brad m
19 minutes ago

“Lemmo One is both an electric #bike and a conventional mechanical #bike, with the conversion achieved via a removable #battery pack that attaches to the frame and a hub motor on the back wheel that can be disengaged … slide the battery pack into its slot under the top bar of the frame to activate #ebike mode”
"the pack can be easily sent away for repairs and even be upgraded every few years, extending the vehicle's lifespan” #bicycle #cycling #design

31 minutes ago

Today is World Car Free Day! Celebrate today by walking, running, or riding a bike instead of using a car. #CarFreeDay #WorldCarFreeDay #NationalCarFreeDay #talking #running #cycling

New 70 lux Fischer dynamo headlight is fitted to my bike. Currently working on the USB stem cap, and I've yet to fit my dynamo-to-USB circuitry to my bike.
When done, I'll again be able to charge USB gadgets while riding.
That's important to me, as I do off-grid #CycleTouring.
Hub dynamos don't deliver enough power to run lights & USB at the same time, so during the day I do charging and at night use lights.
#Cycling #BikeTooter #WillCycle

Went for a longer bike ride today because I've been sick. Good route.

#cycling #CyclingBrisbane #StoryBridge

Brisbane City from the east, Story Bridge in the foreground. Two passers by are admiring the view from the railing at the top of the cliffs.
Pierluigi Rufo
1 hour ago

Today on the #carfreeday2023 we just got a letter from the current #cdu gov. in Berlin bragging about how they fought hard and could screw up the plans for the new bike lanes that are being built in our neighborhood.

Of course plans have been changed in favor of cars and car parking.

I'm speechless 🤡

#Berlin #cycling #carFreeCity

Trufi Association
2 hours ago

Active mobility is the future, and data is driving the way. Join our webinar with experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo to explore the intersection of walking, cycling, and data.

#opendata #opensource #sustainabletransport #transportation #ActiveTransport #ActiveMobility #Cycling #Walking #CommuteByBike #digitaldevelopment #Multimodality #mobility #populartransport #OpenStreetMap #VGI

Light bulbs
3 hours ago

Munich tested 5 ways of protecting bike lines for a year. These are the results (PDF in German with many pictures):

#Cycling #Urbanism

5 hours ago

What a difference a day makes … #cycling

A flooded field with a tree reflected in its water
Bikes stood against the railings on a jetty with a calm bay under a blue sky in the background
Cycling Europe
5 hours ago My friend is selling this old Trek 1.2 Alpha for £200. I want to get into cycling. Worth it?? #Bicycling #Biking #Cycling

My friend is selling this old Trek 1.2 Alpha for £200. I want to get into cycling. Worth it??
Sylkeweb on Hubzilla
5 hours ago
A photo from my morning cycle ride.
#cycling #Hannover #Seelze #Wasserfurche #RadelnInH #Radfahren
Cycling Europe
7 hours ago Las Vegas teen expected ‘slap on the wrist’ for hitting, killing cyclist: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days” #Bicycling #Biking #Cycling

Las Vegas teen expected ‘slap on the wrist’ for hitting, killing cyclist: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days"
Neil E. Hodges
11 hours ago

Also, I just discovered a broken spoken on my other bike's rear wheel that was just handbuilt at the shop a few months back (and also trued after a couple weeks of riding back then to be safe). :'(

#cycling #bicycle #mastobikes #biketooter

robyn ✨
13 hours ago

seven years strong!! 💜

when I bought this bike, I was still in school and needed a simple, inexpensive bike that would get me from A to B. bonus points for offering my first foray into single-speed/fixed gear riding (it has a flip-flop hub!)

tbh I did not think this bike was going to last this long!! whether for wear & tear or theft reasons.

these are the original tires, if you can believe it. absolutely nuts how sturdy this guy is.

... maybe steel IS real! 😁

#bikeTooter #cycling

two pictures of the same bike, seven years apart.

at the top, the image from 2016. the bike is a simple black PureFix Juliet, a narrow road frame made of steel, leaning against the side of a concrete pool. the bike has one gear, no stickers, no "bells and whistles" - just a few small lights and purple pedal straps.

at the bottom, the image from 2023. seven years on, the bike is leaning against a wall with beige siding, and is now equipped with a rear rack, a camera mount, and has bullhorns wrapped in bright green speckled bar tape (*yes the bar tape absolutely tore and I need to fix that). also, a SHIT TON of stickers all over the frame.

