Interpipes 💙
11 hours ago

Last night’s sleepiest pup #dogstodon #dogs

A tricolour mix breed dog lies, eyes closed, upon a dark grey sofa. The photo is taken at his level, close to his face, with his body stretching off into the distance in soft focus. He is washed in the blue light from a television, and in the distant background the warm white light of a side lamp can be seen illuminating the wall and window.
Nick Kerker :mstdn:
2 days ago

A glass of Weller Special Reserve and a golden retriever, for no particular reason. #bourbon #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #Dogs

Photo of me holding up a glass of bourbon with an out of focus golden retriever in the background
Jackson Perseus
2 days ago

Mayhem: Master of Camouflage.

#puppy #dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon

Jen McCulley :verified:
3 days ago

Today marks a year since I lost my best friend Foxxy Cleopatra, and not a day goes by.

Some days I awake and forget she’s no longer with us, and think like I’m going to be consumed by grief.
I miss her very much, but I’m grateful that I was loved by and loved the most amazing friend a human could ever ask for. For twelve years, from coast to coast, I carry her forever with me. 🧡🤍🖤

#Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon #EnglishBulldogsOfMastodon #EnglishBulldog #TheGoodestGirl #Fortunate #Grateful #Dogs

A woman wearing a charcoal t-shirt with the NASA logo takes a selfie with her English Bulldog. Dog seems not amused.
English Bulldog illuminated by a California Sunset during a walk with mom. 
Behind her a blue sky with the blue and orange hues of a sun setting. Grass behind and dirt beneath her. 
She is super happy and her wrinkly face denotes a big smile.
Nick Kerker :mstdn:
4 days ago

Guess I'm not getting up for a while. #dogsofmastodon #Dogs #dogstodon

Selfie of a man sitting on a sofa with a large golden retriever puppy draped over his lap.
Interpipes 💙
6 days ago

René, only longer - he also quite often sleeps like a folded up deck chair with his feet nuzzled into his rear paws, which has quite the opposite effect to the last photo #dogstodon #dogs

A tri-colour mixed breed dog lies on a sofa, practically folded in half with his rear legs straight but tucked against his body such that his nose is nuzzled into his rear paws
Interpipes 💙
6 days ago

René, only shorter - when it's our dinner time, he has a tendency to lie like this expectantly, seemingly so that he can use his hooked feet to quickly pull himself up to catch any inaccurately-thrown treats that might otherwise pass overhead. I'm sure it's all very practical, but from my point of view I think he looks hilarious. #dogstodon #dogs

A tri-colour mix breed dog lies on a raised bed looking directly at the camera, his front legs hanging limply over the front in such a way so as to make his legs look much shorter than they really are.
Your Pal Cal
6 days ago
A front facing photo of a dog lying on the floor, looking at the camera while a hand rests on his head.
Jackson Perseus
6 days ago

Mayhem enjoying the woods 🥰

#UpNorth #dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #puppy

Extreme Electronics
6 days ago

Walk on the beach with a "few" #GermanShepherds today...

Superb, but A bit breezy

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

Walkers and German Shepherds next to the sea on a beach.
White German Shepherd on the beach.
★ Σταργαζερ ★
6 days ago

The art 🎨 & the artist 🐶
#dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

Collage of two photos, the left one shows purple potted plant with several leaves bitten off, lying on the floor, the one on the right shows the culprit - a small black and yellow and grey dog.
t o d d w a r n e r
1 week ago

Puppy is hanging with his best buddy (friend's dog) while we are away on a weekend get away. #dogstodon We miss him, but he's having his best time right now.

Two medium-sized brown dogs hanging out.
Jackson Perseus
1 week ago

Mayhem isn’t even that scared.

I thought she would go nuts!

