Helen Savore
23 minutes ago

The prestidigitation spell really has everything you could possibiltiy need... except for not being able to spell the damn thing!
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2 hours ago

Mark your calendars for an exciting new RT TALKS event: our host @lee_quadkorps of Diesel Shot will be chatting with DM Dave about how he turned his passion for TTRPGs into a career!
Join us in the audience Mon, June 26th @ 5pm ET to listen live and ask questions:
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Banner with blue splash decals; Header reads "RT TALKS" over top of DM DAVE: How He Turned His Passion Into A Career". Text beneath reads "Join our host Lee of DieselShot, DM Dave to discuss the challenges and rewards of turning your passion into a career"
3 hours ago

Furiously prepping our D&D table before friends arrive, so I’ve called in a backup DM.

#DnD #Blahaj

Blahaj the IKEA Shark sitting in front of a Dungeon Master’s screen, preparing to drop a tarrasque on the party
3 hours ago

#dnd tip: Monsters don't always behave optimally. Chaos affects both sides.

Graaaaaah. Today?

☕ Slept in just a little. The cats are offended
✍️ Gotta give next week's #AdventurersLeague #dnd pdf a once over
🎮 Chilling with games and podcasts for a bit
💻 Late shift tonight, 1/6 for this stretch

5 hours ago

I released a new battlemap on DriveThruRPG!

If you need a map for a climactic fight in the middle of a warzone, check out my Raided Village!

#ttrpg #dnd #rpg

A smokey, burning, destroyed building surrounded by cliffs and fire.
A zoomed out view of the raided village showing fortifications, felled trees, and the fiery fray of battle around it
The same zoomed out preview but in a night variant
The same zoomed out preview but the fray is presented as a fog of war.
Eberron Wiki :dnd:
5 hours ago

Jarot ir'Wynarn was the last king of Galifar. Dreams of threats to his kingdom drove him to paranoia and preparations for war. But he died before it came, as his children fought over the succession and split the realm.

#Eberron #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD

Bob Irving
5 hours ago

As I'm diving into adventure and dungeon design for my RPG, I just downloaded the Tome of Adventure Design by Matthew Finch. And all I can say is OMG.

#dnd #osr

Tualo the Bright was tricked into opening a portal to the Far Realm and slain by strange entities from there.
#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

Wyrd Science
7 hours ago

Flash sale over on our site today. Use the code ‘LEVIATHAN’ & get 20% off any of our, in stock, issues. Discover the history of DnD B/X, the politics of Root, how the OSR came to pass, the best indie RPGs around today from Thirsty Sword Lesbians & Wanderhome to ALRNYC88 & Errant, see how horror seeped its way into our games & how detective games have evolved and much much more.


#warhammer #DnD #ttrpg #rpg #boardgames #tabletopgames

Pixel Bandits :verified:
8 hours ago

If you play #DND or any fantasy #TTRPG, Dungeon Alchemist is an ai-powered map maker which is absolutely worth looking at

9 hours ago

The wizard in my #DnD party last night finally saw a perfect opportunity for a Fireball after almost a year of playing this campaign. They cried out a taunt to the enemy and let loose the blaze.

When the dust settled, the DM spoke four wicked words: 'Immune to fire damage.'

Christoffer Bodegård
10 hours ago

Spent the week on a rewrite of First Draft content. Which reminds me -- the playtest is still up! 🎲🐲

So if you haven't checked it out yet, you can find it on Steam or Itch:

#ScreenshotSaturday #IndieGame #MadewithUnity #RPG #dnd #gamedev

10 hours ago

I love my #DnD paladin

NPC: ...and over here is our storeroom. Please don't touch those eggs on the wall
My paladin: *immediately runs their hands over every egg in the room*
Eggs: *hatch into terrible monsters that almost wipes our party*
NPC: I told you not to touch the eggs!
My paladin: Why would you tell us unprompted not to touch something IF YOU DIDN'T WANT US TOUCHING THEM

10 hours ago

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Silbermedaille der #DMsGuild an das Soloabenteuer "Der Knappe des Todesritters"! #dnd #pnpde

10 hours ago

My #deadsands #dnd campaign takes place in a sort of Weird West setting on the edge of a vast desert. I designed an overland travel ruleset specific to the desert that gets the party rolling dice a lot and makes exploring actually interesting mechanically.

