Recetas con sazón
23 hours ago

Que sabor más delicioso, cremoso y para nada empalagoso.

Y lo mejor de todo, es muy sencilla de preparar y tan solo vas a necesitar 5 ingredientes.

Que disfrutes de la receta 👇 👇

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1 day ago

There's a reason my phone thinks Tiramisu is my entire personality. 🤣🤣

Dessert thirst trap of a different kind, there's a discount on my OF that ends tomorrow. Link in bio.

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A glass dish of home made Tiramisu dessert. There are glass handles on the sides of the Pyrex dish. If you want a different type of dessert thirst trap, you can subscribe to my OnlyFans. Link in bio.
2 days ago

I made Tiramisu and had it for my birthday breakfast.

On this next revolution around the sun, I'm going to be doing the absolute most with this one precious life I get.

Now I would like world peace and coffee.

P.S. Spicy sites are also discounted this weekend only. 😈​

#birthday #tiramisu #baking #dessert #sunday

Ross of Ottawa
3 days ago

Still had half the batch of pastry I made a few days ago for a pumpkin pie. I was slightly off on that one, which was almost impossible to handle, but tasted very good.

Today I used up the remainder for a reprise of a #galette from a few weeks back. A "free form" apple pie, with chunks of marzipan among the apples. Eager to have this shortly with a chunk of old cheddar on the side.

A very food-focussed day around here.


A flat pie-like pastry item, this galette is pastry wrapped around sliced apples and marzipan. There are some decorative pastry stripes across the top, but it's still not the prettiest pastry in town. Should be tasty though.

@parunenuitdete @Kahte @Natouille et le clou du spectacle, le baba au rhum (crème de chocolat)

Un baba au rhum dans une coque de présentation en plastique
3 days ago

Cooking up some Swedish meatballs, but couldn’t wait to try the #aleSmith Affogato Edition of Speedway #stout! Have been trying to find this one for quite a while.

Coffee, vanilla, and a hint of bitter in a decadent creamy body. It’s not as big coffee as I’d imagined, but the balance of vanilla is wonderful!

Dessert before dinner? Don’t mind if I do!

#stoutSaturday #CraftBeer #stoutSeason #dessert @beersofmastodon

A silver pint beer can has black lettering and yellow accents. A yellow oval badge states “Affogato Edition” and “Sprcual Edition” with Ale Smith’s trademark checkered flags crossed in the middle.
A tulip cup of dark beer has a smooth tan creamy head.

Cookie Fries are Cookies that Look Like Fries, so if your diet is basically McDonalds Fries like me, now you can have fries for dinner and fries for dessert


Cookie Fries are Cookies that Look Like Fries, so if your diet is basically McDonalds Fries like me, now you can have fries for dinner and fries for dessert
5 days ago

I forgot until I opened the fridge this morning that, last night, in a fit of self indulgence, I ordered a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake delivered to my door and it is now available to be eaten in tiny slices throughout the next week as breakfast, snacks, and dessert. #food #dessert

Red velvet layer cake
Atlas Obscura
5 days ago

The Tragic and Inspiring Story of the 'Queen of Thai Desserts'

From countess to political prisoner to palace chef, Maria Guyomar de Pinha lived a life fit for the screen.#history #sweets #dessert #thailand #foodhistory #section-Articles
The Tragic and Inspiring Story of the 'Queen of Thai Desserts'

Zephias Yeen
6 days ago

I made some more Icecream again!
Even though this time I choose instead of making some tropical flavor to go with something more 🎄 christmas 🎄like.

I went with a spiced cream based ice cream.
Speculoos flavor to be specific, and as a topping I went with a kind of concentrated apple sauce with granny smith apples and lemonjuice to balance the sweetness.

Love how it turned out, kinda reminds me of apple strudel :j

#icecream #dessert #custard #spekulatius #speculoos #applestrudel #gelato #cooking #eiscreme #eis

6 days ago

Gluten free double chocolate mint chip brownies. I needed a little chocolate pick-me-up. #baking #cooking #Dessert #glutenfree

Round pie pan with mint chip brownies fresh from the oven
1 week ago

Being bored at the office, I asked Bing to create an image of "a kerfloofeld thingamagic of worblly thermofoofs and cholocate sauce".

And it nailed it. I nearly fell of my chair laughing.

