The powerless individual might think, "Did I study for a degree, just to do this? Where are all the interesting people I used to know?" #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography #alienisolation

Social alienation: The first stage is powerlessness when the individual realises that she is in a situation she cannot influence much or control. For exampe, a boring, repetitive office job requiring no initiative, with no hope of advancement into a management position. Many young people complain about this. They see their situation as unopen to change. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography #alienisolation

Social alienation is a stage-driven process. These five are powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness, isolation and self-estrangement. Powerlessness stems from the local situation, whether it be from an unemployed youth in Cumbria, a bored office worker in Beijing, or a shopping mall skateboard fan drunk on alcopops. The main point, here, is it is comprehensible and traceable to social origins, as we shall see. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography #alienisolation

Adamas Nemesis
2 days ago

Jewish settlers pour into an Israeli Sinai and Midian. More plausible as an alternate history what-if than you might think, and a lot more interesting than the West Bank...

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is "Moses and the Daughters of Jethro" by Ciro Ferri.

#alternatehistory #history #Israel #worldbuilding #demography #geography #geopolitics

Philip N Cohen
3 days ago

Now you know: This is bad. Maternal deaths per 100,000 live births: Selected countries, 1990-2020
#publichealth #demography

Philip N Cohen
3 days ago

Now you know: In Chad a woman's lifetime risk of maternal mortality is 1-in-15 (highest). In Belarus, it's 1-in-65,000 (lowest). #publichealth #inequality #demography

‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: the young people getting into ‘degrowth’. According to YouGov, 46% of Britons surveyed in August 2023 said environmental sustainability had affected their household purchases. Financial burdens continue to weigh people, with 1.8m UK households – almost 3.8 million people – having experienced destitution at some point in 2022, two-thirds of UK consumers planned to cut discretionary spending this year.#money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Data indicates that almost one in 10 UK households failed to pay a major bill in the month to 10 November, the highest level recorded since April 2020. According to Which?’s latest “consumer insight tracker” research, 9.8% of households questioned said they had missed a loan, credit card, housing or household bill payment. Research suggested that 2.8m households missed a significant bill over that period. (Source: The Guardian) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

The world we live in. Relatives of a Palestinian mourn as his body is brought to the Nassr hospital before his funeral. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

The UK wealthy buy multiple houses as investments, which drives up prices, providing pricey rental accommodation for young families who cannot afford to get on the housing ladder. A do-it-yourself speculation capitalism that, once again, makes a profit out of those on lower incomes who cannot make it. A great system? (Erm, vote Labour?) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Concerned about your income? Never mind, try gambling addiction. Gambling firms are doing well fuelled by a surge in the use of online slot machines, which the government is considering curbing due to their association with heavy losses and addiction. The betting and gaming industry’s revenues are £15.1bn, or £10.95bn excluding the National Lottery,. (Source: The Guardian) "Every poor country has a lottery." #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Colin Bouchard
6 days ago

We've signed a partnership agreement with INRAE & University of Pau (UMR ECOBIOP) to establish the Associated Partnership Laboratory MODMAF for the development & valorization of statistical models and tools for the assessment of #Demography & #Movements of #Fish 🐟.

The housing market's reliance on speculation and the pursuit of profit leads to a focus on high-value developments rather than addressing broader housing needs. Homelessness support services in Glasgow report a doubling of asylum rates whilst accommodation renters are driving out lower-middle-class tenants in all UK cities. Can you imagine car-rental speculation or holiday-home speculation? Soon to arrive? #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

But is not narcissism arguably the repression (see below) of pre-conscious fears that one is 'a nobody'? And, in a highly competitive culture, that thought can erupt when you lose out about something. Ergo, narcissism is a socially induced disposition - or am I wrong? #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography #freud

Escalating UK housing crisis: Glasgow city council, the largest asylum dispersal area outside London, is expected to declare a housing emergency on Thursday as figures show the number of referrals to homelessness support services of those granted leave to remain has increased from an average of 60 a month in the first half of the year to 176 in October and 132 for the first three weeks of November. (Source: The Guardian) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

1 week ago

Minors in TX faced a range of barriers to finding accurate info & obtaining confidential contraceptive services, which were exacerbated by the #COVID19 pandemic. Expanding options for accessible confidential contraception, along w repealing parental consent laws, would better support minors' reproductive autonomy.

