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Wann: 02. Oktober 2023 ab 22 Uhr
Wo: Erdbeermund Singen

ALLE Queers und LGBT* People sind willkommen! Unsere Pride Party ist ein Safe Space für alle Queers! Kommt zu uns und habt einfach Spaß! 🌈

Mit den super heißen und lieben DragQueens Atlantika van Doom (@atlantika_van_doom), The Bella Who (@thebellawho) und Coco La Boom (@coco_laboom)

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Steve Thompson
1 day ago

"A Right-Wing Judge Aims to Undo Free Speech, One Drag Show at a Time"

"Puritanical Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk doesn’t like the way everyone interprets the First Amendment."

#GOP #extremists #dragqueens #LGBTQ

Steve Thompson
3 days ago

"Meet Miss Toto, the drag queen serving up shark science in South Florida"

"“Drag 'n Tag' breaks down barriers to marine science for the queer community and people of color"

#GOP #dragqueens #Florida #DeSantis #education #discrimination #race

"This is why places of worship are important centers of resistance. They are political, legal and spiritual testing grounds, where people can and likely will confront one another over the spiritual direction of this country."


#Drag #DragQueens #BanGunsNotDragQueens #LGBTQIA #Texas #Resistance

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

Top story: “When I was growing up, that’s when [RuPaul’s] Drag Race started. So VH1 was on and my grandma called me into the room and told me, ‘Sit down and watch, this is what you’re going to be.’”

The #drag queens of #Austin share their origin stories and reflect on the rising political attacks and white supremacist threats to their art:

#LGBTQIA+ #news #culture #queer #Texas #DragQueens #TXlege #politics #USpol #transgender #nonbinary

Mark 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

Yes, Dorothy, there really ARE #liberal #elites who do as they please, no matter the cost to ordinary people. But they ain’t #unions, #students, #teachers, #trans, #dragqueens, or #humanities professors. They’re #lawyers, #investors, #technocrats and #bros.

Sorry for the paid link. Basically an article on how the elite parents of #SBF enabled the massive #FTX #crypto #fraud and enriched themselves in the process.

Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 week ago

I am so excited to finally share my @TexasObserver feature on the #Drag Queens of Austin and how they're defying the threat of legal crackdown and persecution in the streets, from the magazine. I spent months putting this together and I am so proud of how it came out...

#LGBTQIA #Texas #transgender #Austin #DragQueens #news

Brigitte Bandit performs in AC/AB pasties on her artificial breasts, red and black waist cincher, fishnets, black boots and wavy blonde hair.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

Hermajestie the Hung told us, “I was given spaces to explore the real me, not the me that I had to be in order to stay alive. #Drag is so healing.”

In Digital Editor Kit @oconnell's #Culture feature from our magazine, the performers of #Austin celebrate their art in defiance of persecution:

(📸 #Photography by Cindy Elizabeth, with Kit O'Connell)
#culture #DragQueens #trans #transgender #transphobia #politics #USpol #gender #homophobia #LGBTQIA+ #dance

Ray Ray Topaz, an older Black drag queen who looks like Tina Turner, performs in a black outfit with pink and black jacket, standing with her arms spread wide behind her proudly, the microphone in one hand. The sign language interpreter stands to one side.
Hernajestie the Hung, a muscular, skinny Black drag queen in a sea green mermaid costume, makes an elegant gesture while holding an oversized prop fork. Her hair features bright red braids and shaved sides.
A Black woman with a very tall up-do and big hoop earrings, wearing a leopard print coat. She's holding a blue costume bra top in her hands as she stands in a backstage area.
An older Black drag queen, who looks like Tina Turner, adjusts her black wig with her hands, as she looks at herself in a lit backstage mirror decorated with a garland of pink fake flowers. Her lips are pursed and her eyebrows drawn in perfect arches.

Post 11/12

Based on that success, I revisited Optimus Prime as a drag queen, but with a more verbose prompt.

A giant robot that looks like Optimus Prime in drag with a mullet wig --v 5.0 --s 50

#AdventuresInAI #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #AIArt #Midjourney #Transformers #OptimusPrime #Drag #DragQueen #DragQueens #LGBT

An image generated by the Midjourney AI of Optimus Prime as a drag queen a red, white, and, blue, wig and makeup.

Post 4/12

When I tried Optimus Prime as a drag queen, Midjourney generated images of a human with some clothing inspired by Optimus Prime, including one that is mildly NSFW.

