Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 day ago

EU COST Action CA18228, 'Global Atrocity Justice Constellations' has just published a second round of data from its scoping survey on states and international criminal justice.

The survey asks local experts for information on law, policy, institutions, civil society and culture relating to states and international crimes.

There is data on 23 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

#ICJ #ICL #Law #Criminology #Atrocity

David Nathanson
2 weeks ago

And a follow-up article about the mislabeling of Hispanic drivers to skew statistics away from racial profiling and state manipulation of the study's methods. #Criminology

David Nathanson
2 weeks ago

/2 One source for the racially disproportionate impact of vicarious liability:

Cohen, Levinson & Hioki, Racial Bias, Accomplice
Liability, and The Felony Murder Rule: a National Empirical Study, Denver L. Rev.
(forthcoming 2023),

[And as to the headline more generally, if someone was wrongly convicted, then by definition they are not a murderer.]


David Nathanson
3 weeks ago

"A study ... found that fatal overdoses doubled in the week after an opioid seizure within about 500 meters of where the seizure occurred. Researchers have theorized that drug users who are suddenly cut off from their normal supply will go into withdrawal and their tolerance level will decrease — putting them at higher risk of overdose when they find a new supplier, often a stranger selling drugs with an unknown potency." /1


Aby Darling
1 month ago

I wrote a paper about the media coverage of her trial.

I hope her convictions are overturned and she sues the fuck out of the state. This poor woman has suffered so much.

#KathleenFolbigg #Criminology #CriminalJustice #AbolishPolice #Abolition #AbolishPrisons #anarchism #CommunityNotCops

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

@elizabethward You may know it already. İn case not, there's a very good #Criminology paper on Topf and Sons.

The Oven Builders Of The Holocaust: A Case Study of Corporate Complicity in International Crimes, by Annika Van Baar, Wim Huisman

#criminology #genocide #atrocity #Holocaust

Aby Darling
1 month ago

Ugh. I've just gotten most of the way through writing a paper about Kumanjayi Walker and realised that it should actually be about the media coverage of his murder and not the crime itself.

Let's start that again.

#Uni #Academia #Criminology #CriminalJustice #University #Fail

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

The #crime #justice and #society seminars are usually hybrid in Edinburgh and online, and are open to the public. For details see:

#criminology #Law #crimodon #lawfedi


Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

The first Crime, Justice and Society seminar of the year kicked off with @jgmbuchan discussing his recent work with @fergusmcneill on Scottish criminal justice policy.

For an #OpenAccess version of the paper, head here:

#CriminalJustice #Scotland #Criminology #SocialWork

[edit added alt text missed from image]

A man, the speaker, sits at a desk with a power point slide behind. There is an 'owl' on the table combining camera, microphone and speaker for online participation. Two members of the audience are seen. All look off camera to the right, where someone asks a question.
Roxanne Rhoads
1 month ago

Uncover the chilling secrets of "The Hunter's Daughter" by Nicola Solvinic. Anna Koray, a decorated sheriff's lieutenant, has buried her past, thanks to hypnosis. But when a serial killer emulates her notorious father, her memories resurface. Is her father back from the dead, or is there a sinister copycat?
now available for pre-order:
#nicolasolvinic #mysteryauthor #crimeauthor #thrillerwriter #criminology
#criminologymastermind #crimefiction #crimethriller

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

Why The Holocaust Still Matters Today - Holocaust Museum Houston

A short but very helpful piece on the enduring importance of the Holocaust in thinking about and teaching atrocity.

Each genocide is unique, but they still share common features.

#atrocity #genocide #teaching #pedagogy #criminology

1 month ago

That case in Toowoomba has made me wonder about criminals who repeatedly commit crimes.
I don't really want to research this topic, it is too depressing, but....

I suppose that each time a criminal commits an unpunished crime, their behaviour is reinforced, and the interval between crimes reduces (or stays constant?).

Does charging a serial offender with one of their crimes inhibit their behaviour? Do they restrain themselves while the judicial process goes on? Does the interval between crimes decrease? If they are found not guilty, does their offending bounce back vigorously, or does it only slowly recover its previous tempo?

I am also reminded of #robodebt, where corporate crimes were repeated and repeated, even mechanised to increase the tempo, until the judiciary stepped up. Now that the royal commission has gone, presumably DSS, Centrelink et al are back to offending? What is their tempo? OR are they still waiting for charges to be laid?

Any #criminology people out there?

