Chris Bond
2 days ago

Part of the Nine Stones Stone Circle near Winterbourne Abbas in Dorset, showing the large stone at the west. Photographed from the north-west on 12 May 1994. #StoneCircles #Megaliths #NineStones #WinterbourneAbbas #Dorset #StandingStoneSunday

Colour photo of the large sarsen megalith on the west arc of the prehistoric Devil's Nine Stones or Nine Stones Stone Circle at Winterbourne Abbas in Dorset, with a smaller stone behind. The circle stands in a fenced off area within a wooded glade beside the main A35 road.

Autumn Wx stats #Wimborne #Dorset: -
Max 31.6ยฐC 09/09 โš ๏ธSept record
Min -3.0ยฐC 25/11
Mean 13.02ยฐC (+1.97ยฐC av) โš ๏ธ Autumn record
Gust 34.0mph 8/11
Pressure H 1032.8mb 22/11
L 954.3mb 02/11 โš ๏ธ STATION record
Rain 373.9mm (140.3% av)
Wettest 35.6mm 20/09 โš ๏ธ 2023 record

Rick Gaehl
4 days ago

Not far from the sea, in Dorset, lies the small, sad village of Tyneham. The village was requisitioned by the army in 1943, and its inhabitants have never been allowed to return. Today, it sits in the middle of the Lulworth firing ranges, but can be visited when the ranges are not in use for army training.

I found this neglected display on a windowsill there, and felt it encapsulated something of the spirit of the place.

#Photography #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Dorset #Psychogeography

A dusty, cobwebbed windowsill, with a view of leaves outside. Inside is an ancient display of corn heads in a vase.

Nov. Wx stats #Wimborne #Dorset: -
Max 15.1ยฐC 18th
Min -3.0ยฐC 25th โš ๏ธ Autumn 2023 record
Mean 8.8ยฐC (+1.2ยฐC av)
Gust 34mph 8th
Pressure H 1032.8mb 22nd
L 954.3mb 2nd โš ๏ธ STATION record
Rain 137.6mm (136.9% av)
Wettest 19.6mm 4th
YTD 952.3mm

5 days ago

โ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธ Snowing in Poole โ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธ


BoneHouseWasps ๐Ÿ”ถ
1 week ago

You've got to kind of admire the brass balls of someone who brings a medieval flail to a knife fight, tbh. #Bournemouth #Echo #Dorset

Ancient Sounds
1 week ago

Oh oh a bit late for #WildflowerHour
because Maria Callas was on telly.

Anyway, this week, i.e. yesterday, I was introduced to the fragrant-scented Winter Heliotrope, which a nice lady with a very good labradoodle told me was called Swanage Weed (yes, it was in Swanage, #Dorset , where it grows abundantly).

Jon Roach
1 month ago

Weather related toot (d), including foot-deep layer of spume that ripples in the wind and occasionally breaks off and coats one's dog. #dorset #weather

A sea the colour of Extra Dark Sea Grey and a light grey overcast sky, a sandy beach partly covered in a foot-deep layer of beige foam .
A chocolate labrador sniffing something on a sandy beach and partly covered in flecks of beige sea spume.

October Wx stats #Wimborne #Dorset: -
Max 25.2ยฐC 8th
Min 2.2ยฐC 16th
Mean 13.1ยฐC (+1.9ยฐC av)
Gust 29.1 mph 13th
Pressure H 1028.0mb 4th
L 976.1mb 20th โš ๏ธ 2023 record
Rain 151.2mm (150.1% av)
Wettest 18.0mm 13th
YTD 814.8mm

J. R. Carpenter
1 month ago

score: turn back time. fab time fossil hunting in the wind, rain, and mud on the Jurassic coast today. #Dorset #fossilHunting

United Diversity Bridport
1 month ago

๐Ÿ“ข This week we'll be screening for #Dorset Premiere of

Everything Must Change (1h 12 minutes) - 2023

Join us for a delicious #organic curry & a great film!

๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿคโ€๐Ÿง‘ MMMM! Monday Movie, Meal & Mingling
๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Mon 30 Oct, 6-9pm
๐Ÿ“ Chapel in the Garden #Bridport
๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ˜‹ Get tickets & pre-order food now!

2 months ago

Did you know that only a single #British #MP was ever executed for a non-political crime?

MPs have been serving the English parliament since 1593, & a good number died by execution.