Optimus Prime as a drag queen --v 5.0 --s 50

#AdventuresInAI #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #AIArt #Midjourney #Transformers #OptimusPrime #Drag #DragQueen #DragQueens #LGBT

An image generated by the Midjourney AI of a drag queen in clothing inspired by Optimus Prime.
An image generated by the Midjourney AI of a drag queen in revealing clothing inspired by Optimus Prime and a red simi truck in the backrond.
2 weeks ago

Die #AfD versucht immer wieder #Dragqueens in die Pädo-Ecke zu framen. Dabei würden 9/10 Menschen die Polizei rufen, würde der Dude im Gauland-Kostüm in der Nähe eines Kindergartens gesehen werden.

Pues nada, coronaron a una #barbie sosa que todo el rato iba por dios, su familia y su patria... (valores, que ... bueno ... gracias pero NO !)
Me quedo muy pero muy decepcionado con el resultado de este primer #DragRace en #México
Sin embargo, el programa ha sido muy bueno, me encanto, se han visto muchas #estrellas, mucho talento. El werkroom y el escenario estaban increíbles, súper bonitos.
Yo hubiese coronado sin duda a #Matraka, o por a caso a #GalaVaro.

Peter M 🎯
4 weeks ago


Even een andere invalshoek:

Protesteren tegen een voorleesuurtje voor kinderen door #draggueens staat voor mij gelijk aan het belemmeren van #ouders én #kinderen om zelf te bepalen naar wie ze willen luisteren.

#indoctrinatie dus, juist door die #mafkezen die zich bemoeien met #andermans #opvoeding van #kinderen. 😡

Moet ik nog zeggen dat #dragqueens dat helemaal niet doen? 😡

Texas Observer Lives!
4 weeks ago

A sneak preview of the September/October issue of Texas Observer magazine, featuring stories by Eva Ruth Moravec, Kit @oconnell, Reynaldo Leaños Jr. and @gabrielarana.

The new issue will be arriving in mailboxes, inboxes, and at select newsstands soon.

#TexasNeedsAnObserver! Help us keep reporting by becoming a member today, and you'll get future issues too:

(🎨 Cover by Drue Wagner)
#news #journalism #nonprofit #USpol #politics #AirBNB #DragQueens #Military #Racism

The September/October 2023 issue of the Texas Observer features an illustration of a female-presenting person fearfully peeking over a windowsill at the "party house" across the street, a short-term rental with a raging crowd dancing, fighting, drinking, and dealing with the cops. The top story is "All the Scary Houses: Neighborhoods fight the giant companies pushing the short-term rental tidal wave". Other top stories include "Queens Defiant," "The Last Texan to Die in Afghanistan," and "Toppling Statues."

@JessTheUnstill I LOVE #DragQueens 🙌 ❤️ Always have... ❤️

👍 Artist: #TristanEaton in City: #NewYorkCity ,10th st/1ave, NY USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "You look Fabulous!" ("Du siehst fabelhaft aus!") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Sign #DragQueens #LGBTQIA+ #YouLookFabulous !🌈

Streetart. On a street pillar in New York is a yellow sign that a hairy male arm, with red painted fingernails and white pearl necklace attached. The hand makes an Okay sign (A fist and thumbs up). A black lettering around it says "You look Fabulous!".
Info: This sign was first made about 13 years ago. It is made in honor of the many great drag queens out there. It is more than up to date.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

From the Archives: "It’s a safe space to be yourself regardless of who that is. I don’t understand why people want to smother that."

West #Texas Town Comes Out for #Drag Queens

#LGBTQIA+ #Lubbock #WestTexas #news #politics #USpol #DragQueens #children

Keith :verified:
1 month ago

Sad to have to say it but #homophobia seems to be on the rise. We need to keep challenging and calling out this behaviour. These bigots needs to be made feed shame, not us.

Pixie Polite, a star on the UK Drag race was subjected to homophobic slurs and threats. Unfortunately Pixie was all alone and clearly intimidated by the situation

#DragQueens #LGBTQ

Otra vez ganado la Perralta ? Pero ya no basta ? Se merecía ganar Gala Varo ! Y punto.
Estoy bastante enfurecido con esta situación.
Y dejan a Matraka última ? Buaah. Pues ya no me gusta.
#DragRace #México #DragRaceMéxico #GalaVaro #final #DragQueens

Keith :verified:
1 month ago

Oh and #TimPool needs to get a reality grip. Seriously blaming #DragQueens on a hurricane? It was dumb when insane right wingers blamed the gays on a drought a few years ago , it was dumb when Pat Robertson blamed the cause of Covid with gay marriage. This is as equally dumb.


Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

“We do what we can with the courts but the true power is always in our community and the way we take care of each other. We’re going to need to save each other, and ourselves.”

