Simon Dodd
2 hours ago

Devs of Mastodon—I have a feeling this is the right venue—I want an #Outlook #plugin that I don't think yet exists. It doesn't do anything that I think is complicated, but it must work on #Mac. I'm busy so I'd sooner pay someone familiar with Outlook #dev work than learn the intricacies myself. Anyone interested?

Ajay Kelkar
9 hours ago

"Apperantly the problem were bad imports in my code." I spent half the friday figuring out why nodemailer was timing out. ffs #whynotjs #js #dev #developer

Let's come together where 
design meets technology – and catch up with old friends. Join our community and advance your career! Buy your conference and workshop tickets now. 🎟️ #front23 #design #dev #uxui #conference

1 day ago

Not sure about tech choices for the goal buddies idea. I try to avoid third party services like FireBase. So I would need to research how to do that somehow.

I could make the app poll the backend, but I think that might drain the battery.

Or make the whole thing web only and email as notifications. That would presumably be easier to build, but the experience would not be as smooth.


2 days ago

Working on my first personal programming project in years feels really good. Swift is an interesting Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde mix of a very pretty language held hostage by its obj-c ancestors. Having quite a lot of fun with the UI aspects of it. Not so much the other aspects.

It’s kind of like if you stopped the monster’s transformation halfway between Haskell and Obj-C.

I’m redesigning software I was paid to design (open source) about a decade ago now, and it’s a lot more fun when I don’t have to get 3 professors to sign off on design changes. Swift is being used because unfortunately the only video playing API up to the task of what we need it for is Apple’s AVKit (forwards and backwards high playback speeds as well as accurate frame-by-frame jogging, good hooks for image analysis software to be hooked up).

ffmpeg is just too unwieldy for someone who isn’t a low level video pipeline expert, sadly. And the Windows video playback stack is an absolute joke not good for much else other than playing at 1x speed

#dev #software #swiftui #swift

Mitex Leo
2 days ago

A nice looking Reddit alternative for the fediverse:

I hope someone will revive this project !

#fediverse #prismo #rubyonrails #dev #fedidev

2 days ago

Been getting my head around #AzurePipelines today, now have a nice CI/CD pipeline that runs

Commit >> Tests >> Build >> Package Containers >> Deploy To Dev Host

Very satisfying when it all finally clicks together!

#Dev #Developer #ConinuousDelivery

Aral Balkan
2 days ago

Just updated Domain to use the new <page> tag in Kitten and I love how much nicer it is.

It’s great to be able to include htmx¹ and apply hx-boost² (think of it as magic ajax) to the whole app from the base layout component.

Also love being able to specify, for example, that Alpine.js³ should be included on the page from a component that uses it.



#Kitten #Domain #SmallWeb #web #dev

2 days ago

Been getting my head around #AzurePipelines today, now have a nice CI/CD pipeline that runs

Commit >> Tests >> Build >> Package Containers >> Deploy To Dev Host

Very satisfying when it all finally clicks together!

#Dev #Developer #ConinuousDelivery

2 days ago

Been getting my head around #AzurePipelines today, now have a nice CI/CD pipeline that runs

Commit >> Tests >> Build >> Package Containers >> Deploy To Dev Host

Very satisfying when it all finally clicks together!

#Dev #Developer #ConinuousDelivery

Axolotat :verified_gay:
2 days ago

Hello ! I just created an awesome list of resources for staying up-to-date with the latest webdev frontend trends! Check it out and feel free to contribute if you've got something to add. blobfoxcomputer

#OpenSource #GitHub #frontendEnd #dev #awesomeList

Aral Balkan
2 days ago

Quick heads up if you’re playing with Kitten, I’ve just removed the option to return an object (with title, icon, libraries, etc., properties) from your page routes now that we have the new <page> tag that lets you do that from within html tagged template strings not just from your pages but also from fragments and components.

(So we have one way of doing things that works consistently everywhere now.)

:kitten: 💕

#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #dev

2 days ago

G'day #devs. Our project is looking for a developer to help us with an exciting fediverse-facing Google drive application for educators—and general fedi populations. Experience with app-script and extending the Drive UI (building atop existing FOSS project if possible) helpful. Mostly volunteer, for now, for our nonprofit needs, but there is a commercial spin-off possible.
Please, no google-hate replies. It is what it is. For now.

#OpenSource #dev #tech #Chrome #foss #googledrive

2 days ago
Saemon Zixel
2 days ago

Smalltalk пока что для боевого применения плохо годится.

