Frank King
4 hours ago

"I’m willing to face the fact that some of my #dreams are likely misguided, self-centred and best left unfulfilled." What's this all about and how does it connect with 'the universe'? Read on and find out:

22 hours ago

I had the weirdest #dream I was in a #RPG throughout the night but I'd wake up to a lighter sleep to drop back into a deep sleep then revisit the same RPG... might be #dreams about "Cyberpunk 2077" game I've been playing lately as I can't recall the dream fully but I'm the main character in the dream.

Maša Kepic
1 day ago

Some recurring themes of my #dreams (and life synchronicities) lately: keys (and antique ones), big venomous snakes (and catching them with my bare hands), and protecting little girls.

Hekate vibes…🖤🗝🐍

J.A. Jablonski (Jude) ✒
1 day ago

Dreamt I was a Lego person who owned a tiny bookshop. 🙃

#silliness #Bookstores #bookshop #dreams

Triptych image of same, generic, yellow-head Lego figurine with red top & blue lower superimposed over background photo of 1) outdoor book stall, 2) library bookshelves, & 3) a brick wall made of colorful Lego bricks.
3 days ago


Argus 14 had been wandering the exposition halls for quite a while. Gradually it dawned on it that people were staring.

At first it thought it was because they had not seen a self-aware mobile intelligent anthropomorphic machine before. Then it saw some other SAMIAMs staring at it.

Eventually it realized why.

It had forgotten to put on its epidermal covering! It was naked! In public!

Then it woke up in its recharging pod. That had been an odd experience. Still, the great exposition started today. It got up.

#SciFi #Robot #Dreams #Nightmares

Nikolay Neupokoev 🧲✨
4 days ago

I had a dream where I worked with hardware engineers. We were examining a machine and then the power went down. I’ve heard people say that this will be a norm in the near future. So, let’s assume this was about the future. The power came back really quick, but I needed to replace the power cord. I went to the storage, and I found another one. They were special cords with a converter installed on one end. But a guy said that I could not take that cable because he needed it in his team.


Ben Higbie
4 days ago

Here's a piece of #abstract #art made by my friend Apple, check it out, nice and cool and modern energy, this one'll go nice with a wide variety of interior styles. Msg me if interested!~ #artforsale #arts #artist #artists #decor #interior #interiors #abstractart #artlover #artlovers #dream #dreams #artnet #artgallery #artfinder #artmarket #supportthearts #supportlivingartists #abstractart #interiordecorating #interiordecor #interiors

a canvas painting hanging at the entrance to a small art gallery, seen from a side angle, the top of it is bright white mixed with light tan tones, with darker rusty accents along the edges, a horizon line a few inches above the middle, it is a vertical -shaped painting, the bottom part is blue, it is like an abstract landscape scene
the painting seen from the front
Chris Jags
4 days ago

I had a dream last night with a soundtrack. Not music I knew, but scored to what was happening (calm/ominous).

I've never had that before and I'm excited that my #dreams finally have some real production values, perhaps a top-notch cinematographer next?

4 days ago

Dreams are coming true! Content and fulfillment is within reach if they haven't already arrived.

No matter how small or big the manifest dream or wish you receive today, take full moment to enjoy and revel in it :-D#

#tarot #dreams #wellbeing

Starling Whistler
5 days ago

In my dream, I was reading the newspaper (an old-school paper one). An entire thick section was nothing but gossip about the academy awards. The next thin section was actual news. The bold headline was BILLIONAIRE SKY CITY FALLS. The photograph showed flames and explosions as the mammoth sinking machine landed on Albuquerque.

#Dreams #PagingDrFreud

Grace Greggory Hughes
5 days ago

#SciFi #Dreams

Dreamed of experiencing a new technology and trying to discern what it was and how it worked. It was like peering into large windows and seeing alternate worlds and alternate times.

I wondered what someone from 1827, 100 years before the first television broadcast, might make of a dream of being in an IMAX theater, because that’s an equivalence that felt relevant. 1/

R. J. Gumby ☑✓✔✅🗸🗹
5 days ago

I hear people talking about their #dreams sometimes like they think they are supposed to mean something. Last night I dreamed a group of people was slowly filling a shoebox with whipped cream while singing "Feliz Navidad." Anyone want to try to interpret that one?

