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A previously unknown giant herbivore discovered (video)

A new subspecies of grass lizard, which has been named Garumbatitan morellensis, was discovered in Spain.

This new dinosaur has been named Garumbatitan morellensis and was 10 meters high and 25 meters long.

The herbivore was a four-legged herbivore with a long neck and tail, not unlike a brachiosaurus.

Translated by Google Translate
#science #paleontology #discovery #dinosaur #dinosaurs

Laura Blackwell (she/her)
14 hours ago

We had so much fun this Story Hour! Guan Un showed tremendous range with a pitch-perfect noir followed by a heartbreaking Weird piece and then a sweet fantasy. John Wiswell brought his signature mix of coziness and dry wit to kaiju and dinosaurs, closing the night down with laughs. Unmissable! #StoryHour2020 #ShortStories #AuthorReading #GuanUn #JohnWiswell #fantasy #kaiju #dinosaurs #humor

Mark Witton
19 hours ago

More new #paleoart at #Patreon: an attempt to show a realistic take on #dinosaur copulation. A lot of what's said about dinosaur mating is pretty ridiculous so, in an essay accompanying the hi-res version of this image, I try to cut to the sensible stuff. #sciart #dinosaurs #paleontology

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
20 hours ago

Today at the zoo I heard what sound the cassowary makes. Holy Jurassic Park, Batman... 😱

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Peter Kraker
22 hours ago

I feel like someone followed me around last night :)

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Thomas Holtz
1 day ago

#NewPaper #Paleontology #Dinosaurs #Ichnology

Ahmed Oussou, Peter L. Falkingham, Richard J. Butler, Khadija Boumir, Driss Ouarhache, Kawtar Ech-charay, André Charrière and Susannah C. R. Maidment (2023)
New Middle to ?Late Jurassic dinosaur tracksites in the Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Royal Society Open Science 10(9): 231091

Mark Witton
2 days ago

New #paleoart at #Patreon: Tyrannosaurus face bites. Thanks to large numbers of injured tyrannosaurid skulls, we know a lot about this behaviour. The main take-home? They weren't very nice to one another. High-res art and discussion at: #fossil #sciart #dinosaurs

Mark Witton
2 days ago

Say whaat? The Palaeontographical Society has just launched a new paleoart award with £500 and annual membership as 1st prize? Sign me up! Oh, wait, I'm one of the judges.

Visit for details, and get your entries in before Nov 25th!

#sciart #paleontology #fossils #dinosaurs #paleoart

(Please share widely!)

Lukas VF Novak
2 days ago

#Fossils show widespread plant extinctions after #asteroid wiped out #dinosaurs

The end-#Cretaceous plant #extinction: Heterogeneity, ecosystem transformation, and insights for the future

"New fossils from #Colombia and #Argentina and the United States have provided a broader geographic range to study the severity, #ecosystem effects and legacies of the event on plant life."

Leaf fossils in rocks

A cliff in Alaska is covered with dozens of dinosaur footprints, a stunning discovery that reveals their diversity and abundance. The footprints belong to different types of dinosaurs, such as crane-like birds, plant-eaters and predators. The footprints challenge the idea that dinosaurs were warm-climate creatures and show how they adapted to the ancient Alaskan environment.

#Dinosaurs #Footprints #Alaska

Scientific Frontline
3 days ago

A new study shows unprecedented heat is likely to lead to the next mass #extinction since the #dinosaurs died out, eliminating nearly all mammals in some 250 million years time.
#EarthScience #Environmental #ClimateChange #sflorg

Bob Nicholls Art
3 days ago

New Sea Mammals book, by Annalisa Berta, goes on sale today. I had fun creating 25 colour drawings of extinct species for this book. Published by Princeton:
#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciCom #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Mammals

Saddler’s Husband
3 days ago

Tried out Paleo Pines (release day is today!) earlier and it’s just SO CUTE. If you like cozy indie games about dinosaurs and farming, give this one a shot! It’s available on all major consoles and Steam. #PaleoPines #CozyGames #Dinosaurs #Farming #Cute #Gaming #Videogame #ShareYourGames #IndieGame

Screencap of Paleo Pines (PS5) with the player petting Lucky, the game’s main dinosaur buddy.
3 days ago

“Parthenogenesis is a well-established trait in some reptiles. Such babies, called parthenotes, make up the majority of some lizard species: New Mexico whiptails and tiny mourning geckos are made up entirely of all-female lineages. In other reptiles, like copperhead snakes and komodo dragons, it happens only occasionally among specific individuals.”