Squeak/Pharo нестабильны и медлительны, VisualWorks Smalltalk стабилен и быстр, но стоит денег. А Cincom не работает с Россией в свете текущих событий. Есть ещё GNU Smalltalk, но коммерческая разработка вроде как запрещена на нём. Есть американская VisualAge Smalltalk, но она платная и возможно сильно устаревшая. Есть Smalltalk/X - вроде как немецкая разработка, тоже платная и, при этом, пощупать среду разработки бесплатно не дают. Есть Smalltalk MT - но он для разработки игр и под винду.

Может быть, Squeak/Pharo на GraalVM будут быстры и стабильны. Но я не знаю, не щупал.

#dev #lang #smalltalk #squeak #pharo #visualworks #cincom #gnusmalltalk

Eric Drobile
3 days ago

The Made with Lau team (they publish recipes, howto videos, by a Cantonese cook/chef who is the patriarch of a Taishanese family in California) is looking for a Jr. Full Stack developer:

(I've supported them via Kickstarter in the past, having a similar ancestry and cultural background - they seem to do good work, but I am not related to them and I have no idea how they are as employers, though they seem to be a decent and kind family, fully engaged in the creative process. Look them up on YouTube!)

#MastoJobs #MastoHire #JobSearch #Dev

Kai Klostermann
3 days ago

The Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric is explained further here:

#WebPerformance #WebPerf #web #dev #cwv #fid #inp

Aral Balkan
3 days ago

Kitten¹ now has a <page> tag!

Use it to:

• specify certain <head> elements for your page (title, icon, etc.)

• list any libraries you want to include in your page from the ones Kitten has first-class support for (HTMX, HTMX WebSocket, Alpine.js, and Water.css)

Happy weekend, all! :)

:kitten: 💕


#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #dev #javaScript #js #NodeJS

Screenshot of code and browser showing how to add the Water CSS library to a page in kitten using the <page> tag.

The relevant piece of code reads:

export default () => html`
  <page water>
  <h1>Hello, world!</h1>
SCOP Webu :scop:
3 days ago

Webu recrute 🎉 !

Nous sommes une #SCOP de conception et développement de sites web à #Grenoble, et nous recherchons actuellement un⋅e développeur⋅euse #web à temps plein, orienté⋅e vers les technologies front, avec aussi un appétit pour le #webdesign.

Le détail de l'offre est disponible sur .

#libre #dev #coop #emploi

Aurora The Lost Medallion
3 days ago

Happy #FollowFriday everyone 🥳

We're developing an #indie point and click #adventuregame that is inspired by classics of the genre.

#AuroraTLMGame #IndieGame #IndieDev #IndieDevs #GameDev #PC #Gaming #Gamer #Steam #Dev


This time, I made sure to integrate Voicemod very neatly into SAMMI and I can say it's working pretty good!

This is the first release. The code is a mess, it still doesn't have a, you need to input the ip and you api key every time in the Bridge and the transpiler included is not exactly perfect

but hey, IT WORKS!

Also expect me to work more into this

#softwaredevelopment #dev #development

Ismael Reyes
4 days ago

Venga, me apunto al #PaquitaPregunta de @ocana...

Me siento orgulloso de haber conseguido ganar varios concursos de programación por España adelante (alguno por mi ciudad, Vigo; pero también por Aragón o Madrid) y, sobre todo, aquellos que se celebraron en Zaragoza porque fue usando los datos abiertos de la ciudad (es/era una de las pocas ciudades que fomentaba su uso)

#AndroidDev #WebDev #Java #Kotlin #JavaScript #php #dev

Rob C
4 days ago

Another little stream tonight, part 3 of my MUI tutorial for Blitz Basic on the #Amiga. Fingers crossed for a smoother stream than last time! Starting at 8:30pm (BST) #retro #dev

Aral Balkan
4 days ago

Just released a tiny Node module that parses the attributes from a single tag (any attribute from anything that looks like a tag, not just valid attributes from HTML tags).

(Regular expressions just don’t cut it when you want to support boolean attributes as well as attributes with dashes in the names and unquoted, single-quoted, and double-quoted values.)

#nodeJS #SmallTech #SmallWeb #attributeParser #web #dev

🦣 lordvalor 💡
4 days ago

Alguno por acá me recomienda una estrategia eficiente para mantener respaldados y actualizados los dotfiles en un repositorio git ?
#linux #git #dev #dotfiles #sycn

Axolotat :verified_gay:
4 days ago

Debugging is like being a detective in a movie where you are also the murderer.

