Oz Grrl
4 days ago

Unmasking the Man Behind One of Russia's Most Popular Propaganda Channels #disinfo #telegram #russia

5 days ago

Edition 3 of the #SameGirlieShortList of ACTUALLY ACTIVE large Mastodon accounts with a legit presence here and important content. Check out those shiny new Newspaper server instances too! Holy Moly!!! 😍

@andrew Andrew Leahey
@DataDrivenMD Dr. Jorge Caballero

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SirTapTap 🎮
6 days ago

"Just before 7 am on March 3, Danny Lemoi posted an update in his hugely popular pro-ivermectin Telegram group, Dirt Road Discussions: “HAPPY FRIDAY ALL YOU POISONOUS HORSE PASTE EATING SURVIVORS !!!”

Hours later, Lemoi was dead."

L, and I CANNOT stress this enough, MAO

And yes, the horse paste is what killed him.

#COVID #Ivermectin #disinfo #leopardsatemyface

demï7en 🎗
1 week ago

“ e̶l̶e̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ selected
One thing for PRC to want to redefine democracy; another thing for media outlets going along with that.“

— Tanvi Madan, Indian sec.pol analyst

It's not that difficult reflect reality:

"Censors Quash Discussion of Xi's Unanimous Re-Selection as 'President' "

#ccp #prc #china #dictatorship #disinfo #misinfo #propaganda #euphemisms

ted byfield
1 week ago

@jmason Yep. And just yesterday I found myself thinking about the decline of the nation as a/the standard unit of analysis for understanding many things, ~rumor networks being a prime example. Not a new or deep idea at all. But the implication is that those galaxy-type #dataviz things the #disinfo crowd churn out are probably the best maps we *do* have for thinking about whatever a/the new standard unit of analysis might be.

2 weeks ago

Lachlan Murdoch, in his first public comments about a defamation lawsuit against Fox News that’s been grabbing headlines, said he believes the network is even handed..#Fox..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#disinfo..

When trying to work out where your money all went... might help to look at the people who now have all the money.🤔

#Meme #Humour #Funny #Economics #Politics #Disinfo #Murdoch #Fox #theSun #NewsCorp #Social #Media

Rupert Murdoch from his sea of cookies points & tells a working class man with 1 cookie left to be scared of an immigrant with no cookie.

"careful mate that foreigner wants your cookie" Murdoch says.
2 weeks ago

New emails and texts released in Dominion Voting System's case against Fox News highlighted internal strife.
The three prime-time hosts, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity, felt sidelined after the Arizona call.
"We are officially working for an organization that hates us," Ingraham texted the two hosts in November 2020...#Fox..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#disinfo

Serge Courrier
2 weeks ago

How the Kremlin and Russian News Outlets Justified a War of Aggression against Ukraine (by @DFRLab, Atlantic Council, pdf, 60 p):

#disinformation #disinfo #propaganda

Mael Duin
2 weeks ago

The profile pic for this account which is spreading Russian disinfo looks very much AI-generated.

Can the #fediverse be more pre-emptive about detecting and deactivating these accounts before they start polluting hashtags?

cc @trumpet


Screenshot of profile pic which looks AI-generated
2 weeks ago

"The tentacles of #radicalisation are not just felt stateside. Historian of Italian fascism Ruth Ben-Ghiat ...witnessed her UK-based mother become radicalised by RT (formerly Russia Today), voting for Brexit and becoming pro-Putin.

But when the UK unplugged RT and her mother began watching the BBC, within days she started to return to her pre-RT self. She said she regretted voting for Brexit and came to believe Putin was a terrible human being."

#FoxNews #disinfo

Livia Ponzio
2 weeks ago

if you care for #Peace the kind that is just & long-lasting, listen to @IMatviyishyn a brilliant & brave #Ukrainian journalist who knows a thing or two about #russian #disinfo & psy ops meant to fool the West & harm the world! #MustWatch
RT @KyivIndependent
The so-called “anti-war” rallies in Europe and the U.S. have marched against arming Ukraine, which in the demonstrators’ view would bring an end to Russia’s war of aggressio…

Dan Neuman
2 weeks ago

How can we tell if something is a good source of information? One way is to use the CRAAP test:
* Is it Current?
* Is it Relevant?
* Is it Authoritative?
* Is it Accurate?
* What’s the Purpose?

#disinfo #media

Infographic describing the components of the CRAAP test
3 weeks ago

Trump Demands Rupert Murdoch Fire Fox News Anchors — Who Correctly Reported the 2020 Election Was Fair..#Trump..#GOP..#Fox..#whitenationalism..#disinfo

3 weeks ago

@NBdatapoints the sentence about newspapers and magazines should be in a bold 500 point font. It's like the original sin of the disinformation-filled world we find ourselves in.

