5 hours ago

#grapheneos oder #eos von Murena; welches nutzt ihr und warum bevorzugst du gerade dieses #customrom ?

Graphene or /e/OS; which one do you prefer and why?

#privacy #degoogle #android #ungoogle #mydata #poll #cybersecurity

Livs ord
2 days ago

Verkar vara gott om nördar här! Någon mer än jag som använder /e/os i sin androidtelefon? (Jag har en Fairphone 4) #degoogle

3 days ago

Which FOSS degoogled Android rom would you recommend?


(you can recommend googled roms, just let me know it is)

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Linux Is Best
4 days ago

Nevertheless, it is likely things have changed.

I recall, receiving any unlock (even their temporary unlock) used to also allow you to sneak into your developer options and unlock the OEM.

Doing some searching that seems to have changed in my region.

That said, the European Union is looking better every day. Because here in America, corporations seem to be more than human (super human with more rights than human).

#Europe #America #Google #Pixel #DeGoogle #Android #Tmobile

Linux Is Best
4 days ago

Got T-Mobile to perform a "temporary" unlock, hoping I could flash my Google Pixel 7.

OEM is still grayed out.

#Google #Pixel #Pixel7 #DeGoogle #Android

4 days ago

Google Is Always Watching! 🤯 Protect your online identity by dropping Big Tech and creating a Tuta account today: 🔒

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👉 You can follow our YouTube channel for more #Shorts: ❤️ (But we still love Mastodon the most!)

4 days ago

Setting up a #pihole

What #blocklist do you use and which ones do you recommend?

Main goal is to prevent my clients from #tracking, #adblock and avoid #gafam

Yesterday, I have installed our pi-hole and added the lists as you can see in the picture.

Are there any improvements or concerns about that configuration?

#privacy #datenschutz #digitalemundigkeit #rasperrypi #degoogle #cybersecurity

4 days ago

Thanks for the opportunity to promote the decentralized network PeerView.
I deleted today a duplicate created accidentally by me because it had received a downvote but no upvotes.
I've also received a comments that is not available now, probably from a jerk.


Mas eu estou contente. GMail vai morrer em 2024, pelo menos para mim.


Linux Is Best
5 days ago

Tutanota is now Tuta.

Such a simpler and easier to remember, name.

#Tutanota #Tuta #email #DeGoogle

5 days ago

Google Chrome will make it much harder for ad blockers. 😤

This is the final drop, it needed to make everyone switch to a more private solution! 🥳🔒

Check our recommendations! 👇

#privacy #encryption #chrome #google #deGoogle #browsers

Linux Is Best
1 week ago

The five (5) apps are my T-Mobile Spam Sheild, SD Maid Pro, Naver Smart Keyboard, Calculator Plus, and Microsoft Bing Wallapers.

Of those 5 apps, only 1 is listed as using GSF (google system framework), and that is T-Mobile Spam Sheild.

I would be open to alternatives to these five.


Linux Is Best
1 week ago

My journey de-Googling a Google Pixel 7 has surprisingly been a little easier than I thought it would be.

Except for five (5) apps, everything has been downloaded and updated without Aurora -meaning nearly completely using F-Droid and away from Google.

#FDroid #DeGoogle #Google #Android

1 week ago

@tintenteufel Pixel 8 and #degoogle it with #grapheneos

That's my next move when my current iPhone 12 dies.

I didn’t realize how crappy is the #YouTube experience until they just cancelled my premium subscription because I wasn’t paying enough apparently.

It’s like TV! 50% ads, 50% content, it’s horrible!!!

Looking for alternatives to use on my TV now. I guess an Apple TV and Odyssey would make sense.

One (forced) step further on my #degoogle path.

1 week ago

Jak wiecie, startujemy z projektem dostosowywania telefonów z Androidem do normalnej pracy bez szpiegowania i bez reklam, zarówno starszych modeli - które będą też naprawiane (refurbished, wymiana baterii, zbitej szybki, portu usb itp.) - jak i nowych. Będziemy instalować alternatywne systemy operacyjne i dostarczać wolne od śledzenia usługi online jak chmura, office, email. A w zasadzie Wy będziecie, fundacja będzie koordynatorem.

W naszym pokoju na #Matrix przygotowałem małą ankietę, w której możecie określić (przez załapkowanie) jaki macie telefon/tablet lub jakiego producenta by Was zainteresował.

