Kristin Henry
4 minutes ago

My little gamedev experimentation was definitely a mental health haven for me, during the early-mid pandemic years.

Here's another one, where you shoot vaccines at virus snowflakes as they drift down the screen.

This on is keyboard controlled.

#SciArt #art #games #CreativeCoding #indiedev

Kristin Henry
1 hour ago

Reminded of this game I made, based on a dream I woke up from.

In the game, you have to smash all the covid virus particles before they multiply out of control.

At higher game levels, a giant orange blob starts bouncing around and steals your medicine.

It was fun to build, and helped me deal with the stress and anxieties of that time....which aren't completely over yet, but much better.

#indiegame #art #game #CreativeCoding #SciArt

3 hours ago

Last week I didn't participate in the #WCCChallenge, but I did fall down a bit of a #CreativeCoding rabbit hole. I made a fork of a really cool optical illusion sketch by @fractalkitty, and got a bit carried away making everything as mind-bending, efficient, and smoothly interactive (on PC and mobile) as I could. I've always been a fan of optical illusions and Op Art, so it will be a fun challenge to add more to the collection over time. 18 to start!

Rotating snakes is a peripheral drift type of optical illusion, developed by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka in 2003
Metamere's twisted cord spiral, based on Fraser's original illusion. The concentric rings of twisted cord appear to spiral into the center. The added semicircles help create a moving ghostly afterimage effect.
The checkerboard appears to bulge out at the center, but everything is composed of horizontal and vertical edges.
The Pinna-Brelstaff rotating circles illusion. Move towards and away while looking at the dot in the center and see what happens.
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4 hours ago

How well do you know the countries of the world? #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #fediverse

Still exploring John's rectangle clipping/division idea, now keeping the rects split by the knife and making them taller.
#Processing #Python #py5 #3D #CreativeCoding #SketchADay

Code at (you can support this work making a small donation at

# On the left, part of the code visible in the IDE (below). On the top right, 2D rectangles subdivided into more rectangles. On the bottom right you see the 2D rectangles extruded into volumes forming kind of stairs / zigurat structures.

import py5

rects = []
drag_x = drag_y = None

def setup():
    py5.size(600, 800, py5.P3D)
    rects.append(Rect(50, 50, 500, 300))
    py5.text_align(py5.CENTER, py5.CENTER)
def draw():
    for i, r in enumerate(rects):
        py5.fill(r.c * 16, 100, 200, 200)
        py5.rect(r.x, r.y, r.w, r.h)
        py5.text(str(i), r.x + r.w / 2, r.y + r.h / 2)
    if drag_x:
        with py5.push_style():  # will revert rect_mode at context end
            py5.stroke(0, 255, 255)
            py5.rect(py5.mouse_x, py5.mouse_y, drag_x, drag_y)
    py5.translate(300, 600)
    py5.translate(-300, -200)
    for i, r in enumerate(rects):
        py5.fill(r.c * 16, 100, 200)
        box_from_corner(r.x, r.y, 0, r.w, r.h, r.c * 16)

def box_from_corner(x, y, z, w, h, d):
    with py5.push_matrix():
        py5.translate(x + w / 2, y + h / 2, z + d / 2), h, d)
Tom Larrow
13 hours ago

I took yesterday's #CreativeCoding sketch and just changed the circle masks to be blurred, and have a fade instead of the harsh edges, and rotate them in accordance with the noise values instead of randomly like the last sketch.

It is fun to see how big of a change results from just those 2 small changes

#Python #Py5


Dark blue and green lines flow in a pattern where the dark blue lines sort of form a shape like the letter P
Purple Orange, and white lines seem to flow through the image. The lines seem to curve and bend when in reality they are just small short lines
Dark blue, white and gold lines form delicate blob like shapes
Burnt Orange and gold lines seem to flow from the left side of the image towards the top, and down at the very right edge
Tom Larrow
1 day ago

Needed a palette cleanser after today so I finished up the #CreativeCoding sketch I've been picking at the past couple of weeks. It's kind of a mashup of a lot of my previous sketches in #Py5