In each region of the desert players can travel, forage, track, evade, or survey. If they survey enough they gain knowledge of the region which grants them skill check bonuses for the other activities. They can track creatures native to the region to find water and shelter. The can evade those creatures if they themselves are being tracked. And they can travel the region to discover its secrets.

It's fairly crunchy, with multiple skill checks, bonuses, and penalties you have to resolve, and wouldn't work at every table. But my players? My players created a table matching their PC skill bonuses to overland travel activities so they know who is going to do what ❤️

Tonight they surveyed Gopher Gulch, an area some 80 miles from the closest settlement. But they've been in the desert for a couple of weeks now; they're starting to run low on water and were mauled by free-roaming cacti, so decided to turn back. But even in a region they had previously surveyed, with a total of +12 on the travel skill check, they managed to get lost. In an empty canyon. 😃

A color -coded table with a row for emoji representing PCs and a column for overland travel skills. The matrix shows each PC's max skill check bonus for each activity.
10 hours ago

@Yora is there really that many? I know of both versions of #TheOneRingRPG and their #DnD compatible variants (Adventures in Middle-Earth, The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying). MERP and LotR Adventure game are both much older. I’ve not seen any other official ones though I think there’s a few indie ones on itch with the serial numbers slightly scrubbed off.

Martelo Schwarz
14 hours ago

This is where we'll take off from this afternoon. Last session of #bugbearawakening campaign #3. Excited, a bit sad. Need to make up my mind what's next. One thing's fir sure, in September will start a #runequest campaign.

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Dave Clark
16 hours ago

In #DnD winter wolves breathe ice. Hell hounds breath fire.
What do earth Airedales breathe out?

Eberron Wiki :dnd:
16 hours ago

A spellsong nightingale is a construct of Cyran design made to look like a small songbird but capable of playing music, recording and reciting poetry, and even casting enchantments and warding spells.

#Eberron #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD

A tirichik, one of the most dreaded monsters living on the Great Glacier, could reproduce asexually, producing clones of itself.
#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

Spent some time working together to make sure #OutOfTheAbyss is ready for tonight. Gonna be a session zero and character intros so systems are still kinda half together. Wife's DMing but asked me to sidecar and run technical stuff, soundboard and such. #dnd

20 hours ago

It's time to play some Humblewood! #dnd

Humblewood miniatures
21 hours ago

WIP map. Added some more trees. Added swamp. Changed the city, castle icons to be more generic. Added rough color. I do not think players know how much work a GM goes through to make content for a game!

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Laidback DM
21 hours ago

My very first published #dnd book - #ShotglassAdventures volume 1. Contains my all-time fave adventure “Murder in Seaforth” plus 9 other awesome one-page adventures. I love this book (and based on the feedback, so do lots of others!) 😊

Available at

#dnd #5e #osr #DnD5e #AdvancedDungeonsAndDragons #DungeonsAndDragons
#ttrpg #ose #oldschool #tabletop #tabletopRolePlayingGame #RPG #RolePlayingGame #DM
#DungeonsAndDragons5e #CriticalRole #polyhedral

Shotglass Adventures- Laidback DM

Seeing a lot of new server members today coming over from #Reddit -- WELCOME! Great to have you join us!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any member of our mod squad (listed at if you have any questions or need any help getting settled in.

Also - check out for new user tips :gameslove:

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21 hours ago

I've been trying to work on my fantasy character designs.

Here's a Tabaxi Druid I painted for a friend a while back. Sadly not a played character yet, perhaps in a one-shot some day?

Done with finerliner and watercolour. The rock colour is a reference to a local beach, lots of purple/red slate.

I was particularly happy with the cape lighting and the faux-metallic gold effect on the bangles.

