@debasisg the sheer fact that the #USA's #DebtCeiling bs doesn't get it ranked C by #RatingAgencies makes these agencies untrustworthy.

No other nation on earth (ever!) allows parlament to declare a mandatory #budget but not also approve necessary #debt if needed.

@GW The whole #DebtCeiling bs needs to be abolished as this alone should get the #USA rated C - tier in terms of #bonds.

After all, no other nation does this shit BECAUSE IT'S BULLSHIT!

MugsysRapSheet ☑️
1 week ago

IIRC, we hit the #DebtCeiling on Friday. #Republicans were making a lot of noise last week about recalling #Speaker #McCarthy, then suddenly Nothing.

If The House is w/o a Speaker, they can not conduct any business until a new one is appointed.

I believe there are #RWNJ's in the MAGA-Caucus who intend to recall Kev on Thursday or Friday in order to ENSURE a #default.

MugsysRapSheet ☑️
2 weeks ago

The #RWNJ lunatics in the #GOP that are pulling the strings to make #KevinMcCarthy dance to their tune are now threatening to vote to remove him.

The #Democrats *could* have saved his sorry butt, but instead he kowtowed to the Lunatics to open an #ImpeachInquiry against #Biden.

He'd better pray they don't open yet another vote for #Speaker (and they'll do it just as the #DebtCeiling is about to expire KNOWING no business can be conducted until a new Speaker is appointed.) #Default #Crisis

MugsysRapSheet ☑️
2 weeks ago

We are NINE DAYS AWAY from another self-inflicted #Shutdown, and what is the #GOP focused on? Trying to find an excuse to Impeach Joe #Biden. 🤦‍♂️

Damnit Joe, didn't you learn ANYTHING from the brinkmanship they JUST put us through late last year? Time to deny them this hostage and eliminate the #DebtCeiling, citing the #14thAmendment.

Dennis A
4 weeks ago

#MarjorieTaylorGreene #DebtCeiling
"Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, said she would not vote to fund the government this month without an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden."

The Guardian US:
White House condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene threat to shut down government

"Georgia Republican demands Biden impeachment inquiry as government funding due to run out on 30 September."

The #HouseFreedomCaucus issued a series of ultimatums Monday, outlining the demands it wants met before the right-wing group’s members will support a measure to raise the U.S. #DebtCeiling and continue to fund the federal government. Among them: an end to the myriad criminal cases pending against former #President #DonaldTrump as well as ensured passage of a draconian #immigration law and an amorphous demand to end “ #woke ” policies in the U.S. #military. “


« #Fitch downgraded its #CreditRating for the U.S. government, from AAA to AA+, two months after the debt-ceiling crisis was resolved. “In Fitch’s view, there has been a steady deterioration in standards of governance over the last 20 years, including on fiscal and debt matters,” the rating agency said Tuesday. Fitch said the U.S. appeared to suffer from an “erosion of governance,” pointing to the #Washington #brinkmanship over the #DebtCeiling as an example.»

2 months ago

Via The Recount:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said today she “strongly disagrees” with #Fitch downgrading the U.S. #creditrating from AAA to AA+ and called it “puzzling” and “unwarranted”: “Its flawed assessment is based on outdated data and fails to reflect improvements across a range of indicators...” (Watch here)

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon today called the Fitch downgrade “ridiculous,” but said it “doesn’t really matter.” Dimon also said: “We should get rid of the #DebtCeiling.”

2 months ago

Exclusive: #Fitch #downgraded the #UnitedStates #CreditRating to #AA+ citing #FiscalDeterioration over the next 3 yrs, repeated down-to-the-wire #DebtCeiling negotiations threatening the govt’s ability to pay its #bills, a #deterioration in #USgovernance, as well as #PoliticalPolarization reflected partly by the #Jan6 #insurrection, Richard Francis, a snr dir at #FitchRatings, told Reuters on Wed.

