Tom Elliott
5 minutes ago

oh, hey look at this:

"DHTech is looking for #DigitalHumanities project teams in the US planning to develop software who would benefit from consulting with a Research Software Engineer (RSE) on their technical implementation plan. Teams accepted for this call will be matched with an appropriate RSE. Teams must be willing to meet with their assigned consultant at least five times over the course of five months, and plan to start the development ..."

Quinn Dombrowski
4 hours ago

It's a brisk morning in the Bay Area, and today we're talking #AI alignment and (un)safety so I decided on the #PlagueDoctor dress and part 1 of the AI class data weaving. Full explainer coming eventually; this part is their final projects plus attendance a few weeks back. #DHsewing #DigitalHumanities

Quinn wearing a blue dress with covid molecules and plague doctors and a bright red, yellow, white, and other colored scarf, and black and white mask. Right panel is a close up of the scarf.
6 hours ago

in der #verschlagwortung heute: #digitalhumanities, "Marian maternity" im spätmittelaltl. england, aging studies & ecocriticism sowie ebooks zu diversität & sprachwissenschaft und – aus der pflicht – einer eltern-suche (als manga) und einem bürgerkrieg. #fachreferatsfreitag

foto von drei büchern und einem ebook-katalogisat-ausdruck
Till Grallert
6 hours ago

Was mich immer wieder mit Erstaunen erfüllt, ist die herablassende Verachtung mancher Kreise in den #DigitalHumanities für standardisierte Serialisierungen von Annotationslayern in z.B. TEI/XML oder JSON bei gleichzeitigem Vertrauen darin, dass LLMs ohne Probleme NER und Disambiguieren auf historischen Quellen durchführen können. Wie halten wir denn dann die Ergebnisse dieser Prozesse fest? Soll das jedes Mal ad hoc über eine flache Textdatei laufen? #Wot?!

Fernanda A. Freire
7 hours ago

I am very happy to announce a #digitalhumanities workshop organized by the research focus Digitale Hermeneutik from the Uni Rostock!
This time we will learn about Social Network Analysis with
on 7th of Dec. (in English and via Zoom)

Quinn Dombrowski
8 hours ago

We are so, so close to publishing the next #DataSittersClub book, I have to share the cover. @xandaschofield helps us get to the bottom of topic models in "DSC 20: Xanda Rescues the Topic Modeling Disaster"! #TopicModeling #DigitalHumanities

Cover art for DSC 20: Xanda Rescues the Topic Modeling Disaster, showing Kristy and a bunch of kids on a baseball team and the text "Topic modeling is a disaster until you understand it!"
Programming Historian
8 hours ago

🗣️ Keen to share your #DigitalHumanities research methods?

✍️ Consider writing a @proghist lesson.

Everything we publish is #DiamondOpenAccess

Our English edition is receiving new proposals here:


Anne Dorko
10 hours ago

#introduction I am a code-writing, #DnD loving #queer musical artist from SoCal based in Germany increasingly obsessed with #mentalhealth, #privacy, #digitalhumanities, & intercultural #ethics. Recovering #hustleculture addict.

🎤 #OriginalMusic artist making #adventure #folkpop. Available to stream or you can #crowdfund and download my music at

⚙️ #FullStack dev moving from #WordPress to #Jamstack, particularly enjoying #GatsbyJs #StrapiJs #NextJs and dabbling in #Ruby and #Python

Harald Klinke
11 hours ago

Spannende Möglichkeiten am Schaufler Lab! Sieben PhD-Stellen und eine PostDoc-Stelle sind ausgeschrieben, Frist bis 19.12.2023. Das Leitthema der Förderphase: "Daten?Welten. Soziotechnische und kulturelle Synthesen neuer Wirklichkeiten." Bewerbungen aus Digital Humanities Linguistik sind besonders willkommen: Large Language Models, datengeleitete Kulturanalyse und mehr!

#Forschung #PhD #PostDoc #TU_Dresden #digitalhumanities

Henrik Schönemann
15 hours ago

Well, I can provide some unbaked ideas:

Data analysis starts with data literacy.
I need to know the "shape of data" and how it's captured/produced. And I need to know how to transform 'wild' data into structured data & how to work with them.
Those are the base on which the house of data analysis can be built.
(And as an aside: If the base isn't built properly, the whole house will collapse)
#DigitalHumanities #Data

Samuel J. Huskey
23 hours ago

I would be most grateful to anyone here who might be willing to share examples of a syllabus (or ideas for one) for a course for undergraduates on data analysis for the humanities. #digitalhumanities

1 day ago

Ich habe hier noch die Ausgaben 13-21 vom #Design Magazin #Offscreen abzugeben gegen Portokosten.

