2 days ago

#Today I set up my own Mastodon server. I've got a project in mind for it, it's not for general use so I won't publicise it yet.

I have to say … it wasn't easy? I went with DigitalOcean's easy one-click install and some of the instructions/documentation were out of date and confusing. I got as far as the site working and being up and running but I wasn't an admin.

I got it all sorted out anyway. Mastodon and its future are very important to me and I hope to be part of it in a much more engaged way as a contributor.


#mastodon #coding #programming #code #webdev #digitalocean #webdevelopment #software #fediverse

6 days ago

Had an odd issue with #DigitalOcean last night. I published a #blog post to my blogs git repository but it wasn't automatically deployed like normal. There was no log of it happening at all in DigitalOcean, so I had to manually deploy.

At any rate, my post is a bit of a mess anyway, and mostly a mind dump from when I was migrating to a Lua configuration in #NeoVim

Kohan Ikin
6 days ago

Well, looks like #DigitalOcean is thoroughly compromised. They're showing up as 9 of the Top 10 most reported IP addresses today at AbuseIPDB.

Huge waves of ssh attacks coming from their machines in Sydney Australia, all in the 170.64.x.x space. Just one of the many:

If for some reason you're a Digital Ocean customer, you should probably reconsider that.

1 week ago

I was trying to move my uptime checks to the built-in #DigitalOcean monitoring (synergy!), but I've been running into a few annoyances:

- no SMS option: a text message is way better to get my attention than email
- UI: creating/finding the alerts feels pretty unintuitive; even after setting it up I had a hard time finding it later
- unclear charges: I don't mind paying for monitoring, but I'd appreciate if it was more clear

I guess I'll stick with for the time being.

HRH ginsterbusch
1 week ago

So, last article on was posted in April 2023. I guess it has happened what I was expecing to would happen after the takeover: The site is dead.

"Powered by Digital Ocean" - here, I've corrected this for you: DESTROYED by Digital Ocean.

#csstricks #destroyed #DigitalOcean #webdesign #usability

binding the #X11 socket. It effectively gives access to any application running under X11 both on the host and other containers. Running #Wayland compositor on host gives a lot in terms of isolation here. Also, if you are sure that you won’t be running any X11 applications inside the container, you may skip mounting the X11 socket.

Another issue is bind mounting Wayland socket directly. It is not as bad as X11, but some proxy compositor (like Sommelier) would be preferable.
(nixos-generate-config will add qemu-user and bind-mounts, so avoid)
#nixops #qemu #digitalocean

2 weeks ago

typical #DigitalOcean assuming that YOUR server can be used as a proxy for one of their hackerz. (example screenshot)
It does NO good to file abuse complaints, because somehow this comes from thousands of their machines regardless. Report one, lol there are 999 more yet to start on you.

Digital Ocean "customers"(?) assume your server is a proxy for their hackerz.
2 weeks ago

Ben Uretsky, Moisey Uretsky, Jeff Carr, Alec Hartman, and Mitch Wainer are on a mission. We have seen the results for 12 years.

2 weeks ago

When someone brags to you about their #Mastodon instance on #DigitalOcean just nod your head.
They are at the mercy of #Zionist fucks who have been spewing trash across the internet since their founding.
These are the people who infiltrated codeberg with their garbage, provide blocklists, and aspire to be the censors of Mastodon
I told them to fuck completely off at the start, and warned you about the coming Zionist plot while we were assaulted by #Ukraine trolls whose funding has been stopped.

2 weeks ago

All of #digitalocean is a DDOS machine for sale, the worst culprits have 100s of little instances spewing attacks 24/7 with 100% impunity.
Of course they'll get root if they can, it's a wholesale operation. They'll try every door, then enter and use your house to play war.

2 weeks ago

Remember #DigitalOcean was founded by #Israelis and the attacks are more focused now.
It is laughable that some jackass bragged about their #Mastodon instance on #DigitalOcean then insisted we use their blocklists, to silence their political opponents.
#Israel is a terrorist rogue nation, and needs to be disarmed.

