3 weeks ago

#print of a yellow-crowned night #heron catching a #crayfish it's tossed into the air. I see them hunting crayfish along the river every summer, it's fun to watch them.

#wildlifeart #linocut #printmaking

Two prints in blue of a night heron throwing a crayfish into the air before eating it.
Mojo ♻️
3 weeks ago

An Aboriginal "totem" lost to a generation is making a comeback in #southaustralia River Murray region after the release of dozens of Murray #crayfish into the river for the first time in 40 years.

Bryan Wright
2 months ago

From a walk by a creek yesterday:

* Many empty shells on the bank and in the water. The herons have been busy!

* Crayfish mounds everywhere.

* Lots of summer snowflakes (Leucojum aestivum).

#nature #water #crayfish #flowers

Small white bivalve shell, opened up and cleaned out, lying concave side up on the ground. A litter of leaves, stems, and stream stones surrounds it.
A volcano-shaped mound of mud, rising from a muddy plain.  Its crater is filled with water.
A tussock of grass-like leaves with tall-stemmed nodding white flowers. The flowers are bell-shaped. Surrounding it is a landscape of tall grass and small trees casting motley shade.
Mike Meadows
2 months ago

I’ve known that “#mudbugs” live around Olney, Illinois since discovering what the “#crawdad castles” were shortly after moving here, but I’d never seen the Olney version. This one, that made the unfortunate decision to leave its castle, likely got into a tussle with the cats and lost. But check out those chelipeds! #mudbug #crawfish #crayfish #Decapoda

Closeup of the claws of the crawdad we found in the backyard today.
The crawdad next to a permanent marker for scale.
Larena Woodmore
2 months ago

Crayfish! Over the past couple of weeks it's been very exciting to learn that our Giant Freshwater Crayfish (Astacopsis gouldi) weren't all washed away in last year's floods. They've just been hiding.

Check out the colours on this smallish one we found today.

#Tasmania #Crayfish #Astacopsis #Invertebrate #Freshwater #EndangeredSpecies #Nature

Photo of a crayfish in a creek, taken from the side, sitting on the side of a small floating wooden plank.

It's eating the wood, so the head isn't visible. One claw can be seen held out in front, and has raised lumps along the underside. Its legs are out to the side, resting on the wood, and it's tail is wrapped underneath making it look like a lasge shrimp.

The entire cray looks like it has been glazed like a piece of pottery in shades of turquoise, yellow and orange.
Larena Woodmore
2 months ago

Crayfish are hard to capture on trailcams because they don't set off the motion sensors so we set up a one-minute timelapse & it was more successful than expected.

Yay, the big crays weren't all washed away in the floods! They move very slowly, like big lumbering tractors, so a photo every minute is plenty.

Here's four shots from the last 24 hours, including a green rosella that chose that spot for a swim. All are the same scale, but cropped to make it easier to find the critter.

#TrailCam #Crayfish #Freshwater #Nature #Biodiversity #Parrot #Tasmania #Invertebrates

Night-vision photo of Astacopsis gouldi, the world's biggest freshwater invertebrate, sitting on a rock in a creek. It's facing the camera with its claws resting in front of it.

Between the claws, on the rock, is the skull of a pademelon. For scale, this skull is 8cm long and 5cm wide. This cray is about 20 years old and is not full-sized yet.
Trailcam photo of some rocks in a creek. At the bottom of the photo are the head and claws of a small Astacopsis gouldi crayfish. Its claws are held forwards and it's long antennae are also visible.

This crayfish is mottled brown, red, orange and turquoise.
Trailcam photo of a slender parrot, from above, perched on a plank of wood in a creek. The bird's back and tail are various shades of green, with blue edge feathers and dark centres on the back feathers. Its head and chest are greenish yellow, cheeks are blue and there's a red patch above its beak.
Trailcam photo, from above, of some rocks in a creek. On top of the largest rock is a small brown crayfish, approximately 8cm long, not including its claws that are held in front of it.

Helped out at a rock painting event at @humberarb today. This was my contribution. (Crayfish make other people happy too, right?)