Gerne weiterleiten.

#webdesign #magazin #TechStories #BehindTheScenes #TechCulture #DigitalHumanities

Frederik Elwert
1 day ago

The #CNRS has two open calls in the area of #DigitalHumanities and #ArtificialIntelligence: One for invited professor positions and one for workshops: #France

Brian Gettler
1 day ago

Check out the DH project on the economic, social and political history of the banana industry in Latin America from my colleague Kevin Coleman. @histodons

#histodons #history #DigitalHumanities #capitalism

Cher·e·s #DHpeople ,
Une chercheuse me demande de télécharger 100 ans de revues pdf comme celle-ci : sur #Gallica #BNF ... Avant de me jeter tête baissée dans les APIs et webscraping, je me demande si c'est le genre de problème que l'un d'entre vous a déjà rencontré? Si vous avez la moindre expérience avec le téléchargement de nombreux volumes de pdf sur #gallicabnf votre simple retour d'expérience serait très apprécié. #DigitalHumanities #DH #humanitenumeriques

1 day ago

Ainda há algumas vagas na oficina de introdução ao @Omeka S, que a Joana Vieira Paulino vai orientar amanhã, na Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Uma initiativa do nosso Laboratório de #HumanidadesDigitais, em conjunto com o projecto WSD Roadmap.



#Histodons #DigitalHumanities #OmekaS #Workshop

Cartaz da oficina “Introdução ao Omeka S”, com Joana Vieira Paulino. 29 de Novembro de 2023, entre as 9 e as 13 horas. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, sala B201, na Torre B. Inscrição gratuita sujeita ao limite de participantes. Oficina integrada no projecto WSD Roadmap.
Frederik Elwert
2 days ago

Fresh from the press: #DigitalHumanities and #Religion​s in #Asia, the newest addition to the DeGruyter series Introduction to Digital Humanities – Religion. I'm very much looking forward to reading it!

A photo of the book
2 days ago

Heute ist es soweit. Wir starten unsere Lunchtalks zu Digital Humanities Themen an der Stabi. 12:00 Uhr, Duncan Paterson (SBB) spricht über "Digitale Editionen" #DigitalHumanities #CrossAsia #Classroom #Lunchtalks

Open Art Data
2 days ago

WHO owned an artwork?

Through which hands did it pass?

Holocaust victim, art looting Red Flag name, Nazi party member, or persecuted person?

When researching Nazi-looted art, background information provides key clues to understanding.

This Wikidata Sparql query can help.

Contextual Information for #Nazi-era #Provenance #Research - #Wikidata #Sparql #Query #MastoArt #museum #DigitalArt #DigitalHumanities #art #history #WWII

Who was the person in the provenance. This Wikidata Query provides crucial contextual information for researchers of Nazi-looted art.
2 days ago

The CfP of the AIUCD 2024 annual conference at the University of Catania is now out!

#DigitalHumanities #cfp

AIUCD 2024 Catania
Seán Fobbe
2 days ago

🔔 Neues #RStats Tutorial 🔔

"Key Word in Context (KWIC) Analyse und Lexical Dispersion Plots" (Fobbe 2023)

Link zum Tutorial:

🔶 Schnelles Auffinden relevanter Texte
🔶 Schnelles Auffinden relevanter Textstellen in relevanten Texten
🔶 Visualisierung der Ergebnisse
🔶 Mit #RStats Code

#NLP #KWIC #Tutorial #OpenAccess #DataScience #DigitalHumanities @rstats @sociology @politicalscience @rewi @law

Screenshot eines Teils des Tutorials, zeigt Code für tokens()-Funktion und kwic()-Funktion.
Jeremy Foutz
2 days ago

I'm not affiliated with this effort, but the panel seems pretty interesting!

Join the Open Copyright Education Advisory Network (OCEAN) for the next installment in the FREE Discussion Series!