By Davide Barbuscia

Gary Bunker
2 months ago

This is what happens when you toy with the #DebtCeiling and have an entire political party argue that we can just NOT pay our bills and it will be fine. It will not be fine.

The current #GOP is not a serious party of adults.


2 months ago

Robert Kiyosaki Warns US Economy Not Strong, America Broke — Says He Still Prefers Bitcoin - Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says the U.S. economy is not strong and A... - #robertkiyosakibitcoin #robertkiyosakicrypto #americaisbroke #richdadpoordad #robertkiyosaki #debtceiling #economics

2 months ago

Supreme Court clears way for #MountainValleyPipeline construction to proceed

By Ariane de Vogue and Ella Nilsen, CNN
Updated 2:06 PM EDT, Thu July 27, 2023

"The Supreme Court on Thursday cleared the way for construction of the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline to proceed, granting an emergency request from backers of the project that has the support of Congress and the Biden administration.

"The justices agreed to lift lower court orders that froze construction of the project while legal challenges play out.

"The Supreme Court’s order is a victory for #WestVirginia Sen. #JoeManchin, a conservative Democrat who has championed the project and pushed for it during #DebtCeiling negotiations in June.

"In the brief order, the court offered no extensive reasoning and no dissents were noted.

"The order came as the White House announced new actions to combat #climate-fueled extreme heat, which has been baking cities in the Southwest for weeks before moving Northeast on Thursday.

"Despite #ClimateActivists urging the #Biden administration to stop approving #FossilFuel projects like the #MountainValley Pipeline, White House officials have been supportive of the pipeline since it was first introduced in Congress last year. More recently, administration officials including White House senior adviser #JohnPodesta and Energy Secretary #JenniferGranholm voiced support this year for the pipeline’s approval.

"The White House did not immediately return CNN’s request for comment on the Supreme Court allowing the pipeline to proceed."

Read more:

#SCOTUS #Manchin #StopThePipelines #KeepItInTheGround #Oiligarchy #Oligarchy #BigOil #BigOilKnew #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

2 months ago

This time, however, #pipeline advocates had a new federal #law on their side — & in an unusual place. Tucked into last month's deal to raise the #DebtCeiling & avoid default was a provision Sen #JoeManchin insisted on in exchange for his support. In explicit terms, #Congress not only approved the #MountainValleyPipeline, but "#Section234" of the debt ceiling bill also took away the ability of #FederalCourts to hear any remaining challenges to it (um, what?).


@VeryBadLlama same with the #DebtLimit / #DebtCeiling bs.

No other nation does this because if they did, rating agencies would rank then as trash-tier!

IT News
3 months ago

CDC is slashing funding for states’ childhood vaccination data systems - Enlarge / A boy smiles as he gets a measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) v... - #associationofimmunizationmanagers #statehealthdepartments #childhoodvaccination #publichealthhazards #robertfkennedyjr #immunizations #anti-vaccine #debtceiling #vaccination #covid-19 #acclaim #measles #health #polio #cdc

3 months ago

the entire #DebtCeiling 'crisis' was a classical farce in 3 acts:

"the deficit equals 5.8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2023, declines to 5.0 percent by 2027, and then grows in every year, reaching 10.0 percent of GDP in 2053. Over the past century, that level has been exceeded only during World War II and the coronavirus pandemic. The increase in the total deficit results from faster growth in spending than in revenues."

The 2023 Long-Term Budget Outlook
Bruce Mirken
3 months ago
David Ano
3 months ago

I want to draw attention to my YouTube channel. I've made 3 #videoessay & 1 #artshowcase video. I spent lots of time researching, writing scripts, recording, & editing the #videos. But I'm not getting much views. I need your help to feed the algorithm. Please watch my videos, like, comment, & share! Check out my channel:

#news #politics #ClassifiedDocuments #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #DOJ #JusticeDepartment #Pride #LGBTQrights #transgender #DebtCeiling #KevinMcCarthy #art

@hosford42 @thekitmalone But then again the #USA also needs a lot more of updates.

