Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
5 hours ago

New server, new #introduction

Hello sunny gardeners! Thanks for having me 😄

I'm Michelle, moving here from which is sadly shutting down. I'm a proud #Multicrafter and mostly toot about #Crafts of all kinds, including but not limited to #Knitting, #Crochet, #Sewing #CrossStitch and things of that ilk.

Love to see, live vicariously through, and enable the creative endeavours of others!

I also do a bit of hobby gamedev over at @teahands, and have a small crafty YT channel which is also now on PeerTube at 🤓

Also also, a big fan of the #Packers and #Eurovision and toot as such during their respective seasons.

Since my old server will disappear soon, I'll attach a few examples of recently completed projects (see alt text for more info).

Looking forward to getting to know a whole new gang of creatives! 😀

Reflection of my torso as I model a very recently completed, but not blocked yet, knitted jumper. It's forest green, and made up of a squishy broken rib stitch pattern.
Three-tiered purple skirt displayed on a dressmaking dummy, in a room with yellow walls. Each tier is more gathered than the last, and the waistband is elasticated. This skirt was made from a £2.50 bed sheet!
Black lacy crochet crop top displayed on a dummy. The top is made up of repeating motifs in a vaguely floral design, but is mostly open lace. In the background is a shoe organiser hanging on the back of the door, containing all kinds of colourful craft materials.
A completed cross stitch project that needs to be ironed! It's a blue cat sitting in a bright and colourful garden full of flowers.
Handmade Hearts
5 hours ago

Progress on the #songbird #amigurumi. I'm winging (hehe) it a little, not sure how much I'll be changing in future versions, but I think it's functional so far.

This here will be the belly, feet will be attached as pipe cleaners where it's resting on my finger in the second pic. The wings... I want to do something really cool for them, not sure what yet. Not the usual single crochet, no, I'm thinking something more textured, more dense... It'll probably go over the belly and head like a cloak. That's what I'm thinking so far.


A beige shape crocheted with fine yarn and stuffed. It's a bit like a funky strawberry shape. A hand holds it over a cluttered table.
The object is tilted in a way so that one could imagine it as the body of a small bird minus the head, wings, and back. One finger is under where the feet would be.
Mary Hilton
5 hours ago

After about 10,000 times of starting and stopping, massive unwinding, mistakes galore, frustration unlimited, pain untold, I have finally gotten my bead crochet groove back and am actually doing a good crochet piece!
Sorry, eyes and arm..I didn't mean to put you through hell. I promise I won't hurt you any more tonight!
#beading #beads #crochet

What's it to you?
7 hours ago

Request for comments:

My mother wants to learn to #crochet so she can make some gifts for the grandkids, but is having difficulty finding tutorials she can follow.

Are there any best-of videos out there for absolute beginners?

(she also bought some really curly yarn, so I think that might be making it difficult, too)

9 hours ago

I woke up thinking about what an odd genius my mother was. I always thought that #crochet was a cozy, meditative #hobby/#craft/#art. Nicely repetitive. She'd sit on the couch and create these lovely things while watching movies, chatting or reading books.

How!?! There's COUNTING!? And following patterns!?! How can you do that while reading a book? That you are also unable to hold because your hands are crocheting!?

She is long passed and so are her besties. I cannot ask, only wonder.

Cazimodo Creative
9 hours ago

Here's another angle of the #crochet #Christmas treat basket showing one of the #Xmas trees on the handle from the front. #crocheting #fibreart @crochet

A photo of a Christmas crochet treat basket showing one of the two green Christmas trees that make up the handle from the front. Red bobbles are visible on the tree. The red rim of the basket is clearly visible and two of the little green wreaths can be seen on either side on the white middle part of the basket in profile. There is a little later of white tinsel yarn that adorns the bottom of the basket.
Cazimodo Creative
9 hours ago

Finished embellishing the first #crochet #christmas treat baskets and I think it's turned out rather pretty 😊. I decided to have handles on the baskets this year. This one has two #Xmas trees meeting in the middle as its handle. There are also four little wreaths spaced around the middle of the basket body.

