Dr. Dani Sanchez
9 hours ago

(The important David Bowie with cat pictures in question)
#MondayActionMovie #DavidBowie

David Bowie wearing a black leather jacket while holding an Abyssinian cat
David Bowie wearing a a white shirt and a dark vest with watching bow tie and holding a hat over his chest with a black kitten on top of his head
David Bowie wearing a black leather jacket while holding an Abyssinian cat
Roman ALAN
13 hours ago

I'm getting closer to the place I started from (going around the local star), and the Brain DJ thinks it's time to remind me that I'm not as clever as I think (1) …

David Bowie, "Absolute Beginners" (1986)

#Music #DavidBowie

"I'm an absolute beginner
And I'm absolutely sane …"

Kevin Armstrong on guitar – Mr. Bowie always had good taste in guitarists – Rick Wakeman on piano, and Don Weller toots that magnificent sax solo!

(1) Third edit on this post … doh!

Carl Englander
16 hours ago

I'm listening to Peter Gabriel's amazing 2010 album 'Scratch My Back'. Emotional, slow, music performed at an amazing performance level. WoW! It Includes the only cover I've heard of David Bowie's 'Heroes' that approaches the original in emotional worth. Wow! Just WOW!

#PeterGabriel #DavidBowie #Bowie #TheBookofLove #Music #Rock #Emotions #Strings #Orchestra #Listen #Audiophile #Audio #Roon

50+ Music
3 days ago
Roman ALAN
4 days ago

May I assume that "mixed up" includes those clever little medleys that artists sometime throw into their live performances?

Thank you.

David Bowie, "1984/Dodo Medley" from the 1980 Floor Show (live 1973)

#MixedUp #DavidBowie

About as mixed up as his outfit, woonjasay?

4 days ago

From Spotify’s year-end wrap for me. Janelle Monáe, Nina Simone and David Bowie have been in my top five artists every year since I started listening to Spotify. This is the first time The Alan Parsons Project and The Fall have made the list.
#JanelleMonae #TheFall #AlanParsonsProject #NinaSimone #DavidBowie

Your top artists 
1 Janelle Monáe 
2 The Alan Parsons Project 
3 The Fall 
4 Nina Simone 
5 David Bowie

Every child must be
made aware
Care enough for his fellow man
To give all the love that she can
I HOPE my wish will come true
For my child
& your child too
He'll see the day of glory
When all of good will
Live in peace again
Can it be?
Bing's Merrie Olde Xmas
30 Nov 1977

The Perfect Sign-Off
from Der Bingle

50+ Music
6 days ago

My #SpotifyWrapped. Yes I know #Spotify. 🫣 Let me have some capitalist fun sometimes. 🤑 Anyway, nothing new in the top. :prn:

:spotify: Playlist:

#Prince #DepecheMode #DavidBowie

On top a photo from Prince during his 1991/92 period.

Top artists:

1. Prince
2. Depeche Mode
3. David Bowie
4. A Tribe Called Quest
5. Duran Duran

Top songs:

1. Alice through the looking glass
2. Live 4 love
3. Streetwalker
4. Pain
5. Open book

Listened minutes:


Favourite genre:

1 week ago

#Bowie Marathon Teil 10

"Station To Station"-Erstkontakt: Leitet hin zu den drei Alben, vor denen ich etwas Angst habe. Dieses hier zeigt Bowie noch halb auf der souligen Seite, aber schon mit einem Fuß in neuen Gefilden. Herr Jones spielt auch etwas mit monotonen Schleifen herum, wie im Titelsong oder "Golden Years". Außerdem entwickelt er einen neuen Pathos beim Singen, bin ich jetzt nicht direkt Fan von. Sehe aber gute Potenziale für weitere Durchgänge.