I wouldn't worry about it none; them old dreams are only in your head. I think Bob Dylan said that.

5 days ago

Now *this* is quite the #dream
In it I tend a series of large natural lakes and woodland but Barry Manilow(!) purchases it all and proceeds to drain the lakes to make them printer ink reservoirs (the most lucrative, high profit material on Earth) and clear the woodland for cartridge manufacture. I'm desperately trying to save the wildlife. #dreams

Drew Naylor
6 days ago

I had a #dream last night that #GameXPlain was bought out by... some company that people hated, and people were angry on #Twitter over it (beyond the amount they already were at how people working for GX were treated).


Drew Naylor
6 days ago

Don't run a microwave with a piece of toast in it and a vertical metal rod going out the top from the middle of the toast a few feet away from a toaster in a puddle of water outside in an attempt to generate electricity or you'll need to grab the fire extinguisher and put out the resulting fire.

#dreams #fire #food #dream

6 days ago

@Rjdlandscapes damn, I was going to say that I would escape Canada and head to NZ if Trump got in again. #dreams

Inked Goddess Creations
6 days ago

Help visualize your aspirations and make them a reality with our exclusive set of PDF printables designed to help you Manifest Your Dreams. Fill them out and post them in a visible place, or paste them into your book of shadows.
#Manifestation #Dreams #Goals #Aspirations #VisionaryMagick #VisionBoard #Journal #Planner #BookOfShadows #Magick

A photo of the exclusive "Manifest Your Dreams Worksheet" product from Inked Goddess Creations.
6 days ago

I was streaming it yesterday and plan to continue today if my body allows me to, but I highly recommend playing Disdain: Depravity of the Night if you still have access to Dreams and are a Castlevania fan. Definitely give it a chance and before Dreams is no longer available to access
#gaming #castlevania #dreams #ps4

Krzysztof Kołacz
6 days ago

Pionier w dziedzinie narzędzi dedykowanym ilustratorom, firma Procreate, oficjalnie zaprezentowała swoją nową aplikację o nazwie Dreams.

Została ona zaprojektowana, aby ułatwić „tworzenie bogatych animacji 2D, ekspresyjnych filmów i zapierających dech w piersiach historii”.

Procreate pokazało zwiastun swojej nowej aplikacji Dreams we wrześniu:

Procreate Dreams to zupełnie nowa aplikacja do animacji pełna potężnych narzędzi, z których może korzystać każdy. Umożliwia tworzenie wciągających, ręcznie rysowanych animacji, ruchomych grafik i wzbogacanie ich o zdjęcia, filmy i dźwięk.

Cechy i funkcje:

  • Rysowanie i malowanie za pomocą wszystkich popularnych pędzli Procreate,
  • Dynamiczne ukrywanie osi czasu, aby zwiększyć obszar roboczy,
  • Nagrywanie ruchu lub efektów za pomocą dotyku,
  • Wielodotykowa oś czasu zaprojektowana do animacji i płynnych gestów,
  • Edycja audio i wideo z podkładem głosowym, muzyką i efektami dźwiękowymi,
  • Funkcja Stage umożliwia „tworzenie rozbudowanych animacji poklatkowych dla postaci, które ożywają, a wszystko w jednym projekcie”
  • Pełna historia edycji pliku,
  • Obsługa iCloud.

Cena: jednorazowy zakup za 99 zł (bez subskrypcji!).

Ja już testuję, a Wy?

#aplikacja #dreams #iPad #Procreate #rysowanie

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
6 days ago

What is it with dreams? I've been trying to solve a problem I don't have in my dream. Exhausting, besides which I have enough in reality without extra ones in sleep!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Dreams

1 week ago
A7 Radio - 100% Mix
1 week ago

🔴 Nouvelle Energie, pour ce M.E.R.CREDI !

Fin de journée, de venir se balader, à l'air libre. Bientôt l'hiver, on profite du soleil !

