Markus Tacker
48 minutes ago

Started a new proof of concept frontend project using #Deno and got it to work. Some of the developer tooling I normally use doesn't work, like commitlint, and semantic relase. I'll try to get them all to work in here:

14 hours ago

using modern JS, TS, and npm in jupyter notebooks


#deno #jupyter #datascience

Tried importing #npm module from #deno and wow, writing Deno code is easier than ever.

Rui Nibau (rnb)
2 days ago

[blog] Comics : notes de développement

Quelques notes sur le développement d'une application #Javascript de gestion de bédés numériques (#Comics, #cbz) :

* Simplification des #Apis
* Choix d'une librairie pour gérer les #zip
* Faire du #Dom sous #NodeJs ou #Deno
* #Bundling et #TreeShaking

2 days ago

#Deno 1.37 has been released!

📕 Jupyter notebook integration
🖥️ Numerous fixes to the VSCode extension and language server
🧪 Simpler, faster, better test runner
🐢 Ever improving Node/NPM compatibility
🏝️ Quality of life improvements

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Markus Tacker
2 days ago

It's soooo nice that #Deno has a built-in file watcher.

2 days ago

#Development #Overviews
The state of web frameworks on Deno · Web frameworks you can already host near your users

#WebDev #Deno #NodeJS #Npm #Frontend #Backend #Frameworks #JavaScript #TypeScript

Rui Nibau (rnb)
3 days ago

[projet] rnb-runtime

Expérimentations sur l'usage de #NodeJs et #Deno et comment rendre son code "agnostique" vis à vis du runtime #Javascript utilisé.

* Site :
* Sources :

4 days ago

just a few clicks and you can host *any* serverless JavaScript close to your users

here's a *very incomplete* list of frameworks that run on #Deno Deploy:

Melroy van den Berg
4 days ago

I wrote a new blog article! It's about Bun; the pros and cons, Check it out now:

#bun #nodejs #javascript #typescript #deno #http #jest #express #docker

Bun header, saying: "Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime"
Gabriel Sanches
4 days ago

Today I tried playing with Astro and then Next.js. The result is, I went back to Deno and Fresh.

#deno #fresh #nextjs #astro

5 days ago

#DailyBloggingChallenge (53/100)

Started working on a new #PetProject to migrate the OSM-tools from #VanillaJS to #vite + #vue + #TypeScript + #bun.

Jumping into the deep end on most of the new technologies and get to try to reverse engineer my understanding onto them.

Currently struggling to understand if one should rather use defineProps or defineComponent when dealing with child components in vue.

Really enjoyed the simple setup of bun and creating a project with vite isn’t that much harder. Though as stated in the bun’s docs, the performance of vite still hasn’t been maxed out.

Previously wanted to familiar myself with #deno and used it for one file projects, though with the new hype surrounded around bun, might as well skip deno altogether.


Rui Nibau (rnb)
5 days ago

Mais #Deno offre la variable mainModule qui est le chemin du module entrée en ligne de commande. On peut donc écrire :

let exec;
if (typeof Deno === 'object') {
exec = new globalThis.URL(Deno.mainModule).pathname;
} else {
[, exec] = (await import('node:process')).argv;
const url = new globalThis.URL(import.meta.url);
if (exec === url.pathname) {
console.log('Loaded from cli');
} else {
console.log('Loaded from import');

Rui Nibau (rnb)
5 days ago

Poursuite des comparaisons entre #NodeJs et #Deno #Javascript :

Sous Node, on peut savoir si un module est chargé en ligne de commande ou par un import :

const argv = (await import('node:process')).argv;
const [, executed] = argv;
const url = new globalThis.URL(import.meta.url);
if (executed === url.pathname) {
console.log('Loaded from cli');
} else {
console.log('Loaded from import');

Deno.args ne permet pas de le faire 🙁

Craig Doremus 🦕
5 days ago

#Deno documentation has been reorganized and moved to a new site:

Bruno Adelé
6 days ago

Week-end pluvieux, week-end studieux.

Pour mes premiers pas en #Deno / #TypeScript j'ai fais un script qui permet de tester si votre FAI bloque ou laisserait passer l'attaque DNS Rebinding.

Des volontaires deno pour tester ?

Pour ma part #Numericable

6 days ago

Check out QUnitX by @izelnakri:

It is is the only universal JS/TS test framework that is fast, flexible, zero dependency, and can run your test files interchangably in Node.js, browser, or Deno environments!

#qunit #deno #tdd #qunitx #crossbrowsertesting

1 week ago

How We Built #Deno KV using FoundationDB.

We explore the architecture, challenges, and our designs in creating a scalable, JavaScript-native database. Perfect for those with an appetite for technical depth.👇

Thiago Jedi
1 week ago

Vendo um vídeo do PrimeTime sobre os devs do NodeJS se doendo por que Bun disse que era mais rápido que eles.

Boy... quanta criancice.

Na boa. Tô feliz que agora temos #NodeJs, #Deno e #Bun. Tô feliz que temos opções.

