Adam H. Sparks
1 day ago

This pie chart could've been a bar graph. #DataViz #dataVisualization

The Old Map Gallery
2 days ago

From the late 1670's comes a great "strip" map by John Ogilby. Here, to get from Presteigne to Carmathen, in Wales it's a practical method to keep one on the correct route to a destination, reference landmarks & stay on the route.
It's interesting that when automobiles became popular, early roads atlases used this same route method to get drivers to their next destination, by identifying landmarks and keeping them on a solitary path.

#maps #dataviz #cartography #map #datavisualization

A hand colored map for the route from Prestaine in Wales to the town of Carmarthen, done in a series of strips. A fine instance of one of John Ogilby's "strip" maps.
From 1919, a driver's guide to getting to destinations around Colorado Springs. It also uses a familiar "route" method, not unlike Ogilby from centuries prior.
Hongyu Yang
3 days ago

"I'm not playing video games, I'm actually trying to learn data science and time series analysis in particular with data from Meiou and Taxes' economic simulation!"

#europauniversalis #python #datascience #datavisualization #simulation #timeseries

Jane Adams
3 days ago

Anyone work at a company they like that's hiring #PhD #research interns for summer 2024? Interested in roles related to #ComputerScience #DataVisualization #ExplainableAI #Genomics #Bioinformatics #SoftwareEngineering #ML #interpretability #EDA #DataAnalytics

I'm a third year PhD student in Computer Science at an R1 university (completed MS coursework), and a dual citizen USA/EU :) Thanks for boosting! #GetFediHired

Cosmin Saveanu
4 days ago

While testing alternatives to Graphpad Prism for basic #statistical tests and #datavisualization, #jamovi looks the most promising. It allows adding custom modules written in R through an easy to follow process. It is open-source and easy to install on Linux.

Jan Kühn
4 days ago

58,444 dead or missing human beings have been documented by the Missing Migrants Project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) since 2014 (latest incident: Sep 5th 2023).

The actual number is likely much higher.

Here's a #Datavisualization I made of that horrendous number.

Interactive version (might be slow):

Beeswarm plot that shows dates, regions, and number of missing people for more than 13,000 incidents in which migrants died or went missing.
Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
1 week ago

📈🌿 Dive into Data Visualization with Base R! 🌿📈

Discover the power of creating striking linear model plots with confidence intervals using the iconic Iris dataset—all with base R! 🌼🚀

Give it a try and embark on your data science journey. 🚀📊

#DataScience #RProgramming #DataVisualization #IrisDataset #LinearModel #ConfidenceIntervals #BaseR

Happy coding! 🌱📊


Elias Dabbas :verified:
1 week ago

Sharing the first version of an SEO audit and analysis template in #Python, #advertools, #pandas, #networkx, & #plotly

🔵 Notebook meant to be a starting point
🔵 Low code, highly customizable
🔵 Can be converted to an HTML file shareable, emailable
🔵 Interactively explore the elements you want
🔵 Expecting, hoping for suggestions, improvement (code and non-code)

Full video/explanation here (with link to the code and data):

#DataScience #DataVisualization #dashboard #SEO

Leah Brown
1 week ago

Little write-up for the next FIMS newsletter. I meant to mention the Hawthorn (part of my research project) excerpt that will be published oops 😳 I suppose I can mention it when it comes out.

#dataVisualization #InformationVisualization #IIBAwards #infographic #infographicDesign

Leah Brown's (Ph.D. LIS) visualization entry for the 2023 Information Is Beautiful Awards, "101 Derivatives of French Mother Sauces" was selected for this year's longlist in the category Arts, Entertainment & Culture. Led by data journalist David McCandless, the 11B Awards are organized by the Data Visualization Society (DVS) and judged by a panel of data visualization experts and public vote. Entrants for the Awards compete from around the world as individuals, teams, studios, or departments from within organizations such as Reuters, AP, USA Today, Harvard, MIT, World Bank, and other international and government bodies. 101-derivatives-of-french-mother-sauces 101 Derivatives of French 3 Mother Sauces i e A reference infographic that visually = organizes 101 derivatives across 6 leading sauce categories from s French cuisine. This infographic is inspired by old-sc...
Kaspar Manz
1 week ago