But only one, MP for #Dorset in 1614, Mervyn Tuchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (as Mervyn Audley) died not because of treason or for being a Royalist... but for raping his wife & "sodomy".

He was #beheaded.

The charges were brought by his own son & wife, who feared for their inheritance.

#history #suspicious

United Diversity Bridport
2 months ago

We've also got a really fantastic line-up of films for the rest of the year, including the UK #Premiere of "ALTER NATIVE: Building Possible Futures" & the #Dorset #Premiere of Reel News's #EverythingMustChange

Plus possibly the best film ever made!

See here for all the juicy details

2 months ago

โ€˜The Home Office has issued fresh guidance called Failure to travel to the Bibby Stockholm vessel, saying that support will be terminated for those who โ€œfail to take up the offer of accommodation on the vesselโ€.โ€™

That is not an offer; it is an instruction backed by a threat.

#BibbyStockholm #Immigration #Asylum #HomeOffice #Dorset

Northumbrian Stories
2 months ago

And finally, I stopped in Shaftesbury, the old market town that my family members would presumably have known well as it's just a few miles from their villages.

According to tradition, Shaftesbury was once known as Caer Palladwr in Celtic Britain; actual recorded history dates to the 8th century CE, by which time where was an important minster in the town. Alfred the Great built the abbey here in the 9th century and placed his daughter, Aethelgifu, there as the first abbess. The body of King Edward the Martyr ended up buried here after this murder in the late 10th century, and Cnut died here.

It was featured in the Domesday Book and the abbey continued as an important site until the dissolution of the monasteries. After this, Shaftesbury continued as a market town, but faced decline as industrialisation took hold in the country. Thomas Hardy wrote of it:

"Vague imaginings of its castle, its three mints, its magnificent apsidal abbey, the chief glory of south Wessex, its twelve churches, its shrines, chantries, hospitals, its gabled freestone mansionsโ€”all now ruthlessly swept awayโ€”throw the visitor, even against his will, into a pensive melancholy, which the stimulating atmosphere and limitless landscape around him can scarcely dispel."

I didn't feel any melancholy, I have to say - even though I arrived at the end of a grey day at the tail end of September, after the abbey had closed for the day. I'd have liked to spend more time there.

#Shaftesbury #Dorset #History #Wessex #Medieval #AlfredTheGreat

A view over a green valley from a high vantage point in Shrewsbury. In the foreground, close to the camera, are an old-style, black street lantern and a few autumn bushes framing the scene behind. Beyond are small, green fields broken by hedges and bits of woodland, with low, hazy hills rolling in the distance. In the bottom of the valley is a very old farm with a large stone farmhouse and a red brick barn.
A restaurant called King Alfred's Kitchen in a building that is definitely older then the restaurant. The lower part of the wall is stone, with an over-hanging, timbered upper storey and windows tucked right up under the tiled roof.
St Peter's the oldest church in Shaftesbury, built as a pilgrim church outside the abbey. A grey stone building with a square tower, now built into the line of shops along the high street. In front is the similarly-coloured but more recent town hall, only partly showing to the right of the photo, with a clock face above an arched, stone entrance. Multi-coloured bunting is strung from the front of the town hall against a gloomy, grey sky.
Gold Hill, Shaftesbury. A broad, cobbled street that slopes very steeply down, away from the camera, curving around and disappearing to the right. On the left-hand side, which is the outer curve, is a row of old houses, stepped down the hill, some with red, tiled roofs and one thatched. Beyond them is a view out of the town into a green, wooded landscape that fades off to a grey, misty horizon.
Northumbrian Stories
2 months ago

The next stop on my genealogy mini-tour was the village of Motcombe, just over the border into Dorset, where my 3x great-grandfather's family came from.

I didn't find any direct ancestors in the graveyard, but I did find some not-so-distant cousins - I almost missed this great slab of a memorial, because I wasn't looking for anything this big and grand. One branch of the family, at least, seem to have been yeoman farmers rather than landless labourers like my branch. I think this may also have been the oldest gravestone in the churchyard, the only one I saw with dates back to the 18th century.

