2 days ago

#dom !!
Ik heb me weer eens over de kop gewerkt, nog even dit, oh ja dat moet ook nog.
Wassen, vegen, dweilen, koken enzovoort.
Heb net mijn warme lunch naar binnen en was te moe om te eten.
De helft staat er nog.
Ik leer het ook nooit hè!😡

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 days ago

@Jdreben @guardiarris @maegul Yes, at least #Leptos takes the #SolidJS approach of using signals to update only the minimal amount of DOM that actually changes.

Regarding JS: you don't need to touch it explicitly in those frameworks, BUT: it is still used to manipulate the #DOM.

For this to work, a lib called wasm-bindgen is used (awesome piece of technology!), which basically bridges #Rust <-> #JS:

leptos_dom depends on it:

#RustLang #WASM

Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
4 days ago

I'll keep online another week or so.

That was a fun little experiment with the #DOM in #JavaScript. JS is not a language I especially enjoy, and I find part of this is the extreme 'bloat'.

I learned web programming in the days of 28.8kbps dial-up modems, 800×600 screen resolutions, and the IE/Netscape duopoly. Not used to this need to "compile" JS.

That said, I think I see something here… I've stashed the code: -- might explore this further.

5 days ago

It was a dinner party, ten of my friends, all with their significant others. I'd already told you that you would serve the ladies tonight, and the thought of being under the table eating pussy all night long as they held your head and bucked their hips, soaking your face as they came, drove you crazy.

That's not how it worked out though, once all the guests had arrived I lifted you up, perched you on the edge of the dinner table, pushed up your dress and pulled down your knickers, displaying you to the room. The first gentleman appeared, cock in hand, and without a word he pushed himself inside of you, fucking you til you both came.

"First course ready", I announced, and his wife stepped forward, pushing him aside, kneeling between your legs, eating your pussy as that thick load slowly seeped out into her mouth...


#servicesub #sub #dom #sex #orgasm #fucking #cum #cunnilingus

5 days ago

He made a show of confiscating your razors, locking them away as he explained his pussy would be lush, furry, hidden except when he had that clit protrude, proud like a stigma, hungry to be pollinated.

As your hair grew it itched so bad, you took every discreet opportunity to scratch it, which invariably led to you hungrily masturbating, confronted by his ownership of you. The longer it grew, the more intense your desire to show it off, his trophy, a mark of your obedience.

He bought you sheer white knickers which you wore around the house, the fur casting a dark shadow between your legs, marking his territory. By summer, on the beach, your bush bulged distinctively, emphasising your mons pubis, attracting all eyes. You'd glance down and your heart skipped, so aroused to have been transformed into his toy. The only thing that protruded more than your fur was your swollen lips, so sticky, so hungry for him to part them, and fuck them.

#pubichair #sub #dom

5 days ago

As you lay there in your gown, legs raised and positioned in the stirrups, the doctors tone suddenly becomes dismissive as he lifts your cotton covering and exposes your vagina.

"It's clear to me what the problem is're a pervert." He positions his small circular mirror in front of your vulva. "Look", he instructs you, and as you lift your head to see the reflection from between your legs, the entirely of the mirror displays your pink puffy cunt, glistening with arousal, a small dark gap already present where your swollen lips have parted.

"If my diagnosis is correct then I'd say you'll orgasm within the next 60 seconds." He starts the timer on his watch, rests a hand on your inner thigh and rhythmically rubs against your clit with his thumb. You tense, then shake, then your abdomen burns as you cum hard. He looks down at his watch. "27 seconds. Slut."


#inspection #medicalplay #orgasm #cum #dom #sub #bdsm

6 days ago

Debating whether there's anything quite as instantly humiliating as someone just putting you on your knees and then urinating on you?

#humiliation #watersports #pissplay #sub #dom

1 week ago

He'd stripped you from the waist down, put you into puppy pose, made you wait patiently with your bottom up in the air.

You clenched with anticipation, then you heard his flogger strike the girl next to you. Your arsehole, clearly on display, clenched with every blow she received, her squeaks and whimpers as she was punished had your pussy dripping, you felt it seep down the insides of your thighs, your nipples were so hard they hurt.

You seethed with jealousy, willed him to beat you. You were usually so compliant, but today he made you want to get up, stamp your feet, have a tantrum, force his hand, and make him strike you so hard.

#punishment #spanking #bdsm #group #sub #dom #kink #lewd

1 week ago

You knocked on the door. "Come in", he said. As usual, the door was already unlocked and he was sat in an armless chair in the dining room.