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

New paper from S.J. Cooper-Knock, Julie Berg and Tessa Diphoorn changing the way we think about the public (publics) in studies of pluralised and nodal policing.

Publics of policing: expanding approaches to nodal policing

#Criminology #Police #Policing

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

Great event to launch edition 7 of the Oxford Handbook of Criminology, a chance to reflect on the discipline/field, express hopes for the future, and to meet one criminological hero, Jen Harris of The Black Criminology Network.

#Criminology #research

An audience, seated at desks. I am just in frame on the right.
A building, with signage saying criminology
Jen Harris of Birming City University, with me, in classic social media conference photo pose
Me at a lectern. To my right, three editors, each leaning away as if repelled by a magnetic force.
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

Criminal disenfranchisement: Developments in, and lessons from, Scotland

Really useful #OpenAccess paper - both in terms of #Scotland focus and broader issues

From Cara LC Hunter, @fergusmcneill and Milena Tripković

#Criminology #Prisons #Democracy #Citizenship #Law #Research

Monica Heilman 지혜
1 month ago

A+ to dear Dr. Leon Pettiway for the most effective accidental viral email marketing campaign I have ever seen.

Am I terrified to open my email on Monday? Yes. But will I now always remember this professor and his work? Also yes.

#academia #AcademicChatter #Sociology #Criminology #PhDChat #AcademicMastodon

Tweets that read:
Katie Durante
Shout out to the guy who added every Crim/Sociologist to a listserv and emailed us all about his new book. …Now I’m getting 10 emails/ minute of people unsubscribing. 🫢Can’t make this stuff up.

Like why would you reply all?

RIP to profs waking up Monday morning to find 300+ unread emails
Quote tweets that read:
Heba Gowayed
This is the comedic relief I needed. The exclamations!!!!!!!!!!! The unsubscribes! The stop unsubscribing! Just a party of tech ineptitude. Never change academia.

Also y’all better buy that man’s book!!! He did the work. This is innovative guerrilla marketing.
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
2 months ago

New episode of Talking Teaching with Criminologists has dropped!

@jonshute and Helen Nichols talk with @carolrobinson of University of York on bringing practitioners into the classroom.

#Criminology #Pedagogy #Practice

Rod Graham
2 months ago

The second edition!

Coming soon to a bored student near you...

#cybercrime #sociology #criminology #digitalcriminology #digitalsociology

⭐ Learn how the need for secure housing for victims of crime and their companion animals led to the creation of the Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grant Program.

📻 A podcast from OVC, Office for Victims of Crime.


@publichealth #PublicHealth #Criminology #Victimology #Equity #Survivor

Office for Victims of Crime

Rights - Access - Equity
Helping Crime Survivors Find Their Justice

A Conversation With Nancy Blaney: Shelter Services for Survivors and Their Companion Animals

In the latest edition of the Office of Justice Programs “Justice Today podcast,” learn how the need for secure housing for victims of crime and their companion animals led to the creation of the Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grant Program.

This podcast features a conversation between Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Director Kristina Rose and Nancy Blaney, Director of Government Affairs at the Animal Welfare Institute, about the creation of the program and the impact housing services can have on the lives of victims of crime and their pets.

[A blue button "Listen Now"]

The Office of Justice Programs’ Justice Today podcast explores cutting edge research and practices and offers an in-depth look at what OVC and its partner offices are doing to meet the biggest public safety challenges of our time. Listen to more Justice Today podcasts.

Join OVC Director Kristina Rose for October’s From the Director’s Desk Call

During this month’s 'From the Director’s Desk' briefing, OVC Director Kristina Rose anticipates discussing Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, funding awards, takeaways from recent travels, the status of the Crime Victims Fund, and more.

📆 The call is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 3:00 p.m., eastern time.

⭐ To join the briefing:

▪️ Dial: 415-527-5035
▪️ Access Code: 2763 450 8124
▪️ Attendee ID: Press #

The call will last approximately 10 minutes.

Subsequent calls will take place the second Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m., eastern time.

While participants will not be able to ask questions during the call, we encourage the crime victims field to email any questions to

#Victims #OVC #PublicHealth #Prevention #DVAM #Criminology #Victimology @publichealth

Me, writing my assessments:
This is going to sound crazy.. and I know that I *do* have mental illness, but... just follow me here... the state is a terrorist... and.. no, wait.. I have sources!

#audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #uni #student #Criminology #CriminalJustice #Academia

My essay plan for a paper I wrote on the War on Terror and the Human Right to Privacy, there are a lot of arrows and lines linking different ideas all over the page
A character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia who is known for believing conspiracies and being completely unstable and over the top. He's standing in front of a wall covered with papers and red string linking them together. He's frantically looking at another person, and is about to rant at the about a conspiracy theory.
Domino Joyce
2 months ago

Informative and thought provoking inaugural lecture from Prof. Iain Brennan on violent crime @iainbrennan (complete with Tom Waits reference in the title).
#criminology #knifecrime

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
2 months ago

ICYMI, it's me, in a podcast, talking about teaching, criminology and atrocity with @jonshute and Helen Nichols for the British Society of Criminology.

#Criminology #Pedagogy #Research #Teaching

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
2 months ago

My copy of the new (7th) Oxford Handbook of Criminology arrived last week. As part of its ever-evolving account of the field, @mirzabuljubasic , Barbora Holá and I have contributed a chapter on criminological study of atrocity.

#Criminology #atrocity #genocide #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #research

Copy of 7th edition of Oxford Handbook of Criminology on a desk. It is green with a grid of images which are intended to suggest crime or harm
Black and white image of spines of 7 editions of the Oxford Handbook of Criminology. The 7th is picked out in green.
Black and white image of open book held by women's hand. The chapter is 'Criminology and Atrocity Crimes'.
Knowledge Zone
2 months ago

#DidYouKnow:In #Criminology, the #Broken #Windows #Theory states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes.

The theory suggests that policing methods that target minor crimes such as vandalism, loitering, public drinking, jaywalking, and fare evasion help to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness.

Hannah Graham
2 months ago

📢 SASO 2023 conference registration is now open!

📆 Thursday 16 November in Glasgow.

A Scottish Justice conference with a great line-up of speakers, including judge Lord John Scott, the Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC, and many others!
#CriminalJustice #Criminology #Law #Justice #SocialWork #Scotland

Jean-Louis Piraux
2 months ago

"A study published in Science estimated that Mexican cartels recruit about 360 workers each week to replace those lost to violence or incarceration."


Having thoughts about the stigmatised shaming vs reintegrative shaming thing from restorative justice and the whole online cancel culture/consequences/call-out call-in thing with regards to the latest discourse happening here.

#Criminology #CriminalJustice #Indigenous #Aboriginal #Decolonise #KillTheCopInsideYourHead

Jose Pina-Sánchez
2 months ago

'Which Are the Main Characteristics Determining Sentence Severity? An Empirical Exploration of Shoplifting Offences Using Spike-and-Slab Models'

It seems that magistrates in England and Wales focus more on offender than offence characteristics when sentencing shop-lifters, which questions the view of proportionality as the bedrock of the sentencing regime in England and Wales.

#Sentencing #Criminology #CriminalJustice

Joseph Meyer
2 months ago

 “The appetite for punishment, in a culture that is fueled by fear and anger, is infinite. We have 2.3 million people in our jails and prisons. A healthy society doesn’t take pride in the fact that it has the highest incarceration rate in the world. That’s a mark of failure. Unless you believe Americans are just less capable, less civilized, less decent, less human than every other country on the planet.” - #BryanStevenson


I just submitted one of the two assignments I have outstanding from last year.

It's a critical analysis of "Women with Disability and Domestic and Family Violence: A Guide for Policy and Practice".

My lecturer has been incredibly supportive and patient.

My grade was automatically finalised because I had gotten enough marks to pass the subject without handing in the final assignment, and he helped me apply to have the grade reopened. He understands that my goal is for HDs so I can so honours (hopefully first class honours) and that I'd really like to graduate with the university medal.

Most of the time I get people telling me that I should just settle and just concentrate on passing, especially because of being a disabled student.. it's nice to have a lecturer who gets it.

I have another to submit in 3 weeks - it's an assessment of the media coverage of Kumanjayi Walker's murder.

#audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #MentalHealth #Anxiety #MentalIllness #uni #university #Academia #Criminology

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
3 months ago

I'm making my Da listen to the Talking Teaching with Criminologists podcast where I talk about teaching on atrocity crimonology

Don't let him suffer alone!

If you can't stand my voice, there's an #OpenAccess article you can read instead.