#genealogy #FamilyHistory #Dorset #GraveyardExploration

An old stone church with a square tower and a tiled roof.
An old mile-marker painted white with black lettering that reads "Shaftesbury 2; Mere 5 and a half", set into a hedgerow at the roadside.
Old cottages viewed across a grass lawn with a few small trees growing in it. The nearest house is red brick with a thatched roof, while one just over the hedge is stone-built with a slate roof. A second thatched roof can just be seen beyond.
A large, oblong grave-marker in front of a church, with two panels on the side memorialising Cornelius Broadway (1753-1832); Charlotte Broadway (1760-1825, probably an unmarried sister of Cornelius); Hannah, wife of Cornelius (died 1788); and Ann, Cornelius's second wife (1761-1824).
2 months ago

Popped out for Sunday morning coffee and a swim #dorset #poole #brownseaisland #sup

Newly restored London & South Western Railway T3 class loco, 130 years old, scrapped in 1940s, getting ready for bed at Swanage station this evening.

#steam #railway #Dorset

Vivienne Dunstan
2 months ago

In tonightโ€™s #Covid #taste and #eating #food adventures: Wee Comrie #cheese from #Perthshire is a really nice Brie like cheese. Wookey Hole aged #cheddar from #Somerset & #Dorset triggers extreme coughing fits with my still tender throat - aarrgghh! Best of all a wee bottle of house #Chardonnay #wine from Sainsburys tastes like wine, unlike earlier this week when it was like watery grape juice. And a dark #chocolate #KitKat tastes like strong dark chocolate not weak milk. Mixed bag but progress!

2 months ago

A timeless view: Corfe Castle steam railway haze.
October 2023.

#CorfeCastle #Dorset #SteamTrain #Vintage

A steam train pulls away from the station beneath Corfe Castle
Peter Sketch
2 months ago

A couple from last Sunday when I was at the #RSPB site at #Arne in #Dorset. I was there for a rare bird, and also saw reptiles and dragonflies. But still a couple of nice plants - Bell Heather and Common Centaury. The butterfly on the heather is a Small Copper. #WildflowerHour #Bloomscrolling #botany #plants #flowers #wildflowers #plantscience #photography

A butterfly with orange forewings and brown hindwings sits on a thin twig with very small green leaves. The plant has pink, slightly convex, tubular  flowers.
Two flowers on the end of a flower stem. Each has five pink petals and a yellowish centre.

September was the warmest September in my series from 2009 by a country mile, beating 2016 by 1ยฐC. It was also warmer than July (by 0.3ยฐC) and August (by 0.2ยฐC) which has never happened before in my records.
I also recorded my record highest dew point of 22.8ยฐC on the 7th.
September was a wet month with around130% normal rainfall for east #Dorset and produced the wettest day of the year, 35.6mm on the 20th.
#weather #ukweather #meteorology

From: @wessexweather

Sept. Wx stats #Wimborne #Dorset: -
Max 31.6ยฐC 9th
Min 5.4ยฐC 23rd
Mean 17.2ยฐC (+2.8ยฐC av)
Gust 31.1 mph 20th
Pressure H 1027.1mb 3rd
L 993.8mb 20th
Rain 84.8mm (129.9% av)
Wettest 35.6mm 20th โš ๏ธ 2023 record
YTD 663.2mm

BoneHouseWasps ๐Ÿ”ถ
2 months ago

Wonderful time camping, too. A pub near #Dorchester called the "Gaggle of geese" with attached #ccamping, a soft play bus, live music tent (massive), skittle alley, ping pong, baby goats to feed and mini golf. All free. And wood fired pizza for tea. Such a great find. #Dorset

2 months ago

#SaxonSunday with these Saxon cross fragments from around c9-c10 discovered at Shaftesbury Abbey: burial place of King Edward the Martyr

#Dorset #Saxon #SundayStonework

Saxon Cross incised stone, later reused as Norman building material
support above pillar capital with a corroded dragon & interlace pattern
Broken fragments of a Saxon cross with an interlace pattern & snakes head
Modern Stained glass of King Edward the Martyr
Jon Roach
2 months ago

Highcliffe beach looking Hengistburywards earlier while plodding the dog. #photography #Highcliffe #Dorset #beach #sunset

A calm sea with small waves breaking on a shingle beach and a moderately gorgeous sunset.

๐ŸŒณ A #rewilding project has led to the return of a number of bird species that are in critical decline.

Seven birds on the #Conservation Concern Red List have been spotted at #WildWoodbury in #Dorset.

#Dorset #WildlifeTrust has been transforming the 170 hectare (420 acre) former agricultural site, near Bere Regis, since acquiring it in 2021.