#biology #birds #dinosaurs

Wirry Loberts
4 days ago

Oof this one was the funniest of my Tom Tanuki 12-video catch-up.
The people in there are absolutely despicable and there's some outright racism and a bunch of -phobias on display, but Tanuki knows how to make fun of these toerags.
#auspol #CPAC #dinosaurs

Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Sebayashi Ripple Marks in Kanna, Japan

Fifty-odd dinosaur footprints are preserved on this strip of mountain cliff along with ancient ripple marks.#naturalhistory #dinosaurs #fossils #section-Atlas
Sebayashi Ripple Marks

David M. Kelly
4 days ago

Dinosaur feathers reveal traces of ancient proteins. X-ray evidence of proteins in fossil feathers sheds new light on feather evolution. #science #history #dinosaurs #fossils

Photo of fossilized dinosaur feather showing detail of fronds
Corinna 🦕
4 days ago

Been on these all day at Dinofest. Almost done! #dinosaurs

Shoes with dinosaurs on them
taste of taboo
5 days ago
5 days ago

Dinosaur feathers reveal traces of ancient proteins
New method reveals similarities between dinosaurs and birds

#science #evolution #dinosaurs #AncientProteins

5 days ago

#Daiso Petite Blocs Spinosaurus is a pretty stumpy little model. But honestly if someone told me it was the scientifically accurate version of the Dino I would not be surprised.


A knock off lego version of Spinosaurus with really bad proportions.
A knock off lego version of Spinosaurus with really bad proportions.
William Bailey
5 days ago

Made a Giganotosaurus plasticine model for reference and fun #giganotosaurus #dinosaurs #sculpting #dinosaures #modelling

Adam S. Smith
6 days ago

Vintage Jurassic Park Covers! is the order of the day over at the Chasmosaur blog:

Some of the cavers are vaguely familiar, many are retro, and some are downright bizarre.

This one's from Italy, 1991.

#JurassicPark #dinosaurs #books #cover #paleoart #LoveInTheTimeOfChasmosaurs

Front cover of an Italian edition of Jurassic Park with artwork depicting tail-dragging dinosaurs and frightened humans.
Anna Anthro
6 days ago

“Frank Schilling, who grew up in the #okanagan and currently lives in the Cayman Islands, commissioned the sculpture for his #Penticton property, a vacation rental called Eden Park Lakehouse.

"I've always liked #dinosaurs and I thought, well, maybe it's time to build that giant dinosaur that I wanted," said Schilling. “ #trex #bc

Bill Minarik
1 week ago

Not only was #ammineite recently discovered, it's only been present for a short part of Earth history; copper and guano in dry areas.

Base figure from John et al. (2010) Porphyry Copper Deposit Model, USGS SIR. Ammineite photo by Germano Fretti hosted on

Inspired by @llewelly

Edited: I've been repeating that birds are #dinosaurs so long that...

#Mincup23 #EarthSystemScience #copper #bats #lizards

A figure comparing porphyry copper deposits over time with the evolution of birds and bats producing guano; both are needed in order for ammineite to crystallize.
1 week ago

suddenly I fear I'm going to have trouble keeping Xinjiangtitan and Jiangxititan distinct in my brain.



