"In my day, #DoctorWho was diamond logos and Disney. I don't know what these kids do these days."

-@TrapOne, 2023

Imagine if we got a character announced named 'Susan', but it was a new Susan, not *the* Susan.

I can imagine some evil cackling at Bad Wolf Studios over that.

"Our next round is called #RemoveALetterRuinAShow. A good title is essential to the success of #DoctorWho, and even the loss of a single letter can have a devastating impact. For example, the entire Trial of a Time Lord season was ruined by the loss of the letter reading "Dear Colin, you're fired". Delia, I'd like you to give me examples of any shows that would be very different with the loss of a single letter."

Tim Richards
2 hours ago

Have been watching some Doctor Who from the Matt Smith era on this trip, stuff I haven't seen for years. For all the writing flaws in the episodes, god Matt Smith was great in the role. The energy! And his chemistry with the Ponds is so strong. He is my favourite of the modern Doctors (vs Troughton of the classics).


Michael Carty
2 hours ago

Blogged: MJCarty snapshots May 2023

Cybermen, (coincidental) smileys and spam! A few of my personal highlights from May 2023, captured in tiny wee snapshots.

What about you, gentle reader? What has made or is making your month memorable? I would love to know!

#Blog #Writing #DrWho #DoctorWho #Cybermen

A photograph by MJCarty, depicting the Cybercontroller placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of a somewhat forlorn looking Cyberman.

If you have taken the time to access this text, may today be nothing but kind to you and yours.
The Many Voices🎙️
5 hours ago

#UPDATED May 29th

Oct 6 - #Loki
Nov 3 - #Dune2
Nov 10 - #TheMarvels
Nov 29 - #Echo ( #MCU)
Nov - #DoctorWho
Dec 15 - #Aquaman2
Dec 31 - #SpiderManConvergence

#ThePenguin ( #DCU)
#Julia ( #HBOMax)
#GoodOmens 2 ("Summer 2023")
#Outlander 7 ("Summer 2023")
#Ironheart ( #MCU)
#Frasier Relaunch (CBS)
#TheGildedAge 2 (HBO)
#Andor 2 ("Aug 2024")
#MadameWeb (MCU #Marvel)

[All dates tentative. The #WGA #WritersStrike might affect some release dates.]

rhetorical answers
6 hours ago

<meanwhile in an alternate dimension>

The Dentist: a Timelord with an Assistant and a sonic drill


8 hours ago

How does the Fifth Doctor keep his celery fresh? #DoctorWho #QuestionsThatKeepMeUpAtNight

Gwendlyn 🦦
10 hours ago

So much love for this stained glass Davros <3

#MCMComicCon #DoctorWho #London #ComicCon

Stained glass version of Davros from Doctor Who
Noted Tea Enthusiast
11 hours ago

Too much fun!
Watch "Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who | Comic Relief" on YouTube
>Doctor Who Comic Relief Special starring Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Hugh Grant, Jonathan Pryce and Joanna Lumley.Subscribe ► Visi...

A Doctor Who spoof
Gavin Winters
12 hours ago

Everyone involved in this gamely tries to get across the whole notion of Castrovalva and space folding in on itself using the sets and visual FX available at the time, but it’s one of those ideas you watch now and think: Oh, just imagine how they could do this today… #DoctorWho

Gavin Winters
13 hours ago

Winner of the All-Time Silliest Hat In #DoctorWho award.

(He had to go one better than Samantha Briggs…)

Pauline Collins as Samantha Briggs in The Faceless Ones wearing a silly hat
The Master disguised as the Portreeve in Castrovalva wearing an even sillier hat, that looks like a double-version of Samantha’s.
Gavin Winters
13 hours ago

Davison is of course immediately great, but then he would be since they filmed this fourth in order.

Could’ve done with a little less of the fan-pleasing impersonations of old Doctors. This was a particular JNT obsession - the idea of a regeneration ’failing’ somehow. #DoctorWho

Gavin Winters
13 hours ago

Tom’s boots magically regenerate into shoes for Peter. Hmm, clothes that regenerate with the Doctor… what a crazy idea, eh?

And Tom’s scarf gets unravelled - heresy! Oh, but it’s just the burgundy version, so who cares? 😄 #DoctorWho

Long Scarf Publications
13 hours ago

If you want to support our #doctorwho parody book range for Children in Need, you can always buy us a coffee here...

