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3 weeks ago

It's a Glenfarclas 10.

We don't like it.

It was a very generous gift from work, they're lovely, and they did a little research - didn't just pick a Glenlivet from the supermarket.

40% alcohol. The label says natural colour, but says nothing of filtering, so I think we can assume chill filtered.

It's a little insipid, with the 40%, and it has a sweet and sour thing I'm really not getting on with. I think *it* is fine, it's just not to my taste.

I've not tried any other Glenfarclas before, so I suspect there's some better out there that's more to my taste. If that's the Signature style, though, meh not so much.

Pixel the Shiba Inu puppy uncritically agrees with everything I said.

She also wants that Double Decker, but that's not gonna happen.

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Me sat on the sofa with my hairy legs on show, holding a port glass of Glenfarclas 10 - my Glencairn got smashed. There is a small Double Decker on my thigh. Pixel the black-and-tan Shiba Inu puppy is having a good old smell of the whisky and isn't convinced.

Perks of public transport in #Berlin #doubledecker

View out of a double decker bus in berlin-Steglitz on a road with a nice red brick church tower
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 months ago

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister Had an Undeniable Passion for Gambling
Real rock n rollers know how to live life on the edge. To most of them, living is not living if life isn't wild and crazy both on and off stage. That perfectly summarizes the life...

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I can't believe it's been more than a decade since I was in #London - where does the time go? Still a personal favorite not just because I love the old #RouteMaster #buses but because after this bus passed I hopped on the next on what was then the heritage route.
#GreatBritain #England #DoubleDecker #BritishArt #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #MarkOnArt

Find this here:

Color Digital Photograph of a Classic Routemaster Double decker bus at Temple Bar where the Strand becomes Fleet Street. The Victoria monument with a boundary Dragon marking the edge of the city of London are visible beside the bus. A beautiful late summer day in London.
Ashu Shendé (Artist)
1 year ago

"London Eye"
Buy direct from artist's shop

Original canvas - Available
Limited Edition prints - Available
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1 year ago

We’re 15 days away from the fourth and final stop on the UK #GodLovesYouTour at the ExCeL London! #DoubleDecker

That looks like a very, very expensive way to advertise. How much did that cost (in US subscription dollars)? #GodLovesYourMoneyTour

কলকাতার রাস্তায় নামতে চলেছে হুড খোলা দোতলা বাস

নতুন নীল-সাদা বাসে থাকছে সমস্ত আধুনিক ব্যবস্থা। থাকছে আগের চেয়ে বেশি চওড়া সিঁড়ি। বাসের মধ্যে থাকছে সিসি ক্যমেরা, প্যানিক বাটন।

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