Fox Lee
22 minutes ago

Just a nice sleepy baby. #sighthounds #whippets #DogsOfMastodon

Elli the black and white whippet, from about the shoulders up, snoozing on couch with a soft blanket.
Dr Annetta Mallon
46 minutes ago

A quiet park walk with the pack. I title this one "Still Life with Paparazzi" - for those of you who don't know, these native flightless birds stalk Cully relentlessly when we're out at the Deloraine river Park. It's an ongoing thing...

The air smells like slightly damp Russian Caravan tea.

#CullyApproved #DogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #WoofWednesday

A perfectly handsome senior Malamute X Shepherd dog lays on the grass of a riverside park in northern Tasmania. A predatory flock of flightless yelling birds is stalking him. It is winter and the sky is grey.
Ingolf Kühn
3 hours ago

BREAKING: New pollen transfer mechanism detected:
dog #pollination

#DogsOfMastodon #ColliesOfMastodon

Head of a black Border Collie with a white nose. Grass pollen are speckled all over his head.
3 hours ago
schwarzer Hund im Wiesengrund
Amy Fountain
3 hours ago

Well it's that time again - #goodNightFriends from me and #Niko and #Gracie

pleasant snoozles everyone 💞 💞 🐕 🐕 💞 💞 💤 💤 💤

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #FediDogs

Close up of a mostly black dog looking lovingly at the camera
Close up of a white dog with tan patches looking inquisitively at the camera
Walker Boh🛡
4 hours ago

Time for the last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, asleep next to me
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
5 hours ago

Hey mom. I’m not done with mask wearing. #MaskUp #dogsofmastodon #Bo

5 hours ago

A summer Golden egg. You're a good egg, Winnie. 🥚

A smiling Golden Retriever with her mouth slightly open shows her bottom teeth, with her eyes shut, facing up toward the camera. From this angle, she looks like a furry Golden egg with tiny feet protruding from the bottom and a sweet black nose. She is sitting on a grassy lawn next to a hydrangea hedge.
Joshua Holland
6 hours ago
A young, tan dog sits on a couch with a bone in her mouth.
Most Resplendent Bat
6 hours ago

I looked up after doing some push ups to find my dog staring at me like this #BassetHounds #DogsOfMastodon

Picture through a half open doorway into the hallway outside, where the front feet and head of a basset hound are visible. She's lying with her feet toward the camera. She was snoozing, but here has picked up her head and is staring at me with an expression of confusion and alarm.

Human v. Dog

Human provides: food, shelter, protection, safety, reassurance, training, leashes, collars, harnesses, play, toys, grooming, treats, pets, cuddles, replacement of everything the dog destroys, beds, blankets, all household maintenance. Did I miss anything?
We clearly put out a lot of time, energy, and resources.

Dog provides: unconditional love. That's it.

We humans clearly have the better end of this relationship. 🐾🐶❤️🥰

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #RVdogs #RescueDogs #TuesDog

Black dog and blonde dog sleeping cuddled together on a dog bed.
7 hours ago

The bathroom spiders are back! Yay!

Last year, I accidentally swooshed one down the drain in the shower thinking it was a woolie from my socks. My eye sight might not be great but my sense of touch is very sensitive. Sad day. So happy to see another friend!

Pup also saw her first spider! A bit of convincing that this was indeed a friend - we don't bark at friends. Especially ones that balloon by surfing the electromagnetic waves of the earth!

#CoolAF #Spiders #DogsOfMastodon #Puppy

Mx. Kat Terban, MSc
7 hours ago

Someone, this #dog, is getting very pleased with her new lounge area, #DogsOfMastodon. It’s adorable.

Small dog looking out from inside the round hole front of a baby yoda themed, enclosed dog bed. Before this snap, she’d been digging around to get the cushion and blanket just right.
Delia Christina
8 hours ago

While I understand why we have a no pets in office policy, it still sucks.

I could have used the emotional and mental distraction this week.

[Yep. Benson forced us to clarify our guidelines and now it's clear. Sorry, boi. No more work with Mommy days.]

What does your office do?


Konni Winkler :pika:
8 hours ago

Here is one more pic of her. Three years ago. #dogsofmastodon #happybirthday

Konni Winkler :pika:
9 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Floppy! She's 11 now! #dogsofmastodon

Nicole M. Wolverton
9 hours ago

Myrtle's current position. I guess barking at the oil burner installation guys for the last two days has tuckered her out.

