Ukrainian Artists
1 week ago

“The Sun can rise anytime in your dreams. And there night may fall anytime as well.” ― Munia Khan.


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Surreal image of a dreaming woman.
S t a c i e
2 weeks ago

Good morning! 😃🌞

I woke up with this song playing on the radio station in my head.


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But maybe --only maybe-- forgetting your problems isn't a solution.

When I quit
#marijuana I stop #dreaming, which means I don't get sexy #dreams when I'm horny, which means I wake up and don't realize I am horny.

IT News
3 weeks ago

Custom Glove Guides Wearers’ Dreams - For as much advancement as humanity has made in modern medicine even in the last c... - #wearablehacks #creativity #dreaming #science #sensors #audio #dream #lucid

3 weeks ago

Microdream I had in the span of what seemed to have been either one second or five:

It was daytime and I was laying in bed. A girlfriend was in front at the bed. The first thing I notice that it was [redacted], with her red hair beset in pigtails, wearing her glasses, and a black polo.

She's looking at me. No, she's looking into my eyes. While she reaches out to me with an outstretched hand, I see her smile. She then says to me, "yeah. well, let's go kill god"

As quick as I fell asleep and it started, it ended and I woke up

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3 weeks ago

Maybe the future isn't that grim and dark but still cyber?

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a futuristic city, skyscrapers, bright setting, lots of vegetation
Timo Kissel
3 weeks ago

#Dreaming about a specific topic can help us be creative about it, and “targeted dream incubation” can nudge our dreams towards those topics

1 month ago

Now last night I slept without an an anxiety dream or nightmare. So uncommon is that I actually woke up going "Eh?".
Let's see what dreamland has in store tonight...
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Had a long #lucid #dreaming experience this night. I hadn't been lucid dreaming for some time and then I listened to a lucid dreaming meditation while sleeping and it eventually triggered one.
2 months ago

I woke up at 7am, just boom - don’t know what I was #dreaming but had the word “mannequinesis” on the tip of my tongue, which I can only imagine in dreamland means the power to control mannequins with your mind >_>

Spirit Bear Fran
3 months ago


Hi All, my name is Fran and Spirit Bear Dreaming is the label I use for teaching dreamwork and doing things like writing about the things that interest me and which keep me going.

My earliest memory was of picking a tomato from a huge sunny garden with my mother and her mother. We washed it and I bit into in the summer sunshine food, surrounded by loving ancestors. That's my foundation memory.

I grew up in a little village in the laps of the Italian side of the family in the Pennsylvania foothills. I thought their church was goofy from an early age and I looked for more. In my early teens I discovered the I Ching and was blown away by the fact that divination still worked. Later, I had a transformative initiation experience with a tarot reader and then entered into a world of meaning and a living universe, and I've read tarot ever since. Very poorly at first and for years after that, but I've improved a lot over the decades!

I started out working as an artist and ended up doing art production to make a living. As more tech came into the art world I did more tech work and eventually became a developer. A marriage, a family, a home, I hit midlife and realized the trip was half over and that I better get to those things I'd been putting off! A deep dive followed into dreamwork, qigong/tai chi, and then shamanism and now I do a broad mix of those every day.

I read tarot in a small non-public situation and occasionally teach. I've been involved in tarot publishing, including my own intermediate level book on layouts and things. Dreamwork is an lifetime long, ongoing work of imagination in the greater sense. For nearly two decades I've led dream groups and taught dreamwork with a focus on the shamanic Active Dreaming developed by Robert Moss. For a decade I was part of a local shamanic circle build on our leader's Celtic traditions. We worked with spirits, local and otherwise, traversed a lot of interesting realms and did a lot of psychopomp work and clearing, clearing, clearning!

My second Saturn return of a few years ago was very rough, but I survived it. It clearly informed me that I'm in the last few chapters now and that I need to clear up any remaining messes and see if I have anything good to leave for others. I'm learning about that now and frankly, climbing down off the wheel isn't too bad. Lately I have been mostly writing and studying, figuring out what to let go of or get rid of, and finding little tasks to help pay the bills.

The social media scene has been a bit toxic or boring for a while, but as I checked out Mastodon, this site seemed to be full of people interested in many of the same topics as me. So, I did a tarot reading on joining and it told me this would be a good place, if a bit challenging at times. Last night I got a reading that reminded me that I need to get myself out there beyond the gravity of my default introvert self. So I signed in and here I am.

