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@caragraph Every single day is #dogday

3 months ago

Bailey and I do not care about #Caturday because everyday is #Dogday.

Beige labradoodle wearing a tiara laying on a blue couch
InfiniTokens Dry Erase Tokens
3 months ago

Happy International Dog Day from InfiniTokens!

Maybe to celebrate, the 1/1 dog token can be less than $8? 🐶

#internationaldogday #dog #dogday #infinitokens

Cute Calendar
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Knowledge Zone
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#OnThisDay Birth Anniversary of #MotherTeresa (1910). She was canonised in 2016 and known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Birth Anniversary of Katherine Johnson (1918) - whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a #NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. manned spaceflights.

Today is International #DogDay.

4 months ago

@briankrebs Dog person here, propose a doggy day Sunday. Let them have #caturday. #dogday

Babs E. Blue
4 months ago

Would anyone like a #DogDay on #mastodon? Please reply with suggestions....cats getting too much'd like some equality here😂


:steampowered: Harry
4 months ago

Ok I know it’s Caturday and all that, but she’s nowhere to be seen so instead I’ll share what Dexter is currently doing. It’s Saturday, which means that its the weekend, which means:

#NotCaturday #DogDay ? #Dogs #Mastodogs

Dexter the dog lies on his back on his bean bag, with all four paws aloft like he just don’t care, his head is upside down which means all his jowls are hanging downwards, revealing his stupid blep.

Angeblich hab ich Geburtstag, was auch immer das heißt. #mastodonrudel #hunderunde #mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffedi #dogday #GoldenRetriever

Golden Retriever mit großer grüner Schleife auf dem Kopf
Charles Christolini
5 months ago

When is #dogday and where are the #dogsofmastodon ?

Gerade war der Eiswagen da. Mit Hundeeis, Möhren-Spinat-Irgendwas. Hauptsache kalt! #mastodonrudel #hunderunde #mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffedi #dogday #GoldenRetriever

Golden Retriever schleckt ein Hundeeis aus einem Pappbecher.

Just watched a Lee Marvin flick (one of his last) that I’d never seen before, Dog Day (1984). This review pretty much nails it:

Good Efficient Butchery: Retro Review: DOG DAY (1984):

#cultfilms #leemarvin #dogday #bmovies

Ball holen und Löcher buddeln macht müde und dreckig. #mastodonrudel #hunderunde #mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffedi #dogday #GoldenRetriever

Golden Retriever sitzt mit verdreckter Nase und heraushängender Zunge vor einem Ball auf einer Wiese.
10 months ago

Hugo is one handsome boy! He looks quite “fetching” 😂 in his plaid coat too. Happy Sunday Hugo & Walter!
#dogsofmastodon #sundog #dogday

Head and shoulders of a tr color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in repose.

Some pictures of Sophie a Formosan Mountain Dog mix 米克斯 from #Taiwan for #DogDay #DogsOfMastodon #noxp

Sophie sitting up, looking off to the side
Sophie pausing, sideways, on a hike, looking at the camera
Sophie standing with a mountain behind her, looking over her shouldner
Sophie on the college campus, looking at the camera, dramatic sky
1 year ago
Maya my 2yrs old black Labrador having a snooze
MJ (they/them)
1 year ago
A black and tan Huntaway dog laying on a brown blanket. His tongue is protruding from his mouth in a way that many would describe as a "blep."
Karen Wyld 🍉
1 year ago

Please introduce your #SunDog
This rainy, sunless Sunday needs some divine dog light.

Don't forget to add a alt description to the photo, for people who use screenreaders.

#DogsOfMastodon #DogDay

Karen Wyld 🍉
1 year ago

If Saturdays are #Caturday when's #DogDay? I propose Sunday, if it isn't already.
Sundays - church (for some) - god (which is dog backwards) - it's Dog Day! Yeah or nay?

Bunyip is wearing her Save the Hoodies leash (Hooded Plovers). She's a Terrier × Red Heeler. #DogsOfMastdon

Edit: someone suggested #SunDog and I like it. Shine, all you divine dogs.
But not digging #MonDog - Mondays are sad dog days, Sundays are long walkies.

A shaggy white small dog is on a leash, standing on the beach
Jay Earthling 🚩
1 year ago
International Dog Day
Buah Nena
2 years ago

Día dos de mi nueva vida en "mi" nueva instancia de Mastodon. He encontrado gente que habla español y he aprovechado el proyecto de Nogafam para abrirme cuentas de otras cosas federadas. Ya tengo preparadas las fotos de mi gata para el #caturday y ya he propuesto el #dogday y convencer al del bar de abajo para que se una y nos ofrezca ofertas en raciones. Se nota que me gusta "el juguete nuevo"

Russian cinema's contribution to today's #dogday

source: Khrustalyov, mashinu! an insanely multilayered 1998 movie by the labyrinthine filmmaker Aleksei German.
pers, + : someone once said this scene reminded them of me

A petit(e) flat chested-person with hairless armpits and a squarish face -- twisted here into a grimace of resigned discomfort -- supports a young dog's back paw on their nose and the rest of its body on the top of their head. The dog probably weighs about 6kg and it looks young, but not too young, it could just be some kind cross between a border collie (fluffy tail) and a jack russell (two tone square-round nose, and ears, well, dog-eared ears). 
Though the posture of these two figures seems painfully uncomfortable, they are both poised quite calmly in the dark corner of a room. There's a vertical stream of light coming in at them from the left, perhaps from a large tall window, curtains most likely only half opened. On the wall behind them is an ornate object, maybe an old clock, maybe a small but elaborately carved coat-rack. I say this because the dog-holder's hands seem to emerge upward from behind the towering pup holding a padded coat hanger. Beside them, on the right hand corner of this black and white filmstill hangs a large, probably figurative painting. Below it, a small sculpture of a child operating what looks like a broken spinning wheel, along with other objects of daily life, are scattered on the top of the same hallway console.

Sitting outside a McDonald's killing time. Going directly from work to the shelter coordinator would have had me there an hour before schedule, and they already made the schedule early for me. #DogDay