Preservation, Research, and Learning with Video Games

Dec 1 @ 12p EST

Info and registration here:

#GLAM #DigitalHumanities #VideoGames #InformalLearning

Roopika Risam
2 days ago

In this month's issue, check out our editors' note on the issue and the guest editors' vision for it. #ReviewsInDH #AcademicMastodon #DigitalHumanities

UCLAB Potsdam
2 days ago

Today at the EFHA International Conference 2023 in Utrecht, S. de Günther shares #DataVis prototype #ReFaReader combining narration and exploration – collaborative and cross-disciplinary research project #RestagingFashion on digitizing fashion history by @SabineDG Giacomo Nanni @dielindada @ikyriazi @nrchtct:

More about the conference:

#EFHA2023 #LinkedData #FashionHistory #DigitalHumanities #DigitalCulturalHeritage #FHPotsdam
3 days ago

Das "Kolloquium zur Phänomenologie der #Digital Humanities an der FU Berlin" (#FU_Berlin) findet noch bis zum 8. Februar 2024 statt und kann zum Teil digital besucht werden.

📌Weitere Informationen: #fidavlnews #DigitalHumanities @litstudies @germanistik @italianstudies

Quinn Dombrowski
4 days ago

I got to fiction week in the #AI class #weaving and was going to lean into the techie/fuzzy distinction with a fluffy yarn before I realized "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" deserves some real #sheep. So I'm stuffing this section with Amy Earhart's sheep & will try to felt it. #DigitalHumanities #DHmakes

Red and orange warp threads stuffed with brown wool and occasional sections of white yarn warp.
Harald Klinke
4 days ago

#DigitalHumanities and #ComputerScience intersect in the 21st-century transformation, challenging traditions.
This book explores combining qualitative and quantitative methods, providing insights from 10 research projects. It's a guide for cutting-edge research beyond conventional strategies. #openaccess 📖

#Innovation #ResearchMethods

Harald Klinke
5 days ago

IEG Mainz offers a

Postdoc position in Digital Historical Research
TV-L EG 13
fixed-term (max 5 years) with job-sharing options

starting Feb 1, 2024. Requires a PhD, relevant publications, international research experience, and English proficiency. German knowledge is a plus. Skills in digital methods appreciated.
#DigitalHistory #DigitalHumanities

Henrik Schönemann
5 days ago

❗Neuerscheinung - new publication❗

Mixing Methods: Practical Insights from the Humanities in the Digital Age.

Schneider, Birgit, Beate Löffler, Tino Mager, und Carola Hein, Hrsg.
Digital Humanities Research, volume 7. Bielefeld: transcript, 2023.

#DigitalHumanities #OpenAccess

5 days ago

🛑Nbrs mises à jour pour le portail @biblissima ➡️
#biblissima est consacré à l’#histoire de la transmission des #textes anciens [#Antiquité-#Renaissance] et agrège des #data issues de 34 bases spécialisées, catalogues et bibnum)
#digitalhumanities #DH #HN

Frank Fischer
5 days ago

Gleich geht’s los @freieuniversitaet

Workshop »Die DDR-Kulturzeitschrift ›Sonntag‹ im Kontext der #DigitalHumanities«



5 days ago

CrossAsia Classroom startet die Digital Humanities Lunchtalks! 📚🖥️ Einmal im Monat um 12 Uhr gibt es kurze Impulsvorträge zu Digital Humanities-Themen. Erster Talk am 28.11.2023, 12:00 Uhr, von Duncan Paterson (SBB) über "Digitale Editionen". Weitere Informationen:

#DigitalHumanities #CrossAsia #Classroom #Lunchtalks #Forschung

5 days ago

#Studiolo #DigitalHumanities Lab is a new Winter School format designed for those who, both inside and outside of academia, want to apply digital tools and methods.

Its interdisciplinary format allows participants to acquire coding skills, knowledge of 3D modelling, Optical Character Recognition (#OCR) and key concepts in #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI) and #LargeLanguageModels (#LLM), as well as tools for communicating with experts in the field.

Info and registration at:

Michael Piotrowski
6 days ago

Day 2 of #DigitalHermeneutics II starts with a keynote by @jorisvanzundert: “Hermeneutics as an Interdisciplinary Means of Understanding.” #DigitalHumanities

Title slide
Christof Schöch
6 days ago

Quick post on how an old #dataset from #topic modeling of #French plays taught me something about topics in French plays, but also about the (sometimes) unity of teaching and research...:

#TopicModeling #DigitalHumanities #Programming #Python #Visualization #Distinctiveness #Topics #Subgenres #Comedy #Tragedy #Teaching #Learning #Research

French plays in a red and blue scatterplot based on the probabilities of two topics.
Michael Piotrowski
6 days ago

Andreas Fickers introduces a new metaphor for “doing #DigitalHumanities” in his keynote at the #DigitalHermeneutics II conference.