#Contraception #FamilyPlanning #ReproductiveHealth #ReproductiveHealthcare #Texas #Youth #Demography @demography

The key elements of narcissism: A person who lacks empathy, who is entitled to the best, who expect special treatment to be given to them, They only want to associate with people who think they are as cool as them." But, says Eumenades, is this not also a social trend today with America in the lead? I mean it can pertain to an ever larger segment of the population. So when does it become a cultural norm? #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

“The U.S. is not doing its job when it comes to public health,” Dr. Cohen said.
#publichealth #demography

Overconsumption depends on preferring your instincts to reflection. The "I want it" takes over on the "Do I need it?" see Shop Till you Drop #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

The secret to successful marketing is to control the consumer's emotions. Very often luxury objects are able to make us feel, "Oh, now I've got it!" Got what? Overpriced water? An overpriced car? see Shop Till you Drop #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

1 week ago

📣Coming up this week! 📣 #FemQuantSeminar with @arianeophir Re-considering Re-partnering! This Thursday 30 Nov 2023. 17:30 (GMT)/ 18:30 (CET)/ 12:30 (EST). Free to attend, registration required. Sign up to join us: #feminist #demography #sociology #quantmethods #gender

Picture of speaker with details of seminar. Re-considering Re-partnering: New insights about gender and sexuality in the study of second union formation. Dr Ariane Ophir, Centre for Demographic Studies (CED). Thursday 30 November 2023. 17:30 (GMT)/ 18:30 (CET)/ 12:30 (EST)

Britons don’t think the Autumn Statement will make much difference. The statement, as a whole, Britons see it as fair (38%) rather than not fair (23%). They are divided 31-29% on whether or not it is affordable. The general view is that it won’t make much different to the country (48%) or respondents’ own household finances (55%). This perception is shared equally by Conservative and Labour voters. (Source: YouGov) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

By now, we should be prepared for a Labour victory at the next UK election. But are we prepared for what Labour can and cannot do for much needed reparations within the first year? And for any subsequent backlash? (Right now, we have time to think.) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Would you let a guy with a face like this sell you some home insurance? #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Eumenades has published book chapters on excessive consumerism, including reflective versus pre-reflective thinking in consumer choices, class-based emotions and fashion consumption. He mentions contemporary theoreticians in sociology and consumer studies, including Pierre Bourdieu and Juliet Schor. See #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

'Keeping up with the Joneses is a neighbourhood-based model. Your neighbour has it, so you want it. You are exposed to people on a higher economic level and people gaze towards the top." Juliet Schor. "And so hyper-consumption becomes a class-based activity." - Eumenades. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Eumenades says, "Well, you sure as hell don't take it to heaven!" #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Debt, anxiety and depleted incomes: The Royal College of Psychiatrists found that half adults with a debt problem have mental ill-health. This ranged from a consistent feeling of anxiety to low mood.

Worrying about debt affects sleep, mood and energy levels. It also affects ability to work and harms relationships with friends and family. Seen any UK worried faces in the supermarket queues recently? (Source: Mental Health Foundation) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Centre for Population Change
2 weeks ago

📅 Next Week: #CPCCGWebinar Thurs 30 Nov

Peter Brandon from the University of Albany will discuss whether the legalisation of #SameSexMarriage in the US has improved the long-term #economic security of same-sex couples in terms of #homeownership.

Register to join us online:

#demography #population

Image shows people watching a seminar with their backs to the camera, with a speaker slightly blurred at the front of the room. Text reads CPC-CG seminar series. Peter Brandon, University of Albany | Has legalized same-sex marriage improved the long-term economic security of American same-sex couples? The case of home ownership'. Online/in-person | 30 November | 12:00-13:00 GMT.
2 weeks ago

Following recent publication of a paper on mapping zero-dose vulnerability indices ( the full set of gridded risk factor and vaccination coverage datasets are now available for download:

#vaccines #gis #statistics #demography #population #Gavi

maps indicating vaccination distribution
Centre for Population Change
3 weeks ago

Did you miss our policy forum celebrating 50 years of the British Society for #Population Studies and all things #demography at this year's #ESRCFestival of #SocialScience? Want to watch it again or access the slides?

