1 day ago

That face when you really want to go on a butthole sniffing adventure but your hooman is too busy making face noises with the brown bean water people.

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A photo of a doggo sitting on the ground, looking up at the camera. Doggo is black with brown around facial features, short hair, and floppy ears; a mix of dachshund and chihuahua.
4 days ago

On tonight's episode of my pupper rides transit: the boopenest nose there ever was.

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A close up photo of a doggo lying on a streetcar seat. Doggo is black with brown around facial features; a mix of dachshund and chihuahua.
5 days ago

Help! My doggo is too cute. What do?

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A selfie of a doggo lying on a streetcar seat. Doggo is black with brown around facial features; a mix of dachshund and chihuahua.

A short story of betrayal...

#Dogs #Doggos #Pizza

A short story of betrayal...
Dog sees closed pizza box, looks happy.
Pizza box is now opened and only contains vegetable (tomatoes, green leafs mainly - some raw pasta too?)
Owner tries to give a tomato slice. Dog moves head to left. Tries with a green leaf. Dog moves head to right...
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Dog squad dropped a new album photo

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Three dogs sitting together in a backyard
Ged Maheux
2 weeks ago

Max says good morning! #doggos

A brown and grey faced pit bull lays on the bed, his adorable snout right in the camera as one ear flops to the side
Kat ♾️
3 weeks ago

We have been blessed with wonderful #doggos. Saying goodby to to our nearly 15 year old Westie is hard. He’s been a joy to have in our lives. He has quite the sense of humor.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs

Two dogs are sitting on a bench. One is a white west highland terrier, and the other is a miniature Labradoodle with a orange and blue ball in his mouth. Behind them are a series of succulent plants on the window ledge.
A west highland terrier is sitting on a sofa, wearing funny glasses that have human eyes.
A west highland terrier is sitting on a wood floor, holding a stuffed blue toy in his mouth that is almost as big as he is.
A west highland terrier is running through beach sand with an orange and blue ball in his mouth. Behind him is a miniature Labradoodle carrying an orange toss ring in his mouth.
1 month ago
1 month ago

Today I said goodbye to this little fella and its making me very sad. #Dogs #doggos #myboy #dogsofmastodon #AllGoodThings I hope you all don't mind me sharing, it helps 😥💔 RIP Fredster X

Doslg asleep on the lawn
Doslg asleep on the lawn
Matthew Rimmer
2 months ago

Great to take the family to watch the Reclink Cup for Brisbane 2023. The Brisbane Lines were convincing winners over the Rocking Horses in this charity fund-raiser #Brisbane #AFL #footy #music #food #doggos

Tobias Hellgren
3 months ago

Hello #fediverse! I need to follow more people over at #Pixelfed. I'm interested in #videogames, #retrogaming, #retrocomputing, #linux, #doggos, #catsofmastodon

fer some reason #amWriting the outilen for a dog training #zine for when speaking isn't an option (for whatever reason)

so tired. plz so tired. brain just shut up.

#MEcfs #doggos #DisabilityLifestlye #actuallyAutistic

Dr Annetta Mallon
3 months ago

Happy Sunday from Cully and the Platypus Rest pack! Wishing you all the very best of delicious days.

#CullyApproved #DogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #love #beauty #joy #BestDogEver #dogs #doggos

An impossibly handsome Malamute X Shepherd dog lays on a floral doona cover with his paws prettily crossed. He has his tongue out licking his chops to the right.
3 months ago

John Adams, the first U. S. president to live in the White House, had a dog named Satan that lived there, too. It has been speculated that the animal may have had an abundance of excess energy that it channeled into destructive or disruptive pursuits, hence the unique pet name.
#History #UShistory
#DogsOfMastodon #doggos

3 months ago

Old Man Jackson fell asleep half way into bed. #dogs #doggos

An elderly dog, half corgi/half Bassett Hound, asleep with the front half of its body on a cushion and the back half off the bed.

The floor is tile and a window with several small houseplants planted in coffee mugs is visible just above the dog's cushion.
🦋 Ben West 🐒🌻
3 months ago

Warm day today on the Bay

#dogs #doggos #weekend

two dogs look happy as they walk around in shallow water at a beach

This is... more than that...