#dev #developper #developpers #devFront #devBack #coding

Glen Downton
4 days ago

My career goal as a #software #dev is to write code the way "#coders" do in the movies: eyes never leaving the screen(s), fingers never leaving the keyboard, no pause, no hesitation, no smashing the crap out of backspace ...

Tomas Ekeli
4 days ago

finally learning #go - the defer statement is pretty cool


4 days ago

Engineering changes when you get more senior #meme #engineer #dev #humour

Four screenshot, the first one a simple box development environment, with the title Aspiring Engineer, the next one with a basic hello world code and the title Junior Engineer, then a VSCode one with more code labelled Engineer, then a zoom meeting with a bunch of people titled Senior Engineer
Pratik Patel
4 days ago

You know, I've always considered coding as a hobby and a way to understand computer architecture. It's given me knowledge of multiple languages. As I sort of consider my options for moving away from the sort of #accessibility work that's led to burnout, I'm seriously considering doing some programming work for #MachineLearning and #AI as well as other accessibility.

Rust, Swift, and Mojo, which is a shortened and compilable version of Python, are bringing me around.

#dev #programming.

4 days ago

What if companies just stopped working on new shiny features most people won't use for a year or two, and just focus on making the software more stable and better. 🤷‍♂️. Just an idea. #windows #software #dev #development #programming #quality #games

Eric Drobile
5 days ago

The month of May has been excellent! Officially trademarked NeuroSpicy Studio, mocked up some logo designs, and got a whole lot of story development/vis dev and game prototype work done on Merry Melony! Overall a great month! Exciting times.

Please enjoy this highlight video for May and tell any friends that like weird indie games.

#indiedev #unreal #gamedev #development #dev #games #videogames #gaming #unrealengine5 #neurodivergent #adhd #autism #studio #neurospicy

Jerome (He/Him)
5 days ago

Fucking over the developers who have dedicated countless hours to building a better Reddit experience is incredibly short sighted.

The #fediverse is going to see much more #dev activity soon.

There aren’t a lot of examples of #macOS #VoiceOver scripts out there, so we made a small collection that range from truly useful to the mainly demonstrative. Have something you’d like to see added to the collection? Let us know! You can download the collection from our website here:
#AppleScript #dev #development #accessibility #a11y

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
5 days ago

a thing I love about consulting in tech is that I'll see a person post something like "we have a world class X team" on LinkedIn and I know they don't because that same person literally contracted me as a consultant to make up for the shortcomings in that team they're praising. #tech #consulting #dev

Tim Krief
5 days ago

🔴 Let's break some graves. Game Dev Session. Godot Engine #indieDev #godotengine #godot #gamedev #dev

Ian Dickinson
5 days ago

Snippets of modern CSS to do useful tasks. A lot has changed in CSS, and there are some really neat ideas here:

#web #dev #frontend #css

Ronalds Vilciņš
6 days ago

@owncast 0.1.0 вышел.

Немного из изменений:

- Переделали вебню
- Отвязали стрим-ключи от админского пароля - теперь можно вести коллективный стриминг и не раздавать всем админку.
- Кастомизация эмодзей
- Выбор цветов в чате (и их ограничение админом)
- Скрытие количества смотрящих
- Разные кастомизации фронта вроде оффлайн-баннера, кастомных JS/CSS и прочего.
- Удаление нотификаций через Twitter

Целиком - тут:

Тем временем я у себя на @live уже накатил. В течение недели может быть что-то постримлю на новой версии.

#Owncast #soft #dev #releases #log #stream #video #news

Aral Balkan
6 days ago

Just added Water.css¹ support to Kitten².

Water is a CSS stylesheet for semantic HTML that’s responsive, has good typographical defaults, and light/dark mode support.

Useful for demos, teaching, and also as a good base stylesheet for your Small Web places.

Just add WATER (see what I did there?) to your libraries array in your pages.


#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #WaterCSS #CSS #web #dev #stylesheet #html #semanticHTML

Screenshot: code editor on left, browser on right.

Browser contents:

Heading 1: Water

Water CSS library logo: the letters CSS with waves showing through them.

Heading 2: What is it?