Ryan Southwick
2 weeks ago

I just finished upgrading my Ghost instance on #DigitalOcean to the latest version, including #NodeJS from v16 to v18. It was more of an adventure than I originally hoped. Posted all the steps in a support article here:

#linux_howto #newsletter #diy #GhostCMS

3 weeks ago

Minor #SecurityIncident with #GooglePlay developer console? Check your android app QA accounts!

Test account created exclusively for Google to test my #xmpp app comes online from #DigitalOcean VPS (instead of the usual #Google IP), asks me if I like drugs.

VPS smells like a honeypot or hacked, running Squid 3.5.20 (from 2016) on a bunch of ports.

Escalated to Google Play developer support.

Screenshot of a chat:

<Android-auto> Hello
<Android-auto> How u eoxnri
<Ge0rG> Hi! I'm fine, thanks.
<Android-auto> Where do you live?
<Ge0rG> Germany. I suppose you are testing the app for Google?
<Android-auto> No
<Android-auto> Do you like drugs?
Screenshot from nmap:
22/tcp   open  ssh?
23/tcp   open  ssl/http-proxy Squid http proxy 3.5.20
53/tcp   open  domain?
80/tcp   open  http?
111/tcp  open  rpcbind        2-4 (RPC #100000)
389/tcp  open  ldap?
443/tcp  open  openvpn        OpenVPN
465/tcp  open  ssl/http-proxy Squid http proxy 3.5.20
993/tcp  open  ssl/http-proxy Squid http proxy 3.5.20
995/tcp  open  pop3s?
1723/tcp open  pptp           linux (Firmware: 1)
3306/tcp open  mysql          MySQL (unauthorized)
5666/tcp open  tcpwrapped
7070/tcp open  ssl/http-proxy Squid http proxy 3.5.20
8443/tcp open  ssl/https-alt?
Andre Louis
3 weeks ago

I do not like the #DigitalOcean resize page with a screen-reader. It is fugly as anything.

Iain Cuthbertson
4 weeks ago

I have a very confusing (to me) problem with #Docker networking on a #digitalocean

Wireguard-ui is only accessible via IPv6?

Can anybody help? :)

Kevin Bowen :xfce:
4 weeks ago

Finally got all of my non-google #2FA off of Google Authenticator & set up on #KeyPass #KeyPassXC

I had been putting it off out of fear that it was going to be painful & cumbersome.

For the websites/apps that I am using, I was pleasantly surprised that most of them seem to have their shit together (e.g. #pypi #protonmail #digitalocean #heroku etc.)

I can check one thing off of my todo list this week! Thanks for playing nice with your UI/UX #security

What #nodejs library to use for #s3 hosted on #digitalocean ?

Thom Holwerda
1 month ago

Seems like I should just create a Digital Ocean droplet (any tips on size/specs/etc. for a single-user instance that leaves some room for a few additional future users?), pick the latest Ubuntu OS image (it's what the Mastodon docs use), and go from there.

#selfhosting #glitch #digitalocean

1 month ago

Top tip: If you're setting up a Hugo site on DigitalOcean Apps platform and shake your fist in the air because it doesn't recognize your site as a Hugo one, rename your config file from hugo.toml to config.toml and it will start working. DigitalOcean will also look for config.yaml and config.json, so those formats work as well.

#hugo #blog #digitalocean #hosting

A Sysadmin, but not *your* Sysadmin
1 month ago

All right, I know I'm about 6 years behind the rest of the world, but I spent my evening building up a (transient - gotta save that lab cost) #k8s cluster in #DigitalOcean to study for the #CKA. Getting real tired of every job requiring Kubernetes experience, while my company is still struggling to figure out Beanstalk and "autoscaling" is a foreign concept.

1 month ago

@jenbanim @tek VPS? Don't you guys use K8s? I like DOKR.
I've seen #DigitalOcean proposes SnapShooter too "Under the hood SnapShooter uses the open source project #Velero to manage the backup process of your clusters."

