5 days ago

Cursed idea of the day: a dnf plugin that runs jfrog-cli as the initiating user to download from JFrog Artifactory.
#dnf #python #JFrog #artifactory #RedHat #linux #programming

Alright, my #harelang update for #fedora is posted! Either run a #DNF upgrade or install #hare, hare-bin, and/or hare-src.

The dependency chain has been fixed as follows:

- qbe: (none)
- harec: qbe
- hare: hare-bin
- hare-bin: hare, harec, ~hare-src
- hare-src: (none)

The thought behind this is to allow folks who want to work in a stdlib-less environment can opt out of installing the stdlib in the first place (--setopt install_weak_deps=False).

/ Linux
2 weeks ago

DNF5 este cea mai nouă iterație a managerului de pachete care îi ajută pe utilizatori să ruleze programe pe Fedora. Deși Fedora 39 nu este livrat cu DNF5 în mod implicit, acesta este simplu de instalat.

DNF a înlocuit cu ceva timp în urmă vechiul manager de pachete și este utilizat în distribuții precum Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora […]

Fedora DNF5
Salmorejo Geek
3 weeks ago

He publicado nuevo vídeo en mi canal de Youtube: Después de instalar Fedora 39 con AMD/Intel | Mi post-instalación en RPM Fusion y DNF 🐧 #Fedora #Gnome #RPMFusion #DNF

Diego Elio Pettenò
1 month ago

Free Idea: dnf Prometheus Exporter

I need something to make my personal infra maintenance easier, but I have no time to build it. I'm going to throw it out there as a Free Idea, but I also have another suggestion…

#CentOS #Fedora #Prometheus #dnf

1 month ago

Got my first #DNF yesterday, my last 10 km were miserable after so much vomiting, no amount of rest seemed to help, so I abandoned at around km 65 💔, which was completely uncharted territory for me. Still trying to figure out what to do better next time, maybe go a bit slower to compensate for the blood flow lost to my body trying to cope from all the heat and humidity? Eat a little less? Rest a bit more in each station?

#TrailRunning #Running #UTMB

1 month ago

Oh no.

#Fedora's #DNF no longer allows pinning a #kernel version.

I forgot to re-install the working kernel and now I have a system that's not booting.

Boo(t), Fedora!

Beaver Notes
1 month ago

Fellow #community, a #bug in the way notes are imported has been detected and fixed, along with upgrading some dependencies in version 2.1.1. The releases are available through #scoop, #homebrew, #apt, and #dnf. As always, #Archlinux users will have to wait a few days before 2.1.1 is available on the #aur. You can also find the release at, and the changelog is available on our GitHub: Thanks for your time, and have an amazing and #opensource day.

Hab jetzt über die alle paar Minuten wegbrechende tröpfelnde Leitung aber dennoch etwa 1GB Updates gezogen 🤓
#DNF ist ganz schön hartnäckig 😅👍🏼

Im Keller am Verteiler hängt übrigens direkt eine VF-Station der Nachbarn im Gang: auch die hab ich schon blinken sehen heute und der Support sagt, da sei erst kürzlich an derselben Adresse schon mal ne Meldung eingegangen 👀

SORRY, it's #dnf on #fedora now. my apologies. point still stands.

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

I wish #SUSE/#openSUSE would just enable #dnf out of box for non-transactional variants. #zypper is comparatively slower/clunky and there's not a clearly unsolveable issue with their mutual co-existence. #Linux

Alright 🧐

Now I'm curious, is there also a module like toilet-flush, toilet-brush or toilet-extra? 🙃

#Fedora #dependencies #DNF

Screenshot saying "Dependecies being installed: toilet" in german

Today I discovered I am a blind fool...

When trying to speed up package installations I tend to disable repositories I do not need and enable those I do. So to date, I have been doing a lot of:

dnf --disablerepo "*" --enablerepo "..."

In perusing the DNF help today, I noticed "--repo". GUESS WHAT IT DOES!

It does what I have been doing this whole time manually. You provide a repository name or ID and it disables all but the one(s) you want. 🤦‍♂️

#fedora #centos #rpm #dnf #commandline

@f00fc7c8 I know...

Personally, I think good #PackageManagers that do #DependencyResolution like #apt and #yum / #dnf are essential to maintainable distros, even if I do violate that concept with #OS1337 for the sake of simplicity as #embedded #linux #distro.