#Mastodon #Twitter #Facebook #Liberty #Dreams #Music #Life #A7Radio

Devon Ellington
1 week ago

The Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions Site took a much needed break for most of 2023, but I’ve posted some questions to ponder for 2024. There will be regular tools, tips, and techniques posted next year to help achieve your goals, dreams, and resolutions, as we work on them together. One can share or not share details as one wishes.
#Goals #Dreams #Resolutions #Tools

woman sitting on a crescent moon swing, looking down at clouds.
A7 Radio - 100% Mix
1 week ago

🔴 " Je ne lâcherai rien. ça prendra du temps, de l'énergie et beaucoup de poids sur les épaules, mais j'y parviendrait. J'y crois, encore et toujours. Pourquoi lui et pas toi ? Ton heure de gloire approche ! Et ce jour là, tu auras toute la liberté pour toi. "

#Mastodon #Twitter #Facebook #Liberty #Dreams #Music #Life #A7Radio

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
1 week ago

Last night I had a dream that my house (that wasn't my house) had carpet in the bathroom, including in the shower.


1 week ago

"He who dreams not creates not." — Louis Sullivan — — — #LouisSullivan #quote #quotes #dreams #accomplishments #creation #ideas #fantasize #vision

Cliff Jones Jr.
1 week ago

My kindergartner was just asking some questions: "What if I'm dreaming right now? What if my whole life is a dream? What if I'm an old grandma and I'm just reliving my life?" 🥹 So proud.

#dream #dreams #dreaming #dreampunk

True Quotation
1 week ago

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
— Robyn Hitchcock
#quote #dreams

A7 Radio - 100% Mix
1 week ago

🔴 #A7Radio c'est comme un bon repas, ça se partage ! 🔥
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Active tes réseaux, et partage les good vibes avec le monde !

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1 week ago

If I have a bad dream in which someone/thing is threatening me in some way, my voice won't work or I can't dial the phone to call for help, or find the damn phone. It's frustrating & scary.

Well, last night that wasn't a problem. Someone was trying to drag me out of my house and I screamed HELP! over and over. It worked! My spouse came running in from another room to see if I was okay. Apparently I was screaming for real.


Antonio Páez
1 week ago


I live in an old building, and the neighbor is an old gentleman who lives with an animated doll as a companion. This neighbor is undead and would love nothing more than to suck our blood dry, but he is also a gentleman of good manners and restraint. Our neighbor is an undead gentleman and now is time for his daily autopsy, under the sad vigilant eyes of his animated doll.

Very strange, but just a dream.

#dream #dreams #oneiromancy #CommonBookOfUnearthlyDreams

Angela Preston
1 week ago

I remembered some fragments of my dreams this weekend. Not enough to really make sense of where they came from or what they might mean. But I'll put them here in case it makes more sense later.

In one dream, I was heading outside to my container garden, which in real life got really overgrown this year and I've been meaning to clean it up for the winter.

When I walked out, all the stuff that didn't belong had been cleaned up, all the stuff that needed moved had been moved, and all the stuff that needed pulled/disposed of was gone. The Husband had done it. I was very surprised. And I was glad for the help, but found myself wondering if it had happened due to frustration that bubbled over.

In the other dream, I saw a very tiny snake and I quickly grabbed it right behind its head (it was very close to my face when I noticed it). Then I realized it was a baby Prairie Rattlesnake and it scared me so much I nearly dropped it. I decided I needed to find somewhere safe to put it and I also realized I was not 100% sure how to let go of it safely. I don't remember how that one came out.


1 week ago

Last nights dream was another fun fest. Kept a soft colour changing fibre optic light on in the room as it can help me get better sleep (it's a thing, honest) but that aside I was enslaved in a waste reprocessing plant (UK metaphor anyone?) and had to dispose of toxic chemicals without any protective gear. Got some chemical on my hand and knew it would slowly dissolve me which I was quite sanguin about. #dream #dreams

Ben Higbie
2 weeks ago

Here'a a #painting on canvas that was made by my friend Apple, on display at her and her husband's gallery downtown; msg me if you like this one and'd like some more info, it's affordable in addition to being beautiful! #art #artforsale #artfinder #handmade #surreal #surrealism #nature #naturelover #naturelovers #dream #dreams #illustration #artgallery #artgalleries #artstudio #artstudios #artistsonmastodon #supportthearts #supportlivingartists

a painting of an ivory-colored woman, seen from the neck up, red minimalist lines on her face in a design, her lips red, her hair black, a halo of butterflies making a halo around her head
2 weeks ago

Had a dream last night that I took my kids to "the Chicago museum of natural history" and the place was completely empty except for the exhibits and we were walking through the legs of a herd of mastodons in an immersive display. The blaring sound of the trumpets blasted as our hands grazed the thick fur of the prehistoric pachyderms. It was so serene and strange.