#Dog #Doggos #Meme

The famous "This is Fine" meme, but with a real Labrador (I think) and fake flames (painted on cardboard), etc.
Jared Stevens
3 months ago

#jeep #doggos are happy doggos. #dogsofmastodon

Brown and white dog sticker her head out of the window of a red Jeep during a camping trip.
Petra van Cronenburg
3 months ago

1/2 My breakfast place had only 37°C in the morning. So, it is still not too hot to tell stories. As promised, my podcast will have an interim episode about #Bilbo. After a complicated tumour operation, financially ruinous, I set up a #crowdfunding
I'm so happy that he's still living and generous people are helping us that I want to tell you some stories about him, about #dogs and #dogLife, and how #doggos may see the world. #NatureMatchCuts
Do #animals miss mates?

A black-brown beagle mix takes a sunbath on a blanket.

"A few seconds before happiness"

#Dogs #Dog #Doggos

This photo is from 1955, it was called "a few seconds before happiness"

A little boy begging with both hands for something, in front of an older man (grandfather?) holding a puppy behind his back...

"If your dog can vouch for you..."

#Dogs #Doggos

Dogs are welcome in this hotel, We never had a dog that smoked in bed and set fire to the blankets. We never had a dog that stole our towels and plaved the T.V. too loud, or had a noisy fight with his traveling companion. We never had a dog that got drunk and broke up the furniture...
So if your dog can vouch for you, you're welcome too.
The Management
Ged Maheux
4 months ago

Welcome new followers! Thx for boosting & faving my stuff it’s always quite humbling.

If you just started following me I’ve been a designer for almost 30 years and am a principal at the @Iconfactory . Icons, apps, emoji and UI design are my passions. I love #StarTrek #cooking #drawing #creating #doggos #technology and all things #Apple. I’ll endeavor to be interesting, always try to keep an open mind and try to admit when I’m wrong. I lean left and I make no apologies for it.

Welcome! LLAP🖖

10 reasons why your dog's haircut costs more than yours...

#dogs #dog #doggos

10 Reasons
Your Dog’s Hair Cut Costs More Than Yours...
10. Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end.
9. You don't go for 8 weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
8. Your hairdresser doesn't have to give you a sanitary trim.
7. Your hairdresser doesn't have to clean your ears.
6. Your hairdresser doesn't have to clean boogies from your eyes.
5. You sit still for your hairdesser.
4. Your haircut doesn't include a manicure and pedicure.
3. Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.
2. You don't bite or scratch your hairdresser. (At least, I hope not)

And the Number 1 reason your dog’s haircut costs more than yours...
1. The likelihood of you pooping or peeing while your hair's being cut is extremely slim.
4 months ago

Me, like every frigging day.
#puppies #puppy #doggos

Picture of golden puppy captioned did I really get out of bed for this shit?
Dah DJM (open to jobs)
4 months ago

"Two Beers and a Puppy”: A Helpful Test for Determining How You Feel About Someone

#Dogs #Doggos 🍻

“Two Beers and a Puppy” is a test that I developed while working on an Esquire story on the American “son of a bitch.” The test is: In order to find out how you actually feel about someone, ask yourself, “Would I have two beers with this person?” And: “Would I allow this person to look after my puppy over a weekend?”

Some people are no and no. These people are to be avoided at all costs. Some people are yes and no. These peo ple are to be cautiously trusted. Some people are no and yes. These people are no fun but they make the world a better place—for puppies, especially. And some people are yes and yes. These people are wonderful people and your life and work are better for having them in your life. Seek them out. Collaborate with them. Enjoy their company.

Rowdy's ocular communications
#dogstodon #doggos #doggoday

Dah DJM (open to jobs)
5 months ago

When you grow among strong #dogs...

#Caturday #Doggos

Look at her grin... Nasty boy...
That's a strong cat!
Don't play with me... I'm ready for a fight!
Family photo...
5 months ago
a very happy and exceptionally beautiful dog carries a stick in his mouth while very clearly inviting the photographer to put down their camera and engage in a game of fetch
5 months ago

Pirate dogs.
Who knew...?
Avast, ye mateys!
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #doggos #pirates

meme of golden Pomeranian dog wearing pirate costume complete with eye-patch and looking cute, captioned show us your booty and prepare to be boarded
6 months ago

who's a good boy, then?