Verdikt: 7/10

#davidbowie #pop #soul

50+ Music
1 week ago
1 week ago

Der #Schlüssel zur #Veränderung ist, all deine #Energie nicht auf den Kampf gegen das #Alte, sondern auf den #Aufbau des Neuen zu richten.
(David #Bowie)
#psychotHHerapie #Zitat #Zitate #DavidBowie

"Ziggys" Handschrift auf Zetteln: Texte zu Songs von David Bowie werden versteigert

Die Texte zweier Songs von David Bowie, die auf seinem legendären Album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" zu hören sind, werden am Dienstag versteigert.#Unterhaltung #DavidBowie #Auktion #Rockmusik
"Ziggys" Handschrift auf Zetteln: David-Bowie-Songtexte können ersteigert werden

"Ziggys" Handschrift auf Zetteln: Texte zu Songs von David Bowie werden versteigert

Die Texte zweier Songs von David Bowie, die auf seinem legendären Album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" zu hören sind, werden am Dienstag versteigert.#Unterhaltung #DavidBowie #Auktion #Rockmusik
Vom Album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars": Texte zu Songs von David Bowie bei Auktion

Die Texte zweier Songs von David Bowie, die auf seinem legendären Album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" zu hören sind, werden am Dienstag versteigert.#Unterhaltung #DavidBowie #Auktion #Rockmusik
"Ziggys" Handschrift auf Zetteln: Texte zu Songs von David Bowie werden versteigert
1 week ago

🎵 🎶
Wham, bam, thank you, Pam!


1 week ago

Heddon Street London location for the album photoshoot for the covers of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars #DavidBowie

1 week ago

Blue plaque on the building which once housed Trident Studios where David Bowie recorded The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars(1972). This was the first Bowie album I bought and still my favourite. #DavidBowie

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1 week ago
1 week ago

Yeah. I might bid just in case it only goes for a few quid (as if).
#DavidBowie #Bowie #lyrics #news

Shaun Cuff
1 week ago

Before the iWatch, there was this…

The year is 2010; #DavidBowie releases ‘★’, his final studio album; Apple release the iPad; Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts, grounding millions of flights; and you’re wearing your new iPod nano portable media player as a watch.

Five years before Apple released the first iWatch, they released their 6th generation iPod nano and, with the addition of strap, it could be worn as a wristwatch.

Listening to a bootleg I got off #Discogs (before they banned bootlegs) of #DavidBowie rehearsing for the Outside tour and, good grief, I just love it. Bowie singing My Death is always perfection, but Bowie singing it with mistakes is positively sublime.

Lisa Hamilton
2 weeks ago

Did you ever wonder if you chose the right #hotel to stay at while #traveling? #travel

The #Universe gave me a big undeniable thumbs-up this #morning

I went downstairs for #coffee and they were playing #DavidBowie actually the full #ZiggyStardust #album

Nothing starts a #goodmorning like #SuffragetteCity #music #memories #dancing

2 weeks ago
50+ Music
2 weeks ago

"Changes" is a song by English singer-songwriter #DavidBowie, originally released on his 1971 album #HunkyDory. #RCARecords then released it as a #single from the album on 7 January 1972. Written following his promotional tour of America in early 1971, "Changes" was recorded at #TridentStudios in London between June and July that year. Co-produced by Bowie and #KenScott, it featured #Strawbs member #RickWakeman on piano.

David Mason
2 weeks ago

BOWIE2001 Mixpiece just arrived and it's a thing of beauty. Just look at it shine.

#DavidBowie #2001aspaceodyssey #FritzvonRunte

"BOWIE2001 The Mixpiece" cassette tape with BOWIE2001 postcard

🎧 This #DavidBowie performance of "Rebel Rebel" was recorded in #Amsterdam for #TopPop. It aired March 4, 1974.

#EddieFM #Music #UK #Netherlands #70s

Arjan Boltjes
2 weeks ago
Record front cover of the album 'Aladdin Sane' by David Bowie. Photo of David Bowie - torso plus head. His chest and shoulders in white/grey, face with large, mostly red, lightning flash painted on forehead, bridge of nose, and his right eye. Eyes closed, relatively short upright red hair, long in neck, until just above shoulders.

White background, artist name top-right corner, album title bottom-middle, on chest.
Simon Campbell
2 weeks ago

Join @suzystarlite and I for an hour in this brand-new episode of our weekly podcast - the Supertone Show - which features music from #DavidBowie, #MandyIndiana, #NevilleBrothers, #TheSmile, #Eminem and the #BeachBoys.