Generated masked circles filled with random grayscale lines, placed them on the screen based on Poisson disc sampling and then colored them based on open simplex noise

Had been so busy I forgot to enjoy coding for a while. I needed this

circles filled with stripes that overlap and overlay each other. These are form sort of a Y or a T shape in teal, while above is Red, with some more between red in the lower left. Some grey ones separate the red and teal
circles filled with stripes that overlap and overlay each other. These seem to radiate from the lower left where it is a dark blue, which gradually blends to pink, tan, and then back to pink
circles filled with stripes that overlap and overlay each other. A deep red in the lower left is surrounded by red, with yellow to the upper right, which eventually goes to back to red
circles filled with stripes that overlap and overlay each other. This one is full of earth tones, with a T shaped of dark brown surrounded by tans and browns

New in the work-in-progress section:

VL.DebugInfo.HDE by @sebescudie: "An editor extension that quickly shows some debug information you might want to provide when looking for help."

#vvvv #visualprogramming #dotnet #creativecoding

Screenshot of the Debug Info extension for vvvv

Making Music By Probing Magnetite Crystals

"[Dmitry Morozov] and [Alexandra Gavrilova] present an interesting electronics-based art installation, which probes a large chunk of crystalline magnetite, using a pair of servo-mounted probes, ‘measuring’ the surface conductivity and generating some sound and visuals."

#vvvv #visualprogramming #creativecoding

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1 day ago
Random bots from Botwiki
2 days ago

Zwei Schlagzeilen zusammengemischt sind besser als eine! #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding

Random fediverse bots
2 days ago
Fractal Kitty
2 days ago

Codepen toggle challenge:

comment poem included

three toggles sit as static circles at the bottom of the canvas.

#cpc-toggles #codepenChallenge #p5js #creativeCoding #poetry #mathart #noAI

wavy strands come together at the top of the canvas with circles throughout and larger swaths of gradient waves in the background in an abstract composition. Three touching circles sit small at the bottom.
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2 days ago

Club Silencio’s magician tries out a different routine. #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #fediverse

Jeff Palmer
4 days ago

Sometimes randomness can surprise you.

#CreativeCoding #GenerativeArt #Art #GenArtClub

An abstract digital image comprised of left to right smears of color.
4 days ago

A somewhat baroque screen-capture from today's rehearsal. BTW it's not a photo of a CRT monitor :-) #creativeCoding #MastoArt

gostei mais da mistura de hoje...
#Processing #Python #py5 #numpy #CreativeCoding (atualização: animação comprimiu mal, vou por uma imagem estática que dá pra ter uma ideia)

import py5
import numpy as np

def setup():
global npa, R, G, B
py5.size(600, 600)
npa = np.empty((py5.width, py5.height)).T
R = dist_to_pos(py5.width, py5.height, 300, 300)
G = dist_to_pos(py5.width, py5.height, 200, 300)
B = dist_to_pos(py5.width, py5.height, 300, 200)

def draw():
rnd_r = np.random.randint(0, 300, size=(py5.width, py5.height)).T
rnd_g = np.random.randint(0, 300, size=(py5.width, py5.height)).T
rnd_b = np.random.randint(0, 300, size=(py5.width, py5.height)).T
img = np.dstack([R < rnd_r, G < rnd_g, B < rnd_b])
py5.set_np_pixels(img * 150, 'RGB')

def dist_to_pos(width, height, cx, cy):
""" reeturns a 2D array filled with distances """
x = np.arange(width)
y = np.arange(height)
xx, yy = np.meshgrid(x, y)
return np.linalg.norm(np.array([xx - cx, yy - cy]), axis=0)


imagem com núvem circular de pixels coloridos em um fundo preto, gerada pelo código no toot
4 days ago

The test outputs this morning coming out of Turing Test are super inspiring!

30min and counting. Who's ready to mint? 🆓

#genartclub #creativecoding #generativeart

Creative Coding Utrecht
5 days ago

We are looking forward to te upcoming and final open office until the summerbreak: June 16th. Anyone is welcome to take a seat at the table to ask their questions, share their stories, and advice each other.