You can now view it on YouTube or read our event write-up 🍿📰


'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' "You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies. Either your distinctive style of government means you are incapable of doing so. Or, as I must surely conclude now, you never had any intention of keeping your promises..... As on so many other issues, you sought to put off tough decisions in order to minimise political risk to yourself." #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Demographic Research
3 weeks ago

An analyst can estimate the distribution of eventual job tenure with just two surveys and a time series of hires. Finding: U.S. 2002–2004 period expected job tenure was 2.5 years. A tribute to James Vaupel's work combining formal #demography & #business. By Michael Lachanski

Ilya Kashnitsky
3 weeks ago

#30DayMapChallenge | 13: Choropleth
Women live longer than men — this is a well-known regularity of mortality. Yet, we are too focused on the averages — 25-50% of individual men outsurvive a randomly paired woman
#demography paper:
#rstats code:

small multiples map of the world showing the probability for males to outsurvive females in 5-year periods since 1950 to 2020
B Jarosz
3 weeks ago

For the first time, the better question to ask about U.S. population projections is *when* not *if* the population will start to shrink. And the child population will shrink fastest of any age group.

Read our summary:

#Population #Forecast #Fertility #Mortality #Migration #Births #Deaths #UnitedStates #Demography #Demographics #Data #Trends #Aging

Chart showing projected population change by age group. Data available at link in post.
Philip N Cohen
3 weeks ago

"[US] Women are outliving men by nearly six years—and COVID and drug overdoses are a major cause, according to a new report"
#Demography #publichealth

David Cameron, who had worked as a stockbroker in the City of London, used multimillion-pound investment funds based in offshore tax havens, such as Jersey, Panama City, and Geneva, to increase the family wealth. In 1982, Ian Cameron created the Panamanian Blairmore Holdings, an offshore investment fund, valued at about $20 million in 1988, "not liable to taxation". (Source: Wikipedia) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Ilya Kashnitsky
3 weeks ago

#30DayMapChallenge 10: North America
We often forget that Mexico is also North America 🙃
w/ José Manuel Aburto we explored early adult mortality in Mexican states using geofaceting and ternary colorcoding #dataviz
#rstats code:
#demography paper:

a poster on young male mortality in. Mexican states
Ilya Kashnitsky
3 weeks ago

#30DayMapChallenge | 9: hexagons
I asked bing (who forwards image generation requests to dall•e3) to generate a map of Europe, which all countries represented with hexagons scaled to population size. The outputs look cool but I failed to get roughly what I wanted
#dataviz #generativeAI #demography

a meaningless map of Europe generated with ai
Heini Vaisanen
3 weeks ago
A screenshot of an earlier post advertising a research position. The text says: "Please boost! My ERC project's, Social Inequalities in the Risk and Aftermath of Miscarriage, recruitment has started! We are looking for a researcher interested in miscarriage/sexual and reproductive health to work on quantitative analysis of survey and administrative data. Application dl 13 Nov 2023. 3-year position with a possible extension until 31 Dec 2028.

(4) It is a war because they would rather see British nationals live in misery than cough up what they owe us. They are happy to see us die. Let’s face it: the super-rich only love one thing and that is money. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

"Rishi Sunak’s authority as prime minister will be in tatters unless he sacks his controversial and divisive home secretary, Suella Braverman, within days," senior Tories have said. As anger at her incendiary claims of police bias and open defiance of No 10 grow, the expectation among most Conservatives is that Sunak will dismiss Braverman early this week, opening the way for a cabinet reshuffle. (Source: The Guardian) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Philip N Cohen
4 weeks ago

#Census now enters race codes from the Hispanic origin question, so if you write in Indian on the Hispanic question, they change your race to American Indian. That's probably by the number of interracial couples doubled from 2019 to 2022. #demography

B Jarosz
1 month ago

(1) The quickest way to understand how offshore works is in How The Pandora Papers Work on Go to minute 2:00 for a six-minute explanation. It is complicated, but that is how it is meant to be for efficient tax evasion. Basically, the first move is to start a limited liability company. This means you don't get busted for bankruptcy. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Chris Hedges writes, "Values are rooted in giving: the understanding that a life of fulfillment comes through service." But one has to be careful about the balance of service and looking after yourself. Young Christians quickly discover that too much service opens oneself up to manipulation from others. Follow Jesus absolutely and you will end up sleeping under a bridge. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

More than half of Americans think it should be easier to get a #divorce
#family #demography

Centre for Population Change
1 month ago

🎉Great #ESRCFestival of Social Science event this afternoon celebrating 50 years of BSPS and talking all things #demography and local #population change.

Thanks to our speakers Tony Champion, Jane Falkingham, Grant Hill-Cawthorne, Alison Park, Nicola Shelton and Jen Woolford 👏 If you missed it, look out for the recording coming soon...