The charity said it had logged more than 1,600 species on the nature reserve - 300 more than last year.

United Diversity Bridport
3 months ago

๐Ÿ“ข Our fortnightly film & food night is back!

๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿคโ€๐Ÿง‘MMMM! Monday Movie, Meal & Mingling
๐Ÿ—“๏ธMon 18 Sept, 6-9pm
๐Ÿ“Chapel in the Garden #Bridport #Dorset

We'll eat delicious #organic curry & watch inspirational #documentary 'Tomorrow' together

Join us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rick Gaehl
3 months ago

Todays offering for #FensterFreitag takes us to Moreton, in Dorset, where all the windows of St Nicholas Church are decorated in this unusual, etched style.
The decorations were carried out over a 30 year period by Laurence Whistler, the poet and engraver, who was also the brother of the celebrated muralist, Rex Whistler.

This is in portrait format. Enjoy.

#Photography #WindowFriday #Art #Church #Dorset #Craft #Design

View through a window from the inside of a church. The window is in the Gothic style, but every pane is decorated with etched glass. The general theme is nature, with flowers, insects, and trees all depicted.
BoneHouseWasps ๐Ÿ”ถ
3 months ago

A day late for #SilentSunday. Lovely walk through #Moreton sculpture gardens yesterday. #Dorset

Tunnel of conifer trees looking toward a foutain in the distance.

August 2023 was a rather disappointing and uninteresting summer month in east #Dorset, with average temperatures compared with local 1981-2010 data, and slightly more rainfall than normal. The main point of interest was the exceptionally low pressure of 983.8 mb recorded on the 2nd, which was an August and summer record here (data from 2009).

From: @wessexweather

Very interesting and unstable medium level #altocumulus over #Dorset this evening as showers and #thunderstorms build over the English Channel. I also spotted #virga and #mamma embedded within this.

Danny Garside
4 months ago

For example, I'm visiting #Seaton for the next couple of days and wanted to ask locals what kind of #apple trees are planted around the "Sea Front Gardens" Green #iNaturalist

#Devon #Dorset

At least six people have died after their boat capsized while trying to reach the UK from France.49 others were rescued. Local officials say dozens of boats ...
UK govโ€™t under pressure after refugee deaths in English Channel
Alexander Hay
4 months ago

But oh, it gets worse, as #Refugee charity, #Care4Calais is now reporting the government did NOT inform #Refugees about the presence of #Legionnaire's disease on the #BibbyStockholm prison barge, or immediately move them off once they knew it was there.

Worse, there is the possibility they were still moving refugees onto the barge even once the problem was known.

#UK #News #Dorset #Tories

A Facebook post (oh, do stop complaining), published 11/08/2023, at 18:57 BST, by Care4Calais, a charity supporting refugees in France, Belgium and the UK. It documents serious allegations against the British government and its handling of the notorious Bibby Stockholm prison barge. 

At the bottom is an aerial shot of the barge, which does indeed look rather carcereal. There are 72 likes, including   Angry and Sad faces, plus 11 comments and 27 shares.

The post says (edited for length):

"...This morning, it emerged that unsafe levels of Legionella pneumophila bacteria had been found in the barge's water supply... Because of this risk, everyone on the barge should have been evacuated immediately. 

"However this did not happen. 
At lunchtime we were contacted by three men on the barge who had not been informed of the outbreak, nor warned to avoid the water....  It transpired that other refugees were on the barge, but none knew of the danger....

"The Government must now explain:

"โ€ข When the results of the legionella testing, which took place on July 25 were known. 
โ€ข If it followed its own guidelines in re-commissioning the heating and ventilation systems on board the barge.
โ€ข Why people were not told about the risk to their health once the authorities were aware of it.
โ€ข Why people were kept on the barge, and why more transfers were attempted, when the presence of the bacteria was known.
โ€ข If everyone who was aboard the barge has been tested for Legionnaire's disease..."
Robbie Rowe
4 months ago

Heathland in late summer splendour, dominated by purple heather. Lots of bees , dragonflies chasing smaller insects, sand martins flitting above the cliffs, Sandwich terns screeching and fishing along the coast.

Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch, Dorset

#Heathland #Heather #Dorset #SouthCoast #Nature #Birds #Insects

Late summer heathland purple with heather, with a pale blue sea and paler blue sky in the distance
Alexander Hay
4 months ago

...And it ends with this total kicker.