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
2 months ago

I have #DNF DNFed The First Binding. I just wasn't enjoying my time with this one. It's so painfully slow and wordy in a way that just is not something I like.

“Mercedes got Ferrari’d…they Farrari’d themselves.”

Our International Nightmare is Over🏁
#SingaporeGP Recap with &🏎️


3 months ago

I’ve just published a new Ansible module called perlmod_install_info whose purpose is to help you install Perl modules on systems in the most portable way possible.

Specifically, this module knows how to search for Perl modules in dnf, yum, and apt repositories as well as in cpanm. It prefers the OS repositories over CPAN because generally speaking you’re better off going with the OS-packaged versions of modules when they’re available, both because that’s more robust and because the OS packages install much faster than CPAN. CPAN is needed as a backstop because the OS distributions don’t include all Perl modules.

What’s especially clever about this module is that when it does need to resort to CPAN to find a module that isn’t available in the OS repository, it recursively determines all of the dependencies of that module and checks for them in the OS repository. It then returns lists of modules you can install from the OS and modules you need to install from CPAN, so you can minimize the number of modules that end up coming from CPAN.

If this sounds useful to you, you can check it out on GitHub.

#Ansible #apt #CPAN #cpanm #dnf #Perl #perlmodInstallInfo #yum

“Is Max Verstappen bad for F1?”

#DNF The Elephant In The Room 🏎️ & discuss Max Verstappen's dominant season, a dirt bag's itinerary for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and a lawsuit winding its way through the European courts. 🏁


3 months ago

#Sapiens is the second #book of 2023 I #DNF

Sohrab Behdani
3 months ago

رمزنگاری توی مخازن بسته آرچ و pacman

و خب شاید بدونید هر لحضه ممکنه که اینترنت بسته بشه و ما مجبور بشیم در خوشبینانه ترین حالت از مخازنی که توی کشور هست استفاده کنیم
آیا امنیت این مخازن تضمین شده هستش؟
قبل از پاسخ دادن به این سوالات میخوام انواع تایید کلید توی pacman رو بگم

Never (0)
با قرار دادن SigLevel روی این حالت دیگه هیچ تایید یا آزمایشی برای کلید ها انجام نمیشه و بسته ها بدون چک شدن و مقایسه کلید نصب میشن ( بسیار خطرناکه اگه نمیدونید دارید چیکار می‌کنید)
Optional (1)
برای امضا چک میکنه ولی اگه وجود هم نداشته باشه بازهم اجازه نصب میده.
Required (2)
روی این حالت وجود امضا لازمه و اگه وجود نداشته باشه، پک من از نصب اون بسته خودداری میکنه و به شما ارور میده.
TrustAll (3)
همه پکیج هارو امضا شده در نظر میگیره و دیگه دنبال کلید نمیگرده، رسما با Never تفاوتی نداره.
اگه اطلاعات بیشتر خواستید ویکی ارچ هست:
خب حالا که یک سری توضیح دادم برگردیم سر موضوع اصلیمون.
آیا مخازن داخلی امن هستن؟
تیم آرچ همه بسته هارو امضا میکنه و کلید های عمومیشون رو توی archlinux-keyring میزارن.

پک‌من با استفاده از این بسته تشخیص میده که آیا بسته ای که شما نصب کردی امضا شده یا نه؟
اگه بسته مورد دار باشه و امضاش مشکل داشته باشه شما ارور میگیری از طرف پک من که بسته رو نصب نمیکنه.

آیا میشه این بسته رو دستکاری کرد؟
نه،شما اگه این بسته رو باز کنی و بخوای دوباره repackage بکنی اون رو ، کاراییش رو از دست میده.

همه مخازن داخلی امن هستن؟
مخازنی که بسته های رسمی رو داشته باشن مشکلی ندارن چون با کلید های تیم ارچ امضا شدن ولی مخازن شخص ثالث خیر.

لطفا از مخازن شخص ثالث تا جایی که میتونید دوری کنید.

