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Sunday 🎞️🍿

"The Internet's Own Boy" [watch Free Online]

Aaron Swartz was a programmer, a hacker, a freedom of information activist — and due to unconscionable federal prosecutorial thuggery - a casualty of suicide...and a personal hero.


Full Film (Free):

Also available at many Peertube instances :)

#AaronSwartz #CreativeCommons #InternetsOwnBoy
#Documentary #Film #Movie

16 hours ago

Lotte operaie a Sesto San Giovanni, una fanzine realizzata dagli studenti della 5T all'interno di un progetto di educazione civica sviluppato in collaborazione con l'Ecomuseo Urbano del Parco Nord Milano. Qui il link per scaricarla: #storia #memoria #CreativeCommons #ParcoNordMilano

Lotte operaie a Sesto San Giovanni
Un progetto di classe
La classe 5T, del liceo scientifico presso l’istituto d’istruzione Carlo Emilio Gadda di Paderno Dugnano, presenta un piccolo approfondimento a proposito delle lotte operaie avvenute negli anni ‘60 e ‘70, specialmente a Sesto San Giovanni. Questo progetto è nato in collaborazione conl’Ecomuseo urbano del Parco Nord di Milano, a seguito di una visita guidata ai Bunker Breda.
Nella fanzine vengono presentate alcune manifestazioni avvenute nelle grandi industrie di Sesto San Giovanni, in particolare Pirelli e Breda. Vengono anche illustrate immagini e slogan
emblematici delle lotte operaie del tempo.
Buona lettura dalla 5T
Nemeth/Star Productions 🇪🇺
2 days ago

Witness the echoes of colonial past, the South African Air Force Museum, the early protests against apartheid in #PortElizabeth and the pristine beauty of #SardiniaBay.

This movie is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0
#OrbitMzansi #Gqeberha #ExploreSA #VisitSouthAfrica #Mzansi #Xhosa #XhosaCulture #EasternCape #EasternCapeAdventures #XhosaHeritage #CoastalLiving #DiscoverPE #BeachVibes #BlackCulture #Vero #Raw_Community #CreativeCommons

Jim Bowering
2 days ago

Flying Lessons – Part Three
This week's reading is part three of Flying Lessons by Kelly Link. It is part of a short story collection called Stranger Things Happen. It's about eighteen minutes long. Like other Okanagan Reader stories it is licensed Creative
#audiobooks #CreativeCommons #fiction #KellyLink #reading #shortstories

Richard Manley-Tannis
3 days ago

A new addition is coming to the A Deacon's Musing #Quotes #Memes Collection
Which one(s) currently embolden you to #BeTheChange?
#UCCan #CreativeCommons #ShineOn

Nemeth/Star Productions 🇪🇺
4 days ago

Time to catch the echoes of the past, the present and the beauty of nature. Explore Port Elizabeth and the Sardinia Bay in Orbit Mzansi: Travel, premieres tomorrow at 8pm (CEST / SAST).

#OrbitMzansi #Mzansi #PortElizabeth #Gqeberha #SardiniaBay #SouthAfrica #Xhosa #XhosaCulture #EasternCape #ExploreSA #VisitSouthAfrica #EasternCapeAdventures #XhosaHeritage #CoastalLiving #DiscoverPE #BeachVibes #BlackCulture #Vero #Raw_Community #CreativeCommons #CC #CCBY

Calico Jesse
4 days ago


As a Traveller nerd I’m fond of the Cepheus Engine family of games.

Into the Odd and Black Sword Hack for New/Old School weirdness.

Eclipse Phase is very cool, but it’s only CC-NC-BY.