I love this bike!
Neil E. Hodges
13 hours ago

Kind of annoyed with White Industries at the moment. The original press-fit bearings in my Stanyan's MI5 rear hub needed replacement a long while ago, so I had my local bike shop order them (which took forever to be shipped by Enduro) and swap them out. Unfortunately, the same amount of play persisted after the bearing swap despite said shop following White Industries's directions to the T multiple times. My shop has called White Industries multiple times only to not be given any recourse.

I've been out that Stanyan for several weeks now and I don't know if I should just get a different hub put in the wheel or something at this point. 😒

#cycling #bicycle #biketooter #mastobikes

15 hours ago

Glorious morning Melbourne is putting on! Some wispy clouds, blue skies, sunny day. Was a crisp 6 when I went for my ride, going to be a great day. Just hung a load out on the line, that will be nicely dry by tonight. And thank fuck, it's almost the weekend!

#cycling #MelbourneWeather

15 hours ago

Knocked out my twenty pushups (I decided to make pushups an every-day thing for now to see how that goes), then went for 26km of #cycling around #Ottawa. It was a cool and foggy morning for a ride.

Screenshot from Push-Up Pal app:
20 Push Ups
00:34 Duration
0.9s Avg. Time
99% Consistency
Apple Fitness map showing a 26 km ride starting in Bordeleau Park ,over the Minto Bridges,along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, following it south to Hog’s Back, then onto the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway to the Hartwell Locks, through the Arboretum, around Dow’s lake and north along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway to the Corktown Bridge, then along to Sussex, and finishing in Bordeleau Park.
Apple Fitness Cycling Details

Total Time: 1:12:03
Total Distance: 26.64 KM
Average Speed: 22.1 KM/Н
Active Calories: 662CAL

#Shimano recalls 760,000 Hollowtech road cranks after receiving 4,500 incident reports
(Affected cranks are Dura Ace and Ultegra manufactured before July 2019. Take to a dealer for inspection.) #Cycling #BikeRepair

20 hours ago

"Our non-scientific, demographically skewed, unweighted reader poll of unfounded, provably false opinions said..."

In the real world, data shows cycle routes are used and more are wanted - but who needs good quality journalism when you can just stir the pot to get your clicks?

#cycling #Coventry #live_coventry

brad m
20 hours ago

Quit complaining carbrains and #cycling snobs!

“all the research points to positive results when it comes to #bicycles with an electric boost” #ebikes
“People who ride #bikes should support people who ride #bikes. People who drive cars should #sharetheroad with all users. Communities should want various modes of #transportation, and options that include saving the planet” #cycling #infrastructure #safestreets #health #climatechange

Gernot Wagner
21 hours ago

When you think you've seen it all, and then there's a guy washing his car in a bike lane in #NYC
#cycling #bikeNYC #AutoKorrektur #climate

Bryan Hansel
22 hours ago

I love my new bike. This is the best fitting bike that I think I've ever owned.

I used MyVeloFit, which is an online bike fitting tool, to find bikes that would fit me based on a scan of my body. I'm a hard fit and all my road bikes have been a little off. This one wasn't in the database, but it was within millimeters of the geometry of a bike that MyVeloFit suggested.

#biketooter #Cycling

A bike standing upright in the middle of a gravel road. It's a Rocky Mountain Solo in the color of a dirty penny. It has bikepacking bags on it.

#PublicTransit advocates in Wilmington #NC needed to complete a survey on rail, bus, bike, and pedestrian #transportation needs in the area. Responses will help shape the WMPO’s infrastructure plans for the next 25 years.

Survey available in English and Spanish until Nov. 30.