1 month ago

Where I can't be the only admin and others may need to inherit my responsibilities, I used to be a big fan of #Virtualmin for shared hosting on a #vps like #linode or #digitalocean. Now I need an #AWS solution for something like that, and #CloudPanel seems pretty neat. Any thoughts / opinions on the long term use of CloudPanel on AWS? I need to set up a CDN on AWS, too for various email and web assets for other services 😬

1 month ago

Used again #DigitalOcean droplet and #kubernetes to test helm and #SeleniumGrid managed downloads from chromenode to my javascript code client via an nginx ingress and it went all smooth and cool!
I like DOKS for educational exercises! It seems cheaper and more friendly than AKS that I've also tried (and GKE as well).
Btw in the last year I've learnt so much about cloud infrastructure, devops, k8s, azure, terraform, gitlab etc...

1 month ago
well now my server has DDOS mitigation because digitalocean decided to enable it for all

:ablobsmile: nice

1 month ago

Fun with #kubernetes This time, external load balancer while using proxy protocol. #digitalocean has documented the problem and the workaround very well. However, the same problem also exists with #hetzner cloud and can be fixed in the same way.

Waiting for the final upstream fix now :mastosleeping:

Simon Levesque
1 month ago

Yesterday, I finished updating my to support #DigitalOcean 's DNS Zone. I could migrate all my domains from #Azure to #DigitalOcean. I will save about 10$CAD per month :)

1 month ago

#MastoAdmin #DigitalOcean Well.... after restarting _all 3 services_ and waiting about a week for files to upload to S3, I THINK it's working.

New images coming in from the feed are automatically getting the S3 URL, though I did have to make use of the `S3_ALIAS_HOST` option as I have a feeling Amazon and DigitalOcean handle the URLs slightly differently.

Now I just need to do yet ANOTHER round of syncs to catch up the sync from when the sync started.

Maybe now I can drop the 1TB virtual disk from this machine.

1 month ago

Today's exercise on #digitalocean

- created ubuntu droplet and ssh from my laptop, working with git golang and kubectl and docker
- created kubernetes cluster
- private registry, image built from droplet and integrated into kubernetes deployment

1 month ago

Migrating our file hosting to #DigitalOcean Spaces so the virtual machine doesn't take 4 hours to backup each night, above 500GB of files, and not even done yet :(

Even worse I forgot to set the files with an ACL of public when I started, so now I need to wait for it to recursively update everything done already.

Eh, hopefully it'll still be cheaper than AWS.

#SysAdmin #MastoAdmin #Hosting

Sam Wilson
2 months ago

@grissallia I use a combination of a #DigitalOcean VPS in Sydney and #Fastmail. Not the cheapest, but reliable and fast for Aussie users.

2 months ago
Cloud Unpacked
2 months ago

#introduction Hey everyone! 👋 This is Cloud Unpacked.

This is a blog to write about the intricacies of developer-focused hosting providers like #Linode :linode: or #DigitalOcean. A place to share #homelab tools with fellow geeks. And my favorite, a place for #Linux 🐧 server documentation.

Following even a tiny bit in the shoes of @omgubuntu would be a success. ❤️

Full intro post:

A brand picture of Cloud Unpacked.
2 months ago

So I looked into using DigitalOcean to manage my DNS so cert-manager could work out of the box. I learned that you can't use FIDO2 keys as MFA and you can't scope api keys to for example managing DNS zones. Screw that. Account purged. #digitalocean #k8s

Paul Chambers
2 months ago

@Arataka @User47

I'd venture to say it has to do with this #DigitalOcean outage

"Our Engineering team is currently investigating an issue impacting Managed Kubernetes across all regions. During this time, some users may experience worker nodes entering an unexpected not-ready state which is impacting the cluster accessibility."

2 months ago

#digitalocean's managed #kubernetes is having a major upsie across all regions.

A few #syncthing services are also impacted by this.

Cees-Jan Kiewiet :rp: :wm:
2 months ago

Part of getting this to work was to put all my DNS records for that domain in #digitalocean's nameserver service and let #certmanager do a DNS01 challenge.

