1 hour ago

"Maintenance at 84North"

An older piece that I'm pretty proud of, because of the amount of patience I was able to muster while making it. Rarely happens. I'm usually in a mad rush to finish a character and post it somewhere.

#MastoArt #CharacterDesign #SciFi #cyberpunk #fediart

A woman, suspended from a harness high above a futuristic city, works on repairing unspecified technical equipment as a crane hook with her lunch satchel and a thermos of coffee hangs beside her.
Trese Brothers Games
4 hours ago

With a favor from a contact (or a reliable squad member pulling off a hijacking on the side), hovercraft can help sneak you in or exfil out of some facilities.

When you're on the roof of a mile-high tower… better hope your ride shows up.

(9 days until the new demo of our cyberpunk heist RPG! Are you following on Steam: )

#ScreenshotSaturday #Cyberpunk #RPG #Gaming #IndieDev #VideoGames #MadeWithUnity #MastodonGaming #Steam

Ben Deutsch 🌊
11 hours ago
A psychedelic scene unfolds in front of you. Neon shop signs cast blue and purple light on a young woman. Her high tech headset has various coloured lights, and even her tattoos seem to glow. As she stretches out her arms in front of her, she seems to be wearing octopus tentacles as sleeves. More tentacles rise above her head. Are they coming from behind her, or are they growing out of her?
the illustrious IRIS JAY
12 hours ago

Kiss kiss, bang bang. There are new Crossed Wires comic pages live on and!

#crossed wires #cyberpunk #webcomic #comics #iris jay #hackers #tech industry #cyberspace #vr #queer #furry

New CROSSED WIRES comic pages!
New CROSSED WIRES comic pages!
Dark Sheep Arts
21 hours ago

And an intro portrait for a character in my Shadowrun game.

#Shadowrun #Cyberpunk #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt

A woman with high cheekbones and pale skin stands in a back alley. She is extensively cybernetic, having few organic parts left below her upper chest. She is smiling as she working with a holographic keyboard and readout.
21 hours ago

Lines and a bit of shading all inked in. Feels good to have got started on this.

#mastoart #creativetoots #traditionalart #architecture #perspective #cyberpunk

23 hours ago

creating more ways to die.
BTW, a demo is coming very soon!

In the meantime add Ultratoro 2 to your steam wishlist:

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #driving #game #arcade #cyberpunk

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 day ago

Pick up 'The Compound' this weekend for a quick read in the sunshine.

Available as paperback and Kindle eBook!

#WhatToRead #Weekend #LGBTQIA #PrideMonth #QuickRead #Cyberpunk #Dystopian #SurvivalHorror

Cover of my novella, 'The Compound'. Young black trans woman with face shrouded in darkness and illuminated red target on her forehead.
1 day ago

"Director of The Walt Disney Company's Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis department. " #CyberPunkIsNow #CyberPunk #ShadowRun ...

De quoi fournir du contenu pour des #scénarios de #JdR !

Disney : une corporation comme les autres !

Dark Sheep Arts
2 days ago

And although this probably isn't as well composed as some of my other stuff, this is one of my favourite pieces recently. It came out more or less the way I wanted it and I like the colours.

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

A black woman with heavy cybernetic enhancements stands in a darkened, derelict launderette. Around her, holographics screens and keyboards hover in mid-air. She wears denim shorts and a plaid shirt. Long braids spill over her shoulder and down her front, black hair woven with pink extensions.
Pascal Leinert 📯
2 days ago

@tagesschau Ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass #Cyberpunk eine Warnung und kein Bauplan ist.

Ramses Revengeday :revengeday:
2 days ago

New merch has just arrived here you lewd folks! 💀​ #cyberpunk

A white t-shirt with NIGHT CITY CAFÉ written on it in Japanese and Revengeday. Underneath is a picture of a female looking cyberpunk figure with pink short hair and cyberware on her face wearing only underwear.
A white t-shirt with NIGHT CITY CAFÉ written on it in Japanese and Revengeday. Underneath is a picture of a female looking cyberpunk figure with pink short hair and cyberware on her face wearing only underwear. Under the picture it says "BREAK THE BLACK ICE - 2023".
Trese Brothers Games
2 days ago


We just released a revamped trailer for Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. All new gameplay footage of our squad tactics heist RPG to show off in advance of our #SteamNextFest demo debut.