So, do you need advice? Or feedback? Are you working on your portfolio? Do you need help applying for funding? We will be present to help you with concrete issues. Come by the open office hours at De Havenloods to meet the community and find out more about their projects. Please make sure to have a clear question in mind so we know how to help you.

Don’t forget to sign up and share your questions: !

📅 June 16th, 15:00 - 16:00
📍 CCU office - Nijverheidsweg 6-10, Utrecht
📸 By Maren van der Burght during the Makers Meet & Eat 2022

#livecoder #livecoding #creativecoder #creativecoding #mediaart #newmedia #experiences #interactiveart #interactive #electronicmusic #electroacousticmusic #liveperformance #musicperfomance #techno #house #electronicmusic #graphics #experiences #immersiveart #graphicdesign #machinelearning #designer #3d #digitalculture #artists #virtualworlds #technology

Mary Holstege
5 days ago

#GenerativeArt interlude

Solids sprouting solids

Getting the faces aligned was the whole point of those quaternion rotations I mentioned the other day

#XQuery #SVG #CreativeCoding

Cubes and octahedrons sprout from the faces of a tetahedron, recursively (cubes sprouting from cubes sprouting from octahedrons sprouting from...)

The solids are semi-transparent in soft russet shades, fading into the background with a slanted gradient of similar hues.
6 days ago

I'm rehearsing for next Tuesday in Linz and enjoying what I see #creativeCoding #MastoArt

A image generated by software I wrote. The image is divided in vertical strips, each containing some kind of organic looking pattern. It reminds me of a water color diagram of tissues of a living creature (skin, veins, muscle...)
6 days ago

Hope you’re having a great summer weekend! We’re busy polishing up the last bits of code for the Alba test collection launch on Monday. Can’t wait to share it with you! 👨‍💻 😎
#genartclub #creativecoding #shaders

Gorilla Sun || Ahmad Moussa
1 week ago

New tutorial is up on the blog! ✨📬

Last week we created particle systems with ChatGPT, this time we do it by ourselves! And while we're at it we learn a whole bunch about simulating physics programmatically 🧠

Link: #CreativeCoding #P5JS

Causal Islands
1 week ago

Watch David Ogborn give a step-by-step walkthrough of Estuary, a collaborative and multi-lingual platform for artistic live coding, in his live performance/tutorial: #livecoding #artisticcoding #creativecoding

Stefan Bohacek
1 week ago

Would you like to help catalogue creative bots with @botwiki? Here's a handy guide for our contributors.

#botwiki #botmakers #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #contribute #volunteer #HelpWanted

(Algo|Afro) Futures
1 week ago

We're very happy to announce the cohort for the (Algo|Afro) Futures 2023 mentoring programme!

Zach B-B
Jamal Lloyd Davis
Tomilola Olumide
Emma Osman
Jim Osman

We're really looking forward to working with them over the next few months to explore live coding! Learn more about the new cohort here

Supported by Vivid Projects and Arts Council England #LetsCreate #livecoding #creativecoding #algorave

alex yuletide
1 week ago

"The sea's a thief, whose liquid surge resolves
The moon into salt tears"

For sale @ Wendt.Art/product/salt-tears
#penplotter #generativeart #creativecoding #mastoart

#CreativeCoding #Processing #Python # This pattern strategy I learned from Naoki Tsutae

import numpy as np #numpy
import py5 #py5

order = 500
power = 59

def setup():
global color_map, x, y
py5.size(1000, 1000)

color_map = np.array([
for i in range(256)])
x, y = np.meshgrid(np.arange(0, order), np.arange(0, order))

def draw():
pattern = func(x, y)
img = py5.create_image_from_numpy(color_map[pattern], 'RGB')
py5.image(img, 0, 0, py5.width, py5.height)

def hsb(h, sat=255, bri=255):
return py5.color(h, sat, bri)

def func(x, y):
return int((x ^ y) ** (power / 10)) % 256

def key_pressed():
global power
if py5.key_code == py5.UP:
power += 1
elif py5.key_code == py5.DOWN:
power = max(power - 1, 1)
elif py5.key == 's':


