Daniel Kuhl
4 hours ago

Test Automation with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Virtual Switch - DEVWKS-2031 is the last session of the day. Cisco Modelling Labs, Container Lab, #KVM and #Docker. This is the way we can model networks and create infrastructure from code. #DevNet #CiscoLive

6 hours ago

Transmission reports "Peer listening port" is "Closed" #docker #transmission #portforwarding

Ingram Braun
6 hours ago

I have released the next version (2.3) of my archive.​pl script that stores URL sets in the Internet Archive:…

#Perl #archive #URL #Docker #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine #longTermArchival

Bret Fisher
8 hours ago

Thursday's show is for my students. I'll be live answering your questions related to my courses on #Udemy and @MavenHQ. Topics include but aren't limited to #Docker, #Kubernetes, #GitOps, #GitHubActions #DevOps.

9 hours ago

Solidarity with striking dockworkers!

Dockers refused to come to work on June 2, causing the complete shut down of the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma, Seattle and Hueneme. This came in the wake of insulting offers of a $1.56/hour wage increase by the Pacific Maritime Association.

#solidarity #strike #wages #longshore #docker #union #ilwu #WorkingClass #inflation

André Bauer
11 hours ago

#jfrog #artifactory support is the worst.

Same image pull errors in our #k8s cluster on #aks for months now.

Proxied #docker images, which already exist in atrifactory, can't be pulled, because they are "not found" or "to many requests" error passed from #dockerhub remote registry.

Support unable to help or even to understand the issue.


11 hours ago

Problem running docker job in the CI/CD gitlab #docker #gitlab #doxygen

Interesantes novedades desde ayer en la App Abacus para nuestros #Fireflyiii 😊. Yo ya he actualizado. Y tú?

Detalle de Actualización App Abacus Dot Fireflyiii
Konrad Hinsen
20 hours ago

This blog post on #Flatpak nicely illustrates the importance of #distributions (#Debian, #Guix, #Homebrew ...):
- integration of many components into a working system
- interface between developers and users

Developers short-circuiting distributions by proposing fat binaries (#Docker, #Flatpak, ...) deprive themselves of valuable feedback.

20 hours ago

@raineer I love #docker so much! Let me know if you need any help with it. Also, using @portainerio will help with getting around it.

Some examples of #opensouce solutions running under #docker:

ricardo :mastodon:
1 day ago

How to Install #Nextcloud with #Docker: A Step-by-Step Guide :nextcloud: :docker:

Michael Miller 🦆
1 day ago

Anyone else struggle to understand #docker ? As someone who doesn't use it for any work-related reason, it seems completely unapproachable.

I just ran into the first project I'm very interested in which is *only available in docker*, and requires configuration changes before it can run. Every tutorial I can find feels literally like hieroglyphics.

Once docker is installed, it feels like implementation by obfuscation. Everything is just invisible so there is no clear way to do anything. If you run it, and it doesn't work, it's completely opaque. I pull down an image, no idea where it goes. No idea where to edit the yaml files. Been googling for an hour and nothing has helped.

I've been using #Linux now for 23 years and this is easily the stupidest I've ever felt.

Snafu :wiphala:
1 day ago

Short guide about how to build Docker images with kaniko on Kubernetes-based GitLab Runners

#Kaniko #GitLab #Kubernetes #Docker #Pipeline

1 day ago

Essentially #flatpak is to desktop Linux what #docker is to servers IMHO. It tries to solve the "works on my machine"-problem by essentially bringing the developers machine to the end user.

Although now everyone has "the same machine" now a lot of new problems are arising, especially because with Docker and Flatpak the *developers* need to care about the "package". Which may work in some cases, but often might also lead to important updates not being distributed all over the place

To #Nix enthusiasts, what does Nix offer to application developers over #Docker, or to users over #Flatpak?

I'm asking as I'm seeing Nix becoming a trend while not understanding what selling point it has, and not seeing answers when I ask on posts announcing using Nix.

2 days ago

Spent the night getting my #pihole up and running. Neat application. Hosting. It on via #docker on a #raspberrypi
2 days ago

Thanks for sharing. I've been using fullstack python for over 2 decades and love every bit of it. I find navigating the labyrinth of frameworks quite a tedious job, but always well worth the effort.

Using #web2py and friends hasn't been a bad choice for me so far. For production I now mostly use #docker via docker-compose and a few general automated python scripts. Even getting a server prepped is pure python. That's one thing i like about the language: so very versatile.

Mark Crocker
2 days ago

The Power of #Docker Images - DZone

A decent, concise, summary of Docker suitable for introducing the concept.