I have written up the patterns and will pop a post on my website in a day or so for anyone interested. I'll keep updating as I go along with other baskets. #crocheting #fibrecraft @crochet

A crochet Christmas treat basket on a wooden surface. The basket has two Christmas trees meeting in the middle as it's handle. They are green with red baubles. The basket body is red and white with the white being the wider middle section. There are green Christmas wreaths with red ribbons made from crochet chains around the middle. The top lip of the basket and the bottom base are red. Around the bottom is a white tinsel yarn.
Another view of the Christmas treat basket. This one is from the front where the arch of the Christmas trees that make up the handle is obvious. Two of the little green wreaths are visible from this angle. There are four in total evenly spaced around the middle of the basket.
Ruesselfressi 🐘
9 hours ago

Ich würde Tapestry Crochet so gerne ausprobieren (wie heißt das eigentlich auf deutsch? :D), hat jemand dafür Tipps, Empfehlungen etc? Und welche Wolle benutzt man dafür am Besten? Schaue irgendwie immer nur englischsprachige Videos und die Wolle, die die so benutzen, gibt es ja meistens hier nicht :D
#häkeln #crochet #Handarbeitsclub #tapestrycrochet #tapestry #crocheting

Minybol 🌷
9 hours ago

hello le fediverse ​:ac_love:​

je cherche une personne qui pourrait me faire une housse pour mon
#Tamagotchi V4, en #crochet ou un truc du genre tout mims :D


#diy #artisan #creative #fediart

tamagotchi recouvert d'un protection en crochet

Larger basket is getting there. Can't tell if I like the contrast of colours or whether I think it looks silly.

I'm crocheting much faster with the new hook; I can do a few rounds in one go rather than just 12 stitches or so before having to rest my hands. I'm very impressed!

#crochet #macramé #basket #craft

Macramé basket with a red base and cream walls, about a third crocheted so far.
14 hours ago

Finished my covid cardy! All made from leftovers. #crochet

A smiling woman in glasses wearing a crocheted hexagon cardigan in blues and grey yarn.
Cazimodo Creative
15 hours ago

I am scribbling in one of my trusty pattern notebooks today. Feels good 😊 #crochet #crochetday #crocheting #pattern

A photo of a crochet pattern notebook with a black cover with a ball of red yarn and two hooks either side of that and headed Crocheting. Underneath the heading there is multicolour text which reads:  (Crocheting) is like magic. You mumble to yourself while wiggling a stick around and other people have no idea how you did it.

Continued my pattern to make base bigger. It'll be two tone to use up cord, red base with cream walls.

Tulip crochet hook (pink) is *amazing*, no cramps at all. Quilted Bear (black) is WAY more comfortable than regular hooks, but not as comfy as Tulip. Also the metal hook on Tulip is slightly longer so you have more space to work with.

Tulip, worth it for one hook for specific project. Bear, get the set for same price as one tulip (£9ish)

#crochet #basket #hooks #ComparisonPost #macramé

Start of another basket, red base, and will have white walls. Pink crochet hook at the back next to the link paperclip stitch marker.
Two crochet hooks, a pink Tulip Etimo and a black Quilted Bear, both size 6mm. Comparison in post.
Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
18 hours ago

@KarenStrickholm Imma add #Crochet for pedantry’s sake!

Mothy and the Squid
18 hours ago

“Imaginary Frog”, so called because I don’t know if any real frogs come in this colourway but they totally should! It’s designed to pair perfectly with “Sour Apple Candy” and is a fun departure from my usual palette.

Don’t worry, I know “you should stick to flowers, love” (as a non-customer once put it) if I want to actually sell yarn but please allow me a little artistic indulgence occasionally.

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #crochet

Cazimodo Creative
19 hours ago

@DoubleTreble Morning DT 🌞 Long lie for me. The parrots and I are now eating our morning fruit and then I am off to do some #crochet again. Have a lovely day!