#Criminology #Atrocity #Pedagogy #SOTL

Joseph Meyer
3 months ago

I was invited by a local county judge to present my caregiver perspective at a regular monthly meeting of the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Advisory Committee of Travis County, Texas. The group's goal is reducing the entanglement of persons with mental illness in the criminal justice system. My wife joined me in presenting, yesterday, and we both thought it went great! We spoke about our personal experiences as parents and caregivers for an adult living with schizophrenia and shared data from author Seth Stoughton, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), and the CAHOOTS program in support of improving the response to those in crisis. The committee members were engaged and we received enthusiastic applause at the end of our presentation. I hope we made a lasting difference. Our five wrap-up suggestions:

1. Reduce the contact persons with serious mental illness have with the justice system:
a. Certified Peer Support Specialists could be hired to conduct frequent telehealth wellness checks and paid a stipend by the minute for the time they spend on their cell phones with clients.
b. Caregivers could benefit from de-escalation training and access to help from outside the justice system, perhaps from a network of family and friends who undergo training to become Certified Family Peer Specialists.

2. Pledge that first-responders will acquire skills for an unarmed response to those without a gun. A mutual “no guns” agreement would require that no gun is available to a person with serious mental illness for there to be a private response. This would increase the safety of all stakeholders. Such a program is one that caregivers could get excited about.

3. Minimize coercion by making hospitality a leading feature of the diversion center. Make it a “living room” where persons want to go for help. Make it a place all stakeholders will encourage persons with mental illnesses to go for help. We don’t want any stakeholders to discourage use of the diversion center.

4. For those who hesitate to accept treatment, offer financial incentives for psychotic and homeless persons to try a long-acting injectable antipsychotic, like the incentives offered to blood plasma donors and in clinical trials of new medications—if they are competent to reject treatment, they are competent to accept treatment with an incentive.

5. Don’t forget the <1% with unstable psychotic disorders who have lost reality contact and are homeless. Unless they are already known to be non-responders to prior treatment, consider a brief involuntary commitment at a facility separate from the diversion center and with the approval of collaborating judges and physicians. Develop new ways to improve the lives of treatment non-responders.


"Crime exists at the intersection of racism, imperialism, and sexism."

- Vivian Saleh-Hannah

#Criminology #CriminalJustice #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition

This sounds amazing! I'm trying to convince my uni library to buy copies, and trying to fund a copy for myself.

I get so frustrated with book prices.. the ebook of this is almost $70aud.

If you'd like to help a struggling student, my details are here:


"Abolish Criminology presents critical scholarship on criminology and criminal justice ideologies and practices, alongside emerging freedom-driven visions and practices for new world formations.

The book introduces readers to a detailed history and analysis of crime as a concept and its colonizing trajectories into existence and enforcement. These significant contexts buried within peculiar academic histories and classroom practices are often overlooked or unknown outside academic and public discussions, causing the impact of racializing-gendering-sexualizing histories to extend and grow through criminology’s creation of crime, extending how the concept is weaponized and enforced through the criminal legal system. It offers written, visual, and poetic teachings from the perspectives of students, professors, imprisoned and formerly imprisoned persons, and artists. This allows readers to engage in multi-sensory, inter-disciplinary, and multi-perspective teachings on criminology’s often discussed but seldom interrogated mythologies on violence and danger, and their wide-reaching enforcements through the criminal legal system’s research, theories, agencies, and dominant cultures.

Abolish Criminology serves the needs of undergraduate and graduate students and educators in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. It will also appeal to scholars, researchers, policy makers, activists, community organizers, social movement builders, and various reading groups in the general public who are grappling with increased critical public discourse on policing and criminal legal reform or abolition."

#MutualAid #Indigenous #Aboriginal #IndigenousMutualAid #queer #trans #autism #audhd #disability #JobSeeker #PleaseShare #Help #PleaseHelp #SettlerSaturday #SettlerSunday #uni #student #Criminology #CriminalJustice #AbolishPolice #Abolition #AbolishPrisons #anarchism #book

The front cover of the book "Abolish Criminology", edited by Vivian Saleh-Hanna, Jason M. Williams, and  Michael J. Coyle. The picture on the cover is a group of Black people, one of whom is holding a dandelion flower and blowing the seeds from it towards a giant crack in the ground.
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
3 months ago

#Eurocrim23 achievement unlocked, starting my presentation quoting Mark McManus.

And no, it wasn't "there's been a murder"

#Film #Television #Criminology #Eurocrim2023

Actor Mark McManus standing in front of grey stone building
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
3 months ago

Something nice about walking past the bus to Piazza Beccaria on the way to the #Eurocrim23 conference.