How do wars end? Not always with a decisive victory. My colleagues Adina Renner, Karin Wenger and Nicolas Staub at #nzz had a look at a database of over 500 wars since 1946, and visualised the results – and took a guess at what it could mean for the Ukraine. (article in German) #datavisualization

Screenshot of a chart. Bubbles representing armed conflicts and wars are placed along the x axis depending on how long they took; and sorted on the y axis based on their resolution. The chart shows that the longer a war goes on, the less likely it is that it ends with a decisive victory.
Jane Adams
1 week ago

Thanks to Enrico Bertini for sharing this awesome read by Connor Rothschild about a 'framework-first' aproach to #datavisualization. I've never seen #Svelte and #D3 compared for visualization so clearly before. Really well done.

Screenshot from the explainer article comparing D3 and Svelte code. Caption reads: And so the differences between D3 and Svelte are equivalent to the differences between instructions and authoring. In D3, we write instructions to tell JavaScript what to render; in Svelte, we write our output directly.
The Old Map Gallery
1 week ago

From an interesting series of regional literary maps that were done in the 1980's comes this overview for "Latin America". Great design.
#maps #dataviz #map #datavisualization #design

Kirell Benzi, Ph.D
1 week ago

New server, new #introduction !

I specialize in Data Art, focusing on the intricate and compelling visualization of complex datasets.

My work leverages advanced algorithms, artistic principles, and machine learning techniques to transcend traditional forms of data representation.

For collaborations or inquiries, feel free to DM. Excited to engage with this community.

#DataArt #DataVisualization #MachineLearning #CreativeCoding #AI #art #artist

Kirell Benzi - eM+ panorama EPFL
Cube: Fashion Takes Shape artwork, collaboration with Google
The Art of Touch, Nike collaboration Kirell Benzi
Jazz Luminaries, collaboration with the Montreux Jazz Festival
Will Deakin
2 weeks ago

For those interested in such things, here is a connoisseurs map of "European" current rail-electrification based on @openstreetmap tagged data

Electrified track OLE is red, third- and fourth-rail DC in green and brown, unelectrified in black

Colours in the spirit of the FizzyKnitting @25kV

Developed in @python using #OSMnx to wrangle the data and visualised in @qgis

#rail #ElectrifyAllThings #electrification #Europe #DataVisualization

European rail network electrification colour coded by type. Please see the separate legend for detail

Key colours are red for Overhead Contact Line (OCL), green for third-rail DC and black for unelectrified track
Legend for the Rail Electrification map showing Overhead Contact Line (OCL) AC with voltage, and other rail DC transmission 

This is based on the FizzyKnitting colour scheme developed work by Garry Keenor et al (@25kv) 

Note: more than 95% of the complexity (third-rail, fourth-rail and dual) is in the South East of Great Britain
Will Deakin
2 weeks ago

For those interested in such things, here is a map of "European" current rail-electrification based on @openstreetmap tagged data

Electrified track is red, all other track in black

Developed in @python using #OSMnx to wrangle the data and visualised in @qgis

True connoisseurs of the art please note, this does not make a distinction between voltage, frequency, and type (OLE/third-rail/fourth-rail)

#rail #ElectrifyAllThings #electrification #Europe #DataVisualization

A map showing rail infrastructure in "Europe" showing electrified track in red and all other current track in black based on OSM tagged data
Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 weeks ago

What's the minimum number of clicks needed to go from page A to page B?

Shortest Path Length

What pages B and C, D and F, ... ?
What about all pairs of pages in the whole site?

I'm working on a new chart to evaluate this. The image shows counts for a few websites, and how they're distributed.

Does this make sense?
How would you improve it?