#TTRPG #OpenGaming #OGL #CreativeCommons

marioneta poeta
5 days ago

Pots escoltar la meva poesia "distàncies" aquí
i si t'agrada, descarrega-te-la
#poetry #poesía #català #enCatalà #creativeCommons

ferrie = differentieel :mfrl:
6 days ago

vandaag staat in het teken van Creative Commons -
ook wel CC genoemd -
als dringend noodzakelijke vervanger van ‘alle rechten voorbehouden’


zoals zo prachtig in het fries klinkt:

alle rjochten foarbehâlde

#frysk #oersette #creativecommons #rechten

6 days ago

"Jumping to number 11, which is so beautiful that I almost wish I didn't know that it was a cross section of an intestinal ringworm"

Message from the birdside by @depthsofwiki
#macro photography by #MassimoBrizzi #CreativeCommons WikiScienceCompetition

A sort of smiley but with a lot of details like cercles, points and areas with different colors.
Dámaso Barroso
6 days ago

Studio no. 3 - Allegro
(Studi per ocarina, Cesare Testi)

© 2023 CC-BY 4.0 musikiwen

#ocarina #recording #grabación #freemusic #músicalibre #CreativeCommons #ccmusic

Cainmark 🚲
1 week ago

🦬 Bison are on my mind after bicycling in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge yesterday.

This photograph is CC-BY-SA so give my handle credit for it, but share it under the same conditions. Make a painting out of it. Illustrate it for a comicbook panel, line art for a coloring book, etc.

Honor the license, the have fun transforming it.

#Bison #landscape #CCBYSA #animal #ql_zoology #CreativeCommons #art #photography #tr_photography

Brown and black furred Bison eating green grass, rocky grey mountain in the background.
Richard Manley-Tannis
1 week ago

New additions have been added to the A Deacon's Musing #Love photo collection.
How have you been love today?
#UCCan #CreativeCommons #ShineOn

Today at 4:30pm Eastern US / 9:30pm UK, The Bugcast Podcast will be live.
Wonderful independent music and topical waffle chat.
Please join us in listening to the stream and chat with us in the Telegram chat room.
Details here:

#TheBugcast @thebugcast #Podcast #LivePodcast #ChatRoom #CreativeCommons

Richard Manley-Tannis
1 week ago

New additions are coming to the A Deacon's Musing #Love Photo Collection.
Which one(s) speak to as you walk through this day of possibility?
#UCCan #CreativeCommons #ShineOn

1 week ago

I came across this ebook I downloaded, it seems to fit into the #Fediverse ideas of local #networks, doing things ourselves, rather than depending on big tech companies:

Telecommunications Reclaimed: A Hands-On Guide to Networking Communities

"This book is a guide on how to build a community network, a shared local telecommunications infrastructure, managed as a commons, to access the internet and other digital communications services."

#communities #CreativeCommons

Jim Bowering
1 week ago

Flying Lessons – Part Two
This week's reading is part two of Flying Lessons by Kelly Link. It is part of a short story collection called Stranger Things Happen. It's about eighteen minutes long. Like other Okanagan Reader stories it is licensed Creative Commo
#audiobooks #CreativeCommons #fiction #KellyLink #reading #shortstories

Just officially closed my #photography business, Funcrunch Photo, with the City of San Francisco after 13 years. Was silly to keep paying business license renewal fees when I haven't been doing hired gigs or selling photo licenses for years. (My work has been primarily #CreativeCommons licensed since 2015.)

Leaving the website up for now, but I'll be deleting some of my online galleries over time.


Matthias Kirschner
1 week ago

Packing for #oSC23 to do a reading of "Ada & #Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream". Thanks again to Bill @nostarch and the #NoStarchPress team for supporting the publication under #CreativeCommons BY-SA.

Fugue State Audio
1 week ago

Thanks to @ken_fallon for reminding me that I need to figure out this #licensing stuff.

I like #CreativeCommons but there doesn't seem to be an option for allowing commercial use without attribution. I used to use the "Sampling Plus" license for my music, but that has been deprecated, and didn't really work for sample distribution. 1/2

2 weeks ago

I apply #GPLv3 to #FOSS software I build and use #CreativeCommons licenses (either CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-SA-NC) for written material meant to be shared because I like to encourage broad uptake and reuse. I also support derivatives for all non-commercial and some commercial work.

I believe so strongly in this that a think tank I'm currently co-founding is based on CC licensing. Reframing the conversation is more important than monopolizing it. To be an agent of change, one has to empower others!

2 weeks ago

#music #musictech #creativecommons #sharealike #withattribution #noncommercial #arduino

Last week, I got a visual prototype together of how a drumming robot should wield a stick. FROM THE WRIST! #BatmanMeme Most drumbots just pull the stick down to "deadhit" the skin. There's a lot of work to do on that part of this project, but meanwhile, there's also some basic electronics to prove the concept.

