4 days ago

@smallcircles You could also practice with this game about cookie consent #DarkPatterns

(Seriously though, uBlock Origin with right block filters usually does it for me.)

Suzanne Vergnolle
5 days ago

You're working on #darkpatterns and want to have a better understanding of the #regulatory framework? Here is a great comprehensive study by Inge Graef (@TilburgU) to keep on-hand! #DSA #GDPR #DMA #unfairpractices

John Federico ⌘
6 days ago

Completely hostile UX.

I’m searching for a rental at the beach for our wedding anniversary. Vrbo is so intent on getting people to register for their rewards program that I CANNOT CONTINUE MY SEARCH until I sign up.

#hostileux #darkpatterns #vrbo #enshittification

1 week ago

Imagine, you go to the doctor, you want to enter through the door, it costs 2 Euro. But you can also use the window, it is fine and then costs nothing to enter! This is the web 2023. #darkpatterns #web #notaccessible #hostile

Akshar Varma
1 week ago

Another entry in "The #cloud is not magic, it is just someone else's computer"

I recently found out that updates to #Google #Authenticator are almost breaking the idea behind #2FA via this:

On searching for this, I come across headings like this:
"Google Authenticator finally, mercifully adds account syncing for two-factor codes"

and this subtitle right below:
"Now, whenever you upgrade to a new phone, your one-time codes will be readily available once you’ve signed in to your Google account. IT employees must be crying tears of joy."


🤦‍♂️. No, I'm just plain crying. No joy, just more sorrow. Not only is sync now an option, you have to be careful if you want to avoid syncing. Via #darkpatterns, syncing is pushed as the default, and disabling sync is not easy.

That breaks the core idea of 2FA! The whole reason for 2FA is that it is supposed to be something *only you have*. The first factor (your password) is something *only you know*. The hope is that a third party won't be able to get access to both something only you know AND someone only you have. That's a whole additional (and crucially independent) layer of security.

If 2FA codes are backed up to the cloud, it is no longer something only you have!

So I spent today finding #opensource alternatives to the app.


It's always helpful to have a concise phrase to describe something. "#DarkPatterns" is definitely one; I can't believe I haven't heard it before, because I've come across the behaviour it describes far too often in the past decade or two.

2 weeks ago

Website "We value your privacy"

Website UI - Click one button to hand over your data or 15 clicks to try to keep it private

#privacy #security #darkpatterns

2 weeks ago

@burgerdrome Same, but I've dug deep deep deep into the menus and now have VLC and SmartTube ( ) installed as my default first row apps. SmartTube is really excellent, 1,000% better than the Youtube ad-infested default app.

And I've deleted everything else I can. It's not perfect, but a lot better than the rubbish it was stuffed up with. I also managed to install the Criterion app - that's the only streaming service we can be bothered to use. It does take a bit of fiddling; as a UX professional I can testify that those menus are not designed to be user-friendly; they're designed, I believe, to be a disincentive to users modifying the default UI.

#Androidtv #SmartTV #tech #ux #DarkPatterns

2 weeks ago

#Design #Examples
The dangers of deceptive design patterns · See how many of these patterns you recognize

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #DeceptiveDesign #DarkPatterns #FAQ #Reporting

3 weeks ago

13. Get confirmation on account deletion and get informed that due to GDPR and financial regulations, they will anyway keep my data.

Am I wrong to think that it ought to be as easy, or even easier, to delete an account than to start one?


3 weeks ago

I got an e-mail from #Binance. Apparently there are new terms to accept. I never actually used their services to begin with but did, once upon a time, start to register for an account.

Here's the easy steps I took to delete the account:


#Soundcloud has really annoying #DarkPatterns. Subscription cancellation cannot be done in-app, only on the website. The cancellation is termed ”Opt out of subscription renewal” and hidden in light grey text in small font under a gigantic colourful button.

Of course, I never paid them an eurocent because my card which is mandatory for a free trial is a valid, but frozen, card number.

But this sort of assholery is the reason I’m never going to subscribe even if I wanted their service.

