Len writes queer solarpunk
2 weeks ago

Hannibal (2001)
DNF because what the fuck Ridley?!?

#Movies #HorrorFam #HorrorMovies #MovieReview #Hannibal #DNF

Nueva entrada al #blog, diferencia entre paquetes #dnf, #flatpak y #snap y cómo trabajar con ellos. #tutoriales #linux @fedora

aen 😐
2 weeks ago
I've been so busy with my dissertation that I haven't read anything since mid-April, and that's when I read They Both Die at the End and then I DNF'd a LitRPG and Exhalation by Ted Chiang.

I think I'll read Exhalation eventually but LitRPGs might not be for me. "Oh Great! I was Reincarnated as a Farmer" was just super boring. Maybe someone out there knows a better LitRPG to read?

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3 weeks ago

I wonder if there's a way to get the #aur working on #fedora. It's possible to install #pacman & #paru using #dnf and #cargo respectively, and after doing

pacman-key --init
pacman-key --populate archlinux

it's possible to get it to start installing.

The problem you run into is dependencies. Pacman can't use dnf pkgs as deps & tries to doubly install things, conflicting with the files of dnf pkgs.

I wonder if there's a way around that. Would be cool to play around with.

4 weeks ago

Actualitzado mi estación de trabajo #linux @fedora #linux #37 a #38 por consola con #dnf y el resultado es espectacular!

I’m normally a very “forgiving” reader of sci-fi. Handwave away whatever you want, I don’t care, I’m there for the ride.

But the story I’m reading has a giant mech, like Gundam or Battletech, explicitly used to fight the alien invaders, and the AI scientist just explained that it is powered by cold fusion (cool) and… solar panels on every outside surface.

Because solar panels are notoriously as efficient as FUSION(!) and also tough enough to withstand rockets and bullets.

🤨 #DNF pile for you.

Welcher Wochentag ist heute? Ach ja...

#Fedora 36 verweigert den Login mit #Gnome.
Es scheint an der Installation von #kernel 6.2.7 letzte Woche via #dnf zu liegen. Mit 6.1.8 flutscht alles.


2 months ago

I figured out what was wrong with the #mongodb service on my #redhat.

One day, an automatic upgrade of the package broke the service, and it wouldn't start anymore.

Turns out, they changed the service from type forking to simple, and they deleted the fork and pidfile settings from mongod.conf.

But because I had modified the file (of course), these changes were not applied. So mongod was still forking and trying to use PIDFile when systemd thought it was a simple daemon and kept killing its orphan when it forked and died (after manually creating the pid folder that systemd wasnt creating anymore)

This is an example of why end-user customizations should be applied with separate files that aren't part of the package. There should be an /etc/mongo.d/ directory where you put your own mongod.conf to override the package maintainer's one.

Otherwise, you'll have to manually merge the distribution's updates. And I don't even know if #dnf prompts the user for that, I don't remember seeing that, and this happened with an automatic update. I know #debian will prompt though

3 months ago

dnf history

Mit der dnf history Funktion lassen sich vergangene Paketinstallationen anzeigen und rückgängig machen.

#dnf #Paketmanager #Linux

Bogi Takács
3 months ago

On my Patreon today (this is a backers-only update):

Book pile sorting event, March!

In which I read a chapter or two of a lot of books while trying to figure out whether to keep and finish them.... or not.

#Patreon #Bookpile #DNF #TBR #BogiReads

Fedora Project
3 months ago

As the Test Days wrap up, here's a last reminder about tomorrow's Test Day for DNF 5. See here for details on how to help test the next version of our package manager:

Tomorrow there will be *some news*, but that thing will continue to be available, whereas the DNF Test Day is only tomorrow. Priorities!
#Fedora #Linux #DNF

Matthias Bach
3 months ago

Hat jemand eine Idee, wieso mir Version 13.0.1 anzeigt, ein `podman run --rm -ti fedora:latest dnf info gcc-c++` aber Version 12.2.1?