A drumbot needs a motor to flick the stick, then pull the stick quickly, but gently, back to rest and hold it there. It also needs to read MIDI note velocity and map that to the motor's useful powerband. Finally, the motor has to quickly and quietly restore the stick to its ready position.

All this requires complex motor control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to be exact, and a microcontroller to read the MIDI Note-On data and have each part of drumbot respond appropriately.

Circuitry and basic code are proven. I'll probably end up blowing up 4, VERY expensive MOSFETs in my first attempt, but hey, we're on this earth to make mistakes, and thereby make the future. This is not a cheap project, either, and is third in my project queue, so it will take some time.

Read more here: -

As always, if you use my work, credit me, share your work under the same terms I shared mine and make no commercial profits from my work as per CC4.0-A-SA-NC

2 weeks ago

Mit :cc_cc: -Lizenzen können Filme 🎬 , Musik 🎵 , Texte ⌨️ uvm. für die Weiterverbreitung und -verarbeitung rechtssicher angeboten werden. Die Grafik zeigt verschiedene Lizenz-Modelle und steht selbstverständlich auch unter einer offenen Lizenz. ✅ Also: Gerne weitergeben!

Auch wir bieten Videos & Clips unter CC-Lizenzen an. Schaut doch mal rein:

#bildungspraxis #bildung #fedilz #cc #cclizenz #creativecommons #share #teilen #filme #oer #freiheit @creativecommons

Grafik zeigt und erläutert die verschiedenen CC-Lizenzmodelle: 
- CC BY NC ND - Werk darf weitergegeben, aber nicht bearbeitet werden, keine kommerzielle Nutzung
- CC BY ND - Werk darf weitergegeben, aber nicht bearbeitet werden, kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
- CC BY NC SA - Werk darf weitergegeben und bearbeitet werden, solange andere die Bearbeitung unter denselben Bedingungen weitergeben, keine kommerzielle Nutzung
- CC BY SA - Werk darf weitergegeben und bearbeitet werden, solange andere die Bearbeitung unter denselben Bedingungen weitergeben, kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt 
- CC BY NC - Werk darf weitergegeben und bearbeitet werden, keine kommerzielle Nutzung
- CC BY  - Werk darf weitergegeben und bearbeitet werden, kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt 
- CC Zero - Werk darf weitergegeben und bearbeitet werden, kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt, auf Namensnennung des Urhebers wird verzichtet
Luka Prinčič
2 weeks ago

If you are a music #NetLabel releasing free music under #CreativeCommons you must be part of #NetlabelDay - like every year on 14/JULY!

Publish a release on that day, but let @wiloma know asap that is your plan, so your release is included in the "official list".

:boost_anim_vanilla: plz boost

Richard Manley-Tannis
2 weeks ago

The A Deacon's Musing​ April 2023 #MicroPoetry #Reflections Collection has been formatted & published.
I hope they prove of interest as life & time permit!
#UCCan #ShineOn #CreativeCommons

Argos de Core
2 weeks ago

Me llama la atención el poco uso que hacen de licencias #CreativeCommons los compositores e intérpretes de #música cristiana ¿Realmente sacan cantidades de dinero relevantes por los derechos de autor? ¿No sería más útil y conforme a su misión difundir su música en creative commons?

Además los portalitos de música cristiana suelen morir de falta de mantenimiento. Sería más efectivo usar Jamendo o montar una instancia de #Funkwhale

#kirchenmusik #churchmusic #músicacristiana #cristianos

2 weeks ago
Zu sehen ist ein Text mit einem Zitat: «lch glaube, dass Creative Commons überall sinnvoll ist - weil es im Grundgedanken darum geht, Wissen zu vergesellschaften.» 
Anna Brückmann, Urban Equipe 

Darunter ein Podcast-Logo: Tour de Soziokultur 

Daneben ein Schriftzug: Die neue Podcast-Folge zu Creative Commons in der Stadtentwicklung.
2 weeks ago

Third place in #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year :poty: (you've probably seen this one before)

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.