Zapraszam do głosowania oraz dzielenia się uwagami i pomysłami:

Edit: wyjątkowo proszę o podbicie 🚀 by rozeszło się jak najszerzej po polskim #Fediwerse

#android #degoogle #lineageos #eOs #postmarketos #grapheneos #sailfishos #foss #freesoftware

Ankieta z pokoju matrix zawierająca listę wielu producentów telefonów

The unprecedented level of data collection and surveillance we often encounter raises significant concerns about personal privacy. It's a clear reminder of why we need to strive for digital independence and consider #degoogle efforts seriously. We must consider moving away from dominant tech companies like #Amazon, #Apple, and #Facebook that often appear implicated in controversies about data use.

Block google servers. Install firefox extension "block site". At block-site options, add rule: *://*google*.com/*

#degoogle #degooglify

Autonomic Co-op
1 week ago

Autonomic is delighted to announce our radical anti-competitive partnership with 🤝

We helped migrate services from an intricate menagerie of separate VPSs and corporate mail hosting, to an updated, integrated, #CoopCloud deployment – lowering their operating costs and making the stack easier to manage.

If you’re looking for a right-on data/e-mail/forum hoster (and you should be, in these times of intense surveillance capitalism!), and you’d like to be part of an established multistakeholder coöperative, head on over to

#collectivetools #cooperatives #degoogle #hosting

it's the "2 kids surreptitiously doing a handshake" meme, one kid is labelled "autonomic", the other one is labelled ""
2 weeks ago

With some of the Black Friday sales dropping on Proton mail, Ente (photo backups), simple login, and others - I'm strongly debating cutting most of my ties with Google.

My thought is that if I pay money for the product, then maybe I myself (and my data) will be somewhat more private?

Has anyone else gone down this path? Lessons learned/suggestions?

#ProtonMail #BlackFriday #Ente #SimpleLogin #degoogling #degoogle

Scott Starkey ("he" or "they")
2 weeks ago


Yes, but - You probably shouldn't use Google either.


Nate Gaylinn
2 weeks ago

I'll ditch my Chromebook eventually, but I was gonna wait until it died of natural causes to avoid making e-waste. But if Google disables my ad blocker, that might be the end.

I'm disgusted that Google can just unilaterally change the rules for this physical device I bought and there's nothing I can do about it except get a new computer. Never again.

Edit: yes, I'd rather convert it to Linux, but they make that annoyingly difficult, and the whole point of this device was to be easy.

#google #chrome #advertising #degoogle

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

I have disabled so many system apps within my Google Pixel 7, that the only Google app running is Webview.

I think this is as close to De-Google as I can get without first unlocking my phone and flashing a new ROM.

The only undesirable issue is the 3rd navigation button (the square button), which would allow me to switch easily between apps, is not working. I have the app enabled (obviously) but it is likely tied to something else.

#Google #Pixel #DeGoogle #Privacy #Security #SmartPhone

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

"Universal Android Debloater "

This is the tool I used to help de-Google my Google Pixel 7.

It was originally developed by a user going by the name of "0x192" A new developer has forked it, by the name of "rigyes06" and they seem to be doing a fairly good job.

This is the power of open source. Where on leaves off, another can pick up and improve upon something.

#Android #Google #Pixel #DeGoogle #OpenSource #Foss

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Calculator Plus - Yes, I know, it is a paid app.

But it was the only calculator app that does not rely on Google Service Framework and allows chronological math.

#DeGoogle #Google #Android #Pixel #Calculator #ChronologicalMath

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Mozilla Thunderbird (K9 Mail is owned by Mozilla and will soon be called, Thunderbird) for a mobile e-mail client along with your choice of e-mail provider.

Or Tutanota for Tutanota e-mail.

#DeGoogle #Google #Pixel #Android #Email

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Bitwarden for a password manager along with 2FAS Auth or Aegis Auth (or both).

They all give you the option to either save in the cloud or locally. The choice is yours.

#DeGoogle #Google #Pixel #Android

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Right Dailer, Right Messages, Right Contacts, and Right Files to replace Google Phone, Google Messages, Google Contacts, and Google Files.

Nova Launcher to replace Google Pixel Launcher.

Simple Clock to replace Google Clock.

#DeGoogle #Google #Pixel #Android

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

A good Google keyboard replacement could be "NAVER Smartboard"

Not only does it not use Google Service Framework, but it also has the option to translate my text into several languages as I type.