#criminology #origins #italia #florence #firenze #Eurocrim2023

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
3 months ago

Day 1 of #Eurocrim23 and I am ready for COST Action CA18228 and our discussion of our scoping survey of state engagement with International Justice.

#criminology #Law #ICL #icj

Abstract sculpture of dancers, set in garden, in front of modernist building and trees
Knowable Magazine
3 months ago

Studies suggest that US police commonly submit deceptive reports and offer false testimony in court. Prosecutors and judges can take steps to prevent such abuses of power, writes legal scholar Rachel Moran

Read the #OpEd:

#KnowableMagazine #ScienceMastodon #criminology

Chatting with my lecturer about the policy analysis assessment I'm working on...

Can I just say "this is some fucking ridiculous bullshit right here..."?

That's not exactly 3000 words now, is it?

What if I have a really good reference list? Like a REALLY good one...?

#uni #Academia #Criminology #CriminalJustice

People are talking about how it's too early for there to be a true crime show about Lucy Letby and making comments like "haven't the families suffered enough??"

I saw the same people raving about watching the Jeffrey Dahmer show and how much they loved it, when Tony Hughes family asked over and over for people to not watch that show.

It smacks of the hierarchy of victimhood, and it makes me sad. We need to stop consuming other people's suffering as entertainment. They deserve better.

#Criminology #Crime #TrueCrime

Ok but it's hard work doing a criminology degree when you gigglefit in response to someone saying 'penal'...

#Criminology #Academia

4 months ago

This #BBC #Panorama episode is an excellent deep-dive into the recent Lucy Letby murder trial and the guilty verdict:

The fact a neonatal nurse has become the UK's most prolific child murderer is depressing enough, but the facts emerging from the case about how poorly concerns from consultants were handled is quite shocking too.

#UK #UKNews #TV #Documentary #Murder #Crime #Letby #LucyLetby #Hospital #Neonatal #CountessOfChesterHospital #Criminology #NHS #Nurse

Ruth Flaherty
4 months ago

Saw a fun question on Reddit, which might be fun for all my @edutooters out there, especially in #law #criminology and #sociology

Could a vampire policeman enter my house if they had a validly executed warrant?

This raises interesting questions about how and why law applies to citizens, for example. Thoughts? Considering using this as an icebreaker when term starts...


Hannah Graham
4 months ago

Government and Police targeting UK minorities with social media ads despite Facebook ban

Campaigns aimed at people interested in “hijabs”, “Hinduism” and “afro-textured hair” raise concerns over profiling and privacy.

Important research by my #Criminology and #Technology academic colleagues published in the Observer 👇
#privacy #socialmedia #police #discrimination #advertising #profiling #surveillance

Donna Yates
4 months ago

Come join our project! HIGH VALUE WATCH CRIME! The PRICELESS project is looking for someone to do a *fully funded*, paid criminology PhD on "Risk and vulnerability in the assetization of expensive pre-owned watches" in English at Maastricht University. Part of an exciting larger project on subversive crime and high value unique goods
#Criminology #sociology #job #watches #academia @criminology @sociology

4 months ago

This "Cost of Discretion" report on NYC judges and pre-trial detention is naming names:

"The fourteen judges who exhibited the most carceral discretion compared to their peers are Felicia Mennin, Gerald Lebovits, Quynda Santacroce, Josh Hanshaft, Kerry Ward, Bruna DiBiase, Gerianne Abriano, Beth Beller, Phyllis Chu, Alan Schiff, Tara Collins, Derefim Neckles, Joseph McCormack, and Lumarie Maldonado-Cruz."


An table from "Cost of Discretion:
Judicial Decision-Making,
Pretrial Detention, and
Public Safety in New York City." It shows the most carceral judges in the NYC courts, with columns for "Estimated Additional People Detained Due to Disproportionate Carcerality," "estimated additional days of detention," and "estimated additional cost to taxpayer."
Hannah Graham
5 months ago

A controversial topic for some. What people might not realise is just how little prisoners are payed: this report says those unwell or unemployed receive £5 per WEEK, others with jobs in prison (which may fluctuate) may get up to £28 per week.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland is calling for people in Scottish prisons to get a pay rise to be able to afford basic things, like calling their children and families.
#Scotland #CriminalJustice #Prison #costofliving #Criminology #HumanRights

Front page of the Scottish Daily Mail headline which is raging in capital letters about calls for Scottish prisoners to get a pay rise.
Hannah Graham
5 months ago

Four out of five (80%) young men in HMP YOI Polmont #prison have a history of significant head injuries, affecting mental health and brain #trauma.