Attribution: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; image processing by Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI) / public domain

Full results:

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons #PublicDomain

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.
2 weeks ago

Second place in #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year :poty:

Banna children in Ethiopia with traditional body painting, playing on wooden stilts.

Attribution: WAVRIK / CC-BY-SA 4.0

Full results:

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons

Banna children in Ethiopia with traditional body painting, playing on wooden stilts.
2 weeks ago

The votes have been counted, announcing the 2022 #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year :poty:

Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Little egret (Egretta garzetta) and Gadwell duck (Mareca strepera) in Taudaha Lake, near Katmandu, Nepal.

Attribution: Prasan Shrestha / CC-BY-SA 4.0

3,600+ voters selected this picture first out of 1,102 featured pictures and 55 other finalists!

See the rest of the results:

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons

Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Little egret (Egretta garzetta) and Gadwell duck (Mareca strepera) in Taudaha Lake, near Katmandu, Nepal.
2 weeks ago

This is my first header for my Mastodon account. I took this picture and you are free to use it for whatever purpose you have. This is my first addition to Creative Commons media! Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). I am open to for any protips on how to post free to use media on Mastodon. #rpg #rpgdice #creativecommons #photo #mastodonheader

Blue multisided dice resting on a white keyboard.
2 weeks ago

#WikimediaCommons :commons: has announced its photo of the year 2023. This year's winning photograph shows a Great cormorant, a Little egret and a Gadwell duck in #Taudaha Lake, near #Katmandu, #Nepal. The photo was taken by Prasan Shrestha. The image is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 4.0. #POTY #POTY2023 #Wikimedia #CreativeCommons

A Great cormorant, a Little egret and a Gadwell duck in Taudaha Lake, near Katmandu, Nepal. The photo was taken by Prasan Shrestha. The image is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 4.0.,_Egretta_garzetta_and_Mareca_strepera_in_Taudha_Lake.jpg
2 weeks ago

cn weapons (videogame)

I'm slowly working on adding more things to my pixel art tilesets. :)
If you want to you can download them for free from my Itch page at

#PixelArt #GameAssets #GameDev #GBStudio #Aseprite #Itchio #CreativeCommons #CC0 #PayWhatYouWant #DreamGryphon

Screenshot of a webshop with previews for pixel art tilesets. They look cute and colorful.
Picture of pink pixel art weapons.
Picture of isometric pixel art cubes of wood, stones and gras.
2 weeks ago

Added some more tree/wood cubes to my isometric tileset. :)

You can download it for free at

#PixelArt #GameAssets #Aseprite #Itchio #CreativeCommons #CC0 #PayWhatYouWant #DreamGryphon

A screenshot of several isometric pixel art cubes. They  show various nature things like gras, earth and wood.
A screenshot of isometric pixel art wood cubes.
2 weeks ago

I made a few more tilesets that you can download for free from my Itch page:
The sets are not complete yet, but I plan to add more stuff in the future. 😀

#PixelArt #GameAssets #CreativeCommons #CC0 #Itchio #DreamGryphon

Screenshot of a webshop that shows previews for pixel art tilesets. The style is cute and colorful.
J. Martin
2 weeks ago

Love the path #Flickr has taken lately, and these brand-new guidlines regarding #CreativeCommons are part of it:

Give some grace. When you choose to grant permission to your photos under any open
license available on Flickr, we ask that you give the reuser a 30-day grace period to fix
any possible mistake or misuse with no penalty. Failure to allow a good faith reuser the opportunity to correct errors is against the intent of the license[.]”

3 weeks ago

Reminder: Today is the last day for voting for #Commons Picture of the Year! :poty:

Nearly 2,800 people have already voted, you don't want to miss out!

Same as last time, you need to have made at least 75 edits before Jan 1 to be eligible to vote ( can help you check)

Even if you're not eligible, check out the finalists, they're all gorgeous:

#POTY #CreativeCommons #Wikimedia

I felt compelled to make this video after reading about the latest #MassShooting in the United States. There is no sound because the victims of these shootings have been silenced.

The content of this video consists entirely of this @wikipedia page: As such, this video is released under the #CreativeCommons license CC BY-SA 3.0.