Slide “Cooking as metaphor for doing DH.”
Harald Klinke
1 week ago

Digital Innovation of the Year

Digital Benin, launched in 2022, praised for its database on Benin Bronzes, is relaunching with 5,000 archival documents. The platform addresses restitution debates while updating incomplete data from the National Museum in Lagos. Challenges include documenting returns to Nigeria amid ownership uncertainties. Digital Benin aims to be a prototype for similar research platforms.

Congratulations! #digitalhumanities #DigitalArtHistory

1 week ago

Du möchtest ein eigenes Forschungsprojekt mit Methoden und Verfahren der Digital Humanities auf dem Gebiet der europäischen Geschichte durchführen?
Zum 01.02.2024 ist im DH Lab des IEG eine Stelle (100 % TV-L EG 13) als Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in (m, w, d)
für die Dauer von fünf Jahren zu besetzen. Bewerbungsfrist: 08.01.2024

#DHLab_IEG #DigitalHumanities

Henrik Schönemann
1 week ago

Do people realize what a clusterfuck (Super-GAU) the ransomware-/cyberattack on the #BritishLibrary is?
#GLAM #DigitalHumanities #academia #library #libraries

( @emilieKMmurphy)
"This is on the Rhysida ransomware group's data leak site. Deadline is 27 November. They've included a sample with passports/other leaked docs as proof."

"BL has since confirmed the data leak is from internal HR files"

Image from the ransomware site, blurred  out copies of passports and other identity documents. For sale for 20 BTC by November 27.
Tim Sherratt
1 week ago

The things you find in the notes of the #Trove Strategic Advisory Committee: the NLA has started experimenting with HTR for extracting text from handwritten manuscripts. No indication of the technology they're using. #GLAM #histodons #digitalHumanities

Harald Klinke
1 week ago

JOB: Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (m/w/d) Digital Humanities
An der Philosophischen Fakultät der RWTH Aachen University (100% Beschäftigung, Tarifstufe TV-L13) im Bereich Digital Humanities. Die Stelle ist zunächst auf drei Jahre befristet.

#DigitalHumanities #TextAnalysis #QuantitativeMethods #LiteraryCorpora

Gerben Zaagsma
1 week ago

Mark your calendars 👇

The second international #DHJewish conference will take place 10-12 April 2024 in Potsdam. Deadline for paper abstracts is 8 January 2024.

#Jewishhistory #Jewishstudies #digitalhumanities #digitalhistory #dhist #histodons

1 week ago

📢 #SaveTheDate: Zum 11. Dezember 2023 steht die geplante Abschaltung von #ManuscriptaMediaevalia bevor. Damit übernimmt das #Handschriftenportal als zentrales Informationsangebot.

💡 Wichtige Informationen zum Umstieg haben wir hier zusammengestellt:

#histodons #DH #digitalhumanities #medievalmastodon #manuscripts #Handschriften

Überblendung der Seite "Manuscripta Mediaevalia" in das "Handschriftenportal". Im Vordergrund sieht man zwei Pop-up-Fenster. Ein Fenster zeigt ein Megaphon. Das andere Fenster beinhaltet den Text: "Zum 11. Dezember 2023 wird Manuscripta Mediaevalia abgeschaltet. Nutzen Sie künftig das neue Handschriftenportal unter"
Christian Thomas
1 week ago

In eigener Sache: Meine #Dissertation ist erschienen, 📂 #OpenAccess auf dem edoc-Server der #HUBerlin:

📬 Eine frei zugängliche, kommentierbare Version des PDF gibt es unter

📆 Am 6.12., 14–16 Uhr werde ich die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse in der Reihe vorstellen (hybrid).

#DigitalHumanities #TEI-XML #Annotation #Corpus #Edition #DigitalScholarlyEdition #CLS #Humboldt #KosmosLectures

Dank an alle, die mich begleitet haben!

Tim Sherratt
2 weeks ago

Been prodding the new `/magazine/title` endpoint that was added to #Trove API v3. It provides details on periodical titles and issues (other than newspapers). So it's very useful, but also very not...

Of the 2,504 titles, 1,538 point to sets of parliamentary papers. I suppose annual reports count as periodicals, but it would be good to be able to separate them out. In any case I've already got a full harvest of PPs.