Please give it a 👍 on YouTube and help us spread the word! 🔁🙏

#Gaming #RPG #GamingNews #Cyberpunk #VideoGames #IndieDev #Unity #GameDev

Screenshot of our upcoming game, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. Shows an underground secret research facility with four glowing power pylons, a tactical RPG overlay showing squad members and their abilities on top.
Funkatron (Ed Finkler)
2 days ago


#PETSCII #commodore #retrocomputing
#deadagent #cyberpunk #glitch
#digitalart #glitchart #generativeart

Wulgarny Gracz
2 days ago

Chyba nigdy nie przestanę zachwycać się tym, jak Cyberpunk wygląda z #RtxOn. 🤗

#cyberpunk #giereczkowo

Wulgarny Gracz
3 days ago

I tym sposobem poznałem wszystkie zakończenia. Możecie gadać co chcecie, ale ja po prostu kurwa uwielbiam Cyberpunka.

"Dobrze się z Tobą pracowało, V"

#cyberpunk #nightcity #cdprojektred #giereczkowo

3 days ago

2017: How can we convey " #cyberpunk #dystopia " for the new #BladeRunner Movie? I know, let's have an orange sand storm cover everything! Cool fictional idea!"

2023: #canadianwildfires #canadafires

I still image from the 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049 where the main character is in an abandoned Las Vegas that is covered by a giant orange dust storm.
Actual real life New York City skyline in 2023 that could be mistaken from a scene from the Blade Runner 2049 movie.
Munchbud Ink
3 days ago

Biofeign Watch

Hope you like it! (^v^)

#cyberpunk #scifi #fantasy #character #art #drawing #illustration

Trese Brothers Games
3 days ago

Here's a post with what to expect in our upcoming demo: #SteamNextFest

Among other things, you'll get a look at some of the ways we treat squad members differently from XCOM and other squad tactics games, our expanded stealth options, and the mercenary world you live in.

Check out the post for more details!

#Gaming #Cyberpunk #RPG #VideoGames #IndieGame #Steam #GamingNews

Screenshot from our upcoming tactical RPG, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. A large cluster of security devices with red-outlined zones of detection and enemy guards in a neon-highlighted facility.
Rina Volpina 🦊🔞
3 days ago

Freeze, drone! You're in violation of the Free Will Act of 2097! Come quietly or I'll have to stun you... unless you're into that...?

#Latex #Rubber #Cyberpunk

Rina standing in the doorway of a balcony at night, bathed in purple and pink light, wearing a black latex catsuit, black patent leather heels, a purple plaid mini-skirt, a pink crop-top, pink fishnet gloves, cat ear headphones, and a light-up cyber visor. She is pointing a futuristic gun at the camera
Stephen Wuebker
4 days ago

Serious #cyberpunk vibes from the All Time Low show tonight

Dark Sheep Arts
4 days ago

I'd forgotten this one until I saw it in a random folder, but I do like the colours in it.

#Fantasy #Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #Horror #MastoArt #3DArt

A feminine being with transparent skin and a red body sits in an alleyway. You can see her bones through the skin, and her nerves glow an orange-yellow. A gun sits near her, lit by candles, as she reads a book. She is holding a staff in her hands.
Dark Sheep Arts
4 days ago

Not sure how well this one is going to come out in thumbnail, but I'm quite pleased with this one in general.

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

A white woman with black geometric tattoos sits in a swivel chair with one leg up on a desk. She has two cybernetic arms and cybernetic eyes. She has a glowing sword over one shoulder, and a gun in the other hand. She sits, looking down at the bloodied corpse of a dead man with a faint smile.
Ramses Revengeday :revengeday:
4 days ago

R.U. a #Cyberpunk :cyberpunk:​

Copy of a page from a Mondo magazine from the 2000s

Headline: R.U. a Cyberpunk?