#Charlotte #Fayetteville #Greensboro #DurhamNC #AutofreiNC #NorthCarolina #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling

23 hours ago

Bad weather is a social construct.
#Cycling #BikeTooter #cargobike

Two kids in the front box of a cargobike. It is raining and the kid on the right is holding a rainbow coloured umbrella.
Sharing good Moments
1 day ago

We pushed our bikes a ridiculous steep, mostly unridable gravel path toward the bosnian border.
From an german cyclist we got the recomendation to visit the Buško jezero lake. It was a super rec.! we stayed there, chilling on the beach for two days 😎.
#cycling #BikeTooter #bosniaherzegovina

David Zipper
1 day ago

Visiting the Norwegian city of Bergen, I cycled along a stunning 3-km bike path blasted through a mountain.

It's the longest bike tunnel in the world -- and a centerpiece of Bergen's plans to reduce driving.

I wrote about it in Bloomberg CityLab.

#norway #bergen #bike #cycling

Sharing good Moments
1 day ago

Totally naive and happy we cycled smooth on a super new asphalted mainroad. No car appeared, we had the whole road for us...
yes, we ignored the sign 'driving banned'...
After almost one hour cycling we knew why they closed the new street (without detour possibility). A huge (~3km) constuction site was there. Oh no, do we really have to turn around? No, the friendy workers waved us through and we passed all the big street-constuction-machines.
#cycling #Cetina

1 day ago

"… more accessible … " 🤔


news report talking of a trail being 'more accessible' overlaid with a cyclist carrying a bike up a rough rocky track.
Sharing good Moments
1 day ago

Later on we reached the natural spring #Cetina. Because we spotted it on #organicMaps we cycled there to refill our bottles. And once more, we were surprised about this magical place. In the karst mountains every single raindrop disapears inbetween the rocks and stone layers. But down in the valley the #water appears suddenly at one point directly out of the ground.
#cycling #bikepacking #BikeTooter #croatia

Sharing good Moments
1 day ago

The next morning we crossed the 'spomenik smrznuti partizani', one of numerous monuments across th balkan countrys.
#cycling #bikpacking #BikeTooter #croatia

So many cyclists hate hills, but they're GOOD for you. As I always say, the hill is not IN the way, the hill IS the way.
But there is a secret you can use *right now* to get better at hills:
#Cycling #BikeTooter #Hills #WillCycle

Adrian McEwen
1 day ago

Last night was a Zero-Car City special of Ignite Liverpool. We had a bunch of excellent talks (as ever).

I compered the evening, and also took a little timelapse of some of the second half (featuring me, @defnetmedia and @Styles, plus #PelotonLiv)

#timelapse #IgniteLiv #Liverpool #CarFree #BikeTooter #cycling #weeknotes

A timelapse slow pan from right to left of a theatre-style room.

An assortment of folk are seen on stage, in front of a screen which shows a sequence of fast-changing (in real life as well as the timelapse) slides featuring bikes (lots of bikes), buses, cars cities and more.

I feel like this #cycling session yesterday maybe was a bit too hard lol. But it was only one hour. Just with a training stress score I normally ride in 2 hours.

Also I really need to do an FTP test.

Marc Hedlund
2 days ago

I decided to sell my original #LarryVsHarry #Bullitt cargo ebike and replace it with their larger model, the #BullittX. My kids are older now and don’t fit in the original any more, while the new one could realistically hold an adult passenger, or a lot more cargo. I loved the old bike and love the new one even more. Here’s a goofy, overprocessed picture on the Emeryville bike/ped bridge.

#BikeTooter #Cycling #CargoBike #EBike

A picture of a Larry vs Harry BullittX cargo ebike posed on the Emeryville bike/ped bridge over the Amtrak tracks near Bay Street. The lighting is terribly harsh but the bike is gorgeous (as is the bridge)!
Bryan Hansel
2 days ago

Today's bike ride was the longest ride that I've ever done. I rode through the maple-covered hills of Cook and Lake County in northern Minnesota. The maples were fiery red with fall color, especially near Cramer. All the gravel roads are in great shape for riding.

If you were planning on seeing the Minnesota north shore maples at peak fall color, this weekend is likely peak in the maples. The birch and aspen are still mostly green.