درمورد اوبونتو و دبیان بیس ها چطور؟ و یا فدورا؟
فدورا اجازه ساخت مخزن توی ایران رو به صورت رسمی نمیده و اکثر مخازنی که توی ایران هم هستن غیررسمی هستن.
و نصبشون هم به این صورته که میان درکنار مخازن اصلی شما قرار میگیرن و زمانی که شما fastest mirror رو روشن کرده باشی استفاده میشن. dnf هم ساختارش توی این زمینه شبیه به pacman هست و 4 تا policy level داره.
درمورد اوبونتو و دبیان
پکیج منیجر apt هم کنترل رمزنگاری داره به صورت پیشفرض.
ولی زمانی که شما توی اوبونتو ppa اضافه میکنی کلید هاش به صورت اتومات وارد میشن.
توی اوبونتو و دبیان به نظرم تا میتونید سراغ مخازن شخص ثالث نرید اگه نمیدونید مال چیه ( از سایت ها رندوم مخزن اد نکنید)

و در انتها تا زمانی که کاربر به نوع رمزنگاری دست نزنه و یا مخزنی رو اضافه نکنه که ازش چیزی نمیدونه یک امنیت نسبی روی توزیع خودش داره.
اگر هم ایرادی داره پست به بزرگی خودتون ببخشید و بگید تا در دفعات بعدی رفعش کنم :)
#pacman #archlinux #apt #dnf

Here's the release of my Summer Lucille picture. DFO has their NPCs in Summer outfits and Lucille's sprite wears a dress and has a bike. I'm still not satisfied with Yaja's hairstyle, though.

#DungeonFighterOnline #DNF #DFO #LucilleRedmayne #Yayaja #OC #futanari #futaonfemale #futa #bbc #interracial #humping #hugebreasts #cum #armpits #NSFW

A black futanari sniffs Lucille Redmayne's armpit and humps her leg. She gets cum on her dress.
Fantasy for the Ages
3 months ago

Bringing a new Quick Take episode at you today, Jim sharing 8 SFF reads that are just TOO MUCH for some people to handle. Have you read these? Were you able to hack it? Did you DNF? Check them out, and let us hear your thoughts! #SFF #Fantasy #SciFi #DNF

Wendy Palmer
3 months ago

I’ve started a couple of romances lately and the love interest has been such a complete dick in the first few chapters that I’ve had to abandon them. As in, not just the MC’s misinterpretation of explainable behaviour, but out-and-out terrible behaviour.

I know they’re meant to redeem themself over the course of the book (though one of them gave the distinct impression it was the MC who needed to learn to lighten up in the face of deliberate trolling), but I just couldn’t get through the dickwad bits to the redemption.

@bookstodon #RomanceReads #DNF

Sometimes one might wonder, "What's the point?" 😄

"Delta RPMs reduced 1110.5 MB of updates to 1108.2 MB (0.2% saved)"

#Fedora #DNF

Big Bearded Bookseller
4 months ago

2023 Reading List

Trying to pull myself away from Goodreads as well, using a spreadsheet to log my reads but there is always something nice about showing people socially what you’ve read.

Book 1 (02/01/23)

The Novelist as Vocation by Haruki Murakami

I’d never realised that I’d never read Murakami before and thought I would try on this, and amazingly the first book of 2023 was a DNF

#bookstodon #haveread #ReadingList #HarukiMurikami #DNF

An abstract book cover with circles intersected by multiple different designs with blues, reds, purples, blacks, grey, and white sections
Fantasy for the Ages
4 months ago

New Quick Take episode has dropped, something especially important if you have a large TBR, or hesitate to take on long book series. Or ever try something by an author you've not heard of. Check it out! #TBR #DNF #SFF #Booktube #Fantasy #Scifi

Fedora Test Days... the road to Fedora Linux 39!

Please take some time to help us test the below items during their scheduled times. Test Days are a great entry point if you've never contributed before!

* DNF 5: Aug 11-17
* @gnome Desktop and Core Apps: Aug 14-17
* Gnome Apps in general: Aug 18-20
* Internationalization (i18n): Sep 5-11

Info on how to test:

#Fedora #DNF #Gnome #i18n #Linux

Fedora Test Days graphic
4 months ago

I'm eleven minutes into watching Sympathy for the Devil, watching the the bad guy kidnapper riding around without a seatbelt and I think to myself, this movie could be over right now if the good guy just drives into a wall.

#movies #dnf

4 months ago

Eh. #dnf
I hav no tosst that book. (Not fisically, the one disadvantage of ebooks.)
According tho the author’s notes, the reason why he wrote it is basically »›Robert E. Lee with an Uzi‹, i hav to write that novel«.