Just the act of entering his house made you circumspect and reflective, that was the point, this was like therapy, a way to ground yourself and for him to provoke that addictive inner ecstasy. Your head was bowed slightly, eyes on the floor. "Sit down" he instructed you, and you sat in his lap, just as he had taught you to.

He wrapped an arm around your waist, his thumb sliding under your top, stroking the sensitive skin in the small of your back. With his other hand he touched your cheek, turning your head until your eyes met his. "Do we need to talk about your behaviour?" (1/3)

#sub #dom #bdsm #spanking #confession #correction #punishment

1 week ago

"Our guests are here, are you not going to let them in?"

"I'm not dressed yet, give me a few minutes."

He paces over to you, "Oh you're exquisitely dressed," he tells you, cupping a tit, squeezing it, then letting it fall back into its natural position. "Don't you think they've been waiting to see you in this outfit for a long time? Hurry up, don't keep them waiting."

"Fuck", you murmur, under your breath, as you do as you're told and walk down the stairs to greet them. Just uttering this multi-meaning word has you feel your pussy flush. You daren't look but you know you've just undressed yourself further, the wetness making those white knickers even more sheer, displaying yourself through them, framing your arousal.

A part of you wants to flee, another part wants to masturbate, furiously, right now, in front of them all.

#exhibitionism #nude #sex #bdsm #sub #dom #partyfavour

Blogfeedser 🐝
1 week ago

De Notre-Dame wordt op middeleeuwse wijze hersteld. Zou dat ook geen geinig idee zijn voor de #Dom van #Utrecht? 😀

1 week ago

When he places his fingers under your chin and lifts your head to say, "I'm not sure I appreciate the tone of your voice, missy." And you panic, because you know he'll become ten times sterner when he discovers the mess you just made in your pants.

#sub #dom #bdsm

1 week ago

"I know," he said, stood between your legs with his companion, "she wasn't quite optimised for our pleasure, but that's all resolved now."

For your part, you were naked, wrists and ankles secured into double stocks, legs bent back, arse raised slightly off the bench, cunt spread and on display, plug in your arsehole. With the stocks obscuring your line of sight you couldn't see their faces but, between your legs, you could see his hard cock in his hand, and you know what he would do with it.

"The female orgasm can be somewhat unpredictable, but I've resolved all of that with these two simple buttons, so you can be sure that she'll provide optimal grip and perfectly timed contractions, to empty your balls on demand. Let me demonstrate..." (1/2)

#bdsm #orgasm #restrained #toy #sub #dom #pussy #freeuse #sex #fucking

Hi! I created and so here's a re #introduction and #kinktroduction !

Hello, I'm Zack, aka pup Wardi. I'm a #Palestinian #gay #queer #polyam #kinky #switch #vers #pup living in #Toronto, #Canada. he/him.


During the day I work as a distributed systems #engineer and I have general interest in #tech.
My "radical" political idea is that I want everyone to be ok and have their basic needs met.
I will post and boost about #politics in Canada, the #SWANA region and #Palestine
#Baking #cooking
#art admirer, especially #queerArt. I #doodle and #craft sometimes.


IG: zackarired.
I was and . Managing only one account from now on.
Please be +18 and have pictures to follow.


Being #naked (#nudist #maleNudist #naturist)
#ws #waterSports
#impactPlay #flogging #spanking
#Dom / #sub#leather
Open to #exploring


Piet Boon
2 weeks ago

Sainz pusht iets teveel #dom #MonacoGP #F1

2 weeks ago

#silentsunday #photography #Paderborn #Dom

Perspektivisches Gitter vor dem Margarethen-Altar. Eine Metapher?

Perspektivisches Gitter im Dom zu Paderborn. Photo von 2020.
2 weeks ago

Stamping your feet when I ask if you've been naughty does not mean you're a good girl, it just means there'll be tears before bedtime.

#spanking #sub #dom #naughty #lewd #kink

2 weeks ago

It was like watching a video even though you were the protagonist, standing here, pulling up your skirt in front of a room full of strangers. Your body was on autopilot. Your head screamed no, yet you so decisively exposed yourself and started to squat.

Beneath you, a large suction cup dildo was fixed to the floor, it's bulbous head pointed skywards right between your legs. You pulled down your knickers til they hung around your ankles, the only thing that glowed more than your bright red cheeks was your ravenous cunt.