Thomas Holtz
1 week ago

#NewPaper #Paleontology #Dinosaurs

Jin-You Mo, Qiong-Yao Fu, Yi-Lun Yu & Xing Xu (2023) A New Titanosaurian Sauropod from the Upper Cretaceous of Jiangxi Province, Southern China, Historical Biology, DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2023.2259413

Triops Galaxy
1 week ago

What are #Triops? 🦐

About 220 million years ago, dinosaurs inhabited our planet and dominated ecosystems. The era of the #dinosaurs was ended by the mass extinction in the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary. Triops survived and are now the oldest known living animal species in the world. But what are Triops actually?
#SeaMonkeys #triopsgalaxy

Halloween Every Dave Higgins
1 week ago

Primordial World: Book 3 by Baileigh Higgins

“Higgins blends spy tropes with man-vs-beast adventure, creating an engaging action thriller.”

More thoughts:

#thriller #ScienceFiction #adventure #dinosaurs

Mark Witton
1 week ago

#Paleoart of giant fossil penguins, Kumimanu, for #FossilFriday. Penguin diversity exploded in the Palaeogene and human-sized, spear-beaked Kumimanu were just one of many lineages. Their feathers weren't precisely like those of modern penguins yet, and some had reddish colouration. #dinosaurs

This is when you check the trees to either side of you for the other two great blue herons you didn’t even know were there, right? Not just me? 😳

#birding #dinosaurs

A great blue heron almost hidden among tall reeds and grasses. The hump of its body is visible but only its wicked head is really clear of the foliage, poised on its S-shaped neck ready to strike, its great yellow eye wide and staring.



Starry Time Podcast
1 week ago

Gemini Raptor
Scorpios Rex
Australis (from Dino Crisis 3)

... we bring up #dinosaurs *whenever* we can on our #astronomy & #mythology podcast!

So, I hope you'll enjoy this collection of #dino casts & fossils from Jordan:

#paleontology #dinos #dinosaur

Global Museum
1 week ago

Please join us during the virtual meeting for the State of the Dinosauria discussion panel! Moderator ReBecca Hunt-Foster will be chatting with a fantastic group of dinosaur-focused paleontologists about recent discoveries, plus taking audience questions. #dinosaurs #Paleontolgy

Sharon Gascoigne
1 week ago

I don't buy a great deal in for the Gallery as we make most of our stock, but in January I preorder some Christmas bits. It arrived today and I decided to put it straight out as it's been such a strange year business wise. Turns out it was a good decision as I immediately sold 4 decorations.
I'd forgotten how cute these #dinosaurs are! I must have been having one of my moments when I ordered them 😅

3 cute dinosaurs either wearing mistletoe or Santa hats. A lilac stegosaurus, blue triceratops and a green t rex
Ana Cardiaceae
1 week ago

Caudipteryx doodle. Line work, then with colors inspired by pheasants.

Caudipteryx isn't really a bird but it's only slightly larger than a pheasant and lived in a formation that appears to have been forested.

The fossils have color information and the feathers had visible bands. Although the plumage would apprently have been darker than what I drew.

#palaeoart #paleoart #sketchbook #dinosaurs

Caudipteryx zoui. Black and white
Caudipteryx zoui. With brown feathers and a red and blue head.
Mojo ♻️
1 week ago

The #Wollemi #pine was thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago until it was rediscovered in #australia by a group of hikers in 1994. Now, scientists have decoded its #genome to understand how it's survived — almost unchanged — since the time of the #dinosaurs. #greatRead

JF studios
1 week ago

aepyornis, the giant elephant #bird #paleoart #dinosaurs #art

1 week ago

Exploring some fun variants for my Tyrannosaurus! These are mostly for fun but I think somewhat within reason for how extravagant soft tissue can get.

#paleoart #dinosaurs

Selection of Tyrannsaurus busts with different soft tissue ornametation. From top left, clockwise: knobbly keratin overgrowth, oxen horns, pennaceous feathers, spiky horns, gular pouch and eye flaps, and the original.
Curious Loth-cat
1 week ago

I visited the "SUE: The T. rex Experience" exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. SUE says hello!