#podcast #music #chat #substack #FediMusic #MastoMusic #MastoArt #FediArt

Image of the Smile overlayed with text = Episode 143: The Supertone Show with Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell
3 weeks ago


November 17 2023
The word is Wind

Song: “Wild is the Wind”

I was surprised to find that this song, written by #DimitriTiomkin and #NedWashington, was first recorded by #JohnnyMathis for the 1957 film of the same name; I think of it as #NinaSimone’s, the title track from her 1966 LP, and I still regard hers as the definitive version.

I first met this song, however, via #DavidBowie’s elegant interpretation on #StationToStation. Of course I knew plenty of #Bowie but after finding he was the favorite of an entrancing boy I met at college, I took a deep dive into the Bowie catalog, and never regretted it. He always said that this was the most romantic song in the world - sadly he said that neither TO nor ABOUT me - but as much as I love Bowie’s stately version, his delivery is mannered, arch; Nina’s wrenching delivery blows Bowie’s out of the water, while allowing me to sidestep my own gut wrenching association with the song. Thanks, Nina!

Gary Jesionowski
3 weeks ago

Who knew that Kanye had a shop in London all those years ago? #DavidBowie #ZiggyStardust #KanyeWest

The album artwork for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album.
Dan Kletter
3 weeks ago

#NowPlaying Okay, but hear me out, what if #RobertFripp joins #DarylHall to perform #DavidBowie’s song ‘Heroes’? Let’s goooo.

50+ Music
3 weeks ago
Mark Maguire
3 weeks ago

And last but not least, Andy Warhol - David Bowie #AndyWarhol #DavidBowie #Warhol

3 weeks ago

#Bowie Marathon Teil 6

"Aladdin Sane": Warum habe ich mir diese Platte vorher nie angehört? Die ist richtig super, direkt schon beim Ersteindruck. Neben den beiden bekannten Singles finden sich noch etliche andere tolle Songs. "Cracked Actors" zeigt Bowie so nah am Hardrock wie sonst wahrscheinlich nie, "Time" hat sogar leichte Prog-Anteile. Wenn ich mit der Reihe hier durch bin, also 2029, geht das Album auf Heavy Rotation.

Verdikt: 9/10

#musik #rock #davidbowie

3 weeks ago

Watched Moonage Daydream again after having only seen it before at an Imax and where frankly I felt it was misplaced on such a large screen.
Admitedly there's only so much of Bowie going up and down escalators that you can take (I get the intended metaphor). Wish some of the spoken word bits weren't so lost in a crossfire of music but that's the modern way I guess #Bowie #DavidBowie #cinema #mastocinema

Aubrey De Los Destinos
3 weeks ago

Od lat mam dwupłytowe wydanie singli Davida Bowiego, ale z jakiegoś powodu słuchałem tego albumu tylko kiedy byli goście (2–3 razy do roku). Co oznacza, że ostatni raz słuchałem tego albumu przed październikiem 2015. Postanowiłem nie marnować więcej okazji i odpaliłem go wczoraj.

Co mi się rzuca w uszy nieco bardziej wyrobionym uchem to to, że piosenki z jednej strony brzmią jak z lat, w których je nagrano (od późnych lat 1960. począwszy), a z drugiej typ aranżacji itd. w ogóle się nie zestarzał — coś niesamowitego. Ta część na ogół tracą myszką. Oczywiście wiem, że „David Bowie wielkim był”, ale co innego wiedzieć, a co innego usłyszeć własnym uchem.

#muzyka #DavidBowie

Zdjęcie opakowania „Bowie: The Singles Collection”
50+ Music
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

Bowie Marathon Teil 4

Heute auf der Speisekarte: "Hunyk Dory". Die erste Bowie, chronologisch gesehen, die ich vorher schon in Gänze kannte. Tolle Platte, stilistisch auch genau mein Fall, mit Hits in Hülle und Fülle. Mein Bowie-Lieblingssong "Life On Mars?" ist ebenfalls drauf. Zum ersten Mal hat man das Gefühl, dass der Künstler komplett bei sich und seiner Gesangsstimme angekommen ist. In dieser Richtung hätte ich gerne mehr Alben von ihm gehört.