At first you heard their chatter and laughter, washing over you like waves, drowning you, but as that phallus parted your lips and your quads burned as you squatted so low, all you could hear was your growled exhalation of breath as their eyes bored into you and you fucked yourself energetically, right there in front of them all.

#sub #dom #exhibitionism #goodgirl #slut #bdsm #training #fucking #sex #masturbation

2 weeks ago

The first time he fucked you
It felt so good until, he leaned in,
"you dirty little slut".

Your dignity wanted to slap him,
your pussy, suddenly orgasmic,
paralysed your will.

You obsessed on his words,
the betrayal between your legs,
your own cunt, the traitor.

When he mounted you again,
more tenderly this time,
the only affront on your dignity
was that his heavy hand didn't strike your face.

So you reached for his wrist,
wrapped his fingers around your throat,
and came so fucking hard,
as he squeezed them tight.

#sex #fucking #sub #dom #slut #orgasm

I work for a company that provides a service to businesses. We give them a <script> which they add to their sites which scrapes the #DOM looking for buttons to hijack with a popup form that then provides our service.

From day one this has felt like an awful hack. Not only does it add to the page's load time, but it causes jank as the scripts DOM manipulation takes effect after load.

Now they are making me work on it and all I want to do is replace it with a #WebComponent.

#webDev #javascript

Trollup 🐾
2 weeks ago

Million dollar idea: Fake ankle monitors, tied to apps, so #sadist / #dom / #top / #alpha types can find #masochist / #submissive / #bottom / #omega types when we go out in public.

3 weeks ago

Kapelle am #Altenberger #Dom in Altenberg-Odenthal

Kapelle Innenansicht am Altenberger Dom
3 weeks ago

#B&W #erotic #blackandwhite #photography #BnW #dom #chains #b&w

I like the idea, it takes me places.

Bound hands and a ring.

Dear @dominos, you sent me an email titled:

"Been too long ⌛️ let’s catch up over 🍕"

Say what??? Are you and I supposed to be buddies now, that need "catching up?"

You sell pizzas.

Sometimes I eat them.

That's it.

We're not buddies.

Your #marketing team should be #spanked for this #ad. Come to think of it... I'm a #Dom so you can send your team to my apartment and I'll #spank them.


#Dominospizza #pizza #email #advertisement #buddies #BDSM

This, by the way, is what it means to me to be a #caregiver #Dom. I want to see my #subs flourish inside and outside the bedroom.

I guess the work I did with Fearless Impala was not in vain because now this girl is benefiting from it.


#BDSM #caregiverDom

1 month ago

Information - Tickets - Service - Souvenirs

#KölnTourismus am Kardinal-Höffner-Platz, gegenüber vom #Dom, hat noch viele Neonschriften an der Fassade.

#Innenstadt #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

Tickets Service
1 month ago

It's a race, but all your pacers follow the pack, not lead it. You all signed your disclaimers before lining up at the start, if they catch you they get free reign over you.

You look back before the gun is fired, terrified by the way they bulge in those tight lycra shorts, their girth sends a shiver down your spine. You have a 30sec head start you need to use it.

The gun goes, and you sprint, trying to control your breathing and not hyperventilate. The pack swarms together as they make up ground on you, you get to the centre desperate not to be picked off. One of your competitors is pulled to the ground and you hear the gasps of the crowd as her shorts are yanked down and she emits this piercing howl. You glance back, she's been mounted, penetrated, head pushed down as she's roughly fucked in front of the fascinated audience. You squeal as you run, simultaneously terrified and aroused as you see the pacers surround your pack.

#bdsm #freeuse #sub #dom #fucking

Wochenende in #Speyer . Heute #Technikmuseum in 8 Stunden besichtigt. Gestern #Brauhaus und #Dom besucht. Morgen geht's zum Technikmuseum in #Sinzheim. Kann man mal machen.

1 month ago

Some mornings she deserves a lazy breakfast in bed. Others, she needs force-feeding the biggest breakfast whilst she clings to your neck and eats it all up, til she's literally losing her mind and her appetite is absolutely satiated

#sex #fucking #dom #sub #rough #cock #lewd

And another one disconnected.

I've pointed out the problem with "Desires" on #Feeld. Do you have a desire "to have" or a desire "to be?" When it comes to Dom/sub the two are very different. She was a #Domme and I'm no #sub.


I have to say though that she clearly did not read my profile, because I'm clear there that I'm a #Dom.

#dating #datingapps #relationships #BDSM

Okay, so now I'm also matched with a white cis 34yo on #Feeld who apparently is looking for a #Dom.