#cdnpoli #disinfo #disinformation #media

3 weeks ago

A top GOP election official in Georgia took aim at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., for spreading "disproven conspiracies" after she falsely claimed during a House panel on election integrity that Trump won the state in the 2020 election...#MTG..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#disinfo

Keith D Johnson☑️
3 weeks ago

#FossilFueled #Disinfo vs #Ecodesign
"The concept is pretty simple: Everything you need should be within a roughly 15-minute walk / cycle from your home, from health care & education to grocery stores & green spaces.

The aim is to make cities more livable & connected, w/ less private car use – meaning cleaner air, greener streets & lower levels of planet-heating pollution. 1/5 of that pollution comes from transport, & passenger cars make up more than 40%."

3 weeks ago

New Dominion filings are 'worst thing for the Fox News empire in years': MSNBC host..#Fox..#GOP..#dominionlawsuit #whitenationalism..#Trump..#disinfo..#defamation

3 weeks ago

“He had a very large following, and they were probably mostly viewers of Fox, so it would have been stupid,” Murdoch was quoting saying about challenging Trump's wild election claims..#Fox..#Trump..#GOP..#disinfo..#dominionlawsuit

3 weeks ago

Rupert Murdoch said Fox News continued airing Mike Lindell's ads even after his voter fraud rants because of how much 'green' Lindell provided for the network: court filing..#Fox..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#disinfo..#Trump..#defamation..

Livia Ponzio
3 weeks ago

Top-notch #Disinfo-encers are already at work. Russian pandemic #disinformation accounts are back in business as we speak. One wonders why @nytimes wants to give a platform to “low-confidence” conclusions in a trend of a series of pieces actively feeding in #misinformation fires
RT @RVAwonk
At this point, it seems irresponsible to call this a “conspiracy theory” given that multiple government agencies have put *some* weight behind it, …

▶︎ Word War.
▶︎ Avatar anchors.
▶︎ Self salt.
Sunday's 🇨🇦 clippings newsletter. #cdnpoli #Disinfo #Media

demï7en 🎗
3 weeks ago

@stiofi @bikejourno

"#russia has nothing #china wants except cheap fossil fuel, and that's a buyers market right now."

I realize you were addressing tangibles here. russia as weak vassal also offers valuable or crucial intangibles to the #CCP:

1. heavily discounted fossil fuels
2. *nominal* pole in "multi-polar"... UN...
3. "bad cop" to CCP's self-depicted "good cop"
4. "socialist" era partnerships globally
5. global networks (fellow despots, militants, #propaganda, #disinfo, #misinfo, spies, disruptors...)
6. arms sales and customer poaching
7. "owning" #putin/russia is massive domestic propaganda victory for #CCP
8. rus as regressive, inward-looking #autocracy = great; any forward-looking democracy, esp. involving liberation of colonial territories = horror!

russia may not *have* much to offer, but in fact *provides* a great deal to CCP and Xi doesn't want putin's neo-imperial project to fail (entirely).

3 weeks ago

#Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy accused President Joe Biden of “systemic racism” against white people and of threatening companies with the FBI and other agencies in a wild rant about the Ohio train disaster...#GOP..#whitenationalism..#incitement..#disinfo..

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 weeks ago

“The Parallel Universe of Russia’s War” Incredible #BBC #bbcWorldService [PODCAST] reporting about the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, especially the role of #propaganda to spinning, justify & normalize this devastating armed conflict. #ConCW #Russia #MediaLit #disinfo #LikeWar #InfoWar #history #military #influencer

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
4 weeks ago

#MediaLit At least in the short term, AI is going to make our information landscape even more fractured, confusing, & polluted. The phenomenon of “AI Information Hallucination” will be challenging, as well as the aid / power these tools give to bad actors & sharers of #disinfo #misinfo #spam #malware etc.

4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

Fox News hosts and contributors baselessly suggested air raid sirens during President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine were staged — ignoring Fox News reporters who said the opposite...#Fox..#GOP..#disinfo..#whitenationalism

1 month ago

Interesting... #disinfo

The Misinformation Game: A social-media simulator for research.
>The Misinformation Game is a social-media simulator built to study how people interact with information on social-media. It’s also free and open-source!

The Misinformation Game is a social-media simulator built to study how people interact with information on social-media.

@tofugolem great share! Wish I could soak my Facebook in it.......

I don't think the population here on #Mastadon is as gullible but it's always good to take a refresher. How to spot a rumor.