So I made the call to put all my DNS records in #terraform making managing it easier and more atomic. This makes migrating

This image is part of an import from Twitter involving about 230 tweets. My apologise for this one not having it. Updates to the thread will have a description on each image.
Emelia 👸🏻
2 months ago

First experiences of #DigitalOcean's managed App platform is not fantastic at all. Defaults to Node.js 16.x which is EOL, when you create an application database and database user, it defaults to not having the appropriate permissions, so you've gotta add your own IP Address as a trusted source, then connect via psql and issue a bunch of comments.

Also it's unclear what I'm meant to do with the app spec? Am I meant to commit that to repo?

Emelia 👸🏻
2 months ago

That thing #digitalocean do with using a custom CA certificate for databases is _really_ fucking annoying.

Valerio boz
2 months ago

10 years of #hacktoberfest and the website is still
"© 2023 #DigitalOcean, LLC. **All Rights Reserved**"

Really, "all rights reserved"? Not a great business card to celebrate an anniversary of openness.

Cameron :woeisprochan:
2 months ago

I'm looking to change hosting providers for my mail server. Currently I'm using #DigitalOcean but they don't support #FreeBSD anymore and would like something with better support. Does anyone have recommendations?

2 months ago

Thought: For smaller deployments, using Cloud Providers like #AWS or #GoogleCloud even with perfectly right-sized #Kubernetes nodes using #Autopilot or #karpenter is more expensive, than setting up an oversized deployment on a smaller cloud provider (like #DigitalOcean or #Hetzner) without all autoscaling magic.

MikeEL 🐘
2 months ago

The #wordpress #activitypub #plugin has finally reached a production 1.0 version.

I am still undecided whether to install the wordpress ActivityPub plugin or create a #digitalocean #mastodon site.

As far as I can tell, the wordpress plugin does not support #hashtags . The plugin supports mastodon profiles and posts to a limited degree.

@webology @kedare @carlton we use PostgreSQL (and Redis) managed instances in Digital Ocean and they work pretty well, are stable, easy to configure (e.g. replica, pool, ...), are cheaper then AWS and they don't have strange name for PostgreSQL. 😉
#postgresql #digitalocean #redis #devops

Just had to restore my own #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance from a week-old #DigitalOcean backup after having lots of problems while trying to the new Mastodon 4.2.0 update. Thank goodness for back-ups! 😪

I admit I'm not quite familiar with updating Ruby, Node.js, NPM and Yarn, but I am learning. As I'm on 4.1.7 currently, I'll try updating to 4.1.8 and then 4.1.9 first before updating to 4.2.0 as mentioned in 👍

Got any tips for upgrading? Do let me know! #MastoAdmin

Anders Borch
2 months ago

Yesterday I talked to one CTO who was worried that #DigitalOcean could be in financial troubles and he therefore wanted to move his business elsewhere.

I tool a quick look at their Q2 financial results, and it doesn't look like they are having any financial troubles...

I'm wondering, where does such a rumor come from?

3 months ago

I've just moved a few of my projects from #digitalocean to #vercel and it's wild that this is just free, plus all the hassle of setting up https is just solved.

3 months ago

#Digitalocean charges storing #VPS #backups and snapshots (read: presumably an .img file that the hypervisor is already capable of creating on its own without much additional development from the cloud provider) at $0.06/GiB/month. Which would be fine, except Digitalocean shamelessly does not allow you to download them to your local system and then delete the online copy, which, again, is not a difficult feature to offer because it's just allowing access to the file. This is just a cash grab.

So it's been a hot minute but a new coat of paint just went live for, check it out if you haven't yet! #DigitalOcean

MikeEL 🐘
3 months ago

#digitalocean #mastodon #selfhosting

Why do I need object storage?

These buckets are used to store images, video and audio or whatever users will want to upload. Without Object storage, you will need to use your local database, which can be slow and overloaded quickly.

The #wordpress #activitypub plugin is not a #mastodon instance. The plugin provides fediverse connectivity and #mastodon profiles and some function. NOT a mastodon instance.