For my opinions on #GunViolence and what to do about it, please visit my blog:

chatbots.txt --> like robots.txt.

use this file to curb hungry chatbots that are trying to gobble up your content and use it w/o permission or attribution

#AI_gen #chatbots #creativeCommons

A Byrd
3 weeks ago

#WritingCommunity and #CreativeCommons
Is anyone a member of the National Writers #Union and publish under CC license? I'm trying to get a sense of if that's common and if the union at all works with CC published authors. Thanks! 🙏😊

3 weeks ago

Does anyone know of any fonts suited for comic/manga which are CreativeCommons or similar free licensing? bonus points if it contains Japanese character glyphs (or support multiple languages for the matter) #CreativeCommons #opensource

4 weeks ago

@rbreich #Oathkeepers poached a lot of my radio comms and #SIGINT writing and classwork, violating it's #creativecommons licensing. They're a bunch of scumbags and I derive much schadenfreude from their conviction.

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
4 weeks ago

I'll do more little sprites if anyone has ideas for anything. I'll do #gameArt for free as long as I can release those bits of art as #publicDomain or #creativeCommons ...

PJ Coffey
4 weeks ago


That's actually really fantastic! Thanks very much!

I guess people have to know about #Dungeons #TTRPGMaps and such things to be able to find it!

Oh and under a #CreativeCommons licence! How very generous of you! :)

Perfect for when "I just need a map, any map" which happens a lot! :)

@dnd @indiettrpg @ttrpg

Creative Commons
4 weeks ago

🎉 We are excited to share the Generative AI at MozFest 2023 Report, a collaboration between Creative Commons and the Movement for a Better Internet! This report highlights the key insights from our session at Mozilla Festival 2023, where we discussed the opportunities, risks, and potential solutions of generative AI.

Read the full report here ➡️

#MozFest2023 #GenerativeAI #CreativeCommons #BetterInternet

Mozilla Festival icon and wordmark and Movement for a Better Internet wordmark on a background of multicolored, differently-sized carets pointing in different directions.
Anthony Dean
1 month ago
Daniel Böhmer
1 month ago

@golem Müsste das #grundgesetz , auch 2D gescannt, als amtliches Werk nicht sowieso seit jeher #gemeinfrei sein?

#deutschland #brd #creativecommons #verfassung

スパックマン クリス
1 month ago

@cogdog @enkerli @irwindev @creativecommons

I think not only is it not enforceable, but CC specifically says that you **cannot** claim to be #CreativeCommons licensed if you add extra licensing requirements.

(And, thanks for the link, very helpful.)

スパックマン クリス
1 month ago

@enkerli @creativecommons

Actually, because Creative Commons is very clear that you cannot do this, I think it would be a great idea to get the wannabes to change their licenses. If you are not truly CC, then you can't say CC. When I'm searching for CC materials, I shouldn't have to double check if the materials are really CC.

IIRC, a big "open" textbook site had very similar terms a few years ago, but they seem to have gotten rid of them.

#OER #CreativeCommons #OpenContent

スパックマン クリス
1 month ago

Tied with my dislike of the idea that "#OER" just means "available to educators" is my dislike of people who try to have their #CreativeCommons cake and eat it too.

For example: the math content linked below is supposedly "CC BY-NC", but they add conditions to modification and sharing. Among other things, they require specific PR text on *every* page.


Creative Commons FAQ ( seems pretty clear that this is #NotOkay.


Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago
These are some beautiful pictures y'all. Really gorgeous. Even if you can't vote, check them out.

#POTY #CreativeCommons #Wikimedia

1 month ago

The final round of voting for #Commons Picture of the Year is now open! :poty:

2,407 voters cast 118,086 votes in round 1 to narrow it down to 56 beautiful finalists, and now it's time to pick the winner!

Same as last time, you need to have made at least 75 edits before Jan 1 to be eligible to vote ( can help you check)

#POTY #CreativeCommons #Wikimedia

1 month ago

Salut Fediverse ! 👋

#Wikipedia :wikipedia: est une encyclopédie en ligne multilingue sous licence libre, écrite et maintenue par des bénévoles, les Wikipédiens et Wikipédiennes, collaborant de manière ouverte avec MediaWiki, un outil utilisant le principe du wiki.édia

Sachez que tout le monde peut contribuer, même vous ! Suivez-nous pour apprendre comment et connaître les dessous du projet !

