Julian Lam
53 minutes ago

@counteractor @jdp23 there's merit in sticking to your lane when it comes to deciding what kind of app you want to be. You can do all things kinda crappily, or do a few things really really well.

Some quick examples:

- NodeBB is a forum first, and a chat second (chats were replacements for older forums' DM systems)
- #Discord and #Slack started building out threading/forum-style functionality. Arguably, it leaves much to be desired.

2 hours ago

Looking to add a new bot to the discord server, and likely found a good one to handle youtube/twitch/reddit feeds. Anyone else that I know that uses YAGPDB?

#discord #discordbot #discordbots

Scameleon Discord Bot
3 hours ago

📈 Weekly statistics:
🗒 23 new reports were registered
🚫 166 potential scam messages were deleted.

🗑 12785 potential scam messages were deleted in total.
👁‍🗨 2754 tracked reports in total.

#antiscam #scam #discord #discordbot
You also want to use the bot? Check out

📈 Weekly statistics:
🗒 23 new reports were registered
🚫 166 potential scam messages were deleted.

#antiscam #scam #discord #discordbot
You also want to use the bot? Check out

Chaska the Magic Dog
5 hours ago

Are you looking for a group? Do you want to be playing more games online? Are you looking for more groups to talk nerd stuff with? Are you a worldbuilding and in search for a group to help with #Worldbuilding? Do you like #history armor, and weapons? Do you have a #discord? If you have answered yes, join our Discord:

All level of experience welcome!

#ttrpg #ttrpgfamily #lookingforgroup #lfg #online #group #newplayer #gaming #writing #community #rpg #dnd #dnd5e #pbta

6 hours ago

#Discord in a nutshell.

“Hiiii!” *shoves 10 burgers into your throat*
7 hours ago

Warum gibt es eigentlich noch niemanden der einen sozialen Hotspot für #Gamer im #Fediverse gegründet hat.

Mir wäre keine #Webseite, #Discord oder andere Plattform zum Austausch bekannt, und die #Hashtags werden auch eher rar genutzt. 🤔

Wir sind doch eigentlich gerade auch im DE Raum so viele hier.

11 hours ago

#MinorityReport on #minors:

»In one video posted by #CyberInt [an Israeli #threat intelligence firm], an analyst for the firm discusses her approach to go into online communities and “detect threat actors when they are #young or starting out at 14 or 15, that's when I start observing and documenting their malicious activities.” At that age, they are “more #careless and open,” the analyst said.«

#Discord #Reddit #WhatsApp

via @tarnkappeinfo

Aiyoku 💜 VTuber
13 hours ago

I'll be watching the dance tournament that KR:ONE Studios is hosting in #VRChat later today!

As a member of the agency's #Discord server, I'm pretty hyped about it.

14 hours ago

#Discord fully embraced #GenerativeAI

You lose out on absolutely nothing if you stay off it...

14 hours ago

I really do wonder whether I’m too Millennial for #Discord.

Like, whenever I revisit one of the servers I’m on that I haven’t looked at for weeks or months, Discord will be like “new mentions!” in the channel list, and have red number badges next to channel names, but clicking them just takes me to the channel and there doesn’t seem to be a way to see these mentions (which are most likely just @⁠everyone). The “inbox” on the top right also doesn’t show mentions older than 7 days. 🤷‍♂️

Mersey Hub Group CIC
15 hours ago

Coming soon discord server for Mersey Hub Group CIC service users and more.

Talk about services, tools and resources. We will even be moving development discussions to Discord.

More news to come!

#merseyhubgroupcic #discord

It seems GitHub is not ready for just out there way of thinking. 🤣

Due to this we will not be hosting development of DTS on GitHub. All development discussion will be done on discord server

I know I can be a bit "say it how I see it" but I would rather that then lie, as long as it don't harm someone.

#duckthesystem #github #discord #dts

It seems GitHub is not ready for just out there way of thinking. 🤣

Due to this we will not be hosting development of DTS on GitHub. All development discussion will be done on discord server

I know I can be a bit "say it how I see it" but I would rather that then lie, as long as it don't harm someone.