Wen Bin :verified:
3 months ago

🐞 Fancy automating your bug bounty workflow but not sure how to create your own VPS that runs in the cloud?

📽️ In this video, I will show you the steps to creating your own VPS using #digitalocean #droplets 😉


#bugbounty #bugbountytips

Lawrence Murray
3 months ago

Updated my "GPU Programming in the Cloud" article for the recent acquisition of Paperspace (still my recommendation) by Digital Ocean: #c #cpp #cplusplus #cuda #gpu #ml #ai #machinelearning #cloud #programming #digitalocean #paperspace #nvidia #developer #development

3 months ago

Why so many #bots are hosted by #DigitalOcean? I suppose their policies are a bit lax?

Like What is the point of poking at my servers insistently? Anyone knows what these are about?

Jeff Sikes
3 months ago

I'm not sure if this will be interesting to anyone, but I am going to start posting some stuff about my first time home lab / home web hosting experiences.

It started out as "oh I'll just throw up a simple fediverse server" that has turned into a collection of worksheets, diagrams and tutorials as I learn everything from scratch.

Spinning up a @spacehost, @mastohost or #DigitalOcean instance is so much faster and cheaper, highly recommended.

But I'm learning alot!

#HomeLab #HomeServer

Mick 🇨🇦
4 months ago

Anyone out there have success with a #DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL 15 live DB migration?

I can not get the thing to work at all and oh boy have I tried.

#CoSocialTechOps #PostgreSQL #Sysadmin #NeedAStiffDrink

Michael Gale
4 months ago

Which Ocarina of Time boss is most like a mastodon?

#zelda #vm #digitalocean #mastodon

screenshot of digital ocean interface, showing a new VM called "king dodongo" being deployed
Matt Brunt
4 months ago

Looks like there's an #outage for #DigitalOcean right now #HugOps

Getting a 403 when trying to access the #DigitalOcean web console... but only on #Firefox. #sigh

4 months ago

I must say, I’m super impressed with #Hetzner: their €3.95 server consistently outperforms my old $14 server from #DigitalOcean by a mile!

#selfhost #selfhosted

I'm thinking to, maybe, host my own #mastodon #instance. Which is the easiest way for doing so? Perhaps something that I can build with little effort in a small #DigitalOcean #droplet

PS: It would be for the huge amount of, at much, 3 users.

Sammy (creature) 🦊
4 months ago

On this note, do any of my followers work for a large cloud-y (but with presence in the UK) company? Thinking places like #DigitalOcean etc..

OR do you work at a big UK university? They have bandwidth and storage to spare.. right??

If so, do you think they'd maybe consider mirroring some #Wikimedia project XML dumps?

4 months ago

So, I’ve migrated my Mastodon Instance from a #DigitalOcean droplet to a #Hetzner IPv6-only VM.

The result: I'm now paying a third of what I used to pay, while having twice as many vCPUs and twice as much RAM. The whole instance is notably snappier now.

Thanks to @g3rv4 for his write up on how to get Mastodon play ball on IPv6 only:

The migration itself was really painfree, once I had that sorted out!


Chris is.
4 months ago

I can't say why publicly but if you are considering hosting your workloads on #DigitalOcean and care at all about #LGBTQ+ rights, you might want to consider a different hosting provider.

Anders Borch
5 months ago

@lea #DigitalOcean has some net-zero hosting options and I am very satisfied with their pricing and service.

(I am not affiliated with them and I’m not using affiliate links or anything like that, just a happy customer)

5 months ago

#DigitalOcean has one of the best support experiences I encounter with cloud services. They really nailed that part of their offering.

I had an issue deploying one of my apps, it was due to my code issue that deployment wouldn't go live properly, while at the same time rollback image was deleted (oops). So the app stayed live actually, new deployment didn't go out, but then their system would get stuck trying to rollback.

I asked them to "unstuck it" and they were on it fast. Appreciate it.