"...Even before news of the #Legionella #Bacteria broke, other health concerns over the barge were emerging.

"Oxford-based GP Dr Dominik Metz said that he was concerned about risks to #AsylumSeekers, after one of his patients who was being treated for latent #Tuberculosis was told he was being moved to the barge."

#UK #News #Dorset #BibbyStockholm #Refugees #Tories

Alexander Hay
4 months ago

The slowest of slowclaps now ensues. Also, note the use of 'migrants'.

"#Migrants are being temporarily removed from the #BibbyStockholm barge after traces of #Legionella #Bacteria were found in the on board water system.

"The #BBC understands that routine testing was done before migrants moved on to the vessel, moored in #Dorset.

"But test results showing traces of the bacteria came back only after migrants had moved to the barge..."

#News #UK #Refugees #Tories

4 months ago

This weekend, when I wasn't wading through ankle deep mud at #WickhamFolkFestival, I seem to have undertaken a #Neolithic / #IronAge roadtrip of #Wiltshire and #Dorset. Pictured are;

#Avebury #StoneCircle (or rather, a small section of it)
#Woodhenge, and

A section of Avebury Rings:

Looking from a grassy bank, over a grass ditch to a number of stones of varying sizes and shapes, placed in an arc that forms part of a wider circle. In the distance, tress, houses, farm buildings and the church of Avebury can be seen. Thick grey clouds form a low blanket in the sky.
Silbury Hill:

Looking over rough grassland, between two trees to an unnatural large, domed shaped mound covered in grass. Thick, darkening grey clouds cover the sky above

Looking over a flat grassy field to concentric rings of short concrete posts, (showing where the original wooden posts would have been). Thick grey cloud covers the sky.
Badbury Rings:

Looking from a high grassy bank over a curving deep ditch to another bank. In the distance the patchwork fields of the Dorset countryside can be seen, whilst above, thick fluffy,  grey clouds cover the sky.
The United Kingdom has begun moving some asylum seekers onto a large residential barge on its southern coast, as part of plans to use cheaper alternatives to...
UK moves asylum seekers to barge despite humanitarian concerns
The UK is preparing to host asylum seekers on a barge moored off the south coast. Itโ€™s part of the governmentโ€™s campaign to deter migrants from crossing the ...
UK migrant policy: Hundreds to be housed on barge despite outcry
Jon Roach
4 months ago

Five years ago to the minute, gloaming at Fisherman's Bank, Christchurch Harbour. #photography #dorset #christchurch #sunset #landscape

A calm creek after sunset. There are a few small boats silhouetted on a still water surface reflecting a deep blue sky shading to yellow and then orange at the horizon . There are a few small clouds dark against the lighter sky.
4 months ago

Knowlton Church on New Year's Day.

The land speaks to those who listen.

#IronAgeBritain #Dorset #modernantiquarian

A medieval church at sunset on an iron age hill fort
Paul Lauter
5 months ago

For this weekend's photo, I thought I would share another Landscape photo from my trip to the Dorset coast. I would have liked a more interesting sky but the weather was not playing ball on the day. It's still a nice view though.

#seascape #landscapephotography #dorset #dorsetcoast #visitdorset #coastalphotography #coastalpath #durdledoor

Seascape view with limestone arch
5 months ago

Exciting discovery of a Neolithic polishing stone ('polissoir') in the Valley of the Stones, Dorset.

These stones were used to polish stone tools to a fine finish. There are two in the Avebury landscape, but they're very rare in England.

#Neolithic #Dorset #Archaeology

Jon Roach
5 months ago

35018 British India Line on the 1Z84 Weymouth-Waterloo pretending it's still 1964, passing a man standing waist deep in grass in a field between Christchurch and Hinton Admiral.
#railway #RailwayPhotography #Photography #MerchantNavy #SteamLocomotive #Christchurch #Dorset

A picture of a steam locomotive from the side. The photo is panned left to right to follow the loco's movement. There is slight motion blur of the wheels and motion. The loco is in the middle of the frame atop an embankment covered in long grass. The sky is clear but over exposed. The loco is a Bulleid Merchant Navy class, 35018 British India Line.
5 months ago

A trip to Dorset today with a couple of friends, to see what was about. At least 50 Little Tern was a good start - smart birds - and then another favourite, Little Owl. We ended up seeing three of them.