Description: cyberpunk \'si-ber-pungkl n I: a late 20th century techno-revolutionary, or someone who poses as such 2: a hard-boiled hacker with anarchist inclinations 3: a computer geek who likes Ministry 4: as seen in TIME magazine, a member of a counter-cultural "movement" of the same name. characterized by a combination of technological savvy with a rebellious lifestyle 5: Billy Idol's comeback album 6: someone who has delusions about living in the future 7: someone who maintains that mirrorshade sunglasses (last seen on CHiPs) never went out of fashion

The page features a cyberpunk figure with the following items pictured:


There is still a cyberpunk'ish text to the items. Due to the character limit, this cannot be displayed in the ALT text. I'm sorry about that. Feel free to write me if you would like to have the respective texts.
4 days ago

for no reason, tonight i'm once again thinking about the "russian cyberfarm." i've seen this video so many times & i *still* think it's funny. i was born in the former soviet union, and this is about as accurate a representation as you're gonna get 😂

also, i think anyone with a #farm or #homestead or #offgrid will recognize a lot of the situations portrayed... (eng subs in cc)

#solarpunk #cyberpunk #lols #EasternEurope #farming #rural #countryside

5 days ago

#protip : always wear privacy enabling eye lenses when using latest #vr tech incl. eye sensors system ... you never know ...
#cyberpunk #lifeline

Rui Carmo
5 days ago
Seth Rutledge
5 days ago

Turing Canal Park at Night

Final images from today's livestream. It was great to have some back and forth conversation in the channel today, please come hang out tomorrow and we'll make more cool stuff :)

#LiveStream #Blender3d #3D #Cyberpunk #MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #Illustration

Wide shot - Silhouette of a man (me, actually) looking over a park built around a canal at night in a cyberpunk city.
Wide shot - Three edgerunner/mercenaries discuss plans by the water at Turing Canal Park at night.
5 days ago

Three weeks had passed since the heist. Although the first call with Hugo and Adele was heartwarming and tears were flowing, Hana felt a change. They barely worked together and they met in their real Avatars. At the same time, they were closer and more distant to each other. Hana decided that it was time to do something. She took the train to Hamburg. ...

#Mesh, #Hamburg, #SciFi, #Cyberpunk


Full Post:

6 days ago

30 Days of #QueerBooks, Week 1, Sci-fi:

Day 4: TROUBLE AND HER FRIENDS by Melissa Scott @blueterraplane

Classic 90s #cyberpunk! Like a western set in the glittering VR shadow-nets of the environmentally-ravaged high-tech future, pitting dubiously legal hackers against corporate powers and reactionary laws, starring #lesbian hackers reconnecting after an awkward breakup. Beautiful, stylish, artistic-neon-bright cyberspace with a real (& relatable) emotional core.

The cover of the book Trouble And Her Friends by Melissa Scott.  It shows a woman in profile, with wires coming from a mechanical implant behind her ear.
Ramses Revengeday :revengeday:
6 days ago

I just ordered this t-shirt, I think I better not wear it at work :D #cyberpunk

A t-shirt with a design of NIGHT CITY CAFÉ x REVENGEDAY with a female looking cyberpunk figure wearing underwear on
Ben Deutsch 🌊
6 days ago

The Bardinator. #Shakespeare #cyberpunk

An artist has created a portrait of William Shakespeare wearing a biker jacket. Exposed circuit boards on his chest suggest that he might be a robot.
Dark Sheep Arts
1 week ago

I think everyone who does art has a couple of images that make them go, "did I do that?"

These are some of mine.

#3DArt #Cyberpunk #TTRPG #Shadowrun #MastoArt

A low angle shot of a tall Asian woman with a cybernetic arm. She shelters in a doorway, checking her phone while she reads a book. Her things are at her feet -- a rucksack, a sword and a shotgun. Neon light paints the scene as heavy rain bounces off the pavement.
A young woman standing in front of a mural that is painted onto white ceramic tiles. Energy passes from one of her cybernetic hands to the other. She is heavily cybernetically enhanced, with glowing cutaway sections in her skin, and a glowing tattoo made from white triangles.