For example, Korean.

안녕하세요. 다들 잘 지내셨으면 좋겠습니다.

#Android #Google #Pixel #DeGoogle

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

"Magic Earth" makes for a great alternative to Google Maps.

It does not depend on Google Service Framework and had a user interface that reminds me of a GPS.

#Android #Google #Pixel #SmartPhone #DeGoogle

2 weeks ago

Ponieważ temat #Android i jego dostosowania do wygodnego używania zainteresował Was, to założyłem pokój na #Matrix do rozmów na ten temat i wymiany doświadczeń:

Przyda się też w nowym projekcie #ReUse starszych telefonów i wgrywania im nowych wersji systemu.

Zapraszam :)

#AOSP #LineageOs #eOs #Murena #deGoogle #deBloat

Logo z zielonym robocikiem Android Open Source Project

I'm a hacker now. #gerdaOS 🎉

Any tips for good/useful apps and/or general usage as a daily driver? #askFedi

#degoogle #digitalDetox

nokia 8110 4g with text output on screen gerdaOS being installed
Yellow nokia 8110 phone with gerdaOS boot picture on screen

... aaand got another client to migrate to @plausible 🚀​ 📈​

#plausibleio #degoogle

Dimitris A. Nakos
4 weeks ago

Minimizing (as much as possible) my digital footprint to all nasty services. I #degoogle and #delinkedin myself (I had forgotten how many accounts I was using) and I feel good! Thank you @Em0nM4stodon @madargon for helping with their posts on these issues :D Let's get our #privacy back! (As much as we can anyway)

Chris 👾
4 weeks ago

There are a number of good reasons to download and store #Youtube videos locally for offline viewing:
- curating a playlist for kids/family
- no internet access
- #adblocker and extensive tracking
- organizing a clutter-free collection without algorithm-based videos, trends, shorts
- preservation of videos that could be taken down in the future

For these use cases I highly recommend TubeArchivist - it's like your own Youtube on your NAS.

#selfhosting #degoogle #docker

found out the total size of the files was like less than 500 mb and i have it all backed up on my nextcloud now

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :blobfoxwave:

#google #degoogle

Cancellation successful
You've cancelled the following subscription:
Google Workspace Business Starter
Your subscription data is being deleted now.
Rodion Borisov
1 month ago


#Cloudflare often blocks my ISP connection on websites that use it, so why would I trust #CloudflareFonts? This #CDN gets zero approval from me. If anything, this #web #fonts service just creates yet another pocket for cache *alongside* #GoogleFonts (that majority of websites were brainwashed to use already). If it's what to #DeGoogle is, then I suggest avoiding extra hops and using #BunnyFonts instead.

👋🐰 Embrace the #Bunny!

Recondo :debian: :runbsd:
1 month ago

One more step towards degoogling: all Drive files uploaded to my @nextcloud own instance. Backing them up on 3 different encrypted buckets (and soon on external storage).

Maybe I write a post about the whole process. Who knows.

#nextcloud #degoogle #selfhosting

1 month ago

Took one more step towards degoogling my life and finally left GoogleFi. Giving US Mobile a try and it should be cheaper to boot.

1 month ago

Bardzo polecam materiał od o smartfonach i #LineageOs

Zaobserwujcie kanał na #PeerTube, bo po materiale o #GrapheneOs to kolejny, który trzeba obejrzeć koniecznie:

#smartfony #degoogle

adingbatponder :nixos:
1 month ago

Shall I with my fresh #nixOS install as a newbie move my calendar stuff to #Proton to #degoogle my life too while I am at it? ...when google calendar rules my life and works so fantastically well? Anyone moved to #protoncalendar and lived to regret it?

1 month ago

Ok next question on my #degoogle journey.

Do you guys have any recommendation for a Cloud Storage provider?

I do intend to play around with self hosting, but I would also like to have some reliable cloud storage provider. Ideally with the following features:

- Good android integration (can sync photos automatically for example)
- Able to be mounted on Linux/Mac
- Privacy/Security focused

One that seems to be interesting to me is, but it seems that it does not have that many users. A lot of people seem to like also

1 month ago

@muminpappa if you need tips just name the software you want to replace 😃

#degoogle #fdroid #bitwarden #followerpower #android

Nate Gaylinn
1 month ago

Continuing my #degoogle quest, I get to Drive, Docs, and the rest of Google’s #office suite. As a prolific writer and a grad student, I generate a lot of text documents. I’m also a spreadsheet power user, and I need a good place to store, organize, backup, and share those documents.

