t nearly as bad.

At its peak, the hospitals were packed with the dying, but now people are sick but surviving, generally without long-term consequences.

It turns out that #vaccines work. Yes, we should still mask and socially distance, but we shouldn’t be in a blind panic. Things have changed for the better.

Jennifer Hamilton, MD PhD
1 week ago

Then sweetie made same-day appointment at pharmacy #4, a different chain. Used their website to sign up for covid, flu, RSV shots. Got there and was told they didn't actually have the jabs on stock.

4 mis-communicating pharmacies, 3 hours wasted, 1 livid patient, and no immunizations received.


Christoph Becker
1 week ago

"Universities are communities of learning dedicated to research and committed to equity. They must ensure their approach to COVID is inclusive, particularly with infection rates already surging in many countries, and starting to rise again in Canada. As centres that foster critical thinking, universities should be at the forefront of developing inclusive ways to protect their communities." Hey @uoft this excellent article could be about you #Covid #CovidIsntOver #UofT

Kim Crawley
2 weeks ago

Please everyone, sign and send! We're at over 90,000 people and we're aiming for 100,000. #covidisntover #KeepMasksInHealthcare

Mandate Respirator Protection In Your Healthcare Facility (International Action) - Action Network

> Dear Friends, I wrote a letter to "Mandate Respirator Protection In Your Healthcare Facility (International Action)." Can you join me and write a letter? Click here: Thanks!

Picture of N95 respirator. Do No Harm, Keep Masks in Healthcare
Gigi 🥚
2 weeks ago

Yeah, this would definitely have been prettier with them doing it rather than me.

Oh well.


Gigi 🥚
2 weeks ago

Apparently they will give me a box!

Also, correction: some of the waitstaff is masked.


A selection of tiny sandwiches in a cardboard takeout box.
Gigi 🥚
2 weeks ago

Can I stick these in my purse to eat outside, or would that be rude?

Literally the only person masked here. N100, baby.


Assortment of little sandwiches at a luncheon that I am clearly not eating until dinner.
Somersetlass 🇺🇦💙
2 weeks ago

Waiting at the GP to have my flu jab and #Covid booster, and in the long queues which snake their way around the reception area I can see only 4 other people in masks 🤦‍♀️ At least all the doors and windows are wide open 🙄

Me, wearing a colourful mask, on a much sunnier day than today.
Violet Blue
2 weeks ago

New roundup:

- CDC: 54% of hospitalized kids have no underlying health problems
- UK: 2.6M out of work from long-term sickness
- Novavax: FDA approval in “days not weeks”
- Long C19 sufferers self-experimenting w/nicotine patches
- CDC meeting slides reveal high US prevalence of long C19
- Actor Will Keenan attacked, blinded for masking

#Covid #CovidIsntOver #MaskUp #Novavax #Moderna #Pfizer #LongCovid #Diabetes #CovidInquiry #HanSoHee #Eris #Pirola #variants #PHAC #CDC

2 weeks ago

Got my COVID and flu shots scheduled!
(please don't fuck me up like the first one, please don't fuck me up like the first one, please don't fuck me up like the first one)

2 weeks ago

No one in the cardiology clinic this morning was wearing a mask! #CovidIsntOver

Porquerias | 1312 🏴🌵G@K
2 weeks ago

Warning: Twitter link

This person who seems to have a lot more people on their side than I do is going up against the #antimask #COVIDdenial #eugenicist policies of Commerce Bank and I really hope they can successfully sue the place for #discrimination and make an example of them so that places like the shitty credit union that discriminated against me and gaslighted me about it will be put on notice. #CovidIsntOver and #Covidinfection is no joke. Being forced to remove your mask, no matter if it's "momentarily", is a risk that nobody should have to take.

2 weeks ago

God damnit, leave it to me to catch the 'rona on a camping trip 🫠. Absolutely wrecked.