Chris is.
4 weeks ago

God damn, do I ever hate #DarkPatterns in e-commerce websites.

A checkbox, unchecked, with the label “Please tick the box if you do not want to receive updates on new products and discounts.”
Pyngu Digital
1 month ago

Der Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23531 listet unter „Changes and Improvements“: "In the European Economic Area (EEA), Windows system components use the default browser to open links."

In allen anderen Regionen werden Links weiterhin ausschließlich im #Browser #Edge geöffnet.

Classic M$-Move, werden sie nicht durch Gesetze gezwungen, hauen sie in #Windows einen Dark Pattern nach dem anderen raus, um den Usern ihre Dienste aufzudrängen.,3399777.html

#Microsoft #DarkPatterns #DSA

Is there a way to prevent this from popping everytime i start word?

#darkpatterns #ui #privacy #usability

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

Not very surprising, but #GoogleFi is using some #DarkPatterns to obfuscate "we are selling your call history and location data to the highest bidder for ad targeting" with the opt-out buried at the end of the email.

The best part is they call it "opt-in" after pre-selecting the opt-in setting for everyone and sending an email saying you have 30 days to opt out. So that is just a lie.

1 month ago

@gbarbey Merci pour l’avertissement. Il est à noter que l’on peut tout refuser et qu’il y a un bouton pour le faire d’un coup au même endroit. Pas parfait ceci dit; un opt-in serait évidemment l’idéal.
#confidentialite #darkpatterns #cff

Une photo d’écran des réglages de confidentialité le l’app CFF.
Szymon Nowicki
1 month ago

Dark pattern common in Poland: when you pay with card that reports it’s currency in EUR the POS would ask you if you want to convert PLN to EUR there with absurd rate. Then the UI is designed to make you agree at all cost.

Ex. display shows PL flag with currency with a number 1. Next to it an EU flag with 2. You press 1 to choose PLN but hey, 1 is actually implicit “yes I want to convert”.

You just lost quite amount of money.

#ux #darkPatterns

1 month ago

@syrinx20XX agree. not to mention the malicious intent. See the #darkpatterns used in all these pop-ups.

François Best
1 month ago

YouTube now straight-up refuses to serve the home page (with recommended videos) unless you enable watch history.

Is Elon also working at Google?

#web #darkpatterns

The homepage of, empty and with a message asking to enable watch history "to get the latest videos tailored to you".
1 month ago

⭐ "Investing in education and the development of critical thinking is more important than ever, as it will help to limit the risks of disinformation posed by the advent of technologies such as the internet and artificial intelligence."


#CriticalThinking #Misinformation #Disinformation #Education #AI #DarkPatterns #FakeNews @culture_ovrlord @stopTDV @edutooters @academicchatter

Anselm Flügel
1 month ago

Weißer Text auf weißem Grund ohne #Javascript. Mit Javascript: 2 Minuten Renderzeit auf einem recht aktuellen Webkit. Die Webseite des #HumboldtForum|s setzt wahrlich neue Maßstäbe beim „Besuchserlebnis“. Das haben die bestimmt mit #darkPatterns bei Tracking-Einwilligungen hinbkommen.

Screenshot: kleine Titelzeile, dann Schwarz
Karyl :godot: :procreate:
1 month ago

Tumblr has recently decided that I *need* to see suggestive/sexual content on my dash right at the top, every time I open the app.

Oh good, they'll let me "snooze" this "feature" for 7 days before they'll automatically turn it back on.

What a bunch of user-hostile bullshit.

To be clear, I don't give a shit what a bunch of e-girls do on their own accounts. It's whatever. I just don't think I should have to see it if I don't want to.

#tumblr #darkpatterns #antipatterns

Tumblr has now added a "Tumblr Live" section at the top of everyone's dashboard, which exclusively features attractive women in various states of undress and/or with suggestive facial expressions. This "feature" cannot be turned off, only "snoozed" for 7 days at a time.
1 month ago

MuseScore is an awesome program ( But avoid the sinking sands of the service set up on domain, made by the company that acquired both MuseScore and Audacity in recent years.