Important new #JusticeHealth and #Disability research by University of Glasgow colleagues.
#Justice #Health #braininjury #youngadult #Criminology #Scotland #ScottishJustice

Charlotte Walker
5 months ago

Well I just had a one hour meeting with my boss and now I have LOTS of work to do 😹😹😹 I’ve been given back an article on co-production with justice-experienced adults which I drafted a few months ago. My manager and a senior academic colleague have both tweaked it, boss is still not sure we’ve got the structure and the “hook” right so it’s come back my way for a jiggle. Hopefully we can get it to peer review in the next couple of weeks #AmWriting #AcademicChatter #criminology

Didier Ruedin
5 months ago

Any criminologists out there? #criminology #sociology @sociology @criminologist Has anyone ever convinced a police department to do truly randomized checks to establish baseline levels? I have a hunch that this could help getting the #police on board with serious discussions about #racialProfiling...

5 months ago

Criminal behavior more likely in young adults who complete less education than their parents, especially in more advantaged neighborhoods.

#NICHDImpact #Education #Criminology #Adolescence #Neighborhoods

Hannah Graham
5 months ago

An Irish High Court Judge has refused to extradite a man to #Scotland on 'humanitarian grounds' after noting that #prison overcrowding would result in him being locked up for 22 hours a day with less than three square metres of personal space.

The judge ruled that if the man was sent to Scotland for trial he would face a “real and substantial risk of inhumane or degrading treatment”.

📰 features a comment from my colleague, Dr Katrina Morrison.
#Criminology #HumanRights

Hannah Graham
5 months ago

To say I am excited about us being awarded this Leverhulme Trust research funding would be an understatement! 🤩 💛

'Penal Supervision in Comparative Context' is a 5 nation comparative study of Probation and Justice Social Work supervision. Led by an academic dream team of lovely human beings: Prof Nicola Carr (PI), Beth Weaver, Jake Phillips, myself, and Fergus McNeill.

More details below 🔗 👇
#Criminology #CriminalJustice #SocialWork #Probation #academia #research

Charlotte Walker
6 months ago

Announcement! 📢 Today it has been formally agreed that I will be undertaking my PhD in the department of #criminology, sociology and social policy at Swansea University. I will be supervised by my current manager, with whom I have an excellent working relationship. I start in October, and will be focussing on digital exclusion among offender populations. It’s all very exciting!

Hannah Graham
6 months ago

I am among those quoted in this article calling for urgent attention and action regarding serious issues at HMP Addiewell.

It is a credit to Karin Goodwin @theferret that these further troubling claims and issues are being brought to light, following a very negative report on HMP Addiewell by HM Inspectorate of Prisons.

'Violence, failure and rotten food: Life in Scotland's last private prison'
#Prison #Criminology #CriminalJustice #Scotland #InvestigativeJournalism

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
7 months ago

The perfect holiday comes to an end. As Dad would say, it's back to porridge, old clothes [and #criminology ] tomorrow. But for now, I'll forget that and take everything Vienna gives.

#ViennaCalling #wien #vienna #CafeCulture

A table at Café Sperl, laid with strudel, pancake, coffee and slivovitz.
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
7 months ago

Top #Criminology story in Scotland today

£10k of class a drugs, lamb and bag of chips recovered from vehicle.

Lamb is doing okay, in care of local farmer.

#Scotland #Drugs #OnTheLam #BornToBeBaaad

Police Scotland image of lamb in back seat of passenger vehicle, with chips and a plastik bag. The lamb is sticking it's wee pink Tongue out. Caption, A lamb was found in a car on the M74 motorway with class A drugs and a bag of chips.
David Nathanson
8 months ago

This is the kind of scholarship that I'm here for. The authors take the long-settled criminal legal concepts of felony murder and accomplice liability and expose them for what they are: racist in application and in conception. Quote follows. /1

#FelonyMurder #Criminology #AppellateMastodon @law

Annual Reviews
10 months ago

We published 10 new volumes of the Annual Reviews journals in January 2023 but something about them is different...

...they are all Open Access!

Here are the journal names:

#Pharmacology #Toxicology

Enjoy and share far and wide.