#Fedora #Rawhide #dnf

Thorsten Leemhuis (2/4)
3 months ago

#Dnf5 feels somewhat faster than #dnf, but I suspect it would feel a lot faster if it would try to download the repodata of the various enabled repositories in parallel…

Cyril Brulebois
3 months ago

@foosel from DidNotFinish to DoNotFear real quick! #dnf

xTecnoMundo Security
3 months ago

Sabado de capacitacion... primero #bitwarden y luego aprender algo de paqueteria #dnf.

Vamos con todo, con optimismo.

uncomfy 🇵🇭
3 months ago

i think im going to use #dnf in #opensuse for a long while just for an experiment. then i will try to change a #fedora system into an #opensuse system inside a vm 😈

4 months ago

while it is somewhat less relevant now that I use Fedora Silverblue instead of Workstation, one thing that always drew me to Fedora is DNF

not for any underlying technical reason per se, but because the output is so much nicer than what you get with APT

#Fedora #Silverblue #distrobox #DNF #APT

Two terminal windows side-by-side. On the left is the output of installing a set of packages with the DNF package manager. It is a 5-column layout, with packages and relevant information listed line-by-line. Package names are also colored a light green.

On the right-side terminal is the output of installing the same packages, but with the APT package manager. Packages are listed in alphabetical order with no visual formatting applied.

A @opensuse pots utilitzar #dnf com gestor de paquets per defecte en substitució de zypper. Simplement:

zypper install dnf libdnf-repo-config-zypp

Així et pots beneficiar de les opcions de #history que te #dnf.

Crec que #openSUSE és una de les distribucions més infravalorades que hi ha.

Eric Normandeau
4 months ago

I started reading Catch-22 some weeks ago. I get that there is a lot of unpleasant things going on in the world, but I don't find a place for witty cynicism in my life. I'll keep my energy for the good fights.

In 2023, I'll dump books I don't want to read. Thank you Catch-22 for being the first one!
#books #reading #cynicism #didNotFinish #dnf

4 months ago

I have a bipolar reaction to the poetry of Dylan Thomas - it is either brilliant or incomprehensible

I'm familiar with the introduction to #UnderMilkWood (=brilliant) and so was looking forward to reading the whole thing.

It is a play. Supposedly

But I now have to add a third category for DT - meh.
As a "play", it fails utterly on plot, message, and metaphor. Very disappointing. #DNF

=> Shelve; try again later. Maybe.

What did I miss?


4 months ago

I have a bipolar reaction to the poetry of Dylan Thomas - it is either brilliant or incomprehensible

I'm familiar with the introduction to #UnderMilkWood (=brilliant) and so was looking forward to reading the whole thing.

It is a play. Supposedly

But I now have to add a third category for DT - meh.
As a "play", it fails utterly on plot, message, and metaphor. Very disappointing. #DNF

=> Shelve; try again later. Maybe.

What did I miss?


"How to exit vi?" for real
Thanks to #dnf crowd for the laughs and keeping it true!!

Nicola 💾
4 months ago

Today at #FOSDEM. So excited to give this talk

DNF5: the new era in RPM software management

#fedora #opensuse #rpm #dnf #dnf5

FOSS Surveys
5 months ago

Which #package manager(s) do you use?

Boost for more range

#apt #dnf #pacman #packagemanager #foss #opensource #freesoftware #linux #poll #polls #survey

John Refior
5 months ago

How much memory do you need to comfortably run Fedora Cloud Base?

I tried 2 GB and I can't run DNF. It goes OOM, kills my processes, and terminates my SSH session
#Fedora #DNF #cloud

Jacqui Thornton-Wright
5 months ago

#DNF You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay

Joan Grey
5 months ago

I think I'm going to #dnf this next book, as well. It's not terrible, but it's just weirdly boring and awkward.

There's a massive power imbalance between the two leads that's mostly unaddressed.

One is adding a Chanukah event at his work (a resort) without knowing what sorts of foods are correct and without researching first.

AND he's doing this with less than a week to plan and advertise the new event. Even if everyone else was on-board, that's not enough time. Ugh.

5 months ago

While "working" I am listing to Still Life by Sarah Winman...

Not entirely loving it. It bounces around storylines and timelines and has yet to converge but also doesn't seem likely that they will converge.