For example, the whole #DebtCeiling bs should be abolished as it's the legislative equivalent of forcing someone to run through a minefield at gunpoint whilst being blindfolded and handcuffed.

3 months ago

Consumer sentiment in the United States reached a four-month high in June, climbing to 63.9, as inflation showed signs of easing and Washington resolved the latest debt-ceiling battle, according to #bitfinex. #ConsumerSentiment #UnitedStates #Inflation #DebtCeiling #UniversityOfMichigan

Greg W.
3 months ago

Democrats Fear GOP Plans For Deeper Spending Cuts Could Lead To Government Shutdown

It is a prelude to a shutdown — what they are engineering said Rep.DeLauro D-Conn following an announcement from GOP leadership

McCarthy’s bid to appease Republican hard-liners and get the House moving again after a recent party rebellion on the floor has some Dems warning of a difficult road ahead when it comes to passing legislation that will keep the government running


3 months ago

The #republicans are a party of "nihilists". A far cry from the conservatives of yore, uninterested in governing, the #republicanparty exists for obstructionism, denail, and worse, outright violence as seen in the #jan6 "attack" on the #capitol.

The result: a badly divided #society, a #hyperpartisan #congress, and a #polity incacapble of passing "meaningful" #legislation. Indeed, the recent #debtceiling "drama" typifies the worst of #american #democracy.

3 months ago

The #DebtCeiling does not expire 'in a few years' but in January 2025. along with the remaining child tax credit and all the subsidies in the ACA. This is political malpractice
#CorpoDems dont care and wont fight


Biden goes quiet on killing off the debt ceiling

The president appears to have dropped his promise to explore the 14th Amendment, worrying some Dems wary of another battle in just a few years.
Bruce Mirken
3 months ago

House #Republicans want to cut spending below what they just agreed to in the #DebtCeiling deal, but with a catch: "But the committee's proposed cuts would apply only to nonmilitary spending, which includes programs related to education, environmental protection, child care, and more." The #Pentagon gets a free ride.

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
3 months ago

Can we please make this a campaign ad?

The George W. Bush and #Trump administrations, in concert with a Republican-led House and Senate, are responsible for 90% of the increase in the ratio of US debt to the economy, excluding emergency pandemic expenditures.

Why? Tax cuts.

I’m with FDR, per Heather Cox Richardson.

#DebtCeiling #DebtCause #TaxCuts #GOP

Letters from an American quote 

“There are two ways of viewing the government's duty in matters affecting economic and social life,” FDR said in his acceptance speech. “The first sees to it that a favored few are helped and hopes that some of their prosperity will leak through, sift through, to labor, to the farmer, to the small businessman.” The other “is based upon the simple moral principle: the welfare and the soundness of a nation depend first upon what the great mass of the people wish and need; and second, whether or not they are getting it.”

@Balleralert #DebtCeiling must be abolished!

3 months ago

The US debt-ceiling ‘deal’ was a giant exercise in bipartisan class warfare
The elite consensus is clear: spending is fine when it supports military ventures, but bad when it supports social welfare..#DebtCeiling

Ed Dolan
3 months ago

Defunding the IRS, a favorite GOP project, is adding billions to the deficit, say
Catherine Rampell and Youyou Zhao of the Washington Post . They drive the case home with some great graphics. Although there are many contenders for the prize, IMO defunding the IRS wins the prize for GOP hypocrisy. #economics #taxes #irs #DebtCeiling

4 months ago

Lauren Boebert CAUGHT LYING after NEW VIDEO of her SURFACES(video)..#Boebert..#GOP..#debtceiling

Six charts that show how low corporate tax revenues are in the United States

Low levels of federal revenues from corporate income taxes add to the growing national debt. #taxes #Democrats #GOP #Republicans #NationalDebt #DebtCeiling #TaxReform

Politics Talk with David Harrison

*Something To Talk About*
Bainbridge Island Senior and Community Center
Bainbridge Island, WA


Here's this Friday's Politics Talk (06/09/23) with David Harrison​. Harrison is a Professor Emeritus with the University of Washington in Political Science and the founder of the Northwest Policy Center at the University of Washington. David is a former #DC insider, maintaining his contacts, and remains active in Washington State politics.