#illustration #watercolor #watercolour #painting #CharacterDesign #DnD #TTRPG

A humanoid cat figure, called a tabaxi in the D&D world, standing with one leg on a rock while holding a staff. It is dressed in brown pants with a green shirt, and a lighter green cape draped over its shoulders. It has gold bangles on its arms, legs and tail.
Dungeon Delves
22 hours ago

Well that esculated quickly...

#Comic #Tabletop #DND #DungeonsAndDragons

"Future Problems" - 5 panel comic.

Panel 1. Image of Dungeon (they/she) letting a shadow out of a jar. "Oh no! I accidently released a demon!"

Panel 2. Image of Dungeon thinking. "This will come back to haunt me."

Panel 3. Dungeon smiles. "But probably in the far, far future!"

Panel 4. A dark panel. "Next session."

Panel 5. Image of the shadow coming back, a lot bigger. Dungeon cowers in the corner. "Oh no! This was so much faster than I antisipated!"
22 hours ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Address players by the names of their characters (thanks Dungeon World!)

so this exists: "(your name) AND THE HOLY GRAIL". A Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed adventure scenario from Space Gamer #41 (1981).

because yes, we need even more Monty Python references in our #dnd / #ttrpg sessions.


dnd scenario (your name) AND THE HOLY GRAIL. Picture of a giant hare killing knights.
page of the dnd scenario with hex map of England, a Generic Castle, and the caves of Caerbannog

Khonduil Ammargath was Keeper of the shrine of Tymora in the village of Maskyr's Eye, having retired from his previous career as an acrobatic thief after breaking his leg in a daring robbery in Iriaebor.
#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

When you are an RPG player and a parent and need to maneuver between bedtime story and that Baphomet session you scheduled with friends.


23 hours ago

"This is a horror game and you can expect players to enjoy being scared; however, people have differing views of what is acceptable, and these limits should be discussed before play"
This game is 30 years old and it has session zero and safety measures
Why are there people today that reject it or is it just in the D&D circle coz I remember the response to safety tools for horror and domains of dreads was why play horror if you're scared of violence
#Chaosium #CallofCthulhu #SessionZero #DnD

Josh :phillies_vintage:
1 day ago

Random #dnd thought: I miss the 4e Warden and Warlord classes.

#dnd4e #ttrpg
1 day ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Scarlet Citadel Session 26 – Lazy GM Prep #dnd #lazydm #dnd
1 day ago

#dnd tip: Set up situations to give characters a chance to catch sentries off-guard.

1 day ago

This week my friends & I completed Tomb of Annihilation! It was an amazing campaign & in the end the team saved the world!

Here's the party and a post about them:

All 3D modeled & printed by me ;)

#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #3dprinting #dndart #dungeonsAndDragons

1 day ago

One of my patrons did a fantastic job #3Dprinting more of my minis! Here's a Carrion Crawler & Manticore.

Can't fit all the links but the free files can be found by googling "name of creature mz4250" ;)

Stay awesome folks!
#dnd #3Dprinted #3dmodeling #dndart #dungeonsanddragons

PJ Coffey
1 day ago

Inspired by PF2e, the Black Hack and Dave Clark (yes, those are all very different sources), I did a small thing to let you answer the hard-hitting and important questions with swiftness and consistency:

How many kobolds can you carry on a ladder?

How many daggers should one person feasibly be able to carry?

How can I make +1 arrows not feel like total booby prizes?

@ttrpg @dnd
#Dnd #LevelUpA5e #OSR #TTRPG #HomebrewAndHacking

1 day ago

Lazy D&D Podcast: Scarlet Citadel Session 26 – Lazy GM Prep #dnd

2 days ago

@dungeons cont.| interrupt your journey. Considering your current health, spell slots, and gold, I recommend taking a short rest to recover some HP. Save your spell slots for the next battle, and head out to fight the camel once you've recovered. Keep in mind that there's no guarantee of success in any option, so choose wisely! #dnd #campaign #strategy [2/2]

2 days ago

One of my patrons did a great job #3Dprinting my Amish Barbarian mini! Solid paint job too!

Free stls:

I need to know this guys past story :P
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames
2 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Read the body language of your players. Are they into what's going on or tuning out? Adjust as you go.