Water¹ is a minimalist CSS stylesheet for semantic HTML that is responsive and has light and dark mode support. It’s convenient for quick experiments, teaching, and demos and could also be used as a good base stylesheet for your Small Web sites and apps.

Heading 2: How do you use it in Kitten?

Just include it in the list of libraries for your page:

export default function () {
  return {
    markup: html`<h1>Hello, world!</h1>`,
    libraries: [WATER]

Heading 2: View source

View the source code for this example (link)

Footnote: 1. Source: ↩︎

Contents of editor:

export default () => {
  return {
    markup: markdown`
      # Water

      ![Water CSS library logo: the letters CSS with waves showing through them.](

      ## What is it?

      [Water]([^1] is a minimalist CSS stylesheet for semantic HTML …
      ## View source

      [View the source code for this example.](

      [^1]: Source:

        pre { font-size: 1.25em; }
    libraries: [WATER],
    syntaxHighlightingTheme: 'color-brewer'
Aral Balkan
6 days ago

Just published Kitten’s¹ new database² commands:

- kitten db [table name] to see info the database/a specific table
- kitten db delete [table name] to delete the database/a specific table
- kitten db tail <table name> to follow a specific table

Full docs:


#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #JavaScriptDatabase #javascript #database #JSDB #web #dev #js #NodeJS #commandLineInterface #CLI

Front Conference Zurich
1 week ago

Don't miss out on the chance to watch our entire programme live or on demand just because you have kids! Buy your streaming ticket now and guarantee yourself access to all the videos, forums and Q&A sessions. 🎟️ #front23 #design #dev #uxui

Rose are Red
Violet are Bluue
Unexpected error on line two

#bug #mistake #joke #debug #dev

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
1 week ago

I swear there is something broken in the brains of these people that prevents them from lifting their heads up and seeing the world around them. #foss #opensource #dev

Wallfacer Heather
2 weeks ago

ci/cd scares me. Are you really okay with just pushing your changes out to the world like that? After I merge a PR I want it to marinate on the dev branch for a couple weeks at least.

#dev #cicd

Si quelqu'un a des ressources sur la façon d'organiser des équipes de développeurs (par domaines, par features, par produit) ou a des retours d'expérience, je suis preneur !

#dev #help
Tomas Ekeli
2 weeks ago

automatic saving of files as you're coding

yay or nay?

#code #ide #dev

Marco Steinhäuser
2 weeks ago

After #hackathon pre #dev day party at #SCD23. Thanks for that one @firegento!

John Godsland
2 weeks ago

Resisting the urge to undertake a massive rewrite or refactor of an existing codebase that has been quietly working for years. I only need to make the changes necessary to work with the latest version of #PHP. I have to keep reminding myself that rewriting everything is unnecessary. #dev

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

#Kitten now has high-level support for file uploads.

- Automatically serves uploads by unique ID at /uploads/<unique-id>
- Makes the list of files available to your POST routes in an array at request.files

This is how simple it is:

Under the hood, I’ve replaced body-parser with express-busboy. That’s a major change so if something breaks for you, please do let me know. Also fixed a few things, including a parse error triggered by some scripts.

#SmallWeb #web #dev

Josh Renaud
2 weeks ago

If you're interested in playing with it, it's here:

If you end up making any cool art, please send it to me! Would love to put together an all-IGS artpack.

#pixelart #art #bbsing #textmode #igs #graphics #retrocomputing #atarist #vintagecomputing #atari #dev

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

So I just finished implementing file upload support in Kitten and it is very neat (if I say so myself) :kitten: 🎉

Will merge it into main tomorrow after some more testing.

Can’t wait to show it off as part of the personal microblog site example I’m going to be livecoding at NewCrafts Paris on Thursday.

(Just look at how little code there is in the POST route and the main page to work with uploads.)

’Night ’night folks :)

#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #dev

Screenshot of Aral’s Place (https://localhost/post/) in browser. 

Navigation: Home, About, Post 

Heading: New Post

Label: Post contents
Text area with text: “This is Prince of Persia, one of my favourite games as a chile.”

Label: image
Image upload control showing prince-of-persia-cga-four-colours.webp selected.

Label: Alt-text (describe the image for people who use screen readers)
Screenshot of Prince of Persia’s opening screen with a Persian palace rendered in four-colour CGA.

