Michael Nelson
5 minutes ago

Fred likes building LEGO for Mrs. Fred and the "Up" House will be a belated Mother's Day gift.

#fredtheskeleton #skeleton #lego #afol #disney #pixar #up #toys #toyphotography

Fred the toy skeleton standing next to the box of LEGO Set 4317 -- The "Up" House
26 minutes ago

Today in Labor History May 29, 1941: Animators working for Walt Disney begin a five-week strike for recognition of their union, the Screen Cartoonists’ Guild. Disney’s initial response was to fire them. However, the union held fast and ultimately prevailed, winning union recognition. Still, dozens of Disney’s best animators left for good, joining other studios or, as in the case of Hank Ketchum (creator of Dennis the Menace), starting their own studio, United Productions. At the time of the strike, the Disney animators were working on Dumbo. The clowns in the film were a caricature of strikers, when they “hit the big boss for a raise.”

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #strike #union #disney #animation #hollywood #dumbo

Striking Disney animators picketing at Walt Disney Productions, Burbank, in May 1941. One sign reads: There are no strings on me, with an image of Pinocchio. By Los Angeles Times -, CC BY 4.0,
Kari Crock Comics
1 hour ago

You’re kidding me, right!? 🙄 #WaltDisneyWorld #disney

“Disney World vs. Busch Gardens — which Florida theme park is better?”

3 hours ago

What’s with sidelining Flounder? He deserves better. #TheLittleMermaid  #Disney #LittleMermaid  #flounder  #sebastianthecrab  #scuttle 

Manish Vij
4 hours ago

Live-action “#LittleMermaid” is bizarre when you think about it.

#Disney takes public domain fairytales, strips the subtext, makes them kid-friendly, runs them through the sparkle princess car wash, and sells them movies, streams, remakes, spin-offs, merch and theme park tickets.

5 hours ago

I’m not the only one who hates #Disney , am I? Their streaming service sucks, they haven’t made a single good movie in five years, they can’t do LGBT rep right, they ruined #starwars , and they filmed “Live-Action Mulan” next to a Muslim death camp.

Screw them!

11 hours ago

@SailorDisco isn’t that the truth and typical. Just like the woman that didn’t like Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem. So the rest of the world has to suffer. #culture #intolerance #disney #amandagorman

John Wehrle (He, Him)
11 hours ago

Probably the best vehicle for an attorney's self-promotion I've ever seen.
#contract #law #disney #parenting

Amy New
11 hours ago

Really bummed #disneyplus removed the #willow series. It was really weird and wonderful, had a lot of heart. It deserved so much better. :sadness:

#art #mastoart #pride #disney

11 hours ago

And of course we should all listen to this women! Let’s keep telling people how to live. Crazy out there! A Mom Wants Disney To Ban Childless Adults Because 'They Don't Understand What It's Like To Be A Mother' #disney #children #Disneyland #parenting #sunday #rant #culture

Kind of the same deal his predecessors gave #Disney in the '60s.

12 hours ago

Sundry Sunday: Eggpo #1, “New Job”
A few years ago the Homestar Runner guys got a sweet gig for a while making content for Disney. I think some of it was broadcast on Actual Television, but all of it, I think, is currently on Youtube, minus one video that seems like it was taken down for some reason. (I don't know which one
#sundaysundry #animation #brotherschaps #disney #eggpo #flash #homestarrunner #sundrysunday #twomoreeggs #video #youtube

15 hours ago

Welcome race fans to the greatest day of racing in the year! F1 in Monaco, the Indy 500, and the Coca-Cola 600!

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #MagicKingdom #Indy500

Betos Garcia
19 hours ago

(Patreon Reward) Oliver and Company 35th Anniversary

Commissioned for Esteban Felix

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#OliverAndCompany #Disney #MyArt #FanArt

Jay Robbie
19 hours ago

It was sad to have the #Arrowverse come to a conclusion this past week with the final #TheFlash episode. It's been a fun 11 years or so, especially if you had been a #ComicBook fan from the '80s. I think the whole live-action #Superhero TV / film swell is receding, but it was a very cool experience. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. The big media vendors seem a little misguided at the moment, so I'm not sure what the future holds for the superhero genre.

#WBDiscovery #DC #Disney #Marvel

Jay Robbie
19 hours ago

Thumbs up 👍 to "The Little Mermaid" new live-action film 🧜‍♀️ (from someone who saw the original "The Little Mermaid" animated movie when it was released in theaters). The casting selection is great!

