Killer Boots
1 hour ago

Now is a good time to snuggle.

#cats #dogs

White dog with brown on his ears and the side of his head laying on his side, with fluffy orange cat snuggled up under his chin and against his chest.
2 hours ago

The fact that Eleanor has such dark fur, plus the fact that she never sits still when I'm looking at her, means that she's always blurry in photos.

#Mondog #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

A small black dog mid-wiggle, so she is leaning to one side with one front paw up in the air and her fluffy tail a blur in the background. She is looking up and to the right with her mouth slightly open.
A small black dog viewed up close and slightly out of focus. She is sticking her pink tongue out. Fun fact: she has tufts of white on both of her front paws, and also in the center of her chest. She is looking up and to the right.
Gemma Sarracenia
3 hours ago

Romeo just discovered he likes peas, but I wouldn't let him have this one.
#gardening #dogsOfMastodon #dogs

A black Pomeranian does a begging dance for a pea with a caterpillar poking out of it.
3 hours ago

Neighbor girls hoping The Treat Lady will come through for them.
Edit: their optimism was, in fact, justified.

#Dogs #BirdDogs #DogsOfMastodon

Forgot the alt text!
Two Labrador retrievers lay on their bellies in a flower bed just on the other side of a chain link fence. The photo cannot make this clear, but one is a black dog that is nearing the end of her life, while the other is a puppy that appears full grown and is a very light yellow. They are looking at the camera expectantly.
Caryn 💙 🌻 🖖
4 hours ago

Our senior disabled pup is getting used to his new wheelchair. We have to help a bit to pull him along and might have to keep doing this, but that's ok. It's so good to see him out taking a walk again!

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #SeniorDog #SeniorDogs #disabled #wheelchair #walkies #walk #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel #cavalier

A video of a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog viewed from the front walking in his quad wheelchair. He's being helped along by a man wearing gray shorts with unfashionalble black crew socks and moccasins. (Smile)
Austin Philp
4 hours ago

Haven't done #MonDog in a while, so here's a shot from last winter when we took our #husky Ollie up to the Snow to play!

#dogsofmastadon #dogs

Perros Vintage
7 hours ago

Antiguo mosaico de un perro en Pompeya.
Conservado en el Museo arqueológico nacional de Nápoles
Siglo I a.C.

#perros #dogs #animales

Dr. Juande Santander-Vela
7 hours ago

Reviewing the WWDC23 keynote, I can see that iOS17/iPadOS17 (and macOS Sonoma) finally adds the feature I’ve always simulated, but now I have: recognizing our furry friends! Looking very much forward to it!

#WWDC23 #WWDC2023 #Keynote #FurryFriends #Pets #Cats #Dogs #iOS17 #macOS14 #macOSSonoma #iPadOS17

📷 "Gus Life" | June 5, 2023, 3:11 PM.

#Dogs #DogOfMastodon #FediversalPictures

gus is a black lab pittie mix. he's sitting in the yard, shot from the porch.
billy joe bowers (black heart)
8 hours ago

ANTHONY* - ID#A798582

"Anthony is a handsome, sweet boy who is a graduate of PACC’s decompression program for shy and fearful dogs. He needed a bit of extra help to feel brave when he first arrived at the shelter, and a dedicated group of volunteers worked to make him feel safe. These days, Anthony makes new friends easily and is an affectionate lovebug who likes to give kisses once he knows you."

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC #Adopt #FostersSaveLives #AdoptDontShop

Beautiful dog.
Caption: "Goodnight treats and sweet dream wishes are my favorite!"
Beautiful dog.
Caption: "Anthony enjoys time with people."
Beautiful dog with some fuzz on it's head.
Caption: "i think you have something on your head Anthony"
billy joe bowers (black heart)
8 hours ago


"Was housebroken in his prior home... His former person described him as a sweet, people- loving dog who is energetic and fun. Itchigo wasn’t happy to be back at PACC after a bit of time away, but has come around quickly and is loving, affectionate, and really likes to snuggle with his volunteer friends."

"Once he’s comfortable, he’s one of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet!!"

