2 hours ago

The 2nd #developers meetup Pokhara was a great experience!

Bikram ( talked about what #OpenSource software is, how it can benefit developers, institutions and companies and how to get involved.

@arturN then presented #ownCloud Infinite Scale (oCIS) an open source file sync & share platform made by @ownclouders
So good to meet and learn from each other!

If you a #softwaredeveloper in #Pokhara, #Nepal and not yet part of the group, join here:

3 hours ago
Experience the Power of Paretto's Law at "Candies for Developers" with @vskourtis and #OWASP! It's an essential workshop for #developers to detect and learn how to remediate security issues. REGISTER NOW:… #cybersecurity #appsec #devsecops…
Astra Kernel :verified:
20 hours ago

☕ Java 21 ( unnamed classes to make the class declaration implicit )

#java #programming #developers

void main() {

System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Tech news from Canada
20 hours ago
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
1 day ago

Why is so much property in the UK so ugly/boring and some downright rabbit-hutch size. Why do we let a Government lets developers get away with making rooms that are downright claustrophobic? The minimum size should be a decent size, not what they are getting away with.

#Developers #Planners #Architects #Mastodon #Fediverse. #Rabbithutches

Mojo ♻️
1 day ago

#Sydney will never be a #Paris, #London or #Rome, because successive state and local governments have not planned well for the people or the planet, and have been too influenced (bribed) by the #property #developers #nswpol

Markus Eisele
2 days ago
Kubuntu Focus
2 days ago

The #Linux Systems to get you going!

These just-works Linux systems featuring Kubuntu 22.04 LTS and the beautiful and intuitive #KDE desktop are meant to help you with any task and make it fun too!
See more at:

#Code #Data #Developers #ML #Engineers #Laptop #Desktop #AI #Creators #DataScience #Graphics

2 days ago
Turn Security Into Sweetness! Come join #OWASP and @vskourtis for "Candies for Developers" – Paretto's Law is in the spotlight, teaching #developers to see the 20% of cases that cause 80% of the vulnerabilities early on. Don't miss out! REGISTER NOW:……
2 days ago

Seems like every other day a user wants to do something with #Win11 that should be simple to do.

Yet for some reason, the genius decisionmakers over at #Microsoft continually seem to make the #system incapable of the most basic things as if they're actively getting their #developers to waste time fighting against what users actually want.

Why anyone uses this #software or anything #MSFT these days is beyond me when there are plenty of user-friendly alternatives out there.

#marimoko #linux

3 days ago

THAT Conference (

Did we mention call for speakers is now open for THAT Conference in Texas? Apply today -

#callForSpeakers #cfp #webdevelopment #developers

3 days ago

#Rust for #CPlusPlus #developers:

Understanding Rust as a C++ developer - DEV Community
Bird's eye overview.

nrc/r4cppp: Rust for C++ programmers
More in-depth.

#learning #learn #programming #program

3 days ago

🧵 [1 / 6]

#Twitter and #Redditapi trying to squeeze every penny out of #app #developers is actually just a foreshadowing of a much larger #entshitification, yet to come. We are looking at web 3.0, just without the #crypto bros.

Astra Kernel :verified:
3 days ago

A friend learned COBOL and received a codebase where the last change was done in the 90s... by. his. mum


that's not how inheritance is supposed to work in programming
Andrew Block
3 days ago

Spending time meeting customers and developers to share how we are building on the cloud. Love hearing how others are developing to push innovation further #developers #RedHat

4 days ago

👋 #Developers – there’s no need to sacrifice transactions, #data integrity, or reliability when simplifying modern applications.

Get your app up and running in no time with #JSON and temporal tables.

4 days ago

Not getting the answers you want from your team? The problem may be the language that we use. In this article, I provide examples of how a simple change in language resulted in developers opening up to me.

#leadership #team #developers #softskills

4 days ago

Full Stack Software Development

The #Fullstack #softwaredeveloper Course from Learnbay is a thorough course that equips students with the abilities required to work as full-stack #developers


#tech #education #skills #certification #learnbay

Astra Kernel :verified:
4 days ago

🪲 PHP developers and other developers, can you identify what is the issue in this code?

