Odin Halvorson
51 minutes ago

It's that time: my old computer is on its way out, and I need something that can handle more complex video editing, streaming, and AI-research needs. You can support me by joining a membership tier on Ko-Fi and providing a monthly contribution to support me and the work that I do, or you can help me with a one-time donation. Every single person who donates gets a digital thank-you, and donations over $100 get additional perks (TBD). <3

For those who don't know me: I strive to do good in the world. My volunteer work with organizations like Democracy Cafe/Socrates Cafe, Everylibrary, the Surrey International Writer's Conference, World Fantasy Convention, National Novel Writing Month, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Association speaks for itself.

My personal projects include: Round Table Writers and The Unenlightened Generalists.

#Support #Donations #Computer #Tech #Ask #Request #MutualAidRequest #Community

Bedfordview Methodist Church
7 hours ago

In our endeavour to help the #girls of #Lambano we would appreciate #donations of sanitary pads and toiletries. Thank you to all who have so generously contributed!

My #digitalart #commissions are always open if anyone is interested!

I do pfps, #emotes, #portraits, #characterart.

Need $1k to pay off my emergency credit card and get a new (cheap) phone.

Appreciate any support! 💕
#mutualaid #donations #kofishop

Bedfordview Methodist Church
3 days ago

Khanyisa Trust, one of our partners in outreach soup that is donated to Malvern and BMC soup kitchens. Khanyisa is asking for volunteers to collect and pack #donations. Khanyisa will meet you and show you what to do. Please contact the office to assist. 🙏 #volunteering

Marie :verifiedtrans:
3 days ago

We are looking for donations (of up to 60-70€) to get a custom Sharkey artwork done as our logo you can donate money via ko-fi to help us fund it

#art #donationrequest #donations

Shingo Mouse 🌳
3 days ago
Fenn Martyn
3 days ago

I'm in the market for a new keychain, lanyard, and/or key fob. Does anyone know any copyleft, FOSS, or adjacent varieties I could get, preferably ones that are sold by the organization/project itself or donate a portion of the proceeds to said project?

#FOSS #OpenSource #Shopping #Donations

Bedfordview Methodist Church
4 days ago

Our Thank You pantry is running very low on the following items: Small Mielie Meal, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Soup, 2 Minute Noodles, Soya Mince, Long Life Milk, Soap, and Toilet paper. If you can help in any way, please get in touch. Thank you very much! #donations #charity

4 days ago

NFT artist raises $140K for cancer support charity - The funds raised from the event will help 4,000 people impacted b... - #philanthropy #donations #scotland

2 weeks ago

The #Koch network brought in at least $700M in 2021, the most recent yr for which data is available. It has >1k employees who, on paper, work for different grps.

But for all its complexity, the network is a centralized operation…. Many of the groups occupy the same bldgs in Arlington, VA, & share leadership & often staff. Many of the #donations go into a central pot, from which hundreds of millions of dollars are disbursed to the smaller groups focused on various #political & #social concerns….

What was that website that American usually use to collect donations for their medical bills and stuff like that? I can't remember. It was very popular for a while...

Edit: GoFundMe

#donations #crowdfunding

2 weeks ago

Kansas adjourns crypto bill targeting political donations to January 2024 - The bill required politicians to “immediately convert” the crypto... - #unitedstates #donations #politics #bills

Been using too much of my credit card to cover some emergency expenses, so I need to find extra #commission work to keep up with payments.

Any support is appreciated 💕 If you'd like a small sketch for #donations, please let me know if/when you donate

#art #artist #mutualaid #commissionsopen #digitalart #mastoart #creativetoots #emergencyfunds

Shingo Mouse 🌳
2 weeks ago

#Environmentalism #Donations MATCH ACTIVE: Triple Your Impact for the Environment

moss poss
2 weeks ago


Help a Black Non-binary person survive in florida. They were recently fired by their transphobic manager.

$120 of $520 to cover two weeks rent while they and their partner (also recently fired) search for work.

🖤 CASHAPP: $nogenderjustbeauty
🖤 Paypal: (request via DM, uses their dead name)

#TransCrowdFund #BlackCrowdFund #MutualAid #TransMutualAid #NonBinary #Fundraiser #Fundraising #MutualAidRequest #BlackLivesMatter #Donations

Still have $200 left of my goal to pay off my credit card. Check out my Kofi and commission me if you like my art. 🙏

Any extra help is appreciated as well.