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC #Adopt #FostersSaveLives #AdoptDontShop

Beautiful dog.
Beautiful dog.
Caption: "handsome boy"
Two beautiful dogs.
Caption: "Roomies"
Beautiful dog.
Caption: "Handsome boy with the sweetest eyes."
billy joe bowers (black heart)
8 hours ago


"Rocky is a pretty chocolate colored lady looking for special home!"

“She’s a happy girl who would make a good adventure buddy for someone active!”

"Rocky came to PACC with her pal Simba and they share a kennel. She’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home and needs just a bit of time to warm up to new people. Give her that and she’ll be your loyal pal for life!!"

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC #Adopt #FostersSaveLives #AdoptDontShop

Beautiful dog.
Beautiful dog.
Two beautiful dogs waiting for treats from a person.
Caption: "That’s me and my bestie Simba A796976. We sit nicely for treats."
Daniel Detlaf
9 hours ago
Photo: A man holding a dog rides in the passenger seat of a car.

He doesn't like to sit in the back, so sometimes I let him sit up front with the dog.
Bram Meehan
9 hours ago
Taylor the greyhound, flopped over on her side on the sofa, hangs her head off the edge of the cushion.

📷 Jack's being sly here. Walking along the edge of the house on his way back in from the yard. Tougher for me, sitting on the porch, to get a good shot of him.

Jack was shocked when I twisted in my chair and lifted my phone to snap this.

Look at his expression! 😂

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #FediversalPictures

small white terrier with short hair and brown markings is mid-step in red dirt. his face is partially hidden by leaves from a bush.

I've had a “Lap Dog" on my lap for the last 20 minutes, and both she and I are enjoying snuggles while I work.

The fun thing? She's not a “Lap Dog"

She's a nearly fully-grown Border Collie...

The only challenge? My lap isn't *really* large enough, and she keeps slipping down!


Skye, an 8-month old Border Collie, enjoys some lap time while I work.
Skye, an 8-month old black and white Border Collie, enjoys some lap time while I work.
Jon Kirkendall
10 hours ago

It appears that in my absence Maggie the Poodle has moved most of my shoes outside.

(This pic was sent to me by my husband this morning.)

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Poodles

A view of a backyard taken through a window screen from the second floor of our house. A brown poodle lays on the ground, with a fire pit behind her, and an outdoor tiled table with chairs around it. On the ground around the poodle are six different shoes - four house shoes and two sandals.
10 hours ago

Trinkpause nach der #abendrunde mit dem Napfbefüller
Eklig warm hier

Walker Boh🛡
10 hours ago

Late lunchtime walkies in the books. Had to pick up my granddaughter from summer school.

Heat is back in the air today after yesterdays reprieve.

Miles going to charity for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #charity #epilepsy

Two hot miles
Blue skies with scattered clouds over the pond today
William and Henry, Labradors, walking on their leashes beside me
11 hours ago

Are you sure he’s insured?

#Funny #Fun #Humor #LOL #Humour #Dog #Dogs

Two puppies are pushing another identical puppy’s head into the water of a toliet. The poster says: Walk in to find these two trying to drown their brother.

Ivy's expression when my son excitedly announced that #WWDC was starting.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A small, white dog lies flopped in a dog bed with her little legs and fluffy tail hanging out. Her expression is neutral, trending toward boredom.
12 hours ago

Good morning Masto! Says Wolfe #dogsofmastodon #petsofmastodon #dogs #pets

Black LabraDane laying on leather loveseat looking at you with his head laid backwards and ears flopped down backwards too. His snout is pointing up. His eyes are asking for a chin scruff.
pieceofthepie :coffefied:
13 hours ago

To quote Moose the boxer (from an advert that lives rent free in my head)

"What doing?"

#SheridanTheCorgi #Corgi #WelshPembrokeCorgi #DogsOfMastodon #MonDog #Dogs

A Corgi lies at the foot of a bed peering through the bars.

Princeton is settling in well. Still lots to learn on both sides (He apparently likes to have a snack before bed and when denied that, hollers like a deranged howler monkey.) but he's found all the beds and gets around the house well.