Of the 966 left, 114 have no issues. That seems to be either because they're actually issues rather than titles, or they're just brokened.

Another 124 titles have incomplete lists of issues, either because some of the issues have no date, or they're just brokened.

So as with just about everything involving Trove data, I'll have to develop a series of workarounds to deal with the problems and inconsistences. This is my life now. #TroveDataGuide #GLAM #digitalHumanities

Kris Inwood
2 weeks ago

Fascinating introduction to a new digital humanities exploration of the role of insurance underwriters in the financing of the trans-Atlantic slave trade by Pyar Seth & Alexandre White at today’s Social Science History conference in Washington DC.
@economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @econhist @devecon #history #histodons #insurance #slavery #digitalhumanities

Dr. A. L. Castonguay
2 weeks ago

I love finding historical data visualizations like this because it lets me know that all the hours I log doing data entry of random dead people *will* pay off. Many thanks to Marcus Bingenheimer at Temple University for putting his work up under a CC license. #bigdata #digitalhumanities #gephi #Iseedeadpeople

It's been about four months since the #DH2023 conference of @adhorg in #Graz.
Many exciting impressions and memories were gathered- some of which were also shared here on Mastodon. 🖥️ 🚀
A great video has now been created for DH2023, allowing us to look back once again:
Take a look!

#DH #DigitalHumanities #Conference #ADHO

Ungefähr vier Monate ist die #DH2023 Konferenz der @adhorg in #Graz nun schon her.
Viele spannende Eindrücke und Erinnerungen konnten gewonnen werden – einige davon wurden auch hier auf Mastodon geteilt. 🖥️ 🚀
Zur DH2023 wurde nun ein tolles Video erstellt, das uns noch einmal zurückblicken lässt:
Schaut doch mal rein!

#DH #DigitalHumanities #Conference #ADHO

2 weeks ago

Stories of #Frisia is an interactive map that connects places in the northern #Netherlands and northwest #Germany to books from our #SpecialCollections.

The books contain traces of previous owners or users, e.g., handwritten names or notes. They tell stories about the rich cultural and intellectual history of this region, which was once called Frisia.

#heritage #digitization #digitalhumanities #histodons #history #literature #manuscripts

Screenshot of the interactive map Stories of Frisia. It shows a map of the city of Groningen and a clipping of a book. Until 1599, this was the location of the Olde Convent. In 1438, Hille Baereldes donated this book on the Life of Jesus to the sisters of this urban convent.
Tim Sherratt
2 weeks ago

There are 6,160 NLA oral histories online in #Trove – more than 14,000 hours of recordings to listen to. You can even download audio files and transcripts. I'm almost finished the oral histories section in the #TroveDataGuide to help researchers find and use them. #GLAM #histodons #oralHistory #digitalHumanities

pam lach (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Our Digital Humanities Initiative has been running a Digital Ethnic Studies virtual lecture series over the past couple of years. Check out our latest awesome talk, Indigenous Vision, with Souta Calling Last

#DigitalHumanities #DH

Martin Foys (OEPF & DM)
2 weeks ago

Announcing the publication of the 241st #OpenAccess digital edition and translation in the #OldEnglish Poetry in Facsimile project: Paris Psalter Psalm 105.

That's now over 22,000 lines / 71% of the OE poetic corpus edited to digital facsimile.

See it + 240 other editions here:

#Manuscript >≠ #Text

#manuscripts #DigitalHumanities #medieval @medievodons

Quinn Dombrowski
2 weeks ago

Four years ago, I wrote a blog post on how to write a #DigitalHumanities conference proposal. The ADHO DH #conference review guidelines have changed, so here's a new guide for this year.

Living with Machines
2 weeks ago

Curious about how and why we collaborated on Living with Machines? Watch our new video, 'Living with Machines: On Collaboration'!

#DH #DigitalHumanities #DigitalHistory #collaboration #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #Humanities #ComputationalHumanities

Quinn Dombrowski
3 weeks ago

The #StarTrek data #weaving is finished! In the end, it was just TOS books (light blue yarn), and which ones mentioned a #computer (black), #librarian (chunky blue), or #archive (black and white). The warp shows what % of novels come from which series (TNG is turquoise, DS9 is swirly purple). #DigitalHumanities

A woven scarf with vertical stripes in shades of blue and purple and tassels.
Close up of the vertical stripes made up of warp threads in blue, purple, turquoise
Close up of the ladder like pattern, which shifts every time a archive or librarian thread appears
Maria Bustillos
3 weeks ago

Are you interested in LIBRARIES and digital ownership rights?? YES.