#Rumors #DisInfo #misinformation #SocialMedia

Paranoid Factoid
2 months ago

We are flooded with nonsense claims, fake news, and orchestrated disinformation, all free and easily accessible. But real and verifiable factual knowledge has become quite expensive and hard to come by.

We can bemoan this damage. Argue its dangers (and they are real). But we cannot ignore it, or we'll have no resources to counter disinformation.

We must make our own. Make it free to access. And make it FACTUALLY CORRECT.

#journalism #news #blog #public #disinfo #free #freedom #freespeech

2 months ago

Another #SameGirlieShortList of ACTUALLY ACTIVE bigger accounts worth your follow for excellent content 😍

@TomWellborn Tom Hates Fascism

#FollowFriday #FF #Law #Politics #Tech #InfoSec #Disinformation #Disinfo #Pundits #Journalists #Resist

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 months ago

Great conversation with @SamBradshaw about weaponization of social media by Russia & other bad actors coordinating disinformation campaigns: on #Vox #TodayExplained [PODCAST] (this is a chapter link!)

#MediaLit #ConCW #LikeWar #Russia #disinfo

DemocracyMatters :verified:
2 months ago

Finland ranked No. 1 of 41 European countries on resilience against misinformation for the fifth time in a row in a survey published in October by the Open Society Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Officials say Finland’s success is not just the result of its strong education system, which is one of the best in the world, but also because of a concerted effort to teach students about fake news. Media literacy is part of the national core curriculum starting in preschool.
#Misinformation #Disinfo

Opal Katz
2 months ago

@ryanjreilly @SeamusHughes
Interview with me by political scientist Scott Koon about the realities of #Jan6 and how volunteer Sedition Hunters helped the investigation, from an inside perspective.​
#disinfo #fascism #christofascism #politics #osint

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 months ago

Listening to #BBC #Americast [PODCAST] Dr Anthony Fauci Talks: Covid, China and Online Misinformation #MediaLit #ConCW #disinfo #misinfo

J Miller
3 months ago

Has Mastodon / the Fediverse taken a position on coordinated inauthentic behavior? Yes, I realize that a lot of terrible behavior is authentic, but CIB needs a collective response. #disinfo #CoordinatedInauthenticBehaviour

Olivier Forget
3 months ago

Apparently people are re-sharing some years out-of-date info about .org domains, and a bunch of others are boosting posts that give the right context.

I had been wondering if the #Fediverse should copy one of Twitter's best features "Birdwatch".

You have to figure there will be more and more #disinfo on here, either intentional or just people getting caught up in the moment.

Birdwatch's functionality is very well documented, so it should be feasible to reproduce.

Mael Duin
3 months ago

If #Mastodon really is gonna take over from #twitter there will be all sorts of shit to deal with.

For example what happens if the #NewYorkTimes creates its own instance which, in the interests of 'balance' and 'nuance', has a permissive policy on allowing users to push Kremlin narratives around NATO etc.?

We could then end up in a situation where lots of instances will have to block mainstream publication instances.


Claes de Vreese ☑️
3 months ago


Interested in #disinformation?Want to do a #postdoc with specific focus on the European Digital Media Observatory:

* conduct and publish research;
* focus on users and citizens;
* contribute to EDMO (board) activities;
* be part of @UvA_ASCoR work on #disinfo;
* contribute to events;
* team science approach

Info ⬇️
🗓️ deadline February 1, 2023

#share #boost 🎺 @academicchatter @communicationscholars @politicalscience

Opal Katz
3 months ago

Interview with me by political scientist Scott Koon about #Jan6 and how volunteer Sedition Hunters helped the investigation, from an inside perspective.
#disinfo #fascism #christofascism #politics #osint

Daniel Loxton
3 months ago

Still working on finding as many of my #skeptic and #disinfo research colleagues from the bird site over here at the elephant site. Migration tool really helped, but it's still a process…

Anoosh J
3 months ago

“But the idea that Democrats enacted ‘lockdowns’ or seek new ‘lockdowns’ persists not because there have been calls even to introduce new limits on in-person interaction. Rather, it endures because it is politically useful to suggest that Democrats want to do so — since using ‘lockdown” as a synonym for ‘government forcing you to do something’ plays into long-standing Republican rhetoric.”

#COVID #lockdown #disinfo

Johan Olofsson
3 months ago

My first finished attempt to write an #introduction:

Main interest, the last decades, has been #InfluenceOperations and #Propaganda in general, including but not limited to #disinfo/ #misinformation now facilitated by #SocialMedia.

The foundation is a lifelong interest in #society, #sociology, #ideology (-ies), #history, #environmentalism & #defence in general.