#dream #dreams

Ben Higbie
2 weeks ago
a painting of a man in a seated meditation position, he has birds and turtles passing through his body, there are grey, brown, and golden abstract tones behind him, he wears traditional thai fabrics
a close-up of the man, his elderly face , looking exhausted but also calm, a bird on his right shoulder
turtles swimming through the mans body, a bird standing on the turtle's shell

I keep having #dreams about meeting random internet people I know.

I'm starting to think I may need real human #friends.

Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

one star ... just one
in what is left of the night sky
awareness dreaming

#amwriting #nature #stars #night #dreams #observations #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines #mpy

Ele Willoughby, PhD
2 weeks ago

For the #FolktaleWeek2023 prompt sleep I have carved a #linocut baku. The baku of Japanese myth was a chimera creature made from leftover parts, with the body of a bear, the claws of a tiger, the tail of a cow, the trunk and tusks of an elephant with the ears and eyes of a rhinoceros, and it eats nightmares! You can call on it if you have bad dreams. 🧵1/n

#printmaking #baku #mythology #folklore #sleep #dreams #MastoArt #Yokai #JapaneseFolklore

My linocut baku in a traditional tatami mat Japanese bedroom with paper screen walls, next to a child sleeping on a futon. The baku is a chimera in green with the claws of a tiger, body of a bear, cow’s tail, eyes and ears of a rhino and trunk like an elephant. It has golden curly cues on knees, elbows and eyebrows and red  wavy lines emanating from its body. The comforter on the bed is printed on a blue and white patterned origami paper.
2 weeks ago

A right pick & mix dream full of people I've never met before but set in places that seemed familiar but are probably amalgam. Somebody dragged me to a get together in a somewhat run down shopping centre that I left very early (as I typically didn't fit in) and spent the rest of the dream being very lost on a run down estate. #dream #dreams

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
2 weeks ago

I've been having some really weird dreams lately. Someone got shot in a dream last night, and that's a pretty rare occurrence for me.


Due to helping my son with math shortly before bed, my dreams half the night seemed to involve Rebel Wilson coercing me to solve point slope formula problems.
At first it seemed easy and I was really sure of my answers, but the longer the dream went on and she kept being like, "Are you sure!?" the less certain I was if my calculations were right.

Also I wasn't sure if this was part of a gameshow or there was some genuine crisis these calculations were intended to solve.


Poetry News
2 weeks ago
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
2 weeks ago

Slept in this morning, had a nice dream where I was sitting at a table with such interesting paper, covering it with beautiful script and colorful illustrations. I was going to write well thought-out letters to people I had deep and enduring friendships with.

Then I woke up.

#dreams #fountainpen

3 weeks ago

Stuttgart from above.

Whenever we drove to pick up my father from the airport, the car journey took us right past the threshold of runway 25. Seeing all the aircraft approaching, especially at night, I dreamed being one of them.

So today, a childhood dream came true. Flying over my old hood, seeing my former place of work. Some kind of coming home. 😍🛫 #pilotlife #aviation #dreams

T J Bombadil
3 weeks ago

I had a dream last night that Joe Biden came to my house. He wanted help with his bike, so we had a nice walk along a river to the White House where I found his bike chain was two links too long. Secret Service had a chain tool I could use.

Donald Trump was also at my house, of course, and he'd shat on the floor under the dining table. He insisted he didn't do it and that Biden needed to clean up the mess.

My dreams are getting entirely too plausible.
#biketoot #dreams

Saša Stanišić
3 weeks ago

@muellerwhh große Hoffnung in die menschheit dass sie bei „radfahrerin“ an ein fahrendes fahrrad denkt #hope #dreams

Hasani Hunter
3 weeks ago

I rewatched “The day the earth stood still” (Keanu Reeves remake) right before falling asleep and had a dream that Klaatu came back, looked around, and said “I gave all you mfs a chance” and proceeded to John Wick *everybody*.