Here's the audio and transcript of a recent panel I was in at the Copyright Society

#libraries #digitalhumanities #books #internetarchive #internet

from my remarks at the panel:

'I think if I could just give you one thing to take away, the Internet Archive is a library. It is the greatest library in the world. If they overstepped during the pandemic, I think that’s an argument that you could make. The National Emergency Library was overstepping. It wasn’t sort of true to the original principles, maybe, of controlled digital lending in certain ways. I think you could make the argument either way. But it’s important to remember they stood down the minute the lawsuit was filed. The publishers weren’t actually really interested in the National Emergency Library. The purpose of the lawsuit is to make it so that ebooks can be considered as a different class, a new class, of unownable property that can be licensed only, that you would never be able to buy. I think it’s very dangerous that books should ever, ever be in that position.'
Sarah Ondraszek
4 weeks ago

Yesterday was a great day: I successfully defended my Master's thesis about an explorative, automated analysis of the correspondence of Constance de Salm in a Semantic Web approach at the University of Trier. A big thank you again to @Mareike2405 and @christof who supported and motivated me along the way, and also suggested that I make this thesis available for others to read. So, for anyone interested, here is the link: ☀️✨ #DigitalHumanities

Michael Piotrowski
1 month ago

Happy to see that the article “Institutional Arrangements in the Absence of Disciplinary Definitions: Digital Humanities in Switzerland” is out now!

Written in collaboration with @maxkemman for the Swiss Journal of Sociology’s special issue on “Digital Academia.”

#DigitalHumanities #SociologyOfScience

Roopika Risam
1 month ago

We bring you the October 2023 issue of #ReviewsInDH on “Digital Native and Indigenous Studies.” This isn’t business as usual. + #AcademicMastodon #DigitalHumanities

David Haskiya
1 month ago


Today, we at the National Archives have officially released an open base-model for handwriting recognition. It works best on Swedish manuscripts from about 1650 - 1900.

By basic model it is meant that it has two intended areas of use:
1. To HTR large amounts of images of handwritten text with good enough quality to index the text for search.
2. To function as a starting point for using own training data to create more specialized HTR models.

#HTR #AI #DigitalHumanities #opensource

Screenshot from HTRFLOW showing an original document on the left and the transcribed output on the right.
Frederik Elwert
1 month ago

Übermorgen, am 27.10., findet die erste Veranstaltung in der #NFDI4Memory-Reihe „Von Büchern zu Bytes: Die digitale Transformation in der Geschichtswissenschaft“ statt. Insgesamt ein schönes Programm, um sich über verschiedene Möglichkeiten für einen niederschwelligen Einstieg in digitale Tools und Methoden zu informieren. (Disclaimer: am 23.2. gebe ich eine Einführung in die #Netzwerkanalyse mit #Gephi.) #DigitalHumanities #HistodonsDE #NFDIrocks

Seán Fobbe
1 month ago

🔔 October 2023 Update 🔔

The 'Corpus of Decisions: International Court of Justice' now contains all 2289 judgments, advisory opinions, orders and other opinions from July 1947 to October 2023.

✅ Enhanced OCR
#RStats Code
✅ PDF, TXT and CSV formats


All downloads:


#OpenData #OpenSource #Law #LawFedi #ICJ #Histodons #DigitalHumanities @histodons @law @politicalscience @rstats

Peace Palace (1907), The Hague - seat of the International Court of Justice

by Velvet via Wikimedia Commons:
Seán Fobbe
1 month ago

🔔 NEU 🔔 Alle 10.310 Urteile des Bundesfinanzhofs (BFH) ab Januar 2010 stehen jetzt als Datensatz zur Verfügung. Der BFH ist das oberste deutsche Bundesgericht für #Steuern und #Zölle

✅ Formate: PDF, TXT, CSV, HTML


Alle Downloads:

#RStats Source:

#Bundesfinanzhof #Law #DigitalHumanities #OpenScience #OpenData #OpenSource #LawFedi @rstats @law @politicalscience @sociology

Ein Netzwerk-Diagramm, das den vollständigen Prozess der Datensatzerstellung des Corpus der Entscheidungen des Bundesfinanzhofs (CE-BFH) zeigt.
UCLAB Potsdam
1 month ago

The entanglement of exploration and narration within data visualization has been an important research thread for our lab in the last few years.