#duckthesystem #github #discord #dts

I have just launched the discord server for Duck The System (DTS) join the discussion about DTS.

#duckthesystem #discord

I have just launched the discord server for Duck The System (DTS) join the discussion about DTS.

#duckthesystem #discord

1 day ago
1 day ago

In this segment, Cypher discusses the #Pentegon leaks that happened on #Discord, #4Chan, and across social media all for the clout.

Check out the live news roundup every Thursday @ 8PM EST.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 day ago

Tell me #mastodon folks, is there an #activitypub version of #discord I could try? I want to build a community around my new game, but I do NOT want to use Discord. What's a good FOSS / decentralized way?

Blabla Linux 🇧🇪♻️💻🐧🇫🇷
1 day ago

Le serveur #Discord BBL est en veille depuis un moment !
Pourquoi ne pas le rouvrir en mode open source avec @revoltchat ( ? J'y pense... On verra 😉

Chorus Battle Central
1 day ago

Hello, Fediverse!

We're a public #Discord server geared toward serving the #Youtaite & #VTuber communities.

With 1.8k+ members and counting in our server, we've partnered with other servers, hosted various events, and much more.

The cute cat girl in our header is our beloved mascot, Acarina.

NOTE: You must successfully pass through our verification system in order to gain full access to our server.

#introductionpost #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #VTuberUprising #VTuberEN

1 day ago

Heads up! On June 3rd we're hosting a live event where we'll be answering community questions!

You can submit questions at and get notified for the event in

This will be recorded, published and also have a text transcription.

Submit your questions and join us for a super fun event!

#Discord #NovaLauncher #Android #Apps #AllThingsTech #Event #LiveEvent #StateOfNova

An app icon of the Nova Launcher logo in yellow and black.

Do you want to show your #Mastodon activities here as #discord status? you can do it

I'm excited to announce that I created the #Mastodon presence of #premid (

It currently supports a few instances, but I will add more

1 day ago

Increíble el mojón en el que se está convirtiendo #Discord, cada día más agradecido de usar #Element.

1 day ago

Friendly reminder that we here at #AllThingsTech just launched our own Discord server as well!

We feel that there are often times that longer, more in-depth conversations are wanted/needed and Discord is a great place to have those conversations.

It's a great place to give us feedback about our server, things we're doing, or not doing, or anything similar!

Come join here if you'd like as we'd love to have anyone and everyone!

#Discord #Chat #MastodonMigration

Logo/Branding for the Mastodon instance

The logo has a circuit board like image on the left side that's pointing to the right in the colors orange and yellow. There's also two semi-circles in green and purple on the right side.
2 days ago

Sei Network Implements Crypto Bio In Latest Discord Upgrade | Coingape - Sei Network, a leading L1 blockchain platform, has recently announced the successful comp... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #layer1blockchain #blockchainnews #blockchain #discord

Top Games Italia
2 days ago

1 mese di NITRO gratuito su EpicGames

OTTIENI 1 MESE DI DISCORD NITRO OFFERTO DA NOI, gratis per utenti Nitro vecchi e nuovi. L'offerta termina il 7 giugno 2023 alle 17:00 ora italiana. Scatena ancora più divertimento su Discord con lo streaming in HD, le emoji personalizzate, uno stile rinnovato per il tuo profilo e molto altro ancora.

#topgamesitalia #gratis #discord

Steve's Place
2 days ago

Lol. #Discord just discovered their username policy sucked so they have a new one which they insist won't result in names like BigChief100230047.

Cubyx Network
2 days ago

Yeah - 200 User Ziel auf Discord erreicht!

Wir haben lange darauf gewartet und endlich ist es so weit.
Wir haben 200 Nutzer Accounts auf unserem Discord Server!

Das war ein kleines #Ziel, was wir uns für dieses Jahr bei #Cubyx gesetzt hatten! Danke an der Stelle!