Philip N Cohen
1 month ago
Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

IMO, if you are using US #Census data to look at Asians with the "race" variable, your population isn't "Asian Americans" it's "Asians." If a foreign-born non-citizen fills out a survey in the US, that doesn't make them American. "Asian American" isn't a race. (No offense! If they want to identify as American I'm all for it, and support open borders)

Believers and non-believers might well wonder what metaphysical realm, exactly, those financial center City of London, heraldic dragons represent. (For example, where 'Money is considered the root of all evil.' ?) (Just a passing cranky thought, folks.) #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

"When you don't understand what is going on - feeling that you can have whatever you want - that blinds you, it keeps you from seeing what is happening around you. The lunatic fringe of the political establishment (though often laughed at by a majority) suddenly siezes power and we clamour for our own enslavement by a dictator." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, YouTube. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

"The language of free-market lasaise-faire capitalism is what they feed businesses and the wider public, but it is an ideology that bears no resemblance to reality in a culture warped by illusion. We don't live in a free market. We live in a bizarre species of corporate socialism." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, YouTube. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Centre for Population Change
1 month ago

‼️ If you are planning to join us in London or watch online, don't forget to register to get your ticket / joining link!

Help us celebrate 50 years of the British Society for Population Studies as part of the #ESRCFestival of #SocialScience - it looks set to be a lively discussion 🙋👇👇

#population #demography #levellingup #inequality #humangeography #geography #statistics #policymaking #ESRC #policy #localgovernment #forum

Image shows people sitting in audience listenting to a speaker stood at the front of the room. Logos are for the British Society for Population Studies, Economic and Social Research Council, Centre for Population Change and Connecting Generations. 

Text reads: 

Local population change and policy challenges

6 November 2023

The British Academy, London, and online

The 2023 ESRC Festival of Social Science, 21 October - 17 November
1 month ago

New research provides insight into parental-child estrangement in the U.S., describes differences by gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality, and discusses implications.

#Family #Estrangement #Demography #Gender #Race #Ethnicity #LGBTQ+ @demography

"A poor person of colour in Camden or New Jesrsey is worth nothing to the state. But put them behind bars and they are worth 50,000 dollars a year to prison contractors and service companies - this is not even understood by the victims themselves." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, YouTube. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

"Optimism becomes a kind of disease. One has a cheerful optimism in the face of catastrophe - you plough forward in an optimism no longer rooted in reality." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, YouTube. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

In The Two-Parent Privilege, Kearney repeats her and Levine's findings of a causal effect of 16 & Pregnant on teen birth rates, ignoring the critique by Jaeger et al. ( Has this been resolved, or did it just end with her and Levine saying, "Nah, we were right"?
#demography #economics

More strange high-level disappearances from China's 'Peoples' Republic where virulently anti-democratic totalitarianism has more 'private internal problems' to keep secret, yet again. "We will never know why this is happening." say Western commentators. Surprise, surprise. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

1 month ago

New data show that about half of U.S. adults lived alone upon gray divorce, another one-third lived with others, and the remaining 14% lived with a new partner. Adults living with a new partner tended to exhibit the most advantaged sociodemographic profiles.

Read more:

#Divorce #GrayDivorce #Marriage #Family #Society #Demography @demography

"I know how totalitarian societies work and shut down dissent. East Germany, Serbia. They don't want us to be introspective or think about who we are and where we are going." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, YouTube. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

The 'natural owners' include PEPs - politically exposed persons - who comprise a significant proportion of clandestine possessors of the vast sums of assets escaping taxation at home. Unsurprisingly, such individuals, often in our own government, will wish to avoid any investigative procedures concerning tax evasion, allowing the system to persist secretly and unpunished. Voila! #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Panama Papers: Informative ten-minute video (if you can put up with the clamorous voice) explaining how investors avoid taxation through a web of limited liability, invisible shareholders, subteranean trusts, holding companies, zigzagging international locations hosting banking privacy rules to confuse investigators and protect the identity of the 'natural owners'. See #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

UK. Homelessness now increasing in rural England. A very informative 10-minute video. #money #economics #banking #UKnews #sociology #demography

Heini Vaisanen
2 months ago

Please boost!