Então minha humilde opinião sobre isso:



Anyone knows a performant #WebSocket server and client implementation fully implemented in #JavaScript? uWebSockets does not fit.
Intending to port it to #Deno/WingBlade to achieve API jailbreak (yeah, you heard it right, for a freaking runtime of a programming language).

1 week ago

This week #Bun 1.0 has been released, providing a good alternative to #NodeJS and #Deno . It's the fastest JS runtime out there right now.

Here's a quick summary of what can you do with Bun.

What Bun can replace?
- node
- npm, yarn, pnpm
- tsx, ts-node
- tsup, esbuild, rollup, webpack, turbopack, and even Vite
- jest (with good alternatives to jest-dom, compatible with RTL)

What does Bun not cover?

- eslint (linter)
- prettier (formatter)
- tsc (to generate dts files and catch type errors)

1 week ago

@kagan yes, it was Oven, the company behind #Bun. They've since renamed their Twitter and deleted a bunch of tweets, but the thread on HN is still there:

Bun does some interesting things. But being the VC-funded product that it is, it will soon push Oven's commercial products (cloud hosting) ever more aggressively and try to lock users in. #Deno is VC-backed too, btw. #Node on the other hand is a real community project and making good progress lately.

1 week ago

⚡ Deno vs. Bun vs. Node.js: A Feature Comparison

「 Choosing a JavaScript runtime for your project? Then you've probably heard of Deno, Bun, and Node.js. They are all good, but each has its own set of features and trade-offs. This guide will break them down by features, ease of use, security, and other considerations 」

#Deno #Bun #Node

1 week ago

@skwee357 @cr0ybot One alternative to setting up Typescript config is to use Deno and go with their defaults. You’ll probably have to think about config at some point, but it’s much further down the road. #deno #typescript

Rui Nibau (rnb)
2 weeks ago

Passer de #NodeJs ( à #Deno ( , ça vaut le coup !

* Un simple exécutable à placer dans son ~/.local/bin.
* Standards web mieux gérés et plus largement utilisés.
* Des Apis pas trop différentes
* Une sécurité accrue.

Le travail de migration m'a permit d'isoler les dépendances au runtime dans deux-trois modules qui utilisent maintenant Deno ou NodeJs, au choix.

A tester.

Petit bémol : Deno ne semble pas tourner sur la #raspberrypi 😞


2 weeks ago

I just made a tool for decrypting the list of questions/answers used in / (use this link if you have an ad blocker installed, the other one has anti-adblock):

(yes, they send *all* of the answers to the browser, and yes, they think that encrypting it somehow solves the problem of people getting the answers)

#webdev #deno #typescript #exploit
How hard is it to fork #Deno and completely remove #NodeJS support from it?

Ivan 🇪🇸
2 weeks ago

I think I've fallen in love with #Deno and #Lume

Added the option to inject headers or search parameters to Goldiprox. Now I can use it for my pi grafana dashboard to add the http basic auth without having to sign in to the raspberry pi’s browser manually #Notes #Deno

:rss: Qiita - 人気の記事
2 weeks ago

Rewriting #LibResilient tests in #Deno and… damn!

The number of random "add a timeout to wait here and hope all random promises started deep in the code resolve before it" I am removing — partially because I now understand my code better, partially because Deno has sane, reliable implementations of WebAPIs — is quite substantial.

Makes me a happy camper.

Zef Hemel
2 weeks ago

This also makes TypeScript my favorite backend language for web apps, where productivity is the priority. Using the same language on both frontend and backend has a lot of value. And typescript running on node.js or my preferred #Deno makes it robust. Performance wise there are likely better options, but sheer CPU/memory performance is hardly ever the bottleneck for web apps.

2 weeks ago

@deno_land I tried Deno real quick. I think it’s actually much better than I thought. 👍

#TypeScript #JavaScript #Deno #npm

2 weeks ago

import data from a local script to your global #Deno KV

Learn more:

Markus Tacker
2 weeks ago

This is pretty cool:
Announcing native npm support on #Deno Deploy
#Deno originally sets out to ditch #NodeJS and revolutionalize the #JavaScript ecosystem. Now? Different names, same sh*t.
If all that's done is to just become an extension to an already extensible ecosystem, the effort is pretty much wasted. The last incentive for developers to move to your platform natively is already destroyed by your very own hands.
Sure, permissions and Web-compliance are selling points, but what else? JS programmers rarely care about the additional permission system, and Web-compliancy can be added with packages. Heck, a different runtime named #Bun also adds Web-compliance, while beating your implementation to the punch.
From the pioneer with an ambition to a commoner chasing at the wakes, Deno nailed its own nails on the coffin it built itself.
From a former Deno hardcore fan.

2 weeks ago

It's finally here.
NPM support on #Deno Deploy.
Import over 2 million NPM modules from the edge.


#DenoKV is in Open Beta

#Deno now has a #database built into it's core!!