Für alle, die auch mit uns Spaß auf #Discord haben wollen, können gerne hier dem #Server beitreten:

ChurchHatesTucker ☑
2 days ago
2 days ago

fnik tonight is gonna be slamming, y'all ain't ready~

#fnik #6pm #pdt #discord

Bishop Fox
2 days ago

We'd love for you to join us on #Discord! This corner of the online #infosec community is chill, friendly, and helpful.

Your invite awaits:

SirTapTap 🎮
2 days ago

How to win at #discord emoji

⸸ Jessica Abaddon ⸸
2 days ago

With the upcoming episode, I plan to open the #InBadFaithNetwork #discord server - it’s likely going to be invite-only for a bit, so I’ll give information on how to contact me. I currently have a small-but-excellent community who has been instrumental in giving feedback on the topics of upcoming episodes. I also hope to at one point get a #satanic book club going and do roundtable discussions about #satanism and how it applies to daily life.

3 days ago

In this segment, Cypher discusses the #Pentegon leaks that happened on #Discord, #4Chan, and across social media all for the clout.

Check out the live news roundup every Thursday @ 8PM EST.

3 days ago

"People trying to use Discord are being asked to identify an object that does not exist. The object in question is a "Yoko," which appears to be a kind of mix between a snail and a yoyo. Multiple people have reported seeing a prompt to identify a Yoko when asked to solve a simple captcha prompt while trying to use Discord. The picture of the Yoko, as well as the other images in the captcha, appear generated by AI."

#Discord #Accessibility #AI

3 days ago

The inventor of #Markdown has something to say about #Discord adding Markdown support and them adding underlining support:

Level of absurd I achieved...

Installed bridge from #Matrix to #Discord, on my VPS with my Matrix instance. Now my instance has effectively better integration with Discord than with the rest of Matrix network.
(I cannot federate yet)

:blobcatdistrurbed: :blobcatfacepalm:

Calling all gamers and Discord enthusiasts! We have a phenomenyal news flash for you! Epic Games is spreading the love by giving away a whole month of Discord Nitro for FREE through their launcher! Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride because this offer only lasts until June 7th!

Unlock the power of Nitro and supercharge your Discord experience like never before. Enjoy custom emojis, animated avatars, boosted upload limits, and a plethora of exclusive perks that will take your online interactions to the next level. Stand out from the crowd, express yourself, and forge stronger connections with your gaming buddies.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Head to the Epic Games launcher right now and claim your FREE month of Discord Nitro before June 7th. Elevate your Discord game and take your online presence to new heights. Trust us, this is one offer you won't want to miss!
#Free #Games #Discord #Nitro #FreeGames #Epic #EpicGames

4 days ago

The second thing that myself, @kylewritescode and @og have launched is our own Discord server.

We feel that there are often times that longer, more in-depth conversations are wanted/needed and Discord is a great place to have those conversations.

It's a great place to give us feedback about our server, things we're doing, or not doing, or anything similar!

Come join here if you'd like as we'd love to have anyone and everyone!

#Discord #Chat #MastodonMigration

The current logo/branding for the Mastodon server 

The logo has what appears to be a circuit board like structure on the left side in orange and yellow and then two semi-circles in green and purple on the right.
Queer Lit Cats
4 days ago
Tarren (They/Them)
4 days ago

That moment when, by gut instinct, you decide to check your #Discord DMs because Discord has had a history of not notifying you that you have message requests, just in time to see someone *JUST* sent you one. LOL Getting ready for #PaizoCon2023 so am dealing with a lot of new people (GMs in particular) I haven't talked to before. But so totally hyped that I get to go this year! Virtual cons are *AWESOME!!*

4 days ago

I'm getting more and more fed up with #Discord recently. Maybe I should expand my use of #Matrix ...

The username change, the shift towards "AI powered" software, all the useless and/or rushed features of recent months, I don't get why this has to happen.

Kevin Payravi
4 days ago

#Discord is slowly starting to roll out a new AI-powered feature to automatically assign each channel an emoji label. The results, unsurprisingly, can be quite bad.

Feels like a fun hackathon project that somehow made its way to production. Companies need to stop trying to inject AI in places where it is sorely not needed.

Good luck to Discord's support team once this starts rolling out to all the MAGA servers!