My ERC project’s, Social Inequalities in the Risk and Aftermath of Miscarriage, recruitment has started! We are looking for a researcher interested in miscarriage/sexual and reproductive health to work on quantitative analysis of survey and administrative data. Application DL 13 Nov 2023. 3-year position with a possible extension until 31 Dec 2028. More info:

#demography #SRHR #miscarriage #SocialScience #recruitment

Centre for Population Change
2 months ago

🖋 Looking for a #PhD #Studentship? Take a look at our jobs page for info on four openings with our team members at the University of St Andrews:

#Fertility #Demography #Population #Quantitative #Geography #SpatialAnalysis #scholarship #menopause #health

Image shows a hand holding a pen writing on paper. Text reads: Opportunities at CPC and Connecting Generations. PhD Scholarships in Demography/Population Studies and Quantitative Geography/Spatial Analysis. Population and Health Research Group, School of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews.
Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

Wrapping up updates for tomorrow's demography class: In 2022 the gap between birth rates for women 15-19 and those 40-44 fell to just 1 per 1000. Historic crossover next year!
#demography #nowyouknow

Kris Inwood
2 months ago

'Fatal Years: Child Mortality in Late Nineteenth-Century America' by Sam Preston & Mike Haines, one of the most influential books in history and the social sciences, is celebrated by a collection of new research articles edited by M. Dribe & D. Hacker in the journal Social Science History
@demography @sociology @economics @geography @politicalscience @anthropology @epiverse @socialscience #mortality #demography #history #histodons #child #children #USA #19thcentury

Deniz Opal
2 months ago

Because older generations tend to be more conservative than younger generations, it looks like people get more conservative with age.

This is, thankfully, untrue.

People get more progressive with age.

It's just that previous generations get a little left behind. The jump between generations is bigger than the progress that happens within people, giving the illusion that older people become more conservative.

Some good news for once. 😊

#politics #demography

Kris Inwood
2 months ago

New method to assess historical child mortality based on linking complete count census data reveals a significant negative relationship between wealth & child mortality 1850-80 everywhere in US, from Dave Hacker, Martin Dribe & Jonas Helgertz. Open access in Social Science History
@demography @geography @sociology @healthecon @socialscience @politicalscience @econhist @economics @epiverse #history #histodons #children #mortality #census #demography #demographiehistorique

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

According to the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, for the first time in 2021 a majority of US high school seniors never had sexual intercourse.
#sexeducation #demography

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

Today in Denominators Matter: 8% of children live with an old person; 1% of old people live with a child.
#demography #aging #population

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

Now in the form of a formal blog post and a little paper: "Partner prospects and the marriage promotion fallacy."
#marriage #familysociology #demography #paa

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

Paper now in a journal: "Rethinking marriage metabolism: The declining frequency of marital events in the United States." (My hope is that people will stop saying "retreat from marriage.")
Free view-only link:
@socarxiv preprint:
#Sociology #Demography #marriage

Nick Byrd
3 months ago

Remember that "...WEIRDest people in the world" paper?

Now #xPhi has one: Of "171 experimental philosophy studies [from] 2017 [to] 2023 [including one of mine] most ...tested only Western populations but generalized beyond them without justification."

Incentives may be part of the issue: "studies with broader conclusions ...had higher citation impact."

#xPhi #PsychMethods #Culture #Demography #PhilSci

3 months ago

💥 WorldPop job alert 💥

Senior Research Fellow in image analysis and Artificial Intelligence:

- Develop & implement advanced algorithms & models to analyse & interpret images using AI.
- Extract meaningful data from time series satellite images to improve population estimation modelling
- Collaborate with WorldPop partners: UN agencies, GRID3, governments, tech companies & satellite imagery providers

#ai #geospatial #remotesensing #demography #population #census #gis

🇸🇪 Martin Kolk, Linus Andersson, Emma Pettersson, Sven Drefahl; The Swedish Kinship Universe: A Demographic Account of the Number of Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandchildren, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Nieces/Nephews, and Cousins Using National Population Registers. Demography 2023; 10955240. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Research #Article #Demography #Sociology #Sweden #Swedish #Population #Family #Academia #Academic #Academics @sociology

Mark Igra
3 months ago

I am trying to put together a list of journal rss feeds & make them available to follow here. I couldn't find a feed for the journal“Demography”, not sure if that's something that's not available for Duke University Press journals or I'm just missing something. Does anybody know? #Demography

B Jarosz
3 months ago

📣 Calling all Census afficionados:
Here's your chance to help shape the 2030 Census!