#aiart #dessert

1 week ago

Sex is good, but this might be better. 😋 😊

#Chocolate #Coffee #Mousse : Easy 5-Ingredient Recipe

#recipe #dessert

1 week ago
Retro Librarian
1 week ago

Beep Beep 1987 Pillsbury Bunt Cake Commercial
"Tunnel of fudge" 🤭
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #TvCommercial #Retro #Vintage #Fudge #PoppinFreash #PillsburyDoughboy #Microwave #food

Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 week ago

This is joking around, but really does reveal some cultural differences, not all of which are unrelated to electoral differences.

Kornacki does a map of which states prefer which desserts for T-day. #USPol #Dessert

Screencapture from linked video shows Steve Kornacki at the kind of graphic they'd use for an election. It shows the continental US as well as insets for Alaska and Hawaii. Each state has a winning icon of a dessert with the % of people in that state that voted for it. He's pointing at the South, where there's a belt of states where Sweet Potato Pie is the favored dessert.
SHUT Breaking News
2 weeks ago

caramel pumpkin pie recipe, dessert, Thanksgiving: The best pumpkin pie recipe for Thanksgiving is from Milk Bar and includes a homemade caramel layer and white chocolate ganache. #Bread #Thanksgiving #Dessert #Milk #Pie

SHUT Breaking News
2 weeks ago

Caramel Pumpkin Pie Recipe: The Only Thanksgiving Dessert You Need: "The Only Pumpkin Pie You Need to Make This Thanksgiving: A Decadent Recipe That Will Wow Your Family and Friends" #Bread #Thanksgiving #Dessert #Milk #Pie

Alan McCoy
2 weeks ago

Flan’s looking properly flannish so far. Took me three tries to get the caramel right but I think I finally nailed it. The rest looks good, but I won't know for sure until it sits in the fridge overnight.

Cooking, man. Sheesh.

#ThanksGiving #flan #dessert

lorddimwit: not a typewriter
2 weeks ago

Tomorrow’s #dessert is at least taken care of.

#thanksgiving #cooking

A screenshot of two timers running concurrently on an iPhone. The timers are labeled “Rice pudding” and “Apple cake”
Alan McCoy
2 weeks ago

Operation Dessert Storm.

#ThanksGiving #dessert

Zach Klipp (he/him)🌻
2 weeks ago

Fuck, the girl & the fig makes a good chocolate chip cookie

#food #dessert

Front of a box of cookies
Top down view of inside of box of cookies
2 weeks ago

Happy Wednesday, lovely tooters!
Need a midweek pick-me-up? I've got just the thing for you! 🍫✨
Check out my tried-and-true recipe for scrumptious chocolate chip muffins that'll sweeten your day. Perfect comfort in every bite! 😊
Let's bake away those midweek blues! 💫

#dessert #breakfast #food
#foodie #foodporn #blog #mastodon

2 weeks ago

As we head into the holiday week, I am sharing another delicious recipe!

I think it’s a little strange that the entire US wants to celebrate my being on Mastodon for 1 year, but it’s still a good excuse to talk about Brownies!
(I hear they’re throwing me a parade on Thursday…)

#MastoArt #WriteFreely #Artists #Blog #Baking #Recipe #Food #Dessert #AmBaking

Title Card features watercolor & ink painting of a pale woman with short green hair smiling as she holds a paintbrush & a large piece of paper with “Karin Wanderer Learns: Sweets for My Sweet” written on it. The table behind her is covered in art supplies & mysterious bottles.
2 weeks ago

Hello & Hello Again!
I made an account on a food-focused instance:

Food is such a common CW here, I decided it would be better to keep all my #Cooking & #Baking photos & #Recipes somewhere else entirely.

Follow me over there if you're interested! I won't be making any more food post here, except for announcing when my blog features one, & I won't post food pics with those announcements on this instance.

#Baking #Dessert #Food #AmBaking

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

The dessert that turned out to be trouble.

Arriving in 🇩🇪, I checked what stores nearby had on offer. A choc & cherry dessert caught my eye.

While checking the ingredients in the store, a pack of ham almost cracked my skull falling from a shelf above. Which made a store employee apologise for rearranging stuff there when she saw my shocked look.

Then it somehow spilled on the way to the bus station & made a sticky mess in my sweets bag.

#dessert #funnies

Lime Bar
2 weeks ago

A singular reason to come to Tucson.