A list of Discord channel names that have been auto-assigned an emoji by artificial intelligence. The "Allah Akbar" channel has been assigned a bomb emoji; the "Mexico" channel has been assigned a taco emoji, the "Iran" channel has been assigned a "no entry" emoji; the "Trump" channel has been assigned a clown emoji; and the "obesity" channel has been assigned a hamburger emoji.
4 days ago

Fresh new seed menu with four medicinal and flavorful cultivars! FULL DETAILS IN ALT-TEXT. Ask me about starting your own homegrow & getting 60 days free on the GrowCast cultivation Discord! All seeds are free & feminized. More info is available through the Monterey Cannabis Home Grower's Coalition: **Seed priority is given to new growmies

#cannabis #homegrow #medicine #CHGC #GrowYourOwn #weed #gardening #flowers #california #Monterey #Discord #GrowCast #Podcast #2018FB

The menu of free seeds available currently from the Monterey Cannabis Home Grower's Coalition! 

1) Ultimo Pie by Q-Ball (Peach Pie {GrowCast Seed Co} crossed with Ultimate Warrior {Terp Fi3nd}). This is a sativa-leaning hybrid. Good for lifting the mood without feeling rushed.

2) Wiggle Butt by CHGC (OG Kush crossed with Peach Supernova {GrowCast Seed Co}, then crossed with White Widow). This is a medicinal indica-dominant hybrid. Expect to chill out.

3) Wicked Wiggle by CHGC (Wiggle Butt crossed with Wicked Deep Strawberry {MaddFarmer}). This will be a balanced hybrid. Good for daytime use, but still very relaxing. Flavor chasers will love this cultivar.

4) Special Seasonal Run by CHGC (Hindu Hash Plant crossed with White Cherry Truffle, then crossed with Wiggle Butt phenotype #7). 🤫 Shhhh! This one's a surprise! 

I'm happy to ship anywhere in the United States, where cannabis seeds containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, please keep in mind that seed priority is given to new homegrowers looking to get started.
4 days ago

Super excited to announce, with all the hard work from @kylewritescode that #AllThingsTech now has our own wiki that will be a central point for all sorts of great information relating to Mastodon and #AllThingsTech itself. Feel free to check it out here:

We've also setup a chat server, Discord, for all community members to be a part of. It's a great place for general, fun conversations!

Join here:

#NewFeatures #Wiki #Chat #Discord

Logo for the Mastodon server

The logo has a circuit board look with orange and yellow circuits as well as two semi-circles in green and purple.
Sérgio Glórias
4 days ago

Mais uma mentira do #Discord para conta
O Discord está meio-aleatório e com prioridades bugadas
Ele dizia que os mais velhos conseguiam o @ primeiro
mas já temos com de 2022
Os participantes do programa de moderadores estão a receber primeiro

e eu com conta de 2016 esperando :blobcatknife:

Amedida vai aplicar-se a todas as contas do Discord. Durante as préximas semanas, os utilizadores serao questionados para usarem um novo nome de utilizador no servigo — amedida vai ser aplicada de forma gradual em todas as contas [ R I E L el L e e e e
4 days ago

Have you ever felt like you are struggling with your #CSS?

Fret not. #Discord cannot even align their emoji picker properly on #Safari.

#web #webdev

Screenshot of a totally misaligned emji picker on Safari.

Кто-то знает как отключить для себя иконки чатов который начали ставить некоторых сервера в #Discord ?
Ну мало того что это непривычно, так еще и пипец как неудобно визуально) Тут буквально 3 иконки , первая - говорит что это текстовый чат, вторая - кастомная иконка и третья это иконка в названии. Да и смайлы дискорда не такие симпотные все таки как смайлы в той-же винде.

How shit must Discord be at disclosing that they had a data breach, that they didn't bother to notify their users immediately.

I had no fucking idea they were hacked, and this is only just recently, no emails of the matter, nothing. That's just pathetic and negligence on their part, and only just finding out through a news article.

#discord #databreach

Justin Ekis
5 days ago

I'm joining a new #Discord server, and can't figure out how to choose my roles on the server. It has something to do with reacting with a certain emoji, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that on iOS, Web, or desktop apps. Is it just not #accessible with a #screenreader?