As the ACLU of #Texas begins their latest lawsuit—this time against Senate Bill 12, the so-called 'drag ban'—the #LBGTQIA+ community must fight for survival, reports Digital Editor Kit @oconnell:

#HumanRights #transphobia #homophobia #DragQueens #drag #news #USpol #politics #CivilRights #law

Drag queen Brigitte Bandit performs on an ouitdoor stage in a sleeveless Texas flag halter top over large prosthetic breasts, a bright yellow blonde wig, and red and black tiger-stripe side-tie cowboy pants.
2 months ago

I went to Drag Expo Gala last night and had a fantabulous evening being entertained by some amazing performers. Drag Expo is on all weekend at MCEC (Jeffs Shed) here in Melbourne. A fantastic time is ensured!

#Drag #DragQueen #DragQueens #lgbtqia #Arts #Gala #DragExpo #Entertainment #Melbourne

Karen from Finance
Kane Enable
Eve Elle
Honey Davenport
Florida Ted
2 months ago
@wdlindsy Another news posting about church people sexually abusing children. Oddly, I never see any news about #DragQueens sexually abusing children. /s
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

Of course The #Jinkx & #DeLa Holiday Special #tour skips #Houston. *Again.*

We’ve only got more population than both #Austin and #Dallas *combined* and a *raging* #drag scene that recently fielded both #RuPaulsDragRace S15 finalist #MistressIsabelleBrooks and currently-airing #CampWannakiki S5 contestant #MuffyBlakeVanderbiltIII.

Whatevs. Sick of this city being passed over while lesser #Texas towns get “national” tour dates.

#JinkxMonsoon #BenDeLaCreme #DragQueens

3 months ago

@jsit Gotta have rhinestones and pictures of #DragQueens, too

Ned Raggett
3 months ago

I believe it is important that you all know that the first session of the drag queens-do-role playing games thing from the other week is up on YouTube for your enjoyment courtesy the channel itself. Two hours of #Jujubee, #BobTheDragQueen, #MonetXChange and #AlaskaThunderfuck doing this? Bring it on! #gaming #dragrace #dragqueens

Steve Thompson
3 months ago

You know the United States is on a dystopian moral decline when the Philippines has stronger human rights protections than America.

"Filipina Mayor Creates Safe City for LGBTQIA+" #GOP #dragqueens #transrights #LGBTQ

"In the absence of national anti-discrimination laws, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte is using local policies to create ‘the safest space’ for gay and transgender people in the Philippines."

3 months ago

Queens et Noires: comment les clichés racistes s’infiltrent jusque sur les scènes du drag

Alors que l’émission «Drag Race France» redémarre vendredi soir sur France TV, avec deux artistes noires au casting de sa saison 2, plusieurs #dragqueens racontent à Mediapart le #racisme auquel elles sont confrontées. Non seulement de la part du public, mais aussi, plus insidieusement, dans leur milieu professionnel.

Keiona, Soa De Muse et Mami Watta, candidates de Drag Race France. © Photos Jean Ranobrac et Nathalie Guyon / FTV
Steve Thompson
3 months ago

Make no mistake. Homophobic GOP politicians and their self-loathing supporters have finally brought their division and anarchy to our streets in manufactured protest. Vote them out. Vote them all out.

"Party and protest mix as LGBTQ+ pride parades kick off from New York to San Francisco" #LGBTQ #humanrights #transrights #bookbans #dragqueens

Werner Keil
3 months ago

@tazgetroete #Kinderyoga durch #Querdenker, aber #Dragqueens sind eine Gefahr für #Kinder. 🤦

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Viola, the Brit, was doing well up till now but really flubbed this one. I think it's a Kiss song? "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time." Rock n roll. She misses the lower notes consistently, and Michelle Visage says she prefers the original outfit from when Viola was 16. Ouch.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Jazell Royale (Black American): holy mackerel, she does "Save the Best for Last" in front of Vanessa Williams. Jazell is a crooner, with a beautiful upper range. Vanessa gives her a standing ovation but Mel B tells the truth: a bit wobbly in one place. A bit nasally in others. Still, it's a fabulous performance overall, and her tribute to Vanessa Williams' influence is sweet and touching. She looks and sounds amazing, she's also a frontrunner imo.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Tiger Brava (from México): The judges loved her song and her performance. I didn't know it and it didn't grab me. But she looked amazing.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Aura Eternal: I enjoyed her on Drag Race Italia. And she does Mary J. Blige, whatsit, the dancerie song, and wow. She kinda nails it, including Mary's distinctive dance moves! She gets a bit off beat and off pitch for like 0.75 second going into the showoff part of the song but recovers gracefully. She has a gorgeous husky alto and a great sense of humor. And a positive demeanor, I like her.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Militia Scunt (Black American): best name. Pitch issues singing Amy Winehouse, but it's very emotional and beautiful.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Queens of the Universe S2 E4

"My First Time": The remaining seven contestants must perform a song that recalls their first time in drag.