#BikeTooter #Cycling #Minnesota

A Ride with GPS statistic card showing a photo of a bike in the color of a dirty Penny leaning up against the sign that says heartbreak Hill. The statistics are 71.6 mi of distance, $3,858 ft of elevation gain, 5 hours and 53 minutes of moving time..
Ben Finch
2 days ago

one of the best bits was the traffic jam on the way home. i’d guess it was 15km of me sailing past cars. had my first bit of anger from a driver on this side of the atlantic too. they unsuccessfully tried to block me off #cycling #biketooter #velophants #travel #panama

a map of today’s ride through panamá city to the canal
me looking hot and sweaty after the ride
Ben Finch
2 days ago

very fun today! the #panama canal is both incredibly cool and slightly disappointing. it’s genuinely one of the greatest things humanity has built — it’s all freshwater and closed to the sea with a ladder of locks. but it’s also behind barbed wire without an open towpath to ride along #travel #cycling #biketooter #velophants

me smiling in my kit with a cargo ship on the panamá canal. we’re separated by a fence
a red road bike leans against a fence with a cargo ship on the panamá canal in the background. it’s pretty much the same pic as the previous one, sorry
a drained cove at the waterfront on panamá city. the tide is out. it would be a good place to catch crabs or molluscs. the old town can just be seen
2 days ago

Got out for a short ride, trying and failing to miss the downpours. Loads of (minor) flooding and debris about. #cycling

Blurry image of bike handlebars heading up a road under a cloudy sky
Water rushing down a dry stone wall bordered road under a cloudy sky
2 days ago

Had an errand to run in the Westboro area, so added almost 22km of #cycling to my activity for the day. Biking in #Ottawa traffic is no fun, especially Queen and Carling. Also annoying; the lack of bike parking in so many places. The one bike rack at my destination was packed, as were all the near-by sign posts.

I wonder what would be required to get our city to pass something requiring businesses to have adequate parking for cyclists. #OttBike

Apple Fitness map showing 21.97 km, starting in Lowertown, heading through downtown Ottawa, then up Holland to Carling, then down Island Park to Scott Street then crossing the William Commanda Bridge, and returning along the Voyagers pathway, over the MacDonald-Cartier bridge, and returning to Lowertown.
Quinn Comendant
2 days ago

Nice video of the MTB scene in CDMX by Jeff Kendall-Weed, filmed in Desierto de los Leones (the black and blue squiggly lines in this map), which is accessible via the Ciclopista Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca (red curvy line).

#cycling #cdmx

Map of south-west Mexico City showing the mountain bike trails from TrailForks, as well as the rail-to-trail line that goes from Polonco to Tres Marias.
The Crafty Miss
2 days ago

Anyone got a recommendation for a UK-available cycling trailer for carrying cats and dogs (one at a time, not a ménagerie all at once)? Or, have you maybe gone for a cargo trike or something else instead?

P.S. I don't know what size of dog yet. This is part of scoping out whether I can still avoid buying a car while getting pets!


Iain Roberts
2 days ago

Sunak's Net Zero surrender is bad, but the previous plan wasn't enough. When it comes to cars, it isn't enough to just replace every petrol & diesel with an EV.

That would still give us air pollution (from tyres), congestion and road deaths.

Instead we need more e-bikes, public transport, car clubs and car hire.

Lots of people will still need to own a car - that's fine. But many won't, and they'll save money as a result.
#cars #urbanism #ebike #cycling #transit #PublicTransport

How can we safely transport kids to school while reducing #pollution, promoting #exercise, boosting confidence, and building strong #community bonds? 🌲🚸🌳

In #Glasgow, #Scotland, #children ride to #school together in a bike 'bus' or 'train' – a group of young commuters guided by #cycling parents and teachers. 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️💨🍂

👉 Learn more:

🙋‍♀️ Want to get this idea started in your neighborhood? Here's how:

🚲 How to Set Up a Bike Bus at Your School
🚲 I Started a Bike Bus, and You Can Too
🚲 Bicycling to School Together: A bike train planning guide

#tksst #eco #climate

A "bike bus"
robyn ✨
2 days ago

is there a #CarryAlmostNothingOlympics hashtag? because I had to bop to the store for like four items. doesn't look like much, but I think these small bike trips are as important as the big ones!

under 10 minutes trip time each way. doubt this would have been much faster with a car honestly.

fossil fuels burned: 0
calories burned: probably some? idk, it was fun

#bikeTooter #yegbike #ebike #cycling

a white folding e-bike with a colourful reusable shopping bag in its front basket. it is sitting at a bike rack, in front of a store wall. behind it, a smaller black ebike is locked to the rack.
2 days ago

I backed a received Townie Syndicate's 'Lever+' on Kickstarter almost a decade ago. That's still going strong, literally, and have finally bought a second. Purchased from @velotastic, but he seems to have gone quiet on here of late. 👋
#recommended #cycling

a blue tyre lever strapped to a tube
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
2 days ago

#safeonSummerhill This week kids and other Footscray riders won a 2 year bike lane trial on Summerhill Rd.