#Disney #Animation #TheLittleMermaid #LittleMermaid #LiveAction #Film

Tim Richards
20 hours ago

Interesting idea but it does sound like it was doomed from the start.
May the flop be with you: Why Disney’s Star Wars hotel failed so fast

#StarWars #Disney #Hotel

Paul Douglas
1 day ago

Absolutely loved #TheLittleMermaid2023, they nailed it. #HalleBailey hit it out of the park on her numbers #TheLittleMermaid #Disney

Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid (2023)
1 day ago

Let the magic unfold! The Festival of Fantasy Parade kicks off in Frontierland, enchanting guests with a dazzling display of floats and beloved characters. Where do you prefer to catch this: Frontierland, Liberty Square, or Main Street, U.S.A.?

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #MagicKingdom #FestivalOfFantasy

Big Head Tales
1 day ago

I completely feel you!

Recent trip to WDW for our anniversary was, good, but the oppressive base cost, maze of additional fees if you want to enjoy your experience, constant stress of getting Lightning Lanes or queues or reservations, dilapidated attractions… Well, we enjoyed our trip, already girded for the expense, but is certainly wasn’t magical, and won’t likely be repeated.

Yet #Disney made $28 billion in profit last year by squeezing guests.

1 day ago

Man, this is astute. Sure, there are #Disney obsessives that will gladly fork over any amount of money, but, despite my own fandom of both #DisneyParks and #StarWars, the value has dramatically diminished. Forcing me to choose between this and whole world of experiences, I’m going to limit my time in the Parks.

#WDW #WaltDisneyWorld #galacticstarcruiser

Big Head Tales
1 day ago

@lloydian @davidaugust
Yup, that’s the guy.

So #Disney is cutting content, raising prices, cutting throats, and eschewing original content in favor of boring remakes of old hits and slapping cheap IP on original rides, and trying to replace writers with AI chatbots all to make this scumbag billionaire richer.

Iger is taking away people’s livelihoods without so much as a backwards glance.

Shawn in Montreal
1 day ago

Despite racist backlash Halle Bailey's Little Mermaid off to great start at the box office

#Disney #boxoffice #HalleBailey

1 day ago

Just watched the first "Lilo & Stitch" movie again.

I still love it, backgrounds are beautiful, and I love both, Lilo and Stitch. ♥️


J. Thomas Son
1 day ago

Jeers to Disney+ for disappearing Willow the series, a charming, quirky, compelling high fantasy follow-up to the campy 1988 movie. A streaming service reducing its offerings may make financial sense, but the selection of this offering among 50+ programs getting the axe makes none considering the series is now barely 6 months old. The decision appears to be punitive. Disney+ did not simply decide there would be no additional seasons. They made Willow nonexistent. #disney #disney+ #willowseries

Panelist @DisnerdBob has been waiting for the premiere of #AmericanBornChinese on Disney Plus! Mixing action, comedy and YA, this mystical series leaves nothing on the table. Featuring #MichelleYeoh and #KeHuyQuan fresh off #Oscar wins, this cast is impeccable. #GPCDCultureClub #Podcast #podcasts #disney #disneyplus

Panelist Amy is stuffed to the gills with excitement for @DisneyStudios live action remake of #TheLittleMermaid ! Arguably the most iconic #Disney classic, which saved an animation studio, she hopes it earns its place as part of her world. #Movies #Ariel  #GPCDCultureClub #podcast #podcasts

2 days ago

Interesting speculation: did he resign so his wife wouldn't have to recuse herself while hearing a Disney VS DeSantis legal case?
#disney #politics

Jon Bowie
2 days ago
Mael Duin
2 days ago

Hot take:

If we want more #movies to centre women and POC, what we need is more new and imaginative stories, with great direction, scripting and cinematography.

What we don't need is repurposing of tired 70s/80s white male action franchises or #Disney remakes.

There will never be a substitute for imagination and good writing. Shoehorning these issues into badly-made films just cheapens them and makes them an easy target.


2 days ago

The Stretching Room: Gaze upon the bewitching portraits stretched across the walls, whispering eerie narratives within the depths of the Haunted Mansion.

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #MagicKingdom #HauntedMansion

2 days ago

What with these LGBT travel warnings on top of #DeSantis's open campaign against them, and what with them advising of particular risk at airports, I'm not sure how much longer #Disney can justify keeping a resort in #Florida. How can it continue to be welcoming to international LGBT visitors if it isn't safe to get there?

Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 days ago

The Little Mermaid is opening in #Granada this weekend... and there's a showing with original voices!

Voice #Dubbing for #Films in theatrical release is the norm in Spain and Italy and I loathe it. But there's so much imported from #Hollywood and elsewhere that they've had to allow for nondubbed films. I am no fan of the #Disney machine, but I make exceptions sometimes, especially when Melissa McCarthy and Javier Bardem have starring roles.

The story of The Little Mermaid, someone who changes her outside appearance at great cost for the love of a human, is rather on point for me and many others with #EatingDisorders.

#Cinema #TheLittleMermaid #HansChristianAndersen

Big Head Tales
2 days ago

It’s the same reason #Disney is cutting the throats of thousands of loyal employees.

In their case $28 billion in profit wasn’t enough for an activist Wall Street billionaire, so Iger gave him blood.

2 days ago

Well, that's it, Starcruiser fans.

I couldn't get one last final voyage. Completely booked full for every cruise all the way out to the last day, Sept 30th. (Oh, but it's 'too expensive' right? RIGHT? 🙄) And just got pinged & was told it's a no-go.

So yeah. I guess I only get one Starcruiser pin. Farewell Halcyon.

#StarWars #GalacticStarcruiser #Disney

Anthony Dean
2 days ago

The Little Mermaid review: Disney’s most animated ‘live-action’ remake yet - The Verge

#Disney #movies #TheLittleMermaid

Richard Penner
2 days ago

@rrogers @Shadyboots

That would be #Disney's argument.
The US Constitution says [in part]:
• No State shall ... pass any... Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts ....
• ... private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.
• No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States
• nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law
• [The Government] shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech
• [The Government] shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of ... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So a legislative campaign to overturn Disney's contracts and privileges (including property rights that were granted) as part of a (ludicrously well-documented) retaliatory campaign to punish Disney for gently opining that the #FLGOP demonization of the 10% of Floridians who are gay and/or trans is wrong-headed and bad for business seems unAmerican and unconstitutional. #DeSantis is trying to win the public debate by argumentum ad baculum, which the concept of democracy enshrined in the Constitution cannot allow.

2 days ago

Movie Review: "The Little Mermaid"
This live-action remake could have been a little more animated.
#TheLittleMermaid #WaltDisneyStudios #Disney #MovieReview #movies

Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the Sea Witch in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
Halle Bailey as Ariel and Flouder (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
Halle Bailey as Ariel, and Jonah Hauer-King as Eric in Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
David Fox 🌻🥸
2 days ago

By now, anyone who cares about the closing of Disney's Star Wars Galactic Cruiser hotel knows about it. I was one who hoped one day to be able to visit. Interesting read on it in the Washington Post. Gifted article, free read:

#StarWars #GalacticCruiser #Disney #LBE #LocationBasedEntertainment #Immersive #VR #XR #LARP #Cosplay

Image of a Star Wars storm trooper in a bell hop uniform. Sign on the red table in front of him reads "Sorry we're closed". A couple of droids peak behind sealed moving boxes behind him.
Richard Penner
2 days ago

@rrogers I think you mean "as a witness" as the defendants are #DeSantis and other #Florida officials in their official capacities. The lawsuit seeks to undo the voiding of the contracts laying out #Disney's further development plans and to void the replacement of the landowner-elected #RCID by the Governor-appointed #CFTOD.

There is, I believe, a steep divide between Disney front-of-house employees (Cast Members) and executive management, so I can't think of how a Cast Member portraying Mickey Mouse would be in any way helpful in addressing the merits of the claims for relief which are rooted in interpretation of the US Constitution.

The biggest potential sideshow which I think might be legally relevant is deposition testimony of how DeSantis apparently was once married at Disneyworld and has now gone to war with it. Is this the work of another Floridian Very Stable Genius™? Was there ever a plan?

We've got plans to see the Little Mermaid tonight. I'm excited! #Disney

Richard Penner
2 days ago

Update in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. v. DeSantis, 4:23-cv-00163, (N.D. Fla.)
Free copy of docket here:

On Thursday, #Disney argued against the motion by #DeSantis, #FLDEO, and #CFTOD that seeks to disqualify Chief Judge Walker from hearing the case over contracts executed by #RCID (Doc 43).