Cazimodo Creative
20 hours ago

Good morning everyone. Later one for me as I was feeling a bit off after the flu jab the other day so Grant got up for the #parrots. Feeling much better today after a longer rest I have to say. I did dream about parrots though. Grant and I had taken them to a Parrot Fair, but Jadie turned orange as we were showing her off 🤷🏻‍♀️#goodmorning

More #crochet on the #Xmas baskets today. I might finish embellishing one of them. I'll write it up too for sharing

Have a lovely day, whatever you get up to 🤗

1 day ago

Here's a close up photo of the #crochet #HexiCardi. It's being done in a red wool (Cascade Yarns Eco +). It's crunchy but I'll only wear it with a layer underneath.

L shaped Granny square crochet for the hexagon cardigan.
1 day ago

Still picking away at my mushroom blanket, so I thought I'd share an older piece!

This is my daughter's baby blanket, I made it over the course of my wife's pregnancy. It's by far my proudest piece, but boy was it ever a nightmare to make. I was still quite new to #crochet and this yarn was far above my skill level. Burnat's baby velvet if I'm not mistaken. Frogged it several times and snapped the yarn more than once. But the struggle was worth it, I love it and so does she <3


The corner of a purple and white crocheted baby blanket. A close-up intended to show off the various patterns created by the different stitches.
A white (almost silver) crocheted baby blanket with a deep purple border. One side is folded over to show the slight variation in the stitch pattern on the back.
Frederik Elwert
2 days ago

All rise! Finished my #crochet Ruth Bader Ginsburg #RBG. #crocheting #needlework #OutstandingWomenInHistory

A crochet doll showing an elderly lady with a black robe and white collar.
A detail shot of the head of the crochet doll.
2 days ago

Halstørklæde - sjal i de smukkeste efterårsfarver. Dette beholder jeg. Simpelt c2c mønster. #crochet

:bun: Stellar 🇫🇷
2 days ago

wait... my soldering lead is pretty flexible... can i crochet metal?

:bun: Stellar 🇫🇷
2 days ago

No money for femboy hand warmers? Just make them yourself

i'm very proud of my first crochet project


2 days ago
Zusammenfassung von 2wochen Bronchitis
4x Socken, 1x Handwärmer , 25 Sorgenwürmer , 1xGnom, 1xBakersbasket , 1xTürkranz, 1x Glaszwerg 1x Feenhaus, 1x Sensenmann und mein persönliches Neon Sockenufo …..
Morgen gehts endlich wieder zur Arbeit
#bakersbasket #knitting #knittingsocksoninstagram #gnome #zwerg #sockenstricken #sorgenwürmchen #halloween #herbst #crochet #gesundheit #erholung #handmadewithlove #stricken #strikk #häkeln #stashkiller #sauerland #menden
2 days ago
Wenn dir jemand ein Foto schickt und sagt „so etwas würde mich glücklich machen „
Da kann man doch nicht anders als in den stash tauchen und den Zauberstab schwingen 🙂
Ich mag glückliche Wesen 🥰
#crochet #crochetsofinstagram #häkeln #häkelnmachtglücklich #handmade #herausforderung #sauerland #menden #lebebuntundglücklich #wunsch #herbstdekoration🍁🍄🍁🍄🍁🍄🍁🍄🍁🍄🍁 #tree #liebeimdetail
Cazimodo Creative
2 days ago

Good morning everyone. Chilly today outside, but woke up to a toasty house. Had a brief cuddle with Ziggy - I get up early to make sure she can have out time, but I'm sure she's just humouring me these days 😊
#parrots #petsofmastodon #birdsofmastodon #goodmorning

Ended up going to visit family yesterday so I didn't get any #crochet done after all. I do plan to have a #crochetday today though and watch some mindless telly 😉

Have a lovely day, whatever you get up to 🤗

Handmade Hearts
2 days ago

Got me started on my next #amigurumi #crochet pattern! ✨

Here's a bit of behind the scenes on the draft, as a treat.
First time designing a #plushy for #yarn lighter than worsted.

Screenshot of a Google document titled "Songbird (Sparrow) Amigurumi". The text reads:

"Yarn: #2/fine/sport weight, three colors
Other material: (amount of) stuffing, thread or embroidery floss, pipe cleaners
Hook: 3mm
Terms: ColorA = belly and chest color | ColorB = back and head color | ColorC = accents color | sc = single crochet | dec = 1 decrease stitch | inc = 1 increase stitch 
Unless otherwise specified, sewing is done with a whipping stitch.