Woke up and said to myself “Well he ain’t wrong tho, this timeline is all fucked up”


Ben Higbie
3 weeks ago

Here's an assortment of four paintings made by an artist that I represent + promote, his name is Aphisan; these below are all available, he is a well-known figure in the local contemporary arts scene here on Koh Samui island. Msg me if u're interested in any of these works~ #art #artforsale #artistsonmastodon #surreal #surrealism #dream #dreams #artists #animals #nature #wildlife #artlover #handmade #artforsale #artfinder #artmarket #artgallery #artgalleries #supportthearts #supportlivingartists

a painting of many ravens in a tree on the right side, blue background, fading into a white background on the left, a large owl with yellow eyes in flight
a painting of a girl , the background is soft tone interrupted by severe patches of bright oranges, she is holding a cat, on her hand rests a bird, her long hair is tied back, she wears a red dress and a bored expression on her face, she is facing the right side
a painting of a woman, chest deep in silver water, looking up at a bird flying inches from her face
a painting of koi fish swimming in silver water
3 weeks ago

I think the lava thing came from growing up around #quicksand. Once you are fairly relaxed around quicksands, you need something creepier and hotter to haunt your #dreams.

3 weeks ago

Dreamed of waiting forever for a coffee order that never came, and being unable to find donuts last night. 🤔 (almost never go to coffee shops or donut shops in real life, LOL) #dreams #food

Last night I dremt one of Lilo's cat toys turned out to be a changeling, and we became friends, while at the same time Sisko and crew were flying off to confront the Dominian directly, but part of that may have just been an episode the others in my house were watching in the dream. #Dream #Dreams #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9

Mark A. Rayner
1 month ago

When you have that recurring dream about a chipmunk you just can't quite reach. [sound on!]

#cat #cats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #dreams #chipmunk #chirp #humor #humour

calico tabby cat is sleeping and having dreams about something that makes her chirp
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
1 month ago

"In the evening, I went to see Wissam in the #hospital; she was barely awake. After half an hour, she asked me: “Khalo [Uncle], I’m dreaming, right?”

I said, “We are all in a dream.”

“My #dream is terrifying! Why?”

“All our #dreams are terrifying.”

“Don’t lie to me, Khalo. In my dream, I don’t have legs. It’s true, isn’t it? I have no legs?”

“But you said it’s a dream.”

“I don’t like this dream”"
#GiftArticle #GiftLink

#Children #Gaza #Israel #War #News

Photo with caption.

Photo: In a crowded room (hallway?),  women and children sit on the floor crying. One little girl in a pink shirt that says "Dance" looks directly into the camera. Her eyes are haunted. Tears, dirt, and blood run down her face.

Caption: Wounded Palestinians at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on Oct. 17. (Abed Khaled/AP)
Manni_P :mastolove:
1 month ago

@EurekaKreuzwort #Greta #thegame #EndersGame

[... Mazer informs #Ender that the "simulations" he has been fighting were real battles, directing human spacecraft against Formic fleets via an ansible, and that Ender has won the war. Despite Graff congratulating him, Ender becomes more depressed, realizing that he has committed genocide and become just like his brother. ...] #Zeitgeschichte #dreams #books #stories #visions #goldenpath #nightmare #war is not a game
"Man muss im Grunde genommen das ganze #Drogenstrafrecht in #Frage stellen (...). Man wird eines #Tages #kopfschüttelnd auf das 20./21. #Jahrhundert #zurückgucken (...)." [ab ca. 2:45] 
#Paradigmenwechsel #AntiPro

#NICHT #EINES #TAGES - - - - > #heute!
#cannabis #weedmob #letztegeneration #fff #luisa #greta #vanessa #rezo #carola #gerechtigkeit #anslinger #lug #betrug #rassismus #faschismus #onelove
Æva Winterschön
1 month ago

Things I miss right now... 📝 💟

- Running on the beach during Pacific monsoon rains

- Cross-country mountain biking, the Death Ride, nighttime rides on the Tahoe Rim Trail

- The sensations of early season snowfall while hiking at night in the Sierra Nevada

- The cool air of a late July morning in 2000, the anticipation of watching FreeBSD booting on my own computer