In the main, Disney argues that DeSantis and co. are making a mountain out of a molehill and that the law doesn't endorse such a “hair-trigger disqualification standard.”

Disney points to the cartoonish demonstration of bias in the cases cited by the Defendants and argues there is no parallel:

❝Defendants instead base their motion on two year-old hypothetical questions during prior judicial proceedings where the Court accurately referred to widely-publicized statements from Florida legislators about their intent to change the governing structure of the Reedy Creek Improvement District (“RCID”) specifically because Disney expressed a political viewpoint disfavored by the legislators. The Court did not make any findings about those statements, but simply invoked them during oral arguments as examples to test arguments being advanced by counsel addressing different issues under different factual records.

Also, “the Court recently ruled in favor of the relevant State defendants in the very cases cited by defendants here as evidence of potential bias against them. Far from proving bias, the cases confirm the Court’s impartiality. The motion to disqualify should be denied.”

Disney goes on to show more context for the innocuous use by Judge Walker of news reports about the DeSantis-Disney feud, because contextomy is the tool of the scoundrel.

Alarmingly Bad
2 days ago


This is The Whey.

(Additional voices: [birdsite@:]VHScobar

#comic #mandalorian #webcomic #video #funny #mastoart #disney

This is The Whey
Dr Bob
3 days ago

Most uncomfortable place on [The Internet]

Hint: Twitter Cesspool

“On #Twitter on Thursday, a #Disney ad took prime real estate at the top of the search page. Just below the ad, which promoted the opening weekend for the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, was the list of trending topics on Twitter. No. 1 was “#DeSantis

Text Shot: Echoes of the fight are carrying over into the replies to Disney’s tweets. A recent promotion of Disney cruises spurred comments suggesting children would be sexually assaulted, exposed to child predators or assaulted on the ship. Other commenters compared the colors in Minnie Mouse’s outfit to the transgender flag. 

Replies to tweets promoting The Little Mermaid, which debuts Friday, have been explicitly racist, aimed at the lead actress playing Ariel, Halle Bailey, who is Black. “Ariel is white,” one tweet said. “Don't worry it's not for white people,” said another.
3 days ago

‘New research by #CorporateAccountability…found that 93% of the offsets #Chevron…counted towards its climate targets from voluntary carbon markets between 2020 & 2022 were too environmentally problematic to be classified as…other than #worthless#junk. …Guardian investigation revealed that the forest carbon offsets approved by Verra, the world’s leading certifier which is used by #Disney, #Gucci, #Shell & Chevron…could make global heating worse.’ | Nina Lakhani, Guardian

3 days ago

Anyone else notice the expanding Light Saber in the play time bar at the bottom when playing the "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Soundtrack" on Spotify?

(And BTW: "New World" continues to be a total banger - even outside of the Halcyon! WHY DISNEY, WHY?!?)
#starwars #GalacticStarcruiser #disney

Screenshot of Spotify when playing the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser with a circle around a light saber representing the play time bar at the bottom.

Um. Excuse me. But it is FUCKING WEIRD and concerning that coverage of the loss of basic human rights by the trans and larger LGBTQ+ community is dominated by stuff about brand management of all fucking things.

Anyway I wrote about that some today. #journalism #media #trans #Target #BudLight #Disney

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
3 days ago

Seems official now. Disney will close the Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

The language here suggests they might do this at larger scale, though. Or is that just corporate speak? Hrmm. #StarWars #Disney

4 days ago


Countdown timer until #Disney loses copyright on Steamboat Willie and it transfers into the public domain.

Ricardo Harvin
4 days ago

To me, it seems #DisneyPlus believes that #StarWars and the #MCU are enough, not realizing that both franchises are near (past?) peak interest with casual fans.

There's not enough other, unfamiliar (to many), quality content on the service to keep it a need, rather than pure luxury.

I've already cancelled #Prime, and I'll probably cut at least one more service.

I may keep #Hulu, #Max, #YouTube, and #CriterionChannel, and dump #Disney and #AppleTV. #Netflix is borderline.


Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 days ago
⚡️🇫🇷Twitter's candidate? DeSantis launches presidential bid on Musk's platform. Is Musk buying an election in plain sight? (FRANCE 24 English News VIDEO) #Ukraine #Mastodon #USA #France #NATO #Press #News #Disney #Twitter #Musk #ElonMusk #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Paul Chambers
4 days ago

🤔 Full transcript: Fmr. VP Mike Pence's interview with Scripps News

Former Vice President Mike Pence sat down for an exclusive interview with Scripps News Political Director Andrew Rafferty on Tuesday.