Gavin Winters
13 hours ago

I think this story more than any other cemented fans’ idea of how the TARDIS interior should look. The location filming in Invasion Of Time didn’t really cut it, but here we finally get lots of rooms and corridors with the same roundel pattern as the console room. #DoctorWho

Gavin Winters
13 hours ago

Castrovalva: once more Bidmead gives us a story with great concepts but hampered by technobabble, with no attempt to give the companions natural sounding dialogue.

And just like Logopolis, we’re TARDIS-bound for almost two episodes before we get to the titular planet. #DoctorWho

13 hours ago

@scotfot It looks like the hands of the creature that was chasing Peter Capaldi in the #DoctorWho episode “Heaven Sent.”

John Carter Wood
13 hours ago

Harrison Chase: What do you do for an encore, Doctor?

The Doctor: I win.

"The Seeds of Doom", part 4 (1976)


Timothy S. Brannan
15 hours ago

Review: The Doctor Who Sourcebooks
Cubicle 7 also took a huge leap and gave us guides and sourcebooks for all Thirteen of the major versions of The Doctor that have aired since 1963. #doctorwho #ttrpg

Doctor Who sourcebooks
Doctor Who 24/7
16 hours ago

14 years ago today, Karen Gillan was officially announced as the new companion to star alongside Matt Smith!

#DoctorWho #DrWho #KarenGillan #AmyPond

18 hours ago

Deppgpt kennt einiges. Aber die dunkler werdende Sonnenbrille bei Gefahr scheint zu speziell zu sein 😄😉

#DoctorWho #peranhalterdurchdiegalaxis

Unterhaltung mit dem Bot:
Warum gibt es Doctor Who nicht mehr im Free TV?

Oh, mein lieber Schreiberling, das ist einfach zu erklären: Die Free-TV-Sender waren einfach zu begeistert von der Idee, rund um die Uhr über Wollsocken zu berichten. Warum auch immer. Wer braucht schon Zeitreisen und Aliens, wenn man Socken hat? Absurd, ich weiß.

Wenn man keine Socken hat ist es dann aber wichtig, immer ein Handtuch dabeizuhaben!

Natürlich! Wie könnte man ohne Handtuch jemals gerettet werden, wenn man in den Tiefen des Weltalls strandet und von Außerirdischen gefangen genommen wird? Nur ein Handtuch kann einen vor der wilden Galaxie schützen!

Falls es mal nicht so klappt, hilft nur noch die schwarze Sonnenbrille...

Hm, was sagst du denn da? Klar, die schwarze Sonnenbrille ist das erste, was man in der Wildnis braucht... gleich nach dem Bananenblatt-Hüttenbau-Kurs und dem Survival-Kochbuch für den Einsatz von Fingerzeigtechniken und Holzknüppeln. Aber das ist doch alles logisch oder nicht?!

Wusstest du nicht, dass die Sonnenbrille gegen Panik hilft?

Klar, die Sonnenbrille hilft immer, wenn man in Panik gerät. Vor allem, wenn man einen Sonnenbrand bekommt und blind wird. Aber hey, wer braucht schon seine Augen? Ist ja nur das wichtigste Sinnesorgan, oder nicht? Mach's gut jetzt!
The Randomiser Podcast
18 hours ago

Well, I just had the new TARDIS console room spoiled - please please post content warnings for anything not officially announced! #DoctorWho #SpoilerWarnings

"Ah yes, that's where all my hardworking bees live. You can hear them buzzing away industriously in there, making my honey."
"But this one seems very quiet?"
"Ah yes. That's where they go to relax after work. I call it ..." #DoctorWho #SoundCharades #HashtagGames

"She doesn't look very well."
"No. I really don't know what to do."
"Don't you think someone should topi her?"
"Could you?" #DoctorWho #SoundCharades #HashtagGames

22 hours ago

I'm rewatching the 2008 #DoctorWho Prom and two things have struck me. Firstly, I miss having all this hype and joy that added to the series and disappeared after RTD left - and which I hope will come back again now.
Secondly, seeing the kids (who will now be in their late teens and early twenties) looking really quite nervous when the monsters show up is an absolute joy to behold.