#DailyMyrtle #Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon #Dog #Labrastaffy

White Labrastaffy dog stretched out across a teal couch, lounging.
Omer Preminger
9 hours ago

droopy-dee & droopy-dum


two hound dogs with very droopy faces sitting side by side on a sofa

I must be feeling brave, or I wouldn't be doing this, but I certainly don't *feel* brave. But here goes anyways...
My drawing of Zia
#art #sketch #PencilSketch #dog #DogsOfMastodon

Pencil sketch of a dog.  She's looking at you and smiling, with her tongue hanging out.
Thomas Jones
10 hours ago

She always looks so happy after a round of tug of waw.


10 hours ago

Animal recognition in Photos might be one of my top feature of this year. They’re part of family, and it’s good to have them like it!
#iOS17 #WWDC23 #WWDC
#catsofmastodon #dogsofmastodon

Animals recognition in Photos.App

📷 Jack's heading back in after a 15-minute, inch-by-inch inspection of the perimeter fence.

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #FedeversalPictures

medium shot of jack walking towards the porch where i'm sitting. he's a small white terrier with short hair, clipped tail and brown markings.
Isabelle Lauren
12 hours ago

I love my little dog so much. When he snuggles on the couch with us, he now paws at our legs until we allow him to nestle between our legs. We’re then trapped, of course, but he is in heaven.
#dogs #DogsOfMastodon

Little black pug snuggling between the legs of my husband. His little face is all scrunchy and his front paws are curled underneath his head. One of his floppy ears is flattened out on my husband’s leg.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
13 hours ago

New handmade watercolor pet portrait about a black dog called Henry.
Thank you so much dear Amanda for your custom order, to ask me to paint about Henry as a gift for your friends! 🎨🐾Dora
#MastoArt #dogsofmasto #dogsofmastodon #watercolour
#dog #dogs #dogpaintings #dogart #dogpainting #blackdog #blackdogs #art #watercolor #paintings #handmade

Black Dog handmade watercolor pet portrait by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
14 hours ago

Moose likes to help with the backdrop and props whenever I do a photo shoot. #basset #DogsofMastodon

A sleepy basset hound lies on part of a blue photo backdrop that's extended onto the floor. He appears blissfully unconcerned about whether his presence is wanted or needed.
15 hours ago
A small dog walking across a ditche filled with duckweed-covered water on a large tree felled by beavers.
15 hours ago

Yes! And now I shall nap too because my average sleep score is 51 and my ass is dragging. #letsleepingdogslie #dogsofmastodon

Two sleeping beagles facing each other on a couch.
Sleep tracking June calendar. June 1,3, 5, and 6 are red. June 4 is yellow and the only good date is June 2.
Aure Free Press
15 hours ago

Police officer rescuing a dog in Kherson region. It got tangled up and would have drowned.
#dogsofmastodon #Ukraine️ #Russia #Putin #EU #NATO #Zelensky #war #news #Moscow #USA #UK #Germany #Poland #France #Turkey

Donncha Ó Caoimh
17 hours ago

The dog in the doorway

A dog sits in the doorway of a house, looking out at anyone passing and enjoying the evening sun.

#DogsofMastodon #Cork #Ireland #Crosshaven #StreetPhotography

A dog in a doorway of a house. Steps lead up to it and flowers can be seen planted on the border, in pots and on the wall
17 hours ago

Ellie is helping me weed, mulch and plant by standing and looking cute right where I need to dig.

#DogsofMastodon #garden #gardening #flowers

Black and tan little Yorkie standing behind purple pansies and pink flowers in my flower bed. Wooden deck in the background.
Black and tan little Yorkie standing behind purple pansies and pink flowers in my flower bed. Wooden deck in the background.
19 hours ago
A photo of my dog Panko every day #dog #DogsOfMastodon
Andreas G.
1 day ago

Gartenhund #dogsofmastodon

Gemma Sarracenia
1 day ago

Romeo just discovered he likes peas, but I wouldn't let him have this one.
#gardening #dogsOfMastodon #dogs

A black Pomeranian does a begging dance for a pea with a caterpillar poking out of it.
Caryn 💙 🌻 🖖
1 day ago

Our senior disabled pup is getting used to his new wheelchair. We have to help a bit to pull him along and might have to keep doing this, but that's ok. It's so good to see him out taking a walk again!

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #SeniorDog #SeniorDogs #disabled #wheelchair #walkies #walk #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel #cavalier

A video of a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog viewed from the front walking in his quad wheelchair. He's being helped along by a man wearing gray shorts with unfashionalble black crew socks and moccasins. (Smile)
2 days ago
Two dogs getting really close to me looking excited

I've had a “Lap Dog" on my lap for the last 20 minutes, and both she and I are enjoying snuggles while I work.