(No comment like "PHP". Save it for some other time 😀. This can happen in any language)

#php #CodeIgniter #programming #development #developers #laravel #infosec

namespace App\Controllers;

class Home extends BaseController
    public function index()
        $db = db_connect();
        $request = \Config\Services::request();
        $json = $request->getJSON(true);
        $where = [];
        if(isset($json['username']) || isset($json['password'])) {
            $where['username'] = $json['username'] ?? null;
            $where['pass'] = $json['password'] ?? null;
        $query = $db->table('users')->getWhere($where, 1, 0);
        $row = $query->getRowArray();
        if(!$row) {
            return "not found";
        } else {
            return json_encode($row);
5 days ago

#Cryptocurrencies #DeFi #developers #Ethereum #Fantom Fantom starts paying developers to generate gas fees: A new program from the Fantom Opera network (FTM) team will pay developers for the gas fees they generate from users, according to a May 31 announcement. Specifically, the “Gas Monetization Program” will pay eligible developers 15% of the total gas fees their apps generate.

Gas Monetization on #Fantom is live! ⛽

The program provides dApps with a sustainable…

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
5 days ago
5 days ago

Join us on Sat 01-07-2023 09:30 at `Coffee Coding`.
More info: #Appsterdam #iOSDev #AndroidDev #Developers #Meetup

Markus Eisele
5 days ago

"From code to production - how developer tools give you velocity!"
Natale Vinto ☮️ | @natalevinto's and my session at #RHSummit 2023
Watch for #free!
#developers #OpenShift 📚
5 days ago

#Brave #Search API is now open for use by companies and #developers worldwide

Astra Kernel :verified:
5 days ago

🦀 Crablang crossed 3k stars in GitHub

@crablang #crablang #rustlang #rust #programming #developers

Crablang GitHub screenshot
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
5 days ago

@dangero I understand that it’s maddening.

Unfortunately, there are many actors here: site authors, web publishing software #developers, #browser developers, #ScreenReader developers, and tying it all together @wai and the #accessibility standards they publish and support.

Mostly everyone keeps up with #a11y standards now, but sadly you’ve run into a long-standing gap with #NVDA and soft hyphen #HTML entities.

Maybe add your thoughts at ?

6 days ago

What's your tab width?

I'm using 'tabs -3' for a while now, but recently saw a popular auto-format tool defaulting at 2.

#linux #developer #developers

Stefan Bohacek
6 days ago

What is a typical bus factor on your personal side projects?

How do you go about increasing it?

#poll #survey #SideProjects #projects #BusFactor #webdev #developers

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
6 days ago
Artur Neumann
6 days ago

This week in the #Pokhara #developers #meetup I will be talking about #ocis, the cloud storage and file-sharing solution done by @ownclouders .

Date/Time: June 3rd Saturday / 4:PM
Venue: Pokhara co-working space . Jarebar, #Pokhara ( #community #opensource

thestrangelet :fedora: :apple:
6 days ago

I'm a software engineer and generally I like it. It pays well, gives you an opportunity to solve interesting problems, and offers some autonomy. However, I don't think there's any other vocation that's further up its own ass when it comes to how the work get's done. It's mind-boggling how much money and time is spent on organizing the work vs doing the work. #softwaredevelopment #developers

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 days ago

I do not understand #software #developers who continue providing #Intel #x86 only and/or #unsigned #macOS packages.

As I commented on the issues page for #AriaNg Native (an #ElectronJs frontend for the #aria2 download utility), Intel-only #Mac software “serves a dwindling niche of discontinued models and discontent professionals.” And unsigned #apps are “unusable for anyone who wants to maintain their Mac’s #security.”

#Apple #AppleSilicon #ARM #SoftwareDevelopment

Marcin Krzyzanowski
1 week ago

I found the mythical 2% Developer #Developers

Zachary Powell 🥑:androidHead:
1 week ago

Day 2 of my Vlog from @androidmakersfr is out now! another brilliant day of chatting with #developers about the Vonage #Android SDK... oh and of course giving away lots more cool Android figures!!