This stuff is a racket. I'd advise to install MuseScore from your Linux distribution's repository and never visit any websites associated with it.

MuseGroup's monetization schemes are vile.

Read more here:

#MuseScore #MuseGroup #OpenSource #FOSS #DarkPatterns

Jan Wedel
1 month ago

*Klick auf interessanten Link*

Hey, willst du Cookies?

Ähm, nein…

Doch, doch willst du! Sonst zeigen wir dir einfach gar nix an!!

Ok, dann gib halt Cookies!

Ach, Ad-Blocker musst du noch ausschalten!

Reichen 67 Tracking Cookies nicht?



*beginnt Artikel zu lesen*

*hust* also zwei Absätze sollten reichen! Du hast nämlich die Anzahl kostenloser Artikel erreicht. Zahl doch einfach 5€!


#news #CookieBanner #UX #DarkPatterns

Michael Friess
2 months ago

With Prime Video I **always** go to the “New movies every day” section and add to my watch list. Meanwhile #Amazon constantly buries the section in different places.
I now use browser text search instead of scroll through all the rent, buy, freevee stuff.
What #UX #DarkPatterns do you experience with streaming sites? What workarounds do you apply?

2 months ago

Did anyone else try to buy Taylor Swift tickets for Toronto today? As a Switfie and product (and web dev) person, I can’t believe how shitty and unfair the whole Ticketmaster experience is 🤡 #taylorswift #ErasTour #Ticketmaster #productmanagement #DarkPatterns #uxdesign #toronto

2 months ago

#Business #Techniques
How to quickly get to the truth inside any privacy policy · Spot tricks and hidden disclosures in lengthy documents

#Privacy #PrivacyPolicy #PrivacyLaws #ProductDesign #DarkPatterns #Monetization

2 months ago

Samsung phone now constantly bugging me with #DarkPatterns of #SurveillanceCapitalism ... some bloatware-spyware nonsense they are pushing with zero consumer value or informed consent. They do it because this shit is normalised, but it does not stop it being very bad.

2 months ago

a telltale sign that #reddit is gearing up for its #ipo is that if you're signed out and click "log in" now, it defaults to a registration form instead of a log in form. they're hoping people forget what's going on and just create a new account rather than taking the time to find the small "log in" text hidden at the bottom. gotta boost those user numbers for the #investors!

#dishonestdesign #darkpatterns #fuckspez

Anton Palmqvist
2 months ago
Harry Brignull
2 months ago

Deceptive Patterns book launch!

📱 DRM-free ebook bundle now available on

📚 Paperback and Hardback now available on Amazon and other retailers

📦 Kindle edition available from Aug 1st on Amazon

#deceptivePatterns #darkpatterns

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Automated User Interfaces, and the New Laws of Dark Patterns

"GenAI offers extraordinary promise for providing more personalized user experiences than ever before. Policymakers, however, have made clear — in legislation, regulation, and enforcement actions — that this technology could manipulate users’ autonomy and decisionmaking." -- #ArentFoxSchiff

#gen_ai #darkPatterns

2 months ago

Anyone know a good #Android app for managing photos as an alternative to #GooglePhotos, which continues to want me to upgrade to an app whose new features I'm not sure I'm on board with, mostly because I don't understand how they're implemented and #Google is being intentionally obtuse about explaining them.

#darkpatterns #dontbeevil #ux

2 months ago

Können wir bitte wengistens den #Bundesbetrieb #Post zwingen, das Ablehnen von #Tracking genauso einfach zu machen wie das Akzeptieren? #DarkPatterns

infinite love ⴳ
2 months ago

#DoorDash #DashPass #DarkPatterns

this is a cancelation page. the button is to abort canceling. the way to actually cancel is to tap on the text below the button, which doesn't give any hints that you can press it.

Share your reason for canceling DashPass. [Below the reason box is a big red button saying "Stay with DashPass". De-emphasized and not even looking like a button, some text reads "Submit and cancel".]
PJ Coffey
2 months ago


My policy remains "no" to all of them.