The fun thing? She's not a “Lap Dog"

She's a nearly fully-grown Border Collie...

The only challenge? My lap isn't *really* large enough, and she keeps slipping down!


Skye, an 8-month old Border Collie, enjoys some lap time while I work.
Skye, an 8-month old black and white Border Collie, enjoys some lap time while I work.
Abeloth Penfro KC :verified:
2 days ago
Happiness is a Kong filled with liver paté and kibble.

#dog #DogsOfMastodon
Canis lupus pembrokensis, on the bedroom carpet, working on a pink Kong with serene intensity.

Ivy's expression when my son excitedly announced that #WWDC was starting.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A small, white dog lies flopped in a dog bed with her little legs and fluffy tail hanging out. Her expression is neutral, trending toward boredom.
Jane Eyredale
2 days ago

"I gazed neither on sky nor earth: my heart was with my eyes..." -Charlotte Brontë
#DogsOfMastodon #terrier

Airedale terrier sitting on grass in front of a lake, with trees in the background.
Sarena Ulibarri
2 days ago

Last weekend we left our dog at home to go hang out with sled dogs! It’s summer but they need to stay in shape so they pull a cart around a lake trail. Everyone had a great time, especially the dogs.

#MonDog #DogsOfMastodon #SledDog

On a dirt path, a blue sled dog cart with wheels. A woman in sunglasses and a long sleeve blue shirt stands and holds the controls that look like bicycle handles, and a man in sunglasses and gray shirt sits in one of two seats in the cart. Two smiling harnessed dogs in front, a black Alaskan Husky and a gray Siberian Husky.,
Back view of two harnessed dogs running, front edge of the cart, toes of tennis shoes. Green bushes and short trees in the background.
2 days ago

Saw this excellent bumper sticker today, and made a new doggo friend at the gate right next to the car. Such a sweetie, let out small, breathy whines as I petted him. And just look at those enormous paws.

#today #DogsOfMastodon #PetsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog

Bumper sticker on car bumper, it says "LET YOUR DOG KNOW I SAY HEY" in uppercase white letters on black.
Sweet-faced dog behind a gate, reared up with his huge paws against the bars of the gate. He's shaggy, with a white body,  a black and white face and little brown eyebrows.  His expression is sweet and tentative, and one of his huge paws is lifted a bit as if to get attention.
2 days ago
A photo of my dog Panko every day #dog #DogsOfMastodon
2 days ago

This is Ellie's happy place when we're on the road.

#roadtrip #NorthCarolina #YorkshireTerrier

The face of tiny black and tan Yorkie, Ellie, lasting in my shoulder in the car.
Danielle Vossebeld
2 days ago

Apparently I now have a dog called Flinka?
#FaroeIslands #roadtrip #DogsOfMastodon

Black and white dog with pink name tag, sitting in front of me. On the background a high cliff, sea and a blue sky with some clouds.
Joe Vilas
2 days ago

Who could believe that this angelic looking sleeping dog with the pretty face spewed out 1 or 2 pints of partially digested dog food on the bed. What a good boy. 😂 #BusterP #DogsOfMastodon

A tan & white cattle dog mix rests quietly with his eyes closed on a folded multicolor blanket.  The blanket is folded and sitting at one end of a brown leather couch.
2 days ago

Josie inspects her basil and Swiss chard crop.

A black, white, and tan Bernese Mountain Dog stands next to a raised bed with herbs, looking up at the camera with her head tilted. A Golden Retriever stands behind her. It is very sunny, with mid-day almost mid-summer shadows.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 days ago

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to remind you that this exists.

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #elf #fae #storytelling #reddit

Meme of redditor who tells story of dog who is present at the time of death of his human (basing the analogy that humans are elvish in dog timelines).
Adrianna Tan
3 days ago

Rate Cookie’s sploot:

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #DogsOfFediverse

a brown and white spaniel dog sitting on the ground with legs flat out, in a sploot
3 days ago

The effect of the chaos is like you zapped him with a cattle prod or something. My dude goes from zero to snarling ball of rage in a matter of milliseconds. It’s rather impressive, to be honest #BostonTerrier #DogsofMastodon #

3 days ago
A photo of my dog Panko every day #dog #DogsOfMastodon

Dan van Moll
3 days ago

Frisbee Lover #DogsOfMastodon

Australian Shepherd jumping in slow motion catching a frisbee in mid air.
Dr Johnny Blanchard
3 days ago

I love it when a walk comes together #DogsOfMastodon #Ateam

Jess the white Labrador laying on the grass with a small stick in her mouth