#ospalhReads #GunsOfTheSouth #Turteldove

4 months ago

Quick guide on installing Nextcloud desktop client utilizing the Fedora Repository or Flatpak with Flathub on Fedora Linux #Linux #Fedora #Nextcloud #Cloud #Cloudstorage #LinuxTips #FedoraLinux #Flatpak #Flathub #DNF

Mathieu Poussin
4 months ago

I really wish there was a proper history/rollback management in #apt like on #dnf
#linux #debian #redhat #ubuntu

@omenos @chamomile @carlwgeorge My favorite feature is "dnf history". Being able to see what I've done and either undo or redo them again is *very* powerful!

#dnf #fedora #linuxtips

4 months ago

Oh, and Duke Nukem Forever was originally intended to be a 2D platformer, just before Apogee realized how popular Duke Nukem 3D became. It didn't get too far, but even those prototypes exist.

#DukeNukem #DukeNukemForever #DNF #DOSGames #RetroGaming #Beta #Unreleased #Prototype #Gameplay

4 months ago

Do you remember the hype around Duke Nukem Forever? Not the version that was finally released way too late, but the one we saw in the E3 trailer in 2001. The version everyone wanted to play. Well, there's a prototype of what they really had back then, including all assets that was used for the trailer.

#DukeNukem #DukeNukemForever #DNF #Beta #Prototype #RetroGaming #Gameplay #Unreleased

@chamomile DNF has got a boatload of features; most only ever use like 15%. I never bothered to learn how to use it properly, but @carlwgeorge showed me the other day what can be done with "dnf shell". The ability to perform a lot of tasks as a single transaction... it's freaking powerful!

#dnf #packagemanagement #cli

charlie :linux: :mastodon:
5 months ago

Ok so I give #Kinoite another try again but this time on x86-64 platform (yes on VM under #openSUSE)

I must say the update performed by #rpm-ostree is more swift than the ordinary #dnf

5 months ago

#fedora38 #dnf

'/usr/sbin/ldconfig: /lib64/ is not a symbolic link

/usr/sbin/ldconfig: /lib64/ is not a symbolic link

/usr/sbin/ldconfig: /lib64/ is not a symbolic link'

Safe to delete and reinstall the offending library? Just reinstalling doesn't actually change / replace these files at all.

To be clearer: I get these errors every time I run dnf, tough it always seems to finish properly.

This was a quick doodle of Spectre getting her boobs groped by my DFO OC, Yayaja. I had been experimenting with giving Yaja a new hairstyle, but I went back to her old one after this.

#DFO #DNF #DNFDuel #Spectre #Yayaja #OC #futanari #futaonfemale #futa #bbc #interracial #hugebreasts #groping #buttjob #cum #nsfw #doodle

Toujours aussi brutale la mise à jour des drivers #nvidia

#dnf #fedora

5 months ago

Irgendwie empfinde ich das einspielen per Kommandozeile einfacher als per Gnome SoftwareCenter.

#SoftwareCenter #GnomeSoftwareCenter
#DNF #Console

Matthew Graybosch
5 months ago

There's a thread about books people could not finish despite their efforts on the Tildes forum. Since I'm banned over there I can't chime in, but they can't stop me from posting my own list of failed attempts here.

Gravity's Rainbow

I've made at least a dozen attempts at Thomas Pynchon's World War II novel since I was eighteen, and I've never managed to get far beyond Pirate Prentice's banana breakfast.

Infinite Jest

Of course I've tried to read the novel that made David Foster Wallace famous, since it was published the year I turned eighteen and I still felt obligated to at least try to read and appreciate literary fiction in order to be "serious" about writing. I just never succeeded, most likely for the same reasons I never finished Gravity's Rainbow. It seems my patience for postmodernism is limited.

The Name of the Rose

I know how Umberto Eco's medieval mystery ends, but I don't count it as a book I've successfully read because there are dozens of passages that I just don't have enough Latin to read. It helps a little that I had seen the film adaptation first.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

I'm not sure what stopped me from finishing N. K. Jemisen's novel, or the Inheritance Trilogy of which it's the first. Maybe I got distracted, or perhaps I couldn't bring myself to care about the characters and their struggles. I should probably pick it up again and give it another shot.

The Warded Man

Once I got it into my head that Peter Brett's novel would have worked better as a shonen manga called Tattooed Devil Killer ARLEN I could no longer take the novel seriously or suspend disbelief. That the protagonist basically turned into Batman after a time skip didn't help matters.