This month: Trump's indictment, fallout from the debt-limit deal, the GOP presidential candidate field, will Biden be the Democratic nominee?, and Senate races to watch.

[And, yes, that's me, Christina, the budget fact checker. 🙃🤪🤓]

#USPolitics #Politics #DebtCeiling #GOP #Democrats #Trump #Biden #Senate #Election2024

4 months ago
Matt Jordan
4 months ago

Here's our take on how `partisan conflict framing' generated lots of noise in the #news coverage of the #debtceiling "crisis"

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
4 months ago

New #foodstamp requirements test states and #USDA
Implementation of the #debtceiling law’s expanded #workrequirements faces a short turnaround

4 months ago


I blame #Democrats bc they specifically declined to pass a clean debt ceiling bill during the lame duck session when they controlled both chambers of Congress. Then they refused to follow the 14th Amendment, instead pretending the debt ceiling statute supersedes the Constitution. Now they're celebrating it as a "win".

They clearly wanted this outcome while publicly saying they didnt and that they had no choice but to go along w/ #Republicans

My 2 cents.

#DebtCeiling #FoodStamps

Kenny Smith
4 months ago

I wonder who will get blamed for this.

"13,000 Alabamians risk losing food stamps under new debt ceiling deal"

#Alabama #SNAP #DebtCeiling #Republicans #Democrats

Kevin E. Walsh
4 months ago

#DebtCeiling #GOP #KevinMcCarthy #JoeBiden
Justin Wolfers on why "Biden ate McCarthy's lunch":
1. The Republican caps on non-military discretionary spending are only effective for 2 years, even though the CBO and GOP are assuming savings over 10 years.
2. Work requirements for assistance affect fewer people than before.

This is still a tragedy, because the 2011 debt ceiling crisis cost America $19 billion in higher lending costs, and "you should be pissed."

The Japan Times
4 months ago
4 months ago

#Maddow just talked about the #DebtCeiling deal & Biden's success.

I wrote about celebrating Biden's win, why that is BORING & gets ignored.

We need to tell the stories about winning & crushing the RW to help our morale. Because Trump's use of #Lawfare is psychologically exhausting us.

Everything is delayed. No victory feels complete. FInancial judgements against him become a chance to fundraise. He talks like he never loses, so our thirst for justice isn't slaked.

Spocko on the Nicole Sandler show.
4 months ago

And on MSNBC Chris Hayes dismissed Biden's success in a single sentence and went right to the gloom and doom!

#economy #Biden #DebtCeiling

Chris Hayes dismissed Biden's success in a single sentence and went right to the gloom and doom while questioning Bharat Ramamurti about the economy.
Christian Roselund
4 months ago

In my latest, I take a look at why the #MountainValleyPipeline simply isn't the most important climate consideration in the #debtceiling deal.

But more centrally: we will not stop oil and gas by stopping supply and must instead build the alternative.

There's a lot of confusion around this issue, so I lay out why trying to stop fossil fuels on the demand side is futile in 3 main points: /1

#climatecrisis #energytransition

Christian Roselund
4 months ago

In my latest piece of independent writing, I take aim at what I consider one of the greatest misunderstandings of the climate movement, using the example of the #MountainValleyPipeline.

The struggle for a livable climate will be decided not by stopping fossil fuel supply, but by eliminating demand for fossil fuels.