Round 1: Circle of 8 stitches
Round 2: Inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc (10)
Round 3: Sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc (14)
Round 4: 2sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 4sc (16)
Round 5: "
A thin hook next to a small round of crocheting lying on the fabric of a shirt, very close up on a stomach being used as a surface.
Katja Kontturi
2 days ago

Tällaista kuuluu isoäidin neliöille.
Projekti on ollut tauolla, koska tajusin, etten omistanut parsinneulaa!
Ja kangaskaupassa oli jonkinlainen "parsinneula shortage".

Nyt homma etenee taas. 🥰

#virkkaus #crochet #IsoäidinNeliöt #GrannySquares #käsityöt #crafts

Kuvassa virkattuja neliöitä, joiden keskellä on  pääkallo. Joka toinen kallo on musta ja tausta pinkki, joka toinen pinkki ja tausta musta. Valtaosa neliöistä on jo ommeltu yhteen ja koko on luokkaa tyyny.
2 days ago

Made a chunky egg cosy with some scrap yarn, to try out doing stripes in ribbing. #crochet

An egg cosy covering an egg on a white egg cup. The cosy is made in ribbed stripes of alternating grey and teal chunky yarn.
3 days ago

It’s Friday, the start of unofficial Week 5 of the #FallFinishAlong! How’s it going? As September comes to a close, I’m done with most of what I targeted for the month and I am feeling good about casting on. I’m going to try to carry some finishalong energy into October and see if I can finish the slippers I cast on, make some progress on other projects, and maybe kill one or two more! #knitting #FiberArts #crochet #quilting #Ceramics #CrossStitch @knitting @fiberarts

3 days ago

Yesterday I started crocheting a #HexagonCardigan. I have no idea WTF I'm doing, but I've watched YT videos so clearly I should be an expert now. 🤣🤣 It's in the boring blob stage so photos are weird to post. I've never crocheted a garment before. Tbh, I've never finished anything bigger than a washcloth in #crochet.

Cazimodo Creative
3 days ago

The little #Xmas treat basket bases are coming along, well...a treat with all this downtime from custom makes. I think I'll make another three or four and then start with the embellishments. #crochet #crocheting #fibreart #wip

A photo of a number of Christmas colour crochet baskets stacked one inside the other on a terracotta floor next to a cream couch. The baskets go from stripy green and white, through dark red, green, dark brown, red and white, dark brown to stripy red and white, which is still being crocheted.
Alex Cio
3 days ago

Die #unendlicheDecke

ich häkle jeden Tag ein Stück weiter und gerade bereite ich mich auf die Ausstellung im Oktober in der WI-Galerie in der Albrecht-Dürer-Strasse vor. Kommt mich im Oktober dort besuchen und zusammen häkeln 🥰

#häkeln #crochet #crocheting

Sam 🌶💥
3 days ago

Crocheting a cat bed for his lordship. Unfinished (ran out of wool) but already has approval.

#crochet #catsofmastodon #cats #crocheting

A large crocheted circle made from giant grey yarn.
My black cat, Grizzly, sprawled majestically on the crocheted bed.
Mothy and the Squid
3 days ago

“Sunny Disposition”, a gorgeous warm honey mustard solid colour that just sings happiness. It is a more subtle alternative to the bright yellows I usually dye and does not fluoresce under UV light. It combines beautifully with “Sunshine Over Perth”.

#mothyandthesquid #yarn #knitting #scottishyarnfestival #scottishyarnfestival2023 #crochet

3 days ago

I regret to inform [some of] you that #crochet cars are now being #AI generated.

This means they've ingested a lot of people’s crochet photos.

Optimistically, maybe AIs will soon be able to reverse-engineer some crochet patterns from photos so that designs without known patterns can be preserved.

Pessimistically, Pinterest may become self-generating.