Ryk E. Spoor's homage to L. Frank Baum's Oz novels would probably have had more appeal for me if I had actually read Baum's novels as a kid instead of simply watching the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz when it ran on TV between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Apparently Baum's setting got a lot weirder after Wizard. Spoor's novel assumed prior knowledge of the setting and characters that I lacked and couldn't be bothered to acquire.


I liked Dan Simmons better when he wrote science fiction. I was also going to say that I liked him better before he became a raving bigot writing unhinged rants about the evils of Islam, but the seeds of that bigotry were latent in the 1980s when he wrote Hyperion. It doesn't help that Drood requires knowledge of Charles Dickens' life and work, particularly his unfinished Mystery of Edwin Drood. I could acquire it, but I was never a fan of Charles Dickens' and I can't be bothered to read his work just so I can make sense of this one novel by Dan Simmons.

The Elfstones of Shannara

I had been told by a few dozen Terry Brooks fans on r/fantasy that Elfstones was a better novel than his first novel, The Sword of Shannara, but the magic just wasn't there for me. Maybe if I head read Elfstones first, and as a child instead of an adult

Byzantium Endures

This is the first of Michael Moorcock's novels of Colonel Pyat, and I've been slogging through it for five years, reading a little more at a time. This isn't a failure on Moorcock's part, but a triumph of characterization. Pyat's dishonesty is the least of his repugnant qualities, and I can only take so much of him at a time. I'm only halfway through Byzantium Endures, and there are three more Pyat novels after that.

I don't think I'll get through them all in my lifetime unless I'm already in so cynical and misanthropic a mood that Pyat's racism, anti-Semitism, nationalism, and misogyny somehow buoy me instead of bringing me down.

If there are books you haven't finished despite a valiant effort, why not blog about them and email me a link? I'm curious.

syndicated from…

#books #dnf #didnotfinish @bookstodon

A quick doodle of DNF Duel's Spectre getting her boobs groped by my DFO OC, Yayaja. You can view the full image on my Fanbox.

#DFO #DNF #DNFDuel #spectre #yayaja #oc #futanari #futaonfemale #futa #bbc #interracial #hugebreasts #groping #buttjob #cum #nsfw #doodle #fanbox

6 months ago

Is RStudio on dnf not up to date? Quit and download button pops up on first run. #rstats #rstudio #fedora #dnf

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
6 months ago

I'm back at my #ArchLinux #KDEPlasma tower now [which system remains, frankly, superb], but for several hours earlier i was using my #Fedora 38 #KDEPlasma lappy. After finishing all my usual browsing & such on it, i did the 200+ pkg update backlog i've been ignoring for a few days. Watching all the pkgs downloading via #DNF in #Yakuake, i shook my head in admiration... #KFedora continues to keep up really well with Arch, not only with the #Plasma desktop itself, but also #Gear & #Frameworks. 💜

It. Did. Not. Used. To. Be. This. Good, some years ago, so, since at least early this year, otherwise maybe late last year, something wunnerful happened wrt active support of KDE by Fedora. Nowadays it is, to be blunt, bloody excellent... kudos & thanks! 🎉

#Arch remains the holder of my heart, but if it went away tomorrow, i'd replace it with KFedora .

IMO, anyone who somehow dislikes #RollingRelease #distros, but loves KDEPlasma, who atm inclines to #openSUSE #Leap KDE, or KDE in some #Debian / #Ubuntu thing [ergo you get stuck with obsolete versions], really should seriously consider KFedora.

JC Palmer
6 months ago

I may #DNF Priory of the Orange Tree. I enjoy the prose, but I’m just shy of 200 pages in and there’s been one slightly momentous event. According to my ereader, I’m not even a fifth of the way into the book. I’m bored and I have no desire to continue reading, despite the praise heaped on this novel. Do I stubbornly refuse to give up, thus putting off other books, or just move on? #books #bookstodon

Niamh (LeedsBookClub)
6 months ago

There are some books that I still finish as a bit of an endurance exercise - usually when they are beautifully written but just not for me.

My bestie & I do a weekly readalong and we found #YoungMungo a really hard slog. At times we contemplated #DNF as it’s so tense, such a toxic set up and unrelentingly miserable - but the writing allowed us to finish it and then - vitally - reach for another read with delight. Flying through #OurWivesUnderTheSea.

#Books #Reading #DNF #bookstodon #BookTok

Niamh (LeedsBookClub)
6 months ago

Fowlerville District Library's video! #TikTok

It’s only in the last few years I’ve been able to set a book down if I’m not into it/hate it /at the wrong time & place for it. Previously I felt almost guilty not to finish a book - like I was letting myself & the book down!