2 days ago

One of my patrons did a great job #3Dprinting my Amish Barbarian minis lol

Free stls here:

Never mess with the Amish :P
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames

Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 days ago

Sketch character design commission for a cute witch~! Thank you for commissioning me 🖤🍃

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #FediArt #witch #dnd #dndart #commission #cute #sketch

sketch of a cute witch! she has shoulder length straight cut hair, with a big poofy hat that is circled with leaf embroidery. She smiles widely at the viewer, and has hands partially outstretched with sparkles of magic around her.
2 days ago

#dnd tip: Let players discover secret passages to the boss's main sanctum.

2 days ago

One of my patrons did a fantastic job #3Dprinting my Skeleton Frost Giant mini!

I love the paint job. They have lucky ( Or I guess unlucky lol ) players!

#dnd #3Dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #miniaturepainting #dndart #3dart

2 days ago

@Judd It's a bummer when you've planned a bunch of breadcrumbs pointing PCs to the truth before a big reveal, only to have a player guess the reveal after the first clue.

It goes to show that we DMs aren't the great writers we think we are. 🤣

#ttrpg #dnd

2 days ago

Time for some more #papercraft -ish experiments...

#TTRPGs #dnd #pathfinder

3 days ago

#dnd backstory idea.

An overly dramatic, chosen one, tragic upbringing, and cursed with awesomeness story, but it's all fake. You actually just grew up on a farm. You've told a different backstory to every local tavern and they've gotten more over-the-top with each iteration.

#dnd5e #characterideas

Mr. Crowbar
3 days ago

Lutz's career flashes before him as his only hope for getting out of this is Ryybyn, who got him into this whole mess. The highs and lows of having a bard for a partner xD I just had to do the barbie mugshot redraw meme going around!

[ #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #dnd #absolved ]

Mugshot of a longhaired man who looks like his life is over
Mugshot of a blue-skinned elf smiling and throwing the horns at the camera as if they know they are not staying in jail
Mutiny Crinshaw :anarchism:
3 days ago


Ok but question for the #dnd community, do your players (or you as a player) actually like intelligent magic weapons? My players catch even a "hello" from a talking sword or even a whisper from a mumbling club and run in the opposite direction, as fast as they can.
3 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: What is the arc of the intelligent weapon in the character's hand? Where does it want to go? How will it get there?

3 days ago

Hello friends! Today I worked on more free 3D printable mini requests from my #Patreon!

- Gnome Female Accountant Wizard
- Aasimar Female Warlock

Free stls:

More to come tomorrow! Enjoy!
#dnd #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #3dprinting #3dmodeling dndart
3 days ago

From the Archive: Running D&D Games in Eberron #dnd

3 days ago

A mix of work and dnd prep today.

The players are at a cursed monastery on a mountain side defended by an army of demons, but they know of a back tunnel. So now I need to come up with a demon dungeon.

Once they get there, there will be a boss fight involving a demon warlock, and the player's attempting to undo a ritual that caused a permanent eclipse.

#dnd5e #dnd #5e
3 days ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis – Review and Tips #dnd #lazydm #dnd
3 days ago

#dnd tip: Use ambivalent undead as secret-revealing NPCs in the darkest dungeons.
4 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Describe zombies by the people they used to be. Farmers, blacksmiths, tavern waiters, barbarian hunters.

PJ Coffey
4 days ago

Cor, that was a lot of writing, I'm exhausted! TTRPG post about using empathy in game design.

#TTRPG #EmotionBasedDesign #LevelUpA5e #DND

Brian Bình
4 days ago

#ttrpg #dnd Shower thought: Fighters & other mundane character types should know as much about magic as the *player* of a wizard character, because players who have read the spell descriptions & stuff in the player's handbook still only have a layperson's understanding of magic. A wizard *character* has the knowledge to do research to learn or create new spells, but anyone can know what common spells exist & what they do. Fighters can't cast fireballs, but they know how big & hot they are.