However, if mentioning layering and filesystem in Docker, I really think #UnionFS should also be mentioned.


2 days ago

For the next 3 months, #BLACKVOID will have a summer sale! 33% off for the first 3 months on both monthly subscriptions!

Get #synology and #docker support and help out bring better content and more (better!) giveaway prizes!

More info at:

2 days ago

Actualización automática de contenedores con Ouroboros #Linux #Docker #Ouroboros

Actualización automática de contenedores con Ouroboros #Linux #Docker #Ouroboros
Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
3 days ago

Fixed the #Traefik rule preventing federation on my #Lemmy instance ( Now all is happy!

#SysAdmin #proxy #fedi #fediverse #Docker #DockerSwarm

Jobs for Developers
4 days ago

DoorDash is hiring Software Engineer - Infrastructure

🔧 #golang #kotlin #python #aws #docker #kubernetes #terraform
🌎 Remote; United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $153k - $182k
🏢 DoorDash

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Stefanie Janine Stölting
4 days ago

In case you didn't know, you can test #PostgreSQL 16 beta 1 now with #Docker containers

Sander van Kasteel
4 days ago

Since my brain is on the fence with this issue. I could use some collective brain power.

I have a simple #homeserver which runs #docker and some "services" using #dockercompose
Let call these ServiceA and ServiceB.

But let's say both ServiceA and ServiceB needs a #MySQL server.
Would you rather, add separate MySQL servers to both docker-compose.yml files or create a new MySQL docker-compose service and then connect ServiceA and ServiceB to that MySQL service?

4 days ago

Fortunately I think I have worked out a fudge to get it working again, by copying a new sources.list into the container.

Basically I added:

COPY debian/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list

to my Dockerfile and:

deb stretch main
deb stretch/updates main

to docker/sources.list

#debian #docker

4 days ago

Argh, Stretch packages seem to have disappeared from the Debian archives in the last few days, so my Docker build for local development of a very old project is now failing. 😢

#debian #docker

4 days ago

Libreoffice convert docx to pdf page merge format number #libreoffice #pdf #docker

Francis ☑️
4 days ago

Containers are 10x more fiddly than virtual machines. Give me a VM every time.#containers #VirtualMachines #docker

Dr Hitchcock
4 days ago

Has anyone managed to get #Castopod working behind an #Nginx reverse proxy with Let’s Encrypt #SSL all running in #Docker containers? If so, would anyone be interested in sharing their config files? 😇
I’ve been grinding away on this for weeks with no luck. 😭

4 days ago

Had to basically rebuild and replace the #Docker packages on my #RaspberryPi for #flight #tracking, thanks to some back-end updates borking everything. I might be an #AvGeek, but I’m not geeky enough for that kind of stress.

5 days ago - #sqlcmd for #mssql, rewritten from the ground up to be cross-platform and fast. Now if only it came in a pre-built #Docker #container...

5 days ago

@stirz Dashboard would be Flame for my case. Selfhosted services are too many to count. Most that are listed here:

In terms of “gem" category I would say #ShellNGN (for me personally) -

#selfhost #selfhosting #selfhosted #docker #containers

"Cthulhu-lu Lemon"
5 days ago

Holy shit is #PeerTube a SONOFOBITCH to upgrade to v5 within #CapRover I need to add a secret to the config file, but because the secret isn't in the config file, the #Docker container keeps killing, stopping me from updating the config file.

Anyone else out there encounter this in an upgrade and know a way around this catch 22?

On the brighter side I should be able to update nextcloud no problem.

Jo. Hu. 🍀
5 days ago

Bildervorschau geht wieder. Heute einen Docker Update erhalten.
#nextcloud #oss #docker

Giuseppe Mazzapica
5 days ago

Docker fixes the "it works on my machine" problem by making it not work on your machine either #docker

Jobs for Developers
5 days ago
heise Developer
5 days ago

Neu in .NET 7.0 [16]: Anpassen des Docker-Deployments mit .NET CLI

Verschiedene Optionen für dotnet publish erlauben individuelle Anpassungen der ohne Dockerfile mit .NET CLI angelegten Docker-Deployments.

#Net #Containerisierung #Docker #PowerShell #news

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
5 days ago

Mission accomplished. I've converted my setup to pure #nginx. I was able to stop and disable the #docker container for NGINX Proxy Manager. I am grateful to that tool for helping me get started. 😀

Jobs for Developers
5 days ago

Backbase is hiring Senior Performance Engineer

🔧 #java #springframework #aws #cicd #docker #mysql #sql #seniorengineer
🌎 Amsterdam, Netherlands
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $230k (Estimate)
🏢 Backbase

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Spent a little time today playing with distroless images and supply-chain security, and man, this stuff has a long way to go.