A #Lutheran in the cultural sence, like most from the #NordicCountries, disliking ignorance I studied #theology at university.


Opal Katz
3 months ago

2/ At another Jan 5 speech, at the very seditious Virginia Women for Trump rally, Stone lies that he'll be "marching shoulder to shoulder" with everyone the next day. He implores everyone to show up #Jan6 as 

"the way to disprove their entire psyop…

We battle for the Lord, and we dare not fail. If we stay true, victory will be ours."
#disinfo #christofascism

Opal Katz
3 months ago

1/ #RogerStone now back on #twitter.

He encouraged the #Jan6 coup attempt in speeches Jan 5:

"We know what's happening here don't we? They seek nothing less than the heist of the 2020 election & we say NO WAY! We'll win this fight for the future of our country or America will step off into 1000 years of darkness! There is no question whatsoever that he won the majority of legal votes cast. What we've been subjected to here is a very sophisticated psyop."

Christian Stöcker
3 months ago

This Tweet by The Man Who Bought Twitter will endure as a meme attached to thousands of pieces of disinformation for humorous effect until this platform finally winks out. #Musk #Disinfo #EltonJohn
3 months ago

@lonseidman Welcome I didn't notice you were on the server.

Been away from Mastodon as I have been knee deep in #disinfo research/activism which meant places like Truth Social, Twitter, and Getter.

I can't believe how much this server grew.

Congrats @tchambers

Evert Te Winkel
4 months ago

This article based on het PhD by Carolin Ziemer about disinfo seems worthwhile

'Psychological Underpinnings of Disinformation Countermeasures: A Systematic Scoping Review'


Steve Yelvington
4 months ago

I just talked with a #Warnock supporter who received a mailing telling her to vote Dec. 7 -- one day too late. #disinfo

Elmo, is this going to apply to the 10s of thousands of suspended inauthentic Russian troll accounts? How would they add value to any conversation? How would they add value to any potential Twitter advertisers? What about genocide related accounts? Setting the bar at illegal activity is the lowest of bars. Every company should already have that as a minimum. #infosec #trolls #disinfo #osint #StateSponsored

Finally sat down to read some Berlant and I am 10000% here for it. As I think about #disinfo and #play I'm now reading:

"Unease unsettles social and
political relations between, within, and among many people, nations, and
populations, especially formerly sovereign ones. Various kinds of hate
crime, bitterness, and "comedic" satire frequently ensue"
"Intimacy was supposed to be about optimism, remember? But it is also formed around threats to the image of the world it seeks"
❤️ 👌

I've received some follow requests overnight that seem to be #disinfo or #Troll accounts. (I've got no hard evidence, just experience from the birdsite. Profile pics were generric or slightly sexy, no posts, no profile info.)

I don't think we can prevent these types of accounts, BUT we can limit their damage by not amplfying them. Learn their tricks and their ways, stop the spread.

Jim Stewartson
4 months ago

This is a clip from a #documentary I shot in Feb 2021 called “American Mindf*ck” about #QAnon. Full #doc in my bio.

There has been a lot of #disinfo about #QAnon but the truth is that “Q” was a psychological operation conducted by Mike Flynn and a who’s who of American traitors and terrorists on behalf of Vladimir Putin. #Psyops #Russia #ArrestMikeFlynn

The Nexus of Privacy
4 months ago


After the 2020 election, disinfo fuelled an attempted coup. This year, nobody knows what to expect -- and things are likely to be particularly bad on Twitter.

Sounds like a good time time for Mastodon to get involved!

Mastodon's small, but a lot of people here have good networks on other sites and in the real world.

Here's how you can help

4 ways to fight disinfo on Mastodon:
THINK before you engage or share.
SHARE accurate information about the election.
REPORT disinfo when you see it.
GET THE WORD OUT – and get people in your networks involved
Stephanie Lamy
4 months ago

To get the ball rolling, here is "The "#MacronLeaks" Operation : A Post-Mortem". (Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer/Atlantic Council). It describes how that semantic operation flopped. One contributing factor in "successfully" thwarting the OP was the presence of #disinfo analysts (incl me) who shifted the focus from the actual operation to how it came about. We basically (unintentionally) manipulated the attention of those targeted by the attention manipulation.

Michelle Cohen, MD
4 months ago

Hello #Mastodon! This is an #introduction post for everyone already here plus my fellow newbie #twittermigration folks.

I'm an Ontario family doctor who also writes and researches equity in health care, health policy and pseudoscience in wellness culture.

Here to connect with #medtwitter and post about #primarycare, #pseudoscience, #COVID #disinfo and the #genderpaygap in medicine.