6 days ago

In this segment, Cypher discusses the #Pentegon leaks that happened on #Discord, #4Chan, and across social media all for the clout.

Check out the live news roundup every Thursday @ 8PM EST.

6 days ago

In this segment, Cypher discusses the #Pentegon leaks that happened on #Discord, #4Chan, and across social media all for the clout.

Check out the live news roundup every Thursday @ 8PM EST.

Robert Kingett
6 days ago

I'm in a, I wish the government would ban #Discord so people would learn how to use forums and email lists again mood. Hell, is both, and more, all in one, and even has a wiki! I just can't stand discord but so, so, so, so, so, many communities use it. Like, why?

I wish Discord would stop repeatedly warning me "username changes are coming" and just prompt me to do it already.


Was machen eigentlich digitale Streetworker:innen?

Ein Pilotprojekt verlagert die Sozialarbeit seit Ende 2021 von der Straße dorthin, wo junge Menschen sich schon lange aufhalten: ins Netz. Im Podcast berichtet uns der Digital Streetworker Tobias Scheßl von seiner Arbeit.

Mehr erfährst du in unserem spannenden 🎙️ Podcast: 👉
#streetworker #discord #jugendliche #sozialarbeit

Tobias Scheßl ist Digital Streetworker in Bayern. (Foto: Patrick Wolf)
1 week ago

The #Discord role system is surprisingly powerful. 🤔 Not sure if I understand all of the intricacies completely yet, but I'm working on it.

1 week ago

That being said: I already created a bi-lingual #Discord server for German and English speaking #bass players. I know there are already plenty out there but I really want to make this one about playing and practice rather than being overly focused on gear. Gear is fun but I gets more attention than it should. Come and join if you would like to be part of such a community! #bassguitar

Crossed Wires
1 week ago

Have you joined our #Discord yet?

We've got a great community, and we have a discussion post for every episode of the podcasts. Come join the fun here:

Once you're signed up and welcomed, you can find this week's episode discussion here:

Listen to the episode, all about #TikTok bans and more:

Xe :verified:
1 week ago

LunAI: Making a Multi-User ChatGPT as an April Fools Joke

A writeup about a chatbot that mashed up ChatGPT and Discord, deployed to #ponydev on April Fool's day. #ai #discord #chatgpt

I'm apart of a discord server, alongside @yassie_j and @vaelfonia! Just a cozy lil community server for anyone interested. 💞
#Discord #Server #Community #VideoGames #Tech #Art #Music

CozyCon Online
1 week ago

Are you ready?! Only a few days left until CozyCon! Join the community event spaces:
VRChat Group

& check out our events!


#CozyConOnline #VirtualEvent #OnlineConvention #OnlineEvent #VirtualConvention #VRChat #Twitch #Discord #VendorHall #ArtistAlley #DealersDen #Djs #Dances

A video of an anthro character with short hair, wearing a vaporwave themed sweater, talking about CozyCon Online, on their VRChat island world that has a big livestream screen, a pool table, portals to the Vendor Hall and more. There is even a dolphin you can ride around the island. No headset required and you can find text based updates on the website, discord and we have live streams of events and DJ's all weekend. Links in the post.

My discriminator randomly changed out of nowhere. There goes my chance to say "I've had the same username for years, so I should be able to keep it"... #discord

2 weeks ago

Critical Flaw in Ruckus WiFi APs - Update Firmware ASAP

#ThreatWire #Ruckus #Discord

@lewdthewides @me @stux should be obvious that that is a shit account.

Real Anons won't use #govware-seeping & #backdoored trash like #discord.

What a POS!

Such threats are inacceptable...

It is incredibly annoying that #Discord flat-out refuses to talk with companies about their network security. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall trying to get them to say ANYTHING that will make my IT team allow Discord on our network.

I may have to shut down my server over this and I am NOT happy.

Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

A WaPo exclusive on the #discord leaks: it alleges #Wagner chief #Prigozhin offered to give #Russian troop #locations to #Ukraine

No paywall

Check First
2 weeks ago

Researching the Evolving Online Ecosystem: ISDglobal on #Telegram, #Discord & #Odysee: The aim is to identify & test research methodologies to monitor and analyse small, closed or hardly moderated platforms, providing evidence for the limitations & dilemmas encountered by researchers. The report also demonstrates how platforms can, whether deliberately or inadvertently, inhibit public interest research in several ways.

Dee G Lloyd
2 weeks ago

🧵A few thoughts on the latest report from @washingtonpost regarding the #Discord #Leaks and what they reveal about #Zelensky's plans to defend #Ukraine against #Russia's invasion.

First & foremost I'm 100% behind Zelensky here. It would be absolute malpractice for him NOT to at least discuss & consider any & every option at his disposal to repel Russia. He & his advisors SHOULD weigh the potential consequences, pro & con, of such actions (or failure to act) 1/N

2 weeks ago

Day 2 of #calckey - thoughts so far:

* Calckey is a stupid name
* I absolutely love Calckey
* It doesn't really do all that much different from Mastodon (at least the whole showing post thing) but it just displays information
better. The Quote Posts (#QT), showing social media card info for links so you can see website details at a glance, and I would say the layout too is a lot more interesting (I can't think of a better word). It's like if #Mastodon and #Discord had a baby
* There's lots of other features like Pages and Channels which are a feature, but as of now I do not feel remotely compelled to touch them yet
* Both Calckey and Mastodon have their place. I'm glad both exist.
* I have been using the iOS PWA app, and it's OK. However, once minimised and I come back to it after a significant amount of time, it doesn't refresh properly, and there doesn't seem to be any way to force a refresh in the PWA. As someone who has made apps (both mobile and PWA), I'm putting the blame squarely at Safari for iOS's feet.
* I have not tried any iOS apps - I think the charm of CalcKey's UI would be lost in the process
* Oh my god Calckey is stupidly customisable

#Discord Support Agent hacked: "it is possible that your Email Address, the contents of Customer Service Messages and any Attachments sent between you and Discord may have been exposed to a third party"

2 weeks ago

I can't load any messages on #Discord right now. It did it not survive #Eurovision night, apparently

We had to remotely play #Shadowrun today due to logistics, and #Discord was giving a hard time for about 40 mins (connection, authentication, asking phone numbers and etc.) I quickly spun up a #Jitsi room and set the security to avoid unwanted guests, and circulated the link. We were then up and running in less than 30 seconds and the rest is history.

The sound quality and noise cancellation is so damn great on Jitsi :allthethings:. It is super underrated.

2 weeks ago

Hab mir von #Discord mal alle Daten schicken lassen, die sie zu meinem Account gespeichert haben.

Freundesliste, Einstellungen, Benutzernamen, E-Mail-Adresse, Avatar, Verbundene Accounts, Server denen man beigetreten ist, alle Nachrichten die auf Servern, DMs oder Gruppen von mir gesendet wurden, und 800 MB darüber wie man die App bedient hat, wie oft man es genutzt hat, etc.. pp..

Alles seit der Erstellung des Accounts.

Das ist alles drin

PSA about #Discord for those who use it! (I’m guessing most people don’t already know because all my friends I’ve mentioned it to were totally unaware. Apologies if this is well-known.)

For mobile (and possibly desktop), if you go into Appearance settings and tap Dark mode repeatedly, an experimental option to enable AMOLED mode (super dark) should pop up! It’s not stable so enable at your own risk.

Screenshot of Discord Appearance settings screen, showing the EXPERIMENTAL option of AMOLED mode enabled. The screen is much darker than standard Dark Mode.
Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 weeks ago

To give some specific, personal criticism to the #Discord threads #UX. And why they feel to me as "afterthought" rather than "feature":

1) Why do you tell me that "X started a thread"? From visuals it should be understandable that this is a thread.
2) Why you show me "See all threads" button on **every** thread?
3) Why you show the thread name **two times** in *one* context?

Overall just these tiny things make so much visual noise, that the feature is very hard to quickly navigate.