#Birding #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #nature #HappyDays #Dorset #LittleOwl #Owl #Skylark #Oystercatcher

๐Ÿ“ท Little Owl
๐Ÿ“ท Skylark
๐Ÿ“ท Oystercatcher (adult and young)

Dorset Golf Guy
5 months ago

My first round as a member at Meyrick Park and boy, Iโ€™d completely forgot how challenging this course is.

Tight, loads of elevation changes, demanding different shots. A real test of skill.

#golf #golfclub #golfcourse #golfclub #Bournemouth #Dorset

Pierre Huyghebaert
5 months ago

I'm cycling and bivouacking in the South of #UK this summer, #Kent, #Sussex, #Hampshire, #Dorset and #Devon. Do you know of any good tips, natural spots not to be missed, little-visited beaches or access to the sea, places of interest, industrial heritage areas? Thanks!

Landscape of the south of UK with two bikes climbing a hill
Richard Cole
6 months ago

I posted my introduction some time ago, but failed to pin it, so here goes again.
I'm a #t1 #diabetic retired #programmer writing mainly in #assembler #bal #sql #pascal and other languages.
Things I like now are #diskworld #folkmusic #art #dorset.

NationalWorld News
7 months ago

๐Ÿšฑ UK river now โ€˜ecologically deadโ€™ after sewage spills triple in a year

A previously thriving river in Dorset has โ€œshockingโ€ levels of E-coli coated with โ€œa layer of brown sludgeโ€

#UK #News #Rivers #Sewage #Dorset #Environment

Visibility wasnโ€™t great today so I tried some #BlackAndWhite atmospheric shots.

#Photography #Landscapes #Bournemouth #Dorset

Black and white shot of Southbourne beach from the cliff tops
Black and white shot of Southbourne beach from the cliff top, panned out from the previous shot
Black and white shot of a cliff top. There is a sign that reads, โ€œDANGER KEEP OFF CLIFFSโ€.
A black and white shot of Hengistbury Head in the distance. There is the sea on the right-hand side with a groyne in picture.
8 months ago


Hi, Iโ€™m Ken, Iโ€™ve been on the Fediverse for a couple of weeks now. It seemed silly to introduce myself to nobody when I first started this instance, although I did fill in my bio. Iโ€™m a #writer from England who joined the Fediverse to publicise my work and maybe try to #getfedihired. Iโ€™m still feeling my way around the social aspects of this though, I donโ€™t just want to use this as an advertising platform.

Looking back over my statuses for the first fortnight, so far Iโ€™ve mostly boosted things I found funny or beautiful. I replied to a few other posts including some responses to #SillyCuratorPrompts and #DesignChallenge โ€“ two drawings and a silly poem. And early on I posted another poem, largely to push past the anxiety I felt about the whole social media thing. The last thing I put up was some photos of spring flowers.

I already have a blog at or for your rss/atom reader. You can find more information about my book โ€˜Social card gamesโ€™ there if youโ€™re interested and I plan to post some stories and poems there soon, perhaps some essays too. No promises about when though, as Iโ€™m job hunting right now and not putting pressure on myself to do too much else.

#writing #poems #poetry #bookdesign #typography #cardgames #ttrpg #wargame #crochet #knitting #tunisiancrochet #woodwork #dorset #walking #gawk #guix #TeX #publishing #design

Doug Bates
9 months ago

#RaspberryPi #BlackAndWhite #photography #seaside #Charmouth #Dorset
I have just taken delivery of a Raspi camera V3, wide-angle, NOIR (infrared sensitive). Intended use at night but I put it in my Brownie (as per my avatar) and went out & about in daylight. Set to monochrome I was getting some pleasing images.
Next I want to add a visually opaque filter so that we only see the IR image.
Pictures below are IR & visible spectrum,

View looking along a seafront promenade with a few people strolling or sitting enjoying the winter sunshine.  A handrail stretches from the foreground towards distant cliffs.  Sea and horizon to the right, people and beach huts to the left.
Looking along the beach in Charmouth, Dorset, which is renowned for fossils, large and small that are exposed each year  as  the soft cliffs weather and crumble.
The beach is stony and a number of fossil hunters can be seen as silhouettes, some stooping to search for a lucky find. 
Small wave break on the shoreline.
The underside of a large, very old tree that has obviously spent many years being washed and pummelled by the sea and stones on the beach.  It is stripped of all bark, leaves and soil just leaving a bleached tangle of roots, large and small like some abstract sculpture.
In the distance a forager is collecting broken sticks from the beach.  Maybe for a wood burner, or to use for artistic decorations?
Robbie Rowe
10 months ago