Verdikt: 9/10

#musik #bowie #davidbowie

William Kretschmer
1 month ago

David Bowie - The Width of a Circle
#books #music #records #DavidBowie

1 month ago

Bowie Marathon Teil 2

Ich wollte eigentlich jedes Album nur einmal hören, aber dieses hat doch schon drei Durchgänge bekommen. Was für es spricht. "David Bowie" (späterer Titel: "Space Oddity") zeigt Bowie, wie er auf die softe Rockschiene einfährt, aber noch nach eigener Identität sucht. Neben dem offensichtlichen Hit gibt es auch ein paar weitere gute Stücke. Einige Songs sind zu lang.

Verdikt: 7/10

#musik #davidbowie

1 month ago

Bowie-Marathon Teil 1

Ich habe beschlossen, mir alle David Bowie-Alben in Chronologie anzuhören, viele davon zum ersten Mal. Das wird sehr interessant, weil ich bisher nicht mit allen seiner Phasen etwas anfangen kann.

"David Bowie" von 1967 hat einen miesen Ruf, weil es noch wenig mit dem Bowie von später gemein hat. Aber ich fand es jetzt ganz gut durchhörbar, netter 60er-Pop. Bis auf "Please Mr. Gravedigger", das ist einfach nur seltsam.

Verdikt: 6/10

#musik #davidbowie

Edith Frost
1 month ago

“I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations.” — #DavidBowie

✂️ 1:00 plays in the post.

1 month ago

Under Pressure - I love this song. I never much cared for Ice, Ice, Baby which takes a lot of its music from here. #Music #FreddyMercury #DavidBowie #80s #80sMusic

Courtney Cantrell
1 month ago

I just discovered that David Bowie was in a #vampire movie. THE HUNGER, 1983.




Lett Osprey
2 months ago

#worldokapiday #Okapi #furry #fursuit

Today, we celebrate World Okapi Day.

So, here is my suit for this day, Okapi Stardust, the Rainbow Okapi.


3 photos show an okapi fursuit with rainbow colors stripes
Stephanie Greenall
2 months ago

Finally found some time to dive back into a personal project!

Fusing multiple Bowies together in Blender before cleaning up for #Unreal #MetaHuman.

#IndieDev #UnrealEngine5 #DavidBowie

Mark H
2 months ago

The #JukeboxFridayNight theme is #KeepItInTheFamily this week and this popped into my head. I remember discovering this first studio album of David Bowie many years after loving his later-released and more popular stuff and wanting to dig back into the discography. It's so ridiculously English, from the theme to the lyrics to the voice to the folk tune interludes.

David Bowie - Uncle Arthur

#DavidBowie #Music

Nick Ferguson
2 months ago

Tonight's cooking tunes courtesy of David Bowie - Diamond Dogs, released 1974. I remember sciving school and buying it in Chester on release day.

#TonightsCookingTunes #NowPlaying #DavidBowie

Retro Librarian
2 months ago

What are you watching tonight?
1st Ever MTV Video Music Awards ad 1984
#MTV #Music #Advertisement #BetteMidler #DanAykroyd #TinaTurna #DavidBowie #HueyLewis #RodStewart

black and sepia toned advert for the MTV music awards. Pictures of celebrities dot the page.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

The 10 Most Timeless Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock will always live on as a genre. The big, buzzing, riff-heavy music lives on in the hearts of music lovers for the rest of time.

#ClassicRock #TheWho #PinkFloyd #LedZeppelin #TheRollingStones #Queen #Aerosmith #ACDC #DavidBowie #TheKinks #TheEagles

📷 "Fame '90" was funking the FM when this red truck rolled in. Snap. Snapsnap. Snapsnapsnap.


#EddieFM #FediversalPictures #DavidBowie


read-third of a fire engine-red pickup with circle k fuel station canopy behind/above it.
2 months ago

Wow, today I taught David Bowie's music video for the cover version of Iggy Pop's song "China Girl".
We studied the video's use of racial stereotypes in the video, some of them quite offensive, and discussed why the artist and producers chose to make a rock video that is essentially a tissue of racist stereotypes.
I don't think most of them got it.
But hey, if I reach a handful, I've done my bit.