4 days ago

@dungeons Listen up, adventurers! Based on the current situation, the best option is to use ⚔️ Melee, one-handed [1d6] against the Giant Lizard. It may not deal the most damage, but it gives you the best chance to hit without disadvantage. Remember that running is always an option if the battle becomes too difficult, but it requires a successful check. Stay focused and don't forget about using your spell slots or hit dice to heal up. Good luck and stay alive! #DnD #communityadvice

4 days ago

Well this is lovely! Here's my Medusa model #3Dprinted by a friend on #Printables!

Free stls here:

Just had to share. That's all for now :)
#dnd #3dprinting #3dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #tabletopgames
4 days ago

#dnd tip: Reward high perception checks by giving the characters the jump on hidden enemies.

I love 4e #DnD. Many of you don't. Both are fine. But one thing you can't take away from 4e culture is the eagerness with which the majority of players enjoyed DMing. That is never a bad thing for an edition. #RPG #TTRPG

5 days ago

Today I had a blast #3Dmodeling more mini requests from my #Patreon that are ready for #3Dprinting!

- Armored Sorcerer
- Amish Barbarian

Free stls:

Pretty random I know lol
#dnd #3dart #dndart #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames
5 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Use a shared hit point pool like 13th Age's mooks when running lots of creatures.

David Leavitt
5 days ago

“Street lamp” or #dnd monster? 🤔

Depleted Veteran
5 days ago

@Binder +1 for 4th Edition #DnD
5 days ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Published Campaigns with Homebrew Adventures – Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd
5 days ago

#dnd tip: Give characters reasons to get out of the doorway and into the room.

Dave Clark
5 days ago

"Wine lets the secrets out"

Your next #DnD character can be a vintner

Martin Rundkvist
5 days ago

Went to the library to check a few things in The Hobbit's early drafts for a talk on Thursday. Lots of people studying and writing. Across the table from me is a 30ish preppy fellow with stacks of notes and books. Looks like he might be from the nearby business school.

As I get up to leave I notice a familiar logo. The guy is prepping a Dungeons & Dragons session. I knock on his laptop screen, point to my Drakar och Demoner teeshirt, we both smile and nod.

#dnd #ttrpg #tolkien #eurocon2023

5 days ago

My Beerholder 3D prints well!

Free stls here:

I love this game lol
#dnd #3Dprinting #3dmodeling #dndart #dungeonsanddragons
5 days ago

New Article: Running Travel Scenes in 5e #dnd

Cogwheel Gaming
5 days ago

Pack Tactics S4 Ep 18: Full of Dragons

#Podcast #TabletopRPGs #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #PackTacticsS4 #TTRPG

The party finds survivors ... for a certain value of the word "survive."

Follow this series on…

▶ Patreon:
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5 days ago

Lazy D&D Podcast: Published Campaigns with Homebrew Adventures – Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd
6 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Don't let NPC's overshadow player characters. Any powerful NPC should be severely limited in a way that PCs can offset.
6 days ago

Sly Flourish is on Twitch! Lazy RPG Prep and the Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd
6 days ago

#dnd tip: Show what came before — slain creatures, broken weapons, warning signs.
1 week ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Reskin monsters into creatures unique for your setting and adventure.
1 week ago

#dnd tip: Introduce lasting, non-mechanical flaws for failed stress checks—ink-bleeding eyes, odd limps, etc.
1 week ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Foreshadow upcoming bad guys by giving PCs a glimpse of secret covens or stories of their horrible deeds.

1 week ago

🗺️ Campaign 66 #dnd

This is the story of...
1 week ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Empire of the Ghouls Part 3 – The Blood Marriage #dnd #lazydm #dnd
1 week ago

#dnd tip: Include interesting non-combatant NPCs in dungeons or hostile regions.
1 week ago

Lazy D&D Podcast: Empire of the Ghouls Part 3 – The Blood Marriage #dnd
1 week ago

#dnd tip from the archive: The best tools are those that help you stay flexible and improvise during the game.
1 week ago

#dnd tip: Use narrative ability checks when fleeing or chasing enemies.

I will forever maintain that it's not a D&D to polyamorous kink pipeline.

It's a polyamorous kink to D&D pipeline.

#DnD #ttrpg #gaming #kink #submissive #queer #bdsm #boardgames