Talks of "woke" #Disney, banning #transgender healthcare, supports McCarthy's crushing poor, seniors and other aid. #Medicare

Just Mike Pence being Pence.

#USPol #MikePence #Pence

"Mike Pence - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
4 days ago

"Arielle, die Meerjungfrau" ist die neueste Realverfilmung eines Disney-Klassikers. Arielle wird von der schwarzen Schauspielerin Halle Bailey gespielt - was zu teils absurden Diskussionen geführt hat, so Regisseur Rob Marshall.

"Es gab nie eine Agenda, eine schwarze Schauspielerin als Arielle zu casten. Sie war einfach die Beste. Die Figur deckt sehr viele Facetten ab, die muss man auch spielen können. Sie bringt das alles mit."

📝 ▶️,arielle110.html?at_medium=mastodon&

#NDRkultur #Disney #Arielle

Das Bild zeigt Arielle, gespielt von der schwarzen Schauspielerin Halle Bailey. Dazu das Zitat von Regisseur Rob Marshall zur Kritik von einigen: "Meine Entscheidung für sie habe ich nie infrage gestellt. Es ist doch absurd, dass wir 2023 überhaupt noch darüber reden müssen. Das wir noch immer über Hautfarben reden müssen, fühlt sich an wie aus einem anderen Jahrhundert."

jfc, I was having lunch so I thought I'd put on #Disney+ #Crater for some mild, family SF fun...

... it's ending now and I am WEEPING...

Why does this kids' film have more heart than a dozen supposedly adult blockbusters?

My heart really can't take the ending. 😢

5 days ago

Chat with a co-worker last week about his upcoming #Disney trip.

Co-worker: "Didn't you used to go to Disney now and then?"
Me: "As one might imagine," (gestures to body with a flourish) "I'm not really going to Florida any time soon."
Co-worker: "... oh. Right."

It was kind of funny in the moment, and we were laughing (it was a *very* dramatic flourish), but days later I'm still thinking about that exchange. He didn't really know what was going on beyond "Florida politician being anti-LGBTQ again". He didn't know that trans people could be arrested for going into the "wrong" bathroom (and that for some there is no "right" bathroom). He didn't understand base level fear being magnified by state-sponsored legal harassment.

In retrospect, I think he read the exchange as "screw Florida, I'm not spending my queer money there." Which is not untrue, but I don't think he registered that going to Florida at all would be literally putting myself at risk.

#Trans #Transphobia #Florida

Democracy Matters :verified:
5 days ago

Always remember: there are more of us than them! #Disney #Democrats

Disney’s reputation jumps among Democrats, drops among Republicans: poll

Fynn Becker
5 days ago

Erin Kellyman and Ruby Cruz are so excited to play #queer characters in a #Disney show. It’s so heartwarming but also breaking at the same time knowing kids and teens won’t be able to experience this representation in the future 😭 🏳️‍🌈

Fynn Becker
5 days ago

Finally watched the #Willow series making of before it disappears from #Disney+.

Brought me right back into this wonderful world and it’s truly disappointing we won’t see all those lovely characters in a second season 😐

Texas Observer Lives!
6 days ago

American Born Chinese, premiering this week on #Disney, is a coming-of-age comedy that masterfully interlaces the stories of Jin Wang (Ben Wang), a Chinese-American teenager, and characters from Monkey King #folklore.

It also reflects the journey of colonized working class peoples in search of identity, reports @josephinelee, in this personal & philosophical new #review:

#AmericanBornChinese #TV #reviews #immigration #WhiteSupremacy #philosophy #culture #China

A woman in a white dress and headdress touches hands with a monkey-like human in a dark outfit with gold collar and cuffs. They are standing in a woodland with rich red lighting on its foliage.
Fynn Becker
6 days ago

Walt #Disney’s #EPCOT will probably never stop being fascinating and creepy and megalomaniac.

Steven Saus [he/him]
6 days ago

From 19 May: There Are Some Huge Losses in This Disney+ and Hulu Originals Purge - Cancellations of popular series and planned original movies on streaming services have been steadil... #disney+ #hulu #streaming #tv

As a gay teacher in Florida, I'm somewhat disappointed.
My guess, without looking first, is that this AP report, Brendan Farrington, is a white, cis man.
It feels very dismissive of thw Black perspective and the LGBTQIA+ perspective.
It is an interesting read. He nails the economic plight here, which has been ignored for too long.