A Bing image search page is shown, a grid of found images, with a larger AI-generated image to the left. All the photos contain cars covered in what looks like crocheting or fabric. Most look human-made, like strange 3D cousins of crazy quilts and afghans. The AI-made image is of a white-haired woman in an orange sweater standing next to a  Mercedes G 500-ish vehicle (think boxy jeep) made out of rainbow-colored yarn as thick as rope and twine. The grille is crocheted into lavender louvers. The tires are concentric circles of bright-colored yarn. Glass, windshield wipers (one backwards), and Mercedes logo are the only obvious exceptions.
3 days ago

Je continue à vouloir faire une très grosse abeille mais avec un très petit fil
Ça c'est la tête de l'abeille 15cm de diamètre pour 164 mailles au maximum sur un rang (C'était vraiment très long à compter 🥲)
#crochet #fiberArts #MastoArt

Photo d'une demi sphère noir au crochet avec un 1er rang de jaune 
Une main la tient ainsi qu'un crochet
3 days ago
So new instance new #introduction I guess. So I migrated because a few reasons. One being is that the fediverse is deeply antisemitic and I feel more comfortable being in an explicitly Jewish instance as gotosocial improves to a point where I can comfortably use it as my main. I also like akkoma and wanted to try it out and I dig it a lot.

Anyway my name is gabe or gavi, whichever is easier for you to pronounce in your first language :) I am a 22 year old #gay #jewish dude who loves #knitting #reading #crochet #knitting #gaming #minecraft and #baldursgate3 as well as obviously #doctorwho

I also run a book and writing focused #lemmy instance called which has such a cute and cozy community I love dearly

Basket taking shape now!

Have ordered some padded silicone crochet hooks to see if that helps with the hand fatigue and cramping. I've a whole set of cheaper ones coming (quilted bear) and one single Tulip Etimo in the right size. A set of the Tulips runs to about £88 which is way out of my price range! I'll do a comparison when they arrive.

#crochet #basket #craft #macramé #CrochetHooks

Red macrame basket taking shape, getting deeper by the round, with a pale pink stitch marker (in this case, a large paperclip) on the right, and a gold crochet hook towards the back.
4 days ago

I’m on a new instance and that means a new #intro! Hi everyone - I recently migrated from and looking forward to continuing to connect! I’m into #FiberArts - especially #knitting and would love to do more #crochet #spinning and #weaving. I like #scifi #fantasy #games #gaming #tech and #gadgets. I also enjoy #food #photography #skiing. Obsessed with cute fluffy #dogs.

4 days ago

The first annual #FallFinishAlong is underway!
Knitters, crocheters, other fiberartists, and crafters of all kinds - welcome!

Originally running for September (hosted by my old account), it’s now “as long as you want finishing energy this fall.” Here’s the original guidelines post. No rules, no expectations, just sharing and support!

#knitting #FiberArts #crochet #quilting #ceramics

Description post for FallFinishAlong, running September 2023. 

Knitters, crocheters, other fiberartists, and crafters of all kinds Share what you can, when you can. Pressure-free!
Week 1: All About Our WIPs
• What do you want to do during the #fallfinishalong?
• What's your WIP philosophy? (one at a time; whatever catches my fancy...)
Week 2: Overcoming Blockers
• What's the main thing (or things) that prevent you from finishing projects? Do you have any WIP "kryptonite"?
• Any tips or tricks that work for you in overcoming blocks?
Week 3: Ripping, Frogging, or otherwise Killing
• Are there any projects you can "finish" by abandoning?
• Why do we keep projects around rather than kill them?
Week 4: Weaving in Ends, Blocking, and other Finishing
• Any tips or tricks for finishing projects?
Stay tuned for polls at #fallfinishalong_polls
Share finished objects at #fallfinishalong_FOs
Quinn Dombrowski
4 days ago

It's the first day of teaching this #AI class for 60 undergrads, so I whipped up a "#robots causing chaos" dress and paired it with a #crochet hexagon cardigan (crochet being a craft that hasn't been successfully mechanized). Spun all the wool for the cardigan myself too. 😊 #DHsewing

Quinn wearing a dress with robots causing chaos and a hexagon cardigan in enby flag colors, and a mask with gray stripes in assorted directions. Right panel is a close up of the robots who seem mildly freaked out by their own chaos, with explosions and a helicopter in the background.
Steve Faulkner
5 days ago
3 children wearing crocheted face masks and clothes. All of them look evil 😈. The one on the left with the white mask looks like they have no head behind the mask.
6 days ago

idle hands are the devil's workshop. #crochet

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

Where did I learn lacemaking? (Knitting, crochet, tatting, needle lace, bobbin lace etc?)