Anne Fausto Sterling
10 months ago
"Criminologists, Looking to Biology for Insight, Stir a Racist Past
Using biology to understand criminal behavior has long been controversial. Top criminology programs are pursuing it anyway." #criminology #biodeterminism #racistpast #rememberLombroso

Oh boy, if you like #NonFiction and #Criminology and #Forensics you must read “#WrittenInBone” by Sue Black. It’s SO GOOD! Ideally, find the audiobook, which is expertly narrated by the author with liveliness and humor in her delicious Scottish accent.


Kathy Reid
11 months ago

Good evening #Mastodon and the #Fediverse :fediverse: ! It's been a big day of Mastodon upgrades and building observability infra for but that's done so now I'm bringing you my regular #Introduction #ConnectionList #TwitterMigration roundup of folks you should follow.

@profElanor is Exec Director at CSIRO (who I don't think are on Mastodon yet), and she has #research interests in #quantum #QuantumComputing. She is the previous Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science - now Engineering, Computer Science and #cybernetics at ANU 👋

@kylieengineer is the face you know and love from @bsidescbr! She is awesome, into #infosec, and a #founder at @infosect 👋

@mikejones is into #archives, #history, #museums, #GLAM and #DigitalHumanities and he is Deputy Director of the Research Centre for Deep History at ANU 👋

@uberlibris is Dr Catherine Kerrigan and she is a #librarian #GLAM and #LIS #researcher in #Adelaide 👋

@evansmithhist is an #academic and #writer who works with #history #politics and #criminology 👋

@JanetRoitman works with @adms at #RMIT where they (not assuming pronouns) #research #DigitalPlatforms #PlatformEconomies #Data #Sociotechnical #STS 👋

Don't forget to make your own #ConnectionList #FollowFriday so we can more deeply connect the Fediverse ❤️

Bex (Rebecca) Stone
11 months ago

Check out this lovely story about our "Decarcerating Women Today" conference! We brought together formerly incarcerated women, community organizers, attorneys, social workers, and others to talk about how to reduce the number of #incarcerated women in #Massachusetts.

#criminology #criminaljustice #Boston #Sociology #socialwork #prison

Charlotte Walker
1 year ago

Can anyone share any examples of speculative/SF stories or novels that deal with criminal justice systems? I’m collecting them to maybe write an article #CriminalJustice #Criminology #sff #ScienceFiction

Aby Darling
1 year ago

Continuing my expansion of my #bio and #introduction - I'm a #CriticalCriminology #student - police and prison #abolitionist.

I'm currently doing a bachelors and am hoping to go on to do #post-grad studies and work in #research and #teaching. I'd love to get involved in research and writing about #abolition.

Critical #criminology basically means that the focus is on the power structures that exist, how they can contribute to crime and what their responses to crime and justice are.

I believe that police and prisons need to be abolished completely. Interestingly, US criminologists in the 70s thought that crime rates were dropping so quickly that we'd be shutting down prisons over the next 20 years, and that by 2000-ish we wouldn't need prisons anymore - then the private prison industry showed how locking people in cages could make a LOT of money, and the prison populations skyrocketed.

Locking people in cages is inhumane. It doesn't work to deter crime, it doesn't solve crime. To quote Angela Davis - Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings.

We need to focus on creating a world where we stop disappearing people and start fostering connection with each other.

If you're interested in abolition, some amazing books by Angela Davis are:
- Are Prisons Obselete?
- Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
- Abolition. Feminism. Now.

A painting by Sara Yukimoto-Saltman, showing a golden sun over some blue ocean waves.  

There is text in the sun that says 'Abolition is creation - creation of life affirming structures.

There is further text in each of the peaks of the waves that says - 'process of experimentation', 'creation of alternatives', 'inherently anti-capitalist'

@ashleyspencer @actuallyautistic
In no particular order:
#food - particularly cooking and going to restaurants - you know how some people plan which sights they want to see on holiday? I plan which restaurants
#Gaming - mostly #PCMasterrace - more specifically at the moment #HeartsOfIron4 and #TheLomgDark
#Criminology and #law for my #OpenUniversity degree

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 year ago

For those interested in #Criminology and finding their feet here, a ready made (and growing) list of ready accounts to follow:

And a form to get yourself added:

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 year ago

As I've just moved server, time for a (re)introduction

I teach and research in the criminology of atrocity, global crime and in the area of policing and democracy.

My interests are in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider Yugosphere.

I mostly toot in English, rarely in Turkish, and on special occasions in B/H/S. I'll boost in any language where I think I've understood.