He's slowly getting more comfortable with the doggy door so I'm hoping my trips outside for potties are waning.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon

A little black dog curled up on a dog bed on a wooden floor.
A little black dog sleeping on a chair. His tongue is sticking out slightly.
Amy Fountain
13 hours ago

Much more importantly, in #Niko and #Gracie news, we see evidence of very different morning treato strategies here.

Some doggos like to hang on to the treato for cronching at a later time, while others cronch all treatos immediately in the knowledge that there is a nearly infinite supply of treatos.

Both strategies are perfectly acceptable, and based on sound premises.

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #fediDogs

A dog is curled up on a small couch with his milkbone dog treat tucked safely under his chin.
a dog is laying on a couch having already cronched her milkbone dog treat, looking expectantly at the camera (well, the person behind the camera) and requesting another.
13 hours ago

Saw this excellent bumper sticker today, and made a new doggo friend at the gate right next to the car. Such a sweetie, let out small, breathy whines as I petted him. And just look at those enormous paws.

#today #DogsOfMastodon #PetsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog

Bumper sticker on car bumper, it says "LET YOUR DOG KNOW I SAY HEY" in uppercase white letters on black.
Sweet-faced dog behind a gate, reared up with his huge paws against the bars of the gate. He's shaggy, with a white body,  a black and white face and little brown eyebrows.  His expression is sweet and tentative, and one of his huge paws is lifted a bit as if to get attention.
Flash Mob Of One
14 hours ago

The prince gets to live in a world where he's absolutely convinced he's the cutest creature in existence.

#Dogs #Animals #Cute

Depicts a toy aussie with a light blue-green with his ears fully extended giving the camera puppy dog eyes as he gets a combination belly and shoulder rub from his human.
Swede’s Photographs
15 hours ago

Good morning, friends. 🐿️🐿️☕

The dogs were at the bedroom door just after five this morning. I thought maybe it was storming, so I got up. It wasn't storming, so I let the dogs out (in case you were wondering who). The reason they were agitated was some animal was in the backyard. It was probably a large squirrel or maybe a racoon. My bird bath was overturn and a hanging bird feeder was on the ground with the cable broken from one side. I think can repair it. The large brick of seeds that was inside ... gone. I might need to start putting the feeders away at night.

“Never did he fail to respond savagely to the chatter of the squirrel he had first met on the blasted pine.” - Jack London

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #friends #dogs #flowers #critters

This is a picture of an bright orange striped Barbados lily.  It has six long petals and stigma in the center, all orange.  I don't know why it's called "striped."  The lily is surrounded by other subdued colorful flowers of red, yellow, purple, and green.
Peggy Collins
15 hours ago
Colorful artwork of a Pekingese puppy and roses with a stained glass effect in front of a stained glass window, by artist Peggy Collins.
17 hours ago

Dog mauling season seems well underway this year - 4 killed so far, more than last year's total deaths. To compare, at the height of tabloid "devil dogs" madness in 1991 (which led to the Dangerous Dogs Act), there were 4 deaths that year.


Walker Boh🛡
23 hours ago

Time for the last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, asleep next to me
Josh :phillies_vintage:
1 day ago

Sunday sleepies with my pup #dogs

A black lab/pit bull mix lays between my legs on an orange couch.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 day ago

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to remind you that this exists.

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #elf #fae #storytelling #reddit

Meme of redditor who tells story of dog who is present at the time of death of his human (basing the analogy that humans are elvish in dog timelines).
Adrianna Tan
1 day ago

Rate Cookie’s sploot:

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #DogsOfFediverse

a brown and white spaniel dog sitting on the ground with legs flat out, in a sploot
1 day ago

Jeremy’s interest in textiles was clearly misunderstood.

#Funny #Fun #Humor #LOL #Humour #Dog #Dogs

Two dogs are side by side on the back of the couch with one staring out the window between the curtains and the other staring directly at the curtains themselves. The poster says:, One of our dogs is clearly smarter than the other.