@framoriniii and @nrchtct have prepared a provocation for this year's #VIS4DH workshop, on Monday 23 October at #ieeevis in Melbourne.

Full program here:

#DataVis #Storytelling #DigitalHumanities #InterfaceDesign #FHPotsdam

An illustration with a speech bubble, a play button, and a mouse pointer on top of a visualization.

Underneath: Entangling Exploration and Narration
- Narrating visualizations
- Exploring stories
DH Regensburg
1 month ago

Was ist Digital Humanities? Das ist die Frage, der ich mit den Studierenden der Uni Regensburg im Rahmen der Einführungsvorlesung des DH-Masterprogrammes heute nachgehe. Und genau das habe ich für diesen Post auch mal die bildgenerierende KI der Design-App Canva gefragt. Das Ergebnis ist gar nicht schlecht. Denn der Blick, den digitale Methoden auf geisteswissenschaftliche Inhalte eröffnen, zeigt oft historisch gewachsene Daten, divers in Gestaltung, Schreibweise und Bedeutung #DigitalHumanities

Frederik Elwert
1 month ago

It’s official: #RuhrUniBochum is hiring an assistant professor for #DigitalHumanities and #ReligiousStudies (tenure track)! We’re looking for someone to strengthen #DH at #RUB and the study of religion at #CERES and especially in the context of @sfb1475. We’re totally aware that only few people work at the intersection of DH and Religion, so we’re open to anyone willing to contribute to this field in the future.

pam lach (she/her)
1 month ago

Humanities faculty -- do you have graduate students who are interested in #podcasting and #DigitalStorytelling? Does your institution have funding to support them to attend a weeklong virtual institute that we run with the @natlhumanities? If the answer is yes to both, then share this opportunity with your colleagues and students!

#DigitalHumanities #DH

Roopika Risam
2 months ago

It was an honor and delight to edit the “Digital Humanities Pedagogy in Times of Crisis” special issue of the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing w/ Sara Dias-Trindade and work w/ Daniel Alves, the authors, and the whole IJHAC team. #DigitalHumanities #AcademicMastodon

Harald Klinke
2 months ago

JOB: UC Santa Barbara's English Department is hiring an Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities! Are you passionate about computational literary studies, cultural analytics, and social media analysis? Apply by Nov 10, 2023, for this tenure-track position.

📖 #DigitalHumanities #AcademicJob #UCSB #ApplyNow 🎓✨

Harald Klinke
2 months ago

Job: Data Engineer at Université Rennes II
Responsible for implementing Data Management Plans, ensuring data accessibility adhering to FAIR principles. Key tasks include data collection, processing, ensuring security, and documentation.

#DataEngineer #digitalhumanities

Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

Today's outfit isn't for any of my meetings, it's just me trying to live up to The Undergrad card drawn from the Academic #Tarot Deck when feeling down. It was originally for a talk on the sublime. Not feeling the #Makerspace pop-up on #Borders either tbh, so it's all manual crafts today. #DHsewing #DigitalHumanities

Quinn wearing a starry night dress with a green lace shawl. Top right panel is The Undergrad from the Academic Tarot Deck. Bottom right panel is a sign for a library event about borders.
Elisa Beshero-Bondar
2 months ago

OpenAI is not so open these days, which is why articles like this are so very helpful and provocative. This one looks into the future from CEO Sam Altman and co’s points of view. There’s a lot to think about here—and most fascinating/unnerving is what the tech giants foresee as our immediate future. What are we becoming now? #AI #digitalhumanities No paywall link:

Till Grallert
2 months ago

. @seckenst und ich haben heute auf der #FORGE2023 unseren Vorschlag für eine offene, auf #Wikidata aufsetzende Tool Registry für die #DigitalHumanities vorgestellt. Der Vorschlag argumentiert, dass wir die Frage "was brauchen *wir*?" mit den Antworten auf die Frage "was haben *wir* zuhanden?" in Einklang bringen müssen, wenn wir die von @quinnanya als DiRT-Trap beschriebenen Fehler nicht wiederholen wollen.