8hrs left of a nearly 15hr audiobook

Might be #dnf

Joan Grey
5 months ago

Welp. My first DNF of the year. I can push past the weirdly incompetent First Time Parent stuff, but when the MC's twin sister starts being emotionally manipulative to direct the gay MC to allow contact with his homophobic mother, I'm out.
#dnf #ReaderThoughts #2023InBooks

Chris :redhat:
5 months ago

I'm just a-sittin' in the chair at my desk

Watch DNF do the rest

I'm just a-sittin' in the chair at my desk

Updatin' myyyyyyyyyy......uh, PC


Looks like everything goin' change

None o' these packages stayin' the same

Not sure what even half of them do

But I guess that they're important, too

- With apologies to Otis Redding

#dnf #fedora #badsongwriting

A DNF update running on Fedora
Jen Twimom
5 months ago

Well darn. It’s only January 5 and I’m already DNFing a book. But in 2023, I’m not going to keep reading hoping it eventually gets better. #DNF #AmReading

Christian Hagenest
5 months ago

All the memery aside it's actually pretty nice that switching from #zypper to #dnf is so easy on #opensuse :)

Though the code above is not enough, you'll need the package 'rpm-repos-openSUSE-Tumbleweed' too.

Funker Tom
5 months ago

#Geocaching-Ausflug mit @Purmelchen heute Nachmittag.
Viel Bewegung, aber leider nur 2 #DNF ("Did not find"). :blobrollingeyes:

Winterlicher Waldweg, der zum Horizont hin links um die Kurve führt. Nach links steigt das Gelände an.
5 months ago

And last #dnf pics. There sure kept the babes and the greasy/cheesy mood! And some light dialogue bug.

Randall's Books
5 months ago

@purposefulprose @jillrhudy @bookstodon

Agree. The key phrase is "too many of them". The big Cable TV shows do this too. You start enjoying something ('How To Get Away With Murder', for example), and end up feeling jerked around by the 'cleverness' of the writing. I now know when I should stop watching - and in a book, stop reading. #DNF

Rebekah Kohlhepp
5 months ago

27 Books I Never Finished
I read a lot of books... or at least I try to. I also start a lot of books that I never end up finishing for a variety of reasons. I've decided to share them with you for the first time ever. Here is six years' worth of books that landed in my DNF pile!


1. Mere Christi
#Books #MyBookshelf #booklist #bookreview #bookish #Books #bookshelf #dnf #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks

The StoryGraph
6 months ago

Have you seen the new tag charts in your stats yet? 📊

You also get this chart with your #DNF and Owned books stats! 😁

Available for everybody now (under the genres chart)! #books #bookstats #reading #storygraph #bookstodon

Bar chart labelled "Tags". Along the vertical axis are tag names and along the horizontal axis are the "No. of books".

There are four horizontal green bars. The top three (audio, nov-tbr, and libro-alc) represent 2 books each, and the bottom one (storygraph-book-club-dec), represents 1 book.
The Owner of Mastodon 🤞
6 months ago

#Apt, as expected, is amazing. So many developers publish their software through it, so I was able to install many more programs than with #dnf.

I do miss how fast #Fedora feels. #PopOS is just a bit slower, not to the point of it being annoying. It's just in comparison that I notice the difference.

#Hibernation is amazing for my battery life. It's a bit annoying to have to wait for my RAM to be loaded up between sessions, but for now it's worth it. I prefer actually being mobile.

@chandanhegde @archlinux @fedora @gnome IMO you'll get a good #gnome experience in both #archlinux & #fedora -- in both cases, it'll be straight vanilla GNOME, just like its Devs created.

Tbh, IMO [again], in a case like your question, you might wish to choose based on your preference for #pacman vs #dnf, #aur vs #copr , #thearchway vs #anaconda etc.

Enjoy, best wishes!

Mikael Hansson
6 months ago

My weekend projects have a tendency for feature creep. I wanted to experiment with #IPv6 and set up a #HurricaneElectric tunnel with a /48 net to my home lab. Now I’m rebuilding my VLANs and #KVM bridges, and reading up on #Kea as a replacement for my old #ISC #DHCP Server that’s apparently going EOL pretty much now. While I’m at it I might switch to #Fedora for some of my servers just to get some practice with #DNF and #SELinux based management for work.
#Linux #HomeLab #Networking

6 months ago

#DNF The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. All the exposition was taking its toll. And I felt it just wasn't very well written.