Also, it's a design choice to put them in. GDPR doesn't require it.



3 months ago

this might be the darkest pattern ever

#darkPatterns #ux

toggles for allowing / blocking cookies. it is impossible to detect from colour which is on or off, or which state is on or off
ZDF :zdf:
3 months ago

"Nur noch 1 Zimmer zu diesem Preis auf unserer Seite verfügbar", behauptet so manches Online-Reiseportal. Mit solchen #DarkPatterns arbeiteten fast alle Websites, erklärt Prof. Jan-Paul Lüdtke.

Mehr zu Tricks zwischen Cookie-Banner und Warenkorb:

Jeremiah Lee
3 months ago

[screen fade to black on scroll]

"Continue reading" on modal

is my new most hated UX.

#UI #UX #darkPatterns #Substack

🕹️ jbz
3 months ago

⚖️ F.T.C. Sues Amazon for Tricking Users Into Subscribing to Prime | @nytimes

"In its lawsuit, the F.T.C. argued that Amazon had “duped millions of consumers” into enrolling in Prime by using “manipulative, coercive or deceptive” design tactics on its website known as “dark patterns.” And when consumers wanted to cancel, Amazon “knowingly complicated” the process with byzantine procedures."

2017: I tweeted a screenshot of Amazon's Prime #darkpatterns and @ mentioned the FTC, since it clearly violated their guidelines:

and today:

"FTC Takes Action Against Amazon for Enrolling Consumers in Amazon Prime Without Consent":

more in WaPo:

Frederik Borgesius
3 months ago

US. ‘In the latest action to challenge alleged digital dark patterns, the FTC has sued Amazon for enrolling people in its Prime program without the consumer’s consent. Once consumers were signed up, the complaint also charges that Amazon set up online obstacles that made it difficult for them to cancel their Prime subscription.’ #darkpatterns #law #tech #amazon

3 months ago

Here's a website design Dark Pattern that really gets my goat. When a website promises free use, or a free trial, and lets the visitor do a bunch of work to make use of that... and then ambushes them with an account creation screen. So they can't get the results of their work without registering for an account. This kind of bait-and-switch tactic is underhanded and unnecessary.

#UX #WebDesign #DarkPatterns

thudfactor ⚓️
3 months ago

ShopPay sending me an SMS “Authentication” before I’ve chosen a payment method — or sometimes before I’ve put anything in my cart! — is really presumptive and annoying, and now I won’t use them at all if I can avoid it.

#ux #darkpatterns #shopify

4 months ago
thudfactor ⚓️
4 months ago

Tempted to write a browser extension that changes every pop-up newsletter subscription rejection button from “maybe next time” to “fuck off and die”

#ux #darkpatterns

Tristan Harward
4 months ago

One of the worst and increasingly common #UX #DarkPatterns: inventing new types of notifications and enabling them by default.

“Oh you turned off all the notifications throughout the app? Ah but not this one! It’s new! Enjoy!” 😡

4 months ago

Nervende Cookie-Banner, Hervorhebung ungünstiger Optionen & verschleierte Kündigungbuttons. Zu Verbrauchermanipulation durch #DarkPatterns diskutiert @vzbv Expertin @LinaEhrig morgen auf der #rp23 mit Sts. Rohleder @bmuv @ProfMartini @Dirkfreytag @roofjoke

Alex Feinman
4 months ago

Bye, #substack. Cannot take your constant #darkPatterns.

At least they didn't kick me TOO hard on the way out. It only took reading their FAQ, verifying my email again, six clicks, and manually typing my email address to cancel!

4 months ago

#Design #Techniques
Avoiding dark patterns in web design · Ethical alternatives to deceptive patterns benefit everyone in the end

#UserManipulation #DarkPatterns #DeceptiveDesign #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #DesignPatterns #Ethics #Trust #Conversion

How companies make it difficult to unsubscribe

"I unsubscribed from 16 online services and documented the ways companies made it, knowingly (or unknowingly), challenging." -- #CarolineSinders

#api360 #UX #darkPatterns

Børge A. Roum
4 months ago

Gjør de bilettautomatene på togstasjonene mest mulig irriterende å bruke med vilje, for å få folk til å bruke appen isteden, eller hva er greia?

