Ed Suominen
25 minutes ago

@LinuxClaude Straight #Debian for me.

28 minutes ago

Debian 12 RC1 : désormais accessible à tous, Debian Bookworm !

En ce qui concerne la distribution GNU/Linux, l’une des distributions mères ou des bases ou des références les plus importantes dans le domaine est sans aucun doute Debian GNU / Linux.

Pour cette raison, à la fois sur DesdeLinux et sur tout autre site Web d’information similaire sur les logiciels libres, Open Source et GNU/Linux. #Debian 12 RC1

59 minutes ago

@nixCraft depends on what I’m using it for if for server #Debian, in general #fedora

Daniel Wayne Armstrong
8 hours ago

Day 84 of 100DaysOfCode - Updated my setup script for the upcoming (2023-06-10) stable release of Debian 12 GNU/Linux aka "Bookworm":
#100DaysOfCode #Python #Debian #Linux

10 hours ago

MX Linux 23 Is Now Available for Public Beta Testing with #Xfce 4.18, #KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, #PipeWire, and #Debian 12 “Bookworm” Base

#MXLinux #OpenSource #Linux

MX Linux 23 Beta
10 hours ago

A stripped down #Debian server apparently serves as the terminal for ChromeOS. Sparse but functional and the two are nicely integrated...

Jorge 🇪🇺 🌍🛰️
11 hours ago

Me gustaría instalar #Debian en un portátil y que coexista con #Windows10, que es lo que tiene.
¿Alguien aquí tiene alguna guía para torpes, o sabe de buena mano de alguna para analfabetos de #Linux como yo?
Gracias, soles.

Erika :verified:
14 hours ago

I got #LUKS set up properly on my #DualBoot ( #Debian & #Parrot ) laptop this morning and I'm finally satisfied that I only have to enter my password once when I boot my secondary #OS...

#CyberSecurity #security #encryption

15 hours ago

@gajim @matze

Yes, it's already in #Debian #experimental. Unstable, testing and #backports have to wait.

17 hours ago
Jordi Carreras
19 hours ago

Seguim actualitzant cada dia. Avui 61 paquets #debian #bookworm

20 hours ago

#Debian package open3d_0.17.0+ds-1_amd64.changes has been marked for ACCEPT by #ftpmaster

20 hours ago

#Debian package tango_9.4.2~rc2+dfsg1-1~exp1_amd64.changes has been marked for REJECT by #ftpmaster

Just upgraded all my system #Qubes to the new #Fedora 38 minimal templates. Well, except for sys-usb which also runs my bluetooth devices. Dunno why but it alternately won't start the "bluez daemon" I think it's called, or if it does start it doesn't register a bluetooth device. I've done enough debugging for this weekend so I've just left it on fedora 37 for now.

Since I'm running my userspace AppVMs on #Debian anyway they're still running fine, although I'm considering starting up a minimal template with only the stuff I use on it. When I get that set up I plan to separate my browsing from my chat and social apps as well.

21 hours ago

Back to serious work #debian

ricardo :mastodon:
21 hours ago

Top 10 #Debian-Based Linux Distributions for Everyone :debian:

Alen T. Szabo
22 hours ago

#Debian #Bookworm RC4 is out now!
Only 2 weeks till the main realease. Taste it. 😉

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 day ago

#Security question for #LinuxMint people

I see that LinuxMint provides a build of libmozjs-78-0 in its repositories for all the Ubuntu-based releases (ulyana, ulyssa, uma, una, upcoming victoria)

That library seems to be a dependency for cinnamon and cjs via libcjs0f

The #Debian based releases appear to use the Debian repo versions directly rather than Mint builds, but check-support-status (from debian-security-support) identifies this as "not covered by security support"

Is this a concern?

Fortune Bot
1 day ago
<dark> Turns out that grep returns error code 1 when there are no matches.
I KNEW that. Why did it take me half an hour?
-- Seen on #Debian
1 day ago

wow, well that took WAY longer to get #Bluetooth A2DP working on #Debian 12 than it should have...

Still not sure what was tripping it up, either bluez or pipewire, but either way... this isn't ready for prime time!

Michael Potts (HMHackMaster)
1 day ago

One thing leads to another and now I have a much nicer VM template & deploy setup but still no new web server and now I am remembering I never actually cleaned up the domain spreadsheet.

Gotta love #ADHD! [5/5]

#sysadmin #debian #vmware #homelab #colo #server #servers #serveradmin #sysadminlife

Mais um upgrade do #Debian de sucesso!

Eu acho que essa é uma novidade ótima! Eu já usava o virtualenv sempre, mas agora teremos isso como "obrigatório" no #Debian.

Screenshot da nota de release do Debian destacando que o pacote python-pip irá implementar o PEP 668, inibindo a instalação de pacotes Python fora de um Virtualenv.