The Census Bureau is requesting nominations of members representing stakeholder organizations, groups, interests, and viewpoints to the 2030 Census Advisory Committee.

Details and how to nominate (yourself or someone else):

@sociology @demography #2020Census #2030Census #Demography #Population #Data #Statistics #FederalStatistics

Nathanael Lauster
4 months ago

In focusing on only existing households, the Core Housing Need metric suffers from an important oversight, missing much of Canada's housing crisis, as @vb_jens and I explain here. #housingcrisis #Canada #housing #sociology #demography

Tambets, K., Yunusbayev, B., Hudjashov, G. et al. Genes reveal traces of common recent demographic history for most of the Uralic-speaking populations. Genome Biol 19, 139 (2018). #OpenAccess #OA #Article #Science #Demography #History #Language #Languages #Population #Genetics #PopulationGenetics #Genomics #Biology #Geography #Europe #Asia #Academia #Academic #Academics @science @biology

Philip N Cohen
4 months ago

How many people will "get out of paying student loans by dying"? #Bloomberg on the case. The analysis here applies death rates to the age of borrowers (in broad bins). But then they thought maybe former college students have half the average death rate, because of their privileges. I said, nah, I doubt their death rates are 25% lower than average. I guess I was on the record.
#studentdebt #demography

text from the article: Looney cautioned that the estimate — about 300,000 in total — could be cut in half after factoring in differences in income, education, occupation, marital status and other factors that affect health and longevity. However, Philip Cohen, a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, said that would be too big of a cut, and just reducing it by 25% would be “plenty.”
Peter Ellis
4 months ago

I'm self-learning a bit of #demography and wrote an #rstats blog on model life tables. Includes animations and a Shiny app

4 months ago

People are talking a lot of climate crisis that we have (and it's good, we need to talk about it), but somehow at the same time tend to ignore another crisis that we have and is as important as the climate one - demography crisis and lack of children.

#demography #children

Chris Bennett
5 months ago

The Office of the Chief Statistician at #OMB has an opening for a #Statistician to help oversee government-wide statistical policy development and implementation.

It’s DC-based and GS-12/13 with a pay of at least $94,199. Apps due 7/26 at

#AltAc #FedJobs #ProgramEval @sociology #SocialSciences #Quant #QuantMethods #PublicPolicy #DataScience #Statistics #DataQuality #Demography #EdPolicy

As a STATISTICIAN, GS-1530-12/13, your typical work assignments may include the following:  Provide policy and technical oversight of Agency programs that collect statistical information or generate evidence on demographic, social, economic, education, justice, health, or environmental topics using statistical methods. Coordinate interagency working groups that develop and implement government-wide best practices for measuring population characteristics, improving statistical methods and models, and disseminating statistics about small groups. Lead development or maintenance of Federal Government-wide regulations, policies, and standards designed to promote data quality, utility, comparability and consistency, and protect confidentiality, mitigate the risk of reidentification, and otherwise enhance the integrity of Federal statistics. Support development and implementation of requirements within the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, to include development of regulations, implementation of the Standard Application Process, and/or the development of a National Secure Data Service demonstration.
5 months ago

#Design #Approaches
Avoiding pitfalls in reporting user behavior changes · Ways to better understand the impact of design changes on user behavior

#DesignChange #Redesign #UserAnalysis #UserBehavior #UxMetrics #ProductDesign #UxDesign #WebDesign #Psychology #Sociology #Economy #Politics #Technology #Environment #Demography

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
5 months ago

New paper w Aja Antoine-Jones, James Feigenbaum, Lauren Hoehn-Velasco, and Chris Muller

"Racial Inequality in the Prime of Life: Infectious Disease Mortality in U.S. Cities, 1906–1933"

tells us two new things about the staggering racial inequity in this era


#demography #sociology #history #RacialDisparities #mortality #EpidemiologicalTransition #HealthEquity #HistoricalDemography

The Conversation U.S.
5 months ago

What makes South Korea’s fertility rate decline more astonishing is the relatively short period in which it has occurred.

And now South Korea is the only country in the world to register a fertility rate of less than one child per woman, although others – Ukraine, China and Spain – are close.

#WorldNews #Economy #Demography #Asia #SouthKorea

A graph showing the overlapping falling fertility rates of South Korea and the United States. South Korea has undergone the most rapid fertility decline in recorded human history with the fertility rate dropping from under six children per woman in 1960 to 0.78 in 2022.
Centre for Population Change
5 months ago

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We hope you enjoy finding out about #CPC and #ConnectingGenerations #research and activities over the last six months...