#techseo #linkbuilding #SEO #DataVisualization #DataScience #Python #Plotly

2 weeks ago

#DataVisualisation / #DataViz picks of the day:

➡️ @didoesdigital - Data viz engineer & author in Australia

➡️ @yotka - Data viz designer, background in social sciences

➡️ @kpfssport - Sports-related data viz

➡️ @janeadams - Data viz researcher interested in XAI & genomics

➡️ @wnd - Data Viz coder, works on railway IT

➡️ @Biff_Bruise - Principal Consultant in data viz, keen cyclist, former rocket scientist


#DataVisualization #DataVis #DataScience #DataSci

Deepali Kank
2 weeks ago

Another Chart for this week's #TidyTuesday data. Created using #tableau and #figma. @nrennie and @tanya_shapiro 's Voronoi charts inspired me to create this one.

Voronoi tree chart showcasing how human spent their 24 hours.
The Big Data Cluster
2 weeks ago

Just added to our newsroom.

A 2022 paper co-authored by University of #Vermont based Cluster member Byung Lee describes ways #ComputerScientists are working to develop and deploy usable and trustworthy graphs.

Read "That Doesn't Belong There" via the link below.

#CompSci #DataVisualization #EnvironmentalScience

Generated by AI. A person looks at lines of data connected by triangles and circles.
Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
2 weeks ago

Ever wondered how to compare the distributions of two variables simultaneously? Look no further! In this post, we'll dive into the world of dual-variable histograms using R, a go-to language for data analysis and visualization.

Ready to embark on your own dual-variable histogram journey? The key to effective data visualization is in your hands. 🚀

#DataVisualization #RProgramming #DataAnalysis #R #RStats

See attached.


Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 weeks ago

Some updates to the link analysis app:

🔵 Summary stats added (number of URLs, links, & density*)
🔵 Histograms showing the distribution of the number of links per page (in, out, all)
🔵 Renamed columns, changing "degrees" to "links"

*Density: Zero density means there are no pages linking to each other on the site. A density of one, means all pages link to all pages.

#SEO #DataScience #DataVisualization

Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 weeks ago

How to convert an #advertools function to an interactive Dash app.

There is also a demo of how to create a simple Dash app, and add interactivity.

Recording & code:

Gold medal goes to @ZlataGarmendia

#DataScience #frontend #Python #datavisualization #DigitalMarketing #SEM #SEO @plotlygraphs

Jan Kühn
2 weeks ago

Did you know that the top 1% own more than 1/3 of Germany’s wealth? Here's a #DataVisualization of wealth distribution in Germany I made.

About 2/3 of all individual net worth is concentrated in the hands of the top 10%. The bottom half as a whole own little more than 1%.

Data is from 2019. The calculations are by @DIW_Berlin
. In 2019 they adopted a new approach to get more accurate estimates especially for the richest. Here they explain it (in German):

Bar chart showing the wealth distribution in Germany. The bottom 50% have only 1.3% of the wealth while the top 10% own 67.3%. The top 1% alone owns more than one third (35,3%).
Jan Kühn
2 weeks ago

Wow, I just realized that it's been one year since I published my first #DataVisualization project - Covid Waves. It was an animated map showing how the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 spread through Europe.

It has been an intense year and I have learned so much since then.

Animated map showing how the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 spread through Europe
Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 weeks ago

advertools (data processing & operations) + Dash (frontend & interactivity) = Your app

#advertools office hours: Convert advertools functions into fully interactive data apps:

🔵 Basic overview of how Dash works
🔵 Creating basic interactivity
🔵 Creating some simple search/marketing apps (sitemaps, URLs, robots)
🔵 Code/examples for various other apps

Join us this Thursday:

#frontend #DataVisualization #SEO #SEM #DigitalMarketing #Python #DataScience Plotly

Statistics Globe
3 weeks ago

3 Simple Tips to Avoid Overplotting in R!

This is one of the first video clips that was ever published on Statistics Globe! :) It would be amazing if you could let me know your feedback so that I can incorporate it in future videos. This video explains how to avoid overplotting in R programming using different functions and arguments of the ggplot2 library. Which topics would you like to see next?