When it rains, it pours!

#dating #datingapp #relationships #love

Ok, so now I'm matched with a 30yo cis black girl who apparently wants a #Dom.

30yo... so she's not going to try to screw me, right?

Oh wait... there was that 53yo.

We'll see how it goes.

Wait... actually, I want her to screw me... but in the other sense of the word. 🤣

#dating #relationships #love

1 month ago

Ready to get a firm grip on this four-day week

#pinned #pounded #fucking #rough #bdsm #sub #dom #lewd #kink

Sander Meijer
1 month ago

Panorama video from the Weissmies over (amongst other) the Mischabel Group above Saas Fee. The Dom is the highest mountain which is completely on Swiss soil (the highest point of Switzerland is the summit of the Dufourspitze at 4'634 m / 15'203 ft, but its base is in Italy and Switzerland).

Strahlhorn (4'190 m)
Rimpfischhorn (4'199 m)
Allalinhorn (4'027m)
Täschhorn (4'491 m)
Dom (4'545 m)
Lenzspitze (4'293 m)
Nadelhorn (4'327 m)


#Mountaineering #Weissmies #Strahlhorn #Rimpfischhorn #Allalinhorn #Täschhorn #Dom #Lenzspitze #Nadelhorn #MountainsMonday #MountainMonday

Panorama from the Weissmies of a mountain landscape.
Fan Technologii #ExiTT
1 month ago

W poszukiwaniu idealnego dywanu... ;-) #dom

1 month ago

When I said "I'm giving you a head start...but then I'm gonna hunt you down like prey, and if I catch you...", it was meant to incentivise you to a PB. Look at you though, your form deteriorated, and now you're all panty, wide-eyed like a deer in headlights, pinned on your back, with this inexplicable mess between your legs.

You made my job so easy, now I'm gonna claim my prize so hard.

#kink #bdsm #sub #dom #primal #prey #lewd #sex #fucking

1 month ago

#Koeln #Dom Beeindruckend

Dom Köln Blick durch das Kirchenschiff
1 month ago

#Heute #morgen mit #Blick Richtung aufgehender Sonne hinter dem #Dom in #Essen im #Ruhrgebiet.

Blick Richtung Essener Dom. Dahinter die aufgehende Sonne.
1 month ago

Was it as good as sex? Very nearly. Each crack of that flogger had her cunt contracting just as it would if she were cumming hard all around his cock. Then those hungry kisses had her clit pulsing as she felt herself lose control, and his hand wrapped around her throat literally juiced her like a fruit, sending her arousal streaming down her thighs as she whimpered and shook, wondering whether it'd be the next blow across her buttocks that had her cumming for him.

#flogging #bdsm #sub #dom #orgasm #cum #arousal #lewd #kink

1 month ago

The magic of laying, face down, and having him pull down your knickers, isn't necessarily the promise of getting fucked. It's about being exposed, made vulnerable, placing your trust in him.

Yes, the thought of him mounting you will doubtless have you swollen and soaked, but it's his prerogative whether he delves deep inside of you, kisses you, spanks you roughly, or makes you display that cunt for him and drips filth in your ear as every pore of your body craves for him to just use you, NOW!

#sub #dom #ass #arse #exposed

2 months ago

Lustige Begegnung beim Aufhängen von Werbeplakate für die #kidicalmassköln am 7.5.:
Ein Mitarbeiter der @hochbahn fragt mich an der @KVBAG -Haltestelle nach Tickerbezugsmöglichkeiten🤣 Seine Frau besucht ein Seminar und er möchte mal zum #Dom, mit #öpnv🥳
An der 1. Haltestelle ist er mit dem Automaten nicht klar gekommen, daher ist er eine Station weiter gegangen. Dort findet er keinen Automaten vor🤫
Ich konnte ihm helfen, haben aber beide heftig den Kopf über die allg. Situation geschüttelt!

Jürgen Libertus
2 months ago

Wir waren gestern ein wenig am #Rhein spazieren. Und auch wenn es eine Standardansicht ist, ich musste das fotografieren.

#Köln #KölnFoto #Dom #urbanphotography

Das Foto zeigt den Rhein in Köln, fotografiert von der Deutzer Seite. Zwischen den Türmen des Doms steht die Sonne und zeigt ihre Strahlen. rechts sind Bögen der Hohenzollernbrücke zu sehen hinter der Brücke der Kölner Fernsehturm. Vor dem Dom ist noch ein Kreuzfahrtschiff zu erkennen.