When I dare sit on “her” couch and she won’t look at me
#dogs #DogsOfMastodon

A golden doodle at one end of a couch with her head leaning on a pillow and steadfastly looking away from her person
Luke MacNeil
2 days ago

This is Dobby. He's a scared street dog. He doesn't like people, or noises, or his shadow, or really anything - but when he's out in the wilderness - he's the happiest dog on the planet.

#Utah #Dogs #Photography

A happy looking pitbull jumping directly towards the camera out of some bushes.
Amy Fountain
2 days ago

And as we get ready for snoozles, please enjoy these sweet smiles

💞 💞 🐶 🐶 💤 💤 💞 💞

#GoodNightFriends #Niko #Gracie #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #FediDogs

close up of the face of a smiling doggo.  From this angle, you can basically see down to his uvula, and his pibble heritage is evident...lots of gums and toofers
Close up of the face of a smiling dog.  Her ears are up and she is looking slightly upward towards the camera.  She's been in the pool so her fur is very shiny and you can only see her bottom toofers.
Jonny Ell
2 days ago

There's a dog on my tummy

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

close up of a dog's face
Sam Oldman 🐀
2 days ago

@SmudgeTheInsultCat We've trained our dogs to come to look for dropped food when we say "Oops!"

Duchess of Umbrage
2 days ago

My dog found a lizard under a stall mat once and now she checks under everything, just in case


Outside next to a horse arena. My blue heeler has found a 4’ x 4’ rubber floor mat on the ground and is dragging it to a new location, then sniffing for potential lizards in its old spot
billy joe bowers (black heart)
2 days ago

The only thing I still looked at on twitter was the animal shelter postings, but none of the accounts have posted anything in a couple of weeks so maybe they've had enough.

At first I had a bot account repost here, then that quit working so I started copying them here, now they've stopped posting so I just go to the #PACC web page and make my own posts.

#Tucson #Dogs #Cats

billy joe bowers (black heart)
2 days ago


"Sandy is a young pup who does not belong in the shelter! She’s a smart, active, and playful girl who finds the shelter environment very stressful. Sandy has Distemper and needs to go to a home and not stay in the shelter. She can live with any fully vaccinated adult dogs."

"Look at that perfect sit. This sweet girl loves her walks"

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC #Adopt #FostersSaveLives #AdoptDontShop

Beautiful dog, black with white chest and face stripe, giving a paw to a person.
Beautiful dog.
Nathan Williams
2 days ago

Exploring roads less travelled in West Wales.

#walking #dogs #forestry #wales #trees

Old road overgrown with grass.
Blue stream flowing into forestry.
Tree fallen across path.
Abandoned run in woods with dog in foreground.
2 days ago

Eleanor does not know how to sit still at mealtime.

#Caturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

A clip of seven tabby cats gathered around two plates of cat food on the kitchen floor, while in the background Eleanor the small black dog is dancing back and forth waiting for her food.
A photo of seven tabby cats eating food from two plates, while in the background Eleanor the small black dog is a blur as she wiggles back and forth.
Adrianna Tan
2 days ago

When I go to a cafe with Cookie the baristas are all like where have you been cookie?? I miss youuuu

#DogsofMastodon #Dogs

A dog in a backpack smiling
Duchess of Umbrage
3 days ago

Blurry iPhone Photo of the Day: New Dog securing the perimeter against a dastardly deer incursion. This solo doe has been hanging around the house for the past few days taunting the dogs. She’s pretty thick around the middle, but not preggo-thick, so I think she might’ve recently given birth. She never runs too far or too fast when the dogs bark at her; probably has the fawn stashed in the woods nearby.

#deer #dogs #BackyardNaturalist

Outside, rural landscape. Oak trees, rustic board fence, blue sky in the distance. My blue heeler is Mosca chasing a deer out of the paddock. She is a black blur in the foreground, the deer is a brown blur about ten yards beyond her, headed for the fence. This is a pretty terrible photograph.
Walker Boh🛡
3 days ago

Late last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, curled up next to me asleep
Delia Christina
3 days ago

It's funny how we let dogs into our homes/lives. They've got big teeth; big heavy paws with claws. They used to be dangerous.