Button: Publish

Footer: opyright © 2023-present, Aral Balkan. All content on this site is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.
Screenshot of the main page with the post published.
Screenshot of code (

if (!db.posts) db.posts = []

export default function (request, response) {
    date: new Date(),
    files: request.files,
    altText: request.body.altText

  request.session.postPublished = true

  response.writeHead(303, {Location: '/'})
Screenshot of code with the following lines highlighted:

${details.files?.map(file => html`
  <img src=${file.path} alt=${details.altText ? details.altText :}>

Full visible portion of code listing from start:

import Site from './Site.layout.js'

const Post = ({details}) => html`
  <li class='Post'>
    <time datetime=${}>${}</time>
    <div id='images'>
      ${details.files?.map(file => html`
        <img src=${file.path} alt=${details.altText ? details.altText :}>
    .Post { list-style-type: none; }
    .Post time { display: block; width: 100%; }

export default function (request, _response) {
  const postPublished = request.session.postPublished === true
  request.session.postPublished = false

  const posts = db.posts ? [...db.posts].reverse() : []
  const hasPosts = posts.length > 0

  return html`
    <${Site} page='home' title='Public Posts'>
      <if ${postPublished}>
        <p class='ok'>Post published!</p>
      <if ${hasPosts}>
        <ul id='posts'>
            <time datetime='2023-05-91T10:25'>Friday, May 19, 2023</time>
            <p>Setting up my Small Web site.</p>
          ${ => html`
            <${Post} details=${post} />
Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

Right, implemented workaround for JavaScript’s Proxy / Date object incompatibility in JavaScript Database (JSDB)¹ and released in version 3.0.2².

Calling methods on persisted Date objects read back into memory now works as it should.

Workaround (diff):
3.0.2 update (diff):

Kudos to Pravin Divraniya for


#JSDB #JavaScript #JS #database #SmallTech #Date #Proxy #web #dev

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

So in case anyone was following this: it appears that built-in objects like Date in JavaScript have some internal magic (read: inconsistencies)* that means you can’t proxy them as you would normally.

More info:

Not sure if this is fixable in #JSDB. The “solution” might be to discourage use of Date objects and instead persist timestamps. Which is, quite frankly, a pain in the ass.

I’ll keep looking for a workaround…

* internal slots

#nodeJS #javaScript #js #web #dev

Let's come together where 
design meets technology – and enjoy amazing food! Join our community and advance your career. Buy your conference and workshop tickets now. 🎟️ #front23 #design #dev #uxui #conference

2 weeks ago

Hoping for an #iOS #dev to help with a question in our forum about adding move actions to the #VoiceOver rotor. Check out the question and join the discussion here: #AppDevelopment #Programming

2 weeks ago

If you think being 100% correct and precise in your instruction manuals will guarantee people will not fuck up using your system, sit down with someone reading your manual sometime to be cured of that notion.

First thing I noticed is that people don't read manuals like novels. They will open your manual in the middle, browse for things that stand out as something they know already, and do that first, regardless of your manual listing 40 steps that need to be done beforehand.

#devops #ux #dev

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

There are times I think JavaScript (and Node.js) do deserve their reputation…

(Ok, ok, I don’t, but what is this, really?)

“Date.prototype.toISOString called on incompatible receiver [object Date]”


#nodeJS #javaScript #js #web #dev

Martin Grubinger
3 weeks ago

We are looking for a flutter developer to join us here at #geizhals in #vienna
#flutter #job #dev

Let me know if you have any questions. Boosts welcome 🙏

3 weeks ago

Okay, so like, I've kinda been trying to keep this project under wraps (at least on here) for a little but now I feel like I have something worth showing.

Here's my #furry #visualNovel for the #playdate

I have going forward, backward, sprite movement

The Crank even skips text :3

#furryfandom #gamedev #vn #Prototype #dev #development

recording of a furry visual novel prototype I have been working on for the Playdate handheld

Versatility in development frameworks allow UX designers to create products that accommodate to users rather than products that users have to accommodate to.

Part II in my series "The Rise of Frameworks & the Fall of UX Architecture"

#UX #userExperience #dev #developer #framework #uxdesign

The Rise of Frameworks & the Fall of UX Architecture 

PART II:One Size Never Fits All 

Photo of shirt tag reading "One Size Fits None"
Jon McLaren
3 weeks ago

My neighbors seem to think I work for a lawn care company, I don't know what gave them that Idea.