David Bowie in the robin's egg blue suit from the "Life On Mars" video

David Bowie - Lodger

When this came out in 1979, I remember being kind of freaked out by the cover...which was always how you got your first impression back then. Handsome, glamourous, 32-year-old Bowie had the crap knocked out of him in a bathroom?

And the music was also strange, alluring...Bowie seemed to be starting to show some glimpses of humanity at the end of the Berlin period.

32. He'd already gone through so many changes...with more to come.

#nowplaying #vinyl #davidbowie #berlin

David Bowie - Lodger LP cover. It's gatefold,  a postcard. Bowie looks like he's been beaten in a bathroom. The postcard is addressed to David Bowie c/o RCA Records from...LODGER.

The black LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surround are reflected in its underside.
2 months ago

Here's my updated #playlist of 25 #songs - old favourites & newly discovered music

Incl #ThemeTunePopQuiz tracks that ft Tracy Thorn by #MassiveAttack #StyleCouncil #JohnGrant #EBTG
Supermarkets in lyrics by #TheJam #BCCamplight #BelleandSebastian

Journey songs by #REM #Kraftwerk #DavidBowie #AliceColtrane

Classics by #Blur #NewOrder #CocteauTwins
+ a trio for my wedding day (which is tomorrow, wish me luck) ft #StevieWonder & #TheCure

#wearetheradio #NowPlaying

50+ Music
3 months ago

"Walk on the Wild Side" is a song by American #rock musician #LouReed from his second solo studio album, #Transformer (1972). It was produced by #DavidBowie and #MickRonson and released as a #doubleAside with "#PerfectDay". Known as a counterculture anthem, the song received wide radio coverage and became Reed's biggest hit and #signatureSong while touching on topics considered taboo at the time, such as #transgender people, #drugs, #maleProstitution, and #oralSex.


"Suffragette Gotham City" #DavidBowie

New official clip is the last performance by Bowie as Ziggy Stardust in London, 1973.

#EddieFM #Rock #GlamRock #UK #70s


one-sheet for the Ziggy Stardust movie, 2023.
S. K. Riley
3 months ago

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’ the official music video was recently upgraded to 4K.

#LifeOnMars #DavidBowie #Bowie #Music #History

David Ivy
3 months ago

for #DavidBowie #PopFridays, this performance always comes to mind. i wish we had live music variety shows today.

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"In 2022, Dr. Jäger announced that he had named a genus of spiders after the music of #DavidBowie...

He said in a statement that he meant to “commemorate this incomparable artist who left us much too early, but what matters most to me here is the idea of #conservation.”

“We only protect what we know — and an attractive name is much more likely to be remembered,” he said."

#Science #Nature #Spiders #Arachnids #News

Text from article:
In 2022, Dr. Jäger announced that he had named a genus of spiders after the music of David Bowie, adding 54 new species including Bowie ziggystardust, Bowie majortom and Bowie heroes, the latter referring to ground-dwelling spiders from the Himalayas, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia.

He said in a statement that he meant to “commemorate this incomparable artist who left us much too early, but what matters most to me here is the idea of conservation.”

“We only protect what we know — and an attractive name is much more likely to be remembered,” he said.

Dr. Bonaldo said that his favorite unique names include Strotarchus beepbeep, a fast-moving spider named after the Road Runner cartoon from the Looney Tunes series, and Myrmecium oompaloompa, which mimics ants and can be found in cocoa plantations in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

🎧 “Thursday 6th July, 1972, is said to be 'the day that invented the 80’s’ as so many musicians who went on to be household names saw the #DavidBowie performance of STARMAN on #TOTP and it changed their lives. Those watching that night included U2’s Bono, The Cure’s Robert Smith, Boy George, Adam Ant, Mick Jones of the Clash, Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet, Morrissey and Johnny Marr of the Smiths, Siouxsie Sioux, Toyah Willcox..." etc.