#Dinosaur #Dinosaurs #Paleontology #Museum

Full-scale articulated cast replica of the SUE the T. rex fossil.
Dr Manabu Sakamoto (he/him)
1 week ago
Joanne Fisher
1 week ago

My favourite dinosaur: Brontosaurus ♥️ #dinosaurs

Drawing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Overlaid text: When you grow up, people stop asking you what your favourite dinosaur is.

They don't even care.
1 week ago

@BassisJeremy motto for aerosol-based cooling: it worked over the #dinosaurs. Surely it will work for us!

Mark Witton
1 week ago

Remembering when I drew some ideas for Jurassic World sequels back in 2015, while the JW trilogy was just 1 mediocre film, not a 3-film car-crash. More interesting fictional dinosaurs and the resurrection of extinct hominds were top of my list. Still waiting on that phone call, Hollywood producers. #dinosaurs

Thomas Holtz
1 week ago

#NewPaper #Paleontology #Dinosaurs

Li Yang, Xiaobo Li, Jun Chen & Robert R. Reisz (2023)
First Discovery of Large-bodied Dromaeosaurid Fossil Materials (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous Quantou Formation, Songliao Basin, Northeast China
Cretaceous Research 105711

Adam S. Smith
1 week ago

"I would recommend this book to anyone that loves dinosaurs and interesting facts. It's fantastic!"

#TheTyrannosaursFeathers gets some lovely reviews from young readers in ENVOY magazine.

The Tyrannosaur's Feathers is written by @JonathanEmmett and me, illustrated by @Stieven, and published by UCLan Publishing.

It's on Amazon here:

#books #bookstodon #childrensbook #kidsbooks #review #envoy #UCLan #dinosaurs #Trex #dinosaur

A magazine page with the title Envoy & Reading Force Book Corner with several positive reviews of The Tyrannosaur's Feathers and photos of the children reviewers holding the book and smiling.
2 weeks ago

Orthographic study of Tyrannosaurus rex! Really enjoyed refining my personal interpretation of this animal and its integument in particular.

#paleoart #dinosaurs

Orthographic illustration of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Profile illustration of Tyrannosaurus rex.
2 weeks ago

Fossils on display at Makoshika State Park visitor center, Glendive, eastern Montana, USA. The K-Pg (K/T) boundary between the Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation and the overlying Paleocene Fort Union Fm, which records the extinction of the #dinosaurs, is exposed here! #geology #paleontology #FossilFriday

A variety of dinosaur bones in a glass case, including vertebrae, a humerus, and others.
A variety of dinosaur bones in a glass case, including a pubis, teeth, jaws.
Adam S. Smith
2 weeks ago

If you're planning to submit an entry to the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2023 then make sure you don't miss the deadline on Saturday 30th September – it's less than two weeks away!

The contest details are here:

#DinoToyBlog #diorama #photography #dinosaurs #contest

An image of a two dinosaur toys: a T. rex fighting with a horned dinosaur.
2 weeks ago

One of my patrons rocked it #3Dprinting my Velociraptor model!

Free stls here:

Just another example of the models I made that aren't PCs, monsters or memes lol
#ttrpg #3Dmodeling #3DPrinted #3dart #dinosaurs

Phantom Space Girl
2 weeks ago

Oh and yes, the new ink is sick as hell. From Mason Grey at Stray Dog Tattoos in Westland, Michigan, fabulous artist and tattoo shop! (There's also some older trilobite tattoos sneaking into the pic, I'm working on a fossil sleeve.) #tattoos #dinosaurs

Behold a gorgeous therapod skull! It's not easy having the coolest tattoos in the world, but it's a burden I must bear. 😔

A black and grey tattoo of a therapod dinosaur skull with cobwebs strung across its teeth, framed by some Monstera leaves and mushrooms, with a crescent moon above.
Aurous Azhdarchid
2 weeks ago


You can now purchase a Velociraptor vs. Protoceratops painting on my new Etsy store!!
I’ve put the link directly in my “About” section as well as my LinkTree if you’re interested in checking it out!