#roomba #dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon

Jen McCulley :verified:
1 week ago

Good morning, Fediverse!
My favorite muppet in the world, #VestaVeneraCaroli is getting spayed today.🎉
Send love so we tell her about all the amazing Mastodenizens whose wishes are responsible for all the extra treats she gets when she gets home after and during recovery, and for being the goodest girl!🤎🙏

#Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #LagottosOfMastodon #LagottoRomagnolo #ThursdayMotivation #Puppy

Closeup image of a puppy’s face. She is a brown roan Lagotto Romagnolo who sits in front of the camera happy, tongue out, big nose, curly brown hair. Can’t see her eyes, needs a trim. She’s on a dirt road with dry grass behind her, a blue cloudy sky above. Under her tongue, a short purple sliver of her leash.

Somebody loves me 🐕 💕

#dogstodon #muttsofmastodon #woofwednesday
I was gone over the weekend on a campout with kiddo #1. Rowdy Benson did a head smoosh snuggle on me after we reunited.

Handsome mixed breed dog, Rowdy Benson, is smooshing the side of his face into his person's hip while lying on the couch, Rowdy is. The person is seated and only  upper leg, hip area involved with the smoosh is in view.
Mark A. Rayner
1 week ago

They also would have accepted:
* Who's a good dog?
* Food
* A hug that included them all at once.

#dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #humor #humour #funny #YesThatWasaHerculesReference #cerberus

three dogs sticking their snouts out of a hole in the fence, one is brown, one black one white. Quotes underneath the photo: "What is the password?" "Is it ... is it 'dog'?" *Muffled meeting behind door• "you may enter." by corgisandboobs
Jackson Perseus
1 week ago

Took a picture of this plant to figure out why my dog Mayhem won’t stop eating the leaves.

We will be on a walk and every time she smells this plant in the brush she’ll run over and chomp the leaves off.

To my (allergic) horror: this is the Giant Ragweed.

And that led me on a whole journey of learning about this (edible!) plant—although I have a feeling I’d go into anaphylactic shock if I ate it.

#dog #dogs #puppy #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #plants #ragweed #grain

A plant with multiple thin leaves cascading out in a circle around the main stem. Looks like a weed of some kind, if you were just looking quickly. 

And it turns out it is a weed! The Giant Ragweed plant. It’s growing with other prairie flowers and plants around it next to a roadway in the background.
Owain Williams
2 weeks ago

Hey, meet Toby. 😂 He's our Romanian rescue that we've had since March. He's a wee nutter of unknown breed but he's brilliant.


Mark A. Rayner
2 weeks ago

Dog discovers that cats are *totally right* about how fun it is to sit in a box.

#dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #cat #cats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #funny #humor #humour #cute

dog looking very happy as it sits in a big cardboard box

Kiwi on my desk in the office, keeping watch as I work. 😀

#MonDog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

A black toy poodle, facing away from the camera, with traces of gray in her fur keeps watch from a pillow on a desktop.
Michael Mukalian
2 weeks ago

The boys keeping an eye on the neighborhood, every morning, every day. #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon

2 weeks ago

Two views #dogstodon

Also moonie
2 weeks ago

#Bleptember made me dig this oldie but goodie out: from 2008, the weekend My Mr and I met, in Vancouver. @ssmigiel with the late Choobie (RIP Choob). #Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon #TwoBlepsAreBetterThanOne

A man is sitting at the top of a staircase in a living room, with his tongue making a small blep. He's got the paw of a black dog, who is making a good-sized blep, which shows a black spot on his tongue (Choobie was part Chow).
2 weeks ago

Der Sommer neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aber die Erinnerungen bleiben für immer... #summer #nordsee #Sunnenuntergang #vizsla #beach #dogstodon #dogsofmastdon #NorthSea #sundown

Liathrìgh Kuscheldrache
2 weeks ago

Guten Morgen, liebe @Mirabeaulacht.