#climatecrisis #energytransition #debtceiling

Joe Murphy
4 months ago

NEW: “Work-requirement proponents say the problem is unemployment, but nearly 4 out of 5 households in the SNAP program have at least one person working.” #SNAP #DataViz #DebtCeiling

A chart showing the shares of the U.S. population experiencing chronic vs. temporary poverty. Nationwide it’s 3.3% chronic, 23.8% temporary. Among 18-to-64-year-olds it’s nearly the same. Among men it’s 2.6% chronic and 22.7% temporary; among women it’s 3.9% chronic and 24.8% temporary. By race, Black people (6.4% chronic and 36% temporary) and Hispanic people (5.7% chronic 34.6% temporary) have the worst poverty rates. Atop the chart is the text “Nearly 1 in 4 experienced temporary poverty from 2017 to 2019. About 1 in 30 experienced chronic poverty.”

Does anyone else find it weird that #Biden is touting the #debtCeiling compromise as a victory instead of pointing out that he negotiated with #Republicans who were holding the entire country hostage just so they could starve poor people more?

4 months ago

Congress and Biden just came to an agreement on the budget. They had to make cuts in order to come to an agreement.

If you were in charge, which would you cut?

#DebtCeiling #debt #deficit #taxes #spending #revolution

Gernot Wagner
4 months ago

Energy tax credits, preserved.

Energy regulations, "no to little effect."

To say nothing of student loan cancellation (preserved), IRS budget cuts (hardly any).

Can we just agree that POTUS is a master negotiator?
#climate #debtceiling

How the Bill Compares
The Conversation U.S.
4 months ago

It's time for our weekly #news #quiz! This week's quiz is loaded with spoilers, from details of the "#Succession" finale and the #debtceiling bill to the lives of super rich heterosexuals.

But here's a non-spoiler: Which of these points was NOT included in the debt limit deal passed by Congress this week?

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

The biggest policy changes in the U.S. debt ceiling deal, explained.

Vox explores "how the legislation to avert an economic crisis would affect student loans, food aid, the IRS, and more."

#DebtCeiling #News #StudentLoans #IRS #USPolitics

Democrats and Republicans both love the #debtceiling because it gives them both a big “bipartisan” win they can point to as evidence they do more than just collect a massive welfare check and take corporate bribes. In reality it’s a problem they could just vote out of existence forever at any time.

Murshed Zaheed
4 months ago

"The ransoms Biden paid might be small, but if we declare them foregone and meaningless, we’re not being honest with ourselves." - @brianbeutler with a #mustread gaslight free analysis on #debtceiling debacle

4 months ago

6-1-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein


The House passed the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal last night with more Democratic than Republican votes. Was it a great deal? No. But did the Dems come out ahead of the Republicans? Without a doubt. Well, that's my take. As for what Howi
#NicolesBlog #DebtCeiling #HowieKlein

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

What role did Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell play in the debt-limit deal?

The AP explains his "shrink the room" advice to President Biden:

#DebtCeiling #USPolitics #Biden #News

4 months ago

The Calm Man in the Capital: Biden Lets Others Spike the Ball but Notches a Win
President Biden brokered a debt limit deal by following instincts developed through long, hard and sometimes painful experience in Washington. by Peter Baker #nytimes #biden #debtceiling #debt

4 months ago

Many others in both parties have run to the television cameras in recent days to make comments about the meaning of the agreement and the effects it would have on politics or policy, but Mr. Biden positioned himself as the calm man in the capital, the mature leader he hopes voters will prefer during next year’s election.
#debtceiling #debt #congress #biden

Tony Pennino
4 months ago

All debt ceiling fights are dumb. This was the dumbest of them all.

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
4 months ago

#BREAKING NEWS: Senate passes #DebtCeiling bill.

4 months ago

Senators strike a deal Thursday to expedite passage of a #DebtCeiling agreement forged by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

@femme_mal exactly that's the problem.