"As the culmination of BikeWest's #safeonSummerhill campaign, a Kidical Mass cycling event was held for local residents who want their children and loved ones to be safe while traveling through our suburbs. We rode from Summerhill Road to the Council meeting in Braybrook.
At the meeting 12 of us spoke & really enlightened Council what was at stake. My god, the presentations were incredible - so heartfelt, personal, vulnerable, genuine."

#cycling #BikeLane #melbourne @mastobikes

A woman and a girl with bikes by an intersection.  The caption reads Claire & Josie, Footscray residents.  They ride on Summerhill to get to the WeFo shops.  Claire & Josie deserve to be #safeonSummerhill.
autumn 🍂 tis the season
2 days ago

i am slowly moving #TriangleBikeCamping off of meetup and onto and by slowly, i mean i just started! if you like #camping, #cycling, and especially like those two things together, come join our email group (not a marketing newsletter or anything, just event notifications and planning future trips).

#bikeTooter #triangleNC #raleighNC #durhamNC #chapelhillNC #carrboroNC

3 days ago

Is there a local sports/cycle charity that would benefit from two sets of brand new 700c gravel tyres? #isleofwight #cycling cc @mattdawhit

3 days ago

Today's shoutout goes to @mattcaff, who makes excellent videos about the need for better public transport, and sustainable urban planning based on people instead of cars:

➡️ @heartlandurbanist

If your server hasn't noticed their videos yet, you can see them all at:


They also run a PeerTube server with videos around the world about urbanism and transport:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Transport #Urbanism #PublicTransport #Cycling #MidWest

3 days ago

I really, really missed my sunglasses when I road through a cloud of gnats while #cycling around a lake this morning. No wonder people were giving me odd looks when I waved hello, I definitely had a couple plastered on my face when I got back from my ride 😆

jd 🔆
3 days ago

Since its opening in August, the William Commanda bridge, linking Ottawa and Gatineau bike paths, has proved to be enormously popular, with approximately 7,500 people per day crossing on the first weekend of use. Almost 30,000 crossings were recorded in the first week, and over 100,000 crossings in August in total.
(Source: City of Ottawa)
#OttBike #Ottawa #Transit #Cycling

Photo of the William Commanda bridge being used by a variety of walkers and cyclists.
Martin Rundkvist
3 days ago
alexdp 🏴‍☠️
3 days ago the culture around #transport is so blind and idiotic! I have never driven a car and I'm sure doing so will give you an incurable brain #disease. We should melt every last able-bodied person's car to put trams on every street and build a complete #international #HSR system. It's blatantly obvious,but fucking #burger culture still taints the minds of all us poor westerners. #transit #mobility #bike #biking #cycling #trains #rail #public #collective #free #cars #auto #autos

3 days ago

This is two murals done on bridge abutments under the Gateway Trail in St Paul, MN, USA. #BikeTooter #cycling #cyclinglife #publicart

D. April Wick
4 days ago

I'm collaborating on a presentation about how it's important for the people designing bike/ped infrastructure to actually *use* that infrastructure. We have no trouble coming up with infrastructure fails, but...

Can you name any examples of bike or pedestrian infrastructure that could have been designed really badly, but someone involved in the process fixed it because they had experience as a cyclist/pedestrian?

Edited to add: Ideally, we're looking for specific locations and as much related info as you can provide so we can pull photos from satellite or street view, track down documents from the planning/design process, etc.. (And if we use an example, we're happy to credit you if/how you like.)


#BikeTooter #Bike #Bicycle #Cycle #Pedestrian #Cycling #Urbanism #Infrastructure