#art #digitalart #procreate #artist #KofiCommissions #mutualaid #signalboost #donations #sketch #fanart #smallartist #MastoArt #CreativeToots #CommissionsOpen

Lorraine C.
3 weeks ago

Complete nightmare, what’s the best place for #donations? #libya #floods

3 weeks ago

🔫SuperWamBlam! | @DanVanDam Plays Fallout: New Vegas @readysetsgaming !Fundraiser !incentive Need $270 Commissions open! #Fundraiser #help #donations

The Fru Fru Brigade~
3 weeks ago

Oh, hey, I'm $30.78 in the red, and I need to be very not in the red to catch up on bills and stuff. On top of that, my paypal account is overdrafted by nearly $90. So... if you can help, that'd be great~ #mutualaid #Donations #Help

Venmo: Nezuneko
Cashapp: Nezumichan

3 weeks ago

Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Ronald Reagan appointee, assumed in his majority opinion in #CitizensUnited that #donations & #spending around such groups would be transparent. Justice #ClarenceThomas, in his concurring opinion, argued against “forcibly disclosed donor information,” which could “pre-empt citizens’ exercise of their First Amendment rights.”

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
4 weeks ago

This is sad. The #activism instance we've shared quality, important moments on is shutting down in early Oct due to no #donations. Years of collaboration soon lost.

We've not been able to donate $250 anonymously, so we're going to try a last #workingBee now.

If you NEED 10 HOURS VISUAL DESIGN done, we're taking offers ASAP for donations AUD$250+ to our instance. No email pls, DM only!

Pls BOOST. Help keep activism + get design(s) made.


Art by DSFGS: Windows logo, captioned "Use all the colours".

Below that Windows and Google logos morphed into a cigarette using their corporate colours with caption "Get 'em young"
Natasha Nox 💙💛
1 month ago

Irregular reminder that Open-Source and truly free projects need your help.

If you got a few bucks to spare, consider donating to a project you love to use. Your fedi instance, Signal, an Android ROM, maybe the niche but really cool desktop app you found recently.

Make someones day. 👏

Bedfordview Methodist Church
1 month ago

In our endeavour to help the girls of Lambano, we would appreciate #donations of sanitary pads and toiletries. Please feel free to drop these off at #church during the week. 🙏 #charity

Ashley Gardini
1 month ago

Does anyone around SF/northern Peninsula know a place that accepts donations of toddler toys (all still in good condition). We're in need of a purge and I'm hoping to send them off to others who will still enjoy them.

(And I don't have the time or energy to make individual arrangements on like a Buy Nothing group.)

#Donations #SFKids #sfba #SFBAKids #SanMateo

1 month ago

Oprah and The Rock collect crypto donations for Maui wildfires victims - The Rock and Oprah Winfrey launched the People’s Fund of Maui to ... - #philanthropy #donations #hawaii

1 month ago
1 month ago

Hurricane Idalia delays Ron DeSantis' reported plans to accept crypto campaign donations - The storm hit Florida first in the continental U.S., which may ha... - #cryptocurrencies #regulation #donations #elections #politics #florida

1 month ago

Crypto donations fund fire relief efforts on Maui - The Giving Block matched more than $68,000 in crypto and fiat don... - #cryptocurrencies #donations #business #charity #hawaii

Jeff Sikes
1 month ago

I've been doing some work on a little fedi project lately, and when I finally get around to publishing it (and future things) I want to add a "Like it? Donate to.." option with a list of my preferred organizations.

Is there a best way to do that? I'd like to know anonymously if someone donated but I don't care to know how much or any of the specifics, really.

#OpenSource #Donations

Great Stone Saber Gargoyle
1 month ago

A good friend of mine recently had their E-trike stolen from them. They're disabled and that was their only mode of personal transit. If you can, please consider donating to their GoFundMe or possibly commissioning them by check or

Helping to spread the world is also greatly appreciated and thank you! <3

#mutualaid #fundraiser #donations #donate #gofundme

Cat Cross
1 month ago


I'm a #disabled #trans man who's been unable to work due to #longcovid
and I have to pay rent today but I'm $300 short!!$kurosucat
DM for Paypal

alternatively please tell me how to let my bank account overdraft bc it's not letting me 🥲

#mutualaid #donations #help #kofi #paypal #mecfs

Meet the pet that’s become a social media hit in Brazil, by helping to deliver food packages to dogs in need.Subscribe to our channel
Brazil’s motor-biking pet and owner help hungry dogs | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
2 months ago

Looking for #charity suggestions for this fall’s #art profit #donations! I have my first two shows so I’m hoping to be able to make a bigger impact this year!

I’m especially interested in small/local groups where a couple hundred dollars could make a real difference.

Any recommendations?

#advice #askfedi #askmastodon

moss poss
2 months ago


Non-binary Black disabled person needs support to make rent as they're being threatened & harassed with eviction notices every week

🖤 VNMO: suninfifth
🖤 CSHAPP: $disclosured
🖤 PP: awo777

(text repeated in image description)

#TransCrowdFund #BlackCrowdFund #MutualAid #TransMutualAid #NonBinary #Fundraiser #Fundraising #MutualAidRequest #BlackLivesMatter #Donations

Non-binary Black disabled person needs support to make rent as they're being threatened & harassed with eviction notices every week
🖤 VNMO: suninfifth
🖤 CSHAPP: $disclosured
🖤 PP: awo777
2 months ago

Relief fund for the Hawaiians uprooted by the fires there. This is run by someone from the island.