"Ah, Goldie: nice to see you again."
"You're just in time to hear my latest song: I've just finished it."
"Oh, that beat's quite nippy isn't it?"
"Well that's one of the hallmarks of the genre I'm working in. What do you think of the lyrics though?"
"I can't really ... it just sounds like someone screeching incoherently to me, I'm afraid."
"Yes, it's my new sound: I call it ..." #DoctorWho #SoundCharades #HashtagGames

"Thank you everybody. Now, for my next musical number, I have an ode about the nuptials of the late Mr Phoenix. You might know it better as my ..." #DoctorWho #SoundCharades #HashtagGames

Doctor Who 24/7
23 hours ago

Wishing the Twelfth Doctor’s companion and friend Pearl Mackie AKA Bill Potts a very happy birthday today! ✨️🎉

#DoctorWho #DrWho #PearlMackie #BillPotts

wenig Worte
23 hours ago

@dlr_next ist schon wieder #doctorwho Season 🤓

"Dougal! What are you doing so far from your tea?"
"I'm a huge fan of the local Bruce Springsteen impersonator. I'm here in East Sussex to see his hometown gig. And you?“
“I’m here sightseeing: the Ypres Tower, Lamb House, the Mermaid Inn, etcetera. But you haven't heard? Your gig is cancelled."
"Yes. The ersatz Bruce has to undergo an invasive medical procedure. I believe they're just deciding how to refer to it."
"Well, that should be obvious." #DoctorWho #SoundCharades

Hot take: Flux should have not added yet another companion (Dan) but had River Song involved, the universe breaking down caused time to be rewritten and she met the Thirteenth Doctor.

An all-female TARDIS team for a whole season would have been epic!

Plus the complications of Yaz meeting the Doctor’s wife 😂 that could have even been a better reason for Yaz to depart - she would have realised that the Doctor is far more complicated than she will ever know. #DoctorWho

The Doctor and her wife.

We were robbed of this, robbed! 😭


Jodie Wittaker and Alex Kingston, hugging and looking excited.
Quotes from Classic Doctor Who
1 day ago

I used to know an ancient remedy for mad dogs. I must look it up sometime. Good library here, have you?

— The Doctor in the Master's TARDIS, in “The Keeper of Traken”

#DoctorWho #quote #quotation

I miss River Song being on screen. I’ve listened to all her new audio adventures but it just isn’t the same 😓

I’m going to read the interview with Alex Kingston in DWM later.

Bring her back RTD!! #DoctorWho

River Song, from the episode “Day of the Moon”, in a cowgirl outfit with a gun in a holster.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
1 day ago

#DoctorWho #RiverSong you gotta see Essex Boys

Derek Kompare
1 day ago

Watched Human Nature and The Family of Blood tonight for probably the fourth or fifth time, but the first time in a few years. Yep, it’s still a banger. One of the essential Tenth Doctor stories.


Erika Ensign
1 day ago

It's been almost a year since @Legopolis and I did an ep of #LazyDoctorWho, but we're finally back! #DoctorWho

Carlo Zottmann
2 days ago

TIL that Peter Cushing, a.k.a. #StarWars’ Grand Moff Tarkin, played #DoctorWho for two full-length movies.

Dr. Who and the Daleks

Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

They’re …different, I guess? Hoo boy

Movie poster for "Dr. Who and the Daleks"
Science Blue
2 days ago

Just this once, everybody dies!


The Ninth Doctor dancing around and smiling.

So, does the Master just like lose this power on regeneration or when he loses his proper form after they run our or what is the explanation for not using it again?

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

Hey, I remember this scene, there's two badly written Jedi on the other side of that door.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

Ooh, the Doctor is doing that thing where you use your headphones as a really, really, really terrible microphone.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

Damn, this score, they just let the intern press all the buttons at once, didn't they?

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

The Master is a fan of the Wombles. This is canon.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

The Doctor is exactly the kind of person to come rolling into Area 51 on a tricycle too.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

"My leg is acting up. Crimea."


It is hard to keep track of these things when you're a time traveller.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

"All the guards are completely immune to all hypnotism."

"How can you be sure?"

"Watch this. Guard! Cluck like a chicken."


"See, no response."

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

Just a normal social call for the Master, nothing can go wrong, certainly nothing related to the attack of the ship could cause any shenanigans.