#rstats #programming #ggplot2 #datavisualization

3 weeks ago

Introducing the new #KNIME Reporting (Labs) extension! 🚀 Now you can effortlessly generate static PDF reports with composite visualizations. No need to learn anything new, use what you already know and enable report output in the layout settings. Download the extension and get creative with your reports. 📊📈

#KNIMEreporting #datavisualization #dataanalytics

Bob Belderbos
3 weeks ago

Every wondered how to make plots in the terminal? 💡 😎

Plotext (PyPI) makes this a breeze. Here is a quick demo where I use it to plot PyBites Platform growth over the years 📈

#Python #plotext #dataviz #DataVisualization #terminal #plotting #django

Hernán De Angelis
3 weeks ago

Geologist & physical geographer. Works with data analysis, data management and visualization within spatial data, GIS, remote sensing, metadata. Happy outside in Nature.

Likes #geoscience #environmentalscience #remotesensing #gis #FOSS #dataanalysis #geospatial #copernicus #OpenStreetMap #grassgis #qgis #GenericMappingTools #perl #python #gnuplot #imagemagick #spatial #OpenSource #openscience #datamanagement #datavisualization #Linux #amateurastronomy #running #cycling


Hernán De Angelis
3 weeks ago

Geolog & naturgeograf. Arbetar med dataanalys, informationshantering och visualisering inom geodata, gis, fjärranalys, metadata. Gärna ute i naturen på fritiden.

Gillar #geoscience #environmentalscience #remotesensing #gis #FOSS #dataanalysis #geospatial #copernicus #OpenStreetMap #grassgis #qgis #GenericMappingTools #perl #python #gnuplot #imagemagick #spatial #OpenSource #openscience #datamanagement #datavisualization #Linux #amateurastronomy #running #cycling


1 month ago

Spot on!

It is very important to communicate scientific findings about global change in appealing ways.

Our usual habit of just publishing in b/w bar graphs probably didn't help to make the wider society aware of the extent of the situation.

Not exactly the interactions of factors you asked for, but can't resist mentioning this figure of the World Resource Institute, comparing the consequences of a 1.5 vs 2° C world.
@s4f <- anyone has other good examples for the visualization of global change?
#sciComm #DataVisualization #GlobalChange #ScienceEducation #ScienceCommunication


figure of the World Resource Institute, comparing the consequences of a 1.5 vs 2° C world. E.g. 6x increase of population affected by extreme heat.
Leah Brown
1 month ago

I'm thrilled my infographic "101 Derivatives of French Mother Sauces" made the longlist for the category "Arts, Entertainment & Culture" in the 2023 Information Is Beautiful Awards! I don't think it will make the shortlist as it's pretty competitive, we're competing against individuals, teams, studios and even agencies from orgs like Reuters, USA Today, MIT, and Harvard Engineering.

#dataVisualization #informationDesign #infographicDesign #informationArchitecture

A screenshot of my infographic "101 Derivatives of French Mother Sauces" on the longlist for the 2023 Information Is Beautiful Awards. The infographic uses a periodic table style to display 101 sauce variations from French cooking.
R-Ladies Rome
1 month ago

Next Event for @rladiesrome

When: September 22, 2023 at 6:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM EDT

We will be working outside of the library box diving in to the very basic R functions toward the path of mastering the R programming language for data analysis.

#rstats #rladies #datascience #dataanalysis #datavisualization #datamodeling #modeling #wrangling #R #RStudio #Posit

Eric Vitiello
1 month ago

How to design a useful (and fun!) color key for your data visualization - Datawrapper Blog

#Design #Color #DataVisualization

1 month ago

Visualisation annotations are useful for directing readers towards insights and unusual data points. And yet there aren’t a lot of examples of how to make them programmatically for changing, interactive visualisations.

So I wrote about the approach I cobbled together for my recent snakes vis, which I hope ends up being useful to someone else:

#DataViz #DataVisualization #svg #d3

Will Deakin
1 month ago

The Voronoi simplification is by segmenting buffer lines into equal sections, identifying segment end-points, calculating the Voronoi polygons, and identify the centre-line

#DataVisualization #network #GIS #roadmap

Road-loop with its buffer line segmented  into equal segments, points and the corresponding Voronoi polygons. The buffer-line in blue, points in orange and Voronoi polygons in green
Road-loop with its buffer line in blue, segmented  into equal segments, the corresponding Voronoi polygons in green
Will Deakin
1 month ago

As a follow up from yesterday's post about network simplification, here is an approach based on Voronoi polygon to create the simplified network

#DataVisualization #transport

1 month ago

Don't us Excel, work professional with @LabPlot do vizualise data.