But I'm doting on this guy, calling him Schmoopie face and Bubba and Fartacus. Diligently feeding him treats by hand, checking his ears, teeth and poops. Wiping his ouchie spots. Leaning over him as he sleeps, watching his chest rise and fall, listening to him snore. The only person I do this for is my 79 yo father. After heart surgery.

We probably have a lot of conditions for the people we let into our lives.

But dogs...we open our hearts wide. We scoop them up and never look back. We take their love and run.

#dogsOfBayArea #DogsOfMastodon

Blue nose pittie looking directly at the camera in a closeup. Big schmoopie face.

⚪ Noch ein Feierabend...
🟤 An after work... Favorite
📷 by Artist: #PavlovTheCorgi in Loc.: #Seattle USA 🇺🇸 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Dogs #Dogsofmastodon #Photography #Fotografie #Artwork ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a small white-beige dog photographed through a wine glass and now he has a normal sized body with a very, very small head and very large ears. The environment is a table with empty wine glass and the view of the balcony where the dog is waiting for us. He does not look happy.

Sadly, this is the last post from Drake. He left the world very early this morning, suddenly and unexpectedly. Dog parents, please give your babies big hugs and kisses. #dog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs #photography #fujifilm

A white and brown Jack Russell Terrier in the park.

I guess it is time to update the #introduction.

Hi, I am Imdat Celeste. Nice to meet you all.

I am a veteran software engineer who works as a freelancer from their home.
I *love* modernizing ancient software by carefully, slowly rewriting while it is still operating - without disruptions.

Currently I have two wonderful, awesome, really amazing clients between whom I split my time roughly about 50:50.

For the first one, I am the "Primus inter pares" in a team rewriting a 20-yo C++ & JS-based system in modern nodeJS + Typescript. My main job there is not to write code (it seems), but review PRs, review code, give coding guidelines, merge PRs, and make sure everything my team needs is there: test servers, development server, on-premise Gitlab, on-premise Mattermost, a good/respectful/lovely atmosphere, a lot of fun, and what else we need to deliver an awesome product. The team is amazing, the atmosphere is full of respect and love; I will stay with this team as long as I can.

For the second client, I am rewriting a 15+ year old system (Java, Java/Swift/Vue1.x-FE; rpc-like crap-API) using go(BE), gRPC (API) and dart/flutter (FE).
Here I am the core developer for the new client and the new back-end. The back-end is, for now, a proxy/a wrapper around the existing one. Behind that wrapper, two wonderful co-workers are modernizing & optimizing the Java-BE. This team here is equally as lovely as one can ever hope for; and yes, I will stay with this team as long as I can as well.

Oh, and BTW: people in both teams are nearly 100% remote.

I am married to a wonderful, an absolutely amazing person who is so full of love that she sometimes struggles with the universe (or with humanity). And I am a proud father (yes, "father"*) of a woman with a brilliant Beautiful Mind and a heart as big as the universe (who also happens to have Mastery of Words™️).

I love learning new things from complete strangers. The stranger the new knowledge the more fascinating it is for me.

I have a #FragMyBrain (autistic, ocd, nd) so be ready for detailed explanations, where each word is carefully chosen & positioned in the sentence, but still some missing - when you ask me something.

I quickly fall in love with brilliant people with language mastery skills - Mastery of Words™️.

You can always shitpost with me & talk garbage - as long as it is done intelligently, with wit & humor, and respect.

The fastest way to land on my block list is not to make a mistake, but to repeatedly make the same stupid mistake again and again and insist on it being right or being racists, queer-/transphobic, ableist, disrespectful, white supremecist, etc., etc. - you know what I mean. There is always enough space in the "Dungeon of Blocked Accounts".

I will post about anything that my #ActuallyAutistic brain will come up with: politics (CW'ed), #Trans topics, #Musings, #Computers, #Flutter, #Languages, #GoodMorningAgatha, #Cats, #CatsOfMastodon, #Dogs, #Animals in general, #Beauty, #Love, #TransJoy, #TransPride, ... you see: there is no limit!