I wish #Biden had the balls to jist #ExecutiveOrder away the #DebtCeiling cuz #SCOTUS would take months till they'd ever do any hearing...

I mean it's perfectly fine to trample on civil and human rights, so it's only fair to force-feed those christofacists whining for a "strong man" their own soup!

@femme_mal also why do all media outlets get it purposefully wrong that the issue is made solely by congress alone.

Because everywhere else, parlaments have to automatically approve more debt if the budget exceeds earned taxes as they literally decided upon said budget.

The #DebtCeiling is literally the USA deciding to order but not pay when it's due and every other nation would get their credit rating corrected into trash-tier if they did that!

John Refior
4 months ago

"The Mountain Valley Pipeline would stretch 303 miles, from West Virginia to North Carolina. It would cut through the Jefferson National Forest and cross hundreds of waterways and wetlands"

"Allowing this pipeline to move forward would accelerate climate change, in addition to the environmental destruction already caused by earlier construction."
#pipeline #Manchin #DebtCeiling #Biden #NPR #NRDC #ClimateChange #methane

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

House progressives are angry over debt limit deal’s passage.

The Messenger explains why:

#DebtCeiling #Debt #USPolitics #Politics #News

4 months ago

Joe Biden & the #CorpoDems had 2 full years to eliminate the #DebtCeiling or raise it to a number that would last for 10yrs, or challenge it in court as he says its obviously unconstitutional. But the bastards did neither and now tell you this is the best deal they could ever hope for and HAD to pass it with more Dem votes than GOP. The dems could have killed this economy wrecking bill by voting down the debate rule, but they chose to hurt regular ppl instead of fighting for what's right

cartoon of strong biden in his mind but reality shows a much weaker truth behind the facade

@Npars01 @KatM @Teri_Kanefield #Biden should have directed the Treasury to ignore any #DebtCeiling as unconstitutional on its face, rather than make ANY concessions to domestic terrorists (#Republicans).

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago
4 months ago

The House voted tonight to suspend the #DebtCeiling until Jan. 2025.

71 #Republicans and 46 #Democrats voted against the bill, which now moves to the #Senate.

See how your Representative voted at ProPublica Represent:

Screenshot showing part of the voting roll call for this bill. The column on the left is the Yes Votes (314). The column on the right is No Votes (117).
4 months ago

5-31-23 Nicole Sandler Show – David Dayen and the Debt Ceiling Dance Deja Vu



The House today is voting on the Biden-McCarthy deal to raise the ridiculous debt ceiling.

David Dayen of The American Prospect returns to the show today to bring us up to
#NicolesBlog #DavidDayen #DebtCeiling

4 months ago

#House gets #DebtCeiling bill over key procedural hurdle — with Democratic help

4 months ago

I actually have a little hope that this will work out for "the best": once the #Republicans blow up the #DebtCeiling agreement, the Democrats can stop "negotiating" with them in "good faith" and just tell them what they should have to begin with:

STOP HOLDING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY HOSTAGE. We don't "negotiate" with terrorists.

One can dream. #USpol

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

Debt ceiling bill clears first House hurdle, teeing up Wednesday vote.

CBS News reports: "A growing number of Republicans have said they'll vote no."

#DebtCeiling #Debt #Congress #Biden #USPolitics #News

Gernot Wagner
4 months ago

Leeches rejoice.

And yes, there's a climate angle.

There's always a climate angle.

#DebtCeiling #economics #climate

Wall Street is also betting lending company SoFi will cash in from the debt ceiling deal because it calls for borrowers to start paying back federal student loans at the end of the summer. Shares of SoFi, a leader in the student loan refinancing space, jumped 5% Tuesday morning.
That loss of funding to the IRS is a “positive” for both H&R Block and TurboTax owner Intuit because it lowers the odds the IRS will build an expansive electronic tax filing system, according to BTIG’s Boltansky. Earlier this month the IRS released a cost study about developing a free electronic tax filing system and launched a limited pilot program.
Shares in pipeline company Equitrans Midstream surged Tuesday because the agreement contains a surprising call to speed up the creation of a stalled natural gas pipeline called the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The stock ended the day up around 35%.