Lol I learned on YouTube. Forums like ravelry. Reading a LOT of antique patterns on, and examining old lace. I have a small collection of old lace. Most of the time I save pictures from the web bc I just want to figure out the pattern or use it as inspiration.
Some of these old laces don't HAVE patterns. They were taught by word of mouth.

#knitting #lacemaking #crochet

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

I mean, it takes years of knitting, crochet, tatting and general lacemaking to gain the skill to identify lace. Or, you can read books about lace identification and value.

Lacis Museum in Berkeley CA has a great collection of antique lace. They sell antique lace and other antique textile stuff, publish books and have beginner classes for lace.

Every other year at least, Maire Treanor, one of the last professional Irish Crochet/Clones lace makers, has a workshop.
#fiberArts #crochet #lacemaking

1 week ago

Weaving in / Blocking / Finishing week continues in the #FallFinishAlong.

Question for everyone: what are your favorite finishing tips for your craft? Best way to weave in ends, block, sew things up… any and all tips welcome!

#knitting #FiberArts #crochet #quilting @knitting @fiberarts

1 week ago

Hello All! Week 4 of #FallFinishAlong is all about Weaving in Ends, Blocking, and Other Finishing. Let’s start with a poll. Open to everyone to answer, as always! #knitting #FiberArts #crochet #quilting #FallFinishAlong_Polls @knitting @fiberarts @crochet (If we need a separate poll with answers for non knitting/crochet let me know)

When would you call a project “finished”?

Deborah Pickett
1 week ago

I finished crocheting my shawl. Still needs blocking. #crochet

Draped over the back of a couch, a crescent-shaped shawl in striped brown and white. It’s maybe two metres long.
Close up, you can see the stripes are a bit lacy.
2 weeks ago
A tea tableau with the theme of cherries and berries. The tea selection is Blueberry Green tea from Harney and Sons.
2 weeks ago

Silly little #craft project but it makes me smile :blobhaj_reach:

#crochet @crochet #fedigiftshop #cat #cats #catsofmastodon

Crochet shark hat for cats
Crochet shark hat for cats
2 weeks ago

Can’t wait for my “model” to get here #today and see how my shark #cat hats look :blobfoxaww:

#crochet #crafts

WIP shark hats for cats
2 weeks ago

Next poll for “killing/abandoning projects” week!

Are you killing or abandoning any projects in September during #FallFinishAlong?

Open to anyone to answer. #FallFinishAlong_Polls #knitting #crochet #FiberArts #Quilting @knitting @fiberarts

2 weeks ago

If you’re wondering “can I buy a life size styrofoam #cat head to display my new line of #crochet cat hats” the answer is a resounding yes. :blobfoxcrylaugh:

No, just me?

Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

From the ar(t)chive…

Made these illustrations for a children's story that is part of an amigurumi crochet book by my friend Dendennis.

The book includes crochet instructions to create the amigurumis featured in the illustrations.

You can find the book here:

#crochet #amigurumi #CharacterDesign #story #children #kids #KidLit #KidLitArt #FairyTale #art #artwork #DigitalArt #illustration #FediArt #MastoArt #3D #B3D #ZBrush

A collage of six stylized 3D illustrations to depict the search of a little boy for his cuddly toy.
2 weeks ago

Quick shoutout to a really nice new PeerTuber posting all about crafts including crochet, cross stitch and more:

➡️ @michellemay

The videos are really well done, I'd recommend them to anyone interested in fibre arts and crafts.

It's brand new so your server may not have noticed all its videos yet. You can browse all the videos directly at:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Crafts #Handicrafts #Craft #FibreArts #PeerTubers #Crochet #CrossStitch #Embroidery

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
2 weeks ago

#DelaElla 's adoption file lists her estimated DOB as September 15th. But since we don't know for sure, pretty much the whole month is her birthday. Maybe October and August too.