It's not that practical to use for languages that don't spit out a statically linked binary 😅

Called it quits after half a day trying to get a Ruby app working in that environment.

#security #containers #docker #ruby

6 days ago

a few times a week, i think to myself.. #docker is genius.

Luis Zambrana
6 days ago

#hoy en #culturalibre te muestro como instalar #jenkins sobre #docker para comenzar a trabajar sobre #automatización gracias a la #integración y la #EntregaContinua

Miralo en:

Si te gusta, comparti!!!

Tim Nolte
1 week ago

Anyone else running a #Debian install, preferably 11, and getting this same error when trying to download #PHP source?

$ wget
--2023-05-29 23:13:17--
Resolving (, 2a02:cb40:200::1ad
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
ERROR: The certificate of ‘’ is not trusted.

This is killing my ability to build #Docker images.

Scott Williams 🐧
1 week ago

@chris Personally, I really like that #Fedora does #podman out of box. After getting used to podman/skopeo/buildah, #docker feels like some severe legacy stuff.

1 week ago

This is ridiculous and amazing.

It’s tangentially relevant, imho, to those of us who work with #vmware, #docker, etc. It’s containers all the way down 😀

1 week ago

Ähh ja, ich glaube da muss ich mal ran. #docker #gitlab

Sander van Kasteel
2 weeks ago

Debugging #Docker containers :scremcat: :welp:

Hynek Schlawack
2 weeks ago

I have just successfully updated #Docker Desktop on #macOS. 🤯

Markus Werle
2 weeks ago

@veronica I just learned texlive is available as #Docker container. I think I will give it a try.

2 weeks ago

Anyone knows how to run a background service in an #AWS #Lambda deployed as a #Docker #container?

~ $ Cosipa
2 weeks ago

Is #nixos any good for a #server ? I will be using #zfs and #docker containers. Right now I am using Ubuntu server and have a few issues regarding docker that I do not want to try to solve.

Have you used NixOS as a server? if so is it any good? Thank you :ablobsmile:

2 weeks ago

Random thought, but I wonder how much work would be involved in migrating my #Nextcloud instance from the manually installed archive I've been using for years, to the #docker container. I have never even touched docker. Would Fail2Ban still work? Could I import my existing database or does the docker image have its own hard coded database that might not be able to import mine? Can I manually edit the config.php file to say, add authorized domains, and have those changes saved between updates?

2 weeks ago

Movim is now on DockerHub and is now packaged in a daily built image for every Docker enthusiasts 🥳 .

Checkout our blog note to know everything about it 😊 !

#movim #docker #dockerub #container

2 weeks ago

Curious #docker for #windows and #mac still so incredibly slow compared to running it on Linux? I particularly mean with IO-heavy tasks like running a test suite

DevPod - Codespaces but #OpenSource

"Developers can write code in any language, and run it anywhere. For example, they can test on virtual machines, or code in #Python with #VSCode running on #Docker Desktop, or in Go running in EKS. If the provider they need doesn’t exist, they can build it."

#foss #codespaces #containers #kubernets #devstandard #jetbrains #googlecloud

Devpod screenshot
3 weeks ago

This initial release includes:

🚀 Next.js starter project with #MUI for rapid prototyping

🐳 Custom #Docker image, optimised for Next.js, to run in 🤗 Spaces

1️⃣ Our first component called "summarization" using `@huggingface/inference`

📥 Predefined workflow to sync your #GitHub repo with your 🤗 space

☀️ Dark / light theme based on system preferences

Chet Husk
3 weeks ago

Hey #dotnet SDK #docker #containers folks - I made an experiment over the weekend:

Add this Directory.Build.targets and make images for all of the TargetFramework(s) or RuntimeIdentifier(s) in a project/solution at once with `dotnet build /t:Containerize`

I've been playing with this and it feels pretty nice. This is a single project with linux-arm64 and linux-x64 RIDs, but then I added another for linux-arm on the second run. This would work for solutions as well.

MSBuild output for a multi-RID project build - the first call to `/t:Containerize` has two RIDs (linux-arm64 and linux-x64) and creates container images for each. The second is after adding the linux-arm RID, so there are 3 generated images.
Rory McCune
3 weeks ago

A little weekend project I've started

It hosts abstracts and links to talks about Cloud Native Security (Topics like #Kubernetes and #Docker), hopefully useful for finding interesting talks to watch!