#doggo #love
every day is #dog day

Kat ♾️
6 months ago

“This is called ‘snow’ kid. We roll around and burrow in it until they force us to come inside. It’s cold though, so wait ‘til they get you a jacket.”

#dogs #doggos #DogsOfMastodon

Older West Highland Terrier (Westie) wearing a red coat walking through the snow alongside a Westie puppy, looking down at him while he’s trotting.
Kat ♾️
7 months ago

Doggone it, I need to share this adorable picture of Finn I took tonight. He had his first grooming appointment today. We can clearly see his eyes! 👀

West Highland Terrier puppy (4 months).

#DogsofMastodon #dogs #doggos

Four month old West Highland Terrier puppy with big black button eyes and matching black nose laying on a gray blanket.
BinaryADD 🖥
7 months ago

Benson's Adoption four years ago. #Doggos #Dogs #DogsofMastadon


Gavel, the German shepherd was fired from a job as a police dog for… being too friendly for this type of work.

Be like Gavel!

#dogs #doggos

A sad Gavel, German shepherd puppy, wearing his police uniform

This dog comes with 2 sub woofers...

#dogs more #doggos in your TL

This dog comes with 2 sub woofers

2 puppies in bags on the back on their mummy dog...
Mama Pikasue
8 months ago

Frankie, my bouvier, smelling the news on the wind. #AltTxt #AltText #DogsOfMastodon #Doggos #BouvierDesFlounders #GoodDog

A large shaggy black dog solidly stands facing the camera with their heading tilted up and to the right side. Her mouth is open enough to see her teeth and her milk drop (the white part of her chin) is visible. The ground is dirt and behind her is a wooden fence, cedar hedge and part of the neighbours house.
9 months ago

Just got a text from my oldest abt her fur baby Kobi. He’s a senior dog (American Eskimo), & she thinks his liver may be failing. 😕 Her other dog, Miko, died earlier this year (a 14 y/o Shiba Inu who was diagnosed w/a brain tumor). Listening to my daughter recount the process of euthanatizing Miko was one of the worst mom moments I’ve ever experienced. If you can spare a thought to send Kobi’s way, I’d very much appreciate it. #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #MomLife #doggos

Kenn White
10 months ago

Sent by family friends from Argentina. Any guess who they're rooting for this World Cup? (Their only regret is they couldn't find a jersey small enough for the little guy in the back) #doggos

Two Pit Terrier mix dogs wearing Argentina jerseys. A small chihuahua sits in the back corner, jersey-free.
10 months ago

After bouncing around on here for a few weeks, I think I’m gonna stay so might as well ping up a hashtagged #introduction

TL;DR on professional me:
- never practiced #lawyer
- former first year writing prof turned #cybersecurity #infosec content writer
- Loves me the #GRC with a focus on #privacy (see above re: lawyer!)

TL;DR on personal me:
- #geek with a love of #marvel and a definite #shehulk aesthetic
- lazy #knitter who loves socks
- totally ridiculous
- #pierced and #tattooed
- mom to two #doggos and a Teen, not sure which is the most feral at this point

Come for the #compliance but stay for the No Fucks Forties content and ridiculousness.

Rarely serious. Mostly trying to become a meme.

Looking to follow #womenincybersecurity
#lgbtqInTech and hoping to meet folks from #BlacksinTechnology #indiginous mastodon, and #asian mastodon

Only following accounts that I can vet. I don’t have time or patience for bullshit drama.

If you’re a white cis het techbro, you’re either gonna be really disappointed or really angry. See above re: No Fucks Forties.

Mark A. Rayner
10 months ago

"Objection your honor, badgering the witness!" [sound on]

#dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #doggo #doggos

10 months ago

Two doggos are snuggled up to me asleep and now I cannot move. #dogsofmastadon #doggos

It's moving day! These two #doggos won't fit in the car, so hubby is doing one final trip before he comes to whisk his girls off for a new adventure. #dogsOfMastodon #whippet #dogMom

Two dogs are cuddling on a red and white floral kitchen mat. Ally, a Shiba Inu mix, looks like a furry potato with a collar. Juju, a brindle and white whippet, is using Ally's back as a pillow.
Amy Fountain
11 months ago

Meanwhile, #Niko has decided that the #chewie will suffice for now #dogs #doggos #dogsOfMastodon #treatos

A dog laying comfortably a chewing a treato