Nadia Aubin-Horth
2 weeks ago

I wore my N95 mask while giving my 3-hour class this morning. As I do when I go the to the grocery store, the gas station, the shopping mall, the cinema, on the plane, train, bus, taxi... #MaskUp #CovidIsntOver

2 weeks ago

What's the point of having a #covid task force of you're not going to listen to the Covid task force?! Physical health and mental health should never be pinned against each other. We can't enable schools in their inaction by placating. We need to speak out and act to keep our children safe. Until schools respond, it isnt safe in schools. If you're school is ignoring your kids health #homeschool #virtualschool #CovidIsntOver

#CleanTheAir #CleanAirIsAHumanRight

World Wide Mask Map
2 weeks ago

One of our team members just enrolled in this to test out the system. Their tests shipped in under 3 hours and arrived the next day. 🤯 [head exploding emoji]

🧐 Please note:
[focused monacle face emoji]

The signup has a few nosy questions, which are mandatory. One was about whether you identify as a marginalized gender. Another asked whether you have avoided healthcare recently and why. Incredibly "covid" wasn't an option? Nevermind "covid exposure risk in unmasked healthcare settings." Okay! 🫠 [melting face emoji]

We presume from the phrasing that these are for demographic research purposes.

🤩 One nice thing:
[starry eyed emoji]

You do NOT need to use the provided tests to access telehealth support or antivirals, so no need to save them for a special occasion.

You can use ANY FDA-approved covid test and still qualify for all features of the program, running thru April 2024.

It seems like a solid program, though of course we can't attest yet to the experience of seeking telehealth support or how easy they actually make getting the antivirals.

(Have to say, hoping we can avoid learning that one from direct experience.)

Enrollment and more info here.

#CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne
#BringBackMasks #MutualAid #MappingMasking #TestToTreat

Screenshot from Next to stock photos showing a diverse array of people doing various activities, text reads: WHEN YOU SIGN UP, YOU GET: Free COVID-19 tests if you need them, Access to COVID-19 telehealth visits with a healthcare provider, COVID-19 medication* delivered to your home or pharmacy. In the white space to the right and left, has been photoshopped in.
Screenshot of 2 answers from the Test2Treat FAQ page tiled together. Text reads: Do I have to use an eMed® Test to Treat Kit to participate in the program? No, you do not. You can use any FDA- authorized COVID-19 test. The eMed® Test to Treat Kits are offered by the program for your convenience. How long will I have access to these services? Once you register, you will have access to telemedicine through April 2024. You can keep your COVID-19 tests if you don't use all of them.
3 weeks ago

One thing that never stops baffling me, now that the policy with masks in #Japan is basically YOLO, is people who still wear a mask under their nose... Why?
But let's be positive, in the supermarket I'm currently in, mask wearing is about 80% (near 100% for women, 60% for men - is mask wearing gendered too in other countries?)
Glad to see that despite the govt efforts at covidiocy, most people understand that #CovidIsntOver


3 weeks ago

Cute post from Alice Wong:

"The other day I saw someone post an awesome graphic for their front door and I made my own version. Feel free to use and share!"

#COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsntOver #COVID19 #MaskUp #WearAMask

Black graphic against a white background showing a cat wearing a face mask. Text reads, "THIS IS A HIGH-RISK MOJO DOJO CASA FELINE HOUSEHOLD. Please wear a mask. Or wait at the door and ask for a N95 mask."
Violet Blue
3 weeks ago


-FDA: updated vax “not intended for everyone”
-Whoopi Goldberg on 3rd infection
-CDC: long covid in 38+ million US adults
-CVS ends Medicaid Paxlovid
-Biden mocks masking, US ER visits at winter levels
-Large, bad Biobot correction
-How to support friends w/long covid
-Resources galore!