She has almond eyes and curly hair tied in a bun.
A black woman stands in a messy office, with a wry expression on her face. She is youngish, with braids that incorporate red and blue extensions, and thick framed glasses. Her right eye is cybernetic, and part of her face and skull have been replaced with a section of artificial skin that doesn't quite match her skin tone. She also has a well made but still visibly cybernetic arm on the same side. 

She wears a grey top with a vaguely alternative design, and a plaid shirt.

The artist would like you to know that the plaid shirt took ages to make as it kept crashing the 3D rendering engine.
A tattooed Asian woman sits on a bed, reading something on her phone. Her hair is shaved, and various cybernetic limbs are scattered around her on the bed, leaving the connectors at the end of her limbs exposed She also has a cybernetic eye, that is plugged into some sort of charging headset.
Pandora Downloaded
1 week ago

Chapter 19 - Full Duplex

There are three ways to know a man: Put him in a tight situation, get him drunk, or put a beautiful girl in front of him. As Elizabetha starts flirting with him, Pearson is struggling with his hardest decision in years.



#amWriting #amWritingSF #Writing #SciFi #WebNovel #indieAuthor #Cyberpunk #PandoraDownloaded #CrimeDrama #NeoNoir

tunes :ciberlandia:
1 week ago

Messin' and playing around with new tools.
Groovy... :blobcatrainbow:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #natron #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart #crt #analog

Checkerboard pattern being distorted and pushed in a CRT TV frame.
Ramses Revengeday :revengeday:
1 week ago

Ha' I now own a rare game for the Nindento Switch!



One Nindento Switch Card of the game VA-11 HALL-A
A game box for the Nindento Switch game VA-11 HALL-A. On the cover there is a female looking cyberpunk figure
Back of a game box for the Nindento Switch game VA-11 HALL-A. On the back you can see a female looking cyberpunk figure behind a counter
Dark Sheep Arts
1 week ago

And I forgot I had one more lesbian cyberpunk couple. Happy first night of Pride, everyone.

#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt

Two women stand in a street in the daytime. One is a slim South Asian woman who is typing on a keyboard, while a hologram orbits her head.The other is a heavyset, muscular white woman in military clothes who is aiming with a futuristic shotgun.
Henri Loevenbruck :unverified:
1 week ago

Et voilà ! Le deuxième épisode de Cabin Fever, un actual play du jeu de rôle Cyberpunk, produit par Draken RPG, est en ligne !

Avec des joueurs mastonautes uniquement ! @eosphore @Champomy @pablopernot et @DraGorGone

Un épisode plein de rebondissements ! Et avec un clin d'oeil aux Mastonautes et en particulier à @Qi2Navet

#Cyberpunk #jdr #rpg #drakenrpg

Neil Brown
1 week ago

I asked yesterday:

> Can anyone recommend hacker / cyberpunk / cypherpunk fiction written in the 70s/80s/90s, please?

I got a wealth of amazing replies - thank you *so* much!

Here's a consolidated list of the replies/recommendations:

#books #reading #scifi #hacker #cyberpunk #cypherpunk #fiction

Dark Sheep Arts
2 weeks ago

I think this is the one I'm most pleased with recently, since I think it's the one where the post-work makes the most difference.

#cyberpunk #ShadowRun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

Picture of an Asian woman in profile. She has green makeup and dreadlocks with green extensions,  plus a green cybernetic arm. She contemplates a green magical orb. Orange triangles recede to vanishing point.
Vincent Waciuk
2 weeks ago

@pyperkub @neil The Artifical Kid by Bruce Sterling
When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger
Synners by Pat Cadigan
Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott
The Bridge trilogy by William Gibson
Dreams of Flesh and Sand by W. T. Quick
Mirrorshades edited by Bruce Sterling
Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling

The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner

#books #reading #cyberpunk

Okay, @Arcanattg you MAY be a Cyberpunk enthusiast, but have you ever heard about…. Solarpunk? #Solarpunk #cyberpunk

A picture of Keanu reeves from Cyberpunk 2077 saying “wake the fuck up, samurai. We got a city to burn” and then a huge picture of Solarpunk
A picture showing how the world without capitalism would be very beautiful!