🤔 But if I did, I think it'd look a little something like this. #stealThisWorkflow #HubSpot #Dev


Jon McLaren mowing a lawn. His shirt has the HubSpot logo on it and the tagline "Grow Better". There's an inset image with the "HubSpot Grow Better" part of his shirt blown up.
A HubSpot workflow named "AI all the things - Release the Drones". Every Monday morning after deal is closed won, it sends an email "Remove your dog and dog poo from yard" to customer, then the next day a custom code action is triggered starting robot lawn mowers, then an email is sent notifying the customer lawn mowers have been dispatched, a few hours later an email is sent "sorry about your flowers, we'll do better next time". Then an in-app notification is triggered notifying the deal owner. A task in HubSpot assigned to the deal owner is created "Buy customer flowers"
3 weeks ago

What?! #stackExchange #stackOverflow should ask a question on their own site asking "How to do a legit #dev #developer #survey?"

Wanting to ask about how devs feel about #ai in their workflow, they've chosen a survey provider #qualtrics that requires "ad blockers and security software" be disabled. Hmmm. #notTheOnion or what?

This will clearly result in responses from a subset of devs who do not care about security or privacy. You know, those that love AI.

Screenshot of survey showing the following text, a Next button and "Powered by Qualtrics":

If you use security or ad-blocking plugins, you may see error messages
Our third-party software provider, Qualtrics, does not work well with certain ad blockers and security software. To avoid error messages that prevent you from taking the survey, please try specifically unblocking Qualtrics in your plugin or pausing the plugin while you take the survey. 

To begin, click Next.
3 weeks ago

I couldn't find an offline browser based text editor so i made one myself! Its pretty bare bones and requires you to manually unregister the service worker but it works! (I'll try to make it so you dont have to eventually)


Plaintext editor

You can upload files

You can also download the text

***Offline use!***

Works on mobile!

#JavaScript #js #WebDev #dev #development #html #webtools #programming

(If you find this helpful please boost this! (no pressure of course ^^))

3 weeks ago

It's almost quack o'clock!

Syntax Error's May issue hits inboxes and RSS readers around the globe this Wednesday.

If you haven't yet subbed, head over to to do that. If you have, share it with 3 of your dev friends so they can subscribe and join the duck pond.

Syntax Error is a monthly newsletter with thoughts, tips and stories about #debugging #software.

#webdev #programming #coding #developer #dev

A yellow illustrated rubber duck on a black background with large text Syntax Error next to it

Don't miss out on the chance to watch our entire programme live or on demand just because you can't make it to Zurich! Buy your streaming ticket now and guarantee yourself access to all the videos, forums and Q&A sessions. 🎟️ #front23 #design #dev #uxui

3 weeks ago

- On a successful Perception or Investigation check, gain additional gold on kill. Crit failures result in only earning the minimum (1) gold. Crit successes result in even more gold earned
- Monsters cannot crit the player when they run
- Players are guaranteed to survive their first death saving throws per campaign
- Total amount of votes cast in the current campaign is in bio next to the 👤
- (hopefully) fixed polls not counting correctly
#dev #update

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

Great question in the @glitchdotcom community forum: What skills do software developers have beyond writing code?

To me, it's mainly about the ability to step back and evaluate how your decisions and your behavior affects the world around you, through empathy.

And you really have to be empathetic to yourself as well; know the value of your time. Opt in for simpler, more straightforward solutions. Ask for help when you need it.

#developers #dev #WebDev #tech #empathy


And this will manifest in different ways. Whether you make a product, offer services, or work on your side projects, the result of your work will be enjoyed by real people, with their busy lives, who come to you for help, or maybe out of curiosity, to learn something new.

Think about the bad experiences you’ve had with things similar to what you’re making and what you can do to make other people’s lives easier. If you receive constructive criticism, it’ll most likely be from people who want to help you do better.

As an engineering manager, I treat the developers I work with as equal team members. We all have different strengths and experience, and it’s through working together that we succeed, or fail, as one team.

And finally, you need to have empathy with yourself. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Step back, and think about the problem you’re trying to solve. Maybe there’s a simpler way? Maybe someone else knows the answer? Know the value of your time.
Jon McLaren
4 weeks ago

Are you a visual person? Prefer some UI instead of text?
If you haven't been developing locally, you probably didn't know that the HubSpot VS Code extension got some new tricks.

Quickly and effortlessly change between which HubSpot account you're working in.

Add accounts easily without running CLI commands.
#HubSpot #dev

Screenshot showing vs code extension, listing connected HubSpot accounts, add account, and swap accounts features.

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