Link, never paywalled:

#MaskUp #Covid #LongCovid #Biden #Paxlovid #Booster #Novavax #WhoopiGoldberg #CovidIsntOver #CDC #Pirola #LongCovidKids #Metallica #JamesHetfield #USOpen

3 weeks ago

Oh jeesh, deadline is today (9-7) on the CDC allowing public comment on wastewater collection. You can tell them we need wastewater collection expanded so we can better keep track of COVID:
#CovidIsntOver #covid19 #wastewater #tracking

Well, crud

Japan set to no longer provide covid vaccines for free as of April 2024
For those 65 and over and other high-risk people, vaccines will only be available annually in fall/winter, and the cost will be partially covered

Those 65 and under and deemed to be "low-risk," however, will have to pay entirely out of pocket as the vaccine will now be considered optional


#covid #CovidIsntOver #JapanNews #CovidJapan

コロナワクチン、国費での無料接種終了へ 65歳未満は原則自己負担

3 weeks ago

Long COVID is debilitating children. Doctors worry there aren’t enough centers to treat them
Story by Elizabeth Hlavinka, August 29, 2023

"When 11-year-old Jack Coviello contracted COVID-19 in January 2022, his worst symptom was a sore throat that kept him out of school for a week. A couple of days later, graver symptoms started to appear: gastrointestinal issues, tachycardia, panic attacks, and extreme fatigue that kept him sleeping 20 hours a day.

"It would be a full month of running tests in which doctors continued to say Jack was 'fine,' until his pediatrician diagnosed him with post-COVID syndrome, also known as long COVID, and referred him to a specialized clinic, said his mother, Kelli Coviello, who is a principal's assistant at an elementary school in Massachusetts.

"'It's been a challenge of them not really, truly understanding,' Coviello told Salon in a phone interview. "They think it's just school avoidance, and he doesn't want to come in or maybe it's just anxiety, and all this other stuff. … But he's an 11-year-old boy, who is looking at you saying, 'Am I dying? What's happening to me?'"

"Jack is one of thousands of children that has been diagnosed with long COVID. Last month, the National Institutes of Health updated its considerations for long COVID to say the burden of the condition in children "may be quite large." Studies estimating its prevalence in pediatric populations are limited and conflicting, estimating up to 25% of children infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus could go on to develop long COVID, though it's more likely between 2% and 10%. Older children with existing chronic diseases or who had a more severe COVID-19 infection have an increased risk.

"As COVID cases rise again and new variants emerge, coupled with school starting up again, previous waves indicate that long COVID cases could spike along with hospitalizations and deaths. Though kids generally have milder infections, they aren't always spared from the worst outcomes of infection.

"However, evidence suggests long COVID is underestimated in adults, and the same is likely true for children. Plus, some providers still don't know much about long COVID, which may delay diagnoses, said Dr. Alexandra Yonts, a pediatric infectious disease physician at the Pediatric Post-COVID program at Children's National Hospital.

"'I've heard from a lot of our families that they had to go to multiple different doctors to even find someone that believed what their child was experiencing was true,' Yonts told Salon in a phone interview."

Read more:

#LongCovid #MedicalGaslighting #Covid #LongHaul #Covid19 #CovidIsntOver

Violet Blue
3 weeks ago

New roundup:

Scientology fights "right to repair" while Russia hijacks UN cybercrime treaty, a privacy research paper on the visually impaired, thoughts (and details) on Jill Biden's 2nd covid infection while the White House insists "we're in a better place," and more.

#cybersecurity #cybercrime #infosec #covid #covidisntover #maskup #firstlady #biden #jillbiden #scientology #righttorepair #mastercard #trickbot #privacy

Photo of a very round chonky orange cat on a skateboard wearing cat sized wraparound sunglasses. The image is emblazoned with the logo "Cyberpunk 2077."
3 weeks ago

A new Nature study out yesterday on viral persistence and how it wreaks havoc on the immune system:

#CovidIsntOver #LongCOVID #LongCovidKids #covid19 #MaskUp

Screenshot from study linked to in main post
Jennifer Moore
3 weeks ago

I'm nicknaming it "Upside-down world": the weird extent these days of covid misinformation & denial, such that it isn't even worth putting effort in to not catch it.

One of the good things about being on here: the connection with "Right-way-up world". Helpful to my mental health!