Die Folien finden sich unter ,

der Abstract für das #FORGE2023 Paper unter ,

das WikiProject unter und

unser prototypisches Interface unter

#LinkedOpenData #TaDiRAH #ToolRegistries #NFDI4Memory

Tane Piper
2 months ago

We have a really interesting #research #fellowship for anyone in Art & Culture and #digitalHumanities for responsible AI use at #IKEA working very closely with our #digitalEthics team (and me 😁)

Karin Dalziel
2 months ago

We run a db which has entries on people. The initial spreadsheet had a "gender" field with "M" "F" or nil. The Director of the project wants more nuance, and has asked us to write a "controlled vocabulary for gender identity"

I'm wary of this: There's no way we can control that vocab, I feel uneasy assigning gender to people, and the vast majority of people would have no definitive source

The director says that having a gender field allows researchers to able to search "male" "female" "nonbinary", etc. people and compare

Does anyone have articles I can send to the director explaining the complexities of this matter? It would be especially useful if there are some from a librarian or archivist perspective. The director sent us information from the LOC, but those were for categorizing resources not entries for people

#DigitalHumanities #library #metadata #gender

Stephanie J Lahey, PhD
2 months ago

New #introduction: I’m Oschinsky Research Associate at Cambridge Univ Library, Fellow of Girton College, & a #MedievalManuscripts scholar & cataloguer. My research mainly focuses on later #medieval European #manuscripts with an emphasis on #quantitative methods, materiality, & provenance. I’m about to publish a book on #parchment & have started writing another on legal manuscripts. 📜🪶📚
#codicology #palaeography #BookHistory #LegalHistory #DigitalHumanities #quant #BookHistodons #Medievodons

Sarah Ondraszek
2 months ago

Es ist soweit, ich habe wieder in die Tasten gehauen und gebloggt. Diesmal zu meiner Masterarbeit in den #DigitalHumanities und dem #PeterHaberPreis ✨ Es geht um Sterne, Knowledge Graphs und Linked Open Data:

Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

Today was the first meeting of the Stanford LitLab, and I thought I'd get into the spooky spirit in a dress of dead DH projects. Can't guarantee it's totally free of editorializing... #DHsewing #DigitalHumanities

Quinn wearing a sleeveless knee length dress with logos of dead DH projects including DH Russia. Second panel is a close up of the logos.
Hannah Alpert-Abrams
2 months ago

I have a new article!

It’s about photostats, the copying technology that transformed how libraries circulate information and set the stage for microfilm, photocopy, and digitization. I ask how librarians came to define a good copy - and what that means for copies today.

DM for a copy.

Thanks to amazing editors @wynkenhimself and Jesse Erickson 📚

#Bookhistory @dh #histodons #digitalhumanities

Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

#SUCHO won the Grand Prix for Heritage Champions at the Europa Nostra Cultural Heritage awards tonight in Venice! 🇺🇦💙💛 #DigitalHumanities #Ukraine

Andreas Segerberg receiving the Grand Prix award for Heritage Champion at Europa Nostra Awards.
Andreas Segerberg's acceptance speech for SUCHO at Europa Nostra Cultural Heritage Awards
Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

In case you're curious what we're up to in the undergrad #AI class that counts for humanities or social science distribution requirements at Stanford, I've posted the syllabus here. More notes, materials, resources and adjustments to come! #DigitalHumanities

pam lach (she/her)
2 months ago

Another energizing meeting of our AI in the Classroom faculty learning community. Today we explored ways of transforming our pedagogy to be more process-oriented, and folks workshopped assignments they’re developing either to incorporate generative AI or teach critical AI literacy

#DigitalHumanities #DH #DigitalPedagogy

Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

Busy abusing my organizational power today...

Me: Technically my job is to support digital humanities here, but that's really broadly defined.

New Friend: Digital humanities includes textiles?!

Me: Well, I've decided it does, and as the co-President of the US association for DH, I say it's legit.

#DigitalHumanities #DHMakes

🧵 2/ There are two lessons I recommend when starting w/ #NetworkAnalysis in a #DigitalHumanities context: by @martenduering and by @scott_bot et al. They give a solid foundation in a language that is easy to understand & have step-by-step instructions one can follow nicely. Additionally, I recommend checking out the collection of useful materials on @HNR. And, as always, be bold! Try out things, test, fail, try again!

Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

It's the first day of classes, so I guess that means it's officially fall. Time for the usual quarterly write-up of what I was up to all summer: #DigitalHumanities

Harald Klinke
2 months ago

Im Wintersemester biete ich an der @uniheidelberg die Lehrveranstaltung

Cultural Data Science

an: Datengetriebene Methoden zur Generierung von Wissen in den Bereichen Kunst, Geschichte und Kultur

#DataScience #DigitalHumanities #RStats #DigitalCulture #CulturalDataScience