Ideally, I’d love to use #FOSS for all my essential day-to-day tasks, but this is a hard one for me. Google’s office suite is excellent, I’m used to it, and it’s very well suited to my needs. I might experiment with some alternatives, but for now I think it actually makes more sense for me to stick with the corporate cloud. 😕

Linux Is Best
1 month ago

I need a new cloud based authenticator app.

I started with Google Authenticator and installed 2FAS, only to discover it is backing up to Google Drive. —I believe that defeats the purpose. 🙄

Does it have to be cloud based?

Yes, the cloud is arguably safer than me. I tend to use more than one device and in the past, manually syncing them was a headache. I'd do one and forget to do another or need to do multiple devices and merge them if I could.

#Google #DeGoogle

Lucas Janin
2 months ago

@macgeneration Bravo! J’espère que d’autres s’en inspireront :-) #DeGoogle

2 months ago

@plexus At we offer a verified step by step howto. We use this howto for our installation-service (offered only in germany).

So the howto works & having a no self paid spy in our pockets is quite cool 🙂

For question regarding apps feel free to pm.

#Degoogle #Fairphone #lineageOs

Steven Zekowski
2 months ago

I used to use #GoogleMaps on my iPhone without attaching it to my google account. Since I have gmail app it knows it’s me, but would ask if I wanted to continue anonymously or connected to my account.

As of tonight, it no longer asks. Google Maps just connected me to my account… unless I choose “incognito mode”.

I’m not sure what, if any, significance there is to all this. But I don’t like it #Google

Any #degoogle suggestions for iOS (other than Apple Maps which might become my default now)?

Lucas Janin
2 months ago

Sunday is not sunny, it is a great time to improve my #DeGoogle :-)

I just installed @FreeTube on my computer to replace YouTube. No more tracking and ads from Google :-). This app includes Sponsorblock too. I was able to import my subscriptions and history.

I use the “Download Privacy Redirect” extension for Firefox to redirect #youTube links to #freeTube.

A step more to close my #google account :-)

FreeTube searching for “passive home design”. 
Nice to see what I watch previously
2 months ago

@micah I'm using a Pixel with #Graheneos no Google account needed. Also I switched my Gmail to #proton which was very easy.

It isn't easy to #degoogle and might not even be practical depending on your needs, but it is certainly possible. Also reducing your dependency to Google already improves your privacy. It's not just black and white.

2 months ago

@kkarpieszuk Pracujemy w fundacji @ftdl nad projektem roboczo nazwanym DŻyT - Drugie Życie Telefonu.

Będziemy zajmowali się dostosowaniem wybranych modeli telefonów do nowych (dla nich) wersji systemów operacyjnych: /e/ Os, Lineage Os, GrapheneOs i Sailfish Os, a także "refabrykacją": wymianą uszkodzonych elementów oraz baterii.

Całość będzie #degoogle-owana, chmurę dostarczy projekt Nextcloud, resztę potrzebnych usług fundacja.

Ruszamy niebawem, by z pierwszymi egzemplarzami zdążyć przed mikołajem albo gwiazdką.

Osoby zainteresowane współpracą w tym projekcie prosimy o kontakt :)

W planach powstanie kooperatywy spółdzielczej zajmującej się tematem refabrykacji i dostosowania dawnych flagowców o nadal wspaniałych parametrach, ale porzuconych przez producentów (stary Android, bo nowy tylko w nowych modelach, masz je kupić!).

2 months ago

Noch mit Google-Android, aber wenn die /e/OS-Version für das Fairphone 5 fertig ist, kommt das drauf und Google runter.

2 months ago

Recently been obsessed with #degoogle, #privacy and #security so I did the only thing that makes sense.

I bought a #Pixel8. I plan to try #CalyxOS when it's available.

Welp, it took a year but I've finally changed the email address for enough accounts that my gmail email address is officially retired and I'm forwarding future emails to my protonmail account (via a simplelogin alias). I'd still like to download all the emails left in my gmail archive and delete everything, but that's a project for future Karstan. #degoogle

repo :arch:
2 months ago

Na een paar weken #e-os op de #fairphone 3+ kan ik het enkel iedereen aanbevelen.
#privacy #degoogle #tracking

Je trouve encore tout aussi satisfaisant de migrer du courriel de GMail vers un autre fournisseur, en particulier pour fermer un compte GSuite/Workspace.