1 week ago

From @plantquest in twitter:

We are thrilled to announce that we are now a proud sponsor of @LeafletJS .

Sponsoring LeafletJS is our way of giving back to the open-source and developer community helping to promote innovation and foster community growth.

#OpenSource #LeafletJS #Developers @voxgig

Lucian Ghinda
1 week ago

Let's start the week by focusing on writing good comments that explains the why.

Do it in code or as commit message or a PR description, whatever works for you!

#weekstart #focus #developers

Christian Grobmeier
1 week ago

How to make your #Github profile more dynamic? @hummusonrails knows how to do that:

Nice blog post, thanks Ben!


Since many #developers don’t test on #firefox anymore, I had to go back to using #googlechrome , if you’re developing something, consider running tests on browsers other than #chromium based ones

Searcher Eye :openbsd: 📺
1 week ago

Ok #developers what is better? 1 - build a #startup website with #html #CSS #javascript or 2 - Build it with #ReactJS ?
#Backend #advice #webdevelopment 📚
1 week ago

A clean and clutter-free UI goes a long way towards making users feel comfortable, but #Chrome #developers seem to have strayed from that path with the #desktop release. #Google has the opportunity to make things right.

Khalid ⚡
1 week ago
Iowa Code Camp
1 week ago

The call for speakers closes at the end of the day Sunday, May 28th. There's still time to submit if you've considered presenting at the next Iowa Code Camp event on June 17th. Submissions can be made here:

#software #conference #iowa #developers

Kubuntu Focus
1 week ago

Curated Apps- Recommended and Tested
This is a list of tools and recommended apps for the Kubuntu Focus. If you own a Focus, you can click an icon to launch or install an app.
Visit us at

#Laptop #Desktop #Developers #ML #Imaging #DataScience #Creators #Engineers #AI #DevOps #Linux #Code #Data #HelpfulHints

Sinead Quealy
2 weeks ago

Next Wednesday evening, tune in to the Dublin ONLINE DevRel meetup. We'll have @reverentgeek David Neal and @lirantal Liran Tal.

David's talk is on Visual Storytelling, while Liran will unmask the Secret Life of Developer Advocates.

Check out the site, register on Meetup and tune in on the evening to ask questions. Don't miss the chance to hear them address your question LIVE!!

#DevRel #developers #meetup

Anders Eknert
2 weeks ago

Dear #lazyweb of #developers on #MacOS: I have configured #iterm to appear using a hot key, but the terminal window seems to always attach to a specific virtual desktop, and if I’m on another one when I press the hot key, it’ll take me back to that desktop :/ Is there any way to have the terminal window always open on the same desktop I am at?

Kelly Guimont
2 weeks ago

Apparently today is Kelly Discovers #Developers On Mastodon. I've sent a stack of "OMG HI I LOVE YOUR WORK!" to people who make stuff I love. I just discovered they were here and couldn't help myself. I'm not the boss of you, but if that opportunity presents itself keep in mind it's free to compliment someone and you might make their day. (Trust me I've done tech support for indie apps and a cheerful message is practically an act of revolution.)

Modern work requires attention. constant alerts steal it.... 👇🤔

(well, now tell that to the clients without they get offended 😝)

#coding #developers #softwareengineer #IT #ITjob #programming

Mathieu Poussin
2 weeks ago

Any recommendation on a service to host npm, nuget, pypi, rubygems and rpm private packages ? Something like Nexus or Artifactory but managed.
We found but checking for other options.
#developers #dotnet #nodejs #ruby #python #sre #linux

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

@ncommander I agree. If you wanted to build a business on the backs of replaceable, interchangeable individual #developers, you bet on the wrong horse. I’m sorry about that. I’ve steered my career to avoid working at such places.

I wonder why you want to run one of those.

Jon McLaren
2 weeks ago

📢 Attention HubSpot theme providers! Do you want to create a listing that showcases your theme's best attributes? 💻 Don't miss our latest blog post on how to optimize your theme listing with detailed information, images, videos, and client examples.