#dinosaur #dinosaurs #dinosaurart #velociraptor #protoceratops #paleoart #traditionalart #rubberhose #cartoon #vintagecartoons #rubberhosestyle

Screenshot of the painting’s listing in my Etsy store
Screenshot of my Etsy store
2 weeks ago

after 5 years, it is still hilarious to me that there is a scientific paper titled _The Real Big Foot_, and it is about a sauropod hind foot, also known as a pes.

_The real Bigfoot: a pes from Wyoming, USA is the largest sauropod pes ever reported and the northern-most occurrence of brachiosaurids in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation_


2 weeks ago

TIL that my favorite dinosaur from my childhood, Brontosaurus, after being demoted in the 1970s, was reinstated as an official dinosaur genus in 2015!

That's right! It's not an Apatosaurus, dammit! The 6yo in me is jumping for joy!

"Brontosaurus Stomps Back to Claim Its Status as Real Dinosaur" - National Geographic
#dinosaurs #brontosaurus

2 weeks ago

I just listened to the 26th episode of Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, about Zdeněk Burian, again, and it's still wonderful. @Himmapaan


1 month ago

I know the last frame is well off the mark, but it's still jolly amusing.
🙂 #dinosaurs #food #timetravel #robots

1 month ago

Henlo, I'm Rax, 30 y.o. 2D artist from Poland. I love fantasy, sci-fi and - most of all - DINOSAURS 🦖​🦕​ I work in game dev, I love to create colorfull illustrations. I hope you enjoy my gallery, thanks!

#introduction #gamedev #dinosaurs #furryart #furry #digitalart #anthro #art #dragons #fantasy

Hybrid anthro on a glitched background.
Kobold with tools shouting: "Fools, I've got the tools!"
Spiked dragon with big antlers on a violet background.
Iridescent dragons with flower necklace on a blue background.
Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

#Fossils of Two New Abelisaurid #Dinosaurs Uncovered in #Morocco

New fossils of #Abelisauridae (#Dinosauria: #Theropoda) from the upper #Maastrichtian of Morocco, North Africa

"The two new #dinosaur species lived approximately 66 million years ago and had short, bulldog snouts and very short arms. They belonged to Abelisauridae, a family of #carnivorous dinosaurs that were counterparts to the #tyrannosaurs of the northern hemisphere."

life reconstruction of a group of carnivorous dinosaurs scavenging a beached marine reptile next to sea
Stephen Bannasch
1 month ago

Somebody with three toes stepped into the mud a very very long time ago!! Each toe is about 3-4” long. This is one of set of slate steps marking a pathway to the back deck at the small home my mother-in-laws rents in Turners Falls, MA. #dinosaurs

A piece of dark brownish-gray slate used as part of a path to a back deck. The slate is wet to make the dinosaur footprint impression more visible. The original foot had three forward facing toes with the center one about 10cm and the ones on either side about 8cm. There is a depression at the base that may be some kind of heel.
1 month ago

First post here. Still not 100% sure how I’ll get used to this, but it’s good to have a place to go in case Twitter implodes completely.

#paleoart #dinosaurs #PrehistoricPlanet

Simosuchus, a small relative of crocodilians, confronts a battle-scarred Majungasaurus. Both of these animals lived in Madagascar at the end of the Cretaceous period, and appear in the second season of the Prehistoric Planet documentary series.
Ronnie Tucker
1 month ago

Playing some Let's Build a Zoo with the #dinosaur DLC.