#opensource #excel #datavisualization #dataviz #labplot #linux #bsd #plotting

LabPlot screen shot
Frank Hänel
1 month ago

🌍 #TidyTuesday Week 34: Exploring Refugee Flows 📊✨ Visualizing movement across continents from 2010 to 2022. An insightful Sankey diagram shedding light on global dynamics.
#DataVisualization #Refugees #dataviz #rstats #r4ds #DataAnalysis 🗺️🔍

1 month ago

For a simple method to morph SVG paths into circles using D3, I wrote a little notebook:

1. Add points to your circle to match the same number of points in your other shape’s path
2. Reverse the path order
3. Translate the outer group by the circle radius

#DataViz #DataVisualization #d3js #svg #animation

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 month ago

This is beautiful!

Watching Neural Networks Learn - by Emergent Garden
(or YT:

An explanation on how neural networks and function approximation work, supported by beautiful visuals. ✨ 🎨

#NeuralNetwork #Math #DataVisualization #Visualization

Davie Dean
1 month ago

Updating my #introduction again. I'm loving the #queer and particularly the #trans community here, so I'm changing this account to Davie Dean to better show that side of me. I'm proudly #trans, #nonbinary and #bigender. On here my pronouns are she/her, but I also enjoy being David and he/him most of the time elsewhere. :transgender_flag: :enby: :flag_bigender:

In non #gender stuff, I'm a #geospatial data enthusiast with a passion for #OpenStreetMap and #indigenous mapping. Love #renovating my caravan and house on the side. I'm getting deeper into #geospatial #datascience and #datavisualization. Proudly based on #Ainawan land in #Armidale, NSW.

Updated - needs a photo!

Davie standing in front of sail boats at a marina, wearing a pink dress with kangaroos and Australian plants on it.
Harald Klinke
1 month ago

„There Is a Digital Art History“

Great new publication by @zentralwerkstatt et al. delves into the transformative potential of large-scale vision models, epistemic implications and methodological shifts.

#DigitalArtHistory #ML #AI #DigitalHumanities #DataScience #DataVisualization

Statistics Globe
1 month ago

Wow!!! THIS R Density PLOT Looks Gorgeous

How to draw a grouped ggplot2 density plot in the R programming language.

#rstats #programming #ggplot2 #datavisualization

1 month ago

To better gauge people’s understanding of data visualizations, it’s essential to define the concepts of numeracy and data literacy.

#UXDesign #ProductDesign #DataVisualization #DataViz

Jane Adams
2 months ago

I'm delighted to be presenting *two papers* and *two artworks* at #IEEEVIS in Melbourne Australia this October! 🐨

#AR for Scholarly Publication of 3D Visualizations in #Astronomy” (Short Papers). Jane Adams, Laura South, Arzu Çöltekin, Alyssa Goodman, and Michelle Borkin

#DevOps for #DataVis: A Survey and Provocation for Teaching Deployment of #DataVisualization” (alt.VIS workshop) Jane Adams

“Latent Prism” (Jane Adams) and "Eco-Mending" (Racquel Fygenson & Jane Adams) @visap

2 months ago

🐍🥳 New data viz! Living among snakes in Queensland, Australia 🥳🐍

I'm stoked to share my story of snake shenanigans with fun facts, silly animations, and a few happy snaps (opt in!)

Made with #d3js, scrollama, and laughs.

#DataViz #DataVisualization #snakes #nature #Queensland #SunshineCoast #australia #design

43 snake icons grouped by their colour.

Currently taking a #DataVisualization course for #Blind folks, and all I can say is that #VSCode is a prime example of why engineers should never be trusted to build good usable apps. No usability nor good design considerations at all, just a mish-mash of awful choices that aren't using common nor accepted #Accessible design patterns over on MacOS. Desktop apps aren't and shouldn't be websites and should take full advantage of what AppKit or what the native OS offers you in terms of controls.