#EddieFM #GlamRock #UK #Music


a screenshot from the video shows bowie at the mic, mid lyric.
3 months ago

Here's my updated #playlist of 25 #songs - old favourites & newly discovered music

#ThemeTunePopQuiz tracks that ft a Güiro #REM #TheRollingStones & #DavidBowie + songs that have a swimming pool on the album cover by #TheRedHotChiliPeppers & #BryanFerry

Space themed tracks by #LouReed #RoxyMusic & #Polica

#involuntaryairguitar tracks by #SteelyDan #Prince

Classics by #Dusty #Aretha & #IsleyBros + new stuff from #roisinmurphy & #SaySheShe

#wearetheradio #NowPlaying

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 months ago

@#DavidBowie wuz high! 🥥

3 months ago

Here's another #ThemeTune #PopQuiz for your #Saturday listening

There is a theme that connects these 4 #songs. Today's theme is #instruments

Q. From the options below what unusual instrument is featured on all 4 of these songs?

Feel free to provide your reasoning in a CW reply

A boost so more can play is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the music.

#ThemeTunePopQuiz #HashtagGames #NowPlaying #Quiz #music

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

5 Rock Songs That Were Inspired by Classic Literature
Musicians in every genre have long drawn inspiration from poetry and classics, even for hard-hitting rock songs.

#Rockmusic #Classics #Books #Literature #Inspiration #Creation #MusicalHistory #EltonJohn #DavidBowie #TheWho #LedZeppelin #TheCure

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

7 Iconic Psychedelic Rock Albums of the 1970s
With the dawn of a new decade, the Flower Power of the 1960s blossomed into the electric mayhem of the 1970s.

#psychedelicrock #1970smusic #iconicalbums #DavidBowie #PinkFloyd #LedZeppelin #TheWho #TheDoors #SydBarrett #JethroTull

I thought #DavidBowie had only performed in my city in the 80s and 90s when I was too young to even know, but I just found out he played here in 2004 during the Reality Tour AND it wasn't sold out and now I regret everything.

Headshaker Kingbreaker
4 months ago

I know German-speakers aren't the only people who don't pay attention to the lyrics when they listen to music, but the fact that one of THE biggest German party hymns of all times is a German version of SPACE ODDITY, of ALL songs, has to say something about us

#DavidBowie #NeueDeutscheWelle #music

I literally only learned last year what this song is about, because Bowie's Space Oddity also has 0 radio play here

Peggy Collins
4 months ago

I remember listening to David Bowie's album Diamond Dogs when I got revved up to go out on the town as a teenager. "Rebel Rebel" was the best!

Bowie art can be purchased here

#davidbowie #bowie #music #musician #singer #songwriter #rock #pop #PopArt #actor #icon #art #artist #colorful #CreativeToots #ArtForSale #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful portrait of singer, songwriter and actor David Bowie, by Peggy Collins.
4 months ago

And speaking of a good day, I got some "new" tunes. #music #davidbowie

David Bowie's The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars album

Thursday's almost over here- here's a quick #ThursdayFiveList. I understand the theme is #TheSky.

First up, a pair from Skeletonwitch.

"Fire From the Sky"

and "From a Cloudless Sky"

Bowie's "Starman" definitely counts for third.

Next up is "Mr. Blue Sky". (That's right. I'm an ELO fan.)

And finally, from my favorite guitarist ever, "Purple Haze". Gotta kiss that sky!

#metal #DeathMetal #Bowie #DavidBowie #ELO #Hendrix #JimiHendrix #guitar

Coralie Mercier
4 months ago

Among the people who were in the car that stopped (and drove me and my bike home), was a man from South Africa who, upon learning that I work “in the Web”, told us about an interview he recalled where David Bowie was as early as 1999 (about half a decade after the Web took off massively) completely spot on about the power of the Internet (I’m sure he meant the Web).

Such a visionary!

#DavidBowie speaks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight (1999)”

#serendipity #Web #W3C

Thomas Rigby
4 months ago

Calling all David Bowie completists! In March 1982, BBC Two broadcast a feature-length version of Bertolt Brecht's play, Baal.

#bowie #DavidBowie