Equitrans is the lead developer of the pipeline project, known as MVP, which has been championed by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.
The Conversation U.S.
4 months ago

House Republicans pushed the US to the edge of fiscal crisis with demands for deep cuts, but ended up with a deal that does little to reduce federal spending.

An expert on budgeting says there is a better way: the reconciliation process in #Congress is designed to allow for grand compromises that need only a narrow majority to pass.
#News #DebtCeiling

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

President Obama agreed to $2.1 trillion in spending cuts to end the 2011 debt ceiling crisis. But things didn't turn out exactly as planned.

CNN reports on what happened next:

#DebtCeiling #Debt #USPolitics #Obama #News

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

Here’s what’s in, what’s out of the debt limit bill to avert U.S. government default.

From the AP:

#DebtCeiling #Debt #Default #Congress #Biden #USPolitics

Zack Katz
4 months ago

I’m so frustrated at the self-own that is the debt ceiling debacle. Democrats knew this was coming and we didn’t do anything about it. Who pays? People who can’t afford food. Who benefits? People who want to avoid IRS audits and oil extractors.

I am not ready for this election cycle. This BS makes me so mad.

#Politics #DebtCeiling

If #Biden negotiates on the #debtceiling in his next term (*if* there is one) I hope he gets assassinated.

They ADDED $32 billion dollars to the military budget!!!!!

> What's in the debt ceiling deal struck by Biden and McCarthy?

#debtceiling #default #biden #politics #democrats #budget

"You know, normal crazy GOP kind of stuff. The kind that doesn’t have a bomb attached to it."

#Biden #DebtCeiling

Jay Kuo reads the debt ceiling deal as a big win for Biden.

He writes,

"The fact that some of the 'Freedom' Caucus are already infuriated is a very good sign that Biden did a great job under the circumstances. If we can put the debt ceiling threat behind us, that will force the GOP back to its standard, more contained pattern of investigating Hunter Biden and playing the victims of government overreach and witch-hunts."

#Biden #DebtCeiling


Forcing cruel and unnecessary work requirements on an essential program that helps 42+ million Americans afford food is horrific

Millions will lose that money and it will make the hunger crisis so much worse. It will also hurt the economy. It won’t help the fabricated “labor shortage”

Without SNAP, my family, and many others, will struggle to find food. I guarantee food banks will empty FAST

NEVER negotiate with terrorists

#debtceiling #gop #politics

Dave Mason :verified:
4 months ago

The #debtceiling is an arbitrary political limit that allow congress to do bullshit like they have the last couple months. It needs to be repealed.

Dave Mason :verified:
4 months ago

There seems to be a deal on the #debtceiling stupidity. So here is my reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with debt. Most people in America have debt, most debt is for good things in return. I am in debt for this lovely house I occupy and love. I got something for my debt. I am fine with my debt.

Most of America's debts are the same, we got something for the debt. That's good.

If I want to pay off my house faster, I could raise my own "taxes" - so could America.

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says a bipartisan majority of Congress will approve a debt-ceiling compromise amid already-emerging criticism from his party’s right flank. Here’s more from ABC News.
#DebtCeiling #KevinMcCarthy #JoeBiden

4 months ago

👉🏼👉🏼 White House and Republican negotiators reached a tentative deal to raise the US #DebtCeiling and avert a default that threatened to send tremors through the global economy, according to people familiar. : Bloomberg

White House, Republicans Reach Deal to Avert Historic US #Default

4 months ago

Hey Y'all,

This just in from the department of revenue's latest computer calculations on hitting the #DebtCeiling.

4 months ago

#Treasury says it won't run out money until at least June 5, buying time for #DebtCeiling talks