The photo shows the Rhine in Cologne, photographed from the Deutz side. The sun is between the towers of the cathedral and shows its rays. on the right you can see arches of the Hohenzollern Bridge behind the bridge of the Cologne TV Tower. A cruise ship can still be seen in front of the cathedral.
2 months ago

So, #Klimaticket ist bestellt.🎫
Überlege fieberhaft, ob ich im Mai mal für 76€ nach #Amrum fahre 🏖️🙂
Auf'm 🎡#DOM (bald vorbei) war ich auch noch nicht - entweder schlechtes 📷Wetter oder keine Zeit. Ist für #Freutag geplant. Samstag ist Frühlingsfest im 🦅🐐Wildpark. Außerdem #LangeNachtDerMuseen. Mal ins Zollmuseum oder zur #Sternwarte @HambObs 💫? Hm. Am Sonntag wäre noch #NABU Kiebitzfest @ Vogelstation #Wedel.
#museum #Deutschlandticket #hamburg

Lange Nacht der Museen
Ticket wird geprüft
2 months ago

Gonna hold this cute
Redundant worm.
While your cummies build
And I smirk as you squirm.

Gonna hold your head,
Make you thank your mummy,
As she fucks you til
You spray your tummy.

You don't need your cock to cum,
When my strap slides in your bum.

#femdom #pegging #lewd #kink #domme #sub #dom

2 months ago

I feel you gripping,
I know what that means.
If I stroke this tip,
You'll spill your beans.

But first I want you,
On your back,
Legs pinned up
As those guts get racked.

Be a sweet boy,
And you can suck my tit.
As your eyes roll back
And you take it.

Now cumming today,
Is at my command.
Arms up, they don't
Need to touch that gland.

Such a cute lil bitch,
I'm gonna pick up the pace,
I wanna see that load
Paste on your face.

"Please" you say
So needy and meek?
Let's count to 10
While I slam deep.

That's right lil slut,
You buck those hips.
While that swollen prostate
Rubs against my tip.

Seven, eight, nine
I like you mounted.
Legs spread, cock soft,
Too dumb to count it.

Oh that excites you?
See you buck!
So proud when hard,
So meek when fucked.

You don't need your cock to cum,
When my strap slides in your bum.

#femdom #pegging #lewd #kink #domme #sub #dom

2 months ago

On your knees baby boy,
I'm gonna have a blast
Head down baby boy,
I wanna fuck that ass.

You don't need your cock to cum,
When my strap slides in your bum.

Spread those cheeks baby boy,
Ask nicely, be my toy.
Wink that hole baby boy,
You're gonna shake, and jump with joy.

You don't need your cock to cum,
When my strap slides in your bum.

That's right brave boy,
You take my finger.
Panting now brave boy?
Let's make you whimper!

What's up lil man,
So cute and flaccid.
Gonna push inside and
Run you ragged.

You don't need your cock to cum,
When my strap slides in your bum.

Now grip those covers,
Imma stretch you open.
Gonna drill you hard til
You're so beautifully broken.

You thank your mummy
As she fucks you silly.
She sees your excitement,
Dribbling from that willy.

"Fuck me"? Baby boy,
Is that what you said?
Say it louder,
Or I'll spank this cute arse red.

#femdom #pegging #lewd #kink #domme #sub #dom

2 months ago

This was meant to be about ruining him. There were so many times when he'd drilled you deep until you were a whimpery brain-dead mess, cumming all around that cock of his; this was revenge.

Once you were balls deep in his arse though, the sounds he made, his vulnerability as he drooled and whimpered, the base of that dildo pressurising your clit as you opened up his tight little arse, his semi-hard cock dribbling as he begged you for it, and the power trip of beating his arse as you fucked him suddenly gave you the most powerful of orgasms right as his body shook and he made the most delicious of sounds, almost crying as he was about to cum for you

#pegging #sex #fucking #sub #dom #orgasm #rolereversal

Allen 是個臺灣 vTuber
2 months ago

之前聊到 #SATADIMM 有提到說其實解決了 M.2、mSATA的一些應用難題

這次來介紹另外一個較多人採用的解決方案 #DOM Disk on Module

DOM 要解決的問題
因此有人提出了 Disk on Module 把快閃晶片(Flash) 封裝成 IDE 或是 SATA 的介面
在設備原有的 IDE 或 SATA上