Voici un exemple récent pour un compte qui avait 29831 courriels.

#GAFAM #Degoogle

🔗 David Sommerseth
2 months ago

@dymaxion The fix is simple:

* Install add-ons/extensions like or
* Cancel YouTube subscription
* Live happily without ads and tracking.

I can be and I am willing to pay for a service to not be bogged down by ads and tracking. But I will never ever trust Google to really care about my privacy. They are consistently trying to privacy washing their business misleading users they care about your privacy. So I do all I can to avoid using their services as much as possible. They don't deserve their users and their trust how they have behaved the last 10-15 years.

Which is why I've ended up with degoogled devices, like @murena /e/ OS based phones and non-google services via @protonmail, @cryptpad @filen @quad9dns #duckduckgo etc.

#privacy #privacywashing #degoogle #degoogled #youtube

2 months ago

I've been using Fastmail on my own domain for years, and my time has been phenomenal from the initial migration to right now. Virtually unlimited email aliases, iOS push support with (not very common these days), Bitwarden integration, macOS and iOS profiles to quickly set things up and a bunch more. Not an ad. For people trying to Degoogle, here's my referral link, which will get you 10% off your first year:
#Fastmail #degoogle #gmail

Dragon-sided D
2 months ago

@ppatel Now is a wonderful time to #degoogle

Nate Gaylinn
2 months ago

I have mixed feelings about Google Pay. The dream behind this product is to make wallets obsolete, to make payments trivial across every app, and to protect banking details from third parties. For me, GPay can’t replace my wallet, which makes the NFC payment feature worthless. The online benefits are actually pretty nice, though. My main objection is that the purpose of GPay is not to help me. The design of the app makes it clear: Google’s priority is to access my purchase and banking records, to use that knowledge to build out their profile of me which they share with third parties, and to push me ads, coupons, and promotions. They’re trying to pull the same trick the banks did, to intermediate every purchase so they can get a cut and access valuable financial data. But why should I participate? I get so little out of it.
#degoogle #google #gpay #googlepay #nfc #banks #banking

3 months ago

What do #degoogle phone users use for note taking? org.billthefarmer.notes 'Notes' app keeps stripping newlines from my .md format notes and I quite enjoy not having all my notes be an extremely long run-on line

Laura Langdon
3 months ago

ELI5 why there don’t seem to be any alternatives to Gmail and Google Calendar that are at least as good as that combo? I’ve tried Proton and Fastmail, and both are *radically* worse at search and missing features I use in Gmail daily. If search engines like Kagi can give us good search with privacy, why hasn’t someone done good email+calendar with privacy?

I would love to switch, but not enough to lose functionality (I’m not seeking a debate on that point).


Nate Gaylinn
3 months ago

For now, I’m using #DuckDuckGo as my #Google #Search replacement. It’s not amazing, honestly, but it’s good enough. By comparison, Google Search has been getting worse. It’s so commercial and gamed by SEO that I sometimes struggle to find impartial information. I was also very upset by the introduction of the #Bard #AI Search tool. I used it for a while, and I’m now very confident: I don’t want that, it makes Search worse, and I’m embarrassed / concerned that they would test something like that publicly. Overall, I feel like Google Search has an agenda now, it’s not for my benefit, and I don’t want to participate in that.

I never would've guessed 2023 would be the year I both quit Twitter AND fully switched all my Chrome stuff back to Firefox, but here we are. As of today, I'm fully Firefoxed (again, after becoming way too lax over the last few years).

To hell with Google taking over everything.

#Degoogle #Degoogling #UnChroming #Firefox

Ruth Mottram
3 months ago

I'm no longer sure who it was on here, but some one recommended organic maps app as a privacy friendly alternative to Google maps, built on #openstreetmaps I've been trying it out the last 3 days and it is really brilliant. So 🙏 to whoever it was.

#privacy #OrganicMaps #Degoogle #degooglify

3 months ago

Browsing Killed by #Google "the Google graveyard; a free and open source list of discontinued Google services, products, devices, and apps. We aim to be a source of factual information about the history surrounding Google's dead projects." /via #degoogle