#Introduction #CultureLibre #ConnaissanceLibre #wiki #CreativeCommons

1 month ago

Reminder, there's only a few days left to vote in the first round of the #Commons Picture of the Year contest! :poty:

You need to have made at least 75 edits before Jan 1 to be eligible to vote ( can help you check)

#POTY #CreativeCommons #Wikimedia

Russ Sharek
1 month ago

Enjoy the clown archivist's efforts:

I have organized and uploaded nearly 44,000 photos from 42 photographers that worked on the Open Stage project during its 2011-2015 run.

About the project:

Direct link to the images:

The photos are under an exceptionally permissive #CreativeCommons license:

So by all means credit the photographers and use their pictures for art references, remixes, and other creative shenanigans.

Neil Brown
1 month ago

Recommendations, please, for fedizens who make electronic music.

(Probably dance/trance, but interested to hear what comes up).

I am expecting to pay for downloads, and #CreativeCommons licensing preferred.

1 month ago

안녕하세요 페디버스입니다! 👋

#Wikipedia :wikipedia: 는 위키백과인들로 알려진 자원 봉사자 커뮤니티가 개방형 협업과 미디어위키라는 위키 기반 편집 시스템을 사용하여 작성하고 유지 관리하는 다국어 무료 온라인 백과사전입니다.위키백과

당신을 포함하여 누구나 편집할 수 있다는 것을 기억하세요! 방법을 알아보려면 저희를 팔로우하세요. 또한 멋진 사실과 비하인드 스토리도 공유합니다!

#Introduction #FreeCulture #FreeContent #OpenKnowledge #wiki #CreativeCommons

David Revoy
1 month ago
A digital painting cover artwork of Pepper&Carrot Episode 38 : The Healer. Pepper is in clothes of a healer in foreground while a group of adventurer fight a giant monster in the background. The scene happens over a dark landscape of old fantasy gothic bridge in the dark.
Editor B
1 month ago

I'm quite excited and proud to have a photo of mine remixed into an illustration on Cory Doctorow's linkblog @pluralistic for an article on "How Goldman Sachs's 'tax-loss harvesting' lets the ultra-rich rake in billions tax-free" #CreativeCommons #TaxTheRich

1 month ago

Here is my concept for a #furry inspired jacket. I would love to see this outfit become a reality. so if anyone is interested like #fursuit creators or anyone who knows how to do clothing. Tell me how bad this is.

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #krita #art #conceptart #design #CreativeCommons #CCBYSA

drawing of a pink haired girl wearing a furry inspired jacket, yellow shirt and blue shorts. concept front and back of the jacket shown on the right.
Matthew Graybosch
2 months ago


Hi. 👋

I'm a #GenX #metalhead, out-of-print #scifi #author, and burned-out #developer from #NewYork living in #Pennsylvania.

I have a personal website with a blog at, where I've republished my fiction under a #CreativeCommons license, and I #amwriting a new novel called "Spiral Architect" and serializing it there.

My #blog doesn't stick to a particular topic and probably has too many rants.

I'm fine with male #pronouns or singular they.

😸x2 🐶x1


a screenshot of my homepage at that shows the current serial fiction I'm working on, featured posts, recent posts, and posts in progress
2 months ago

Voting in the Seventeenth Annual #Commons Picture of the Year contest is open now! :poty:

Editors are selecting the best featured picture over the previous year from Wikimedia Commons (a free media repository and sister project to Wikipedia).

You need to have made at least 75 edits before Jan 1 to be eligible to vote ( can help you check)

If you haven't seen them yet, check out last year's results:

#POTY #CreativeCommons

Andrew (R.S Admin)
2 months ago

(I'm also interested in purchasing time boxed licenses on preexisting content, but it is my least favorite option. #creativeCommons will be my preference forever.)

2 months ago

The #Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia's non-profit host) has proposed changes to the Terms of Use and is requesting feedback through April 24:

Changes include:
* Codifying the new Universal Code of Conduct
* Migrating to the new #CreativeCommons 4.0 license
* Updates for compliance with the Digital Services Act

A more complete summary of the changes is available too:

Herr Irrtum!
2 months ago

[↓↓↓ German version below ↓↓↓]

Believe it or not but it's that time of the month again - time for my little German language
#radioShow RADIO IRRTUM! - tonight - 2023-03-18 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) on Alex Berlin, at FM 91MHz or via stream: .

Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard
#music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if you don't speak German at all, you will still be sonically pleasured! :)

Usually the first half is more about clubby things (body), while the second half is more about what some wrongly call "difficult" music (for your mind).
Following this path there will be...

- weird
#Japanese #popmusic
- Hiphop
#Beatmaker Beatz
#Bass (#halftime, #140, Trap - that kinda thing)
- soothing and not so soothing but divine
#Music not fitting a clear definition
- (but you need one? Here you go:
#Contemporary Dancehall Jazz Dub)
#Punk for gardening
- Polish
- folkloristic
#songwriter music

A lot of this will be
#CreativeCommons licensed music — not because I am a ideologist (well - I am, but I wouldn't force that on you), but because there is a lot of really really well done stuff coming out from there which deserves so much more attention!

And again some artists being played I've discovered here, at the Fediverse. So greetings to,, and :) !

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Es ist wieder soweit - heute Abend (15.04.2023 / 20 Uhr) wird
RADIO IRRTUM! - ausgestrahlt - wie gewohnt auf Alex Berlin (FM 91MHz / Stream
Wie immer werde ich Euch gnadenlos durch das musikalische Spektrum der Neuerscheinungen schubsen:
Wobei es in der ersten Hälfte mehr um Club-taugliche Musik geht (für Euren Body), während es in der zweiten Hälfte eher um Musik geht, die ungerechtfertigter Weise als "sperrig" attribuiert werden könnte (für Euren Geist).
Folgen wir also diesem Weg und passieren dabei:

- verrückten Japanpop
- Hiphop Beatmaker Beatz
- Bass (halftime, 140, Trap, sowas - wisster Bescheid)
- mehr oder weniger beruhigendes Experimentelles (und göttliches!) Geräusch
#Musik, die in keine Schublade passt.
- (aber wenn Ihr eine wollt: Contemporary Dancehall Jazz Dub)
- Punk für Gärtner:Innen (wartet es ab, wird ein gaaaaanz flacher Witz!)
- Polnischer PostDarkWave
- Liedermachermusik mit folkloristischem Spin

Dabei auch ganz viel Creative Commons Lizensiertes - gar nicht mal aus ideologischen Gründen, sondern weil aus dieser Ecke immer wieder richtig gutes Zeug kommt, was definitiv mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.
Und es gibt mehrere Künstler:Innen zu hören, die ich hier im Fediverse entdeckt habe (siehe oben). \o/
Viel Spaß und bis denne!

2 months ago

Hello Fediverse! 👋

#Wikipedia :wikipedia: is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration and using a wiki-based editing system called MediaWiki. -- or so says our Wikipedia article (

Follow for cool facts, behind-the-scenes details on editing processes and tips on getting started contributing!

#Introduction #FreeCulture #FreeContent #OpenKnowledge #wiki #CreativeCommons

Sent an update to #Piikup with the improvements we've made to their #Convene marketplace:

Does anyone know of #CreativeCommons, #OpenSource, or #FreeSoftware Terms of Service / Privacy Policies for commercial folks?

2 months ago

Hi :)
Could you point me in the direction of some free for commercial use music online?
I'm, uh, working on something ♥️♥️♥️

#CreativeCommons #CC0 #Music

2 months ago

A dedicated jam space for maybe 6-8 active #musicians at a time

good modern PA system

cool lighting and comfy furniture and a projector doing audio visualizations

a rotating roster of area musicians to just jam

streaming to the #fediverse twice a week

recorded #CreativeCommons for posterity and sharing with @internetarchive

with links to musicians' other projects and #BandCamp, etc.

a jam group for the year 2023.

Does this exist? Because I wish it to.

We would like to reach out to authors and ask them for a permission to use their work in such a way.

Are you aware of any #solarpunk stories which are already open, for example under #creativecommons licenses?

@sarenaulibarri @Pheebsdw knowing you're one of the best experts on Solarpunk anthologies in the world, is there anything you could recommend?