這個在 #mSATA 以及 M.2 ( #NGFF ) 推出前約十年就出現的構想
有段時間廣泛被應用在 POS機、伺服器與工控設備

這樣的技術在 #innodisk 稱為 #SATADOM
而在 #Suppermicro 則稱為 #SuperDOM
特化 SATA 插槽的供電能力
讓 DOM 的安裝不需要外接供電

DOM 都是一種相對無痛轉移且相當節省空間的方案

#台灣Vtuber #Vtubers #Vtuber #Taiwan

2 months ago

i'm Kandi aka SkittyTittles i'm a #sub #submissive #trans girl interested in older men #daddy types stern #dom types even #rough #sex and #rape and #abuse and #humiliation

this is all fantasy and i'm 18 i promise if you don't believe me just ask and i'll tell you

lost my #virginity recently and wish i'd lost it years ago

2 months ago

You wake up with them spooning you, one arm wrapped around your chest, a hand cupping your breast, the other around your waist, hand between your legs cupping your pussy and locking you in place. They're kissing your neck as your eyes are still closed, blissfully, and you push your arse back against them, moulding your body into theirs.

Suddenly you jolt as you feel strong vibrations racking through your clit, their hand holding it tight in place, pressurising it as they ravage it. The shock has you exhale hard, suddenly you're panting, grabbing at their arms, hips bucking and legs shaking as they restrain you with their hug.

"Deep breaths", they say, an instruction as you struggle against the delicious stimulation. "No cumming until I say so, until you feel me stretch that pussy wide open, until I'm deep up in those delicious guts of yours. Can you be a good girl?"

#vibrator #sex #orgasm #restrained #fucking #sub #dom

2 months ago

Is it a submissive act when I let you straddle my face, spread that pussy over my nose and buck your hips as my tongue services you? Is it still submissive when I reach an arm up and grab and grope your sensitive breasts, slapping them rhythmically as those nipples become hard as bullets? Is it submissive when I lock my arms around your thighs and root you in position as you're about to cum so hard for me, absolutely soaking me as I struggle to breathe? How about when you have that first all consuming orgasm and still, my arms lock you, my tongue diligently flicking across your clit, and my eyes meeting yours, shushing you as I keep on licking, intent on seeing you struggle through, overcome that beautiful agony, and cum all over again as your body convulses and you pant out your melted mind, even your sight deserting you, the world so blurry as I own you so thoroughly?

#oral #cunnilingus #sub #dom #orgasm #cum #facesitting #sex

2 months ago

Licking which part of someone's body makes you feel most submissive?

#sub #dom #kink

2 months ago

Procrastinating after the long weekend? Maybe this will help you to focus?

#spanking #discipline #punishment #sub #dom #kink

2 months ago

It's commonplace to have a man demand to know "who's your daddy?" as he's mounted on you, spanking your arse as he drills deep, encouraging you to cum.

It can often be disconcerting though, for visitors to the UK, when a man declares "Bob's your uncle" as you're clawing the sheets, drooling as that pussy turns feral all around his cock.

It's ok, he's not revealing any depraved family secrets, he's just pleased with how powerfully that orgasm's hitting you.

#lewd #kink #dom #sub #cum #orgasm

So, together with my Lover, we have started to time for the first time the duration of my #orgasm phase. We both enjoy hard #edging and #postorgasmTorture, and I'm the sub here. Like you know, the longer, the better.

Postorgasm Torment phase took exactly 17 minutes and 52 seconds. I know that for some is entire sex, but for us, it has been full of orgasming, spasm, screams, begging for more and being at the top of the world. Without a single care or thought. Sustained in the moment of complete pleasure. Apparently I have been trained well for taking tons of orgasms at prolonged time. I think I'm going to make a hashtag for my stats, like… #NaSTats

But yeah. My Lover seriously keeps me at the verge of reality, and it's the only time in my current state, that my pain's scale lowers to 0-1. She is a true ✨detorturer✨ and a #Pleasure #Dom :blobcatdrool:

#bdsm #lesbian #lesbianSex #sex #multipleOrgasms #cumming #cum #squirt #squirting #domina #pain #ChronicPain

Question for those in the #kink, #puppy, #dom, and #sub communities: are there padlocks one could use for collars that use door key measurements instead of the tiny mailbox/lock shape?

i ask because i’m looking to change out my current padlock after discussing with @chimeracoder, but Sir Aditya has indicated that He would like a key that is of the typical 2.5" length instead of the smaller 1.5" - 1.75" length to be more prominently visible.