#Criminology #ICJ #IntLaw #BiH #Bosna #BosnaiHercegovina #Bosnia #Yugosphere

1 year ago

I'm new here - a recent convert from twitter where I spent years building a community to share ideas with. I'd love to connect with others from #law #academia #legaltheory #criminology #sociology #criminaljustice #highered #higheredtech #pedagogy #socialjustice

Growth & Resilience
1 year ago

Hello! You can call me mystic or resilient. I slowly migrated from #Twitter as of today but I will still be active on Twitter. I'll just have both accounts and go back & forth from each platform. I use my socials as an anonymous outlet & for support because support is not available or there in my personal life. I mask 24/7 and people who think they may know me, do not know me at all.

I'm extremely introverted. People think I'm extroverted but I'm really not. I'm socially awkward and it's painfully excruciating to even make eye contact. It feels like my eyes are drilling into someone else's soul if that even makes sense. I'm also very random. I can be hyper at times.

Anyways, I was diagnosed in my early 20's with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder, #Anxiety, #Depression, & #CPTSD. I'm still waiting to get assessed for #ADHD and I'm slowly embracing my neurodivergency. I had no idea what being #Neurodivergent was until recently and I started reading and following a bunch of other Neurodivergent users.

I've never really felt accepted anywhere but in the neurodivergent community and it feels like family to me. It feels like I belong.

While growing up, I have had doctors tell me that i have #OppositionalDefiantDisorder and #SensoryProcessingDisorder - There has never actually been a diagnosis. There should have been. Professionals do not really take me seriously. It's because I'm able to mask and function normally. But people don't see how easily frustrated I can get. It's there. So is the anger. It's just hidden.

Here are a few interests:

- #Unicorns 🦄🦄
- #MentalHealth
- #MentalIllness
- #PolicingReform
- #Criminology
- #SocialJustice
- #Policing
- #HumanRights
- #Disability
- #Advocacy
- #Medium
- #Photography
- #ChrisEvans 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
- #FrenchLatte
- #Montreal
- #DisabilityJustice
- #DisabilityInclusion
- #SelfCare
- #Equality
- #Accessibility
- #HealthCare

I love you all! Remember to stay amazing & that unicorns are awesome! ❤️🌟🦄

An introduction:

Hi, I'm Sarah. I live in London and am a parent to a nearly 4-year-old. I am autistic, ADHDer and have bipolar ii. I'm a systems and project manager in HE. I'm also an Open University student, completing a UG in criminology and law.

When I am not ridiculously busy I enjoy anything to do with food, photography, gaming (mostly The Long Dark ATM), Doctor Who and Taylor Swift.

#autistic #adhd #openuniversity #food #doctorwho #taylorswift #photography #criminology #law #student

Donna Yates
1 year ago

#introduction or rather #reintroduction

I'm Donna! I'm an academic who is part archaeologist, part criminologist, and part dinosaur lawyer. I study crime related to #art, antiquities, #heritage, #fossils. Smuggling, forgery, heists, you name it. A lot of T. rex lately.

I live in the #Netherlands. I work at #Maastricht University.

I blog at:

My project websites are and #archaeology #criminology #artcrime

Woman with long hair and glasses standing in front of a bridge. Bar across image says Dr Donna Yates Trafficking of Antiquities Expert
1 year ago

Hello! We are the Dept of #Sociology at #University of #Surrey doing our #introduction to #Sociology & #Commodon folks. Our department has colleagues in #media #criminology & #sociology. We are v new here, trying to figure out how to follow & find people. We continue to be on Twitter, but will not be auto-tooting anything. You can find us online at

Charlotte Walker
1 year ago

@nino Exploring digital exclusion among offenders and seeking to improve their digital confidence and inclusion through the use of a co-designed app #criminology #academicchat

kate henne
1 year ago

Now that Halloween festivities are over… an #introduction post!
I am an #ethnographer who works across #STS critical #criminology #law + #sociology of #knowledge. I study relationships between #technoscience and #regulation with a focus on understanding intersecting #inequities that affect #health, #safety + #wellbeing. Current projects are on digital ID, pandemic shifts in tech #surveillance + the politics of #gender inclusion.

Guillaume Chetard
1 year ago

Ma bibliographie sur #HAL est désormais complète et comprend deux chapitres d'ouvrage en anglais, un en français, et quatre petits articles dans une revue en ligne qui avaient été omis.
Dans les prochains jours je rectifierai des erreurs mineures et j'ajouterai le texte de chaque article en accès libre.
#droit #justice #openscience #scienceouverte #penal #criminal #criminologie #criminology #legaltheory