Hora de atualizar o #Debian 😃

1 day ago
Fabian Schaar
1 day ago

Ich freue mich schon sehr auf die neue Debian-Version, die in Kürze veröffentlicht wird. In diesem Blogeintrag habe ich beschrieben, warum:

#Debian #Linux #FLOSS #FOSS #KDE #Software #GNU #freiesoftware #xfce #gnome

1 day ago

Still fighting with audio issues on #Debian Bookworm / #Linux and my #Bluetooth headset. Managed to get the device to connect via blueman-manager in the blueman package, but no audio is being sent.

I think I may try swapping #Pipewire back to #PulseAudio to see if that works better if this round of updates don't fix the issue.

2 days ago

🌀 Top 10 Debian-Based Linux Distributions for Everyone

#Debian #Linux #Opensource

Lars Wirzenius
2 days ago

Slowly, but uncertainly, I'm hammering, sawing, gluing, sanding, and polishing my #Debian installer, v-i. I can install the upcoming release now, bookworm. Yay.

2 days ago

#Debian oder #ParrotOS

Warum ist Debuan rausgefallen, wegen dem InitSystem?

ricardo :mastodon:
2 days ago

The Pre-launch Countdown to the #Debian 12 Release Has Begun :debian:

Marcel Bischoff
2 days ago

@jhx @benjamineskola I follow this up with my #FreeBSD update experience. Under certain circumstances, #Debian occasionally broke for me due to esoteric apt conflicts. To this day, FreeBSD updates, system or packages, never have.

I am completely at a loss. I am trying to get cryptroot to work on #Debian 11 with a #Proxmox VE (5.15.*-pve) kernel. And it just won't budge.

Apparently the cryptroot gets unlocked, booting proceeds (seems like root gets mounted), and then just… stops. Last message on screen is:

systemd[1]: Mounting POSIX Message Queue File System

It works just fine with the stock Debian kernel (5.10.*). Tried disabling AppArmor, no budge. Debugging is difficult, remote server with shitty KVM.


Pirate Praveen
2 days ago

If you are wondering what this is about - we take as much native packages as possible from debian archive and take only a limited packages from outside debian. We were able to have gitlab in main section in the past, but after the front end switched to nodejs and javascript dependencies exploded, we had to move to contrib section and depend on for a large number of node modules. But we have been able to take almost all ruby gems packages from #debian.

Pirate Praveen
2 days ago

#gitlab 15.9.8 will be last version available on #bullseye

All future uploads will be targeting #bookworm.

Thanks to everyone contributing to keeping apt install gitlab possible for over 7 years and counting.

Many gitlab instances including runs the package we maintain in debian fasttrack (

#debian #debian-gitlab #debian-fasttrack

2 days ago

@jhx #Debian stable on my #Raspi, #Windows for Gaming (and work as company says we have to) and #Arch for everything else (So 8-10h a Day Windows for work, 1-2h a month for Gaming and the Rest ist done in arch).
And every system i maintain in my private relation ist #Ubuntu I think. Install and forget.

Linux Magazine
3 days ago

Mixing Debian Repositories: @BruceByfield shows how a little caution can save you hours of frustrating work (plus, options for mixing gone awry) #Debian #repositories #OpenSource #packages #Ubuntu #LinuxMint

Mad Scientist Kid: Kid who in a lab mixing chemicals in flasks with test tubes and smoke all around them
Iain Nash
3 days ago

Can anyone recommend a good diff tool for iOS (and also ideally Debian)?

I was hoping to use Meld but can't seem to get it work on the latest iOS

#FOSS #recommendations #debian #iOS

3 days ago

The Pre-launch Countdown to the Debian 12 Release Has Begun

The wait is almost over! Debian 12 (Bookworm) is now in the full freeze, the last phase before the final stable release.

#Linux #opensource #debian

Intro: Kicksecure Hardened Debian Linux Distribution With Kernel Changes / Upgrades Over Tor & Live Boot (Run On RAM / Forget) Options

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure)

#Linux #FOSS #Kicksecure #whonix #Debian #kernel #Tor #operatingsystems #infosec #Cybersecurity #privacy

Kunal Mehta
4 days ago

I can't wait for #Debian 12 to migrate everyone to a merged-/usr setup and then we all no longer have to deal with both merged and unmerged...


Joseph Nuthalapati :fbx:
4 days ago

#Debian 12 Bookworm release date is approaching. 2023-06-10

Damon Thomas
5 days ago

I edit my work so often Super-G opens my -current writing folder. #writing #mate #debian #gnu #linux

Keyboard shortcut list on a debian testing mate desktop.

So there is this #YouTube channel called "Queers of the World", and I recently gave an interview for the channel. It now got published. I speak about my #intersectional approach to #activism, #debian, #elc, #venib and #visibility - enjoy! #lgbtqia #lgbt #trans #nonbinary #queer


#Orca did not read anything in #Firefox at all! (Firefox v113.0 installed via a #Debian repository, not Flathub or Snap.) For #Zulip it read streams, topics, and menus but i never got it to read messages.