Macerated pineapple, mango, strawberry, peach, ice cream, dulce de leche (sweetened condensed milk), optional crushed pecans and shaved coconut. Decadent.

Only at Sonoran Delights, afaik. Don't be fooled by lesser raspados.

#tucson #dessert

A colorful dessert ice cream. 

Macerated pineapple, mango, strawberry, peach, ice cream, dulce de leche (sweetened condensed milk), optional crushed pecans and shaved coconut.
Drew Naylor
2 weeks ago

PSA: Jell-o pistachio pudding has almonds in it.

#food #sweets #allergy #pistachios #almonds #pudding #Jello #JunkFood #dessert

Dave, Now With Dishwasher
3 weeks ago

I had some basbousa (and a half dozen other tasty treats) at a bake sale put on by the local Coptic church this weekend, so I decided to try to make my own.

#cooking #baking #dessert #egyptian

3 weeks ago

Today is National Bundt Day. Which flavor of bundt cake would you like?
#Poll #Polls #Cake #Food #Dessert

Sarah J Hoodlet
1 month ago

I probably won’t get as much #writing done today, but that’s okay. I’m not aiming to win NaNoWriMo, and I’m still on track for my 30k goal for the month.

And besides, look what I made! 🍊 😋

#dessert #baking #ChocolateTorte @securingdev

A chocolate torte, with candied orange slices and powdered sugar on top. It’s my husband’s favorite - and it’s his birthday tomorrow!
Kira Murasaki
1 month ago
Carob and pork rinds candy bar. Scottie carob and peanut butter fudge.

Saving to try the candy bar tonight. I'll update this when I have had a taste.

#candy #carob #confections
#candymaking #Sweets #treats #chocolate (not really) #dessert #food #foodie
ambi 🦇
1 month ago

Getting the party started with #vegan graveyard #chocolate pudding and mandarin 🎃.

#Halloween #spooktober #dessert #jackolanterns

4 glasses of chocolate pudding, with cookie crumbles for dirt, mandarin puree shaped into pumpkin + walnut piece for stem sits a top, cookie planted like a tombstone with RIP written in white frosting.
Lined up next to 4 mandarin oranges carved to look like jackolanterns.
Retro Librarian
1 month ago

Spice cake who ? - I want a SPIKE cake.
Pillsbury's Best Flour, 1936
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

three intresting desserts. One a cake with only meringue on top and a creamy center. A Chocolate cake with nuts poking out as spikes! and some fruit fritter
Tim Richards
1 month ago

OK people, I'm at Stokehouse in St Kilda. Which dessert should I choose?

#Melbourne #Dessert

Hand holding a dessert menu, including such delights as tiramisu, cannoli, and something described as "Manchego & honeycomb".

A lifetime is not a long-time. Eat dessert when the opportunity arises.
#life #dessert

Crème brûlée with a few pieces of glazed fruit on top. A few bites are already gone. Behind this is a glass of port wine.
Aby Darling
1 month ago


#cooking #baking #food #dessert #pastry #jam #curd #audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse

A plate filled with vanilla custard and orange curd tarts. I think they look delicious and scrumptious. The kitchen also smells amazing - like warm buttery pastry, vanilla, and orange curd!
1 month ago

Get into the Halloween spirit a week early with these delightful mini apple pies that are not only delicious but also gluten and dairy-free. 😋
Let the festivities begin! 🎃 🍂 🍁 🥳 🍂

#recipe #halloween #fall #autumn #blog #food #dessert

The Japan Times
1 month ago
2 months ago

Today is National Dessert Day. Which of these popular desserts tempt you most?
#Poll #Polls #Dessert #Food

CBO [Raceme] @ le17
2 months ago

Rentré du boulot juste à temps avant la nuit et la tempête pour récolter les coings avant que la pluie et le vent à décorner les bœufs ne détruisent tout.
Quelqu'un aurait une idée autre que la pâte de coing (j'ai encore 1 à 2 ans de stock) ?
Si ça se trouve @LaurentChemla ou @athenavocat ont des super recettes, simples et rapides en plus 🤩
#QuestionCuisine #fruits #Dessert #coings Let's open to international: anyone having recipes with #quince other than fruit paste ?