Maxie, from the Philippines. She has a pic of herself at age 11 and she sings "What a Feeling." She looks fantastic and her singing is precise and heartfelt. She's seeming like a frontrunner.

#QueenOfTheUniverse #Drag #DragQueens #GayShit

Sally Strange
3 months ago

Queen Of the Universe update:

On the second episode, to decide who to eliminate, with Mel B judging: they gave the five queens with the lowest audience scores 5 minutes to dress for and rehearse the Spice Girls' "Wannabe." It was glorious and hilarious. They all did remarkably well given the short time frame. Such talent!

#DragQueens #QueenOfTheUniverse #music #singing

Cleo of Topless Topics
3 months ago

Today's first short: You won't believe what we paid for a 2 hour Emergency Room Visit (I hate the United States so much)

the #medical bill finally came from Aeden's two-hour #EmergencyRoom #hospital visit in April... insurance paid $800, leaving us with $600 left to pay. this is WITH my husband's employer subsidized #healthinsurance that he pays hundreds of dollars out of each paycheck for. thankfully with the social security my dad gets while living with us, we can cover it without having to take out a loan, but this makes me SO FURIOUS. we were there for TWO HOURS, all they did was check Aeden's vitals, then give him a dose of ibuprofen after determining he had another ear infection. TWO. FUCKING. HOURS. every year, thousands of #Americans become destitute, thanks to crippling #medicalDebt, or they DIE because #prescriptionDrugs they NEED are too expensive. meanwhile, in CIVILIZED countries , you can be in the hospital for days, even weeks, getting all sorts of medical treatment, and pay only a couple hundred, if anything at all.

and this is to say nothing of the many OTHER things wrong with this country, like the rampant #gunViolence that still #Republicans refuse to pass the slightest amount of #gunControl to mitigate, the demonization of #mentalIllness yet refusal to fund affordable access to treatment for #mentalHealthcare, the rising tides of #whiteNationalism perpetrating #hatecrimes against anyone who isn't a straight white "" christian"" male, the rampant #climateChange #conspiracyTheorist deniers, the assault on #dragQueens, #trans rights, and all other #lgbtq #queer people just for existing, the stripping of #bodilyAutonomy from people who can bear children, relegating us all to #forcedBirth broodmares, and so much else...

the #UnitedStates is a sh-hole. I need to get my family out of this third world dystopian hellscape. am option that the majority of people stuck here can't even begin to consider (nor should they have to)

4 months ago


Damit Konservative den real existierenden Missbrauch weiter verharmlosen und vertuschen können, werden dann lautstark Hetzkampagnen über die eingebildeten Gefahren von #Dragqueens und #Transgender gemacht.

Tatsächlich geht es diesen Leuten nie um Opferschutz, sondern nur um gezielte Ablenkung, um die echten Täter zu schützen.

4 months ago

2 Das macht mich so sauer! Diese ganzen rechten und libertären Clowns fürchten sich vor ein paar #dragqueens, die Kindern, die möglicherweise cis sind, ein paar Bücher vorlesen. Was ihre Hetze an Gewalt und Verfolgung unter queeren Kindern und Jugendlichen produziert ist ihnen völlig egal.

Ach ja, eine Sache noch. An Jeden Kackvogel der jetzt fragt "Warum braucht ihr denn den #pridemonth?" möchte ich folgende Worte richten: F*ck off!

Sally Strange
4 months ago

So yeah since nobody seems to know, #QueenOfTheUniverse is a drag singing competition. Season 2 is upon us and the first episode is free on yootube. They've got queens from around the world, Graham Norton as host, and a "pop diva" panel: Mel B, Vanessa Williams, Trixie Mattel, and Michelle Visage.

#DragQueens #vocalist #singing #music #LGBTQIA #gay #queer

Regina Granat
4 months ago

Wanda Sykes has it right! “Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats 8 kids to death with a copy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ I think you’re focusing on the wrong shit.”
#drag #dragqueens #books #truth

Shouty person
4 months ago

All right, Fediverse. Help a writer out, would you?