2 months ago

The map of the internet that I made is now available on Displate. This map maps out internet exchanges and undersea fiber optic cables.If you think it's cool enough to put on your wall it's available here:

Read more about this image and how it was made here:

#tech #internet #datavisualization #dataviz #data #svg #map #maps #infrastructure #displate #poster #wallart #wallartforsale

Internet map of internet exchanges and undersea cables.
2 months ago

Here's a map of all submarine fiber optic cables and internet exchanges around the world. This time, I didn't draw the lines for countries and I think this looks amazing.

See my post about how I generated this map and the link to the full resolution SVG file here:

#tech #internet #datavisualization #dataviz #data #svg #map #maps #infrastructure

During lunch I was looking at and found how much Irish government collected in Environmental taxes.

To me the most surprising thing was that households paid a lot more than businesses.

There's more detailed break down in ETA4 file and three more CSVs, so I'll have fun next couple of evenings.

#dataviz #datavisualization #taxes #ireland

Original source:

Chart comparing how much was collected from households, services, agriculture and industry.

Every year the households paid the most, followed by services, industry and agriculture.
2 months ago

Here are other regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa

#tech #internet #datavisualization #dataviz #data #svg #map #maps

Real World Data Science
2 months ago

In his upcoming book, journalist and designer @albertocairo explores the idea of ‘#DataVisualization as language’, one with many different dialects – statistical, journalistic, artistic, and so on. These dialects are not mutually exclusive, he says. So, what might they learn from each other?

Listen to the interview:

#DataViz #statistics #DataScience

Deepali Kank
2 months ago

#TidyTuesday week 31: US States. Grid plot of US States in @observablehq Editing in #figma

Grid plot of the states of the USA showing land and water area.
Will Deakin
2 months ago

I have been working on a set of hierarchical hexagonal European population projections based on @WorldPopProject using @qgis @geopandas and #rasterio


European population density in orange projected onto a coarse hexagonal grid
European population density in orange projected onto a coarse hexagonal grid in alternative orientation
European population density in orange projected onto a less coarse hexagonal grid
European population density in orange projected onto a less coarse hexagonal grid in alternative orientation
Frank Hänel
2 months ago

@smach @rstats 📢 Exciting read! 💻 "Code snippets" are like productivity boosters for developers! They are indeed time-savers and make coding a breeze. 📊 #CodingTips #ProductivityHacks #RStudio #DataVisualization

Hey friends!

📚 Every other week, I post a review from my Data Viz Bookshelf on LinkedIn and on my blog.
Check it out!

This week: Data-Driven Storytelling (multiple authors)


I created my very own Data Design Manifesto!

My newsletter subscribers read all about it yesterday and also got the chance to download the poster for free. :)

You can subscribe here:

Or buy the posters here:

#dataviz #visSocial #datavisualization #powerbi #tableau #datafam

The data design manifesto, collection of posters. Made of 12 principles for good data design. Image depicts an A1 poster of the manifesto and its 12 principles.
3 months ago

USGS Vizlab - Water Data Visualizations
-- <-- link to home page
H/T Cee Nell
“The USGS Vizlab is a data visualization team that strives to make water science fun and accessible. We make charts, maps, and interactive websites to communicate USGS research and data. We are part of the Data Science Branch of the USGS Water Mission Area []
[They] wrote a blog post about [their] work on the Water Data for the Nation blog []…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #visualisation #water #hydrology #publiceducation #datavisualization #datavisualisation #waterscience #charts #maps #websites #datascience #blog #VizLab #USGS

Jane Adams
3 months ago

Wowow the alt.VIS submissions look so cool!! I can't wait to dive into these :datavizcamp:

If you want to read them and review, thereby helping to shape the form and function of this very alternative workshop, you can do so in PCS:

"Volunteer to review" > "VGTC" > "alt.VIS Workshop"

You don't need to be attending #IEEEVIS, or have a PhD, just a passion for #DataVisualization and the ability to write kind, constructive feedback 🥰

About alt.VIS:

Screenshot from PCS with "volunteer to review" highlighted