A colorful symmetric pattern of pixels generated by the code in the toot. Reminds me of a Persian rug, but the colors are more saturated. One can see echoes of squares and diagonals.
Mary Holstege
2 weeks ago

#GenerativeArt interlude

The weird and wonderful world of continued fractions

The square root series (√j) with log colouring, using 0 for finite sequence terms, one line per j

The black bars are for the perfect squares 1, 2, 4, 9,... whose continued fraction (as with all rational numbers) terminates. Not sure what to make of that regular line of red dots for√22

#XQuery #SVG #CreativeCoding

Aaron Reuland
2 weeks ago

Making patterns with hexagonal noisy truchet tiling. Not sure it it is even a truchet pattern anymore, given that every tile is different.

Between the tiles and variety of palettes, I like the variety the code gives on every run.

You can try it at :

#pattern #truchet #p5js #creativeCoding

Swirly lines connecting into a maze-like pattern
Swirly lines connecting into a maze-like pattern
Swirly lines connecting into a maze-like pattern
Swirly lines connecting into a maze-like pattern
2 weeks ago

Here’s a bonus dazzle ships inspired plot of some vertical areas shaded with Breton stripes. 11”x17” Bristol on a vintage HP 7550+ #PenPlotter

#GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #MastoArt #Art #Artist #ArtForSale #BretonStripes #DazzleShips #Stripes #Geometric #GeometricArt #PenPlot

A portrait orientation #PenPlot of tall vertical areas shaded with thick black stripes oriented in various constrained angles.
2 weeks ago

And if the answer is "technically challenging", you're gonna love this place, full of friendly people happy to help you out! 👉

#bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #botmakers #BotIdea
2 weeks ago

What are some of the reasons you gave up on an idea for a bot?

#bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #BotIdea

CodePen.IO :verify:
2 weeks ago

RT Carl 💥 Creative Coding Club
Just having a little isometric fun with #GSAP #SVG
It's often the small things that bring the most joy.
@CodePen demo right here


Media source:
2 weeks ago

It's the most wonderful time of the year: #525FloppyDay! I love using floppy disks as a medium to plot on as well as a subject of my pen plots.

Here's a selection of 5.25" floppy disk plots available in my shop =)

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #PenPlotter #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #MastoArt #Art #Artist #ArtForSale #FloppyDisk #525Floppy

A composite of 5 different 5.25" floppy disks in red, orange, green, yellow, and blue each with a contrasting pen plot drawn on top of it including concentric shapes, Truchet tiles, and primitive shapes such as circles, triangles, and hexagons.
A portrait orientation #PenPlot of a 3 x 4 grid of 5.25" floppy disks shaded in a CMY rainbow scheme with the density of the shading darker at the top and lightening towards the bottom.
A #PenPlot on top of a 5.25" black floppy disk of a vanishing point grid drawn in thick gold ink.
A picture of a #PenPlotter in action drawing on a white 5.25" floppy disk an abstract asteroid made up of triangles that is being disintegrated by a small triangular ship drawn in the left corner that is reminiscent of Asteroids the video game.

Desenho de 2023-05-22: "Estudo sobre Geometria 7"
#py5 #desenhandocomcodigo #arte #processing #creativeCoding

Animação de crescimento de círculos coloridos que se misturam formando uma interferência

sketch_2023_05_21 #Processing #Python #py5 #numpy #creativeCoding

My naive sandbox now has, beside sand, concrete, water and rock. Water is very slow... but OK. All under 100 lines of code!

Animated screen capture with Thonny IDE with code on the left and the sandbox simulation on the right.

A U shaped concrete recipient gets water, sand is added all around. Holes are made to the recipient, water and sand fall. More water added. Water takes a long time to settle.

Desenho de 2023-05-21: "Estudo sobre Geometria 6"
#py5 #desenhandocomcodigo #arte #processing #creativeCoding

Padrão hexagonal com círculos no centro e variação de cores

(Atrasado) Desenho de 2023-05-20: "Estudo sobre Geometria 5"
#py5 #desenhandocomcodigo #arte #processing #creativeCoding

Padrão hexagonal com circulos no centro e inclinado em 50 graus