How does he do it? How does he deliver a sense of such *vastness*, a world peopled by vastly different polities and populations, distinctly different without ever being exoticized, each clearly the hero of their own story, whether they live on a tiny island or captain an American battleship?

I mean, #cyberpunk - the tradition McDonald most obviously belongs to - was always about a post-American future, but no one ever managed it the way McDonald did.


BT (Binary Tango)
2 weeks ago

In addition to #TheExpanse, I've started venturing down a rabbit hole of 80s/90s #Cyberpunk #anime.

Came across Wicked City... shit was weird at times.

Andra Zaharia
2 weeks ago

I was -1 years old when The Hacker Manifesto was published, but its influence has traveled through decades to reach you today. Its spirit continues to galvanize #cybersecurity specialists and inspire #cyberpunk fiends. But *why* does this happen?

👉 Join me and the thoughtful @agent0x0 as we dive into the depths of hacker culture and the driving forces behind it.

This episode wraps up season 3 of the Cyber Empathy #podcast!

Keep your podcast app open for season 4. It's gonna be a good one!

Greg Leunig
3 weeks ago

Hey friends and fellow Mastodonians! I try not to toot (haha, get it?) my own horn very often on social media, but I gotta do one today.

With Spaceboy Books we just released a hardcover version of my novel, Colossus.

It was a joy to work with Ukrainian artist BettyElgyn (artstation handle) on the cover art. (Fuck #aiart )

I can't wait to hold a copy of this thing. We did paperback last year, but I love a hardcover book.

#cyberpunk #scifi #writing

Book cover art for Colossus by Greg Leunig. Shows a man in the rain a cigarette hanging from his lips in the dry space beneath his fedora. Behind is the city, all neon lights. The image of a woman in cyberspace on a building, and two other forms in the shadows behind him.
Syn-ACK :facepalm:
3 weeks ago

@samreciter @LevelUp Agreed. This is really cool, but I think I'm going to wait for it to be supported by one of the major OSes before I go whole hog on it.

I like the idea of prescription lenses so you could use their glasses without sacrificing your vision or have to add something on top of regular eyewear. However, that's one more thing to consider having to take care of whenever your prescription changes. What will be the long-term availability of lens changes?

This is really cool, and seems very much in line with the origins of the #cyberpunk #cyberdeck, but it has a long way to go yet. That being said, I hope that this takes off because I'd love to have one. Would truly make working remote exactly the same as being in the office because you don't have to sacrifice screen real estate.

@samreciter Now we're getting #cyberpunk!

I've been using my VR headset for this reason but this is even better.

3 weeks ago

Osaka Dotonbori on a rainy day is already a world of cyberpunk. #cyberpunk #streetphotography #photography

Osaka Dotonbori on a rainy day is already a world of cyberpunk.
4 weeks ago

#Operator: Free

`B055` and `R00t` needed over three hours in their virtual lab to sort out and prepare the loot from the heist. Some of the data packets contained encrypted inclusions they had to crack first. Some others were still covered in their virtual objects. Paranoid shit. ...

#Mesh, #Hamburg, #SciFi, #Cyberpunk


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Syn-ACK :facepalm:
1 month ago

@Sirs0ri "The rain's kinda dampening the fun a little bit".... I see what you did there! :kekw: well played!

Never good to have rain on vacation when you're not at home, but maybe you can find some cool #cyberpunk cafe to pass the time in until the rain moves on!

Which is why, while the average private eye is a kind of "cop who gets to bend the rules of policing"; Hench is "a kind of uber IRS agent who gets to work in 'sneaky ways that aren’t available to the taxman.'"

This observation segues into a fascinating, data-informed look at the way that science fiction reflects our fears and aspirations about wider social phenomenon - for example, the popularity of the word "#cyberpunk" closely tracks rising incarceration rates.


A chart labeled, 'Was the US prison state the inspiration for cyberpunk? The term ‘cyberpunk’ (which describes a genre of dystopian science fiction) became popular in tandem with mass incarceration in the US. It’s probably not a coincidence.'