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5 months ago

You want to know what makes a demographer feel old? Reading the documentation for the Health and Retirement Survey and realizing that they are now eligible to be in the youngest cohort. At least that's what my friends tell me.

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Brian C. Keegan
6 months ago

Perhaps one of the ten most important charts for the rest of the 21st century.

Estimates and forecasts of net migration by continent, 1950-2100.

These forecasts seem far too rosy, given the climate shocks already baked in!

#dataviz #demography

Source, UN Population Division:

Time series plot of net migration rates by continent, 1950-2100
Philip N Cohen
6 months ago

This is what I mean by teen births are a myth. Show me teen births as a meaningful category with their own social dynamic on this chart (birth rates by age, comparing 2016 and 2021).
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Philip N Cohen
7 months ago

Exciting #preprint news! The Association of Population Centers has launched a new working paper series, hosted by SocArXiv. Papers welcome from any pop center affiliate. APC will vet them and post them directly to SocArXiv, with a cover page, DOI, paper number. Authors can add supporting materials, and upload new versions, and then we'll link them up to subsequent published version. More info, and to submit:
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Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
7 months ago

Why has #demography seemingly grown so much?

Lots of journals have had radically escalated submissions as early-career research production has massively intensified and as some journals' author base becomes more international. But it seems like demography has grown disproportionately as a field.

If that's true (is it?), is it because...

(hypotheses in next posts; add your own)


Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
7 months ago

Is Covid "like the flu"?

We asked how many years (pre-2020) it would take for flu & pneumonia cumulative death rates to equal 3 years of Covid

Answer: 17 years

In one state, Hawaii: Covid deaths were like recent (unusually high) flu deaths

Otherwise: nope

#Covid #Covid19 #influenza #pneumonia #pandemic #DeathRates #mortality #PublicHealth #demography #hawaii

The graph shows the number of years of flu and pneumonia death rates required to match 3 years of Covid. Across states, it ranges from 3 years (Hawaii) to 21+ (4 states, the most we can measure); besides Hawaii, minimum is 9 years
Adamas Nemesis
7 months ago

Get a load of this map of how much of humanity is in your personal hemisphere. Kinda impressive how remote my abode, the United States, is compared to most other countries. Guess us Americans just get used to the idea of flying nearly-antipodal distances to reach most people. Hmm.

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Philip N Cohen
8 months ago

Chance of divorce within the first 10 years, by age at first marriage: US, 2021.

I was doing this kind of wrong in previous editions. You'll be glad to know I fixed it. (Results are about the same, but it's the labor that counts.)

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8 months ago

Are you interested in these topics?
Check out the Knowledge Centre for #Migration and #Demography for all our latest research, tools and publications ➡️!CU48qu

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Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
8 months ago

Unbelievably powerful graph that shocks you even if you already knew.

I remember when the NAS mortality report came out -- I was in grad school and assumed it was a huge deal, so it's fascinating to read how little actually came of it.


#mortality #demography #AmericanExceptionalism

Graph comparing life expectancy in the US to "comparable countries." In 2021, their average life expectancy is 82.4; the US is 76.1. Other countries dip down in 2020 and then recover in 2021; the US continues to plummet.
Philip N Cohen
9 months ago

I have had this figure in the first 3 editions of my undergrad textbook for completed #fertility. I understand the tide has turned against stacked area graphs, for good reason. Here are two different approaches to replace it. Any preference or suggestion? #demography #dataviz

Philip N Cohen
9 months ago

US intermarriage - marriage across major race/ethnic group lines - increased from 14% to 20% between 2008 and 2021.
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Philip N Cohen
10 months ago

Julia Behrman has a new paper in @JMF showing no effect of the pandemic on ideal family size in the General Social Survey. This uses the panel component of the survey, so it's a within-subjects design. The implication is ideals don't change as fast as behavior, but there are unresolved issues (described by her), so more to come.
#pandemicstudies #fertility #demography

China’s population falls in historic shift #Demography #Sociology #Asia

Ilya Kashnitsky
11 months ago

Everyone who ever studied #demography has heard of model life tables of which the renowned ones are 'Coale-Demeny' life tables. Today I learned that there was a third coauthor of this seminal publication – Barbara Vaughan. Her role is explicitly stated in the Preface as apparently doing all the heavy-lifting dirty data job. Credit shouldn't be gendered!