Solidarity with everyone who is at least _trying_ not to catch covid & pass it on, even if for some of us it's difficult to avoid in practice.


Fred :oldstyle:
4 weeks ago

Well…shit…our guitar player’s got COVID. Be careful out there.

4 weeks ago

Secret Pandemic? Even More People Could Have Long COVID Than Doctors Think, Study Finds

by Richard Burkard, August 29, 2023

"As coronavirus shows signs of expanding across the U.S., is learning about new research indicating long COVID may affect more people than first thought.

A Northwestern University study suggests at least 4 million U.S. residents of people have symptoms of COVID-19 even if they were never diagnosed with the virus.

The journal Neurology, Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation notes the study sample is small, with 29 patients. But it shows similar symptoms among people with a “post-viral syndrome” and people diagnosed with “long COVID.”

The researchers defined long COVID as a person with symptoms lasting longer than six weeks. The Centers for Disease Control estimates 19% of U.S. adults who developed the virus fit that title.

The study shows 41% of people with the post-viral syndrome had been exposed to coronavirus. But they don’t have the virus now, so they’re not allowed to enter 70% of all long COVID clinics."

#LongCovid #Covid #Covid19 #Pandemic #CovidIsntOver

Violet Blue
4 weeks ago


–Covid is causing severe allergies to hair dye
–Study: the less time you’re exposed, the lower your chances of infection
–US rise continues; Hawai’i leads in hospitalizations
–CDC compares (still evolving) BA.2.86/Pirola to Omicron
–Indoor Air Quality now regulated in Ireland
–Masks back after outbreak at Warner Bros./Discovery


#CovidIsntOver #MaskUp #Covid #LongCovid #Hawaii #Discovery #Ireland #IAQ #Omicron #Pirola #KeepMasksInHealthcare #MasksInHealthcare

Porquerias | 1312 🏴🌵G@K
1 month ago

This is a redacted version of the letter I got from the credit union. They actually think that they can lie to my face and tell me that they "apply this policy equally" when they NEVER ONCE asked me to remove my mask before, or gave me ANY INDICATION WHATSOEVER OF A POLICY CHANGE.

They are claiming that since the TSA does it, it must not be dangerous. These assholes don't seem to realize that the TSA is endangering people and causing more #LongCOVID #Disability cases every day by forcing people to doff their mask to be identified.

I want these gaslighting pricks to have to experience what living with Long COVID is like, since they believe that forcing people to unmask "should not create excessive risk".

The fucked up thing is if they had written emails about this change they made, or just let us know in any way that there was a conscious choice being made to expose people to COVID in order to appease their bullshit feelings, I would maybe have just accepted it. It's the gaslighting, and the claim that there is no risk, the denial that they changed anything in the first place, when I opened my account while masked, that really gets to me.

I am hoping that #lawstodon or #Legalstodon or #mastodonlawyers or someone who knows about #discrimination #law will help me with this. It's really about the principle of the thing. There were hundreds of legal cases where people were funded with all the Koch oil money on Earth to do their anti-mask "medical exemption" BS. So if they can claim a medical exemption to having to wear a mask, how can I not claim a medical exemption that allows me to #maskup and protect myself? The math isn't mathing.

#COVID19 #discrimination #immunocompromised #maskup #LongCOVID #CovidIsntOver

A screenshot of text- 
August 23, 2023

Re: REDACTED Credit Union Branch Safety Measures Dear REDACTED

| am responding to your recent inquiry about certain safety measures that REDACTED adopted for our branches. Like most financial institutions, REDACTED asks that members not wear sunglasses, hoods, masks, or other apparel that hides a substantial portion of the member’s face. For members wearing protective nose/mouth masks, we ask that the member briefly lower the mask so that our security cameras are able to show the entire face of each person in the branch. This is generally recognized as a helpful and effective tool to reduce the risk of robbery and to assist authorities in their investigations if there is a robbery. We take these measures for the protection of our employees and our members. We understand you may have some concern about this requirement for health reasons. We believe that briefly lowering the mask (for only a few seconds) should not create any excessive risk; it does not require anyone to breathe in air without the mask. In addition, we have a variety of ways to serve any member who does not wish to come into the branch and lower their mask. These include drive-up services, virtual teller services, ATMs, online and mobile services, among others. If those services are not appropriate for any particular type of transaction, we can discuss other alternatives for that transaction.
This is a duplicate screenshot of the same text posted because the first one ran into alt text character limit. The text continues:

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. But we have taken these steps for the protection and security of all members. We apply our policies equally across all members, and we work hard to make all services available equally (and safely) for all members. We appreciate your understanding and your trust in_Credit Union.

Sincerely, REDACTED SVP/Chief Operations Officer
Cathy YesCT
1 month ago

"Who Benefits When Guidelines Are Being Weakened?

Several speakers observed that requiring only the bare minimum of protections allowed employers to avoid protecting their employees in order to cut costs. Others noted it also protects employers from OSHA fines or liability suits from staff sickened at work."

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsntOver

1 month ago

Dr. Scott Gottlieb spent the entire pandemic on CNBC going, nah, its fine, we can all go back to work. So now he tells "Face the Nation" that he's "pretty concerned" about the new #COVID19 variant BA 2.8 and it could be more transmissible. You might want to pay attention to this one and #MaskUp get ya booster cause #CovidIsntOver #covid #LongCovid

Andrew Eisenberg
1 month ago

On the tail-end of my first bout with COVID. Overall, I was lucky. Symptoms were mild and are totally gone now. I'm still testing positive, isolating, and just getting bored. There's only so much bad netflix I can watch.

#covid #COVID19 #CovidIsntOver

Ewan Donnachie
1 month ago

On the ICE train from Hamburg to Munich. From all the coughing, it seems that the "Autumn" installment of Corona and co. is already upon us.

Of course, no-one is wearing a mask (not even those coughing their viruses everywhere).

#CovidIsntOver #COVID19 #Health

"The latest wastewater data from the US released Thursday show that over the past eight weeks, the level of viral transmission has increased by 227 percent nationally, or more than tripling. At present, an estimated nearly 610,000 Americans are being infected each day, and 6 million are currently sick with COVID-19, near the peak levels reached during the Delta wave in 2021.


Current COVID19 stats
Aure Free Press
1 month ago

We made it this far, please take precautions if needed!

All signs point to a late summer COVID wave
#News #covid19 #covid #BreakingNews #Breaking #CovidIsntOver #AureFreePress

Bear That Codes
1 month ago

Another day, another #covid headline on the Wales Online homepage - you’d think the pandemic wasn’t over…. #MaskUp #covidisntover

Mandy Watson
1 month ago

Day 3 of enforced #covid bedrest. Slightly better, in that aches, shivers have gone and sore throat and headache have improved. BUT still exhausted, breathless, coughing, no appetite, no sense of smell and everything tastes weird. Also pulled ribs hurt and my usual #ankylosingspondylitis problems of hip/back/neck pain have worsened. It's NOT just a cold or #coldvid. #maskup #coviduk #covidisntover

1 month ago

Happy to see about 10% of students and parents still masking on the first day of school. Would be happier if it was 90%, but at least the ones who do didn't feel like total loners this morning. 😮‍💨🙏 #SoCal #CovidIsntOver

2 months ago

Urgh I just declined to go to the speakers reception at DevRelCon. I hate missing out because it might be valuable for connections and also fun, but a bowling alley in Shoreditch with loads of people plus dinner does not feel safe at all these days. And I can't face the idea of masking an entire evening in that environment. I really wish everyone was being more careful most of the time so all of us could still enjoy things.

Probably better anyway. I'll likely need to seriously recharge after a day of traveling, and my talk is at noon on the first day of the conf. It's just a bummer is all.

If anyone coming to DevRelCon wants to meet up safely with me on one of the other days, ping me.

#DevRelCon #CovidIsntOver #MaskUp