Staghorn & cup lichens growing on thorn trees, near Dancing Ledge, #Purbeck

#LichenSubscribe #Dorset #Hedgerows

Tufts of grey green staghorn lichen and orange yellow cup lichens growing on bare branches of thorn trees in a windswept hedgerow

After almost 3 months here, I am a strong advocate of #Mastodon and Iโ€™m convinced the #Fediverse is the future, so time for an updated #Introduction!

I run from #Dorset, England, and am passionate about #Weather, #Meteorology, #Clouds, #Climate and #ClimateChange.

I am also a licensed #HamRadio #AmateurRadio ham, with a special interest in #ShortWave #Radio and #ShortWaveListening #SWLing, and decode and publish my own weather #satellite images.

#Astronomy #Photography

Stories and Folklore
10 months ago

#AngloSaxon #SaintOfTheWeek

Today we are going to be talking about the enigmatic St Wite (aka Candida/Gwen/Blanche) of #Dorset (feast day of 1st June)

This #saint is venerated in both the Catholic and Orthodox traditions under her latin name "St Candida", but within the Anglican communion she is known as St Wite -- patron saint of Dorset.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to the saints I speak about: Although we don't know a lot about her, her story has been passed down through the centuries though oral traditions. This history has been recorded by the local people Whitchurch Canonicorum (The village is named after their local saint)

Local tradition says that she lived as a hermitess on the rocky cliffs and would light beacons to guide sailors safely home. She was martyred by Danish #Vikings while defending the people of Dorset and #KingAlfred himself.

The Viking cut off the saint's head which rolled down the hill. When the head came to a stop, a miraculous spring appeared.The waters were said to cure blindness; the well (St Wife's Well) is in Morcombelake.

King Alfred built the church of St Candida in honour of her. It has the distinction of being one of only two in England to still have it's original shrine and holy relics still intact after #Reformation

Inside the shrine is a lead box with the inscription of Hic Reqesct Relique Sce Wite (Here rest the relics of St Wite)

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This is the shrine of St Wite -- Inside the shrine is a lead box with the inscription of Hic Reqesct Relique Sce Wite (Here rest the relics of St Wite)
David Churchill
1 year ago

Setting up (mastodon server) was more work than I expected ๐Ÿคฏ but it's now live and registration is open (all be it moderated for now).

The idea is to create a new federated space for Dorset (people, businesses, services, news, events etc.) โ€” so if you'd like to register (or transfer an existing account), please do โ€” the only real rule is that you should ideally be based in Dorset ๐Ÿ™

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The header image, showing Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England.
1 year ago

For #thicktrunktuesday beneath a special #oak tree. Where time stands still, just for a while and, in my winter dreams, birds always sing and the breeze is forever warm. #trees #treetuesday #nature #wild #countryside #dorset #uk

1 year ago

Poole Harbour Islands for
#30DayMapChallenge Day 26 - Islands

Made in #QGIS #Blender #gis #map #dataviz #lidar

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Map of the islands in Poole Harbour
James Brown
1 year ago

A vist to Knowlton #Neolithic henge in #Dorset with later #medieval church symbolising a visual transition from pagan to Christian worship. The church was built in 12th century & was in use until 17th century, serving a now vanished hamlet by riverside. Its construction helped protect henge dating between 3000 to 2000 BC from plough damage. The surrounding earthworks were less fortunate, but are visible in aerial photographs. A perfect #archaeology mashup for #MedievalMonday & #NeolithicNovember

๐ŸŒบArtist: #MrTeaOne - in City: #Poole #Dorset UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง - Title: "for P. H. Gosse" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #PHGosse

Colurful Streetartwall with Red Fish

Hello I'm Harry. Ageing metal fan and guitarist. I'm originally from Manchester, but now I live in a rural #Dorset village having spent a few years in London and Essex. I've been a #singleparent and #widowed. Now I'm bumbling along as a dad of three teens and as a husband to a vicar. I work in the web/social media field. My interests include #Guitar #Photography #HeavyMetal #Videogames and sleep.