#Hawaii #HawaiiFires #Relief #Donations #Maui #Lahaina

2 months ago

I’d like to boost this project on Donor’s Choose. Mr. Snethen is trying to raise funds to buy some entomology (insect study) supplies for his Lakota students. $1400 is not a huge ask when starting a science project from scratch. I’m sure any amount would be appreciated - the project runs until the end of November. Please boost for reach and donate if you are able. Thanks.

#SchoolSupplies #entomology #donations

Jack Brewster
2 months ago

Have you heard of Donors Choose? They help #teachers with funding class projects. I try to donate every year.

Today the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is providing 1.5x matching #donations.

Check it out and help if you can. And please share!

moss poss
2 months ago

Rental Assistance for Zyaire

"My name is Zyaire and I'm a 23-year-old Black, Trans man residing in Florida. I'm currently struggling to pay bills due to an unforeseen financial loss and need help to pay 2 months' worth of rent until I get paid in mid-September. Please share and donate if you can. Thank you so much!"

#MutualAidRequest #FreedomToExist #Fundraising #Fundraiser #BlackLivesMatter #StrongerTogether #MutualAid #Community #Urgent #Donations #Reparations

2 months ago


update on public engagement so far, for good & bad:

* 8 followers on

* about a dozen people on Mastodon have said they like the sound of the game. a few sounded like big fans

* $0 in donations/tips. not even a single dollar. not a penny! I know times are harsh for some people, but... *really?*








Martha Crimson
2 months ago

I'm curious, people of fediverse. For me as an artist these two platforms are roughly equal, so I want to know how it's like in the other end. When you _give_ (donate) monthly to creators, which one do you prefer?

Please boost!

#crowdfund #donations #SupportingCreators

2 months ago

Your instance admins put in a lot of time and effort to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

It's always awesome if you can show your admins some love and throw a little donation their way. Even just $1 or a $5.99 subscription goes a LONG way and says so much.

If you'd like to support us here at #AllThingsTech, you can do so via the link below.

Donations aren't mandatory, but they always put a smile on our face! 😀

#MastoAdmin #MastodonMigration #Donations

2 months ago

Urgent call for help!

Is anybody out there who has experienced problems with the #donation and #crowdfunding platform #GoFundMe, or has general experience with conflicts between #donations #collection platform and #fundraiser?

#Fundraising #Campaigning

3 months ago

"If you can't imagine a future without the Internet Archive, please consider supporting our work." (Brewster Kahle)

#donations #culture #InternetArchive

3 months ago

Lovely people, a video platform like #MakerTube will only have a future when there are enough #donations to cover at least the permanent costs like servers.
I'm willing to pay for it for now but at some point it needs to be sustainable. It also needs to grow.
Please consider making a #donation, every penny counts! Even better is a small recurring donation and I can make a forecast for a few months. There is a crowdfunding campaign at
Thanks for your support! #peertube

MakerTube logo, film clip and text
3 months ago

Urgent donation call out from the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in #Vancouver 
Sunscreen, water bottles (reusable or regular plastic), freezies, hats, sandals/flip-flops, deodorant, towels, shorts, and more.
📍 25 E Hastings 
📍 302 Columbia
📍 398 Powell
📍 265 E Hastings

#nonprofit #yvr #donations #donate #downtowneastside

3 months ago

Given how the situation here is worsening, the inability to get trans care in a timely manner (still on waiting lists for about everything), the general unwillingless of official instances to provide help and the job situation being worse than ever (inexistent), I am looking to move somewhere else.

I opened a Ko-fi page in case anyone would be so kind to help me:

I will add some stuff you can get in return for donating when I figure out what exactly.

Thanks a lot peeps!

#donations #begpost

3 months ago

So I have a birthday coming up. July 10th @ 58 years young! I don't normally celebrate holidays in general including my birthday, but this time around I'm taking the initiative and asking my friends and community here for a present. 😁

I am a freelancer, work paycheck to paycheck, have no credit but have always been able to squeak by.

But now I am running out of time. My old car is finally dying. Valve knock and major suspension issues. It may last through the summer but that's about it.

I've been saving for 1 1/2 years to replace it with something smaller and more reliable. Just another old used car will do. I am about half way there but it's been slow going.

If you can help in any way, even a slight boost would make it the best birthday I've ever had. Seriously! I'll even post pictures if I'm able to swing it in time.