Learn how to name and categorize your theme, create a storefront card, highlight key features, and more! 👇

#HubSpot #Developers #Marketplace

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 weeks ago

Guess the programming language.

#programming #developers

> [1,2,10].sort()
> [1,10,2]
Mariya Delano
2 weeks ago

I teamed up with my friend Carina Rampelt over at another #marketing agency to make a comprehensive guide on HOW exactly you or any other non-technical marketers can write about technical topics, especially for a #developer audience.

Here's the link:

#content #writing #developers #developermarketing


Dave Rahardja
2 weeks ago

Have you ever noticed that when you build an iOS app for Mac Catalyst, $PLATFORM_NAME is set to `macosx`?

When Catalyst was being hashed out, there was quite a bit of discussion around whether we were building against the *iOS* SDK on the Mac, or against a *Mac* SDK that happened to know about iOS. As you can guess in retrospect, the latter worldview prevailed: the Catalyst SDK is a “variant” of the Mac SDK. This made our builder tools folks quite happy, because the Catalyst SDK could be built alongside the Mac one, and Catalyst apps and daemons bundled with macOS could be built together with the rest of macOS.

Xcode, however, seems to continue to insist in its UI that Catalyst apps are actually *iOS* apps that happen to support the Mac.

Which worldview you choose to believe is up to you! I know which one I prefer.

#xcode #macCatalyst #ios #macOS #developers #lore

Hey there! We are a small company (two visually impaired #indie #developers) of #audioGames for the #blind and #lowVision community on #Apple platforms, although we hope some sighted #gamers will enjoy our offerings as well. We plan on using this account to post development notes and progress on our apps and connect with other indie developers. #Swift #iOS #iPadOS #tvOS #macOS #introduction

Jack Brewster
3 weeks ago

I know we're not supposed to do this here, but this. So much this.

The accessibility experiences (yes, plural, it's not just sight-impaired users using #voiceover / #talkback) are another interface, and they deserve full design consideration. Don't expect devs or testers to get it right. Controls on labels are such low-hanging fruit that they're basically laying on the ground and probably not very edible.

#a11y #accessibility #design #developers #iosdev #androiddev

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

Does anyone have a list of permissions for a Misskey/Calckey app?

The official documentation links to a nonexistent "TODO" page.

#developers #API #misskey #calckey

Screenshot from Misskey API documentation page showing that a link that's supposed to list API permissions goes to a non-existent page.
fanta ☑️
3 weeks ago

Los developers en sus sueños piensan "joder que bien me quedó ese código realizado sin ayuda alguna de nadie solamente porque soy una persona especial".

En la vida real el proceso fue muy diferente.

#developers en la vida real.

video en el que se ve como aúpan a una persona entre mucha gente para que no se caiga.
Marit van Dijk ☕️🥑
3 weeks ago

Falsehoods #developers believe about names... 1. Yes, there is a space in my last name 2. Why name the field "Last name" and refer to "surname" in the error message?!

3 weeks ago

Interested in learning Rust? We've published some free learning modules/training for anyone interested in getting started. In case you hadn't heard, it's pretty popular in Windows engineering right now. 😁

"Take your first steps with Rust" - Training | Microsoft Learn
#rust #Training #developers #Microsoft

Jeff Sikes
3 weeks ago

#Developers if you had only one tool outside your IDE to assist you with daily tasks, what would it be? What's the first thing you install on a new machine?

For the past....decade...mine has been NotePad++. It's chock full of helpful text manipulation tools that I wouldn't be able to live without, especially in my early SQL Server days. Not to mention a healthy plugin community.

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

Great question in the @glitchdotcom community forum: What skills do software developers have beyond writing code?

To me, it's mainly about the ability to step back and evaluate how your decisions and your behavior affects the world around you, through empathy.

And you really have to be empathetic to yourself as well; know the value of your time. Opt in for simpler, more straightforward solutions. Ask for help when you need it.