(We call this #crochet cat bed I made her blueberry beret)
#caturday #AdoptDontShop #BirthdayCat

A torbie cat nestled in a blue crochet cat bed on a wood desk. Her white mittens and long whiskers on full display.
Thomas Michael Semmler
2 weeks ago

I have no use for it and it’s really ugly but it was a lot of fun to make lol


An old fashioned small crochet doily on a yellow pillow
2 weeks ago

It’s Week 3 of the #FallFinishAlong and it’s time to think about projects that can be “finished” by … just deciding you’re done with it. Once again, this poll is open to anyone to answer.

What keeps you from “killing” a project you realize you will probably never finish? If you answer “Other” please comment to tell us more!

#FallFinishAlong #FallFinishAlong_Polls #knitting #FiberArts #Crochet #quilting @knitting @fiberarts

3 weeks ago
Selfie of my back in a mirror, wearing a cream-colored crocheted shawl with a repeating pattern of skulls and wavy vertical stripes. Pattern is "Lost Souls" by Maryetta Roy.
Close-up of the "Lost Souls" shawl draped on a futon with leftover skein of yarn: Sugarspun  from Loops Threads
3 weeks ago

Continuing “overcoming your blockers” week in #FallFinishAlong - what tips and tricks do you have to share with fellow crafters on getting projects done? People said they get distracted by shiny object syndrome, hate sewing, get stuck on sleeve island, give up the second sock… put a project down when they hit a tough spot and forget about it, get busy, etc. What do you do to get over what holds you back? #knitting #FiberArts #crochet #quilting #ceramics @knitting @fiberarts

3 weeks ago

Whyyyy does crocheted ribbing take soooo long to do??? 😭😭😭

I will be crocheting this hat band for the next 10,000 years.

#crochet #FiberArts #FibreArts #yarn

Scrunched up hat in pinks, lavenders, and blue. Hand is holding a blue crochet hook in the middle of a partially-worked hat band
Allie 🌿
3 weeks ago

Blown away by the response to Purls of Magic already, dang y'all 🥺

Even though it was a long game jam (3 months!) I didn't think I'd make it in time. Between illness, a planned summer vacation and my basement flooding, all the odds were against it.

Really pleased with this demo, it's a fantastic start to what I think will be an awesome game. I had a great & supportive jam experience, and have connected with tons of fellow GB devs! ❤️

I'm excited to continue work on this over the winter, and release Purls of Magic the way I envisioned it!

@gbdev #gbdev #gamedev #gameboy #gbstudio #knitting #yarn #crochet

¡Os presento a Julieta!

Acabar un trabajo que te ha llevado días y estar orgullosa de él es la mejor sensación del mundo 🥹

¡Si te gusta esta nubecita me ayudas mucho con un 🩵 o un retoot! 🙏🏻

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amigurumi de una nubecita kawaii, su cabeza es blanca, tiene los detalles de la cara bordados, una luna en la cabeza y el cuerpo azul peludo to, y una estrella amarilla
Allie 🌿
3 weeks ago

Very pleased to finally share my @gbdev #GBCompo23jam submission, Purls of Magic!

A platformer-RPG for Game Boy about yarn, magic & revenge. 🧶

You can play it right in your browser or load it onto a flash cart for an actual Game Boy Color.

Enormous thanks to my new Mastodon pal @nash for absolutely KILLING it with the music & sounds on this game! I couldn't have done it without you! ❤️

#gamedev #gbdev #gameboy #gbstudio #knitting #crochet

Purls of Magic
3 weeks ago

It’s #crochet day! The only side effect remaining from my treatment has been numbed fingers, I was wary of coming back to my brioche knit and finding it too hard. So I came back to granny squares with some yarn I had from ages ago. This may be a pillow case and needs blocking. But here it is! I’m making a thing!

Six crochet squares in multi color pastels, joined together with white stripes. The fabric is laying on a wooden floor, and it still has yarn attached - it’s unfinished. The squares as wonky in shape and sizes are dissimilar, this will be fixed by blocking them, hopefully.