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Upcoming Rail Engineering Works

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November.

Forest Hill/Honor Oak Park: Normal service throughout. On Sunday all London Overground services will run to Highbury & Islington rather than 4tph to Dalston Junction and 4tph to H&I. Normal service on Southern.

Catford Bridge/Lower Sydenham: Normal service.

Crofton Park/Catford: Normal service on Saturday, Sunday services are diverted to Orpington.

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Crofton Park is one of the railway stations whose ticket office is being proposed to be closed. There won't be many left in London.

Forest Hill, Honor Oak & Brockley are not included as they are operated by TfL - but are their days numbered?

The full list of London ticket offices under threat can be found here:

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Throwback Friday at Blythe hill fields festival,can’t wait for the next one 2023 July 🔥 #TBF #Blythehillfields #croftonpark #brockley #honoroak #Catford #foresthill #festival #londonfestivals #communityfest

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Simon Wilks
9 months ago

#TodaysWalk included #CroftonPark, where I snapped St Hilda's commemorative drain hoppers which I don't remember seeing mentioned in the guide-books.

I also managed to take in the the junction of Wildfell Road and Scrooby Street, in #Catford's North-West Sector, which looked, on the map, as if it might be a place of myth and legend.

It wasn't, at first sight, anything of the sort, so I went home again.

Though now I've got Covid and it's raining. So who knows?

A street (Wildfell Road) lies quiet and empty, apart from a dozen parked cars and a pair of unsteady bollards.

Overhead, a fluffy flock of clouds bustle through a blueish sky.

On the left, a gap between two houses is all that can be seen of Scrooby Street.
The East Wall of St Hilda's Church in Crofton Park, made of sober brick enlivened with horizontal lintels of stone, features an ornamental, semi-circular window. To either side of the window are two black drainpipes, each surmounted with a hopper boldly embossed with "1908".

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