5 months ago


It depends on what you're willing to pay, and how much work you're willing to do. If you don't mind paying a bit of money ($10-20 a month) then you can get a service like #DigitalOcean or #Linode and use a one-click installer for something like #Grav #Ghost or #Hugo

If you want to pay as little as possible, you can find a cheaper VPS (or even self-host) and install any of the above, but it's definitely more work and will require some technical trial-and-error.

Kathy Reid
5 months ago

As folks might know, I #MastoAdmin the #FediverseAU #Mastodon instance, which is a closed (must be approved) instance only for university and research group accounts in Australia / Oceania - because they're typically brand accounts and don't have a natural home in AU.

Yesterday I upgraded the storage for this Mastodon instance, and placed it on a #DigitalOcean #CDN.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, you can see the change plan here - because documentation is both helpful in the moment, and a good reference for others.

Andre Polykanine
5 months ago

I have to do lots of Linux administration these days. And guess what? The best articles about common tasks are made by #DigitalOcean. Many providers have their tutorials, but DigitalOcean ones surpass them all, in my opinion.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
6 months ago

@jcrabapple @CliffWade Great!

Now I'm setting up a #DigitalOcean droplet for @yunohost

Chris Lagasse
6 months ago

I think I finally managed to resolve a user permissions issue that plagued me for something like 2 years on this #digitalocean droplet… and I just accepted as an annoying nuisance.

Ruth Mottram
6 months ago

Great closing remarks from John Bell at the #DigitalOcean forum, putting work on the #DigitalOceanForum into a wider democratic and societal context.

Ruth Mottram
6 months ago

Riding to the @EU_Commission for the 2nd day of the #DigitalOcean forum.
It strikes me that if I lived in #Brussels I would be lobbying *VERY* hard to have Rue de la Loi leading through the #EU quarter closed to traffic and set aside for cyclists and pedestrians.

This should be an iconic view, imagine trees, bikes and people strolling instead of traffic + air pollution..
#livableCities #cycling

Woman on a bike stopped at a traffic light between 2 huge buildings. In the distance a triumphal arch on a hill, traffic is speeding towards the viewer
Josh B
6 months ago

How is the setup for #peertube on a #Linode or #DigitalOcean server?

I wish the Digital Ocean API let you get stats for a Spaces bucket. Would be great to graph usage over time. #DigitalOcean

6 months ago

Extenent-me, estava intentant muntar un disc dur extern i usar-lo dins dels dockers per tal d'evitar l'SD el màxim possible. A mig camí vaig configurar un Object Storage a #DigitalOcean i em vaig oblidar de la entrada al fstab. I al reiniciar va fer un pet. I com que la swap va ser de les últimes coses que em van ratllar, ho vaig atribuir a això.

Total, que em sento idiota, ho podria haver sol.lucionat al moment, i he estat una setmana donant-li voltes a la distància per tonto.

Anders Borch
6 months ago

@def it’s a managed kubernetes service. The fine people at #DigitalOcean is keeping the cluster running for me. I don’t think I have access to those kinds of logs.

acabo de convertir 70 USD de #DigitalOcean en 12 EUR de #netcup

super win


eThanOS ☠️
7 months ago

So I started a little side project on #DigitalOcean this afternoon. Little rusty getting docker up and running, but this hopefully will be a good idea.

#calckey #newyork #soon

We have added the following domain(s) to our registration queue:
We have added the following domain(s) to our registration queue:

So, am I reading this right?

It seems to be claiming:

  1. Unless my ISP somehow authorizes email to be sent from my IP, Gmail will now bounce it.
  2. Unless I am hooked up with an email service that somehow has clout with Google, Gmail will bounce it.

Since the "ISP" through whom I am attempting to send mail is #DigitalOcean, I find item #1 to be dubious. They are not blocking my outgoing mail port, and I have no problems sending to most recipients (Google and Microsoft being the only exceptions I'm aware of).

DigitalOcean seems to encouraging its users to use a 3rd-party service -- but I'm already paying them for hosting, and managing my own email service; I don't want to pay yet another service just for the privilege of being allowed to send messages to Gmail's increasingly walled garden.