#Crayfish #Animals #RockPainting #HumberArboretum #HumberCollege

Two angles of a pink crayfish painted on a purple rock.
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
2 months ago

This is the third painting of my crayfish series.

Crayfish sounds like the word laugh in mandarin, so it symbolizes happiness and joy. Sometimes its auspiciousness also represents good fortune and long life.

#Paintings #Chinese #Art #ChinesePainting #Watercolor #Ink #BuyIntoArt #ChineseArt #AYearForArt #Crayfish #MastoArt #Art #Asia #China

Chinese painting 4 crayfish with banana leaves
Larena Woodmore
3 months ago

I'm missing our Giant Freshwater Crayfish. I haven't seen any big ones since the creeks flooded in October. Last week we had an official survey done and none were found, so they almost certainly washed away in the flood.

Not all bad news, though, as the creek quality is still ideal and they'll likely wander back up into our creeks from the main one in coming years.

The first two photos are from a May 2022 survey. This is the world's largest freshwater invertebrate and only lives in the waterways of northern Tasmania.

#Tasmania #CreekLife #FreshWater #Crayfish #Invertebrates #Astacopsis

Photo of a large crayfish between a pair of feet wearing wellington boots. The cray is mottled in bright turquoise, yellow, red and brown, has large claws and is about as long as a boot.
Photo of a Giant Freshwater Crayfish sitting in some grass, facing the camera with its large claws held out. Along the arms and claws are lines of spines that look like the studs on a punk's clothing..
Photo large crayfish climbing over a rock into a creek. Its left claw is dipping into the water and the right one is held out. The cray's body is a mix or brown, green and turquoise.
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
3 months ago

A crayfish is actually more difficulty to be painted than other fishes. Their appearances, features of vivid, transparent, and energetic, are beautiful but not easy to be captured in Chinese paintings.

This is the second painting of my crayfish series.

#Paintings #Chinese #Art #ChinesePainting #Watercolor #Ink #Artists #ChineseArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Crayfish #MastoArt #Art #Asia #China

chinese ink painting 2 cryfish under banana leaves
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
3 months ago

"Crayfish with Banana Leaf" is the first brush painting in Chinese free style of a series of 4 crayfish paintings.

Crayfish sounds like the word laugh in mandarin, so it symbolizes happiness and joy. Sometimes its auspiciousness also represents good fortune and long life.

#Paintings #Chinese #Art #ChinesePainting #Watercolor #Ink #Artists #ChineseArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Crayfish #MastoArt #Art #Asia #China

chinese ink painting 4 crayfisch under a banana leaf
Alan Houser ☻␆
4 months ago

This guy was on our porch last night.
About the size of a Coke can.
#mardigras #crawdad #crayfish #crustacean #video

Gavin M. Leighton
4 months ago

Hey all! Seeking input about #behavior labs I'm running. One lab will focus on small experiments that might change #crayfish metabolism. Both over the course of an hour and the course of a week. I have temperature as an obvious potential treatment, but are there other simple experimental manipulations students in an undergrad lab might perform?

Larena Woodmore
4 months ago

Reposting #Introduction on new server.

I live on a #LandForWildlife property in #Lilydale in the north of #Tasmania, #Australia. I am documenting its amazing #biodiversity by recording on my website (mainly with photos) every species that live here. You can see the #animals, #plants, #fungi and more at and some on #iNaturalist.

I mainly post photos of #marsupials #birds #insects #lichens #mosses and #fungi with occasional freshwater and burrowing #crayfish

Amata (they/she)
4 months ago
Rear view of a depigmented cave crayfish

Utagawa Hiroshige
(Japanese, 1797-1858).
Crayfish and Two Shrimps, ca. 1840. Woodblock color print,
9-3/4 x 14-5/16 in. (24.8 x 36.3 cm).

#art #Hiroshige #JapaneseArt #WoodblockPrint #crayfish

Japanese print of large brown crayfish against a blue and buff-colored background. Crayfish has two long antennae.Two shrimp are in right background.