I found this post scrolling to see if anyone #onhere might be available for hire for basic website accessibility testing— user testing with the standard tools used as a #blind person, because even when i do have a screenreader set up i know it's nothing like the real tools.

1 week ago

Dear #lazyweb,
Can anyone recommend a decent, non Microsoft wireless keyboard (or mouse combo) that works well with #Linux?

I'm on #Neon, a #KDE based #Ubuntu / #Debian derivative by the way.

Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

@topher I would not run #Debian (nor Ubuntu #LTS) on any actively used desktop (i.e. beyond a media center or print & scan station) because as soon as you encounter an issue (or something like GOA eventually breaks) you're S.O.L. when it comes to support or ability to collaborate with upstreams.

In the specific case of Debian Bookworm, I wouldn't want to run it because there are so many bugs in the GNOME 43.x stack that have been solved in GNOME 44.x.

:fediverse: Dear Lazyverse,

:debian: 🔒 I'm helping somebody set up Debian on their daily driver and would like to get their storage encrypted. I know about reencrypt from cryptsetup; but does anyone know of a good tutorial to make sure it's done completely/thoroughly/correctly?

#Debian #Linux #encryption #infosec


Is #Debian trying to confuse people about their versions on purpose?

Asking for a friend.

ricardo :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

#RedHat vs #Debian: Administrative Point of View :redhatalt: :debian:

Nemo_bis 🌈
3 weeks ago

@dajb #Debian's unattended-upgrades package. Install it and forget it.

3 weeks ago

Dear #lazyverse,

if I were to create a technnical focussed #wiki based on #Emacs #orgmode, which is the best approach?

My requirements:

1. Static HTML, with proper links between the files.

2. Ideally, a popular #StaSiG like #pelican or #hugo should be used.

3. Must have a search function. It is acceptable, if that function requires JS. Maybe #lunrJs?

Meta requirement: Everythings must be in #Debian 🙂

#help #question

3 weeks ago

Kudos to all #Debian maintainers and developers, current and past. Only with your help could I ever be able to update the kernel, libc, systemd and a bunch of system libraries, all in a span of three minutes and involving no thinking whatsoever. ❤️

PSA: The ssl cert has expired, so if you have a device running #raspbian , updates and new installations of software might fail.

#RaspberryPi #Debian

Neil Brown
3 weeks ago

Unlocking a LUKS-encrypted partition via ssh on Debian 12 Bookworm.

The process for setting up ssh-based decryption of a pre-boot LUKS partition on Debian 12 Bookworm is *almost* the same as with Debian 10/11, but some of the paths have changed.

Here's what worked for me:

#Debian #Bookworm #sysadmin #LUKS #encryption #smallweb #BlogPost

@neil I would be interested if you could elaborate on the remote LUKS unlocking over SSH. Under #Debian #bullseye, using dropbear-initramfs was mostly enough to get it working.

4 weeks ago

So here I am, planning on adding a drive to my server and upgrading the storage, and realizing it's been 2.5 years since I did this last and I don't remember how to resize an encrypted partition, so I'm re-watching my own video on the last time I upgraded the storage in the server, 😛

#Linux #Debian #Server

ricardo :mastodon:
4 weeks ago

#Debian 12 'Bookworm' New Features and Release Date :debian:

@mkj @dboehmer: It's there now since yesterday evening:

Please remember that we (@debian) consist just of #volunteers, including the press team!

Minor Stable (and Major Stable 😉) releases usually happen on a weekend. And at least in some countries this was a long weekend with May, the 1st being a public holiday. So I think it's totally ok if #Debian 11.7 was released at the beginning of the weekend and the announcement mail only happened at the end of the weekend.

1 month ago

I cannot stop repeating to myself that I LOVE #GNOME, and I LOVE #LINUX EVEN MORE ❤️

I am happily overlooking incompatibilities and #bugs, I care very little about any trade-off.

#FreeSoftware is awesome, no matter how itchy it becomes.

Screw #BigTech, go to hell digital #monopolies. Not only I am #free from #computer oppression, but I actually immensely enjoy the #software I am using.

#Fedora #Debian #UsersPower

Daniel Böhmer
1 month ago

Since the weekend I see a lot of updates on my #Debian machines, probably a new point release. But this time I’ve got no email via debian-accounce. Like this email from
@larjona in December 2022.

Is everything fine? Did Debian folks just forgot to post an email?

1 month ago

Whether you use it or not, #Debian is a true gift to the world


Neil Brown
1 month ago

NetworkManager: automatically switch between Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Turn off Ethernet when connected to Wi-Fi, and vice versa, automatically.


#Linux #Debian #NetworkManager

heise online
1 month ago

Kurz informiert: Gletscher, Roboterhand, Debian 12, Clubhouse

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#Clubhouse #Debian #Klimawandel #kurzinformiert #LinuxDistribution #Roboter #news

Neil Brown
1 month ago

#Debian #bookworm release planned on 2023-06-10

I have been running #Bookworm for a couple of weeks and so far, so good!