When you run it locally it's free and backed by #SQLite, and when you use #DenoDeploy it uses #FoundationDB

#webDev #javaScript #web #db

Zef Hemel
2 weeks ago

I hope #Deno KV will allow alternative backends though. SQLite is cool for small deployments, the proprietary FoundationDB backend offered as part of Deno Deploy is I’m sure nice, but the ability to choose alternatives would decrease the fear of lock-in.

Zef Hemel
2 weeks ago

#Deno KV is in Open Beta
This is cool. I’ve been using KV in @silverbulletmd lately and it’s been pretty performant (using it locally only, haven’t the Deploy version yet).

2 weeks ago

#Deno KV on Deno Deploy is in open beta! Plus other updates:
🔌 Connect to KV from outside Deno Deploy
💸 Scalable pricing
🌏 More read regions
🔋 More atomic operations
🔒 Simplified OAuth backed by KV
...and more!

3 weeks ago

Building CLIs in #Deno is productive and simple with:
✅ built-in tooling
✅ web platform APIs & browser methods
✅ `deno compile` into a cross-platform binary

3 weeks ago

I guess JSCore is really better than V8 on server-side use case 🤔

#bun WebWorker has lightweight mode,
#deno and #nodejs doesn't have this

matt 🦕
3 weeks ago

@andy_f Oh nice, yeah this is great, has more of a runtime that allows you to do the comments, right? very cool. I was looking to something like webmentions for my commenting features.

Big fan of the perf element here thoguh. I could just as easily have written this in #Node / #Deno tbh but It's good to see just what you can do with rust (espically when you swap out those `.clone()`)

3 weeks ago

@deno_land minty Fresh! #Deno #Fresh

Markus Tacker
4 weeks ago

After some nice small experiments at #SoCraTes2023 I'm going to give #Deno another try and will start using it more as a development tool, but not as a runtime in production yet (AWS Lambda doesn't work).

Jakub Jirutka
4 weeks ago

I’ve updated the #deno package in #AlpineLinux to the latest version and moved it from testing to the community repository, so it will be included in the next stable release v3.19 (this autumn). It’s available for x86_64 and aarch64. #JavaScript

4 weeks ago

`deno test --reporter=tap` will be available in #Deno v1.37 in September

Pavel Zinoviev 🔮
1 month ago

I'm finally making my own personal website. I'm ashamed to admit how long I've been dreaming about this.

And of course nothing is better for a personal website than SSG in my opinion, so I loaded up a @lume and a @deno_land to build it fast and simple.

But, the reason I'm writing this post — seems like I've made a logo that I like (finally). Here it is!

What do you think?

#webdev #personalwebsite #logo #logodesign #webdisign #design #lume #deno

Dark background, medium-sized white logo in the center. The logo says "Pavel" — name of it's author. The whole logo looks like a schematic web browser window. Addition to that in the top left corner of the icon there is three small colorful squares representing a "Close", "Hide" and "Full screen" buttons.
Markus Tacker
1 month ago

@rinkkasatiainen I used this as an opportunity to explore #Deno a bit more, so here are the tests written during the session:

It was amazing to see how fast Deno is.

1 month ago

deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-sys --allow-env npm:tailwindcss

И он работает!

#deno #tailwindcss

Chris Knight
1 month ago

@baldur Interesting, these are some of the very problems #Deno is trying to solve between a secure-by-default approach and standard library. As an aside, it also offers "deno info" to quickly check the dependency graph without "installing" it.

Matthew Miller :donor:
1 month ago

SimpleWebAuthn v8.0.0 has been released! The highlight of this release: first-class Deno support, as well as unofficial support for CloudFlare Workers and Bun! Basically anything that can run JavaScript or TypeScript on the back end should now be able to pull in this project, including CommonJS and ECMAScript modules!

Check out the changelog, there are a couple of minor breaking changes:

And if you have a Deno project you've been wanting to use SimpleWebAuthn with (without having to resort to npm: specifiers) you can find the project on here:

Time to rest 😮‍💨

#simplewebauthn #node #nodejs #deno #bun #cloudflare #typescript #javascript #webauthn #passkeys #pnpm #lerna

Matthew Miller :donor:
1 month ago

Help me out, Deno devs. Which of the following URLs should I go with when I live with the new Deno support I'm adding to SimpleWebAuthn? The project will become available via

(Without something like this you end up with a massive URL like since I have to publish the entire monorepo because is powered by per-repo webhooks.)

The NPM packages that get published already have ESM and CJS support for Node projects in either configuration. And with Cloudflare Workers and Bun both being Node-compatible you can just use the NPM packages like a normal Node project.

My vote is for the first option because these specific paths are specifically for Deno projects. Someone else is championing the second option because other projects looking to use the ESM version might want to use the same URL, and it'd be confusing to have /deno/ in it. But I'm not aware of any other runtimes now or coming up that do anything like Deno does with import {...} from ' Maybe I'm missing something?

Anyway thanks for helping me out with this. This'll be the first module I've ever published to Deno after three years of the project being Node-only and naming things is hard 🙃

#deno #node #typescript #javascript #webauthn #simplewebauthn

Zef Hemel
1 month ago

@arendjr for the record, I’m not a Deno company employee. Just a #Deno user.