I like my stories to move me forward but this just didn't. You could cut chunks out of it and you'd still understand it.

And the similes were hilarious.

#book #books #reading #bookstodon

Eggmont 🐘
6 months ago

@dropbear42 @dcoms @attilasedon @WinstonSmith @Tionisla @TheADHDHobbyist

Windows Update: Something is broken. Is it Tuesday?

Apt: Rebuilding initramfs automatically on Ubuntu. Troubling on production systems after installing trivial utilities.

Dnf: 2.2gb of updates after installing a 1.2gb version upgrade on Fedora. Flatpak unaware.

KDE Discover: Flatpak aware. Will sometimes pickup bad links for regular updates Groundhog Daying the error until it is fixed using dnf.

#linux #apt #dnf

Daniel Isaksen
6 months ago

@rwlowry Mostly because there are no simple, fast, no-bullshit options that vaguely resemble #RHEL.

It's something I've really missed at work where certain colleagues insist on staying at least somewhat compatible with RHEL. Besides, I like how #DNF handles transactions and history even if the spec files are written in a terrible DSL.

I don't particularly condone VMware's business practices but #tdnf is one of their simpler, more open projects.

#AlpineLinux and #musl also, in my opinion, can focus a bit too much on correctness to the point where it impacts usability, compability and freedom of choice.

Who said #Fedora's update tool #DNF is slow? With some tweaking it is pretty much flying!

#max_parallel_downloads=20 (because why not?)
#defaultyes=True (old habits ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ )

Screenshot showing Termux with a remote connection to a Fedora Server with the download results for the upgrade;
Total 9.3 MB/s | 691 MB | 01:14 min
7 months ago

I’m always the reader who finishes the book even when I hate it. Today, I did my first #DNF… I won’t say which book because I think that different readers will like different things. That book just wasn’t for me. I chose myself lol

On to the next one!!!

#bookstodon #reader #YALit

8 months ago

OPI - OBS Package Installer (CLI)

Mittels OPI lassen sich auf openSUSE Systemen auf einfache Weise Drittanbieter-Applikationen installieren.

#openSUSE #Zypper #dnf

Aral Balkan
1 year ago

Now that I can jump between distros on the command-line in a breath using Distrobox, it’s amazing to see how fast pacman (Arch) is compared to dnf (Fedora) and apt (Debianish).

Of course, if you’re a human being – not a robot – make sure you alias the most common two commands to something human.

e.g., in Fish shell:

abbr --add --global pacman-install 'sudo pacman -S'
abbr --add --global pacman-search 'pacman -Ss'

#arch #pacman #fedora #dnf #ubuntu #apt #packageManagement #linux

2 years ago

#dnf search with Harmony's first bot, Barista!

a user called janet using a bot by sending "dnf search -d fedora foliate" into chat, which the bot responds to with search results for foliate in fedora's package repositories.

I really appreciate the fact that RHEL/Fedora based containers don't require to run an analogue to `apt-get update` prior to installing something via `dnf install`.

#dnf #apt #rhel #centos #fedora #ubuntu #debian

Khurram Wadee ✅
2 years ago

I have discovered a bugbear with #Fedora34. With #KDE, it uses the #discover #updater and for some bizarre reason, that requires the system to restart even for #software that doesn’t need a system restart. That seems very wasteful of time. I think I’ll just use #dnf on the #CommandLine in future.

#GNU #Linux #Fedora #F34.

Khurram Wadee ✅
2 years ago

But, to be honest, I think #dnf provides the most complete information.

sfyzer :fedora:
3 years ago

dnf history userinstalled

Useful command to see what you have installed manually in Fedora

#fedora #dnf

4 years ago

When there is one thing I don't want to care about, then it's updates for software installed on my notebook.

Thanks to #Fedora with #dnf and #flatpak this works amazingly well.

I recommend to try that :)

#freeSoftware #freeSoftwareLifestyle