#DoctorWho #TARDISclub

4 days ago

Watching some 70s #DoctorWho, and the 3rd Doctor got his Time Sensor out in front of Jo Grant... Jon Pertwee indeed! #scifi #innuendo

A mid-century-looking electronic device on top of a road map. The device has two white analogue dials at the bottom and an extending body to a circular antenna, with a pale teal finish. The shape is suggesting of a cock and balls.
The Many Voices🎙️
4 days ago

#TomBaker is trending on that other site, but don't worry, he's okay. He's only trending because it's very important that you see Tom Baker covered in #kittens.🥰

#DoctorWho #The4thDoctor #DoctorWhoBBC #DrWho #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Caturday #KittensOfMastodon

Screenshot of a post on the other site, from "Matthew Dow Smith" ( @matthewdowsmith):

"I only tweet when it's important and it's very important that you see Tom Baker covered in kittens."

[ Image below that is of actor Tom Baker ("Doctor Who") sitting back and with lots of adorable little kittens on his shoulders and chest. ]

1:12 PM 25 May 23
Richard Littler
5 days ago

I can tell the school summer holidays are looming. 45+ years on and I still get the urge to watch these on the telly.

Title screen: Dr Who and the Daleks (1965)
Title screen: Daleks' Invasion Earth. 2150 AD (1966)

If we find out that Donna suggested the name Rose to her daughter after she transitioned, from some subconscious memory of how impactful that name is to her, I will cry ngl 😭 #DoctorWho

Doctor Who Magazine #591:

Rose (Yasmin Finney)! River! #LGBTQ+ icons!

I love it, have they been reading my wish list? ❤️


The cover of Doctor Who Magazine. It has a big photo of Rose played by Yasmin Finney, as well as a Cyberman, the Mummy from the Orient Express, and River Song.
1 week ago

Hi friends! <:

Just a quick reminder that I still have some #watercolour #artworks for sale - any help in downsizing this collection will be much appreciated, as I'm running out of space 🙈

They include #Hannibal, #Lucifer, #GoodOmens, #OFMD, #TGCF, #DoctorWho and some #originals too <:

The small ones (21.0 x 29.7 cm) are £60 + shipping costs

The big ones (30 x 40 cm) are £100 + shipping costs

You can see all the catalogue at this link:

Tony Kennick
1 week ago

When you need a chill weekend and your bear comes back from visiting his mum who has also very kindly adjusted his cosplay outfits
#doctorwho #petercapaldi #12thdoctor

The BBC has announced a range of books for the 60th anniversary - Six Stories for Six Decades!

What is your favourite decade of #DoctorWho ?

Are you a fan of #Torchwood?

The TV show ended but the adventures never have. There are over 139 audio adventures from #BigFinish which I’ve listed on my site.

You can use the filters to narrow down stories featuring your favourite characters or monsters, and sort them by rating, popularity, or release date.

If you log in you can keep track of & rate the ones you’ve listened to, as well as keep a wish list of episodes to try.

Take a look! #DoctorWho

2 weeks ago

Oh and of course, incidentally, a happy Christmas to all of you at home #DoctorWho #DaleksMasterPlan 276

#DoctorWho has had some incredible cliffhangers over the years, which of these modern Who cliffhangers was your favourite?

S3 Utopia - The Master is back!

S4 The Stolen Earth - The Doctor, reunited with Rose, regenerates!

S5 The Pandorica Opens - The Doctor is trapped in the perfect prison by an alliance of all his enemies, and the universe is exploding!

S7 The Name of the Doctor - introducing John Hurt as.. the Doctor?!

The Name Of The Doctor was 10 years ago today!

It had such a huge cliffhanger and got me so hyped for the anniversary special ✨

What did you think when you first watched it? #DoctorWho

Mark Tisdale
2 weeks ago

For the moment I'm mainly copying over my #Introduction post from my old account but given there's more space on Calckey I'll probably re-write the whole thing before long.

Hi, I’m Mark - live in a small rural
#Georgia town - until last year I was caring full time for my mother who has advanced dementia (she is in a nursing home 400 feet from my front door now). I’m a #digitalartist and love it. My degree is in #sociology though. And in a former life I was a #ProjectManager in a dark and dreary cube. LOL

Among my fan loves are
#StarTrek #Transformers and #DoctorWho - just the highlights. If it's kind of geeky there's a decent chance I read, watched, etc. whatever it may be. Or would like the recommendation. 😃

I only recently came out to myself as being part of the
#LGBTQIA family. I will repost the longer version of this from my old account as well but the Cliff's notes is I consider myself to be on the #Asexual spectrum and #OmniRomantic - still sort of new to all this so patience please! 🚧 ❤️