This is one of my favorite #crayfish species in North Carolina, not because of how beautiful it is, but because of its etymology. This is the Broad River Stream Crayfish, Cambarus lenati, named after David Lenat, who worked with the NC Division of Water Quality before shifting to consulting. I had the good fortune of meeting and scheming projects with Dave before he passed - way too soon - in 2016. He was one of the most genuinely kind and curious people I have ever met. #crustmas

A dorsal image of a crayfish with a brown and tan speckled body and white legs

This is the crayfish I dug that day. It’s a gorgeous form of Cambarus reduncus, the Sickle Crayfish. Using an integrated approach, we have discovered a lot of “hidden” diversity in North Carolina and South Carolina in this group of crayfishes (Depressicambarus), which includes both secondary and primary burrowing species. Finding the animals can be the most challenging aspect of this work! 📸 Michael A. Perkins, NCWRC. #crustmas #crayfish #crustacea

Last summer, Dr. Adrian Smith joined me in the field to capture video of the excavation of an undescribed species of burrowing crayfish. Three hours of digging (we were in the middle of a dry spell), untold numbers of mosquito bites, and a wee bit of caked on mud later I got one. And Adrian’s footage of it was magical; check out the video on his AntLab YouTube channel here:

#crustmas #crayfish #crustacea #fieldwork #curatorlife

Bronwyn covered in mud, sitting on the ground in a field, staring down a hole she dug in search of a burrowing crayfish

Here’s a photo that Mike took that will always have a special place in my crayfish and worm-riddled noggin: Cambarus franklini, the South Mountains Crayfish. This was the first species that Mike, me, and our colleague TR Russ (NCWRC) teamed up to describe in 2019 (Zootaxa 4568 (3): 520-532). It’s a NC narrow endemic. This was our first description together, but will certainly not be the last! #crayfish #crustmas #25DaysofCrustmas #crustacea

Several years ago, my colleague and collaborator, Michael A. Perkins (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) put together a slick specimen photo setup that we have been using to capture publication-quality images of the crayfishes of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. The imaging “torch” is now being passed to me; I can only hope to do a fraction as well as Mike! 😬
Regardless, I just want to show off some of Mike’s photos.
#25DaysofCrustmas #crayfish #crustmas

Archus Byte
6 months ago

The kids really wanted a "freshwater lobster". After some research I found a dwarf crayfish, which are supposed to be much less aggressive. So far he's been a great addition. He leaves the other fish alone, and does entertaining things such as staring at his own reflection.

#aquarium #fish #fishtank #crayfish #lobster #seattle

A crayfish staring at its reflection at the edge of a fish tank
A crayfish hanging out the window of an aquarium decoration of a castle
Crayfish sitting on the very tip of a cone structure in an aquarium
Mojo ♻️
6 months ago

Oxygen-starved Murray #crayfish returned to the river revitalised after 'spa' experience in #NSW Riverina #nature #MurrayRiver

Amata (they/she)
7 months ago

Orconectes australis (cave crayfish) with a hellgrammite (larval dobsonfly) meal!

#crayfish #entomology #biology #cavescience #caves #speleology #speleobiology

A cave crayfish eating a dobsonfly larvae
7 months ago

It’s decided, I will be using mastodon to spam animal pictures. Picture quality will go up over time (I hope) #aquarium #snail #clam #crayfish

Scientific Frontline
1 year ago

A small, rare #crayfish thought to be #extinct for 30 years has been rediscovered in a #cave in the City of Huntsville in northern Alabama
#Biology #EarthScience #sflorg

Hans van der Kwast
1 year ago

In Chapter 4 we've added the steps to visualise flow direction as arrows in 2D and 3D. The #Crayfish plugin by @lutraconsulting is used for this. #mesh

3D flow direction with arrows
IT News
2 years ago

We pee or flush drugs into waterways—does that matter to aquatic life? - Enlarge (credit: National Park Service)
When people flush their old prescriptio... - #antidepressants #animalbehavior #pharmaceutical #wastewater #crayfish #fentanyl #science #shrimp