Essentially I'm grabbing abstracts via sched and adding Youtube video embeds, via the YT API.

On a side not who knew you could max out API limits on YT's API so easily!

I'll be back-filling more conferences as the API limits allow.

Charlie Owen
3 weeks ago

Most of my Sunday has been spent getting Home Assistant Core to work as a container via Docker, Traefik, and Lets Encrypt in host networking mode. BUT I HAVE DEFEATED IT. I AM STRONG. I AM GLORIOUS. I JUST NEEDED A MANUALLY-DEFINED TRAEFIK PROVIDER. *has a cup of tea*

#HomeAssistant #Docker #Traefik #selfhosting

3 weeks ago

I just published my first article about "Dockerize your Spring Boot Server" for beginners to aka @thepracticaldev .

#development #blog #docker #java #spring

4 weeks ago

How to Install Docker on Raspberry Pi: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to use Docker on your Raspberry Pi? Check out our easy-to-follow guide for a seamless installation and begin containerizing today.

#linux #opensource #docker #raspberrypi

Cees-Jan Kiewiet :rp: :wm:
4 weeks ago

#Docker doing random container names be like: naughty_ride, optimistic_hertz, cranky_wilson, gather_statistics, cranky_cartwright, charming_hertz, festive_bell 🤣

Vincent Batts
1 month ago

Arrived to #Vancouver for #OpenSourceSummit this week.
Speaking on Wednesday about using container images and registries for than just containers.

#OCI #docker

Snow capped mountains are the backdrop of the YVR airport.
YVR arrivals walkway is like walking into a natural history museum. Indigenous boats and carvings, plants, sounds of birds and water
1 month ago

Anybody familiar with #wordpress here?

I have a weird problem with a dockerized WP installation that I HTTPS proxy with nginx to the Web.

Everything runs nicely but I cannot upload files larger 2MB.

I found a way how to override the php.ini settings and - in theory - could upload larger files, but now I get a weird error message that says something like "No valid JSON message".

I must admit: I am outnumbered and close to quitting.

#docker #nginx

1 month ago

The pandoc #Docker images make it easy to process documents on #CI systems like GitLab CI and GitHub Actions.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago
scene from “Finding Neverland” recaptioned:
“It works on my machine.”
“Then we’ll ship your machine.”
And that is how Docker was born.
Amber Hearts 🧡
1 month ago

Do anyone have a recommendation where to set up a #docker container for as cheap as possible? 🐋📦

The web app I'm playing around with is very small and it can probably get away with some heavy performance restrictions.
It's just a hobby thing, so the main thing is that it needs to cost as little as possible (or free) :blobcatthinking:

Boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:

#web #hosting

1 month ago

Today I learned that if you setup a Docker Compose environment variable with a date value that is unquoted it is interpreted as a full datetime.

This could be impactful in situations where the value is not meant to be an actual date but some string-ly value. For example, the API version scheme used by AWS.

#docker #dockercompose #php

Paco Velobs
1 month ago

Funny enough, I can't install #homeManager in a clean #docker #nixos / #nix image.


> Run Docker and Linux on your Mac seamlessly and efficiently. Docker Desktop alternative that helps you work faster.

It seems so much simpler than Docker. Going to try this very soon.

#container #macos #docker

Peter Solnica
1 month ago

I'm testing out #OrbStack for #Docker as a replacement for Docker Desktop - it *feels* faster but I haven't done any real comparison because it broke my Docker Desktop configuration so I can't switch between the two now. I guess I'll stick to OrbStack for now 🤣

It's gonna be paid once it's out of beta but maybe it'll remain free for personal usage 🤞

See OrbStack vs Docker Desktop comparison here 👇

Pamela Fox
1 month ago

I also gave a workshop on containerizing Flask apps yesterday:

Attendees asked such good questions, I learnt as much from it as they did! #Docker

1 month ago

@realn2s @nextcloud using OwnCloud here synced across two Synology NAS boxes with RAID drive arrays

The docker image is easy to set up if you want to trial although I’ve moved the database to a separate host

External access over VPN

#owncloud #docker #nas

Tommy Skaug
1 month ago

Conclusion is a big yes.

Firebase-host static files under a primary domain .well-known/matrix/{server,client}. Config server to Tailscale Funnel on ports 8443 and 443 (one federation port).

Through a Tailscale Docker container configured as a proxy, traffic can be forward TCP/TLS via socat.

From socat, traefik handles routing to Dendrite.

Was concerned with bandwidth, stability and latency, but things are looking good so far.

#tailscale #traefik #docker #funnel #matrix #dendrite