Discord thread reading: "Michal Bryxí started a thread: "Flight Club committee meeting #2. See all threads. Today at xx:xx" With box below saying: "Flight club committee meeting #2, 2 Messages, Michal Bryxí, Merci!, 1m ago"

Do check out the articles I wrote for more information and analysis! First article @talk_spy 'The #AirForce Loves War #Gamers Like Teixeira: #Discord leaks reveal a digital culture problem that more #AI #surveillance can’t solve - US military created attractive war game culture for its young #cyber warriors #insiderthreat #gaming

How did the Discord Leaks get revealed and what incentivized Jack Teixeira to share secret documents? Watch this awesome explainer from @scrippsnews with interviews with me, @AricToler and @broderick: w/@JakeGodin @MPicht #leaks #discord #socialmedia #intelligence #military #security #nationalsecurity #disinformation #extremism #Russia #Ukraine

Tara Skywalker
3 weeks ago

What’s the best #FOSS alternative to #Discord?

Featuring as many as possible of:
- Chat channels
- Voice channels
- Mobile apps
- Decentralisation
- Custom emoji/stickers
- Decent UX

#opensource #chat

Devin Prater :blind:
3 weeks ago

So I don't mind using Discord, and love the message list. Usually. But my goodness the things server admins *have* to do in order to make Discord more than just a little chat app is just draining sometimes. Like setting roles, I can deal with that after I realize I need to hit the toggle button and not just the regular button cause that just opens a little popup thing telling me about the emoji thing the role is associated with. And then the "introduce yourself using this template and if you don't follow it exactly your message will be deleted cause bot." Like, I don't have the spoons for doing that, again and again. And with most servers having so few mods, I should *not* have to DM them just to be put in the full server with access to all the channels.

To be clear, I'm not ranting at admins or mods who do this. I hate that this has to be done in the first place. I almost gave up when I realized I didn't copy the whole template. But I pused through it and if it doesn't work I'm leaving that server. I just don't feel like dealing with that kind of needless bullcrap today.

#accessibility #discord

heise online
3 weeks ago


Discord: Alle Nutzer müssen bald ihren Benutzernamen ändern

Bei den Benutzernamen auf Discord gab es bislang einen ziemlichen Wildwuchs. Das soll nun ein Ende finden, alle Nutzer müssen aktiv werden – alte Hasen zuerst.

#Benutzername #Chat #Discord #Messenger #Nutzernamen #Profile #SocialMedia

Hey, everyone! Just wanna say I've started up a discord server with my close frens, @vaelfonia and @yassie_j!

We've made this server as a safe space for those looking for somewhere nice to come be themselves in a judgment-free zone. We welcome people from all walks of life to come be themselves!

Come say hi! 💞 #Discord #Server #Community

Jesse T
4 weeks ago

Having gotten into discord over the last year or so with different developer groups and now for work instead of slack, the four digit identifier always seems a bit odd. I don’t even know what mine is. 🤷‍♂️


Hynek Schlawack
4 weeks ago

Young people: is it possible to completely mute a #Discord channel for notifications? I have muted them but #Obsidian’s server is using (at)everyone for their (frequent) release announcements and it’s obnoxious af to constantly have a red badge.

4 weeks ago

Discord is officially dropping the four-digit discriminators from usernames so that only names will be used going forward.

#Discord #SocialMedia #UserNames #NoNumbers #Tech #AllThingsTech

Image of the Discord icon with the Discord logo.
Claire Giordano ✨
4 weeks ago

So excited 💥 this week I get to talk to magical & genius #PostgreSQL people @tchorix & @alvherre on #PathToCitusCon which is a new live show on Discord, like a podcast 🎙️ with live text chat @ same time ⌨️ Along w/my co-host Pino de Candia of #Microsoft #azure

Happening Wed May 3rd @ 10:00am PDT on Discord 📆

Boost please to help more people learn about this 📣

Mark your calendar & join us ✅
#podcast #discord #postgres #Citus #events #community

Bio pics of the Path To Citus Con co-hosts Claire Giordano & Pino de Candia, plus the Episode 3 guests Álvaro Herrera & Boriss Mejías, both of whom are amazing PostgreSQL community members.
1 month ago

Hi there, dear curious being!