In my next book ( #DragQueens vs serial killers), I've got a group of drag artists who go around local retirement communities, libraries, community centres, etc. putting on shows for the community. They're mostly older performers and their audience is mostly retired people. I need a name for the group.

I'm thinking something that plays with the notion of royalty and vintage.

#HelpAWriter #Bookstodon

Rupauls Drag Race GIF by VH1
Bruce Mirken
5 months ago

Number of U.S. children killed by #GunViolence so far in 2023: 619

Number of U.S. children killed by #DragQueens so far in 2023: 0

This has been a public service announcement.

Arnhem-Nijmegen BIJ1
5 months ago

Vanmiddag was er een demonstratie in Rotterdam uit solidariteit met twee drag queens die daar voorlazen. Dit protestbord vat het kernachtig samen. Vier de liefde! #samensterk #dragqueens

Foto genomen tijdens een solidariteitsdemo in Rotterdam. Te zien is een protestbord met een citaat van Ru Paul: "We're all born naked and the rest is drag."
6 months ago
6 months ago

A church in Ohio was firebombed, and threatened by extremists, after it announced a Drag Queen Story Hour for children. But they did not back down.
#News #Politics #TheExtremismDesk #dragqueens #extremism #ProudBoys

I've noticed none of the school shooters in this country have been #DragQueens.
#Nashville #SchoolShooting #BillLee

Kelly Guimont
6 months ago

My hive-kicking streak wants to take my cishet self to my friendly neighborhood #DragQueens and get a makeover. I want to create a character and start reading books to kids and/or hosting brunch as a way over the top lady. Honestly I think it would be fun as hell.

(This is unlikely since I live in a city that just named a street after a drag queen. But I have the privilege of loving the idea my indoor plumbing would turn the whole thing into embarrassing spectacle.)

6 months ago

#Texas #Republican #SteveToth Introduces Bounty Hunting Bill Targeting #Drag Queens

Toth's bill allows everyday people to sue anybody who hosts or performs in drag where any child is in attendance. Critics say the measure will create a bounty-hunting culture that targets drag queens and #transgender people.

#DragQueens #LGBTQIA

7 months ago

Does anyone else need some good news today?

“Hundreds Gather in Royal Oak to Support Drag Queen Story Time”

#dragban #dragqueens

The anti-drag movement encapsulates everything that's going wrong in the United States — a country in the grip of an extremism crisis that is spiraling out of control. #drag #dragqueens #dragstoryhour #proudboys #lgbtq

7 months ago

I dont even know what to say. Or do. They care nothing for rights. Protests fall on deaf ears. They have no shame or compassion. Hypocrisy is embraced. We are the ones chastised for bringing it up.

Tennesse is the first but Texas and Florida and others are right on their heels.

#HumanRights #CivilRights #DragQueens #LGTBQIA

Sharon Gibson Morgan
7 months ago

@StillIRise1963 To Those Finding Comfort in the False Assurance You'll Be Okay:

This crowd will find a reason to come after you. (They don't even like one another.)

Today, it's trans folk and drag queens; tomorrow, another group will be in their sights. Eventually, it will be your turn.

It's not for nothing Martin Niemöller's *First, They Came* poem still rings true after all these years.

#Transgender #Drag #DragQueens #Fascism #Niemöller

Prism & Pen
7 months ago

My story today is infuriating. It’s about Proud Boys in very liberal Silver Springs, Maryland showing up at a bookstore last Saturday to stop families from entering to hear a drag queen read stories to children.
But that’s not the most infuriating part.
#LGBTQ #DragQueens #PoliceBrutality #ProudBoys

David Chartier
7 months ago

Lol, the Schaumburg #IKEA outside #Chicago has a display space for #DragQueens. Pretty cool.

An IKEA display space for drag performers with products like lighting, mirrors, storage shelves, etc.
7 months ago

Went to drag story time today. Outdoors in Canada in February. Drag queens might be the toughest people in the world, hanging out in the cold in those outfits (including one in a day glo body suit, fishnets and stilettos walking on ice!) #dragqueens #drag #Canada #Ottawa #Winterlude

Two drag queens reading stories on an outdoor stage. One wearing a shimmering green gown and the other in a sparkly black gown with a thigh high slit.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
9 months ago

@futurebird I miss the #DragQueens that I either follow or are my friends

Pedro Carreira
9 months ago

A nova linha de ataque de estados conservadores nos EUA passa pelo drag. Aquela que é possivelmente a forma artística mais transgressora da comunidade, que deu o corpo às balas desde o início e permitiu a emancipação moderna LGBTIQ. Há que defender estas rainhas 👑


#LGBTQ #Drag #Direitos #DragQueens