#BookClub choices I really try to finish, but hanging on to the grim end can often leave me with a reading block.

#DNF #Bookstodon #BookTok #Readers

7 months ago

I wonder if there's a way to get the #aur working on #fedora. It's possible to install #pacman & #paru using #dnf and #cargo respectively, and after doing

pacman-key --init
pacman-key --populate archlinux

it's possible to get it to start installing.

The problem you run into is dependencies. Pacman can't use dnf pkgs as deps & tries to doubly install things, conflicting with the files of dnf pkgs.

I wonder if there's a way around that. Would be cool to play around with.


I’m normally a very “forgiving” reader of sci-fi. Handwave away whatever you want, I don’t care, I’m there for the ride.

But the story I’m reading has a giant mech, like Gundam or Battletech, explicitly used to fight the alien invaders, and the AI scientist just explained that it is powered by cold fusion (cool) and… solar panels on every outside surface.

Because solar panels are notoriously as efficient as FUSION(!) and also tough enough to withstand rockets and bullets.

🤨 #DNF pile for you.

Welcher Wochentag ist heute? Ach ja...

#Fedora 36 verweigert den Login mit #Gnome.
Es scheint an der Installation von #kernel 6.2.7 letzte Woche via #dnf zu liegen. Mit 6.1.8 flutscht alles.


As the Test Days wrap up, here's a last reminder about tomorrow's Test Day for DNF 5. See here for details on how to help test the next version of our package manager:

Tomorrow there will be *some news*, but that thing will continue to be available, whereas the DNF Test Day is only tomorrow. Priorities!
#Fedora #Linux #DNF

Matthias Bach
9 months ago

Hat jemand eine Idee, wieso mir Version 13.0.1 anzeigt, ein `podman run --rm -ti fedora:latest dnf info gcc-c++` aber Version 12.2.1?

#Fedora #Rawhide #dnf

Cyril Brulebois
9 months ago

@foosel from DidNotFinish to DoNotFear real quick! #dnf

A @opensuse pots utilitzar #dnf com gestor de paquets per defecte en substitució de zypper. Simplement:

zypper install dnf libdnf-repo-config-zypp

Així et pots beneficiar de les opcions de #history que te #dnf.

Crec que #openSUSE és una de les distribucions més infravalorades que hi ha.

10 months ago

I have a bipolar reaction to the poetry of Dylan Thomas - it is either brilliant or incomprehensible

I'm familiar with the introduction to #UnderMilkWood (=brilliant) and so was looking forward to reading the whole thing.

It is a play. Supposedly

But I now have to add a third category for DT - meh.
As a "play", it fails utterly on plot, message, and metaphor. Very disappointing. #DNF

=> Shelve; try again later. Maybe.

What did I miss?


10 months ago

I have a bipolar reaction to the poetry of Dylan Thomas - it is either brilliant or incomprehensible

I'm familiar with the introduction to #UnderMilkWood (=brilliant) and so was looking forward to reading the whole thing.

It is a play. Supposedly

But I now have to add a third category for DT - meh.
As a "play", it fails utterly on plot, message, and metaphor. Very disappointing. #DNF

=> Shelve; try again later. Maybe.

What did I miss?


FOSS Surveys
11 months ago

Which #package manager(s) do you use?

Boost for more range

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Chris :redhat: :fedora:
11 months ago

I'm just a-sittin' in the chair at my desk

Watch DNF do the rest

I'm just a-sittin' in the chair at my desk

Updatin' myyyyyyyyyy......uh, PC


Looks like everything goin' change

None o' these packages stayin' the same

Not sure what even half of them do

But I guess that they're important, too

- With apologies to Otis Redding

#dnf #fedora #badsongwriting

A DNF update running on Fedora
Randall's Books
11 months ago

@purposefulprose @jillrhudy @bookstodon

Agree. The key phrase is "too many of them". The big Cable TV shows do this too. You start enjoying something ('How To Get Away With Murder', for example), and end up feeling jerked around by the 'cleverness' of the writing. I now know when I should stop watching - and in a book, stop reading. #DNF

Kay :heart_bi:
1 year ago

@hobbes advantage of borrowing from a #library!! #Books need to be returned so I have a deadline to read or renew or add to #DNF pile. Currently have 25 books due back in 3 weeks time. Four of them in next 5 days. Good thing I'm a fast reader!!