#linux #linuxgaming #dinosaurs #steam

1 month ago

The bane of Tarbosaurus everywhere, Therizinosaurus. #paleoart #dinosaurs

Illustration of brown, orange, red, and white Therizinosaurus against a simple background with faded trees.
L. Rhodes
1 month ago

Steve Brusatte's The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs turned me on to the problematics of accounting for the biggest dinosaur's sheer size. Here's an interesting explanation of some of the latest research on sauropods: #dinosaurs #sauropods #paleontology #evolution

Grant Canterbury
2 months ago

@faerye @nemo My son asked me to explain this to him a couple of years ago - could not really explain very well while driving (though I tried) so I drew a picture later.
#Birds #Mammals #Dinosaurs #Reptiles #Evolution

Great big phylogenetic tree of the tetrapods, hand drawn mostly from memory. Family relationships of mammals, birds,  dinosaurs, and reptile groups from Paleozoic to the present.

Last night I had a dream I was on holiday and bought a bunch of papercraft dinosaurs, every time I would put one together, it would come alive and start attacking the other paper dinosaurs until it tore them apart :(

#papercraft #papertoys #Dream #illustration #dinosaurs

A photo of a papercraft tyrannosaurus. It's orange with yellow eyes.
A photo of a papercraft tyrannosaurus. It's orange with yellow eyes.
Clémence Dupont
2 months ago

Un aperçu de la dernière période du temps des dinosaures dans un bocal🌱
Des gros dinos qui font GRAOU, des gros ptérosaures qui prennent toute la place... et un fossile bien connu

#paleoart #illustration #dinosaurs #cretaceous

Illustration dans un style planche botanique.
Un bocal avec des dinos et des ptérosaures à l'intérieur au temps du Crétacé : T.rex, Triceratops, Quetzalcoaltus, Pachycephalosaurus, Nyctosaurus... et un fossile d'Archéoptéryx
Bonnie (she/her)
2 months ago

The Bizarre True Story of Central Park’s Doomed Victorian Dinosaur Museum -

#atlasobscura #dinosaurs #NewYork

Sariel Snowings
2 months ago

To anyone interested in the Rainbowsaur Sticker Sheet, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

It’s my birthday month so as a way to celebrate I’ll be sending this sticker sheet to everyone who joins the “Final Render” tier on my Patreon (15$) during August.

More info on this public post:
Tell your friends!

#MastoArt #FediArt #Rainbowsaurs #QueerArt #QueerStickers #DinosaurArt #Dinosaurs

A picture of a sticker sheet on a wooden table. The sheet features a variety of “Rainbow-saurs”, dinosaur drawings, each with the colour palette of a pride flag. Around the main sheet there are bigger sticker versions of some of the dinosaurs, as well as a replica of a deinonychus claw and a small plastic skeleton of some kind of carnivore dinosaur. It also has an announcement saying “15 USD free shipping!” and Sariel’s Patreon link “”.
Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 months ago

Wah, another dinosaur discovery in Thailand:

>“It is one of the most complete dinosaur fossils in Southeast Asia.”

>It is the 13th dinosaur fossil found in Thailand and the world’s newest discovered species of dinosaur, Ms Oranuj said.

>The fossil dates from about 150 million years ago, which was in the late Jurassic period. Its pelvis is similar to those of birds, called ornithischian dinosaurs.

>Phu Noi mountain, where the fossil was found, has been dubbed the Jurassic Park of Thailand because more than 5,000 fossilised remains of ancient creatures with backbones have been discovered there. It is the biggest and most bio-diverse site of fossilised vertebrates in Southeast Asia, Ms Oranuj said.

#archaeology #TootSEA #Thailand #dinosaurs

Adam S. Smith
2 months ago

It's publication day for The Tyrannosaur's Feathers!

I've written an article about the book and why I dedicated it to my late friend Wang Qi:

The book is widely available online, including on Amazon US now and it can be ordered from your local bookshop.

Cowritten by @JonathanEmmett, illustrated @Stieven, published by UClan Publishing.

#TheTyrannosaursFeathers #books #bookstodon #Trex #dinosaurs @bookstodon

The front cover of The Tyrannosaur's Feathers with the two main characters, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor.
Clémence Dupont
2 months ago

DINORAMA II : Le Jurassique
Un aperçu de la seconde période du temps des dinosaures dans un bocal🌱
Des Diplodocus qui se font des bisous, des ptérosaures à gogo et un étrange fossile...