[Edit - this is a one time thing. I'm not gonna be spammy]

#Birthday #Donations #Crowdfunding #CarHelp

Will do simple pfp icon drawings for $10-15 Kofi donos

Let me know if you're interested and message me your refs 💜

#art #digitalart #procreate #artist #fanart #cartoon #smallartist #commissionsopen #donations #sketch #drawing #pfpart #kofi #MastoArt #CreativeToots

A pfp drawing of myself chibi style holding an apple pen
A pfp drawing of myself in the style of Studio Ghibli
Black and white portrait sketch of my friend wearing a baseball cap
A fully colored cartoon otter with a santa hat and holly

Hunger knows no geographical or political boundaries. This morning's harvest went to the local food pantry's freedge, which is half cupboard, half refrigerator. #hunger #foodsecurity #donations #newtonma

A colorful freedge, which behind closed doors is cupboard with canned goods on one side, refrigerator on the other. It sits in the parking lot of another business. There is a signboard in front, in English, Spanish,.Russian, Chinese with info on the program that helps support some 1800 people.
Large heads of lettuces, mounds of kale, some collards washed and laid out on red and blue checked cloths.
Kyle :kaseya:
4 months ago

I just want to remind everyone that #AllThingsTech:

1. Does not have ads
2: Does not sell your personal information
3: Is run solely on volunteer donations
4: Does incur server costs to keep our community running

These donations are what keeps this community heathy and running.

While we will never make donations mandatory to be part of this community, they are greatly appreciated and allow us to continue to bring everyone the best.

#Donations #Mastodon #Fediverse #Community

4 months ago


You are very welcome. I support this decision, but it was not mine to suggest.

I agree with @feditips that it matters greatly who gets the proceeds of #donations and the visibility from sites like yours that, in turn, could generate (marketing) proceeds.

Stefan Bohacek
4 months ago

The domain for one of my less successful projects,, is up for renewal.

I've already thought about moving it to the fediverse, as it previously relied on Twitter and their API, but it's a bit more difficult here without full-text search.

And it doesn't look like #MatchDonations or #DonationMatch are even a thing.

#donations #SideProject #search #FullTextSearch

Tim Ford
5 months ago

I just subscribed to support the instance, and I hope other users will too. For just $5/month I'll keep this part of the Fediverse going.


5 months ago

In reply to their blog "Thunderbird Is Thriving: Our 2022 Financial Report", I had two simple questions for #Thunderbird: "What did the top 3 donors donate, and who were they?"

Yesterday, these questions went from "Your comment is awaiting moderation" to gone within 2 hours (see screenshot).

What's there to hide, @thunderbird and Jason Evangelho @killyourfm?

Boosts are appreciated.

#financial #report #donations #donors

Blog comment "What did the top 3 donors donate, and who were they?", marked as "Your comment is awaiting moderation"

Need to make at least $150 this month for groceries. Please check out my Kofi to commission me for a digital art piece! All help/interaction is appreciated ❤️

#art #artist #digitalart #commissions #mutualaid #signalboost #kofi #donations #fanart #cartoon #smallartist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Kriszta Satori
5 months ago

#Sudanese civilian groups band together to provide essential #aid

Civilians are helping #Sudan ’s most vulnerable via #food banks, #donations, logistical coordination and #medical support.

5 months ago

In the past we have had people ask about making donations to help curb our cost of running the server.

As is a labor of love (books are my real life obsession), we will never ask for donations.

We are also able to keep our costs low due to running our own Mastodon hosting platform.

If you are interested in helping out, we would just like you to help bring friends to Mastodon from Twitter or Goodreads whether it be our server or any other.


6 months ago

Every ~3 months or so I make my one "admin appreciation post" so....

Here's your reminder that, with the exception of some of the big or corporate servers, your instance is probably operated and funded by the instance owner.

Hosting expenses are reasonable, but they're not zero. Consider donating to your instance if they have a way to do so (check the server's 'about' page)

And treat the people who give their time to run and moderate our communities with kindness. They're probably doing it all in their free time.

Thanks for being awesome and helping our communities stay awesome!

#fediverse #mastodon #instance #server #donations #kofi

Inverse Phase
6 months ago

I'm headed shortly up to @admin - I don't have an exhibit, but if you have any #games, #media, or #computer / #electronic entertainment items for @bloopmuseum, I'll be there all weekend and able to accept them.

#tech #technology #retrogaming #retrocomputing #gaming #donations #museum

Petra van Cronenburg
6 months ago

Many people here use Ko-fi. Can you recommend it? Is it accepted enough as a way to support? Or do you advise against it, and if so, why? What are your experiences? Is there a better platform? I am currently thinking ... (I use another platform but they only offer donations as subscriptions, not one-time ones.)

#KoFi #support #ArtistsOfMastodon #ArtSale #donations #memberships #crowdfunding #BoostAppreciated