Unsere Nacht war nicht ganz so ruhig. Bei der 🧑‍🦰 piepte kurz vor Mitternacht das Ersatzteil (die Insulinpumpe) und wollte Futter. Und dann hat sie gelesen. Wahrscheinlich hatte sie mal wieder zu viele Gedanken im Kopf. 😒
Aber heute Morgen haben wir eine schöne Frührunde gemacht. 🙂

#twitterrudel / #mastodonrudel / #dogsofmastodon / #dogstodon

Jackson Perseus
2 weeks ago

Soon all the walls will be puppy pictures.

Mayhem approved. 🐶 ✅

#dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon

2 weeks ago

As promised: pupper
#dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #puppy

A sandy coloured puppy trying to convince me to give her treats
A sandy coloured puppy with her paws on my knee, distracted by a noise
Jackson Perseus
2 weeks ago

The love of my life.

A little Mayhem. 🥰🥰🥰

#dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #puppy

3 weeks ago

This guy thought it was going to be fine to dig and then come into bed with a muddy chin, but he begrudgingly let me wash his beard and he's right back in bed. #dog #dogsofmastodon #doggo #dogstodon

Tonight we took our kid and little Tito, who were visiting, to the airport to go back home. And we came home to a dog-less house for the first time in 17+ years. It feels so strange. This will take some adjusting. #dogstodon

Mx. Vero 🌹
3 weeks ago

#bleptember Brooks baby in two flavours: rollup blep and micro blep #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #rescuedogsofmastodon

A tight close up of a white dog’s face, their tongue sticking out rolled up
A tight closeup on the face of a white dog with just a tiny bit of tongue sticking out
4 weeks ago

I've always seen dogs having stuffed animals as their own pet friends and it's super cute. Well, my doggo's best friend is...
... a banana?!
#dog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

Puppy with plush banana
Puppy with plush banana
Puppy playing with plush banana
1 month ago

@StillIRise1963 “he’s *your* kid, can’t you just hose him down outside, like you do to me?” #dogstodon #dogs

Mark A. Rayner
1 month ago

Weird dog's bath day! [sound on for splishy splashy sounds]

#IKnowItsABear #dog #dog #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #bear #bears #humor #humour #funny #cute

Jen McCulley :verified:
1 month ago

Spent a good part of the afternoon at the afterbay with my dog and I wanted to share my sky and the happy doggy with you!🤎

#Dogstodon #LagottosOfMastodon #DogsOfMastodon #Puppy

Panoramic image of one side of the bay to the other. Barely any water shows top to bottom since I took this vertically and the image processed horizontally, but the sky is big blue and cloudy yet bright.
Lagotto Romagnolo puppy enjoying her time in the water of the NorCal’s Afterbay. She is brown roan and curly, her ears are suspended midair like Dumbo and her tail resembles a rotor. She is in the water, and in the background, there are trees and brown hills illuminated by a bright blue and cloudy sky above.
1 month ago

Perfect encapsulation of my dogs’ personalities. #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon

Two Brittany Spaniel dogs sitting on a red cloth couch with two large windows behind the couch. One dog, an orange and white dog, lies on the seat cushions in a reasonable fashion. The other one, a brown and white dog, is lying on the back of the sofa cushions with his head in an awkward position on top of a red and pink throw pillow with a leg splayed out in a way that cannot in any way shape or form be comfortable. The second dog is not very bright. Trust me on this.
Jackson Perseus
1 month ago

Me trying to read and comprehend tax cases from the 19th century:

#dog #dogstodon #puppy #dogs #law #lawyer #taxlaw #lawfedi #LawyerPup

Deborah Pickett
1 month ago
A pathway next to the house has been blocked with a sideways table topped with chairs at an angle. A dog looks on in dismay.

Animal intakes at public and private shelters across the country are expected to reach a three-year high, and adoptions or returns to owners are not keeping pace, according to the Shelter Animals Count database (SAC). #adoptdontshop #dogs #dogstodon

Adam Jacobs Crouse
1 month ago

I believe a puppy tax is due for International Dog Day, right? Here's my two hounds.