I overgangen fra at de ble drifta av NSB til #Entur så har de i det minste klart det åpenbare med å sette en liste over de mest sannsynlige distinasjonen på førs... eh, andre skjerm. Men det tar fremdeles åtte trykk å kjøpe en billett! Tre er "kan jeg betale nå", noe som er forvirrende når du prøver å betale etter første
#offentligUX #tog #DarkPatterns

Liste over mest brukte destinasjoner på skjermen hvor man velger destinasjon. Under er et tastatur til å skrive andre destinasjoner.
Harshad Sharma
5 months ago

Another dark pattern / frustration -> sign-up pipeline from telecom companies:

"If you wish to stop receiving Pop up messages on your number, simply click…"


5 months ago

#Design #Explorations
How companies use dark patterns to keep you subscribed · Let’s try to unsubscribe from 16 well-known digital services!

“A person shouldn’t have to be a UX designer to navigate the web just to avoid dark patterns, confusion and manipulation. That isn’t a fair web.” — Caroline Sinders

#Business #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #DeceptiveDesign #DarkPatterns #DesignPatterns #Services #Subscriptions #Regulations #Ethics

Peter Kulche
5 months ago

Ik schrijf een artikel over #darkpatterns in online diensten. Denk aan designtrucjes die je naar een bepaalde keuze duwen, of het wegmoffelen van cruciale info bij een aankoopbeslissing. Iemand nog recente voorbeelden ?! #dtv

5 months ago

are #darkpatterns such the norm now that sites / platforms / services / vendors /🦤 would genuinely feel falsely accused when being called out on a #darkpattern ?

5 months ago
5 months ago

@futurebird for me those are a good example of 'prediction or inspiration?'

A lot of #PKDick is that way, too. If you go to Technovelgy & browse the #PKD category it's a catalog of social-control #DarkPatterns. The world should be grateful he didn't go into advertising. He'd've still crashed & burned personally but been orders of magnitude more influential than Jay Chiat, who did more than enough damage with just his own deeply-limited intellect.

Daniel, sehr müde.
5 months ago

@Mastodon I knew. But I didn't know you use #DarkPatterns to trick people into signing up on


Simonetta Vezzoso
5 months ago

“Of the devices studied, the Amazon Fire TV was one of the worst offenders, racking up a total of 79 dark patterns of 25 different types. It was edged out only by an Amazon Ring video doorbell, which had 90 dark patterns of 19 different types”
RT @DorotheaBaur
The limited user interfaces on #IoT devices make it harder to evade #darkpatterns. Plus, research on them is harder because most of the devices "can’t be studied using the a…

Gabor Heja
5 months ago

As a new customer to your platform, fuck you very much, Sony for not displaying the "No thanks" option on the screen.

It is not displayed but Cancel (red circle) works.

#PlayStation #Sony #DarkPatterns #DarkPattern #PS4 #ps4share @darkpatterns

The PlayStation Plus subscription screen shown right after the setup of a PlayStation 4 console. Notice the lack of the Cancel/Back option on screen. It was displayed on all the previous screens during the setup process.
5 months ago

Pretend scarcity is one of the #darkpatterns you can enjoy on
Booking dot com (from HN today)

6 months ago

Stumbled on new dark pattern: Required to sign up and confirm email in order to use the website. I’m doing this on mobile ... then I login and it tells me the website is desktop-only 😬

Well that’s one way to harvest emails and pump new user metrics.

#darkpatterns cc @harrybr

6 months ago

@carlschwan Notice how there's an "Always send" option, but no "Never send" option?


Devin Canterberry
6 months ago

#DarkPatterns #DeceptiveDesign @darkpatterns Google Play in-app notification that I have turned off notifications, asking me to turn them back on.

This comes back every day, no matter how many times I dismiss it, wearing me down with that little notification that I compulsively want to make go away... which is the very reason I keep notifications turned off in the first place.