#Florida #Education #LGBTQIA+ #BlackHistory #BookBans #DragBans #CanceledPride #DeSantis #Disney #RisingCostOfLiving

1 week ago

Monorail Peach glides through the futuristic wonderland of Epcot's Future World, framed by the iconic Spaceship Earth in the backdrop. #MonorailMonday

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #Epcot #Monorail

Pamela Williams Fine Art
1 week ago

Shaman Boats once adorned the lagoon at Disneys Animal Kingdom. I love how colorful they are and miss seeing them in all there glory. Hopefully they will make a comeback in the near future!

See it HERE➡️

#boat #disney #ColorfulBoat #outdoors #ShamanBoat #tribal #art #boats #photography #potd #smile #AYearForArt #colorful #TheArtDistrict

Original photo image of a colorful Shaman fishing boat along the shores of a lagoon
Christian Mutig 👻🚫
1 week ago

#Echo will be the first #MCU show to be released fully instead of waiting a week between episodes.
While I'm glad it will still release this year (all episodes coming this November to Disney+), I still have to question: What happened behind the scenes? Because this should be a way bigger deal than it currently is: The first comicbook show to star a deaf person, who also happens to be Native American.

Why decide, of all upcoming shows, to particulary release this all once? #Marvel #Disney

Scene from "Hawkeye": Maya Lopez aka Echo (Alaqua Cox), standing in a room full of red lights, shoos a henchman away.
Chris Pirillo
1 week ago

i am half of disney's age ~ #lego #afol #disney #movies #cartoon #toys

Alison Meeks
1 week ago

Let's talk about Disney's non-move....

Beau of the Fifth Column
#Florida #Disney

1 week ago

@Tutanota It's a step forward.

Why does it seem like it's only Google's #Spyware that gets something resembling appropriate regulations? When are they going to start enforcing anti-spyware legislation on #Disney, #Apple, and #Microsoft ? #BanDRM

Fynn Becker
1 week ago

Absolutely cruel behavior by #Disney. Pulling a show like #Willow from Disney+ a mere 6 months after it aired.

Anthony Dean
1 week ago

Yes, there's Netflix cartoons with a lead character that's LGBTQ ("She-Ra"), and there's secondary characters/characters as part of ensemble casts who're gay (i.e. Luna Loud in "The Loud House," Lunella's friend's two Dads on "Moon Girl", etc.). But think this is the first kids' cartoon on a traditional animation outlet (WB/Disney/Nick) with someone LGBTQ as the actual star. (Assume certain politicians in the Sunshine State are livid.)

#TheOwlHouse #LGBTQ #Disney

Anthony Dean
1 week ago

New post: I take a look at the Disney Channel series "The Owl House." As far as I can tell, it's the first children's cartoon on a traditional mainstream animation outlet (ie Disney/WB/Nickelodeon) whose main star is an out LGBTQ character.

#TheOwlHouse #Disney #LGBTQ #animation

jaymerryfield :mstdnca:
1 week ago

This is INSANE. #Disney deleting huge swathes of content made explicitly for D+ to take a tax write-off, including newer shows that ended THIS CALENDAR YEAR. Most of the shows are non-#Marvel and non-#StarWars that they produced.

This is so anti-creatives it’s mind-blowing. To throw out your own content. 😖

#Cinemastodon #TV #Movies #WGAStrike #WGAStrong

Kat ♾️
1 week ago

@Nonilex @qwosl

Head west, #Disney. Turn DisneyWorld into mixed use, themed condos, sell the whole thing off and GTF out of that little tinpot dictator’s state!

1 week ago

#Disney Pulls Plug on $1Billion #Development in #Florida

A new office complex, & relocation of a division from California, would have created >2k #jobs but was scuttled as the direct result of #DeSantis #politics

By Brooks Barnes
#Economy #GOP #Republican

The Daily Edge
1 week ago

Add another $1 billion to the costs Floridians are having to pay for Ron DeSantis's political campaign #SadStateOfFlorida #Disney #DeSantis

Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

Disney cancels planned Florida campus amid ongoing disputes with Gov. Ron DeSantis.

ABC News reports "The company will no longer be calling for (2,000 California-based) employees to relocate."