My main topics of interest are:

#Divination in general, including astrology, which I think I will never master, but it pulls at me. Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Sagittarius rising.

#Tarot and especially #TarotLayouts and interesting technical issues in using and reading tarot. I love shared readings where we collaborate and everyone brings things to it.

#Shamanism of the modern kind, using sonic drivers or the like. My teachers all trace back to the Harner efforts to build a system that modern Westerners can use to get back to the foundations of being human after being long separated from their shamanic ancestors. I don't really know much about traditional people's works and I try not to interfere or appropriate things I should avoid.

#BodyEnergetics since that seems to be a requirement for any spiritual efforts. I've worked a lot with QiGong and Tai Chi, but I am always open to learning more.

#Dreaming and #Dreamwork especially using the techniques developed to get more help from dreaming and finding more practical ways to use it in waking life. #ActiveDreaming is very powerful.

I appreciate you reading this whole thing! Cheers!

Mamluke 🏳️‍🌈
3 months ago

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night and woke up early and foggy - blargh

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vintage illustration of a person in bed surrounded by hundreds of tiny costumed people doing activities around their bedroom as if in a dream

I really appreciate the artist program at Pandora (streaming music): they've helped my DreamState suites reach more ears. Here's one example track (if it's available in your country), "Lou Cid"
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Peter Kisner
4 months ago

Someone is dreaming.

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Kitty cat toe beans twitching in her sleep.
Kristian Harstad
4 months ago

#tonight i'm tangled in my #blanket of #clouds
#dreaming aloud
things just won't do without you, matter of fact
i'm on your #back

if you walk out on me
i'm #walking after you

if you'd accept #surrender, i'll give up some more
weren't you #adored?
i cannot be without you, matter of #fact
i'm on your back

another #heart is cracked
in two
i'm on your back --

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Have you ever hijacked a nightmare or night terror?

Saturday morning, I'm stuck half awake, paralyzed, and I feel myself being carried around in a basket by two strangers who are talking about how they are going to cook and eat me.
I piped up and said, "that's a great idea! I bet I'd smell delicious."
And they both stop dead and are looking at me like "WTF is wrong with this idiot?"
It gave me time to wake myself up all the way and literally jump out of bed.

Leopard Tales
5 months ago

The sea and the moon
Hold my dreams, etched in white sand
Swept away by dawn

Draw me in ghost white
Let me seep into the sky
Blend into cloud grey

@MastoPrompt #MastoPrompt #Dawn #Poetry #SmallPoem #Dreaming #Pastel #Drawing #Expressionism

Drawing on black paper with coloured chalks and pastels of a swirly, dreamy, scene with the head of a white dog and a sky behind. The drawing is expressive, focusing on feelings of friendship, loss and attachment.
5 months ago

@brianb Wouldn't it be nice if we could add `user-agent-styling: unset;` at the top of our stylesheets and all browsers would disable their built in CSS? One-liner CSS reset 🤤 #dreaming #css

5 months ago

Whether it's personal, professional, or global, if you want something badly enough, you'll act and keep acting, even in the face of significant hardship, in ways that are more likely to make that thing happen. Keep dreaming. It's how we make the world a better place.


alt text:
"Dreams worth fighting for don't die easily"
Image: silhouette of a hand reaching for stars within a circle.
Sustainable Sailing
5 months ago

Including tomorrow we have just 3 more Christmas mornings before we hope to be living on our beautiful Vida so 4 years from now will be our first Christmas living aboard.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, hope you too have exciting dreams for the future.

6 months ago
Cowboy Cat Ranch
6 months ago

Vlinder sleeping on my legs. She's dreaming.

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Todd Jordan
6 months ago

@chris I have folks that honestly believe I'm going to put code live still this week.


I have this dev-board. The main part is an ESP32-A1S, it's an ESP32 with a built in I2S sound codec.
I want to turn it in to WiFi device for #amateurradio , but it's a lot of work and i haven't made much progress. #dreaming Ideally it should work by just showing up as a sound card.

Adding modules it could also work as a GPSD and NTP server so you don't need extra devices connected to your computer, and it could even do some modes on board with enough work. #aprs #sstv

Martha Crimson
1 year ago

I think she's dreaming about being a dainty t-rex.
#AleaTheBlackCat #Mastocats #cat #dreaming

Alea the Black Cat, half unfurled in her sleep, her front legs outstretched with the paws folded down "t-rex style". One claw elegantly displayed for consideration.