#developers #dev #WebDev #tech #empathy


And this will manifest in different ways. Whether you make a product, offer services, or work on your side projects, the result of your work will be enjoyed by real people, with their busy lives, who come to you for help, or maybe out of curiosity, to learn something new.

Think about the bad experiences you’ve had with things similar to what you’re making and what you can do to make other people’s lives easier. If you receive constructive criticism, it’ll most likely be from people who want to help you do better.

As an engineering manager, I treat the developers I work with as equal team members. We all have different strengths and experience, and it’s through working together that we succeed, or fail, as one team.

And finally, you need to have empathy with yourself. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Step back, and think about the problem you’re trying to solve. Maybe there’s a simpler way? Maybe someone else knows the answer? Know the value of your time.
Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

Is there an easy way to tell what software is running on a fediverse server?

I know Mastodon has the /api/v2/instance point.

#fediverse #mastodon #calckey #misskey #MastoAdmins #developers

A screenshot of a JSON document showing details about the instance, including Mastodon version number.
3 weeks ago

Hey you! If you ever, ever, use #github, #gitlab (etc) you need to read this. Every #maker, and most everyone else, ESPECIALLY those of you who are NOT #developers. (Contributors/devs usually have local copies already.)
The first hour of my day was just wasted chasing down an error in #HACS that turns out to be "Dev deleted their repositories on github and now #homeassistant is mad"

The problem is not that the developer chose to stop supporting their work. That is their prerogative and my only role is to be sad. The problem is that we learned nothing from

#GIT ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COPY. The downloads and tarballs are not the same thing. They are partial copies at best. Even "forking" (on the same site) can be deleted at the original author's whim.
To actually have your own copy, it needs to be somewhere else. On a new site (if the original is on #github you can put your copy on #gitlab) or even your laptop. And when you can, use your copy instead.👿

3 weeks ago

David Bowie with some excellent advice for artists about not playing to the gallery. I'd kinda like to think this could be applied to #developers and the #Fediverse as well.

#wisdom #davidbowie #art #music

Johannes Ernst
3 weeks ago

The aspiring #Fediverse #Developers Network is upgrading from a single Matrix room to a Matrix space with several rooms, it got too crowded and hard to follow.

Join us if you like. In the right room :-)
4 weeks ago

If you weren't able to make it to #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon 2023 in Amsterdam, here's a chance to watch @alannaburke's session, "Creating a Culture of Documentation" – up your team's documentation mojo with some tips for Alanna.

💻 Watch it today:

#Kubernetes #developers #ZeroOps #KubeConEU

IT News
4 weeks ago

Google jumps into the AI coding assistant fray with Codey and Studio Bot - Enlarge / Android Studio will get a dedicated helper chatbot called Stu... - #googlestudiobot #androidstudio #developers #googlei/o #google #palm2 #tech #llms #ai #ml

Ondine Bruch
4 weeks ago

"Browser makers want one thing: not being blamed for being slow or showing things "wrong". So we work with lots of partners to see why their products are misbehaving. In these "performance clubs" in Mozilla and Microsoft we kept running into the same issue: web products with tons of senseless #HTML, unused #CSS and an avalanche of #JavaScript sent to the end users with no benefit to them. All the benefits were for the convenience of the #developers"
#frontend #webperf

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

This Fediverse Software Comparison chart from is great. I'd love to see a similar chart for developers. Comparison of API endpoints, OAuth support, etc.

Does anyone know if this exists?

#fediverse #developers #API

A table comparing features, including rich post support, chat, migration, search, and more, across various fediverse services.
Julian Lam
1 month ago

@PavelASamsonov this gives me PTSD. I especially like how all the other departments are simply passing through on their journey through #Agile, and the #developers are the ones on the hamster wheel of death.

Markus Eisele
1 month ago

A RedMonk Conversation: Attracting Developers and Keeping Top Talent, with Red Hat
Listen to Dr KellyAnn Fitzpatrick and Chris Wright talking #developers!
#redhat #LifeAtRedHat

Ain Tohvri
1 month ago

We're still looking for front end #developers. If you're looking for a new challenge, please fill in! #JavaScript #VueJS #NodeJS #Job