Is it time to formally #boycottGmail?

#boycott #Gmail #Google

Addendum: follow-up post

mi opinión hasta ahora sobre el app platform de #digitalocean :

not impressed

es como la mitad del performance por el doble de precio, y no me puedo meter a depurar.

Luego pasan cosas raras con los #contenedores.

De entrada las sumas parece que se calculan diferente, porque nunca son las mismas en local que en los repositorios (#gitlab, #digitalocean )

Luego, la 1.0.0 que ven ahí en realidad lo que hice fue bajarla, etiquetarla, y volverla a subir para no perderla pero poder usar el tag latest. Pero perdió su identidad en el proceso aparentemente.

un listado de imágenes de contenedor en digitalocean que muestra tres etiquetas. 1.1.0 de 1.02 Gb, 1.1.0 de 1.64 Gb y latest de 1.64 Gb.

Todas tienen suma de verificación diferente.
Julian Lam
7 months ago

@chad @elan may I ask why you used a managed database?

#nodebb never went that route because our usage predated the product on #DigitalOcean, so when I need to spin up a database I just do it on a regular server.

I get that ease of use and peace of mind are worth something, but if cost scales linearly that's a no-go, no?

Well, I have given up on creating my own #mastodon instance on #DigitalOcean - I came across a few hurdles and got stuck, feel totally out of my depth here 😩

8 months ago

Turns out the #Kubernetes backups, taken using #Velero, are failing on #DigitalOcean not supporting their plugin. Apparently, you can only take a snapshot once every 10 minutes, resulting in the snapshot provider failing the backup.

The repository looks abandoned.

Falling back to plain file system backups for now.

Anders Borch
8 months ago

#DigitalOcean did an automatic scheduled upgrade of my kubernetes cluster today. Sadly, the background worker which fetches statuses got stuck in an unknown state for about an hour.

If you have been missing some replies today then I apologise for the inconvenience.

The woker is playing catch-up right now, and you should start seeing replies and profile backfills again soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience 😞

Dustin Rue
8 months ago

Self hosting costs for March:

#DigitalOcean - 8.87 for a single instance and backups and some testing

#Cloudflare- 5.62 where $5 is the #WordPress APO feature, the rest is media hosting for this mastodon instance.

Home internet clocks in around $80 and I do serve a number for things from here. Electric cost is about $13 a month for two systems running 24x7.

#SelfHost #SelfHosting #DIY #homelab

Anders Borch
8 months ago

@dragon @CenturyAvocado @beasts I’ve been on #DigitalOcean for a long time now, it’s AWS infrastructure without AWS complexity. Stable, but not particularly cheap, so it’s interesting to learn about what others are using.

Stefan Bohacek
9 months ago

This is a bit nerdier blog post about my recent migration to CapRover. If you're looking for a self-hosted alternative to Heroku, either for your own project, or to try some of the self-hosted apps it supports, you should give it a try.

#IndieWeb #selfhosted #website #webdev #WebDevelopment #heroku #DigitalOcean

David Burke
9 months ago

I'm impressed by how fast #digitalocean managed #postgresql can upgrade from 14 to 15. It seemed to take a few seconds for a 200GB DB. I'm not paying for fail-over replicas. How is that possible? I thought that kind of quick cut-over required a slow replication process. Perhaps there is a secret replica behind the scenes. Why can't #aws RDS do this?

Pissed off that the only change #akamai brings to my use case with #linode is a price increase, and a hefty one. That’s it.

I have a lot of other business with #linode , but my mastodon instance is one of them.

The right-size appeal of #linode is probably going to disappear, just as I feared 😢 I guess I’ll look at #digitalocean , unless they announce the same increase next week (they certainly might)

Why the f can’t we just have nice things??

Jeff Forcier
9 months ago

Being told that not only has #DigitalOcean axed a ton of non-redundant foundational employees, they’re intending to offshore their remaining work to some garbage tier recent acquisition?

Kinda pissed given I only just migrated to them a year or two ago. Who the hell is left in this space now? #hosting