#memories #freebsd #2000s #hope #dreams

Eva Winterschön, wearing a dark magenta top and looking into the camera, surrounded by tropical canopy in Fiji, summer 2017.
Eva Winterschön, wearing a white tshirt with pink undertones, attempting to relax as an approaching migraine makes itself known. Returning to the USA was never a desire, so many years ago.
1 month ago

things must be going in the right direction because last night i dreamed that i was able to clean up the mess. there's often a mess in my dreams that i have to clean up..usually i'm overwhelmed by it, but last night my dream self was actually able to finish cleaning.

then i had time (in the dream) to plan the travel that i had to do next and strategize with friends..they helped me think through like maybe i *don't* have to drive that rental car back from LA to chicago, then try to catch a flight from chicago to the island. maybe i could just return the rental car in LA for a fee. that's the kind of problem-solving i like to see in my dreams. usually i've missed a flight, or maybe missed the same flight multiple days in a row (that's particularly painful), or stuck somewhere, or confused in an airport and late to the flight.

anyway, my dreams have definitely been changing since i started work 3 weeks ago. they're more unique (instead of very similar themes most nights) and problems actually get solved sometimes. i think it's because i've been doing a lot of stuff on the job that's new to me. maybe my brain is making new connections and that's reflecting in my dreams? who the f knows. but i'm happy when my dream self is happy, so i'm glad that the dream self was able to finish its cleaning and resolve its convoluted travel issues last night lol.


Lydia Schoch
1 month ago

Last night I dreamed I was standing in my grandparents’ living room and looking out at their snowy backyard.

Some of my cousins were sledding on the hill out back. They were little kids again instead of the adults they are now. I wondered if I should join them.

When I woke up, I was slightly disappointed to see that wasn’t actually any snow on the ground in my neighbourhood. It felt so real in the moment. ❄️


1 month ago

I had a dream last night that my partner and I were eating at a diner, and got into a conversation with the waitress. Her name-tag read "Muffy". We found out that was short for Muffington Crescent.

She introduced us to the cook, "Ned", which was short for "Needlenose Pliers".

My subconscious seems not quite clear on how personal names usually work.


Vayl Larkin (they/them)
1 month ago

So, #Dreams
Every night I dream in a sprawling city that has grown in my mind from a few rooms when I was tiny, to a house, to a village, etc. Each transition coincided with a transition in my real life.

For the past 8 years, the world has been ending in my city. Every night - bombs, monsters, tsunamis of mud, creeping disease - no matter the method, the outcome is clear.

Last night, an alien general descended to Earth in a boarding party to announce the takeover.

#Skeptic #StillWiggedOut

Lydia Schoch
1 month ago

Yesterday I talked about Minecraft on here, and last night I dreamed I was in the game chopping down trees and looking for food.

If only this worked every time. Wouldn’t it be cool to decide in advance what you wanted to dream about?

#Minecraft #Dreams #Today

The image of the bat was quite vivid. It had thick orangish hair all over its torso, or at least the front of it faving me. In the dream, the feeling of the sky pup clinging to me with its outstreched wings, and licking my face, were also clear.

Most of my dreams are only visual, but I have experienced every sense at one point across all my dreams.

#Dreams #MastoDreams

Just remembered that I forgot to mention that I had a vivid dream this morning that I rescued a *large* sky puppy / flying fox / fruit bat from some glued-together pine branches in the rotten eaves of part of my (dream) house. Sky puppy was very grateful and clung to me and moved up my torso to lick my face.

Then I wondered if I should be concerned about rabies and what do I do with this beautiful friendly sky puppy licking my face?!

#Dreams #MastoDreams

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 months ago

I dreamed that a friend sold their soul to the devil, and I was going through my roster of folktales to see how many ways the devil can be tricked into undoing the bargain.

I have reached "girl in the chair for monster hunters" level of knowledge 😆

#folklore #folktales #dreams

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

I want to #DoBigThings, like revolutionize (web) #search (and make the world a better place in the process).

But big things are made up of many small things. So I continue to execute on the small things, day by day.

Sometimes the small things are directly related to my end goal and sometimes they are indirectly improving my ability to reach my goal (e.g. improving my health).

Here I go. Right now that means going to sleep rather than revenge bedtime #procrastination win.