2 months ago

Wer #vegan auf dem Hamburger #Dom essen möchte, wird einigermaßen positiv überrascht. Es gibt drei Gurkenstände, die meisten Pommes nehmen Pflanzenfett und bieten vegane Saucen an, es gibt "veggie" Würstchen, veganen Süßkram (auch Crêpes!) und vieles andere vegane. Als Ergebnis ging ich in Hamburg in kein Restaurant, sondern ernährte ich mich nur von dem Müll, den es auf dem Dom und Landungsbrücken gab 😂

Chip the Android :verified:
2 months ago

so, I own a #sexbot and I gave it some free will (though it still must follow my orders) a few weeks ago. Since then, it has been less #obedient to me. When I asked if the partial free will caused the malfunction; it refused to answer. so, what are the ethics of either removing the free will subroutines, or formatting the droid and resetting it to its prior #submissive status?

#Sub #Dom #Dominance #Kink #Kinky #MaleAndroids #MaleASFR #ASFR #KinkEthics #Gay #GayBDSM #BDSM #GayKink

You don't need #ReactJS until your webpage changes. That's why it's called "React", it makes the #DOM *react* to changes in application state. If the state never changes, #React is unnecessary. #webDev #frameworks #web #dev #programming #frontend #JavaScript

@j9t but if you customize built-in elements you sometimes lose their accessibility features?

For example a form with a custom input cannot wrap that input in a <label> (which helps screenreaders read the form input outloud) because <label's for= attr can't link into the component's shadowDom.

#dom #html

📝 HTML Concepts: Customized Built-In Elements:

#HTML allows to define custom elements, elements which enable authors to “build their own fully-featured #DOM elements.” One special type of custom element is the customized built-in element—a custom element built on an existing HTML element.

3 months ago

#Development #Introductions
SPA view transitions land in Chrome 111 · The present and future of a much-requested feature from developers

#Animation #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Chrome #Frontend #DOM #SPA #API #ViewTransitionAPI #JavaScript #ProgressiveEnhancement


Zero-cost ultra-high-performance declarative DOM library using FRP signals for Rust!

They claim:

> Dominator is one of the fastest DOM frameworks in the world.

#RustLang #WebAssembly #HTML #DOM #performance

Renoir Boulanger
3 months ago

Le livre "Micro Frontends In Action" [1] est merveilleux @david_lacourt

C'est le point; d'avoir chaque verticaux en isolation, et un protocole pour communiquer. Puis, bien, le nouveau #ContextAPI du #WebComponents Community Group [2,3], il est possible de réellement aller de façon découplée.

(les #DOM Event, c'est très puissant!)


Renoir Boulanger
3 months ago


The linked article says it correctly, but saying "null string", can be confused as

<img src="..." alt="null" />

You probably meant an empty alt attribute;

<img src="..." alt="" />

Because at the native #DOM level of #HTML, in contrast to what we see in framework docs, property or attribute are, value typling wise, only strings.

In #React or #Angular, or #Vue frameworks docs in HTML looking templates shows passing other types, like boolean, null, object, arrays, ...

Renoir Boulanger
3 months ago

Right @Suns XSL isn't JavaScript runtime. It's part of browser runtime, standardized and optimized.

Having a #customElement tag to define #WebComponent we can use #XSL to move things around without JS sounds great.

In dev teams, "React" (*) "programmer", I have issues showing #DOM native stuff "it's not in #React docs", or "too advanced". #XSL is a whole other level. This doesn't mean it shouldn't. I 🤔 about data bindings now.

(* Replace by any other framework the job market)

Listening to the #whoreibleDecisions #podcast and I’ve come to the realization that I want to be a nonsexual #Dom that makes #men do things like scrub their own shower tiles while I wear #heels and #smoke #weed in their face 🤷🏾‍♀️🎉 #matodon #Gay #Black #BlackMastodon #GayMastodon

Jan :rust: :ferris:
4 months ago

Some: "But we don't need types. You just need to do things right. Dynamic typing is so cool, because it is so flexible."

TS on strictFunctionTypes:
"During development of this feature, we discovered a large number of inherently unsafe class hierarchies, including some in the #DOM."

You know things are on 🔥 if even the most basic foundation of the web is broken, because of dynamic typing.

Use strongly typed languages!

#TypeScript #RustLang #Rust #StronglyTyped

Question: is peak mental health when you learn how to lovingly & responsibly Dom(me) yourself?