I will add CW and mark as sensitive whenever I think so. If I forget once, please inform me and I'll correct it as fast as I can. I don't discuss whether something needs CW/sensitive marker or not, I just accept it.

I wear my feelings on my skin, i.e. what you read and see is who I really am, there is no IRL Imdat Celeste and a different, Fediverse Imdat Celeste: you will see a lot of 🫂,💜,😍,🥰,🥹,😳... and more. If you feel it is intruding, please let me know.

I come over differently, but I am also insecure: so, I will add a lot of emojis - just to be sure.

Also, please don't expect a "normal person" here: I am completely, utterly, hopelessly an un-normal person.

Lastly, my posts may start with one specific topic but during the text itself it may just become something completely different - "Train of Thought".

Again, nice to meet you - I am always looking for more new friends...
*: I am a trans non-binary person. When I came out to her, my daughter asked me how she should call me from then on and since it is an honor to be her father, that, yeah, I am and will always be that.

Walker Boh🛡
4 days ago

Time for the last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, asleep next to me
Adrianna Tan
4 days ago

Evening walks with my 14 year old cutie (she wears shoes because the streets are full of glass shards, needles and crap, in case you’re coming here to say SHOES)

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A spaniel walking in shoes
4 days ago

What makes you think that I’m an introvert?

#Funny #Fun #LOL #Humor #Humour #Dog #Dogs #Introvert

A dog inside a large, soft shirt that swamps him. Only his snout is visible sticking out of a sleeve.,
Peggy Collins
5 days ago

I've been seeing a French Bulldog quite often on my morning walk. They are such feisty little characters! So this image is my tribute to that breed. (This is artwork in my continuing series of images with a stained glass effect...not real stained glass!)

Art is here -

#bulldogs #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #art #artist #colorful #color #pets #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #PeggyCollins

Colorful artwork of a French Bulldog and red roses with a stained glass effect resembling a stained glass window, by artist Peggy Collins.

Today in 'what weird sleeping position will I wake up and find these two in?'

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #cat #pets #floof #DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog

My Calico cat Carrie and my triloocr spaniel dog Scotty sleeping side by side on the sofa. Scotty is laying on his side, using his front paw to rest his head, Carrie is lying down belly up, with her back against Scotty's head, her own head facing up, and her paws extended and pushing against the sofa backrest.
Wasabi the Black Cat 😼
5 days ago

Please donate to the Humane Society. They took such good care of me. Specifically, Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Even if you are not a cat person. If you prefer dogs. Fine! These are people who love animals and do all they can for them.

#humane #pets #dogs #cats #compassion

☕Artist: #TUZQ / #TUZQone in City: #ScherpenheuvelZichem Belgium 🇧🇪 - Title: "🐈🐕" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Cats #CatsofMastodon #Dogs #Dogsofmastodon #GoodMorning !☕🥐

Streetartwall. On a white wall in front of a modern, once building is sprayed / painted a mural of two heads: a cat and a dog. Both are depicted laterally and finely drawn. The cat white with brown head and in front of a brown dog.
6 days ago

It's that time of year when I need to get up early to beat the heat for walking the dog in #Boise's foothills. Tali still makes me carry water for her, which I don't mind doing. #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Hiking

Looking down on a trail in the bottom of a valley that has green hills on both sides, with some sagebrush. The buildings of downtown Boise can be seen in the distance.
A white dog with gray ears sits on a hillside. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open with her tongue lolling out, making it look like she is laughing.
billy joe bowers (black heart)
1 week ago

Found this good boy tonight when I stopped to get gas. Let me know if you recognize him.

#LostDog #FoundDog #Tucson #Dogs

Light colored brindle dog, maybe a pittie, maybe has some boxer.
1 week ago

Ask not for whom the bathwater flows,
It flows for thee, Chilindrina.

(apologies to John Donne)

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #pets #PetPhotography

Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog is rapidly twisting its body to shake off the water.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink. There is a kitchen faucet hose being held next to it with water flowing. The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
1 week ago

No wonder I was straining.

#Funny #Fun #Humor #LOL #Humour #Dog #Dogs

A husky is comfortably ensconced in a toilet bowl looking placidly at its owner.