Regional model life tables and stable populations: studies in population

Coale, A. J., Demeny, P., & Vaughan, B.
The tables published in this book form a link in a chain of related
intellectual work that has been characteristic of the Office of Population
Research since its establishment nearly 50 years ago. One of the authors
was first involved in 1941 in analyzing patterns of mortality and con-
structing model life tables as a research assistant when the Office was
preparing a series of books on the population of Europe for the League
of Nations. Over the years George Barclay, William Brass, John Hajnal,
Karol Krotki, Alvaro Lopez, Norman Ryder, George Stolnitz, James
Trussell, C. Y. Tye, Pravin Visaria, and Melvin Zelnik maintained the
Office tradition of research on the analysis of fertility and mortality as
related to population growth and composition, a tradition that originated
in the teaching and guidance of Frank W. Notestein, the director of the
Office from 1936 to 1959.
In addition to the general debt we owe our predecessors and col-
leagues, we acknowledge gratefully the special value to the project of the
work of Professor George Stolnitz, who collected and analyzed a large
part of the mortality records upon which the model life tables are based.
Mrs. Erna Härm, a research assistant at the Office, devoted many months
of patient work to the calculation of a preliminary set of model life tables,
and to using the preliminary tables to find patterns of deviation that
subsequently provided the basis for the four "families" of regional tables
that constitute the body
dation and the Milbank Memorial Fund. The computer facilities of
Princeton University by which these tables were calculated are supported
in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF-GP 579).
This second edition of Regional Model Life Tables and Stable Populations
includes additional entries in which deaths and population at ages above
80 are subdivided into five-year intervals. This extension was facilitated
by research on old-age mortality in 1979-1981 by Shiro Horiuchi, a
member of the research staff at the Office of Population Research, and
by Neil Bennett, who developed a number of useful adjustments for this
upper end of the age range as part of the research for his doctoral
dissertation. Barbara Vaughan programmed the calculations for the ex-
tended life tables and stable populations. Research on old-age mortality,
and the consequent new computations, were supported by a grant from
the National Institutes of Health, Grant No. 5 R01 HD 11720-03.
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
11 months ago

Realized it’s the time of year that job candidates in #sociology and #demography negotiate academic job offers, so my annual offer:

If you’re negotiating an assistant professor job offer and are trying to develop a sense of the market range, I’m happy to share my own offer letters and some context about how the negotiations went. Email my work address if you want any such info.

Secrecy about pay hurts workers, so let’s be open.


11 months ago
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
11 months ago


(I always wanted to write something about how #demography could help to disentangle these two different versions of, very broadly, the #HygieneHypothesis, but I’m sure that moment in #microbiome science has passed, if it was ever actually here)

Jonathan Horowitz
1 year ago

Tenure Track position at University of Toronto in our education school (OISE). Looks absolutely perfect for a sociologist who studies transitions into or out of higher education.

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Jennifer Dowd
1 year ago

#Introduction I hope to understand why some individuals & populations live longer & healthier lives than others.

I like to bridge disciplines- I've trained in #demography, #economics & #epidemiology, & now sit in a Dept. of #sociology. I'm interested in incoroporating #biomarkers into social & population research, especially markers of #immunity #infection, & #microbiome.

I was drafted into #scicomm during #covid19 w/ Dear Pandemic/Those Nerdy Girls.

Happy to be here!

Ilya Kashnitsky
1 year ago

@smach thank you for the position and for documenting your steps! More people will follow. For me, the point of no return was the attack on Fauci. And I too loved the #rstats #dataviz #demography #openScience and many more commuted there. I think I onboard several dozens of colleagues on Twitter and countless students. But now it's all past. The future/present is Mastodon. And today's blocking of Mastodon links is a clear sign of the list way for the baby boy billionaire.

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
1 year ago

Crises like pandemics make inequalities worse -- right?

Let Martin Eiermann and I tell you about a surprising exception -- and a puzzle that might turn on an unusual collision of viral and social histories.

In @TheConversationUS

#1918 #1918flu #RacialDisparities #ImmunologicalImprinting #SocialHistory #pandemics #demography #sociology #influenza #migration

Philip N Cohen
1 year ago

Hello new #mastodonmigration folks. I post about #sociology and #demography, mostly related to #inequality, including Demographic Fact A Day, things about academia and #scicomm, #openscience and antifascist type politics. Also, the social science preprint server #SocArXiv. #introduction