#paleoart #illustration #dinosaurs #jurassic

Illustration dans un style "planche botanique" mais moderne et coloré.
Des dinosaures dans un bocal au temps du Jurassique
2 months ago

#ShowerThoughts: If birds, like chickens, evolved from #dinosaurs and we were to, Jurassic Park style, recreate them, and then eat them; they'd probably taste like chicken...but since dinos came first, shouldn't we be saying that chicken tastes like dinosaur and not the other way around? (PS I'm not advocating that we eat dinosaurs, this is purely a grammatical thought.)

Christian Alvarez
2 months ago

Denver Museum of Nature and Science has the most amazing dioramas I’ve ever seen, and of course: dinosaurs! #Denver #DenverCO #travels #travelsphotography #Colorado #museum #science #naturalhistory #dinosaurs

Joe Watson Illustration
2 months ago
Painting study of a sultry Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic park but its Earl from Dinosaurs
Benjamin Brinckmann
2 months ago

I'm on vacation and its been a rainy day today. So I felt like drawing two velociraptors experiencing a rainy day 66 million years ago.
#MastoArt #PaleoArt #velociraptor #dinosaurs #dinosaurArt #PenSketching #PenSketch

Pen sketch of two velociraptors laying on the ground while it's raining. The one in front is tucking their snout underneath its wing. The one in the back is looking solemnly into the distance.
Colin Macleod
2 months ago

@arstechnica Interesting article, but it doesn't really explain how the "unidirectional breathing" referred to actually works. 🤔
#fossils #dinosaurs #evolution

One of the things I am having fun with #Writing for #PrimalQuest is coming up with #Fantasy #Dinosaurs that can only exist in such a mythical world.

Like the Raptor Mind, a group of #Velociraptors with a Hive Mind, infected by an alien fungus that arrived on a meteor!

#TTRPG #PrehistoricFantasy

Black and white ink artwork of a pair of velociraptors running in a rocky field. Illustrated by Felipe Faria.
Clémence Dupont
2 months ago

Oh mais merci pour votre accueil 🥰
Voici une nouvelle image pour votre bon plaisir, illustration réalisée pour le Larousse des dinos qui sortira en France le 11 octobre.

Je galère un peu à comprendre encore l'outil notamment pourquoi on n'a pas tous le même @ après notre pseudo

Mais j'ai compris qu'on pouvait utiliser des hashtags 😎

#dinosaurs #paleoart #youthedition

Illustration représentant les dinosaures du Crétacé et du continent sud américain : Argentinosaurus, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus et Austroraptor.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
2 months ago

Yes this is a dinosaur pillow case.

Yes I’m in my 40s.

No I won’t be taking any questions.


I love majestic/dramatic poses in paleoart but what I REALLY love are poses that show everyday behavior, even if those poses are less "dignified." Like this painting of lekking, a ground-scraping mating display (plus bonus background sexytime!), in theropod dinosaurs. Art is by Xing Lida, based on preserved marks found in Cretaceous sites in Colorado.

I wrote about it for Live Science:


#science #SciComm #dinosaurs #paleontology #PaleoArt

Two male theropod dinosaurs face each other, heads pointed to the sky as they scrape the ground in a mating display. They seem oblivious to the two therapods in the background that are already getting busy.
Emily Stepp
3 months ago

A messy dinosaur wing paleoart study because I realized I have some gaps in my understanding of how they fold and fan out. #Paleoart #Dinosaurs

Paravian Dinosaur Dorsal Right Wing Study by Emily Stepp 2023. Black and white sketches of the wings of a duck in semi-folded and extended position, Sinornithosaurus wing folded and extended position, Anchiornis wing in neutral position, Chicken wing with bone, flesh, 3 feathered positions, then Velociraptor wing with flesh and no feathers then a neutral position feathered wing.