Photo de deux cagettes remplies de coings.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

BAKING NEWS: I made Fig Newtons. Slightly overcooked them but still good enough to eat too many. I have several pounds of dehydrated figs from the summer so this might be a regular item on the menu. #figs #ficus #baking #dessert #cookies #gardening #fruit

Photograph of eight square, filled cookies stacked on a plate.
Texas Observer
2 months ago

Today, head baker @gabrielarana bribed us to come into the office with both sweets AND a cute pupper (Thor 😍)

#journalism #JournoLife #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #food #dessert

Chocolate-dipped macaroons and pecan pie await hungry folks on a wooden conference table, along with a small potted snake plant.
A tall golden lab perches on a leather couch, licking his lips. He's got a fluffy red coat and looks like a very good dog.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

Got #CrumblCookies for the family tonight from their weekly rotating menu:
* Semi-Sweet #Chocolate Chunk
* #Caramel Apple (my new favorite)
* Dark Dream
* Chocolate Green #Mint (my wife’s favorite, served chilled)

#cookies #dessert

Chocolate chip, but make it chunky—a delicious cookie filled with irresistible semi-sweet chocolate chunks and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.
A warm cinnamon apple cookie topped with caramel cream cheese frosting, chopped Granny Smith apples, a drizzle of caramel, and a house-made streusel.
A decadent chocolate cookie packed and topped with gooey semi-sweet chocolate chips.
A chocolate cookie packed with green mint pieces and rolled in cookies & cream crumbs, then smothered in green mint buttercream frosting and sprinkled with cookies & cream bits.
Retro Librarian
2 months ago

Cake for Lunch?
Pillsbury (1966) Ad
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

nice big piece of perfectly cut chocolate cake.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
2 months ago

It feels like cinnamon roll weather, and while I love making them I don't remotely have the spoons for that today. So for everyone else also feeling like that, have the time I tested a whole bunch of grocery store ready to bake options:

I know I missed a few brands, so I still hope the low spoons cinnamon rolls of my dreams are out there somewhere.

#YouTube #Video #Food #Dessert

Retro Librarian
3 months ago

The Jell-O Company with Paradise Pudding recipe, 1926
I see they brought Grandma to the table. ⚱️
#food #jello #Dessert #advertisement #retro #vintage #recipe

a fancy jello ad with nice china plates and an Urn?
3 months ago
3 months ago

I don’t normally make #dessert but I was inspired today to make homemade #coffee stracciatella semifreddo and it is currently blowing my mind. #italian #cooking

A bowl of whipped heavy cream with melted chocolate drizzled on top. Forms the base of stracciatella
Espresso, egg yolks, vanilla extract being folded into the stracciatella base with a spatula.
Retro Librarian
3 months ago

Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa, 1952
#Cadbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

Chocolate cake with nuts and white cream on top.

Heute kochen mit einer anderen guten Freundin

#Vorspeise: mal wieder das wunderbare Rezept
#vegan #vegetarisch #Ottolenghi

Als Hauptgang gegrillte #Auberginen mit asiatischer #Tahina
#vegan #vegetarisch

und als #Dessert den Lieblingskuchen
#Aprikosen - #Walnuss -Kuchen mit #Lavendel #Ottolenghi #Lieblingskuchen

Es war ein kulinarisches Fest und beim und nach dem Essen ein wunderbarer Gedankenaustausch.

Auf einer Porzellanplatte eine helle Creme mit ganzen Bohnen, Dill und gegrillten grünen Chilis
Auf dem Teller zwei halbe gegrillte Auberginen, darauf, Frühlingszwiebeln, Tomatenstückchen, und eine braune Creme
Ein Kuchen in einer Tortenform mit halben Aprikosen belegt.
3 months ago

My mom requested chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. After consulting the Cookie Companion I made these. They spread quite a bit, but they are chewy and quite tasty. I might give this recipe another shot. It had so many ingredients though. I feel like you could achieve the same thing with fewer ingredients.

#food #cooking #baking #cookies #oatmeal #chocolatechip #chocolate #dessert #snack #fall #fallbaking #homemade #fromscratch #homebaker

Image is a close up shot of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on a white plate.
3 months ago

Ouch! Glochids in the mouth,
You know your dessert has gone south
Eating cactus fruit is fine
Until you chomp on a spine.

#cactus #poem #dessert

Adam Fields
3 months ago

And a followup of chocolate chip cookies from some dough I had in the freezer, baked with the @anovaculinary precision oven. About 17 minutes at 375F with 10% steam, to 140F internal temp. These were delightful. #dessert #cooking #anovaprecisionoven #cookies