#dreams #hope

Ukrainian Artists
2 months ago

Teach me your mood,
O patient stars.
Who climb each night,
the ancient sky.
leaving on space no shade, no scars,
no trace of age, no fear to die.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


#AlexMir #art #dreams #surreal #quotes #BuyIntoArt #NoAIArt #quote #poetry #poem #poet #stars #ModernArt #MastoArt

Artwork by Alex Mir.
Odin Halvorson
2 months ago

My first ever Inktober and my first time drawing with pens! This was fun. 🍂🍂🎃

#Inktober #October #Halloween #Drawing #Art #artober2023 #Dreams

An ink sketch. A city skyline in the distance. In the foreground, a truck overturned on a highway. A figure floats above the truck's overturned bed. A hoard of figures, distorted and uncertain, wave up at the figure as if reaching for it.
2 months ago

@AbandonedAmerica Baffling to me as well; some of my most vivid (and terrifying) #dreams involve floors sagging, collapsing, disappearing, having plants grow out of their ever less solid boards, and/or turning into flimsy cloth. I'm sure this says something about my subconscious needing attention, but I'll take it.

Nell Greenfieldboyce
2 months ago

This weekend is the return of an asteroid sample NASA collected about 200 million miles away in 2020. Getting the 8 ounces or so of asteroid rock will be historic, if all goes as planned…and the stress is giving the lead scientist strange, vivid dreams….

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2 months ago

Common Ant Dreams:
* All sisters are convinced you are dead & keep carrying you to the graveyard.
* Discover you can pick up anything you can grasp in your mandibles: trees, anteaters & people.
* Queen notices you & asks for food (huge honor) but your social stomach is empty. Everyone is watching.
* Sugar dream.
* cutting leaf but keep going in circles, leaf never falls off.

More “common dreams” :

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Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Please, universe, can we get a version of Dreams for PC? #dreams

3 months ago

I dreamt about a conversation with #PaulThomasAnderson, we had some whiskey brewed by himself, later we spoke about some dumb stuff and I asked for some advice on becoming a better songwriter in relation to creativity, advice now lost in zzz… #dreams

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🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago


HENRY ROLLINS: Why I Stopped Making Music
During a recent appearance on producer Rick Rubin's "Broken Record" podcast, punk rock icon Henry Rollins discussed his decision to stop making music 15 years ago

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3 months ago

I had a dreadful night, too hot to sleep and I dreamed I had travelled in time and was a passenger on the Titanic, no one took any of my advice or warnings seriously.
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Dylan Bragg
3 months ago

"My True Self"

Throughout my normal childhood
A silhouette in shadows stood
Beside me as I walked along
The narrow path. It was wrong,
They said, to talk to strangers, so
I acted like I didn’t know.
For forty years, that forced rejection
Blinded me to my own reflection.

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3 months ago

En otro orden de las cosas. Me tomo unos momentos para revisitar este impresionante corto de 'Sueños' del Maestro Akira Kurosawa. Si estan leyendo esto, hagan una pausa y aprieten play.

"El Túnel" (A. Kurosawa)

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@annika if you replace “they” with “you wish they would” it becomes more aspirational. And more difficult. #dreams

Dobes Crusher
4 months ago

A meme I saw in a dream where it was a normal part of life for giant sky squids to occasionally grab and eat people

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A digital illustration akin to a chart showing the length and body shape of different squids. The text is in impact font, like what would be used in a meme edit. The text at the top reads- Me: Oh, what a beautiful day for a picnic. At the bottom- Giant hungry squids in the stratosphere: Yes, I agree.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
4 months ago

Mastodons Bill Kellihers Dad Hated Distortion, So He Had to Improvise as a Kid
Sometimes you gotta MacGyver the hell out of your situation. The post Mastodons Bill Kellihers Dad Hated Distortion, So He Had to Improvise as a Kid appeared first on MetalSucks.

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Alarmingly Bad
4 months ago

Let’s A-Go

It’s never good when my brain is at the wheel.

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Alarmingly Bad comic where a man has-a dream
Sampath Pāṇini ®
4 months ago

Dreams are hallucinations while we sleep.

Artificial neural networks connect disparate bits of information that could be plausibly connected, which we view as a hallucination.

While we’re dreaming, our organic neural network connects disparate bits of information which could be plausibly connected, but are not necessary or helpful, so it flushes them out via dreams, as sleeping hallucinations.

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HowToPhil (Phillip R)
4 months ago

I reach for my dreams
and feel the dark closing in.
Give up? Not this night.

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