#InternationalDogDay #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dogs #catahoula #coonhound

Fable, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, trying to eat some fresh berries from a dewberry patch.
Major, the big Coonhound, looking over his shoulder for a porcupine that he can smell but not see.
The Flight Attendant
1 month ago

Happy #InternationalDogDay from my fluffy best friend, Gidget! She sends everyone kisses! #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dog #dogs #cute #mondog #shihTzu

Black and white shih tzu dog with two purple hair bows sitting in front of beautiful purple iris flowers in full bloom
Jackson Perseus
1 month ago

Mayhem is a grass-roller.

(And always has been!)

#dog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #puppy #dogs

1 month ago

Not… quite… enough.. couch …

#couchDog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dogBridge

Pancake the Dog, laying on red couch with her head resting on ottoman
Side view of pancake the dog showing her resting on couch and her head on ottoman
A Semi Tree
2 months ago

I present: the best pet photo I've ever taken! Foxie is so photogenic it's ridiculous. ❤️ #dogs #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #photography #petphotography #cute #doggo

Foxie, a whippet-pointer dog mix stares at into the camera with the biggest puppy dog eyes ever.
Rini :autism: :ffxiv_rpr:
2 months ago

The other day (13th) marked 1 year when we met Chester the first time 🥰
#DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #Dogs #corgi

Me (a white ciswoman) holding incredibly tiny Chester puppy and him looking straight in to my eyes
Chester as a really tiny puppy sleeping next to my leg
Steffani Cameron
2 months ago

I met Zoe at the store. She’s 10 weeks old. Gah. #puppy #dogstodon

A heart-stealing wheaten puppy in pink bows stares into the camera

so looooooove #Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon and #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon i honestly live vicariously because as much as i would love to have all the goggies and kitties in the world, i can't. so these tags are my hourly hit of fluffy dopamine.

Nicole M. Wolverton
2 months ago

So far, we've had updates on the momma dog and two of Myrtle's siblings.

This is mom. Mom is apparently a delightful dog--interestingly, mom can't take Heartgard or flea/tick meds because it gives her tremors. It's not uncommon in collies, and when we got Myrtle's DNA done, collie came back as part of her we figure the mom is where she got her collie-dom.


#dog #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #dogs

Tawny colored dog.
Nicole M. Wolverton
2 months ago

My husband has been wondering for a while how the other pups have fared (and the mom)--not just because Myrtle is a fantastic dog, but because she's had some health problems. Aside from being allergic to damn near everything, she came from the rescue with giardia and medication-resistant hookworm (which is apparently a big problem in the south).

So the other day he emailed the rescue to see if he could get in touch with the ppl who rescued her sibs.


#dog #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #dogs

The Flight Attendant
2 months ago

This sweet baby girl was just giving me kisses as I dried her wet fluffy butt after her daily swim. She loves swimming so so much, I'm using the anticipation as a free training aid and she's such a smart, good girl. #DogsOfMastodon #dogs #monDog #mastodog #shihtzu #dog #cute #cuteposting #swim #dogstodon

Wet black and white shih Tzu dog wrapped in a towel. Sitting pool side and looking a little bit fluffy and cute
Karl Katzke
2 months ago

On this #mondog, I present to you Trixie and Fiona’s favorite game, “bitey face.” #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

2 months ago

Pausing today's work on ICPC best practices for young adults in foster care for #Mondog and a hike with G up to the breakfast bench trail. #DogsOfMastodon #dogstodon

Border heeler dog (black, brown, and white) looking curiously through the gap in a bench.
The Flight Attendant
2 months ago

This is Francis, my best friend's #corgi. He's a really good boy. #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dogs #mondog #corgis #corgiCrew #cute #cuteposting

Tan and white corgi looking directly at the camera. Sitting on a pastel geometric rug
Jackson Perseus
2 months ago

🥰🥰🥰 Mayhem out exploring the new neighborhood.

#dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon #puppy