#Disney #RonDeSantis #Florida #USPolitics #Business

Chris Pirillo
1 week ago

the only thing i wanted from the #disney #starwars galactic starcruiser experience was the merch... so, now i'm totally and completely screwed.

Steve Herman
1 week ago
1 week ago

2/ Via NYCSouthPaw:

I appreciate that everything #Disney does now comes with a solid 10 seconds of thinking about whether it’s somehow targeted at DeSantis personally.

Disney Food Blog @DisneyFoodBlog
BREAKING: Disney Will CLOSE Its Star Wars Hotel

Lauren Weinstein
1 week ago

I applaud #Disney's decision to cancel their billion dollar Florida campus project and employees' relocation. Of course various factors were involved, but in any case: BRAVO!

Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
#fafo #desantis
#Disney has abandoned plans to open up a new employee campus in Lake Nona, #Florida, amid rising tensions with the state’s governor.

Citing “changing business conditions” and the return of CEO Bob Iger, Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney’s parks, experiences and products division, penned a memo to employees Thursday, announcing that the company will not move forward with construction of the campus and will no longer be asking more than 2,000 California-based employees to relocate to Florida.
1 week ago

1/... #Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in #Florida

A new office complex, and relocation of a division from California, would have created more than 2,000 jobs but was scuttled as the company and Gov. Ron #DeSantis continue to feud.

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Via Angry Staffer:

Lost Florida a billion dollars and thousands of jobs on the day It leaks that you’re running for POTUS?

That’s pretty damn impressive, Ron DeSantis

David August
2 weeks ago

Almost like ABC was in error when they said their fall line-up of reality TV, game shows and reruns (riveting stuff!) was strike proof. Almost like Disney was in error when they triggered the writers strike and degraded their own business. No almost about it: they need to make a deal.

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Screenshot of a tweet by @VanTheBrand: 
Strike proof! 
[screenshot of the allegedly strike-proof ABC prime time fall line-up with red strike throughs noting that over half of their line up is SAG-AFTRA shows and the union SAG-AFTRA just called for a strike authorization]

On #TombTuesday, I'm remembering Sebastian Cabot, an actor many of my generation will remember for his role as Mr. French in Family Affair, for narrating #Disney's early #WinniethePooh movies & as the voice of Bagheera in #TheJungleBook. He had a very impressive career on stage, on TV and in movies.

In August 1977, Cabot suffered a stroke at his home near Victoria, B.C. and died at the age of 59. He was cremated and his ashes interred in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

A black and white photo of the actor, Sebastian Cabot. He is sitting in a chair, visible from the waist up. He is wearing a twead coat and vest, a bow tie and sports a very neat dark moustache and beard. His hair is nicely slicked back, making for a very distinguished image.
A square peuter-coloured grave marker with the words, "Sebastian Cabot, 1918 to 1977. It marks the place where his ashes are interred in Los Angeles.
Cartoon version of Bagheera, the black panther from Disney's The Jungle Book. The character has a large, happily surprised look on his face. His fur is black, his muzzle is grey, his nose is pink and his eyes are yellow. You can see two lower fangs and whiskers on either side of his face.
A picture of Disney's Winnie the Pooh, with a butterfly on his nose. Pooh is a yellow bear wearing a red shirt. He is smiling and looking at the butterfly.
Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff It’s stunning, isn’t it? We’re quickly drifting into #fascism and some people are more worked up about #Disney movies than they are about real life villains turning our country into an Orwellian novel featuring Tarantino level violence.

New rule: all children's shows and movies must contain at least one character who is illegal to talk about in #Florida schools; simply to own the bigots.

#disney #lgbtqia #lgbtq #lgbt #dontSayGay #desantis #homophobia #discrimination

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Most people just don't appreciate just how important #copyright is to #art and #artists. Thank god Mozart and Beethoven had #DRM and Content ID policing on their songs or else they would never have made a name for themselves. Also thank god that famous fairytale writers like Hans Christian Anderson, Brüder Grimm and Charles Perrault had their content copyrighted for eternity, or else an evil corporation like #Disney would totally have stolen their stories and gotten rich off their work!

Elan Hasson
2 weeks ago


> "We operate responsibly. We pay our fair share of taxes. We employ thousands of people and by the way, we pay them above the minimum wage substantially above the minimum wage dictated by the state of Florida. We also provide them with great benefits and free education, so I’m gonna finish what is obviously kind of a long answer by asking one question. Does the state want us to invest more, employ more people and pay more taxes or not?"

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