You can find me under the names of sowa (Polish for owl) or sowi (short version for hard-for-non-Polish sowiszcze). I avoid using my given name. I use he/his/him pronouns generally. I'm from #Poland, so I know #Polish (#polski) as my native tongue, but use #English way more often, at least on the Internet. I'm learning #Finnish (#suomi) using tools like #Duolingo.

My wife and I have been taking care of #bunny (well, plural should be here) for many years and currently, I'm a #bundad of four #rabbit(s). I can tell you quite a lot about them and show you a lot of their #photos. I love #parrots, too (and #birds in general).

I like a good #Meme or #DadJoke. If you saw sowa on #Imgur or sowiszcze on #reddit - that was me. Also, #DarkHumor is in my domain, since I'm a #Millennial hahaha.

I'm into all things #Pokémon. This includes #Nintendo #Switch #games, #PokémonGO, #PokémonMastersEX, and #collecting #TCG #cards. I foster a small local #community of PGO players, treating #Discord as the main place of operation. I like(d) attending PGO #GOFest and #SafariZone. I've also been involved in #TheSilphRoad for a few years now.

If it runs on #electricity, it's probably a #hobby of mine. Biggest of them being, in no particular order: #IoT and #SmartHome (#HomeAssistant, #ESPHome), #SelfHosting, #PCBuilding, #3DPrinting, #3DModeling. Of course, I picked an #IT related career, so I'm a #SoftwareEngineer. I play #games on #NintendoSwitch, #Playstation, and sometimes #PC. I prefer #IndieGames or relaxing ones.

I can occasionally #vent about stuff, #driving being my main source of anger. On that note, I can be considered #neurodivergent because of my #depression and #anxiety. I try and advocate for the improvement of #MentalHealth everywhere.

Other notable hobbies of mine include #refurbishing, #reusing, #upcycling, #scrum, #agile, #dotnet, #csharp, #electronics, #diy, #fixing, #fiddling, #technology, #fantasy, #NordicMythology, #music, #Szczecin, #tinnitus, #cooking, #baking, #photography

1 month ago

@0xabad1dea I guess #DIscord screwing with this setting is going to be its analog of #Twitter turning off reverse-chronological Home every fifth update.

And they didn't just change it for the default role, they changed it for every role on the Guilds I moderate. :headdesk:​

If you're a trans person and you need help setting up or writing a fundraiser, join my server and myself or one of my mods will help you.

#trans #transgender #discord #mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #gtfoutmystate #lgbt #directaction

1 month ago

#Business #Findings
Some major social networks obfuscate their referred traffic

“Website owners and marketers should expect that a large portion of traffic marked as ‘direct’ in their analytics was likely sent by these networks.” — Rand Fishkin

#SocialMedia #Marketing #DigitalAnalystics #WebAnalytics #DarkSocial #Referrals #Obfuscation #Traffic #Discord #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #Mastodon #Pinterest #Reddit #Slack #TikTok #Twitter #WhatsApp #Youtube

Emelia 👸🏻
1 month ago

I wish the #discord iOS app supported removing link previews from posts.. they can be SO noisy on mobile

SirTapTap 🎮
1 month ago

If anyone's seen the show please gush with me, I'll be rewatching it soon.

Hell, if people want, we could watch it in #Discord since it's free on youtube. I'd have to do that after 5PM Central time on week nights if anyone wants a little movie night

1 month ago

Wrote a post about using Vencord's injection methods with Discord client modding on Slack's desktop client. Gonna write some plugins for Slack within time :p

It took me 7 attempts get my meta tags correct :|

#vencord #slack #discord #electron

SirTapTap 🎮
1 month ago

Discord information does not show up on Google. Ergo:

Discord is not suitable for FAQs.

Discord is not suitable for guides.

Discord is not suitable for historical information/archiving.

Stop making people join your discord server to read 1 message and leave! I should never have to join a discord to see why A Thing Broke, put it on your website.

#archive #gamedev #discord