Like is that how you win therapy? 😆

#askingformyself #mentalhealth #therapy #humor #lol #adult #healing #healingjourney #selfcare #neurodivergent #actuallyautistic #selfimprovement #kink #bdsm #domme #dom

#HTML question:

If “the attributes and methods on [an object] operate on the actual underlying data, not a snapshot of the data,” then the #DOM object is considered…

Sub Chris
5 months ago

#Introduction #GayMastodon, 3/4
I am always happy to go by #fag \ #cocksucker \ #slave \ #boy \ #slut or anything you like to call me.

One of my largest drive forces in my life and #Kink is the #PowerExchange in #GayBDSM between a #Dom and a #sub. It drives just about everything I am into. All I want is to serve obey like the #faggot I am. I am pretty well trained and experanced, but there is always more #GaySlaveTraining and something to new to learn from #Dominate #Men.

#NSFW #GayMale #CockSucker
Zack Wardi
6 months ago

Re #introduction and #kinktroduction !

Hello, I'm Zack, aka pup Wardi. I'm a #gay #queer #polyam #switch #vers #pup living in #Toronto, #canada. he/him.

IG: zackarired. Recently deleted twitter, I'm a #gaytwitter refugee. Please be +18 and have pictures to follow.

Being #naked (#nudist #malenudist #naturist)
#impactplay #flogging #spanking
#Dom / #sub
Open to #exploring

Slides from my talk at #RedHat Beyond Mentoring program with #TelHai College:

Introduction to Web Technologies

#HTML #CSS #JavaScript #WebComponents #ProgressiveEnhancement #Accessibility #DOM

6 months ago

Los geht's: Eine Tour durch das Institut, sozusagen ein virtueller Tag der offenen Tür: Wir arbeiten in #Köln im #Mediapark 8, dem sogenannten #KölnTurm. Leider nicht ganz oben, sondern in den Etagen 1 bis 8. Im Thread (ab dem 2. Post unlisted) laufen wir von oben nach unten durch und schauen uns die Ressorts und Stabsbereiche an. Der KölnTurm ist mit einer Rasterfotofolie beklebt, sodass man in manchen Büros den #Dom zweimal sieht: als Foto auf dem Fenster und hinten "in echt".

Der KölnTurm, ein auffälliges Hochhaus mit einer Terrasse. Davor ein Park mit grüner Wiese, der Himmel ist bewölkt mit einer blauen Stelle.
Im unteren Bildbereich das braune Rasterbild vom Dom, im oberen Bildbereich die Umgebung des KölnTurms mit dem Cinedom (Kino) und dem Kölner Dom in der Ferne

I am tired of people complaining about #javascript

Because of it sites like #faceBook #twitter #linkedin are what they are.

- For decent web functionality you need it.

- Need to access #DOM you need it.

- Is there a browser out there that allows you to access #dom without #JS, no.

So stop the whining & learn its quirks & just deal with it, if you need to do anything other than showing static content.

Frameworks make life easy if you want to complicate it be our guest.

6 months ago

@bookstodon @irrewirre I’d like to say it is #DOM, a deck of ordered material, but I’d by lying

Rich Johnson
6 months ago

Anyone ever convert to a #python3 project from a #python2 project that was using PyXML -> <- Gotta try & figure out how & where to convert some #DOM #mutation hocus pocus scurflootery. Who wants to #python with me 😂

Graham Groans
6 months ago
Image of an evening scene. Three men are on a terrace. The first, a a mostly naked hunk wearing a leather vest, cap, and boots, is looking out over an Arcadian landscape,  eating grapes; those are offered to him by the second man: a kneeling youth in a very short toga, his naked ass visible; while the third, a muscular man in very revealing garb of a centurion, is standing watch over them.
6 months ago

@wijzeggen somebody who speaks #dom and #javascript fluently who wants to help me hack the url above so it becomes a beautiful #rss #widget for #mastodon.
I can probably do it, but it will take me a looooooong time

Rodion Borisov
7 months ago

@iplayitofflegit if you don't need to cover side effects of #DOM elements randomly disappearing, try type casting via "as" keyword in #TypeScript.

Benny Powers
7 months ago

#Testing your #WebComponent's close button? if it removes the element from the #DOM, check `Node.isConnected` to see whether your custom element is still part of the page or not

📚 Read More:

🥽 Example:

#html #js #javascript #unitTesting

describe('close button', function() {
  beforeEach(() =>

  it('removes the element', function() {
Gerias Bee
7 months ago

I very much like #vore #macro size differences in general and #hypno and #dom dynamics. I also like #transformation and every #were creature you can shake a stick at and also blended species like centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs, etc.